Calamansi: AkiraHanakoLilly(Pg1) KenjiHisao(Pg2) END(Porn)

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Calamansi: AkiraHanakoLilly(Pg1) KenjiHisao(Pg2) END(Porn)

Post by kosherbacon » Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:53 pm

Warning: If you do not like fanfictions depicting young women doing unwholesome things to each other yada yada yada...

Oh boy, here we go. :oops: If ya hate this one, don't worry. Every girl pair has a chapter.
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Blame PSupervisor for this.
Goldilurks wrote:
One of the girls coming over is a total butt-slut.
Aaaaaand I know where kosher's going to include Emi in this fic. :twisted:
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(8:43:45 PM): at least not there. i was more focused on stuff going into their butts
Remi 8:44 pm
(8:44:01 PM): I think it's forgivable under the circumstances.
Again, I apologize for my weaker than usual characterization of Rin here. My priorities were elsewhere.

Talcum Powder

“What's wrong?” Emi asked, as she and Rin returned from the showers. “Is it itchy?”

“No, I just feel kinda... breezy.”

“The secret is to use a new razor whenever possible, then use a little bit of baby powder when you're finished.”

Rin wiggled her hips. The feeling of being freshly shaved was surprisingly refreshing.

“Have you ever tried doing this yourself?”

“I probably could, but,” Rin worriedly admitted, “I'm afraid to. Once, I fell asleep on the box of paint thinner cans and I had a dream, no, a vision.”

“Of what?”

“I was a boy once, also without arms. I tried shaving my pubes with one of those old-timey straight razors and then I slipped and cut my junk off.”

“Oh my!” Emi laughed. “That IS a disturbing dream.”

“But what if it wasn't a dream?” Rin questioned herself, her eyes widening to the size of dinner plates. “What if it's actually a repressed memory? Maybe I was born a boy and I was given an emergency sex change after I castrated myself by accident. Then that would mean that all of my childhood memories of being a girl are fake...!”

“Rin!” Emi interrupted, shaking Rin's shoulders. “It was just a dream. Anyways, why did you want me to shave your pubes tonight?”

Rin's eyes rolled around, trying to gather her thoughts from midair.

“I was planning on getting lucky tonight.”

“Oh really? Wow! I'm jealous. Do you need help getting ready for your date?”

Rin pecked Emi on the lips.

“No need.”

“W-What was that for?”

“Emi, I need your help today,” she said, kicking the door closed and toeing the lock shut.


“As you know, I'm at that certain point of the month where I absolutely need it and my usual methods just won't do it for me.”

“I-I...I can't, Rin! We're both girls! And that's the kind of thing you do with...”

“Fine,” Rin sighed. “I'll just have to go walk the halls and jump the bones of the first guy I run into, and pray that they aren't a diseased criminal. It'd be nice to do it with someone I trusted or at least a friend, but since you won't...”

“Okay, fine!” Emi shouted, surrendering by kissing Rin.

“That's better,” Rin responded with a devious smile.


Emi and Rin looked each other over on the bed. It wasn't the first time they saw each other naked. In fact, with showering and all, they probably saw each other like that nearly every day. Context, however, is everything. It's one thing to see one's hallmate naked in the morning showers, but it's another thing to see a lover in the same state. At that moment, it was suddenly easier to appreciate the succulence of Rin's breasts and thighs along with Emi's trim and svelte figure.

With Rin's back supported by a pile of pillows against the headboard, Emi threw her legs onto the floor and scooted her hips closer to Rin's. With their legs spread halfway apart, Emi pressed her crotch up to Rin and ground their hips together. Feeling their juices accumulate and mix together, Emi grabbed Rin by the waist and rubbed harder.

“Does this feel good?” she asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” Rin replied.

“Wha? What's wrong?” Emi questioned, flustered.

“I'd like to... you know, have something in me.”

“Wait just a moment.”

Emi leaned over and pulled a cardboard box out from under her bed. To even Rin's surprise, Emi had somehow amassed a sizable collection of sex toys of all varieties. Emi dug in, dumping out various implements out onto the bed.

“What's the deal with this?” Rin asked, using her toe to point at a device consisting of two hard plastic eggs and a battery pack joined by wires.

“It's a vibrator. You see, you take one of these and...”

“Please tell me you don't put the other one in your butt.”


“Let's not use that one. Why do you have these things anyway?”

“You see,” Emi innocently fibbed, “it's part of my training. When you attend to yourself, it keeps your heart rate up and burns lots of calories, in fact, the equivalent of...”

“Liar,” Rin, slyly blurted out. “What's the REAL reason?”

“I...” Emi shifted her facial expressions to full-on pitifulness, “I get lonely sometimes.”

“Aaawww,” Rin tenderly smiled, leaning forward with her stumps outstretched to receive a hug from Emi. “You know I'm here for you if you need me, always. But... I'm sure you were expecting something like this already.”

“What do you mean?”

“You've got a shrink-wrapped double-ended dildo sitting in your toy box. Were you saving that for a special occasion?”

“I was...” Emi giggled, her whole body blushing bright red, “was hoping to use that with you.”

“Well, I'm here,” Rin whispered. “So how about it?”

In a hilarious display of haste, Emi eagerly unwrapped the toy and shook it. Satisfied that it was flexible enough, she squirted a line of minty lubrication along the length and spread around with her hands.

The two girls giggled at the sensation the flavored lube was giving them while Emi maneuvered the ends of the toy into herself and Rin. Emi and Rin gasped as they pushed their hips together, feeling mildly stretched out as most of the dildo disappeared between them.

“Is that better?” Emi asked, panting.


With every trust of Emi's hips, Rin's intriguingly vapid expression briefly melted, leaving behind a visibly stunned girl swept away with lust. Mischievously, Emi decided to try pushing the boundaries further and squirted more lubricant onto her left hand.

“What are you doing with those...AH!”

Emi wriggled two fingers into Rin's unoccupied backside and gleefully enjoyed the hot tightness she was found inside. Rin, on the other hand, was looking visibly uncomfortable, confusedly fluttering her eyebrows.

“How does it feel?” Emi asked.

“It feels like I'm pooping backwards... I don't think I like this.”

“Oh, sorry,” Emi apologized, disappointed that her friend didn't share her interest in anal stimulation. She slowly pulled her fingers out and lubed up a set of beads from her toy box and inserted them into herself.

Penetrating and being penetrated by Rin was good enough on its own, but Emi lamented slightly on how underutilized her collection of gadgets was. She grabbed one of her favorite vibrators and pushed forward into Rin as far as she could, leaving just enough space to slide the vibrator between them and stimulate both their clits simultaneously. Rin jumped as the vibrator touched the dildo she shared with Emi, stirring up her insides.

“Do you like this?” Emi asked.


Emi slowly pulled back, Keeping the vibrator on Rin, and thrust forward. With playful determination, she kept pumping away with her hips, her string of beads rattling with every push. Rin wanted to have some fun that night? If Emi had any say, she was going to have her mind blown.

“Hey, Emi, I think I'm going to... THERE! NOW! HAAAA.....”

Rin's face flushed red, her eyes rolled back, and her mouth opened wide, making a face few had ever seen. Emi was stunned, she thought that she had seen everything there was to see. It turned out that her friend still had some surprises up her pant leg.

“Well, that was fun,” Rin fell backwards, ready to pull Emi out of her and call it a night.

“I'm not done yet!” Emi yelled, grabbing Rin by the ankles and guiding them to her breasts. Rin sighed and begrudgingly started twisting Emi's nipples with her toes while Emi buffed away at her clit with the vibrator.

“Fuck me, Rin!” Emi demanded, pulling Rin's hips back towards her while she came, her juices audibly spurting out with every climax reached.

“There!” Emi announced, pulling the toys out of her and grabbing Rin by the cheeks to messily kiss her. “NOW, we're done!”


Late that night, Emi returned to her room from the bathroom like a perverted ninja. She threw the freshly washed toys that she and Rin shared back into the box and slid it under the bed. Rin appeared to be fast asleep and curled up in a ball under the sheets. Emi kicked off her feet and lifted up the covers.

“What... are you doing with that?!”

While she was away, Rin had snatched Emi's strap-on and had somehow put it on.

“Oh, hi. Yeah, I was curious as to how this worked. Or were you saving this for someone else?”

“Oh Rin,” Emi laughed with frustrated endearment. She popped open the bottle of lube and and dribbled a generous amount between her own cheeks.

"Better in you than in me, Emi," she slyly said with a smirk.
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Re: Calamansi: Part 1, Rin & Emi (Porn)

Post by ze spy » Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:42 am

This is moderately creepy.
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Re: Calamansi: Part 1, Rin & Emi (Porn)

Post by neumanproductions » Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:33 am

Because life is just more fun with them. :mrgreen:
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Re: Calamansi: Part 1, Rin & Emi (Porn)

Post by Wren » Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:35 am

I have had the honor to read the rest. Many eyes will be wide open. :)
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Re: Calamansi: Part 1, Rin & Emi (Porn)

Post by kosherbacon » Wed Jun 02, 2010 9:35 am

Misha via Someone's Fanfic. You know who you are... wrote:“...I will tell you a little secret, I have watched Shizune play with herself...and I play along with her.” ... re=related

Idle Hands

A blackout in Yamaku's main building canceled student council activities for the evening, so Misha and Shizune returned to Shizune's room to make the best of things.

While the rain rattled away at the window, the two girls quietly relaxed, sitting up next to each other on Shizune's bed, with the sheets pulled up to their waists. They blissfully inhaled and exhaled deeply, casually enjoying each other's company. Suddenly, Misha gasped, her voice squeaking. Her knees shot up and shook while she wrestled to keep the beloved handle of Shizune's favorite hairbrush inside.

Misha: 3, Shizune: 0.

Shizune's brush had a handle that was the perfect size and shape for an improvised sex toy, with a tapered, rounded end and a ribbed rubber grip. Shizune would have been mad, except for the fact that she probably used it that way too. Misha laughed; it was almost as if they were sharing a boyfriend.

Misha kept up the momentum, working her way towards an elusive fourth round. She turned to look at her playmate. Shizune was starting to look pained and frustrated, her half open eyes yearningly looking at Misha, begging for help. Misha tenderly held Shizune's free hand while snuggling close to her while still pleasuring herself...

Misha: 4, Shizune: 0.

While regaining her breath, Misha turned again to Shizune and saw that she was still having a hard time getting off. With genuine concern for her friend, she decided to take a more proactive approach. She gingerly slid Shizune's glasses off and looked deeply into her eyes. Shizune never looked so helpless. With her hands busy, Shizune's sad eyes told Misha everything she needed to know.

Misha took a deep breath and gathered the courage to render Shizune the assistance she wanted. It was one thing to masturbate together, but to actually help her? Only for Shizune.

“You're lucky I love you so much,” Misha thought to herself as she pressed her lips against Shizune's Shizune responded to the kiss by latching an arm around Misha and sloppily ravaging her mouth, saliva seeping everywhere. Shizune was clearly in desperate need of Misha.

While Shizune attempted to devour her face, Misha unbottoned her blouse and pulled up her bra. She guided one of Shizune's eager hands to her breast. After furiously toying with Misha's assets, Shizune broke the kiss to start sucking on her nipples. With Shizune aggressively nibbling on her, Misha ecstatically clutched Shizune's hair and shuddered.

Misha: 5, Shizune: 0.

Misha pried herself out of her suckling friend's mouth and pulled up Shizune's shirt. Shizune's long, erect nipples flicked around in and out of Misha's mouth as she swatted at them with her tongue and gently bit down on them. Shizune's hand clamped onto the back of Misha's head, stabilizing her quaking.

Misha: 6, Shizune: 0.

Misha looked up at Shizune to check on her partner's progress. Still, nothing. Shizune strained, squinted, gasped, then shook her head before steeling her resolve. She wasn't going to surrender, especially not to her own body. She paused, not to retreat but to perform a tactical regrouping. Her lips quivered in preperation to tell Misha something.

“Theena,” Shizune said, “hep me.”

Misha grinned, then lubed up three fingers with her own juices before briefly going down to quickly suck on Shizune's clit, leaving behind an abundant supply of saliva to keep things moist and easy to work with.

Shizune nodded, giving Misha the singnal to go ahead and slide her fingers inside and resume sucking on her nipples. She flicked away at herself while pumping her hips on Misha's fingers. Little by litte, heartbeat by heartbeat, Shizune scaled the mountain.


“Th-Theena!” she moaned.


“Kip ngoing.”


“F-Fuck me!”




“Ah nuf oo Theena!”


“I love you too, Shicchan!” Misha replied, brushing her lips against the skin on Shizune's neck, hoping that she would understand. She did.


Shizune grabbed Misha by the hair and sloppily laid kisses all over her face before moving on to leave a fierce hickey on her neck. She hooked her leg around Misha's shoulder and kept grinding her hips, jets of juice shooting out all over the beddings. Shizune flailed around, lost and disoriented on the bed. After a few epic minutes, she collapsed into Misha's arms.

“Dank oo Meefa.”

Misha: 6, Shizune: 7.


When the rain finally let up, Shizune and Misha decided to take their chances and go into town for dinner. In the bathroom, Shizune plucked at her eyebrows and fixed her hair, while Misha cooked her drill-curls back in place. It was a typical scene from a typical night between the two, almost as if nothing happened.

”What do you want to do after dinner, Shicchan?” Misha asked after swabbing her ears clean.

Shizune grabbed Misha by the cheeks and planted a fierce, dominating kiss.


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Re: Calamansi: Part 2, Shizune, Misha (Porn)

Post by Xuan » Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:04 am


Is it proven that girls could get off so quickly? I have absolutely no idea about this...
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Re: Calamansi: Part 2, Shizune, Misha (Porn)

Post by SnigendePind » Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:36 am

Oh, you magnificent bastard.
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Re: Calamansi: Part 2, Shizune, Misha (Porn)

Post by neumanproductions » Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:39 pm

Okay, now there is only Lilly and Hanako left of the six. Do a good job or I might have to destroy your mind. Also, please don't make Hanako a crazed sex fiend but do what you have to do. and please by all god don't give me a yaoi pairing.
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Re: Calamansi: Part 2, Shizune, Misha (Porn)

Post by Extremist_Line » Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:18 pm

neumanproductions wrote:Okay, now there is only Lilly and Hanako left of the six. Do a good job or I might have to destroy your mind. Also, please don't make Hanako a crazed sex fiend but do what you have to do. and please by all god don't give me a yaoi pairing.
I have previewed it, and I can tell you that it is good, don't you worry about that.

And there is no yaoi......technically.
Let's just say it reminds me of the South Park episode 'Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub' only without the hot tub and with hentai magazines.
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Re: Calamansi: Part 2, Shizune, Misha (Porn)

Post by kosherbacon » Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:08 pm

:wink: For you, neuman, I'll add several pages of rippling muscles and butt-thrusting to the Kenji x Hisao chapter.

Next girl-pair in 3 or 4 hours, when I get off work.

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Re: Calamansi: Part 2, Shizune, Misha (Porn)

Post by kosherbacon » Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:14 pm

neumanproductions wrote:Okay, now there is only Lilly and Hanako left of the six.

The Player

Akira stood drenched under the downpour of the poorly placed awning above the front door of the apartment, while Yuuko remained relatively dry, hidden beneath Akira's raincoat. With Yuuko fumbling around trying to find her keys, Akira cursed the landlord who was sadistic enough to neglect putting gutters along the edges of the building's roof. Eventually, Yuuko found her keys and opened the door to her apartment.

“Horray! We're finally... oh no! I'm sorry!”

While Yuuko was nice and dry from borrowing the coat, Akira was completely soaked and shivering. Her expensive tailored shirt had become completely transparent, revealing a tank top underneath.

“Here, let me,” Yuuko scrambled to the water boiler on the kitchen counter cobble together some remedy to warm up Akira. “I'll make you some tea, or would you like some warm noodles? Or soup?”

“Um, tea is fine.”

“Okay, I hope you like this kind, it's all I... Oh no!”


Akira checked to see if her forearm was scalded by the spilt tea, then crouched down to help pick up the shattered cup and saucer.

“Ow!” she cried, her head colliding against Yuuko's rock-solid forehead on the way down.

“Sorry! Sorry! Here, let me...”

“No, no,” Akira whined, swatting away Yuuko's “assistance” before she gets maimed. “I'll take care of this.”

“But you're cold, and soaking wet...”

“I've got this, don't worry.”

After Akira cleaned up, she borrowed a robe to stay warm while her clothes were in the washer. Without incident, Yuuko somehow managed to warm up some soup for Akira. Her guest was kind enough to give her a ride home and spare Yuuko from the awful weather and all she did in return was soak her clothes, burn her arm, and possibly give her pneumonia.

Things weren't supposed to happen like that. Yuuko had been praying for a night like that one and she ruined it in her typically inglorious fashion.

“T-Thank you for taking me home today,” she timidly whispered, her head hanging under a dark cloud of embarrassment.

“It's no problem,” Akira replied reassuringly, “Just good timing, I guess.”

“Is there any way I can repay you?”

“Well,” Akira rubbed her chin and thought out loud, “come to think of it, I don't really want to go home in this crappy weather. Would it be okay if I hang out here for a while? If it doesn't clear up by nine o' clock, I'll head home anyway.”

“You can spend the night here if you want.”

“Nah, I'll just get in your way. I shouldn't impose on ya.”

“B-But I'd like you to stay here.”

“Really? How come?”

Yuuko fidgeted and broke out into a sweat. It was now or never. She had to get the words out of her system before she screwed things up even further.

“Akira... I...”

“Yeah, whats up?”


“Say what?”

“I... um. I'm sorry, forget it.”

Yuuko said what she wanted to say and was shot down. Her determination gone, she retreated back into her shell.

“No, no. I uh, I'm sorry, I don't know what to say.”

“I'm just... being dumb,” Yuuko whimpered, crying.

“Here, here,” Akira pulled Yuuko down onto the couch with her and gave her a hug, “don't be sorry. You're a very sweet girl. I care about ya a lot. So please don't cry.”

“So, would you ever consider being with me?”

“I can't. I shouldn't.”

“But why?” Yuuko wailed out, “you said you cared about me!”

“I do. And that's the thing. You're so nice, and caring. You deserve someone better than me, someone who wouldn't break your heart. I've got a reputation, you know.”

“I know. They say that you're a heart breaker and a user. Your work takes you from town to town and you devour men and women wherever you go. But I don't care about that. Use me. Abuse me. Just... show me what it's like to be one of your girls.”

“Yuuko, please. I love you too much. I don't want to...”

Yuuko inelegantly mashed her face against Akira's and kissed her roughly.

“So you do love me!”

Yuuko threw herself backwards and pulled up her voluminous dress, which hid a curvy and sensual hourglass figure that Yuuko herself always dismissed as being “fat.”

“I want you, Akira. Take me and do whatever you want to me.”

“But I'll only hurt you.”

“Then hurt me. I'll regret nothing, I promise. I'll only suffer more not knowing what it's like to have you.”

Akira choked, torn between her genuine affection for Yuuko, and her desire to conquer yet another girl. With apologies on her lips and shame in her eyes, she crawled above Yuuko and kissed her passionately. Inside, she felt a beast awakened. Akira hoped that Yuuko would never see what kind of monster she was, but it was too late now. Akira slid a hand behind Yuuko's back and with a quick flick of her fingers, Yuuko's bra was unclasped and flying across the room.

Akira buried her face in the delightfully soft skin of Yuuko's breasts. She always had a thing for busty girls. Since she herself was modestly endowed, scoring a pair of big ones always seemed like a victory worth bragging about. She squeezed Yuuko's mound over her panties, running her finger up and down her slit, getting a feel for just how wet Yuuko was getting. With a dexterous gesture that left Yuuko completely nude before she even realized it, Akira lifted her friend's legs and swiftly rolled her panties down her legs and away.

“Do you want me to?” Akira nervously asked.

“Yes. Please.”

Akira wedged her shoulders underneath Yuuko's thighs and spread her lips apart. Yuuko quivered at every touch Akira gave her. She poked her tongue into Yuuko's hole and took a moment to register her flavor. Every girl was unique. Yuuko was slightly sour from her full workday, but certainly not unpleasant to taste. Akira wondered how Yuuko tasted when fresh.

Akira took Yuuko's lips into her mouth and sucked on them, sliding from spot to spot, ensuring that no part of Yuuko's womanhood was left untouched. She reached her hand around and ran her fingers through Yuuko's fur, then pressed her thumb against her clit and rubbed it.

“Oh.. Yes... Yes,” Yuuko moaned holding onto Akira's free hand while enjoying her very talented tongue. “P-Poke me.”

Akira tentatively probed with one finger, merely getting a feel for Yuuko when she heard a gasp from above, followed by powerful squirts of fluid into her face. Yuuko screamed as she came, her seemingly never-ending orgasm finally bubbling its way to a close when Akira withdrew her finger.

“Wow,” Akira noted with wonder. “Does that happen every time?”

“Yeah,” Yuuko replied, embarrassed, “pretty much.”

“I think you got me in the eye with that first shot.”

“I did? O-Oh no! I'm sorry!”

“It's okay,” Akira chuckled, coming up for a kiss. “I like squirters.”

“I'm glad. Th-That was amazing. Thank you.”

“Don't mention it. I'm glad you enjoyed it.”

Yuuko pulled Akira's robe down past her shoulders to admire her breasts. They were bigger than Yuuko expected. After rolling over to switch positions, Yuuko kissed Akira's bust and licked her nipples. Her hands slowly drifted southward. Yuuko unraveled the robe and tugged at Akira's panties.

“No. Please don't,” Akira gently objected, stopping Yuuko's hand.

“Interesting,” Yuuko noted, ignoring Akira's request. “I've always figured you to be the kind who'd wear boxers.”

“There's a reason for that...” Akira quietly protested as Yuuko pulled her underwear halfway down her thighs, making a crinkling sound.

“Oh,” Yuuko exhaled, “I see.”

“Yeah,” Akira apologized, blushing profusely. “I'm sorry, now isn't a good time for me. I should be done the day after tomorrow.”

“I feel bad though,” Yuuko pouted, “you took me to these wonderful places and I really want to make you feel good too.”

“It's okay,” Akira said with a smile, “maybe next ti-”

“Fuck it,” Yuuko decided, pulling Akira by the hand towards to the bathroom, whose panties bunched up around her knees and fell to the ground.

Yuuko knelt behind Akira in the shower and turned on the faucet. The shower head and hose flopped around freely as warm water sprayed about. After running her palms along Akira's firm buttocks, Yuuko slipped two fingers inside akira from behind. While kissing her neck, she reached with her other hand to pleasure Akira from the front. With their wet skin sliding and grinding against each other, Yuuko tended to Akira, fingering her from behind while rubbing her up front.

Akira gasped, her knees slipping on the slick shower floor. She reached out and held Yuuko close by her back and head, riding her hips on the hands that were exploiting her. When she finished, Akira let herself go limp in Yuuko's arms.

Yuuko looked down at her friend-turned-lover's face. With her eyes exhausted, hair wet, and gaze wide and vulnerable, Akira looked like a girl. This wasn't the dominating conqueror who ate her out earlier and tamed all of Japan. This was the real Akira, a mere mortal who is subject to the same laws of flesh as everyone else. Overcome with protective fondness, she cradled Akira's head next to her chest.

“I-I love you, Yuuko,” Akira said with shallow breaths.

“I love you too. Will you be my girl?

Akira paused, fear and shame surfaced in her eyes.

“I'm... I'm no good. I can't be loyal to you. I'm sorry.”

“I don't care about the others,” Yuuko said, pointing at Akira's heart. “You can give everything to anyone else, all I want is this.”

Akira shivered in the hot shower spray and smiled blissfully.

“It's yours. If you can put up with me, I'll be your girlfriend.”

“I don't mind if you bring joy to others, as long as you come home to me.”


“So I was wondering,” Akira asked, fetching a fresh pad from Yuuko's medicine cabinet, “why did you ask me to be your boyfriend earlier?”

“I thought it's because you were trying to become a man.”

“Ew, no,” Akira laughed. “I'm not a transsexual! I'm not about to get my boobs cut off and grow a beard. I like being a girl!”

“Then why do you dress like that?”

“I'm a really big Eurythmics fan.”

Yuuko peeked behind the curtains of the bathroom window and saw that the rain stopped.

“Hey Akira, if it stays clear tomorrow, would you like to go on a date?”

“Sure, but I don't really have anything to wear. That mud from earlier didn't wash out of my clothes.”

“I know... how about you wear one of my dresses?”


“Aww, come on. I'f you're gonna be my girl, you gotta look like one.”

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Re: Calamansi: Part 3, Akira, Yuuko (Porn)

Post by neumanproductions » Wed Jun 02, 2010 8:53 pm

You got me there Kosher. I would have thought you were going with the HanakoxLilly one next.
Now let me think now, Akira is a bi-sexual. Interesting twist.
Now I beg no yaoi, please!! With this latest chapter it shows you're capable.
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Re: Calamansi: Part 3, Akira, Yuuko (Porn)

Post by Xuan » Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:27 am

Since I didn't sleep well (Like, 1 hour?) yesterday (Final paper) I can actually feel my heart weakening as I read this newest chapter...
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Re: Calamansi: Part 3, Akira, Yuuko (Porn)

Post by SnigendePind » Thu Jun 03, 2010 1:46 am

I feel ready to do science after this! Thanks!
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Made you look.

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Re: Calamansi: Part 3, Akira, Yuuko (Porn)

Post by kosherbacon » Thu Jun 03, 2010 2:57 am

neumanproductions wrote:Also, please don't make Hanako a crazed sex fiend
Define crazed sex fiend...

Now here's something I thought I'd never do.
eat kosher bacon 12:36 am
(12:36:22 AM): i just realized i don't have an all-girl threesome in any of my planned work
guardianwrendc 12:36 am
(12:36:55 AM): which 3? lillyxakiraxhanako?
guardianwrendc 12:37 am
(12:37:16 AM): yuukoxmishaxshizune?
eat kosher bacon 12:37 am
(12:37:36 AM): hmm
(12:37:41 AM): lilly akira, hanako...
guardianwrendc 12:37 am
(12:37:47 AM): emixrinxanyone else, lol
eat kosher bacon 12:37 am
(12:37:59 AM): i forsee lulz whenever lilly accidentally grabs the wrong girl
(12:38:09 AM): i will not sully mai waifu with incest
Twenty minutes later, I started this.

The Thief

“Hanako, dear, I know you have a thing for my sister.”

“W-What are you talking about? N-No I don't.”

“So Lilly isn't good enough for you? I see how you look at her.”

Akira flicked off the lights and held Hanako from behind.

“Wha-What are you doing?”

“You want to be with Lilly?” Akira asked, unbuttoning Hanako's blouse. “You'll have to go through me.”

“I-I don't understand.”

“Shh,” Akira whispered, pulling Hanako's bra up to play with her breasts, “Just pretend I'm her.”

Hanako's breathing sped up and became shallow. Akira was pinching and rubbing her nipples while nibbling on her ear. Somewhere in the darkness, a third hand slid up Hanako's thigh and started feeling around over her panties, looking for her clit. There was someone else in the room...

“Hello, Hanako.”

“L-Lilly?! I'm sorry, I... I uh.... what's happening to me?

Lilly yanked off what was left of Hanako's clothes and came up and left a trail of kisses from her belly up to her lips. Hanako felt Lilly's bare self press up against her own, while a freshly nude Akira's nipples tickled her back as they fumbled backwards, guiding Hanako to the bed.

Hanako's eyes adjusted to the dark room. Lilly and Akira's eyes and lips glistened in the moonlight. They were hungry. Even Lilly's eyes looked predatory. Akira draped her arm around Lilly's neck and sheepishly brushed their cheeks together.

“So,” Lilly asked, “Akira says you'd like to do things to me. What sort of things are you interested in?”

Lilly groped around and found Akira's chin. She planted their open lips together and visibly tongue-wrestled with Akira, glistening saliva seeping from their mouths.

“Something like that?” Lilly paused to ask.

“Ha...What? Y-You two are...” Hanako's brain was swimming in a sea of confused excitement over what she was seeing. Akira was giggling.

“Who do ya think taught Lilly what she knows?”

“Would you like to see more?”


“Then let's give your girl a show, sis.”

Akira laid down next to Hanako and pulled Lilly down with her. They made out, with their breasts mashing against each other. Lilly's soft and bountiful bosom contrasted nicely with Akira's perky bust and playfully pointy nipples. Their hands disappeared between their writhing bodies while their legs slowly spread apart for their guest's benefit. Hanako maneuvered herself in position to watch Lilly and Akira finger each other.

Even down below, they were delightfully different. Akira's lips dangled freely without any hair to hide them, while Lilly's plump mound wore a faint mane of fuzz. Slowly, Hanako crept forward with an outstretched hand.

“Help us, Hanako,” Lilly begged, somehow knowing what Hanako was doing.

Hanako deliberated on who to touch first. Akira the initiator, or Lilly the object of desire. Feeling loyalty to her Lilly, Hanako licked two fingers and slid them inside Lilly, then into Akira.

“Fuck us, Hanako,” Lilly squeaked, prompting Hanako to rub Lilly and Akira's insides while they played with each other's clits.

Just as Hanako's elbows started to get sore pumping her fingers in and out of her lovers, the two girls came. Akira finished first, her legs shaking while she oozed out extra juices, making a sloshing sound in Hanako's palm. Then came Lilly, who squeezed and contorted around Hanako's fingers, almost pushing them out. They even came differently.

Momentarily satisfied, Lilly let her weight fall onto Akira, furiously kissing her. The two rolled away from each other and turned their attention to Hanako.

“Okay,” Akira asserted, “your turn.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Hanako threw herself in between Lilly and Akira on the bed. Akira ravaged Hanako's mouth with her own and teasingly traced lines across Hanako's skin, back and forth across the edges of her insensitive scars. Lilly briefly sucked on Hanako's toes, then left a trail with her tongue up her leg. After leaving a hickey on the inside of Hanako's thigh, Lilly dove in and went down on her.

Hanako was “suffering” through sexual overload. With Lilly fingering and eating her out while Akira sucked on her nipples, release was inevitable. She felt electrified concentrations of ecstasy build up in her joints, ready to explode. Just a little longer and...



Hanako's heart collapsed into the back of her chest cavity while her lungs emptied at her derailed orgasm attempt. Suddenly, Hanako was back in her room, on her bed, with one hand in her panties while the other pressed Lilly's wadded up underwear against her nose.


The voice that shook Hanako out of her quest for pleasure was back, and it wasn't going away. Hoping that it was an auditory hallucination, Hanako turned over and looked towards the door. As if she was shot, clubbed, and electrocuted simultaneously, Hanako suddenly died several deaths in slow motion. Lilly was standing there, and she was pissed.

“Hanako, we need to talk.”

“W-What is it?” Hanako scrambled to cover up what she was doing, then stopped, remembering just who was there. “Why aren't you at the student council meeting?”

“It was canceled,” Lilly sternly answered, finding herself a seat. “This gives me an opportunity to discuss something that has been bothering me.”

“A-And what's that?”

Hanako's voice was cracking. She had a good idea why Lilly was there.

“For the past few months, I've been the victim of a thief. Someone has been rummaging through my dresser and laundry hamper, stealing things of mine.”

“Wh-what did they steal?” Hanako asked, sounding more unsure and terrified than usual, “Who d-do you think it is?”

“Don't lie to me,” Lilly scolded, clicking her tongue against the back of her teeth. “You've been stealing my underwear, haven't you?”

Hanako yelped, almost jumping off the bed.

“I-I-I-I c-can explain!”

“Please do,” Lilly growled. “You can start with 'why?'”

“Y-You see, m-my underwear all have holes, so I... I was gonna ask if I could borrow...”

“Stop it. Give me the truth. Now.”

“I...” Hanako collapsed back, confessing like a condemned prisoner, “I've been using them for... something.”


“I... I like they way they smell.”

“What?” Lilly gasped, the level of her surprise unclear. “Even the dirty ones?”

“Especially the dirty ones... I-I liked to sniff them when I... I... I can't say, Lilly! I'm sorry. So sorry! I'll give them back to you, j-just please... don't make me say it!”

“Hanako...” Lilly reached out and softly rubbed Hanako's right cheek with her hand, “it's okay.”

“N-No it's not! P-Please don't touch me. I'm gross and weird...”

“I understand,” Lilly said, her usual soothing voice returning. “You don't have to say anything more. Instead...”

“W-What is it?”

“Show me. Show me what you've been doing with my panties.”

“What?! I c-can't. It's a dirty thing.”

“Please? You said that you're 'gross and weird.' But I know that you aren't like those things. Would you like to know a secret?”

“W-what is it?” Hanako crackled out, between sobs.

Lilly guided Hananko's head back down to the pillow. She swept her arm out and found the panties Hanako was using. Gently, Lilly placed it in Hanako's hand, slowly pulling it up near her face.

“The way you are isn't gross or weird, it's beautiful. I know this because I'm the same way you are. Now please, continue what you were doing before.”

Reluctantly, Hanako went back to masturbating. This time, she was experiencing performance anxiety in front of an audience, even if it was Lilly. Her movements were mechanical with no focus behind them to extract pleasure from the experience.

Lilly sighed and ran her fingers through Hanako's hair. The poor girl was trying her best to please Lilly and was not enjoying herself at all. After kissing Hanako on the forehead, Lilly carefully crawled onto the bed and knelt with Hanako's shoulders between her knees. She lifted up her skirt slightly and slowly lowered herself onto Hanako's face.

From inside the tent formed by Lilly's skirt, Hanako could see that Lilly was not wearing any panties. Forget stolen underwear, all the inspiration Hanako needed was an inch above her face. Apprehensively, Hanako gave Lilly a lick, taking time to let the flavor register in her mind. It was predictably salty, but vaguely sweet, and definitely the clean flavor of a woman who practiced good hygiene.

“I was going to wear something today but someone has been stealing my underwear,” Lilly chuckled, while grinding herself up and down Hanako's outstretched tongue.

Lilly reached down and yanked up Hanako's shirt to play with her nipples. She then shifted positions, raising her hips off Hanako's face.

“Touch me, Hanako,” she requested, while frantically undressing Hanako's lower half. “I want you inside me.”

Just like in her fantasies, Hanako fingered Lilly, pausing sporadically to lick up the juices, while Lilly returned the favor while stroking Hanako's legs.

Finally, the warm tingling of an incoming orgasm returned. After a slow climb, Hanako's body trembled with lust.

“K-K-Keep going! Don't stop!” Hanako begged between panting fits after the first climax.

And then another one.

And another, all the while Hanako redoubled her efforts to satisfy Lilly. Soon, she got her reward, with Lilly clenching around her fingers, just like she hoped she would. Hanako fought to stay inside while Lilly came.

After their happy endings, Lilly and Hanako cuddled on the bed, gently kissing and stroking each other's hair.

“You know,” Lilly suggested, “if you needed help pleasuring yourself, you could've just asked me. I've been wanting this for a very long time now.”

“I-I'm sorry. I didn't kn...” Hanako apologized, still repentant.

“I'm not mad. I never was,” Lilly replied after silencing Hanako with a kiss. “In fact, I was happy to find out it was you.”

“D-Do you want it back?” Hanako asked.

“No, you can keep it,” Lilly smiled.

Lilly ran her hand down and snatched Hanako's underpants from around her ankle and smelled them before stuffing them into her bag.

“I will be keeping these, though.”
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