KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Lilly, Hisao, Page 18

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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Manly Picnic, no lesbians Pg.11

Post by Saika » Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:02 pm

I'm hoping to god that this is the only fic like this you write in a while, kosher...

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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Manly Picnic, no lesbians Pg.11

Post by kosherbacon » Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:53 pm

Extremist_Line wrote: FMJ reference for the win.
Akira: "I admire your honesty, Hisao. Hell, I like you, you can come over to my house and fuck my sister!"
*punches him in the chest.*
Saika wrote:I'm hoping to god that this is the only fic like this you write in a while, kosher...
Friend, it only goes downhill from here.

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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Manly Picnic, no lesbians Pg.11

Post by kosherbacon » Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:32 am

You can blame GG Crono for "The Misha Signal"

No Man's Land

”Shicchan, the supply room is all out of label ribbon.”

”Go check the teachers' offices.”

”I did. They kicked me out.”

”I guess it can't be helped then,” Shizune flopped out with exhausted fingers. ”Do you mind going downtown with me and buying some tomorrow?”

”I can get some now, I was going to go buy fungus cream from the pharmacy. Just keep an eye on things here in case someone needs anything.”

Misha left the club room with a modest withdrawal from the student council fund. After reminding her to not spend any of it on her personal items, Shizune waved her off and zoned out in front of the electric fan.

With her assistant gone, Shizune had an appointment, but not one that she had planned ahead of time. Even the greatest strategists and gamblers couldn't count on a sudden shortage of office supplies. Her unscheduled appointments arose at every free opportunity, whenever she was alone and unwatched.

“Maybe I should've gone out with Shiina,” she thought to herself. She was melting in the doldrums of summer and searing outside wasn't any worse than simmering indoors. The late day sun painted the scene a toasting shade of amber, as if the whole school was located under a cheap restaurant's heat lamp.

With the windows already opened as wide as possible, Shizune opened the door to improve the air circulation in the room. There wasn't any reason to stay shut in, there was nothing anything private going on, nor did the outside noise bother her. Inside the student council room was just a bored girl trying to endure the heat.

A flash of shadows in the hallways grabbed her attention. It was brief, fleeting, and barely tangible, like a UFO or a small bird flicking through the sky. Shizune walked out into the halls towards that corner to investigate the apparition. Finding nothing, she returned to the room and stumbled upon foul play. The blur she saw was the work of her longtime stalker, who used the distraction to sneak onto student council property.

A diminutive figure was frantically turning the student council's files inside-out in search of something important to him. Shizune gawked at not the intruder's trespass, but the fact that he was actually wearing his uniform blazer in that weather.

With her diplomatic restraint keeping her from simply breaking a chair over his head, Shizune stealthily picked up “The Misha Signal” and pressed the button. The air-horn's report scattered roosting birds outside and sent the interloper to the floor. Kenji Setou writhed on the ground, screaming something while clutching his ears.

“YOU'LL NEVER... ALIVE... WITCH!” his lips said when he twirled back to his feet and took up the fighting stance of an obscure martial art he probably learned from a comic book.

Shizune slowly circled the perimeter of the room while the near-blind thief wildly flailed his arms at shadows. With a smooth flick, she snapped the door's bolt shut and trapped him inside. Using a throat-grab that didn't look out of place among Kenji's flashy moves, she pinned Kenji against the floor by the neck,

“Ha-ka-mi-chi...” he slowly and barely readably hissed while he squirmed, “I... hoping... you... here.”

With their war dance completed, Shizune released Kenji's neck, grabbed the back of his head, and locked sweaty lips with him. With their glasses clacking together, her tongue made a rapid incursion into his mouth, where she found the bitterly pungent flavor of strong garlic.

She loved garlic. It was a manly flavor for manly men who weren't afraid of what picky, squeamish little girls thought of them.

Shizune pried her hands inside Kenji's blazer and soaked her hands in his drenching back sweat. One thing she loved more than garlic was the sweaty musk of machismo that came from hard working, hard living, and hard loving men of action who had souls of rawhide and wouldn't be caught dead using body wash or perfumed soap.

Kenji and Shizune yanked at and peeled each other bare in a race to see who got to their prizes first. Even with the disadvantage of extra layers to deal with, Shizune won, of course, and claimed her prize on the floor of the club's room. Kenji put up a fight, and what a fight. He drenched her in testosterone inside and out and she loved it.

On the surface, Kenji and Shizune appeared to be as unlikely a pair as possible, but in truth they had much in common. They were both alone, isolated from the school's general population.

Kenji was of a dying breed of men from a bygone era. He was a free-thinking rebel who cared nothing for the confines of political correctness and social theory. To others, his eccentricities were polarizing at best and downright insane at worst. Aside from Shizune, nobody really got Kenji, and in reality, he wouldn't have had it any other way.

Shizune should've been the most popular, best grounded girl in her school. Unfortunately, that was not the case. As if her communicative issues weren't enough, her juggernaut-like work ethic, insatiable competitive spirit, and unapproachable position as student body president had everyone keeping her at arm's length. Her only conduit to the world at large was Misha, and Shizune couldn't rely on her forever.

At some point, the two spotted each other across the trenches and attacked, only to find lovers instead of enemies. They cursed the world for conspiring to keep them apart, but as Yamaku's brightest beacons of fighting spirit, they thrived under the stress.

Still marinating in a pool of midsummer sweat, Shizune conversed with Kenji with some degree of difficulty. He already learned International Sign Language and military hand signals in order to quietly transmit ideas without nosy ears eavesdropping, even though his condition limited the distance at which he could read. Using those as a foundation, Shizune began teaching him JSL.

”I've been meaning to ask you, Hakamichi, why me and not Nakai?”

”Hisao just isn't my kind of man. He's a nice boy but he seems content with merely being alive. He's a stick floating lazily in a river. I need a man with fire in his soul, with at least some vitality. That is why I surrendered him to Satou. He can sip tea with her till Armageddon, for all I care. What I still don't understand is why you of all people still insist on seeing me.”

“Hakamichi, I loathe everything you stand for. Female uppityness, invasive establishment, sugary school spirit, and all that goddamn meddling in other people's lives you women seem to get a kick out of. That stuff pisses me off. I just want to be left alone, serve my time, and make it out alive so I can get you Feminists out of my hair.”

“Then why?”

”I have no idea. I hate everything about you but I just can't get you out of my mind. Maybe instead of sucking out souls, you've trained your vagina to deposit some addictive drug into my sausage. Whatever the case, I can tell that deep down, without the dogma and ideology, you're a fellow brave in the wilderness, and I can respect that. You're a worthy opponent and I'd gladly die well at your hands.”

”It's not fair that we have to see each other like this. Do you have any idea how much I want to be able to embrace you, kiss you, or even hold your hand in public?”

”Why don't you? I'm not exactly stopping you from doing those things. I can separate work from pleasure just fine.”

”But your reputation?”

”Already shot to hell. If anyone asks, I'll just tell them I'm infiltrating your camp. What about your reputation?”

”I'm class president. They wouldn't dare say a thing to me. And if they do, too bad. I'll have Shiina screen my conversations.”

”So should we go public with this?”

”I'm... not sure yet. I'll have to break it to Shiina somehow first and... what is it?”

”There's someone at the door. It's... it's your butt-buddy.”

Kenji tossed Shizune's wadded up clothes to her and scrambled to get dressed, himself while Misha pounded at the door.

“Here,” Shizune said before handing Kenji a folder, this is what you came here for.

Kenji thanked Shizune and kissed her goodbye, to which she responded with a sharp bite to his lip.


Misha swatted and clawed at Kenji when he opened the door and scrambled down the halls with his stolen documents. Even though Misha might have been on the verge of formally finding out about his relationship with Shizune, he enjoyed a good escape. Fleeing for his life was invigorating.

Back in the Fortress of Virility, Kenji rummaged through the folder he “stole” from Shizune. His clandestine girlfriend had a heartwarming habit of leaking love letters to him along with the usual memos, expense reports, and meeting transcripts. That day, however, he got an extra special prize. In the folder were a pair of Shizune's cherished propaganda panties, in fact, the ones she was wearing when he first broke into the student council room. He chuckled to himself when he read the “Death to Chauvinism” pattern silk-screened into the fabric. Pinned to the panties were a sticky note that ominously read “Your room, tonight.”


”I lost him, Shicchan, I'm sorry.”

”It's fine. I'll deal with him later.”

”Why are you winking like that?”


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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Shizune x Kenji Pg.12

Post by whiteflags » Sat Jul 31, 2010 7:32 pm

Man, meant to review after that fanfic rec you gave, kosherbacon, but I couldn't really find a picture of a girl sad enough.
Shiina fell asleep for probably the tenth time that morning while filling out official paperwork. The poor girl had such a hard time keeping up that she didn't even do her hair that day. I couldn't even recall the last time I've seen her in the outside world with her hair flat and uncurled.
Hot hot hot! And Josh was never the same again, content to see if anyone else had drawn such a fine mental picture as this :mrgreen:
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Shizune x Kenji Pg.12

Post by Goldilurks » Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:28 am

I've been silent for a long time without the opportunity to write or post much myself, but I can tell you, kosher, in the months I've been quiet everything I've seen from your threads has pleased me immensely.

I'm curious as to why you abandoned the ShizunEmi fic idea, though. I've been thinking of taking a crack at that.
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Shizune x Kenji Pg.12

Post by kosherbacon » Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:52 am

I had a mental outline worked out but it was fairly bland and predictable, with the only forseeable lulz being in Emi-abuse(and as you know, I love Emi too much to hurt her like that :lol: )

I might think up a better story one of these days, but in the meantime... please do take a shot at that pairing if you want! There's plenty of room in the world for yuri. :D

Thanks for following my stuff!

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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Hanako, Hisao, Lilly

Post by kosherbacon » Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:18 pm

It's Friday the thirteenth where I am, and this here is my Six Hundred and Sixty-Sixth KS forum post. Enjoy.

Aardvark, or The Wet and Wild Adventures of Lady Jezebel

“So, what's this big surprise you have for me?” Hisao asked when he was pulled into Lilly's tea room by Hanako's eager little hand.

Hanako closed the curtains, locked the door behind them, and gestured Hisao to sit down at a chair.

“Y-you'll see in a moment,” she said, blindfolding him with a large black handkerchief. Her voice had an air of playful mischief but cracked with every other syllable. Whatever she had planned, it was big. The slight return of her stutter indicated that she was nervous about it.

“O-Okay, Hisao,” she said slowly, “I'm going to try something new with you, is that okay?”

“Of course,” he replied, nervous but eager to see what his cherished Hanako had planned.

“I'm gonna d-do some stuff I don't normally do. If you want me to stop. And I mean REALLY stop, say 'Aardvark.'”

“'Aardvark?' I don't get it...”

“It's our s-safe word. I'm going to be acting really weird and if it bothers you, just say it and I'll stop. Otherwise I'll i-ignore your complaining.”

“Um... okay.”

Hanako's instructions were unusual to say the least, but her little surprises so far have all been quite enjoyable. Before he could fully digest the implications of what he agreed to, Hisao felt each of his wrists get roughly yanked behind him, handcuffing each to the chair he was sitting in, followed by his ankles.

“Hanako, what are you...” he asked forcing out a worried smile.

“Quiet.” Hanako sternly commanded.


“I SAID 'Quiet.' Understand?”

“Yes.” he meekly complied.

That last burst startled Hisao. For a moment, Hanako sounded almost like a completely different person. Hanako walked off into a corner of the room and moved some heavy bags around. From where he sat, Hisao heard zippers get opened, clothes being rearranged and folded away, and finally zippers get closed.

Hanako returned to face Hisao, her heels clacking on the tile floor as she walked. With every movement, the thick and taut material of her outfit creaked and groaned. Hanako shook her hands to release the last remnants of stage fright from her body. She took several deep breaths to calm herself, then removed Hisao's blindfold.

“WOAH, HANAKO!” he ecstatically shouted. “You look... WOW.”

Hisao's girlfriend had completely transformed while his eyes were closed. Instead of the mousey girl hiding in her Yamaku uniform, she was for the moment, a powerful, confident lady. Her hair was tied back, showing a face full of contempt and barely contained raw sexual power. She was wearing a black rubbery catsuit, made of latex or some similar material, with a shiny zipper running down the front, between her legs, and terminating just below the small of her back. The zipper had pulls at both ends.

She was taller, too, thanks to thigh-high boots with six inch heels. Completing the ensemble was a riding crop, which she swatted against the palm of her hand, in anticipation of inflicting pain on others.

“Hanako? Who's Hanako? To you, pathetic little man, my name is Jezebel, Lady Jezebel.”

“Nice,” Hisao commented, slightly put off but nonetheless pleased at Hanako's new game.

“DID I SAY YOU CAN SPEAK?!” Jezebel answered with a backhanded slap across his cheeks.

“Hey, that hurt,” he groaned, clenching his facial muscles in an attempt to bring relief to the stinging since his hands were bound.

“Look, my little boy toy, you KNOW how to get out of this situation already if it's too intense for you. Unless you say the magic word, I don't understand you, got it?”

“Yes,” he answered, apprehensively curious as to how far things were going to go. He was aware of bondage, domination, and sadomasochism, or at least its trickling influence on fashion and mainstream knowledge, but he never did quite understand what happens when folks get out the leather and whips.

“That's 'Yes, Mistress' to you!” she corrected, with a slightly more gentle slap to the other cheek.

“What do we do now, Mistress?”

“Your job, boy,” she instructed while yanking his trousers and underwear down to his knees, “is to make your mistress happy.”

She looked scornfully upon his equipment. Apparently Lady Jezebel found him lacking whereas Hanako never had any complaints.

“How do I do that from here, Mistress?”

“You'll see,” Lady Jezebel answered slowly unzipping her outfit in front of his face, only to zip it back up before her nipples appeared.

The Mistress's game of tease continued until a series of knocks on the door interrupted them.

“S-Shh, be quiet” Hanako said as the lock clicked open.

“Hello, Hanako,” Lilly beamed as she walked in, “are you ready for lunch?”

“I-I have p-plans with Hisao,” Lady Jezebel answered, forcing herself to stutter while making humping gestures at Lilly's posterior.

“Oh? Is Hisao here?” she gleefully smiled.

“N-No,” the Mistress replied, making a shushing gesture at Hisao while flicking her tongue at Lilly.

The sight was too hilarious to ignore any further, Hisao immediately started to chuckle, filling his mistress's face with rage.

“You really fucked up,” the Misress sinisterly threatened, bolting the door closed. “Now your friend Lilly will have to pay for this.”

“Hisao? What's happening? Is that you, Hanako?” Lilly confusedly asked, groping around in her darkness.

“Your ass is mine, bitch,” Lady Jezebel announced to Lilly, grabbing her by the shirt and licking her neck.

Hisao's face twisted as it sank into further confusion, profoundly surreal yet strangely arousing confusion.

Jezebel dug her claws into Lilly's blouse and tore it open, revealing Lilly to be wearing a lattice-like rope harness under her uniform. The Mistress continued to strip her naked, revealing the extent of her restraints. Natural rope was woven into a hexagonal pattern from her shoulders down to her crotch, with her breasts squeezing her way through the restraints. Hisao noticed that her left nipple was pierced, with a gold ring that glistened in the sun.

“Oh my,” Lilly giggled, hearing Hisao nearly faint. “We may have killed him, Mistress.”

“Still with us, boy?” Jezebel laughed, pulling on the chords at Lilly's crotch, making her moan.

“W-What's going on? You and Lilly?!” Hisao panted out, his visible excitement betraying what he really thought of what he saw.

Lady Jezebel responded to his addressing her without her proper title with a slap to the face, then pushed Lilly down on her hands and knees, with her side facing Hisao.

“Her name isn't 'Lilly' anymore.” she answered, sitting on Lilly's back as if she was a bench. “Her name is Lassie and she's my pet. Do you like her?”

“Yes, Mistress.”


Jezebel gave Lilly a good spank and grabbed her ample rear and squeezed. From a small bottle, she squirted lubricant onto the fingers of one hand, then made them disappear one by one between Lilly's buttocks until she was toying her with the tips of four fingers.

“What's a dog without a tail?” she asked, sliding her tongue along a black rubber bulb-shaped implement with what appeared to be a long stream of horsehair sticking out of one end.

With the buttplug properly moistened, she slid it inside Lilly, making her squeal and giving her a tail in the process.

The mistress got up to affix a leash around Lilly's neck and walked her over to Hisao's chair. She grabbed her pet by the hair and guided her face into Hisao's lap.

“Be a good dog and make our guest feel at home, will ya?”

“Yes Mistress,” she obediently answered before licking at him, trying to find her bearings around Hisao's manhood before taking it all in her mouth and deepthroating him.

He was on the verge of hyperventilating. Hisao had gone from having done pretty much nothing with any girl except Hanako to getting oral sex from Lilly. He wasn't sure if the sensation he was feeling above the neck was his mind expanded or merely being blown to smithereens.

“Hanako...” he choked out as Lilly's tongue tickled his balls, “Ah...aah...Aar...Aard...”

“Yes?” Hanako asked, with genuine disappointment in her wide eyes.

“Never mind, Mistress.”

“Thank you,” she replied with the shy smile he fell in love with, before donning her alter ego once more.

“Lassie, dear, since our toy is being such a good sport about it, why don't you take him to the next level?”

On command, Lilly ceased her fellating and got up and straddled Hisao. With a move that felt more intimately wrong than his member pressed up against her womanhood which was glowing with heat, she laid a kiss on his lips, wrenching his heart and testing his loyalty to Hanako with all his wits. With his tongue distracted by Lilly's, he barely noticed himself slowly getting inserted into her.

Lilly broke the kiss to lock lips with her mistress, who was satisfied with her pet's performance.

Almost as soon as Hisao slipped inside, Lilly's hips ground against him, soiling the bottom hem of his shirt with her juices.

“What's wrong, boy?” Lady Jezebel asked him, seeing the confused discomfort on his face. “You're not happy with my slave's pussy?”

“Well no, it's not that, Mistress. It just feels so...wrong...”

“Poor, poor, little man. Lassie, please show our guest what you're really capable of?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

On command, Lilly's hips pumped back and forth rapidly, clapping her cheeks together like a stripper in a foreign rap video, her “tail” flailing wildly.

“Hanako... I'm... I'm going to...”

Lady Jezebel slapped her victim across the face and grabbed his face by the cheeks, squeezing tightly.

“Don't you DARE cum without my permission!”

“But I...I... aaaaAAHHH!!”

“Oh my,” Lilly said as she dismounted, “the mistress isn't going to like this.”

“You came inside my pet,” the mistress scolded, scooping some of the semen out of her slave and smearing it across the face of her victim with her finger. “You did a very bad thing. Very, very bad.”

“Bad boys need to be punished,” she said, striking his gonads with a riding crop, making Hisao writhe in agony. “Do you understand?”

The mistress smiled and reached behind to pull the zipper between her legs and halfway to her navel, exposing her forbidden areas.

“Aww, but maybe I've been too harsh on you,” she said, straddling Hisao, gliding herself along his still throbbing member. “After all, you're still new to this and my pet is very good at what she does...”

“You would like it if I was kind to you for once, wouldn't you?” she asked, hovering her lips mere hairbreadths away from his own.

“Y-Yes... My Lady...”

“Well, I won't!” She shouted, jumping off of him and striking his manhood with a sharp flick of her fingernail. “Mistress Jezebel goes easy on NOBODY!”

As graceful as a well trained harlot, the Mistress floated down onto all fours and yanked at Lilly's leash. Lady Jezebel's pet shyly groped her way around, searching for her master's nectar.

“You know what to do,” she commanded.

With well rehearsed gestures, Lilly pulled open the unzipped rear end of Jezebel's cat suit and lovingly dove her face in between, where she lapped and probed at the insides of her mistress with her tongue.

Expressing unrestrained pleasure for the first time that afternoon, the mistress looked up at her toy.

“Don't you wish you were her?” she asked between moans. “Does it make you hot seeing her lick my ass like that? Would you like me to make you feel good too?”

With a vulnerable and yearning look on her face, the Mistress's head drifted towards Hisao's lap. Her quivering tongue reached out to touch him and... stopped within millimeters of making contact. Without touching, she licked the air immediately surrounding him, watching him rise again from his earlier mistake like a charmed cobra.

“Poor thing, it seems that I have forgotten to actually touch you,” she said, making him grunt with a quick bite to his skin. “There, is that better? Are you ready to play again?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good boy.”

The mistress pulled away from Lilly's tongue and opened up her bag of tricks. From inside she retrieved a strap-on dildo, which she buckled onto Lilly.

“You've been a good girl, a very good girl,” she said, petting Lilly's hair before going down to perform fellatio on her artificial member.

“Just sit back, relax, and pretend I'm doing this to you,” she said to Hisao, whose eyes were bulging out of his sockets at the excruciating tease he was enduring.

Lady Jezebel got up and walked over to Hisao, then bent over and spread her cheeks.

“You want this, baby? You want to be in your master's pussy?”

“Yes, My Lady.”

“Well, you can't have it. Not today,” she said, wiggling her hips in front of his face.

“But I...”

“But what? You spoiled little shit, don't you know what kind of treat you have in store for you?”

Jezebel unlocked Hisao's shackles, who nervously remained seated, terrified of the consequences that would follow him getting up without permission. The mistress guided her pet into a reclining position and straddled her, sliding the dildo inside her own eagerly juicy self.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked, squirting flavored lubricant out of a bottle down her rear end. “Now's your chance for revenge. You get to finally hurt that mean bitch who kept teasing and yelling at you.”

“R-Really?” he asked, already conditioned to accept horrible consequences for attempting to derive his own pleasure.

“Yes,” the mistress said, preparing herself with two well lubricated fingers.

“I'm afraid, Mistress,” Hisao nervously said.

“Come on,” Hanako smiled, while fingering herself and riding Lilly. “I'll be a good girl, I promise.”

Hisao straddled Lilly's thighs and knelt behind Hanako, then slowly pressed himself in, making her gasp as he squeezed through.

“I'll let you fuck me in the ass under one condition,” Lady Jezebel growled, grabbing Hisao by the collar, “YOU cannot cum until after I do, got it?”

Hisao's ears rang at the impossibility of the task demanded of him. Hanako's insides were hot and tight. Lilly's strap-on had a built in vibrator that throbbed and pulsated next door. Simply keeping himself inside was almost too much to bear.

With memories of pain on freshly lingering on his scrotum, Hisao bit his lip and prayed that he could exercise restraint as he began pounding away at his Mistress's rear. His mental faculties were split even between sexual technique and dry facts such as plot points from books he read and soccer statistics. ...Anything, really, to keep his mind distracted to keep from ejaculating without her permission.

With no small amount of soul searching, Hisao found a way to hold back. Love. His mistress, Hanako, not Jezebel, wanted this of him. His calling in life was, above all else, to make her happy, even if that meant double-penetrating her with Lilly. Hisao leaned forward and embraced her, opening her zipper from the top to feel her sweaty skin under the latex suit.

Hanako caught Hisao smelling her hair and being tender with her but decided to enjoy it for what it was instead of punishing him.

“Thank you for doing this with me, Hisao,” she said, moments before shuddering with ecstasy, rhythmically clenching and squeezing Hisao while struggling to keep Lilly deep inside her.

“A-Ahh-AAHH!! I'm coming! I'm coming!” she yelled, giving him permission to finish off.

With his mistress's blessing, Hisao ceased his herculean feat of mind over matter and unleashed the flood gates, filling Hanako almost as if Lilly's performance never happened. The heat of Hanako's insides, which still throbbed, stoked the fire that consumed him, overwhelming him as if it was his first time.

After Hanako and Hisao finished, the pile fell off of each other and blissfully aired themselves off on the floor. Without any prompting, Hisao stumbled over to Lilly and unbuckled her strap-on so he could go down on her. Earlier that day, he would've never even imagined planting a kiss on Lilly, let alone performing cunnilingus on her. As Lilly came, Hanako smiled at Hisao's act of consideration for her friend, who up till then had not had her turn.

Finally, the game was over. It was time for Lassie and Jezebel to go back to wherever the hell they came from. Hanako unraveled Lilly's ropes and removed her tail, while Hisao peeled his girlfriend out of her latex suit. Finally out of the confines of Lady Jezebel, Hanako took out a conveniently stashed change of clothes for her playmates and a box of sanitary wipes.

All cleaned up, changed, buttoned down, and with toys, costumes, and ruined clothes packed away, Hisao, Hanako, and Lilly carried on with mid-day tea as if nothing ever happened. There was no sign of any debauchery aside from Lilly and Hanako being obviously uncomfortable sitting down.

“S-So what's for lunch, Lilly?”

“Hisao,” she deviously grinned.

-End- ... owtoly.gif

follow/copypaste the link above for an example of Lilly's rope harness.
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Lilly, Hanako, Hisao, BDSM Pg12

Post by neumanproductions » Fri Aug 13, 2010 11:23 pm

What a story for you to have as your 666th post and on Friday the 13th. I feel like you were saving this on purpose.
Lady Jezebel, what a choice for a name. I also think this is the first dominatrix Hanako on the forums; I could be wrong though.
Now I have something to take to bed with me tonight. This is definitely going to mess with my dream world.
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Lilly, Hanako, Hisao, BDSM Pg12

Post by Xuan » Sat Aug 14, 2010 1:23 am

Man, I'll never get tired with your stories. Never.
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Lilly, Hanako, Hisao, BDSM Pg12

Post by Darroth » Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:58 am

meh, turn off

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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Lilly, Hanako, Hisao, BDSM Pg12

Post by Leotrak » Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:42 am

I... honestly don't know what to say here.

I also can't seem to stop snickering.

I'm not sure which is worse. Good job.
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Lilly, Hanako, Hisao, BDSM Pg12

Post by SirMax » Mon Aug 16, 2010 9:06 am

Kudos for writing a threesome fic where the guy feels guilty about enjoying sex with someone other than his girlfriend.

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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Lilly, Hanako, Hisao, BDSM Pg12

Post by Shades of gray » Mon Aug 16, 2010 12:17 pm



*goes back to reading "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks, awesome and funny gift from a friend*

P.S imagine the Interesting above is said in a Nagato like voice

P.S.S it sounded funnier in my head V_V
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Lilly, Hanako, Hisao, BDSM Pg12

Post by Extremist_Line » Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:42 pm

Shit, I come back for a quickie visit and THIS is what I find? I never thought this would see the light of day. How appropriate for your 'devil's post'.

Feh, only I know the full truth of this little work.

I see you left the dialogue 99% unchanged, Kosher. It's quite interesting, really.
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Re: KosherBacon's writefaggotry: Lilly, Hanako, Hisao, BDSM Pg12

Post by kosherbacon » Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:20 am

Darroth wrote:meh, turn off

Sorry to those who were repulsed, it was territory that had to be tread upon. I regret nothing :D

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