Crossover Fic: Shadowrun

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Crossover Fic: Shadowrun

Post by Megu » Fri Jan 08, 2010 8:34 pm

Hello everyone. After a setting-crossover mashup thread on /tg/ the other day, one I couldn't get out of my head without writing at least a little of was Katawa Shoujo and Shadowrun (cyberpunk with fantasy elements). If you find this entertaining, I'll keep posting and revising as I write it. In this first section, we see how hotshot hacker Shizune loses her hearing. Yes, the other characters will appear as a result of this if I continue.

Does anyone know how to make the indentation appear properly? I'm using spaces, not tab, and everything.

I felt them through the fence I'd hacked into, and knew they were in.
"Oi, TraceE, where to next?" our razorgirl asked over the link. Impatient as always.
"Drek, Palmtop, you grep what comm silence means or not?" I responded, shaking my head reflexively, though I was back jacked in at my apartment, well away from the financial office my coworkers were breaking into. I could faintly hear Misha cackling behind me.
"What's the korobokkur doing this time, Shiz? Wa-haha!" She was always jovial like that. Someone else might have found that grating, especially in the middle of something so serious, but to me it was always refreshing that she was such a relentless ray of sunshine.
"Fuckin' up," I responded aloud with a bit of a grin. "PT, you and Splice need to cover Vulture and Schism while they get the relay cable set up between the mainframe. And be fucking quiet about it, 'kay? You might be looking forward to a rousing game of lead tag, but I don't think anyone else is."
"Roger," the dwarf woman messaged back. "Smug human bitch got nerve sittin' at home and tellin' us how to fuckin' do our jobs when we're bustin' our asses in the cold," she mumbled aloud as she forced the door mechanism with her hydraulic arm muscles. Does she not know I'm getting the sound sensor output? I chuckled.
"I can fuckin' hear you, Tiger."
"Good, drekhead!" she replied forcefully. Even via link, it still felt like she was really shouting. Teasing her was too easy. I wasn't really too worried about her messing up. Palmtop was a professional through and through, despite her quirks. They all were. It was a damn good team.
I scanned over the sec-cams once more. Nothing so far. Same Matrix-wise; the analysis agents on the office's server seemed to be pretty last-month stuff. Not that I had a problem with milk runs; the idiots that "live for excitement" tend not to last long in this business.
"Okay, Trace, I got the wire set up now. Can you find the node?" Vulture messaged.
"Yeah, I'm getting signal. Go ahead and jack it in." Almost immediately, the icon for the mainframe came up, a picture of a little castle. I activated it and called up my best hacking progs, which showed up as medieval weapons on the back of my icon, which now was a little super-deformed knight. Cute, if not terribly creative. Then again, what corp pays extra for a creative reality filter? Moments later, my little "arrows" had gotten the drawbridge down. A nonsensical reality filter to boot, it seemed.
"Nothing exciting yet, chummers. I should be at the paydata shortly, barring any surprises."
"Take your time, omae. I'm still warming back up," quipped Splice. An Okinawa native, she'd never really adapted to the Sapporo cold. Not to mention the difficulties of finding troll-size winter gear in Japan.
"Sissy," I teased, as I made my way towards the center of the virtual castle, sneaking past patrolling "knight" icons. A wooden chest lay in the center of the courtyard. Bingo. I walked up and scanned it. It looked like the real thing, so I flipped it open. I'll have to take Misha out to dinner or something on this. Maybe that new Sioux-style steakhouse over in Date?
My mental wanderings were frozen in place when suddenly, a beam of blue light burst out of the chest and into the sky, swirling the peaceful blue into storm clouds. Well, drek, that's not good, I thought as I kicked my Matrix analysis progs into gear.
Before I had time to as much as breathe, four knights clad in black had surrounded my icon. Why didn't I pick up the data bomb beforehand? A quick scan told me the black knights were a higher grade of IC than anything I'd seen yet that night by far, maybe even mil-spec.
"Black ice, guys! Deep drek!" I drew my sword and prepared for the inevitable. As the knights closed and attacked in a flurry of biofeedback subroutines and disruptive crashing attacks on my programs, I did my best to repair my icon and crash theirs in turn. And then I heard Splice yell.
"Aargh," she screamed and grabbed at her bloodied torso, as I watched in horror through the cams, while still fighting my own fight. PT's sword was out in an instant, as she leaped at the nearest of what looked like a good half dozen assailants, Westerners with SMGs, but Splice was already clearly down for the count. What the hell? A non-extraterritorial corp has SMGs on their first responders? In Japan? And how'd they get here so damn fast? I managed to think, before a sharp pain hit me, like I'd been run right through. And sure enough, one of the black knights had gotten me with their sword.
"Shiz, baby? You alright?" I heard Misha saying. Logout, logout, logout! I tried over and over, but the command wasn't going through. Meanwhile, I got to see Schism die. A single short burst to the head by one of the men surrounding her, and gray matter mixed on the walls with green hair.
"Run! Ambulance is inbound!" the Tiger yelled as she stood her ground with the sword. She seemed to be too fast for them to really hit her, at least, and Vulture took off towards the outside.
I knew I was next if I didn't manage to get out soon. I'd brought down one of the IC agents, and damaged another, but I was overwhelmed.
"Shiz! Answer me or I pull the trodes!" I felt my meat body being grabbed by the shoulders, but it was the sternness and worry in Misha's voice that got my attention enough to speak aloud.
"Pull!" I managed to blurt in a weak voice. The dumpshock would hurt, but I didn't think it'd kill me. I was as good as organlegger mats if I stayed in the node. For a moment, I felt the sensation of falling. Maybe it was falling from the chair, maybe it was the disconnection, but I hit the ground hard just the same. I stayed conscious long enough to feel the blood run down from my ears, and to see Misha's terrified face over me. I felt her arms around me and went under.

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Re: Crossover Fic: Shadowrun

Post by disturbedthoughts » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:25 am

Admittedly I haven't logged on in a long time but I felt compelled to when I saw your post. Having played a rather fun game of Shadowrun I was intrigued. I enjoyed this read, unfortunately I cannot help you with your issues and such, but I do look forward to what will (hopefully) eventually come.
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Re: Crossover Fic: Shadowrun

Post by bitpeg » Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:08 pm

I love Shadowrun. Awesome.
These fermions smell positively ionic.

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