Forgetful [Updated: Remembrance]

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Forgetful [Updated: Remembrance]

Post by Critical » Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:33 am

Something random I decided to write, I hope you enjoy.


Everything's so monotonous, it's the same thing over and over again. "It's this, and that, and this, and that..." I say to myself in a slightly peeved manner as I toss random things to their respective areas, some just hitting the floor. The rattle of a bottle of pills rolling on the floor catches my ear, but I was too busy getting ready to investigate it. I brushed the bottle into the side of the dresser, causing it to ricochet off and hit the wall before rolling into the middle of the carpet. I shake my head for a few seconds, looks like I'm wearing bed head today, but I spot a brush so it ruins my plan. I give my hair a few strokes and make my way into another day.

Class again.

It's the same damn thing. Did I already say that? Now I'm getting predictable.


Nothing seems to change, nothing seems to feel like everything's just running together like a series of crappy shows on those weekends where you have nothing to do. It seems like when I walk out of my bedroom, everything fast forwards to class simply because nothing of note manifests that whole several minutes on the way there. Nothing seems to seep more and more into my vocabulary - like some kind of cancer. I need some change, or else I'm going to go crazy. Could I try to stop taking my medicine? That would lighten things up again. Maybe I could see him again. He made things a lot more exciting... to say the least.

"I'd like to introduce a new student," I hear from the teacher, Mr. Muto as he brings in a boy. He doesn't seem to have any glaring indication that he has anything wrong with him, just like I do, it seems. Pity, I would've liked another female - I seem to get along better with them anyway. Wait, why the hell am I being picky? I rarely try to conversate with the people here anyway... for reasons that I myself cannot seem to understand. Am I that anti-social? I should make a goal to be more of a conversationist this school year.

"... I hope to get along with you all," I hear as my mental rambling made me miss the entire introduction, goddamnit.

"Well Hisao, you can work with Shizune and Misha, here's the assignment," Mr. Muto says as he hands Hisao the paper and Misha approaches him.

Oh, he's working with the Class Rep and her assistant. That's nice...
I continue to stare off into space towards Hisao's direction, "Something new..."

"...Kiyoshi? Snap out of it," I hear from my usual partner, Rui. Like every student here they have some kind of issue. Rui's issue was that her right eye was missing - covered up with an eyepatch. On top of that, her lower left leg was completely gone - replaced with a prosthetic piece that connected her to the remains of her calf up to her kneecap.
"Huh?" I say stupidly, I should've pretended like I was thinking about the assignment like I usually do.
"You know I need your help with this, so stop daydreaming and help!" she says scoldingly at me. All I could do was smile.
"We do have another person, you know. A team of three isn't just you and me..." I smile triumphantly, I managed to pull off a witty comment that rhymed.
Rui looked at me disapprovingly, "Yeah, but all he does is mumble to himself about a 'Geass' or whatever. He keeps writing the letter 'C' all over our papers whenever we ask him to help as well. Stop being so stubborn already," she says, crossing her arms.

I acquiesce to her demands and get to work. Not so surprisingly, we get done fairly quickly ahead of everyone else, besides the new guy Hisao's group, who finished a little bit before us. I have to say I'm intrigued.

Rui fidgeted in her desk, "Kiyoshi... umm..." she began. I turned my head from looking at Hisao's group to meet her eyes, "Hmm?" I inquire without much concern in my tone or body language.

"Are you interested in that guy Hisao..?" she almost seems nervous to even ask such an easy question.
"Yeah, I guess you could say that. He's pretty sharp, on top looking like there's nothing wrong with him."
Rui's eyes widened, turning away blushing, "I... I didn't think that you were like that..."
I immediately pick up on what she's talking about.
"Wait wait waaaait, not like that. I mean he seems like a cool guy I'd like to get to know."
"But you didn't even listen to his introduction."
"Yeah I did," I lied.
"What's his favorite sport?" Rui said, crossing her arms.
"... Well it seems that you're more observant than you look, Ms. Manase." Rui turned away from me with a 'Hmph', looks like she doesn't like me calling her by her last name. Does that mean she likes me addressing her like a friend? Wait, why the hell am I even thinking about our relationship?

Suddenly, the scream of the bell wakes my thought-ridden brain from purgatory and I rise to follow after Hisao. I hear Rui mutter something to me about lunch, but I didn't hear it.

I brush off my uniform and follow after HIsao. After a few brisk steps, I catch up with him,

"Hey, Hisao right?", I call out to him.
Hisao turned, looking at me without any glaring change in demeanor.
"That's right. You're in my class, aren't you?"
"Yeah, my name's Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi Hitayame. It's nice to meet you. It's been a while since we got a new student, so I just wanted to welcome you properly."
Hisao smiled, seems like he's warmed up to me.
"Likewise, Hisao Nakai's my full name - but you probably knew that from my embarrassing intro."
"To tell the truth, I was spacing out while deciding to be more social this year so I missed all of it," I said, rubbing the back of my head in shame while laughing weakly. Hisao laughed with me.
"Good, then I can start a clean slate with y--"

"Hicchan~!" I hear piercing the air behind me. I turn around and not much to my surprise, it's Misha in all of her energetic demeanor approaching us with Shizune tailing her.

"Oh, hey you two," Hisao says.
Shizune starts making handsigns.
"Hicchan, you wanna have lunch with us? Wahahahaha~!" Misha translated.
Shizune smiled expectantly at Hisao. Combined with Misha's pleading eyes, I could tell Hisao was deadlocked.
I smiled at Hisao, patting him on the shoulder, "I'll see you later, Hisao." Hisao looked at me with a somewhat troubled face, "Yeah... we'll talk later."
I walked off as Hisao was dragged away by Shizune and Misha off to lunch.
I don't know if I was even in any position of inviting some guy to talk at lunch - I was feeling extremely tired for some reason. Maybe this has something to do with that whole 'change' thing I wanted in my life. If change just makes me want to nap during lunch, then maybe change isn't the right word to be wishing on.

I left the campus and made my way over to the dorms. The nurses that I passed seemed to have an extremely cautious and remorseful look on their face whenever I looked at them. What's their deal? They must still be hung up on that accident Seems like my life getting more interesting could be more than I could handle for one day. Maybe I should just skip the rest of the day? I bet I could coerce one of the nurses into writing a note since they seem so afraid. I make my way into the boy's dorm and find my room. It was quiet, peaceful, much better than the school during lunch. I feel much heavier than usual, what's wrong with me? I sluggishly motion over towards my bed and fall into it. I left the door open but I don't mind - there's no one who would come looking for me--

I heard the door creak, and a soft voice whisper into the dim room,

It was Rui. Why the hell is she in the boy's dorm? Moreover, why the hell was she looking for me?!

"Rui? What the hell are you doing in the boy's dorm? Isn't there a rule against this or something?"
"Oh shut up, I just wanted to see if you were okay."
"That's very kind of you, mother," I throw back playfully.
Rui's face turned red, and she snapped back, "Well, fine! I guess if you're dying then don't expect me to lift a finger!"

What the hell is her problem? What's with all the aggression?
"There's no need to get mad, I was just joking."
Rui looked at me through the dim lighting with an "I'm going to kill you for calling me your mother" look on her face.

I chuckled nervously, trying to lift myself up from the bed. Slowly but surely, I rose from the bed and walked up to her. I was within arm's length of her when suddenly she shoved a box into my stomach, knocking the wind out of me.

"Gack! ... wait, what's this..?"
"You never seem to bring your own, and you don't buy lunch or anything."
Taking a closer look at it, it's a boxed lunch.
"Wait, why are you..."
"I tried to ask you if you wanted to have lunch with me, but you rushed off so I didn't get the chance."

This is strange, since the beginning of school, Rui and I haven't done anything together, not even lunch. Why start now? I looked up at Rui, her eye was shining a brilliant blue, coupled with her chestnut hair made her an attractive combination. I raised my eyebrow at the bombardment of thoughts that crossed my mind. Her lip quivered, finding something to say. I took hold of the box, causing her to flinch.

"Are you... okay?" I asked.
Rui started blushing even harder. She motioned closer towards me, closing the distance between us. She didn't make eye contact.

"I... I..." she stuttered.
I stood there, dumbfounded, what the hell was going on? I placed the box lunch on the desk conviently placed within arm's length.
"I mean... I..." she continued to have trouble speaking. Where'd this sudden change come from? Did she keep it inside for this long? I really am thick.
"I-I really tried hard on it... y-y... you better eat it all or I won't forgive you..." she muttered, looking up and me with a hypnotic gaze. I felt myself place my hands on her hips. She made a gasping sound, looking down on herself, "I umm.. I..."

My body was feeling abnormally fatigued, maybe I shouldn't have had that breakfast from that one guy. Never again will I purchase breakfast sandwiches from a corner.

"I promise I won't waste any o--"

Rui pressed her body against me, wrapping her arms around my waist. Her chest was soft, heaving into me, her breath was warm and inviting. "Sorry, I must be acting weird..." she said, placing her hand over her eyepatch as she pulled away from me. I smiled at her, "Don't worry about it, I'm feeling kind of weird today too."

The air around us started to feel oppressive. I felt like I needed to say something. But what? This is all very confusing. Rui backed away towards the door, "Well, I guess I should leave you to it, I'll see you back in class," she said as she walked back out and disappeared out of sight. I fell back on the bed, suddenly feeling a great relief as I close my eyes.

I sighed. What the hell was with Rui? Does she like me or something? Things really are changing. Hopefully it's for the better.
"Man, that was... dangerous," I say.

"... I'll say. It looks like she wanted you badly."

A voice answered my comment.

"... what?" I say as I open my eyes, that immediately locked onto the origin of the voice, the ceiling. There was a man laying on the ceiling in a suit with a hat.

"It's been a while," the man says, with his emerald eyes flashing in the darkness as he brushed his blond hair to the side.

Now I know why I was feeling weird. I remember throwing a bottle of pills on the ground this morning. I turn my head to the side to look at the bottle on the floor.

It was my medication.

"... Shit, I didn't take it this morning."

The man on the ceiling smirked.
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Re: Forgetful

Post by Silentcook » Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:26 am

Just when I was thinking I had seen all the possible angles. Enjoyed, yessirree. :D
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Re: Forgetful

Post by Juno » Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:49 am

I liked it.
Also, Rui is a pirate.

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Re: Forgetful

Post by ZystraL » Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:03 pm

Nice ending. I chuckled.
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Re: Forgetful

Post by Critical » Mon Aug 24, 2009 8:53 pm

Good to see that some people liked it. Maybe I should continue it, I kind of like where it's going.

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Re: Forgetful

Post by Snicket » Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:15 pm

I like where this is going, its kinda nice to see a fan fic that doesn't focus on the main characters once and a while. Though i'm a bit curious; i didn't reconize the characters you talked about or names you mentioned. (aside from the main/minor characters mentioned and the Lelouch character) So i was so wounderinf dod you just make those up or has the 'class room' scene picture been updated since i last visited the thread?

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Re: Forgetful

Post by Critical » Mon Aug 24, 2009 9:40 pm

Snicket wrote:I like where this is going, its kinda nice to see a fan fic that doesn't focus on the main characters once and a while. Though i'm a bit curious; i didn't reconize the characters you talked about or names you mentioned. (aside from the main/minor characters mentioned and the Lelouch character) So i was so wounderinf dod you just make those up or has the 'class room' scene picture been updated since i last visited the thread?
Well, I made up Kiyoshi and Rui and just placed them both into the classroom without really thinking about where they would be in the classroom. I decided to just plop them into a group with Lelouch and go from there since the classroom wasn't really a focus of where the story was going - it's just where it takes place. The people contained in the classroom besides the major characters didn't really matter to me.

If this fan-fiction does decide to grow a little more, expect more characters - hopefully more interesting ones. The man on the ceiling should pose a pretty interesting character and should provide some nice backstory.

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Re: Forgetful

Post by Layzuhl » Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:25 am

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Re: Forgetful

Post by DuaneMoody » Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:46 pm

Don't say "hat," say what kind of hat. "suit" is such a generic term it could mean anything.

Otherwise, enjoyable read.

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Re: Forgetful

Post by Critical » Tue Aug 25, 2009 6:30 pm

DuaneMoody wrote:Don't say "hat," say what kind of hat. "suit" is such a generic term it could mean anything.

Otherwise, enjoyable read.
Yeah... I kind of messed up on that. I didn't really know how to describe his hat while I was writing so I just left it as 'a hat' and I just kind of lost my luster and decided to just write 'a suit' too.

Anyway, enough excuses - time to start writing some more... dunno when that'll be but it'll come soon.

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Re: Forgetful

Post by cheesegrater3 » Wed Aug 26, 2009 1:43 am

Nice OH SNAP! ending. I like these kind of stories that don't revolve around Hisao, and would like to see more of this one. :D

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Re: Forgetful

Post by Critical » Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:26 am

Here's some more! Enjoy.


I wanted to hop up from the bed and immediately run to the bottle on the ground and down a few pills to attempt to make this guy go away, but for some reason I just laid there after my comment. The man on the ceiling was still there, smiling at me, then going into a snicker, and finally a full blown laugh like I told a joke that makes you go, "Oh! Now I get it! That's funny!" My eyes narrowed at my thought, this isn't funny. This isn't funny at all. This is bad - very bad. But for some reason... I'm okay with it.

"You're priceless - still the same little guy I knew waaaaay back when," the man on the ceiling said with a wink, coming back from the laugh as he crossed his legs and put his arms behind his head.

"You're the one to talk, Artemis," I said bluntly, looking away towards the bathroom door. Suddenly, my fatigue passed. I never really could understand why that would happen. I recalled the same sensation when I first met this... man. Whatever the hell he is. I couldn't wrap my head around who or what he is since the first day I encountered him, or the accident.

Artemis shrugged, "Well, at least I'm consistent in what I do - even when things change. You on the other hand fall apart whenever something changes. I've always been your guardian angel--"

"You're no angel," I snapped back.

"Guardian, then," he continued, "I'm not here to cause trouble. I'm here to help you fulfilling your deepest desires. You know, like a genie or something," he said, making gestures the entire time. Artemis stood up, standing upside-down on the ceiling. He then walked from the ceiling onto the wall, then to the floor. He continued walking until he was at my bed side. I stayed tacked on my bed, looking up at him. Getting a better look at him, he wore brown business suit with a black tie and white undershirt, all seeming to hug against his thin frame. His coat tails were extra long, extending to his thighs. He had black loafers and a brown hat, slightly tilted up so you could see his shining blond hair. The hat looked like that of what old gangsters used to wear. It wasn't surprising he would have apparel that I would recognize as something malevolent. He pulled back his fingerless gloves and tightened the strap against his wrists.

I continued to watch him. I didn't want to make any conversation with him anymore. But he stood there, fiddling with his clothing until I decided to say something. After a few minutes of silence, I finally spoke:

“... why are you here?” I asked.
“That's obvious,” Artemis answered, looking down at me, “I have no idea. Just like the first time that I met you. All I know is that I should be taking care of you.”

Reflecting back on it, Artemis just appeared out of nowhere. It was a spontaneous phenomenon. I was only 6 years old at the time. Now I'm 16 – bordering 17 in the next few months. Only I could see him – he was just an imaginary friend. That was until I became a teenager – then it became a hallucination. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. As a teenager, Artemis became more and more complex. I only remembered him as some kind of shadowy organism that would morph into shapes just to entertain me whenever I felt sad or lonely. He also only appeared when I was alone. As I gradually became older, Artemis formed into the thing I now see before me – a man, and followed me wherever I went – even to public places and commented on what was happening no matter who I was with. Blond hair, green eyes, and a devilish smirk. His speech was eloquent and inviting, but he seemed to be something much more sinister – but I didn't realize that until a few years ago.

It was my first year at Yamaku High. I was a freshman still adjusting to the daily grind – not to mention hanging out with crippled children. My condition had evolved to where my behavior had to be monitored, and I needed the 24 hour nursing staff to make sure I took my medication on time. Artemis became the center of my seemingly bad behavior. My aggression taken out on bullies left them having to go to Yamaku. I managed to see a few of them during the Open House. I suppose that they reconsidered since when they saw me their eyes widened and they either limped or rolled away as fast as they could.

But the problem was, everything that happened to them wasn't me – it was Artemis. The doctor told me that it was I who did it, but the blood that would stain my clothes was only when I tried to tend their wounds after Artemis left them. Artemis just stood there when they laid there, bloodied and gasping for air. Whenever I would take them into my arms, Artemis would always lay back against something and nonchalantly say something along the lines of, “Just leave him alone. Bullies deserve to be punished.” It didn't feel right though. The ones he attacked knew of Artemis, and tried to express it by saying that a man attacked them. But when they said that the man said it was on my behalf – they discredited their story immediately and blamed me for threatening them. My condition kept me from being prosecuted, or my family sued, but it severely damaged the relationship I had with my mother and father. I kept trying to tell them about Artemis, but they merely gave the solution of increasing the dose.

My first months at Yamaku were hellish. Nurses monitored me day in and day out, and didn't have that much of a personality. I couldn't really get close to anyone besides Rui – and even then we could only have a few words before the bombardment of questions from the nurses would drown her out. It got to the point where I just became bitter and reclusive. I was feeling severely agitated around every corner – and Artemis picked up on it. He kept saying, “Kiyoshi... you want them gone? I'm writhing here. I seem to fade more and more everyday. What is that stuff those nurses keep shooting into you? I don't like to watch you in situations like that.” Artemis' sincerity was the only solace I could find in the sea of needles and contraptions. Studying my case, the nurses concluded to my parents that I'm suffering from severe Schizophrenia, and that they will have to use some kind of experimental miracle drug from those with mental disorders. My parents eagerly agreed. The only thing that meant to me and Artemis was that he was going to be gone – possibly forever. I was still on the fence of getting rid of Artemis – or at least trying to. I wanted a normal life badly, but I loved Artemis like an older brother – whether or not he was real or a hallucination.

It was until I met a nurse – her name was Naori Kunitsu. She treated me especially nicely. Artemis didn't like her much, but she was especially pretty, and my adolescence took the better of me when I formed a crush on her. She had dark black hair that flowed down her back and her curls near the front of her face bounced perfectly across her defined face that was seemingly mid-20s aged. Her body had magnificent proportions. Her hips curved lovely into a thin waist into ample, perky bosoms. Thinking about it now makes my mind drool, and lament at the same time at how stupid I was those years ago. I started to completely ignore Artemis, and my focus increased on Ms. Kunitsu. She was the sweetest woman I had ever known. I've calmed down to the point where the army of nurses was no longer needed – just her. She became my only real friend, although Artemis stood in the background, making snide comments at every sentence she she so eloquently formed. Her voice was seductive with every word she said. I still remember how every morning she would come into my room:

“Kiyoshi, how are you feeling?”

I would immediately wake to see her silhouette standing in my doorway.

“I'm fine, Ms. Kunitsu.”

Then came the day when she replied,

“Please, call me Naori.”

My heart fluttered. My dreams began to come true, those formal boundaries were starting to come down. Although I was a bit discouraged about the usual things, such as her being older than me – not to mention her job being at stake if we do start going out.

It seemed that Naori became more enticed by me. Of course she would do the normal duties of any nurse, but since after she wanted me to call her 'Naori' instead of 'Ms. Kunitsu', she was a lot more... hands on, to put it simply. She would take me to more secluded areas of the school, like far out in the fields for instance. We would lay there looking at clouds, away from everyone. She would nuzzle against me and take a nap while I laid there with a stupid mental grin. Artemis was disgusted with the sight.

“I don't like her.”
“You always say that,” I answered Artemis one day when Naori was away running an errand.
“I know that, but she just doesn't feel right.”
“You don't feel right yourself, you know,” I began, “You're just trying to keep me from being happy.”
Artemis was taken aback, he tried to muster something to say in retort, but just threw his hands up and paced for a while before he answered, “She's just trying to play you! Have you ever thought about that drug that your parents have discussed?! Why weren't you forced to take it yet?!”

Artemis had a glaring point, one that proved fatal due to my lack of reasoning with this apparition, this... man... this... hallucination.

“Naori's been taking care of me. I've been fine, and you haven't had to beat anyone up. Everyone wins,” I said with a smile. Artemis wasn't convinced. He shook his head and walked away.

Several weeks later, I got a call from the nurse's office – it was Naori. She wanted me to come to the office to administer my daily medication there instead of in my room like we normally do.

I walked through the nurse's office door and saw a silhouette behind the sheets sitting on the nursing bed. No one else seemed to be around. Something didn't feel right, but I put that thought in the back of my mind. Artemis didn't seem to be around either, must've been still sore about what I said to him.

I called out to the silhouette,


“Oh Kiyoshi! I'm glad you came!” her angelic voice wafted through the sheets. The silhouette stood up and hurried past the sheets, and instead of the normal meet and greet, she did something that I thought would never happen.

Naori kissed me.

A sensation of euphoria erupted in my mind, “Yes! Yes!” my mind said, and I eagerly returned the kiss, swathing my tongue upon hers. This went on for several long minutes before we broke for air.

“I love you,” she said, “For these past months, I've been wanting to tell you how I felt, but my job was getting in the way. But now, I don't care about my job... you're the only thing I care about.”

I felt like I was dreaming. This beautiful woman telling me, whom was only a freshman in highschool, one for disabled children no doubt, that she loved me.

Naori pulled me back and threw me on the nursing bed, unbuttoning my shirt and unzipping my pants. “Give it to me, Kiyoshi...” she said, her chest heaving in ecstasy. She unbuttoned her nurse uniform and revealed her snowy white bra and matching underwear. I wasn't prepared for this, and I could already feel myself getting excited.

“Wait, Naori, can't someone just walk in on--”
“It's okay, I told them that I needed to have the room for an hour or two taking care of you with a special treatment. Plus, the door's locked,” she assured me.

I calmed down a bit, but I was still rock hard. I reached for her, and started feeling her warm, silky flesh. Our lips locked again as she reached inside my pants and pulled out my sin, sitting straight up at attention. I was cowering at the thought of what could happen, yet I wanted her badly. She pushed her underwear to the side and started to descend upon me. With a few pushes, I was bombarded with an intense satisfaction. She was warm and heavenly - like was she was to me verbally. She arched forward, pressing her chest against me as she rode me. I took hold of her hips and guided them as best as I could.

“Are you-- ah, ah! a... virgin?” she asked, still pumping away at me.
“Ah... ah... yes...” I answered weakly as I was reaching my limit.
Naori smiled endearingly at me, “Don't worry, I'll take care of you, my sweet Kiyoshi...” she said as she let out a moan.
“Naori... I'm...!” I tried to let out as best as I could as I threw my head back and closed my eyes trying to hold it.
“Yes... give it all to me...” Naori cooed.

I came, shooting my seed into her at full force as I lifted myself and pushed as hard as I could into her nether regions. I fell limp on the bed, exhausted.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain, then a sudden shooting pain that flowed through me like a blazing fire. I immediately awoke to the pain, writhing in agony under Naori as she stuck an enormous needle into my stomach filled with some kind of murky black liquid.

“What... what the hell is that..?!” I screamed at her. She merely smirked at me as she held me down by the neck. The pain from the liquid was sapping my strength, I couldn't fight her off.

“Shut up, brat,” she spoke. My dreams of her were shattered. Her voice was still the same, but she it was more sinister, colder. I could feel her nails digging into my neck as she held me down. I couldn't scream anymore – I was choking. She pushed the plunger down slowly on the needle, making the whole ordeal into a torture.

She smiled the entire time.

“Well, it took a bit longer than I expected, but I guess it's better late than never,” snickered, “...but you sure are easy. We had to wait a few months for the medicine to get to a perfect stage to administer. So... what the hell, seduce you, trick you, hell, I even got a quick fuck out of you.”

I couldn't take what I was hearing, she was planning this the whole time?! I looked in horror at her face. She was so beautiful, yet what she was doing was ugly and unforgivable, and now I was going to lose the only person who truly looked out for me, who truly knew me. I could feel myself fading from the medicine. The pain was searing, and I couldn't make a sound. Her grip was like death, clamped on my soul about to pull it down to Hell. I fell unconcious, or at least I would have until someone came to my rescue.

As she was pushing down the last bits of the injection into my stomach, I heard a voice.

“I knew it...”, it said in frosty vehemence. It was Artemis, stepping from the shadows of one of the room's corners.

Naori was taken by complete surprise, immediately hopping off of my limp body and attempting to button herself back up while picking up something to defend herself.

“Who are you?! H-how'd you get in here?!” she exclaimed.
Artemis' eyes seemed to burn with a killer intent, but he kept his composure save for several twitches.
“I guess you can say that I'm Kiyoshi's... imaginary friend,” he answered, “And I've been watching the whole time. I knew you were trouble – but you crossed the line in the worst way possible.”
Naori was trapped without a way to leave for help. I truly wanted her to be dead. And Artemis resonated with that fact. However, I didn't want to kill her – whatever she did she didn't deserve to die. Artemis resonated with that as well, only with the fact that I wasn't going to kill her.

“Artemis... stop... don't hurt her...” I weakly said, getting up from the bed, but I immediately fell out of the bed, slamming my head on the cold floor. The medicine was messing with me severely. Just how much did she inject me with? Was this safe? My head was reeling from the trauma, and I threw up all over the floor.

Artemis looked at the sight of my agony, and rushed to me. Naori stood completely still.

Artemis pulled me up, and cleaned me up, zipping up my pants and buttoning my shirt back up. He laid me against the wall and looked up at Naori, whom flinched and cowered.

Artemis cracked his neck, and gave a cold, narrow look at Naori. She was terrified. I tried to reach for Artemis to stop him from hurting her, but it was already too late, he was out of my reach.

What happened next was something from a horror film. I could see the shadows dancing. Limb by limb, Naori was broken in a twisted shadow puppet show. Her screams became gurgles, and blood splattered all over the walls. Limbs were strewn this way and that way, ripped and torn. Artemis just kept screaming and screaming, pummeling away at her with earth shattering force. I heard loud crashes in the ground that send powerful shockwaves through the walls. I could feel Artemis' screams becoming laughter, laughter that shook me to my very core. When it was over, after what seemed like forever, Artemis approached me, covered in blood. His hands dripped with what used to be Naori. He knelt down to me, and took off his hat. With a smile, he smoothed his hair back with the blood collected in his hand. He continued this for a few moments until he finally said to me,

“Blood makes an excellent hair gel, don't you think?”

Then the medicine kicked in, and Artemis faded suddenly. After another hour, the door was forced open and the medical staff found the whole scene. Everything was covered in blood, except for me. The Nurse's Office was sealed off for several weeks. The incident was kept upstairs since they didn't want such a grisly murder that still has gone unsolved.

They thought that someone came in and murdered Naori and knocked me out, escaping while locking the door on the inside. They found that Naori and I had sex, but they didn't match my fingerprints on the places where the lacerations and tears of her flesh were. I was also deemed too young to rip a woman apart with my bare hands. The assailant was remarked as having “monstrous strength”. However, no one matched that description for miles around besides a few male bodybuilders, but they all had alibis and no relation to Yamaku or Naori – a few of them didn't even know what Yamaku was.

Despite all of what happened, even though I was completely innocent, the nurses were terrified of me. None of them wanted to take care of me. Which was fine now, since I didn't seem to need it. However, my brain function had significantly declined and I needed surgery and physical therapy afterwards. The medication had gotten rid of Artemis, but now I was pretty much suffering from Mental Retardation, along with Schizophrenia. My parents paid for the surgery, but haven't spoken to me much since the surgery, or even visited for that matter besides for holidays like Christmas and nothing else. Depression set in and all of that. I still wasn't fit to go to a regular school because of my record, and my parents in all of their affluence, paid extra to the school to keep me going there still. I still had to take my medication daily to keep the affects of the 'miracle drug' still working. but now I didn't need to be monitored by nursing staff 24/7 anymore. Now that it's been a while, the feeling of normalcy and monotony had set in and started to affect me. I wished for changed – and now I have it in the form of my old life. One with Artemis.

Now that the reminiscing was out of the way, I needed to focus on the task at hand. Artemis was yet again stan-- wait, where'd he go? I looked around for him out of my long gaze into the past, only to find him messing around in the boxed lunch that Rui gave to me. He scooped up what looked to be some kind of cherry gel that goes on desserts.

“Hey, do you think this would make good hair gel?”

I felt like I needed to laugh and be horrified at the same time.

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Re: Forgetful

Post by Xan » Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:46 am

This... is pure awesome.
Hungrily awaiting the next installment!

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Re: Forgetful

Post by Juno » Wed Aug 26, 2009 2:06 pm

Wow, we went from believable normality to CRAZY in a single post. :shock:

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Re: Forgetful

Post by Snicket » Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:19 pm

Crazy murderous man that lives in the shadows. That is at the 'pertaganists' beck and call. How does that work?

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