Pearly Whites

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Pearly Whites

Post by Elroy » Fri Oct 30, 2009 6:12 am

Hey guys, wanted to make a story for that cute drill-haired girl we all love. I've had this idea for a while, and I hope you all enjoy it!

The unbearably annoying ring of your alarm clock pulls you out of your pleasant dreams. You cup your face in your hand and drag it across, pulling the disatisfaction and exhaustion off you.

"Always gotta be interrupted..." You mutter to yourself. You were having great dreams, you just can't remember much. After spending too much time getting homework done, you went to bed kinda late. It feels as though your brain has thrown up, and all that remains of your dreams are a stew of bile, with only a hint of what you drank tasted like....suddenly, you start to remember your dream.

Not completely, just the focal point of it....Her...her cute image fills your mind. Those golden eyes, the drills at their sides, and that cute, albiet a little annoying laugh. You've been spending so much time with her start to realize you may be thinking of her in a different light. You've always thought she was cute, you don't want to just be her friend.

Getting up with a sigh, you look around the room, and notice the calender. Anything important to remember? You nearly jump as you realize Halloween is only two nights away. Then you start to realize you don't care, it doesn't mean a whole lot to you. It's not like you're going to go trick-or-treating. Suddenly, your thoughts of Misha come full circle.

"The Halloween Dance!" You shout in your mind, the reverberations going through your body as you wonder if Misha already has a date. Meh, nothing to worry about. Like Kenji said, there aren't many guys here, and the ones you've seen so far don't seem as much competition, you semi-cockily think to yourself. You begin to laugh as you imagine Kenji asking Misha to the dance.

The rest of the day flies by. Muto's droning voice captured none of your attention in class...only she did. You glanced at her from time to time, and made small talk when you could, it was nice...just probably not enough. You realize if you're going to be the one taking her to the dance, you're gonna have to make a move. You get discouraged a bit and slump on the edge of your bed.

You start to realize you don't have much experience asking a girl out. The last time, you had a girl ask YOU out....and you see how that went. Your heart starts to pump just thinking about Misha, you wonder if asking her out will make your heart pop like an overfilled balloon.

Suddenly, your face raises with a look of determination cemented on it. "I must remember Shizune's words! Attack aggresively, don't hold back. I'm gonna take fucking Australia!" You exclaim to your hollow room. You eye the window. "Sun's still up, I got time." You smirk with all the confidence in the world. You're able to lift your spirits to almost too much of an extent. "I'm taking Misha to the dance. Not even genetically altered Christian Bale has more of a chance with her than I do! I've got skills!"

You chuckle as you drly think to yourself "Though it didn't go well, Iwanako must've liked something about me enough to want me. I can do this!" With those last thoughts, you get off your bed, put your shoes on, and subconsciously; put ya gunz on. You're ready for anything now. There could be a fucking zombie outbreak outside the door, you're still gonna make it to Misha!

Before you touch the handle of the door, your confidence diminishes a bit. "Oh fuck, I really hope Kenji's not out there." While you love him like a bro, you don't need your style cramped before your leap of faith. You ease the door a bit, looking and listening intently. You stifle a chuckle as you realize he must do this same practice every day. Just as you start to open the door more, you see get lost in her golden eyes for a minute, then you realize you're looking at the person you're supposed to be chasing down.

Fortune smiles upon you! You can't tell if she sees your peeking eye or not, but she's looking in your door's direction intently, humming and bouncing as she steps. You're usually more of a breast man than almost anything else, but their bounces are lost to your eyes as you see dose drills start to hop with each of her movements. Your heart starts to pound, but you straighten up your shirt and compose yourself. You open the door the rest of the way and lock eyes with her.

"Hicchan, I caught you in time! Were you heading out?!"

After the last few quiet seconds, her loud voice almost makes you jump.

"Uhhh, I was gonna take a walk." You stutter to yourself. Your conscience bitchslaps you. No you weren't! Dammit! You're already pussying out!

"Oh! Mind if I come with?!" An extremely excited look comes on her face, as if you just invited her to a monster-truck orgy with a soundtrack by Megadeth.

You stoneface for a second and rethink your chosen words, editing at the last second before they leave your lips. "Actually, I was actually gonna look for you." You say as casually as you can, trying not to sound too awkward.

"Oooh! The truth comes out! Wahahaha!~"

"Wanna hang out, Misha?"

"Weeell, I was looking for you, glad you were feeling the same." She says, in a softer voice, strangely enough.

"Great minds think alike..." You trail off. Before you can finish, she's bounced her way into your room. As you close the door, you have a second of time where you retrace the day and hope you didn't leave your room dirty, or anything emberrassing out in the open. You take a quick Terminator-style eyescan of the room. Nope, not a thing out of place, whew.

Your eyes go back to Misha, who's smiling at you.

" any plans for Halloween, Misha?"

"I'm gonna be a vampire, Hicchan!" She hisses with a look of faux-seriousness on her face, baring her teeth at you. "I'm gonna bite you, Hicchan! Wahahaha!~"

You chuckle at her cuteness, when you realize you have left something out of place. Your pills! You hate even acknowledging them, but having them infront of others makes you feel like your porn stash is on display. Her cute gold eyes catch yours, and she turns her gaze to the assortment of pills on your table. Fuck! They've been spotted!

"Hicchan...are these...medication?"

"Yeah...." You may as well take the plunge, you know her well enough to be sure she'll interrogate the information out of you one way or another. As cute as it was, you don't want to have a repeat of the student council situation, especially with something this serious.

"I have arrythmia" You say to her, your face, fittingly as serious as a heart attack. Her eyes widen, and she looks instantly saddened.

" basically means my heart's bad." Her face droops even more, you feel like a dick for making her feel bad, but you'd rather not have her worried about you for days.

" these make you...okay?" She says quietly, trying to find the right words.

"Yeah...yeah, I'll be fine, Misha." She looks as though sunshine has been injected into her veins, a smile forming on her face.

"Good, Hicchan, you had me worried!"

"Sorry" You say softly.

"You know, I did always know....what you had. I don't like the sound of what you do have, but at least I know now."

"Oh..." Taking a second to think, you blurt out. "What do you have?" You realize a second of thinking wasn't enough, and that you may have just made a grave mistake.

"Hicchan! You can't ask a girl that!" Though her words are loud and serious, her face doesn't share the same sentiment...she almost has a look of mischief, like she usually does when she realizes she has a secret over you.

After another apology, which you feel you've been doling out a lot lately, you make small talk. The tension in your body has been at critical levels, and you can't take it any longer, so you wait for a nice break in conversation.

After talking about how boring today's subjects were, you count the seconds.

6....7....8....9....Good enough for me!

"So, besides being a vampire, what are you doing for Halloween?" It's not your smoothest move, but it may do.

"You mean...."

"The dance." Prepare the main cannons! You complete her sentence, ready to go to battle.

"I...haven't really thought about it."


I mean....I've thought about it, but..."


She looks at you, then her eyes trail away. You wonder if it's your imagination, but you think you see a slight blush.


"Will you go to the dance with me?" You wish you could've had a great line as an opener, but it's now or never. If it's anything your heart can't take, it's all this waiting!

She looks like you actually shot a cannon at her, her mouth agape, and her drills whipping as her head jerks back.

"Hicchan! Are you serious?!"

Fuck! You can't tell if this is good or bad, but at least it had impact. Now for the finisher, take her head off!

"I know that a lot of the time I'm with you, it's not your voice I'm hearing, it's Shizune's. But I've always been able to tell when it's you talking...and I want to hear more.." You're interrupted as she hugs you tightly.

"Oh, Hicchan! You don't know how long I've wanted to hear this from you! It's been so hard, wanting to talk to you, REALLY talk to you, but also being fair to Shicchan!"

You feel as though your heart might punch Misha in the stomach, as it gives your chest a good hit. You can't believe your good fortune! The literal girl of your dreams is in your arms, wanting to go on a date with you, and from the sounds of it, in love with you! This has got to be a dream! You put your arms around her as you hope to God you don't hear your alarm clock, waking you from this heaven you've found yourself in.

Misha pulls back, lifts her face, then pushes forward, her lips a centimeter from yours. You instinctively push your lips to hers. Her lips are soft, and you've never really noticed it before, but she has a subtle, but oh-so ravishing scent. Though you lose track of time, your lips are against Misha's for quite a few seconds, before her tongue parts them and gently slips into your mouth. You can't quite descripe the taste, but the closest you can compare her tongue to is a sweet candy. Your tongues dance with each other for a few more minutes, as you're lost in her embrace.

She pulls back slowly, a thick blush on her face.

"...Hicchan....I...I want to..." Her hands finish her sentence for her as she removes her shirt, leaving only a white bra on. She's gorgeous. Her breasts are a good size, in synch with her body, and the little extra weight she has is not only cute, but it turns you on more than you thought it could.

You realize this is too good to be true, but even if it is, you're riding this motherfucker till the wheels fall off.

Without missing a beat, you take your shirt off.

"You've got a cute body, Hicchan!" She blushes. You hope the setting sun is enough to shade the scar on your chest, so you don't worry her. It seems to, for now, at least.

She takes her skirt off, while you take your shorts off, leaving you in Devil May Cry boxers. The thicking bulge in your crotch reminds you to mentally salute Dante, for it may have been him all along that gave you such luck to have a beautiful girl shed her clothes for you.

You step forward and kiss her again, as your arms reach around her and try to take her bra off. "Try" being the operative word. Fuck, a few seconds pass, you hope she hasn't noticed that your fumbling with her bra like you're trying to disarm a bomb. After another second, she looks at you with a huge grin.

"Silly Hicchan! My little bra giving you that much trouble?! Wahahaha!~"

You pray to the heavens that her Wahahas aren't drawing attention to your room, but your mind goes blank as her bra hits the floor, unleashing those two statuesque spheres of symmetrical shape and sinfully sublime size.

Your hands grip those mothers before she can say any more, and your mouth makes sure she won't. Her breasts are soft, and incredibly fun to play with, if only for the quiet moans and squeals Misha makes when you squeeze them just right, or touch her nipples.

She pushes you back, and you fall onto the bed.

"Get those boxers off, Hicchan!" She commands as she bends down, her panties being pulled to the floor.

You do so without taking your eyes off of her perfect form. Every inch of her is so much more alluring than you thought could ever be true, even in your wildest fantasies, the dreams of her could never compare to the real thing. The real thing wanting you as badly as she did in your dreams, if not worse, has made little Hisao stand tall like the mighty Temen-ni-gru!

She moves closer, her sex closer to yours.

"Hicchan..." She says softly as she lifts herself up and lays herself onto your lap, the feeling of being inside her is something that can't be described in mortal tongues. Your head goes back and gasp audibly as you feel her tight warmth consume your dick. You feel a slight sharp feeling of pain shooting through your body, which makes you jolt a bit. Another second staring at the wonderful sight of her closing her eyes and putting her head back brings another jolt of pain. Your heart! Oh fuck! How did you not think of this till now?! You have the love of your life profess her love to you, and you put yourself in this situation?! Do you realize what it would do to her if she realized she killed you with her pussy?!

You will your heart to stay strong, as if you're telepathically giving it words of power. You hold your breath and push up into her, feeling the amazing pleasure of her core as you do, making her produce an elongated moan, lilting as her voice normally does. ARGH! More pain reaches your body.

You stiffen up and focus your senses on your heart, giving it a few seconds to detect its beat. Whew, looks like it's calmed down, your heart's gonna make it, at least for now.


The pain goes away as you look into her eyes, a serious, and seriously cute look on her face.

"Do you want to know....what's wrong with me?"

She asks, in a soft tone.

Being inside her while she asks is a hell of a distraction, but you nod your head, geniunely curious in what could be wrong with her, a feeling of worry starting to build, hoping it's nothing serious.

"It''s my teeth."

You raise an eyebrow, you're dumbfounded. She's moaning with her eyes closed as she slightly moves up and down on your dick. You think back, picturing all the times you've seen her. She's usually smiling, and her teeth are fine! They're white, and perfectly shaped. You wonder if they could be fake, but that doesn't seem plausable at all, they're beautiful, and look as real as can be.

She shakes her head, and her eyes meet yours. "Not those, Hisao." She has a slight grin, and starts to look down.

Her eyes trail down your chest, your stomach, and to where both of your bodies are joined.

What does she mean? What the...

ERGH! Another feeling of pain.


Oh God....

The's NOT your's...

"Hahahaha, nice to see you've caught on, Wahahahaha!~" She moves slightly, arching her back a little.

"Misha, what...what" she tenses her shoulders, and you feel dozens of sharp daggers stab into your dick. Your mouth shoots open, but the pain prevents you from forcing any sound out.

The feeling withdraws for a second. In this second, you think about your situation. This is something out of a horror movie, this is unthinkable! This has got to be a dream! You hope to God you hear your alarm clock, and that it can save you from the hell you've found yourself in.

"You're so cute, Hicchan, I could just eat you up!" She grins as smugly as possible, as rows of daggerlike teeth sink their way into your dick. Your heart is banging against your chest like it's trying desperately to force it's way out of your pained body. The unimaginable torture your most sensitive organ is feeling right now makes you hope your heart can do just that.

Misha laughs and chortles, then, without warning, raises up!

The fangs embedded in your dick move along with her, tearing your bloody cock off of your body and keeping it for Misha's.

Your head feels like it's gonna explode as you try to scream, shout, anything, but no sound comes out, the pain won't let it. You hear the chewing and scraping of the teeth on your former member. Things start to get blurry. Misha lets out an earthshattering "WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!~" but it's sound starts to fade, getting less and less, until you can't hear anything but the machine-gun beating of your heart. Your vision starts to get darker. You take one last look at Misha's face and see her grin, her teeth being bared at you, your eyes go lower, and see her other teeth chewing and tearing at their meal vigorously. That sight alone puts you over the edge.

Fade to black.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! Have a happy Halloween everyone! And don't forget to brush and floss your vaginas at least twice a day.

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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by Sgt_Frog » Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:40 pm


No, seriously, WTF was that?! Mutations aren't necessarily disabilities, but this is just so f***ed up on so many levels.

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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by Duo2Cuo » Fri Oct 30, 2009 2:59 pm


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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by Elroy » Fri Oct 30, 2009 3:02 pm

Sgt_Frog wrote:WHAT. THE. FUCK.

No, seriously, WTF was that?! Mutations aren't necessarily disabilities, but this is just so f***ed up on so many levels.
I was reading a thread on theories of Misha's disability, and I remembered the concept of the movie teeth, and both winced and laughed at the idea. Thus, this child of nightmares was born. (For people who don't know, Teeth is about a girl who develops...teeth.) Yeah, I'm not the first to think this up.

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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by Captain Niggawatts » Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:29 pm

Halloween is only celebrated in America :3
"People who quote themselves in their signatures are egotistical faggots" - Captain Niggawatts

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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by Elroy » Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:48 pm

Captain Niggawatts wrote:Halloween is only celebrated in America :3
Argh, didn't think about that.
:cry: Gotta break a brothuh down with facts.

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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by SirMax » Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:56 pm

Captain Niggawatts wrote:Halloween is only celebrated in America :3
It's celebrated here in the UK, just not that much.

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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by Loki » Sat Oct 31, 2009 5:46 am

And then Hisao was a zombie.

I have to say, I skim read it and Ithe ending had me belly laughing; didn't strike me as horror, more just random ending trolling. Still: I lol'd.

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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by Blue123 » Sat Oct 31, 2009 8:13 am

Captain Niggawatts wrote:Halloween is only celebrated in America :3
lol ok

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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by Elroy » Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:54 pm

Loki wrote:And then Hisao was a zombie.

I have to say, I skim read it and Ithe ending had me belly laughing; didn't strike me as horror, more just random ending trolling. Still: I lol'd.
:mrgreen: The desired effect! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by Xan » Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:14 am

My first thought was along the lines of
"she is a he"
(Hisao gonna get raped)

But hey, that was equally disturbing :P

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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by Elroy » Sun Nov 01, 2009 2:58 pm

Xan wrote:My first thought was along the lines of
"she is a he"
(Hisao gonna get raped)

But hey, that was equally disturbing :P
:D Good, good! Everyone remember to wish Ms. Mikado a happy birthday! :wink:

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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by EmP|ty » Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:22 am

Haha, I lol'd, nice :)

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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by techk8 » Wed Nov 04, 2009 8:25 pm

That...was amazing.
Also, quoted for truth.
techk8 wrote:In all honestly, I don't care if it's an OVA or a whole series; it needs to end with the Lilly Good End, damnit! IT'S FUCKING CANON AND I'LL TAKE THAT TRUTH TO THE GRAVE.
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Re: Pearly Whites

Post by Elroy » Wed Nov 04, 2009 9:38 pm

techk8 wrote:That...was amazing.
Also, quoted for truth.
:D Thank you, thank you! I was hoping some people around here would know what I was talking about.

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