Forgetful [Updated: Remembrance]

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Re: Forgetful

Post by SivakAurak » Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:35 pm

Juno wrote:Wow, we went from believable normality to CRAZY in a single post. :shock:

Remember, we're getting this from the point of view of someone with a mental disorder who forgot to take their medicine. All the crazy shit, even the sex, or anything, could be delusions.
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Re: Forgetful

Post by Deimos » Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:02 pm

SivakAurak wrote: Remember, we're getting this from the point of view of someone with a mental disorder who forgot to take their medicine. All the crazy shit, even the sex, or anything, could be delusions.
What scares me more is that there certainly are some people would pay to have such delusions.

Anyway, an interesting deviation from the normal works on this forum.
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Re: Forgetful

Post by cheesegrater3 » Wed Aug 26, 2009 4:51 pm

I'm liking this more and more! :D Keep up the great work!

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Re: Forgetful

Post by Critical » Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:32 pm

Layzuhl wrote:KnowledgeKnowledgeKnowledgeKnowledgeKnowledgeKnowledgeKnowledgeKnowledgeKnowledgeKnowledge
I almost forgot to comment on this. This is one of my favorite fighting games. :D

Also, glad to see you guys enjoying the story. I'll see this to the end.

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Re: Forgetful

Post by Critical » Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:13 pm

Final? Maybe.




Three times.

I banged my head a final time against the wall trying to make sense of all of the sudden feelings that came over me since the memories of that day and what I was previously. Thinking about it, I was a freak.

And I still feel that I am, in a way.

Artemis was too busy with going through my things in a pretty brash attempt at briefing himself on my situation. I didn't seem to mind though - he did it regularly whenever he quitted me for an extended period of time.

"So, I see you're still going to Yamaku. Your parents sure don't want you around, don't they?" Artemis said in a sort of singing tone.

I didn't answer him. My parents mean well, but I suppose my behavior and actions thus far have pushed them well beyond their boundaries. I wouldn't blame them though - they pretty much hit 'Bankrupt' with me on normalcy. I shrugged off this sudden feeling sorry for myself attitude as the bell for class to begin again rang out. Artemis turned around, as if looking for the bell to quiet it. Artemis never was the one for loud, obnoxious noises. I closed up Rui's boxed lunch and placed it in a nice place to get to it when class was over. I did manage to snatch a roughly made, but with lots of love, rice ball and scarfed it down voraciously. My hunger barely satisfied, I trudged onto class.

Artemis followed me about two steps behind with a stupid smile on his face.

"... the hell are you so happy about?" I muttered under my breath so that he could at least hear.
"I get to see you in class again! That girl's in your class, right? I bet she is!" he said enthusiastically with a fist pump.
I sighed at his response, "I swear, don't do anything in class. I'm already on a tight leash here. If they see any relapses, those nurses will be all over my ass."
“Well, what do you want me to do?” Artemis asked, picking up the pace so that he walked at my side, leaning towards me face.
“Stay quiet. Don’t bother the other students. Just… stay out of the way,” I answered firmly.

As we neared the more crowded areas, Artemis started walking up the wall, until he was upon the ceiling, walking above me in unison with my steps. It was like a mirror – a really fucked up mirror.

After a few moments with this going on, we finally reached the classroom. I stepped inside, with Artemis filing in as well, hopping off of the ceiling and landing right next to Mr. Muto and going into a lean against the chalkboard with a smirk towards me. I looked back at him and sighed.

This was going to be a long day.

I spotted my seat and sat down, folding my arms and eyeing Artemis with anxiety. Artemis nonchalantly put his arms behind his head and started whistling inaudibly. I really wish he didn’t screw with me like this. Then, Hisao walked in. We locked eyes and exchanged nods. Shizune and Misha surely enough filed in closely afterwards and sat down, surrounding him. Then Rui walked in. She seemed a bit off though, she was bright red when she saw me, and Artemis made laughing gestures. He was like a mime, and it was pissing me off – I can’t stand mimes. Rui shuffled towards her seat right next to me and sat down carefully as if the seat could possibly have had mousetraps all over it.

“Are you oka—“
“I’m fine, shut up, geez..!” Rui interrupted as she tried her best not to look at me.
“Ah…” I choked out.
Artemis glided over to my seat and whispered the words, “Tsun tsun, dere dere,” before gliding back like he was rollerskating. I slightly chuckled at the thought, which made Rui blush even harder. Rui looked at me with a puffed up face,

“What’s so funny?” she demanded.
“Nothing… nothing…” I attempted to cover my tracks.
Rui wasn’t amused by my laughter, and folded her arms after calling me an “Idiot.”

Mr. Muto, whom was sitting at his desk for about a good few minutes watching us, interjected with, “Well now that’s over, Kiyoshi and Rui, we can begin. This lecture will be pretty long so make sure to pay attention.” Rui was caught off guard a little, but I sat there giggling still. Hisao looked over to me with a smirk while I answered back with one of my own. Artemis stood there mocking Mr. Muto’s words and making weird gestures.

After several awkward minutes of the lecture going on, Artemis started following Mr. Muto as me made statements and wrote them on the board. He did all sorts of things such as jump on his desk and dance to blowing into his ear to make him scratch it, to even making him slap himself on the face by rubbing his face slightly to make it seem like a fly was on it. It was a godsend that Artemis was invisible to him or else this day would end terribly – as it probably already will since how Rui seems to like me now and Artemis, for some reason, is alright with it. With how he treated Naori, I could see him wanting Rui dead. But then again, perhaps he’s changed since he was gone? I doubted that scenario fervidly before sighing and giving up on thinking altogether. Rui seemed to be thinking about something for a long time during the lecture – she hadn’t been taking any notes, and she was leaning side to side as if weighing options. Finally, she nodded and poked me in the side as I was engrossed in my own thoughts.

“…something the matter?” I asked.
Rui opened her mouth, but she closed it again.
“Could you… come to the roof tomorrow after school?” she asked.
“Sure, I don’t have anything planned,” I answered.

Artemis, at this point in the conversation, had his face crowded between us, listening intently with his mouth wide open in surprise.

“Ooooh, little rendezvous on the roof tomorrow? Better bring protection~” Artemis said with a laugh. I wasn’t amused, but I didn’t express it in front of Rui. Rui gave a sigh of relief at my answer, “Oh good, I was hoping that you’d accept.”

“Mind if I ask why, though?” I asked.
“I want to give you something,” she answered.
“That’s… a little vague,” I said sarcastically.

Rui just shrugged, looking forward to Mr. Muto with a smile. Artemis looked up to me from his crouching position next to my desk, “Seems like this is serious, let’s hope you won’t need me for this one. Remember your first time? That would make a guy play for another team. Don’t screw this up, friend,” Artemis imparted to me. I shot him a dirty look, to which he answered with, “Oh, I’m supposed to be quiet, right? Don’t want you to forget where to stick it in…” he said, slinking away from me with a jester’s smile. I always thought of Artemis as a jester since he’s in this sort of man form.

The bell finally rang. The torture was over for now. Rui looked at me, then moved closer towards my face, before backing away to a comfortable distance and promptly leaving. I could feel a tint of heat on my face. She was like some kind of sexy pirate woman. I would never admit that to her though. She hated being called a pirate. Maybe “Captain Rui”? I tossed around these thoughts before I was approached by Hisao.

“Hey, Kiyoshi, do you know a… Hanako or a Lilly?”
I was a bit surprised by these questions. Hanako was the quiet one with the burn scars. She was surprisingly cute with how shy she was – but a bit annoying when you try to ask her basic questions. Lilly was the class representative of 3-2 I think? And pretty much Hanako’s mother away from her mother. As I thought about these things, I answered,

“Yeah, why? I’m a bit surprised that you’re asking about them.”
“Huh? Why do you say that?”
“You already have Misha and Shizune. Hanako and Lilly are basically their opposites. I didn’t know that you were already gathering options of girls to date. Man, people sure work fast these days.”
Then Artemis popped up again behind Hisao and made a gesture that translated to be, “Who the hell is this guy?”
Hisao on the other hand started to shake his head, “No no, I just met them today. I had tea with Lilly after Misha and Shizune’s attempt to get me to join the Student Council failed and I tried to flee to the Library but got lost.”
“That’s a bit funny,” I chuckled, “I had tea with Lilly a few times before. She’s a nice gal. Hanako’s a tad shy, though.”
Artemis’ expression changed when I mentioned having tea with Lilly. Was there something else that was going on? I didn’t have the time or patience to question Artemis about it while talking with Hisao.
“Yeah, tell me about it. She ran away after I sat down near her in the Library after and tried to talk to her.”
“Ah well, it’s okay. If you work at her, you could eventually get her to warm up to you. Especially if you’re in good with Lilly – she’s like her only close friend from what I’ve seen.”

Hisao seemed to take all of the information to heart. Whatever he was thinking didn’t concern me though. He seemed to have the same affinity for making friends with females as I did.

I decided that it was time for me to go, so I said my goodbyes to Hisao and made my way back to my dorm room. Artemis didn’t say anything the whole way. As a matter of fact, I didn’t think that he was with me on the way there. I noticed him about a hour after I put my feet up to get some rest. I neglected to take my medicine. But in case the nurse would suspect that something was different, I took two pills and threw them down the toilet.

I had a surprisingly good night’s sleep.


The next day was no different, except for waking up screaming to Artemis looking down at me with those creepy green eyes. Flushed some more medicine, took a shower – the daily routine with a few twists. I opened the door and headed on to class. Everyone was present, Rui as well. I immediately recalled the meeting on the roof we had planned.

I couldn’t really focus on anything else. Class was hazy. Lunch was a distant memory, and the day seemed to fast forward to me making my way up to the rooftop. It was about a half an hour after school. I figured that I’d give Rui some time to prepare for whatever she wanted to give to me.

I climbed and climbed until I reached the door to the rooftop. I opened it and there was Rui, standing against the fence with her hands behind her back.

I was a tad wary, she had a mischievous smile as she blushed and approached me.

“So… what did you want to give me?”
“This…” she stammered as she took her hands from behind herself and opened them.

They were empty – just open palms.

“Rui, there’s nothing the—“
Rui took my face in her hands and reached towards me, planting a kiss on my lips.
“You’re so dense… but that’s what I like about you. You don’t assume anything,” she said as our lips parted.

I felt dazed by the kiss, “I… uh…”
Rui suddenly took on a slightly hurt face, “I know I’m not that good at kissing… it’s been like my second one and all…”
“Wait, your second one?” I asked.
“It was in the second grade… my first kiss,” she answered in a full blush.
“Did you not like the kiss?” she asked.
“No no! I liked it… a lot,” I said, leaning in and kissing her back.
Rui embraced me as we kissed, clumsily mingling our tongues and feeling around one another before breaking away for breath.

“U-um… so, do you like me?” Rui asked timidly.
“Uhhh… I’ll have to think about it,” I said looking away in a joking manner.
Rui hit me on the shoulder, “Be serious! I know you probably would want to date someone more normal like you, but…”
“There’s nothing normal about me, or my condition,” I said calmly, “I can’t be around normal people with how my condition’s grown. I’m deemed a threat to myself and those around me… without supervision around the clock.”
Rui didn’t say anything in retort for a few moments, until she piped up with, “Even so, you probably would like a girl that actually had two eyes.”
“I’m hurt that you think that I’m that shallow,” I said with as much hurt in my voice as I could hope to attempt. I kissed her again, “I like you – everything about you,” I said as I moved deeper into the kiss, pinning her against the wall as she responded with more touching. Our hands were untrained, but they seemed to know where to go in this kind of situation. I lifted Rui’s leg up to wrap around my back as I rubbed her inner thighs lovingly. “Keep… keep going…” Rui cooed as we broke for air. I started attacking her neck as she unbuttoned my shirt and felt her hands against my bare chest. I started to get excited, with the noting of my penis standing straight up through my pants, rubbing against her stomach.

“Kiyoshi…?” she said.
“Y… yeah?” I said with bated breath.
“Do you want to… umm… do it?”
This question struck me as simple, yet really difficult. I knew for a fact that I didn’t have any condoms on me – I never really gave it thought.
“I put myself on the pill for this moment, it’s okay.”
“Wow, you really planned this out.”
Rui smiled, “I was scared that I wouldn’t even been able to get you up here, so I guess it all worked out.”
Then I got a spark of courage. Maybe I could…
“You know Rui…”
Rui tilted her head with an inaudible “Huh?”
“I always thought of you as a sexy pirate.”
A sharp pain was felt in my kidneys. Rui drilled me with her knee with the force that I would be as daring to equivocate with being kicked in the balls. I coughed loudly and knelt to the ground.
“Don’t call me that, ever,” Rui said with a harsh tone and a bright red face.
I grunted in pain, standing up again, “You’re… so cute when you’re angry,” I said as I grabbed her chest.
“A-ah! What are you doing?!”
“I’ve always wanted to touch them, you know.”
“You could’ve asked…” Rui said with an annoyed yet aroused look on her face as she watched me tweak her breasts. As I started to play with them more, her breath started to get heavy, and she began to moan. This encouraged me to open her shirt and move her bra out of the way to get at her bare chest. Her body was smooth like linen to the touch. I ran my fingers around her nipples and gently squeezed them as she responded with moans.

“H-hey, isn’t this a little…” Rui managed to begin her sentence with.
“Mmhph?” I muffled as I placed my mouth over a breast and began to suck on it.
“O..o-one sided?” she said. I didn't really understand, that is, until she unzipped my pants and pulled out my penis. She began stroking it clumsily, but the sheer touch of her fingers on it caused me to stop all that I was doing, and lean forward into her, pressing her against the fence as she continued. Her exposed chest mingled with mine, the sensation felt was wonderful.

“Is this okay..?” Rui asked, “I've never really done this before, so...”
“This... ah.. is great, Rui...” I panted. My hands retreated south down her waist, and up her skirt. She flinched slightly, but allowed me to pull her panties down. I looked down, and saw a damp pair of panties with dainty blue stripes. At that instant I had to hold back from taking her right there - striped panties are a personal favorite of mine, and blue is my favorite color. I looked into her eye, she looked up at me from her concentration on trying the best method to give me a handjob. Her eye was filled with an innate fear – it was her first time after all. I was a little scared myself, but then I said to her,

“Are you sure..?”
“I... I said it was okay, didn't I?! J-just do it already!” she said with an attempt at sounding pissed off, when in all honesty it looked as if she was about to burst into tears from sheer terror.
“Alright, I'm going in...” I said, lifting her skirt up so I could get a good look. I moved into attack position, inching myself closer and closer towards her sweet spot. Rui shook as she watched me, the look on her face was one of wanting, but hesitant to receive it. I was just barely at her entrance when,

“Ow! N-no! It hurts! Pull it out! Pull it out..!” and burst into tears.

“Rui... I haven't done anything yet...” I said in an apologetic tone.
“...huh?” Rui said as her tears instantly stopped flowing. She looked down to see that they were only touching. She looked back up to me and blushed heavily.

“I'm sorry... I'm really scared that it'll hurt a lot...” Rui said, hanging her head in shame.
I laughed a little, “You're hopeless, Rui,” I said, planting a kiss on her lips. She returned the kiss, and then got a determined look on her face.

“Alright... I'm ready this time,” Rui said with a nod.
Believing her, I pushed further into her, to which she recoiled violently, but didn't outright shove me away. I pushed further into it where I had the whole head inside, and Rui didn't seem to find it terribly painful, since she had a feeling of release on her face.

“That wasn't so bad, was it?” I asked with a smile.
“Shut up...” Rui answered, giving me a deep kiss as she grabbed my back and pulled closer into her, forcing my member deeper into her. Rui suddenly gave a loud gasp, and went weak in the knees. Her legs went into a spasm and fluids began to spill onto the ground, a mix of blood and a clear fluid. Oh no, was it that painful?!

“Ah... ahhhnnngh... ah! Ahh!” she moaned as she convulsed and squeezed my member with her vagina. She gripped my back to find leverage as she muffled a scream into my shirt. I tried my best to keep myself from moving any further to cause her any more pain and not alert anyone around as to what we were doing with her screams. But damn, how tight she was squeezing me felt several kinds of good..!

After a few long seconds, Rui started sobbing into my shirt.

“Rui, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry! I didn't mean for it to hurt..”
“Kiyoshi...” she sobbed.
“I'm sorry Rui, do you want to stop..?”
“I... I orgasmed..”
“What?” it seems that my fears weren't realized.
“It feels so good Kiyoshi... I never felt anything like this before... please... please don't stop...” she started sobbing again.

I started moving once again, moving in and out of her slowly. She continued to bury herself into my chest and moan. The contractions from her vagina squeezed me and pulsed. I could feel myself growing from arousal. I picked her legs up and propped her against the fence and started to quickened my pace. Her body radiated ecstasy as her actions were limited to mostly gasps and moans, tears of happiness flowing down her cheeks.

“Ah! Ah! I'm cumming again...!” she said as she arched back and I could feel my member get saturated with her love juices, and the powerful contractions of her sex put me over the edge, “I'm cumming too..!” I moaned. “Ahh, inside..! Do it inside!” she requested. I did as she asked, and thrusted into her, shooting my burning seed into her. I pulled out, my member shooting semen on the ground and the fence. She was dripping of her cum and mine. She panted, motioning for me to let her legs back down. Then, she turned around and placed her hands on the fence, backing her soft ass against my flaccid cock.

“Rui... do you want me to do it this way?” I asked.
“Uh huh...” she said looking back at me, “I wanna know what it feels like.”

For a few moments, I fondled her from behind until I regained my strength. Then, I plunged in again. From behind I noticed that I could get farther in. While I went, it seemed like I was hitting against something. The more room to move was amazing, the tightness squeezed, contracted, and pulled on me. I gripped her ass and squeezed it. Rui was trying her best to keep from screaming, but it seemed like she liked the benefits of this position a lot more than how we were previously doing it.

“Ngh! Kiyoshi... this feels so..!” I felt her muscles spasm yet again, she orgasmed much faster than the second time.
“Ah, Rui, you're amazing...” I said. Her warm fluids covered all of my member. Then, she pulled herself forward, pulling me out, then turned around and shoved me on the ground. In surprise, I looked up at her,

“W-what's the matter?”
“I wanna try this now...” she said as she straddled my hips, aligning herself over my penis at attention.
“You're being very forceful...”
“I just want to pay you back for making me orgasm so many times. It's 3 to 2 in your favor.”
“That's not that mu-- wait, you were keeping count?”
“I want it to be fair!”
“Now I just feel like this is a competition.”
“No no! I just want you to feel as good as I do... stop being such an idiot...”

Much to my surprise, Rui's become more comfortable with this whole sex thing. I guess getting over that hump of actually doing it has calmed her down. It was a breath of fresh air to get her to argue with me, contrary to my usual sentiments on the subject of argumentation.

After several hours of getting acquainted with our bodies some more, the sun began to set. I found myself with Rui on a bench, looking towards the sunset, amongst soiled underwear and adrenaline permeating the air.

My head started to hurt a little. Rui then said to me, “That old nurse lady Kujikawa will probably be looking for me, I'm late for my examination... I'll see you later... okay?” I nodded at her and leaned in to kiss her, which she readily returned. She hopped up from the bench and grabbed her underwear, putting it back on and leaving out of the door, leaving me alone.

Man, my head hurts.

About an hour passed before I heard something. The door creaked open. I looked over with a bored look, it was Artemis.

“So, how'd it go?”
“You know that already.”
“I guess the better question to ask is “How'd you think it should've went?””
My expression changed to confusion, “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
“We all have expectations. You expected something to happen and...?”
“It more or less came true. Rui and I are together now.”
“Can you trust her?”
“What exactly are you trying to get at here?”
“We don't want another Naori incident, do we?” he said with a smirk.
“I should've known that you weren't going to just let me have my way.”
“I'm your guardian angel. Just a little pocket of paranoia for ya.”
“... paranoia..?”

Something didn't feel right. Artemis seemed... different.

“Are you alright Artemis?”
“Why are you asking me if I'm alright? Of course I am. You're such an unstable youth.”
“Why are you saying that?'
“You're dangerous. Plain and simple. I have to protect you from people and yourself.”
“Your mind is deteriorating as we speak.”
“The hell are you on about...?”

She knows about me. She hasn't mentioned it to you yet, has she?

“I don't understand,” I say, but Artemis disappears. His voice emanates from where he once was.

We have tea often. You're not there though, it's just me and her. She knows everything. She won't tell a soul though. But it is troublesome, I guess I shouldn't be guarding you anymore. You'll only get in the way.

“In YOUR way?” What's happening to me? I... can't... my head hurts too much. Artemis' voice is everywhere.

Kiyoshi, it's over, it's been a good run.

“No... stop it...”

You had great potential, but I guess this is where it'll have to begin anew.

“Errgh... stop... stop fucking with my head!”

Oh, I've already done more than enough of that.

“I don't get it... my... my head hurts..!”

It's supposed to. I'm almost done. You can wake up now.

“No.. don't! I don't want to--” fear suddenly set in, what was this feeling?

Wake up! It's the sunshine! Let the sunshine shine! Wake up and feel the breeze of that new day! Maybe try that new coffee that you were thinking of brewing up yesterday but forgot?

“What the... heheheh...” I let out a chuckle. I can't understand what's going on...

There, I got a laugh out of you!

“That's not funny! What's happening?!” I felt my brain splitting with pain. The ground around me started swirling, and the sun was darting all around the sky.

“Artemis... why is this happening?”

I told you, you're unstable. You're dangerous. I guess I failed on you. Maybe I should have intervened with Rui... oh well, it doesn't matter anymore. At least you got to experience the ultimate pleasure one last time before you had to be a vegetable for the rest of your life...

I felt a sense of terror wash over my every being. Suddenly, I find myself hanging off of the roof of the school, within Artemis' grasp.

“Artemis! This is all your fault! This... everything... this can't be real... can it?”

Not anymore it is. You're not the boss anymore. You don't belong here anymore. I have all that I need from you. It took a while, but now I have enough data. All I need to do is just tie up a few loose ends.

Was he going to kill me? I didn't say anything in retort. I didn't want to show fear. Was this all just some kind of dream? What happened between Rui and I exactly? What was everything before this point? It felt real... and if what Artemis is saying is true... it's better this way. I don't want to accept that.

“You've been full of shit from the beginning. You've just been using me.”

Didn't I just allude to that? Anyway, time to go. I'll see you in... wait, you won't exist anymore after this! Ahahaha! See? Funny huh?

Artemis smirked, and threw me off the building.

I felt my clothes flapping in the wind. It all felt real. What was coming next? The ground? Another dream? This was one thing that I wanted to wake up from. But I can tell that this wasn't one of those times.

I wonder if it'll hurt when I hit the ground.



….. An unknown amount of time has passed.

“Huwah? Oh! Sorry, I must've dozed off.”

It was the tea room, Lilly was enjoying a nice cup of tea with her close friend and colleague Artemis.

“So... did you take care of it?”
“Well, Kiyoshi Hitayame is gone now. Not dead yet, I don't think. But he won't be coming back from wherever he is, I suppressed all brain functions using the Brain Nanosites we were experimenting with in his head.”
“What about Rui?”
“What about her? She's still visiting him.”
Lilly smiled, “And she doesn't know what happened?”
“Not even a clue. Just an accident, and he's now in a coma. Or vegetable, I forgot. Experiments are so forgettable nowadays,” Artemis mused.

“Practice makes perfect, eh?” Artemis said, scratching his head, then laughing, “I guess this experiment was a complete failure, right?

Lilly took another sip of her tea, placing he cup back down. “I guess you could say that. The Brain Nanosites will have to be completely revamped. You're a bit of a loose cannon, to say the least, Artemis. Those memories you placed into Hitayame's mind didn't really help much to keep his mind stable even after he stopped medicating himself.”

Artemis waved his hand, “No sweat, the memories I placed into his mind twisted heavily into his real memory, so his perception was grossly altered – giving him a new sense of reality that's highly unstable when you try to manipulate it. Schizophrenia needs more testing... or wasn't he already cured?”

Lilly's expression became more somber, “I'm not sure, the levels of dopamine his brain was producing was normal. But it just may have been a miscalculation. Still, he did very well for an imperfect specimen. He had fully evolved psychokinesis. It's too bad that Naori was the one to experience it,” she said in reverence for the loss of a colleague.

“Akira's sure that we only need to use students like this for a little while longer? I guess it doesn't matter, they're only a few more students that meet the requirements for the procedure. There was a new one, wasn't there..? I forgot the name,” Artemis said, scratching his head.

“I believe the name was... Hisao Nakai. He's a very charming young man. I'm keeping him under observation. He should be prepped and ready to go within two months,” Lilly answered.

This has been a story about a victim.


“... Kiyoshi?” a voice called out to me.

Blurs in my mind started to become more focused, clearer. My eyes opened slowly, revealing my location.

I was at the hospital, with Rui at my bedside. My memories are clear. Nothing was wrong with me. It was all them... Artemis...

They're going to pay.

The End (?)


Thanks for reading. See you later.

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Re: Forgetful

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hm.... unexpected; but awesome nonetheless :)

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Re: Forgetful

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It was different -- in a good, creative way.

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Re: Forgetful

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Vat a tweest!

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That was awesome.

Obey the cheese!

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Hahaha Lilly's an evehl scientist along with Akira fufufu that was fucking awesome can't wait for the next one
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Re: Forgetful

Post by Gash » Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:53 pm

DuaneMoody wrote:Don't say "hat," say what kind of hat. "suit" is such a generic term it could mean anything.

Otherwise, enjoyable read.
Have him dressed like an 18th century ship Captain? That would be kinda hilarious.

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Re: Forgetful

Post by Sgt_Frog » Sun Dec 13, 2009 3:41 am

I've always envisioned Artemis as wearing a pinstriped suit. Maybe with a blonde goatee.

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Re: Forgetful [Updated: Remembrance]

Post by Critical » Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:53 am

Hello all, it's been a while, hasn't it? I've spent some time away from this forum, and now that I rediscovered this thread I made, I suppose I should continue the story. Now... the story was left off at... Kiyoshi left in a hospital after being screwed over by Lilly and Artemis.

Let's pick it up!


I'm awake. I'm alive... My body hurts... I can feel tight bandages all around my torso and arms, the doctors here must not be too patient friendly. With great difficulty, I moved my body upright, shielding my eyes from the sun. Rui was here, sleeping by my bedside. Was she always here? I rubbed my eyes, shaking the sleepy feeling from my being... but when I opened my eyes again, Rui was gone. Was it a hallucination? I didn't have time to think about it. I hurried to my feet, only to fall to my knees. Being bed-ridden must've left my lower body weak. I scrambled to my feet, but only to fall back down again, knocking random things over. Soon, the commotion of my awakening alerted a passing nurse, who rushed to my aid.

"I have to go..." I panted, struggling to get to my feet.
She grabbed me by the arm, "You're still injured, at least leave time for your wounds to heal!"
"... Let go of me..." I began, but suddenly something happened.

She seemed to get hit by an unknown force, and was sent flying into the wall.

She hit the wall with considerable force, making her convulse in surprise and horror before she fell unconscious. My head was spinning. Did I do that? How did I do that? Was this what Artemis was talking about when he said that I was dangerous? Questions started flooding my brain, but I felt like my brain was exploding from the inside, and the pain made me fade into darkness.


Again, I wake up in the hospital bed. Rui's at my bedside once again, but I ignore her, like she's another hallucination. I turn over in my sleep. There's a newspaper sitting on the table. I take the newspaper and read the date.

... It's been a few months since that day. I was out that long? I get out of bed much easier this time, walking weakly, but a lot steadier than last time. I looked at where I saw Rui sitting at my bedside asleep, to find her suddenly absent again. She's a hallucination - does that mean I could still be having hallucinations? That nurse being hit by something... was that a hallucination too? A man in a doctor's coat walked into my room when I made my way to the foot of the bed.

"Seems that you're awake. You gave that nurse quite a scare. She thought you were gonna go crazy, but then you conked out for another two days. Quite the surprise indeed... Kiyoshi Hitayame," a familiar voice said.

"Huh?" I said to his words. That voice was familiar... too familiar.

The doctor raised his face to me, to the same devilish smirk. There was no mistaking it - it was Artemis. His emerald green eyes pierced my very being, taking me aback for a split second.

"Wait, Artemis. He's here. He tried to kill me. How do I get out of this..?" I thought to myself.

Suddenly, I saw Artemis take his hand behind his back. Was he going to try for round two? Shit! I have to do something!

"Is that... my name?" I lied. There was nothing else I could think of. Amnesia? It might work. I kept my face as straight as possible and feigned confusion. It might have just saved my life.

Artemis looked at me confused, taking his hand from his back and putting it on his head in a dumbfounded yet amused way. It looked like my plan worked, but that only continues to put strain on my current situation - I have no idea what's going on, but I do know it has something to do with Artemis and Lilly. But for now...

"Yeah, your name is Kiyoshi Hitayame. You're a student at Yamaku - a school for the disabled," he answered.

"Ah, I see... then why am I here?" I pressed my lie further.
"You had a nasty fall. That might be the reason for the amnesia. Things should be coming back to you in due time."
"Then... maybe if I go back to Yamaku, then I'll start remembering things?"
"Yes, that's possible..." he said with an evil smirk. I'm certain he'll try to kill me again if I "remember" anything. For now, I'll have to play along to keep myself from being brutally murdered. Moreover, what the hell is really going on around here? The hallucinations, my "attack" on the nurse... and now Artemis showing up again. Things couldn't be any worse.

"Well, I'll have you discharged. You'll be going back to school tomorrow, but you can go back to campus in a few hours. You have plenty to catch up on, but I'm sure you'll be pardoned for most of it anyway given the circumstances," Artemis said, breaking my inner thoughts for the moment.

"Umm... thank you..." I said reluctantly.

Artemis exited quickly, his hand occupying space on his chin as he made his way out of my line of vision. I let out a large sigh of relief, and sat down on the bed. While I was sitting there, I thought back on the day that it happened. I had sex with Rui, then Artemis showed up. Artemis seemed to be just a manifestation of my mind at the time, but now it doesn't seem that way anymore. He was there, but something told me that we were on the same playing field. I haven't been taking meds for months, so I suppose my psychotic ways are over and done with. I'm still going to Yamaku though - does that seem very fair? No, not really, but given the circumstances, I don't really care. My hallucination since I was little's gone rogue and is now trying to kill me. Not a very good sign of a healthy mind, but hey, at least I'm out of the line of fire - for now at least.

There's still the question about Lilly though... why is she involved in this? What does she have to do with me and Artemis? How am I dangerous? What is this all about, really? So many questions, my life is at stake yet I have no real answer to what I should do. Should I just live normally and let my memories "come back" as slow as possible, forgetting about what Artemis did to me? No... fuck that. I need answers. I groaned, hanging my head down as I tried in a futile manner to keep myself from thinking further.

Hours rolled by and soon enough, I was discharged by Dr. Artemis to Yamaku where the Blind Enigma Lilly resided. It was pretty easy for me to pretend I had amnesia, making teachers and nurses introduce themselves once again, and get guided to my room and briefed on my medications that I didn't need to take anymore. It was kind of... fun. Without any real direction, I paced around my room to form some kind of strategy. With Artemis possibly lurking around, letting up my facade can prove fatal without any real leverage against him. I don't know what the guy is capable of, and since he was able to do that to Naori those years ago... he could easily tear me several new ones without breaking a sweat. This fact is also keeping me from getting too close to Lilly - I don't know her angle on this, so she's equally as dangerous.

I plopped on my bed and let out a frustrated sigh, looking out to the moon that was shining in the almost surprising onset of night. I closed my eyes, "Dammit. At this rate, I'll be at their mercy as long as I'm here..."

"Then I guess we should put our heads together to try and find out what's going on."

My eyes shot open, but my body froze in complete surprise. A voice was heard from somewhere in my room. Who was it? It sounded female. Gaining control of my body, I sat up in my bed to see a girl standing over me. She was short, deep blue eyes, with black hair that fell to her shoulders.

"Who the-"
"Artemis. The real Artemis. It's been a long time, hasn't it?" The girl said in a sullen, yet happy voice as she looked down at me with a small smile.

Somehow... I remembered her face. Her face beamed of memories that I didn't know that I had. 'The real Artemis'? What was she talking about?

I shake my head in disbelief, "You've got to be kidding me..."

... Now that I think about it... Maybe I should've taken those meds after all.


I suppose I'll leave it here for now. What's real and what isn't? I love making him a schizophrenic - it means I can make stuff up without it being completely retarded!

Anyway, so Kiyoshi's back at Yamaku with new questions, and a tight lease thanks to his brush with his would-be murderer. With this introduction of this 'real Artemis' in his bedroom, things can only get more confusing.

Stay tuned! And sorry if the writing is crappy - I'll do better next time! So until next time, this is goodbye.

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Re: Forgetful [Updated: Remembrance]

Post by GG Crono » Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:34 pm

I'm somewhat new here, so this is my first time seeing this. I must say, I'm quite impressed. You're a good writer, and you got a good thing going here. I do hope you continue. :)

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Re: Forgetful [Updated: Remembrance]

Post by Sgt_Frog » Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:19 pm

Aww, I really liked Rui. Please tell me she isn't a hallucination! (Even though you've already written that she is).

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