Christmas with the Nakais

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Christmas with the Nakais

Post by chaix » Wed Dec 23, 2009 4:46 am

notes : A Christmas fanfic with Hisao and Hanako. I'm not that great of a writer so bear with me cause this has gotten has become a lot longer than I originally thought.

Day 1
Beep beep beep.

The alarm pulls me out of my peaceful sleep and into the cold realm of my dorm room. Slowly forcing myself out of bed I struggle to remember what day it is. I quick glance at the calendar confirms that it is Sunday the 23rd of December, the day my parents come to pick me up for winter break. However, according to the clock, my pickup is still several hours away leaving me with plenty of time to kill.

After a hot shower and my usual morning pills I return to my room and ponder what to do with the time left before my parents arrive. I decide on visiting the library; if Hanako’s there I can spend the rest of the day talking with her, If not I can read a few books before my parents get here.

The main building turns out to be fairly warm compared to the dorms, most of the students remaining at Yamaku have taken refuge in their classrooms instead of staying in the dorms. Even the Library turns out to be a fairly popular spot, with some of the tables actually being full. Hanako is in her usual spot, sleeping on her beanbag with a book set down nearby.

I try to wake her up by giving her shoulder a light shake

Hi:”Hanako, time to wake up”

She responds with what sounds like a sigh, but makes no other signs of waking up.

Hi:” Hanako, could you please wake up for me?”

Another sigh, a bit of moving around, but Hanako stays asleep.

An idea pops into my head. An idea that would probably get me killed if it was anyone else

The moment my lips connect with her cheek, she begins to move around. I can just see her eyes slowly opening at the edge of my vision.

Hi: “good morning Hanako, having a good dream?”


HI: “Anything interesting happen?”

She turns to look at me and turns bright red.

Ha” um, uh…..n-no.”

Hi:” mind if I sit with you?“

She quickly moves over so I can sit beside her.

Hi:” Any specific reason you nodded off here?”

Ha:” it was cold in my room last night… I kept waking up.”

Hi:”So your dorms are as freezing cold too huh? Makes me glad I’m spending the break at my house.”

Ha:” oh, s…so you’re leaving too?”

Hi:”hmm, who else is leaving?”

Ha:” L…lily left yesterday, remember? Akira came to pick her up.”

My brain must not be working if I’ve forgotten that already

Hi:” are you going anywhere?”

Ha:” n…no, I’ll be staying here”


Ha:”it…it’s fine. It’s what I did last year too.”

She tries to smile slightly, but it’s so obviously faked that I don’t have the heart to say anything about it.

Hi:“what about your mother?”

Ha:”we… we haven’t been very close since…before. We… we tried the year I came to Yamaku but…”


I decide to change the subject before we both end up depressed.

Hi:” Want to try heading over to the tea room? From the looks of it this place is going to be pretty crowded today.”

Ha:”alright… just let me put this back”

After putting the book back on the shelf, we head over to the tea room. Once we’re there Hanako takes out the chess set and we spend most of the time playing, stopping every few games after realizing that the old pot has gotten cold.When I finally stop to check my watch, it’s about an hour before my parents are supposed to come get me, judging by the time it took to get here the first time, they’re probably on the road already.

Ha:”wh-what’s wrong?”

Hi:”nothing, I just have to leave soon”

Ha:”oh, you should go then. You…You wouldn’t want to make you parents wait.”

Her head slumped down slightly. I can only guess that the thought of being alone at Christmas is more depressing for her than I thought. I begin trying to think of something to cheer her up, each Idea more infeasible than the last until…

Hi:”Hanako, could you wait here a moment?


Hi: “Just give me a minute to check something”

I step outside the room just in case my idea backfires. If it does, I’d rather minimize any possible damge.

Mom: “Hello honey, we’re almost there. Are you ready to leave yet?”

Hi: “Mom, we don’t have any guests coming during my break do we?”

Mom: “None that I can think of, why?”

Hi: “Would you mind if I brought my… uh girlfriend to stay with us?”

Her end goes quiet except for the background noise of the car and a slight touch of static.

Mom: “Doesn’t she have plans to spend the break with her family?”

Hi: “No, she said she was staying here at school and our other friend left to visit her family yesterday.”

Mom: “So… she’ll be alone at Christmas?”

I couldn’t tell without seeing her face, but it almost sounded like she was about to start bawling just from hearing about Hanako.

Mom: “Did you ask her if she wants to stay over?”

Hi:”I figured I ask you first. She’s kind of depressed as it is, I didn’t want to make it worse.”

Mom:”If she wants to then we would be delighted to have her stay with us. Wouldn’t we dear?”

I can just hear the voice of my father trying to object in the background. It’s a shame anything he says means nothing once my mother decides on something.

Hi: “Thank you very much.”

Mom:”we’ll be seeing you soon hicchan.”

I hang up and head back into the tea room.

Hi:”Hanako, you said you have no plans over the break right?”

Ha: “Th…that’s right”

She seems to be slightly more depressed than when I left her a few minutes ago. Guess leaving her alone to think about her situation wasn’t the best idea.

Hi: “Then you should have no problem coming to my place right?”

Ha: “W-what?”

Hi: “I asked my mother if you could, and she said you could. If you don’t want to though I think she might just stay here with you instead. She got really emotional when I said you’d be alone over Christmas.”

Ha: “But they might not want me there once they see…”

Her hand shifted to the left side of her face.

Hi: “I don’t they’ll worry too much about that. You might have some… issues if my mother sees it though.”


Hi:”broken ribs, broken arms and crushed lungs from the hug, and that’ll just be a first five minutes. So I guess the only thing left to ask is: do you want to come with me?”

She nods very quickly once.

We headed back to her room and began packing her bag, by the time we had finished; it was half an hour past when we were supposed to meet my parents.

Hi: “Hi mom, dad.”

Mom: “Hello hicchan.”

She began hugging me with enough force to force the air out of my lungs.

Mom: “And you must be his… friend.”

Ha: “H-hello Mrs. Nakai, m-my name is H-Hanako Ikezawa.”

Mom: “Well, we are happy to have you staying with us this week Hanako.”

I can’t tell whether she’s shaking from the cold, or if meeting my parents is making her even more nervous than normal.

Dad:”looks like a nice girl. Your mother seems to like her.”

Hi: “I hope so, if they didn’t like each other, this week would be horrible.”

Dad: “is there anything we should know? Does she have any allergies or something like that?”

Hi: “no allergies… she has some scars though. She’s still sensitive about them.”

Mom: “oh you poor little thing!”

Dad: “sounds like I don’t need to tell your mother…”

My father takes her bag and puts it in the trunk while we get in the back seat of the car. After a few minutes of driving Hanako falls asleep with her head resting on my shoulder. By the time we reach my house, night has already settled in.

Hi: “Hanako, we’re here. You can wake up now.”

Ha: “Hrmmm.”

She’s a bit groggy, but she manages to walk from the car to the bed in the guest room without any trouble. After her head hits the pillow, she immediately falls back into her dreams. I follow her example a few minutes later.

(Time break)

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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by Elroy » Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:06 am

Very good! It's interesting to see something where Hisao starts out with a girlfriend, rather than the focus being on him trying to get a girl, or him being floaty with all of them. I look forward to the rest.

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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by Quidoo » Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:56 am

Yes, it's pretty good!

There were a few things that bothered me, though. The 'Hi:'/'Ha:'/etc before the characters talk was probably the main thing. They aren't really necessary and sort of get in the way of things.

Forgive me for being excessively nitpicky, but I think 'Hicchan' is just something Misha says, as far as I know. I seem to remember that in Act 1 Hisao says [thinks] something about never being called 'Hicchan' before.

Silly little things aside, it should be interesting to read the rest of this story. :)
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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by SirMax » Wed Dec 23, 2009 10:54 am

Quidoo wrote: Forgive me for being excessively nitpicky, but I think 'Hicchan' is just something Misha says, as far as I know. I seem to remember that in Act 1 Hisao says [thinks] something about never being called 'Hicchan' before.

Silly little things aside, it should be interesting to read the rest of this story. :)
Unless it was changed in 1.2, the note from his parents calls him "Hicchan"

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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by Quidoo » Wed Dec 23, 2009 11:22 am

SirMax wrote: Unless it was changed in 1.2, the note from his parents calls him "Hicchan"
Oh really?

Fair enough.
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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by EternalLurker » Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:06 pm

His reaction to Misha calling him that is not that he's never heard it. Quite the opposite: he says he's never liked the nickname.

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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by Quidoo » Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:12 pm

EternalLurker wrote:His reaction to Misha calling him that is not that he's never heard it. Quite the opposite: he says he's never liked the nickname.
Yeah, I checked it just a while ago.
Pardon my ignorance, I was grossly mistaken. :oops:
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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by Mikage-sama » Wed Dec 23, 2009 6:13 pm

I hope you continue with this cause it was pretty cool. Nyaa Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by chaix » Thu Dec 24, 2009 12:55 am

quidoo: the markers are mostly for my benefit, mostly to keep things straight in my head. I left them in so people don't get lose track of who's talking midway through a conversation.

notes: thanks for the encouragement, i'm still trying to finish the last part (day 6) along with going over the others so they don't have any huge screw ups in them. for future reference, this is supposed After the main story would have ended, so I'm assuming they've slept together a few times by the time this story starts.and now on with day 2 of winter break!

Day 2

I reach around for the alarm clock out of pure habit before realizing that it hasn’t gone off. Following this small revelation I give my mind a few minutes to catch up with reality. When I finally decide that I’m up to speed, I throw on the first things I can find, swallow my pills and head downstairs.

Hi: “Morning”

My father is sitting at the table drinking his coffee. It seems almost too normal compared to Kenji’s usual morning greeting.

Dad: “enjoying your break so far?”

Hi: “no alarm clock, no homework, and no ranting conspiracy theorist. I might not be able to go back.”

Dad: “conspiracy theorist?”

Hi: “my neighbor thinks every single girl is a rabid feminist hell bent on crushing men everywhere.”

Dad: “he knows you have a girlfriend right?”

Hi: “he thinks I’m hypnotized, or brainwashed, or I’m just blind and stupid. The reason varies every week or so.”

Dad: “speaking of Hanako, did you happen to uh… see her this morning?”

Hi: “no, why?”

Dad: “she came downstairs a little while ago, and then your mother saw that she was wearing her school uniform.”

Hi: “oh god… I should probably rescue her-”

Dad: “don’t bother, If you go up there, nothing good will happen. First option: you open the door and she’s changing and she will be too embarrassed to talk to you for the rest of the day, or possibly the week.”

Hi: “I doubt that would happen, but I guess it’s possible.”

Dad: “second option: you go through that door and you’re roped by your mother into helping her choose an outfit for your girlfriend.”

Hi: “sounds better, not great, but better”

Dad: “third option: you manage to rescue her, thereby invoking the wrath of your mother. She makes both our lives miserable for the rest of the week.”

Hi: “so what? we stay here and let her suffer?”

Dad: “no, we stay here long enough for them to get along on their own and when they come down, we greet them like men who love them. Oh and don’t forget to complement their choice in clothes either.”

He says this without changing from his usual calm measured tone and casually goes back to reading the morning paper. We don’t have to wait long before we can hear them coming down the stairs. My mother is leading or possibly pulling Hanako, who is dressed in pink… a lot of pink.

Dad: “on second thought, don’t say a word.”

Hi: “g-good morning Hanako. D-did you sleep well?”

Ha: “y-yes. Thank you Hisao”

Mom: “doesn’t she look wonderful in this? And to think she wanted to wear her school uniform on her break.”

At least it isn’t too bad, the pink is actually a nice colour once you get used to it.

Ha: “th-thank you for helping me Mrs. Nakai.”

Hi: “Hanako, do you want to come to the shopping district? I still have to get all my gifts.”

Even though I really do have to get presents, I’d rather not leave her to be a dress-up doll any longer than necessary.

Mom: “you waited until Christmas eve? I don’t remember raising such a thoughtless child.”

Amazing how my mother can switch from high school girl mode to motherly disappointment in mere seconds.

Hi: “uh… sorry?”

I quickly grab our coats and take Hanako outside as soon as physically possible.

Hi: “sorry for leaving you in my mother’s care, I slept in.”

Ha: “it…it’s fine. Y-your mother is… very kind.”

Hi: “shall we get going then? If you want, we can stop at my old school on the way.”

Ha: “o-okay”

With that she latches onto my arm and we begin walking.

(Time skip)

Hi: “Well, here it is.”

My previous school stands over us like some concrete behemoth.

Ha: “ anyone going to be here?”

Hi: “probably not, maybe a couple clubs or teams practicing in the gym.”

Su: “hey, Hisao. Is that you?!”

I look behind me to see two of my old friends; Sunohara and Kitagawa. I can feel Hanako tightening her grip on my arm and moving slightly behind me as they approach.

Ki: “hey man it’s been awhile.”

Hi: “I guess so, seven or eight month’s right?”

Ki: “something like that. Is your heart better now?”

Hi: “uh not really.”

Su: “any chance you can come back to school? Our soccer team’s pretty good now.”

Hi: “actually I kind of like it at Yamaku, besides I can’t play anymore. One bad hit to the chest and I’m in the hospital again.”

Su: “shame man, we could use you.”

Ki: “is the reason you like that other place behind your back?”

Su: “huh?”

I can feel Hanako trying to move further behind me. I step to her side, leaving her in the open.

Ha: “h-h-hello I-I’m Hanako I-Ikezawa.”

Su: “wow she’s cute, I mean really cute. Are all the girls at that place like this? I might just have to try going there myself”

Ki: “I doubt you’d find one who could stand you before you graduation.”

Su: “guess I’ll have to stick to our school. Still, I never thought the ‘heartbreaker’ would ever bring a girl back here.”

Ha: “h…heart breaker?”

Hi: “I assume you guys are talking about that incident?”

Su: “yup, you became a bit of a campus legend after that.”

Ki: “even some of the juniors know about it.”

Ha: “Wh…why did you call him that?”

Su: “cause the-“

I quickly cover both of their mouths and pull them in close so I can talk to them without Hanako hearing.

Hi: “could you guys keep that between us? Hanako’s sensitive as is. If she heard about that…”

Ki: “got it, say no more.”

Su: “you might have a problem if you run into someone else though, especially if they know Iwanako. They still have a bit of a grudge.”

Hi: “thanks for the warning.”

I release them both before walking back to Hanako.

Ki: “tell us next time you’re in town. We’ll try and meet up with you.”

Su: “later Hisao.”

They both walk through the gate and head toward the school. When I turn back to Hanako, she still has the same troubled expression.

Ha: “Hisao?”

Hi: “don’t worry, it isn’t anything too bad. Just something that happened before I transferred to Yamaku. You shouldn’t worry about it.”

Her eyes are starting to get dangerously close to hurt puppy dog level.

Ha: “a-are you sure. I… I could try to help…”

Hi: “nothing you can do about it. and uh... c-could you please stop looking at me like that. It’s making me nervous.”

Ha: “a-alright”

She flashes me one last puppy look before returning to her previous, ‘I’m enjoying this’ face. I’ll have to hunt Emi down later and ask if she’s been giving Hanako lessons.

Hi: “well then, shall we go shopping?”

The tightness on my arm is close enough to a yes for me.

(Time skip)

Hi: “Well that’s mom and dad done, how many do you have left?”

Ha: “j-just Lily’s”

Hi: “I need something for her too, and yours of course.”

Ha: “d-do you want to get s-something for lily t-together?”

Hi: “That would probably be easier for me, why don’t you go find a few things while I get yours?”

Ha: “a-are you sure?”

Hi: “if you’re with me you’ll ruin the element of surprise.”

Ha: “a…alright”

As reluctant as she seems to leave my side, she quickly goes off to begin picking out something for her friend.

Hi: “now, what to get?”

Jewelry would be the obvious girlfriend-type gift, but I never see her wearing any in the first place. Clothes: bad, a book? No, anybody who’s met her would get her a book. Picturing her room in my head doesn’t give any better ideas. I guess books it is….

(Time skip)

Hi: “Hanako?”

She nearly jumps at the sound of her name. My fault for sneaking up behind her I guess.

Ha: “H-Hisao, y-you nearly gave me a heart-”

She stops herself before the last word. I ignore it for both our sakes.

Hi: “sorry, find something?”

Ha: “I-I got her this f-for her birthday.”

She holds up a fairly large boxed collection of music CDs.

Ha: “we…we could get her another one.”

Hi: “and you’re sure Akira’s not going to give her the same thing?”

Ha: “Akira is getting Lily a new m-music player, so…”

Hi: “works for me you know her better than I do. Shall we head back now?”

Ha: “sure”

We pay for the CDs and hurry back to my house to avoid getting snowed on.

(Time skip)

I lock the door as I enter my room, bags of presents and paper piled on my bed, waiting to be wrapped. I decide to start with the ones that I needed for tomorrow, those for Hanako and my parents. I pick the roll of paper out of its bag and place the box on it, attempting to measure the amount of paper needed. I begin cutting the paper, making sure to cut in a straight-.


The sudden sound causes me to jump, and the scissors put a good sized rip in the paper.

Ha: “H…Hisao?”

Hi: “Hanako, is that you?”

Not that I really need to ask, my parents don’t usually stutter when they say my name.

Ha: “yes”

I unlock the door and slip out, making sure not to let her see inside.

Hi: “so, what’s up?”

Ha: “I…I wanted to ask you a-about before, about what your friends said.”

Hi: “oh that? You don’t have to worry about that.”

Ha: “I’m sorry. I…I don’t want to trouble you if you don’t want to remember.”

Hi: “it’s just something I’d rather not tell anyone. If I told you, well I’d rather not be treated like a fragile object if I can help it.”

Ha: “f-fragile?”

Hi: “like how everyone was right after it happened. Everyone was careful not to disturb me. It got really annoying after awhile.”

Ha: “a…am I being annoying?”

As she says it, her entire head lowers in a vaguely apologetic fashion.

Hi: “no, there’s a difference between being genuinely worried and pity.”

If this makes her feel any better, she’s not showing it. Just how the hell do I manage to dig these holes?

Hi: “do you really want to know that badly?”

She gives one very slight nod.

Hi: “I’ll tell you after I’m finished wrapping okay?”

She nods again before shuffling off to her room. I head back into my room and direct my focus back to the wrapping of the presents.

(Time skip)

A few minutes later I am staring at several (badly) wrapped gifts. I run one last check over all of them to make sure I haven’t left any holes in the paper. I grab the two gifts for Hanako and my parents before heading downstairs to put them under the tree. When I return, I find Hanako standing outside my door.

Ha: “you… you’re finished wrapping right?”

Hi: “I just put the gifts under the tree. You’re sure you want to hear this right?”

Ha: “I’m sure”

I open the door to let her inside, she takes a seat on the bed while I pull over the chair from the desk.

Hi: “short version or long version?”

Ha: “the long one.”

Hi: “about a year ago I had a crush on a girl. Iwanako, around January she had one of her friends slip a note into my books. I went out to meet her, got nervous and when she tried to ask me out… I had a heart attack. I was in the hospital right up until I transferred into Yamaku.”

Ha: “is…is that it?”

Hi: “pretty much, guess it wasn’t as long as I thought.”

Ha: “d…did she come visit you, in the hospital?”

Hi: “for the first little while. She kept visiting for awhile after most of the others stopped.”

Ha: “H-Hisao, Could I stay in your room tonight?”

Hi: “why?”

Ha: “ thank you for telling me.”

Hi: “all right, you can take the bed. I’ll take the floor I guess.”

Ha: “I…I want to sleep with you…”

Apparently realizing the implication of her statement she immediately reverts back into her old nervous mode: head slightly lowered, Eyes darting everywhere, her hands are also apparently fighting with each other.

Ha: “j-just sleep n-n-nothing else.”

Hi: “fine with me, do you want to go back to your room to change?”

Ha: “I already did. D…do you want me to stand outside?”

Hi: “thank you”

She silently leaves the room, leaving me to change into my old pajamas. Good thing she left too.

Hi: “I’m done.”

She enters just as silently as she left, as if she had walked through the door instead of opening it.

Ha: “y…you get in f-first.”

I get under the blanket with Hanako following shortly after. She pushes her back into my chest before pulling my arm over her.

Hi: “comfortable?”

Ha: “v-very”

She pulls herself into a tight little ball before drifting off; I end up following her a few minutes later.

(Time skip)

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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by kosherbacon » Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:00 am

We gonna see some Iwanako in this story? :twisted:

A couple things I just realized..

I dont remember Hisao ever being particularly good at soccer, only that he said he used to play for fun on occasion.

Would Hanako really be okay with her boyfriend talking about her insecurities to people she doesn't know?

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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by chaix » Fri Dec 25, 2009 2:37 am

are you referring to the conversation he has with his friends?
what they are supposed to be thinking:
he thinks she'll become distant to preserve his life. he thinks she's really sensitive to his condition.
she actually has already come to terms with this and wants to make sure that whatever short time he has is happy. she isn't that insecure about it, she's just a little surprised.

as for the soccer thing... eh, i could think of a couple different reasons why they'd want him, ex: everyone else sucks, they're referring to an in-school team and all the good people are taken, it's better to take the sucky player you know than the one you don't etc. mostly one of "wish you were here" things because they think he might be miserable at Yamaku.

I hope that answers your questions.Now, I hope you guys/girls will enjoy part 3.

Day 3
In my half-awake state, I can feel something digging into my chest. A quick check with my free hand reveals it to be Hanako’s spine.

Hi: “Hanako… are you awake?”

No answer, she must still be asleep. I lift my head up to view the alarm clock. It’s 10:30, December 25, Christmas day.

Hi: “Hanako, it’s Christmas, time to wake up.”

Nothing, she must really like her dream, or she’s a late sleeper. Either way I’m feeling concerned about the tingling in my arm, and that my parents are most likely already awake and might attempt to wake me any minute now.

Hi: “Hanako could you please wake up? you’re kind of on my arm.”

I enforce this with a light shake to her shoulder, causing her to roll over.

Ha: “rrrrrrmmmmm… H-Hisao?”

Hi: “could I have my arm back please?”

She looks down and then looks back at my face before nearly jumping off my pinned arm.

Ha: “i-I’m so sorry. is it okay?”

Hi: “give it a few minutes, it should be fine.”

Ha: “d…did you sleep w-well?”

Hi: “didn’t even feel you roll onto my arm. So… pretty well I guess.”

She giggles a bit before sliding off the bed and heading to her room to change. I quickly change into a shirt and pants before heading downstairs.

Dad: “morning, have a good night?”

Hi: “I guess so.”

Mom: “Is Hanako up yet? I wasn’t sure if I should start breakfast or not.”

Hi: “I knocked on her door before I came down. She said she’d be down in a few minutes.”

My parents exchange a strange look as if to confirm with each other that I’m lying.

Mom: “did you get a Christmas present from Hanako yet?”

Hi: “no, not yet.”

Mom: “too bad.”

Ha: “is…is something wrong?”

Apparently no one heard her come down the stairs. My parents immediately turn their inquisitive gaze to her. They begin to inspect her from head to toe before they return to normal, apparently satisfied. Breakfast is eaten in relative silence. With a few short conversations springing up here and there, but none break the oppressive feeling. By the time we finish eating I feel as though I was going to start blurting things that I’d rather not say in front of my parents.

Hi: “so, how about those gifts? They aren’t going to open themselves you know.”

Hanako and I both rush to the living room, apparently she was just as happy to leave the table as I was. The first gifts to be opened were those from my grandparents: a matching set of pastel yellow and blue sweaters for my parents and me. The kind you wear maybe once or twice a year when the situation demands that you do so. From there we moved on to the gifts for my parents: a movie for my father, a plush cat for my mother (which she nearly hugged the head off of) from myself, Hanako apparently decided to get them a web cam system for the computer so they could see me whenever they wanted.

Hi: “Hanako, this one is for you.”

As I hand the gift to her, she snatches it out of my hand and has the paper off of it in seconds.

Ha: “a watch?”

Hi: “yeah, I was on my way to the bookstore and I saw that one in a window. You never seem to wear one so…”

Ha: “it…it’s very nice.”

Hi: “nice? That’s what we said when we saw the sweaters.”

Ha: “n-not like that. It’s very cute.”

Mom: “could I see? I think I have some old things that would go perfectly with this if you want to try them on later.”

Hanako nods, whether it’s out of politeness or if she actually wants to try on whatever my mother has in mind I’m not sure.

Ha: “thank you, Hisao.”
She slides herself over and proceeds to simultaneously hug me from the side, put her head on my shoulder, and give me puppy dog eyes.

Hi: “I’m going to have to have a talk with Emi later.”

Her puppy dog expression is immediately dropped.

Ha: “w-why?”

Hi: “Emi taught you how to do that right?”

Ha:“Y-yes. you… you don’t like it?”

Hi: “I can feel my free will being turned into putty. It must be a genetic phenomenon.”

I shoot a dirty glance at my mother. She doesn’t notice because her eyes are glazed over from staring at Hanako’s face. Another glance over to my father tells me there’s no way in hell he’s going to try and help, He’s too busy having a silent laugh at my expense.

Hi: “uh, not to break the moment or anything, but could we move this along? You know, sometime before the year ends?”

Ha: “s-sorry, h-here’s your gift Hisao.”

She pushes a carefully wrapped box into my arms. Compared to my work, it looks like it was done by a professional. I pull off each piece of tape and slowly slide the box out of the paper. It appears to be a clothing box; on the inside however, there are several hardcover books that I don’t even remotely recognize.

Ha: “I… I wanted to get you s-something that you hadn’t read before…”

Hi: “so you went through lily’s collection?”

Ha: “y-yes”

Hi: “you didn’t pick anything too uh… girly did you?”

Ha: “I… I don’t think so. Lily told me what each one was about before I chose them.”

Hi: “well then, I’ll trust your judgment. Thank you Hanako.”

I extend my arm back out so she can put her head back on my shoulder before slumping back into my previous position.

Dad: “last one’s for you.”

My father grabbed the last present under the tree and slid it in front of me. I use my spare arm to unwrap the present as neatly as possible.

Dad: “you can be a bit rougher when you take off the paper, we probably won’t use it again.”

Hi: “call it one of my skills. I only get to show it off twice a year.”

Once again sliding the box out of the paper carefully, I inspect the box. Another clothing box, this time with the correct amount of squishiness to actually be clothes. Expectations lowered, I break the tape and open the box to find layers of some kind of packing sheets, under which lies a blue laptop.

Dad: “had you for a second didn’t we?”

Mom:“it was your father’s idea, he wanted to see a more surprised look on your face than usual.”

Hi:“then I guess it worked pretty well.”

My mother moves in and snatches hanako’s hand, taking her upstairs to try on who know what, leaving my father and I to make lunch.

(time skip)

Hanako lets out an audible yawn next to my ear.

Hi:“tired? It’s only about ten-thirty.”

Ha:“I ate too much at dinner.”

Hi:“need help to your room?”

Ha:“n-no, I’m fine.”

I set down the book we were reading and help her up. I grab my new laptop and walk with hanako upstairs. We say our goodnights before I head into my room, turning on the lamp above my bed so I can finish the book before drifting off.

(time skip)

i might post the next two days together depending on if I get time to check them over tomorrow or not
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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by Elroy » Fri Dec 25, 2009 2:57 am

chaix wrote: Ha: “I… I wanted to get you s-something that you hadn’t read before…”

Hi: “so you went through lily’s collection?”

Ha: “y-yes”

Hi: “Lilly had American Psycho?!”
Another great chapter! I look forward to the rest.

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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by Captain Niggawatts » Fri Dec 25, 2009 3:00 am

Ha: “I… I wanted to get you s-something that you hadn’t read before…”

Hi: “so you went through lily’s collection?”

Ha: “y-yes”

Hi: “Lilly had American Psycho?!”
I don't think Hisao can read Braille...
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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by kosherbacon » Fri Dec 25, 2009 1:44 pm

Mabye it's got printed word in addition to braille? Well, I've never seen such books but I'm sure they exist.

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Re: Christmas with the Nakais

Post by SirMax » Fri Dec 25, 2009 3:45 pm

kosherbacon wrote:Mabye it's got printed word in addition to braille? Well, I've never seen such books but I'm sure they exist.
I think what's more likely is she went through Lily's collection and then bought the printed version after choosing which ones...

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