It's fun in the background...

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by Seroanth » Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:53 am

Keep going.

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by Deimos » Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:42 pm

A nice continuation with a fast pace of events! I especially liked the interaction with Shizune and Misha and, of course, the countless references you put in. It's enjoyable and fun to read.
ZystraL wrote:From the way I am now one might think I've got Parkinsons rather than a form of Motor Neurone disease. Then I start thinking about Michael J. Fox jokes and start cracking up.
You are a twisted person with a perverse sense of humour - has anybody offered you platinum membership for this forum, yet?
ZystraL wrote: -> () Fuck it all.
Seems like something Hisao would do but we are dealing with a fine young lady here, so I'd vote against it.
ZystraL wrote: -> () No! She's my friend and we shouldn't be doing this here.
That's the right answer. Rin is her friend and they should not do this here. They should explore their feelings and bodies elsewhere! :twisted:
Ahh, Morticia? I would die for her. I would kill for her. Either way, what bliss.

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by cheesegrater3 » Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:38 pm

Man, I am just amazed on how often you are updating this!

Obey the cheese!

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by The Chemist » Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:10 pm

Funny feeling you're a drummer...

and those Hipgigs are terrible drums. Trust me.
ZystraL wrote:It was an awesome scenario. Sitting on green grass staring at the clouds...with a laptop slowly burning your junk and giving you testicular cancer.

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by ZystraL » Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:27 am

The Chemist wrote:Funny feeling you're a drummer...
and those Hipgigs are terrible drums. Trust me.
I am learned in the ways of the percussion, although Violin and Guitar are my main instruments. Funny enough I prefer violin over drums for the contrary reason Ritsu prefers drums over any other instrument.
Also, the reason I chose Hipgigs was another K-On reference. I've got the Yamaha DTXPlorer myself.


-> (X) Fuck it all, go for it,

The little girl in my brain called Common Sense is crossing the road, safely, at a crossing, looking both ways. Sadly, Instinct is drunk at the wheel of an SUV.
I grab Rin my the shoulders and kiss her myself as forcefully as I can, which she returns without a problem. We stand there for half a minute before breaking the kiss and staring into each other's eyes, foreheads together. Her eyes are no longer the flat emerald they usually are, but are glistening a beautiful verdant. I throw the two of us onto my bed, engaged still in another kiss. We keep stopping and kissing between taking each others clothes off. Or rather me taking both of our clothes off. I begin exploring her body, from her neck down to her waist, slowly feeling and kissing, taking care to caress every area of her body. For a very waylay girl, she takes amazing care of herself. Her skin is so white and soft, and has just the right moisture. I begin to lick her torso up and down before I reach her breasts. From the outside they don't look that large but they're supple enough to fit in my hand whilst I slowly suck on the other.
Rin: "Ahh...!"
By the time she lets out a queit moan I'm ready to go wild.
Yuki: "So you say you were itching down there, huh?"
I say that a grin more evil that it should have been. Before she can even smile in reponse I throw two of my fingers up her already soaked crotch.
Rin: "Hyynnn!"
It's warm inside and very wet, and I can just feel lots of soft wall as I move my hand around. After she's had another orgasm I begin to slowly slide my fingers in and out, whilst my other hand continues to fondle her bosom. I move in for another kiss. As our tongues intertwine, I slowly slide a thrid finger in there. I can feel Rin flinching slightly, but she returns to our passionate kiss, but can't hold on.
RIn: "Agh!"
As she lets out a slightly more painful moan, I feel something different on my fingers. It's a liquid, but it's not as warm and a lot more runny...I slide my fingers out to see that under all the cum, there's a little blood.
Yuki: "Uhohoho...Rin, I never knew you were fresh goods."
Dayum, evil me sounds sexy. And probably gives great sex. I should buy a two-ended dildo just in case from now on.
Yuki: "And they say everything tastes better fresh."
I slowly move myself downwards, further and further until I reach the smooth, hairless break in her skin. I slowly start to lick just around the outsides, cleaning up the mess I made. By the time I get to the main course, her clitoris is upright like a signpost. I giggle slyly before pinching it and twisting it.
Rin: "Heargh!"
She throws her head back as she cums yet again, this time, right into my face.
Yuki: "Haa...hah..."
I wipe most of it off before licking it off my hands. I get back down and continue to explore her area, licking at first, and then slowly putting my tongue in, yet still nuzzling her stiffened clitoris.

Rin has orgasmed several times and is still moaning by the time I'm even anywhere near starting. Sadly that won't happen any time soon. It's too late for the pair of us to do anything but go red as a mulberry by the time we hear my door creak open. Shit! Why didn't I lock it? And the person standing there is the worst person in the world I can think of now.
Hisao: "Er..."
Rin: "Hello, Hisao. Would you like to join us?"
I stare at Rin, dumbstruck and even redder. I can't tell if she's being serious or is trying to ease the tension.
Hisao: "W-w-well...I was g-going to return Y-Yuki's bag which s-she left in the c-cafet-teria..."
To be fair, I can see how hard it must be for him to be seeing this scene right now.
Yuki: "J-j-just leave it b-by the d-door."
He silently drops my bag and closes the door. Whether or not he's still standing there recollecting his mind doesn't matter. Little Miss Common Sense has made a miraculous recovery thanks to Hisao, M.D. and Miss Instict has been given a prison sentence. I stop, walk off to grab a towel and begin wiping everything down. Rin gets up and asks for some cleaning as well. I wipe her down just enough not to stimulate her any more. We end up going to wash before dressing completely in silence. The only other form of communication we have from there is me nodding her a goodnight as she walks off.
Yuki: "Sigh."
I drop on my bed, exhausted. My mind is still fuzzy like hell. I just had sex with my friend. Real sex. Lesbian style. And it felt good. Wow. Thankfully my tiredness carries me to sleep.


BRIIIING!!!!! My alarm clock wakes me up at 8AM. Sigh. Lately I've been good at getting up before but the events of last night were a "no talk" zone. I feel like crying as I clean myself and get dressed. How did I do that last night? How did I enjoy it? I feel I should repent, but who to? Oh god.

I walk into class as normal, and as I do, Hisao gives me a glance as if to say "your secret is safe" before returning to Mikado. At least he's not raising suspicion. The class begins as normal and is as riveting as ever, with Muto talking about some strange city in Texas and how it's referenced in a lot of songs.

There's no band rehearsal on Thursday because that's when the orchestra play. I decide to head off to the cafeteria as there's nothing else to do. The menu today, is sadly unappealing, so I go for the most colourful food I can find, Blue Gemini with Locked Up Riot Sauce. Looked good and was pretty snazzy too. Either way, I chow down on it slowly before lazily going back to class. I wonder where Rin is. Not that I'm going to go look for her mind.

Time moves so slowly today. I just want the thoughts of last night out of my mind. Either way, I trundle along to band practice after school today where everyone else is waiting for me.
Takana: "Problem, Yuki? You seem down."
Yuki: "I'm just tired."
Takana: "Ahs. Well, anyway, how's the lyrics for the new song going?"
Yuki: "Oh right, yeah, here."
I dive into my bag and pull out a notepad with some scribblings on it.
Aoi: "So how does it go?"
I'm no good at singing. One reason I wanted to play drums, really. I clear my throat before putting on my best cute face and voice as I step up to the microphone.
Yuki: "#Ai wo, komete, surasura to ne, saa kakidasou / Uketotta kimini, shiawase ga tsunagaru you ni~"
I can hear all the others giggling like children over the meanings.
Yuki: "#Kanari honki yo~"
Mild applause comes froma ll around.
Aoi: "That seems easy enough."
Takana: "You're going to sing?"
Aoi: "Y-yeah. I guess why not."
She's fiddling with her glasses, but I think under her quiet raspy voice she might sing well. I have no idea. We begin practicing with Aoi singing, and the first few times she stumbles with the intro riff and keeping time whilst singing, but she manages to get it. The way she changes is amazing though. Usually she's about as shy as Burn-Girl but when she plays it's like she changes. She plays the guitar well and she sings confidently. The way her fingers move up and down the neck...her beautiful legs tapping up and down to help her keep time...Ahh...WAIT! What am I doing? I shouldn't be having these sorts of thoughts. My face reddens and I start to lose it as everyone else slows to a stop.
Aihako: "What happened? Did you forget your own song again?"
I try to act as nonchalant as possible.
Yuki: "No, I guess I got distracted and lost my place, heh. Anyway, come on, let's go through the other songs."
As the afternoon draws on, we take a short break. That's when I remember something important.
Yuki: "Ah! I almost forgot! We need to hand in a form that'll register us as an official club!"
Takana: "Why?"
Yuki: "Because Incho of the Student Council said we wouldn't be allowed to publicly perform otherwise. Anyway, be right back."
I scuttle off, and I burst into the Council room in a matter of minutes with the form all written out in my hand, only to walk in on something very different. Hisao, Incho and Mikado are on the floor playing Twister. And they seem to be caugh up in a very difficult posture.
Hisao: "Yuki. What brings you here?"
Yuki: "I was going to drop off this club submission form, but I see you guys are busy so I'll just leave this on the table."
Incho looks at Mikado only briefly.
Misha: "Ah, Tainaka. Can we trust you to keep this between us?"
Yuki: "Sure."
I close the door and walk back, bursting into hysterical laughter. They can hear me but who cares. I should have taken a picture.

I return to the music room and everyone appears to have swapped. Aoi's holding Aihako's Fender Bass, Aihako is sat behind Takana's Korg Triton, Takana has picked up my drumsticks and Aoi's offering me her Les Paul.
Takana: "Lets see how well we do."
We slew out a horrible slurry of music that just about manages to resemble Fuwa Fuwa Time. Of course, nobdy says anything because we're all lying on the floor, almost dead of the sheer horror of audio that just happened.
Yuki: "Can we not try that again?"

By the time we regain consiousness it goes dark.
Aihako: "Hey, Yuki, we're going into town for dinner tonight, come on!"
The idea seems interesting, but I've little money. Plus I'd like a good chat with Hisao over his little Twister game.

-> () Sure, just let me go change
-> () Nah, sorry guys, I've got work and stuff. Maybe next time.


And I end on a choice again because I can't think of a better ending.
My updates seem to go good, bad, good, bad. :/
I really dislike this one, but hey. More references, some more lulz and a lot more stupidly coincidentially useful plot furthers. The selling point of this chapter I think is the lesbian sex scene but hey.

I found thsi one the most hard to write because, I'm a 15 year old male. Writing a lesbian love scene from the point of a girl is beyond me. THankfully I've read/watched/played enough H to know my way around everything :wink:

Also, Hisao M.D. -> House-ao M.D., amirite?
I enjoy everything the devs hate. This includes and is not limited to: Pokemon, K-ON! and Lego.

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by Seroanth » Fri Aug 21, 2009 11:02 am

Didn't "she's my friend" get more votes? :(

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by DuaneMoody » Fri Aug 21, 2009 10:06 pm

Seroanth wrote:Didn't "she's my friend" get more votes? :(
Hey everyone, it's Debbie Downer

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by Vysetron » Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:06 am

ZystraL wrote:I found thsi one the most hard to write because, I'm a 15 year old male. Writing a lesbian love scene from the point of a girl is beyond me. THankfully I've read/watched/played enough H to know my way around everything :wink:
Ah, jeez kid. You can mention that things were difficult to write, but don't go listing your age. On most sites like this, listing your age could get you a one way ticket to bantown.

That said, it was damn well written. A little too quick maybe, but who knows how long Yuki and Rin have known each other.

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by bitpeg » Sat Aug 22, 2009 10:19 am

It seems like she was too eager to fuck Rin where she was reluctant to even touch her last time. It might be because it was in public though. And Rin seems really sensitive too, what's up with that? Nevertheless it seems kind of like you rushed the sex scene and then when Hisao showed up everything slowed down. It just felt awkward for me to read it, but that's only personal experience and my vary with different people.

It doesn't seem like you're used to writing them yet, I suggest waiting a while for the next one (if there will be a next one) in order to get into the right groove of timing and plot syntax.

My vote goes to:
-> () Nah, sorry guys, I've got work and stuff. Maybe next time.
These fermions smell positively ionic.

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by ZystraL » Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:41 pm

iirc ccdr is younger than me. that might just be my vivid imagination.
reflecting on it I fucked up that sex scene but hey. If you can fap over it it's good enough.
Also, regarding choice - I wanted to develop and explore different characters a lot more than I wanted to generate lulz with Misha and Hisao. Sorry. Just treat it as fanservice more than plot advancement.

I was also haflway through writing this when the above posted.


-> (X) Sure, just let me go change.

We've not had any real fun with just the four of us in a while. So why not.
Yuki: "Sigh, alright, alright. But I'm broke so you guys are paying. I'll be back in a minute, need to change this shirt."
I jog off in the direction of the dorms. I reach my room and take care to lock the door as I change. As I unzip my skirt though, I'm reminded of last night again. Oh well, at least it can't happen again. Right? I throw on my usual jeans and my favourite yellow polo shirt and head back to the gate.

Yuki: "So where are we going?"
Aihako: "There's this nice little foreign restraunt which gives discounts for Yamaku students near The Shanghai tea house."
Yuki: "Discount or no discount I'll hardly be able to afford water."

We walk down the hill path talking and laughing and singing until we reach town.
Takana: "This way."
We end up walking around and take three right turns before crossing the junction we were just at.
Aihako: "You sure you know the way?"
Takana: "Of course! The Shanghai is right here."
And with that, she stands triumphantly, hands on hips and chest outstretched with her back to the tea house. Aoi walks over, grabs her by the shoulders and twists her around.
Takana: "Oh. Right. Right here."
Yuki: "Yeah, Little Miss Bed-Wetter, where's the restraunt then?"
I loom over her shoulder, my face sly as a fox and her face red as a beetroot.
Takana: "What're you saying? Idiot!"
We pass 10 minutes with her trying to catch me and hit me. Everyone else who walks past seems to enjoy the street acting, however. Feebly, Aoi tries to get us in.
Aoi: "G-guys, we should go in and...EH?!"
She's talking to a me on the floor, pinned down by a smiling Takana. Of course, by the time Aoi notifies us of the ambiguiousity of our position, people from our school are already taking pictures. I throw Takana off with little effort.
Yuki: "You've gotten a little stronger, Taka-chan."
I wink at her with the strongest cute face I have before following the others into the restraunt, walking like a model. God, I shouldn't enjoy this. What if Takana falls like I did with Rin. Common Sense only just got discharged from the hospital. Of course, she's not that sort of person. I can practically hear her go red as she runs in.
Takana: "You're such an idiot sometimes."
And she helps me sit down. With her fist. On my head.

Aihako: "So how was your little lovey game out there?"
I'm not sure who's redder.
Yuki: "What're you talking about?"
She's either a great actor, or she's genuinely suprised.
Aihako: "Oh? You mean you two aren't a couple."
Now I know, Takana's redder. Of course, I've actually gone over what would happen if me and her were to...
Takana: "No way! We're close friends that's it! Plus, we're both girls! How can that work!"
Now I've gone red, thinking about my encounter with Rin, except this time replacing Rin for Takana. Sadly, she notices this.
Takana: "Y-yuki...don't tell me you've..."
Yuki: "Of course not! And you have the nerve to call me an idiot!"
We exchange a few more lines a bit too loudly before ordering.

Mango Soda, 2 Cokes and some Sparkling Water arrive shortly. Never understood why Takana likes Sparkling Water. Of course, she doesn't get why I like Mango Soda so that's fair. After another conversation on the previous subject, the waiter arrives, carrying our food.
Waiter: "So...Grilled Salisbury Steak, Medium Rare with Skinny Fries..."
Aihako: "Yeah, that's me."
Wow, that looks really good. But I can't help but think this place must be really expensive.
Waiter: "And...Slow Roasted Gammon Joint with vegetables?"
Aoi: "That's mine."
Yuki: "Gammon?"
Aoi: "It's this really salty British meat."
Ah yeah. Aoi likes salty things. Of course, by the time I think that, she's got the salt grinder over the vegetables. I laugh at the sight of that.
Waiter: "Thai Spicy Prawn Soup with Egg Noodles?"
Takana: "No vegetables and added sour, right?"
Waiter: "I think, yes."
Takana: "Mhm. Thanks."
Takana has had an affliction for spicy food since we knew each other. She'd put chilli on her bread. Now that I think about it, she said her dad was Thai as well, so perhaps she just likes the food.
Waiter: "And of course, Oak Smoked Grilled Salmon cooked with Egg Fried Rice must be yours."
Yuki: "Yes, thank you."
He places my motley selection of sides in front of me and walks off.
Takana: "You need to stop eating salmon."
Yuki: "You need to stop eating full stop."
I grin as I poke her in the side. She's right though. I've eaten salmon since I was a child. It tastes nice. Of course, the taste disappears altogether as a second lump appears on my head as Takana's fist comes off.
Takana: "Easy for you to say. You eat and eat and never put on weight."
She's almost crying, but at the same time it's like she's a little angry.
Aoi: "Is that true? You never gain weight?"
Oh dear.
Yuki: "Yeah. I dunno why. I think it's cause when I drum I burn all the fat off."
Aihako is now sitting beside Takana, both crying and looking like they want to take my skeleton out through my nostrils.
Yuki: "Hey, come on, guys. Just exercise or something."
Takana: "Killing you will be great exercise, right?"
Aihako: "Yeah. Because we have to catch you, tie you up and carry you to the guillotine."
I do hope they're not being serious.
Aoi: "Uhm...guys...a guillotine is really messy. I could develop some sort of lethal injection instead?"
Aoi!!! I think I'm crying myself now, but I'm smiling. Unless they're actually being serious, I haven't had this much fun with them in a while. I've almost forgotten what friends are like.

It's not long before we've finished the main course and are ploughing through the ice-cream like the weight conversation never happened. Aoi's got Cinnamon, of course, Aihako's got Orange Sherbet, Takana has Strawberry and I've got Mint. We always have these flavours. Occasionally we rotate or try each other's, but we all have a set favourite. It's how we are, but I guess that just makes it easier on all of us.
Aihako: "...Yuki..."
Yuki: "Hm?"
Aihako: "How comes you're the only one here wearing jeans?"
She says it so bluntly. But of course, I peek under the table and just as she said, they're all wearing skirts. But now that I think about it, I've never worn a skirt apart from school. I always wear jeans or shorts out. I find it more comfortable, I think.
Yuki: "Well, what's wrong with that?"
Aihako: "Well, it's just not that feminine wearing legged clothing all the time, don't you think?"
Blushing at the most inappropriate things. I'm good at that.
Yuki: "Well hey now, what has that got to do with anything?"
Takana: "Nothing. But I would actually pay money to see you in like a one of those one-piece dress things with a plunging neckline and your hair down and stuff..."
She starts blushing as she's daydreaming. Hopefully her daydreams are a lot different to mine.
Yuki: "Like I'd wear something like that."
Aihako: "Yeah. She can't handle a plunging neckline, she's got no chest to accentuate! She's better off in one of those solid corset-like wedding gown things."
And suddenly Aihako's gone into dream-land too. But that chest comment really got me. Am I really that flat?
Aihako: "Although what are you? A B-cup, right?"
Yuki: "..."
I'm looking down now. I don't want to see the others any more. I bet even Aoi has a larger chest than me.
Takana: "What about you, Aoi? What's your size?"
Aoi: "M-me?!"
Takana: "Yeah. Aihako and I are the same size, 86 around. What about you?"
Aoi: "L-last time I measured it was...84 I think."
I turn to stone. I was right.
Aihako: "Wow, it doesn't look that large. Yuki?"
I mutter something under my breath. Takana only decides to get closer.
Takana: "If you're not gonna tell us I'll have to find out myself!"
And before I can run she's pinned by from behind the chair, grasped firmly on my chest, rubbing them up and down through my shirt.
Takana: "Hmm...they've gotten bigger."
Yuki: "You're enjoying this too much! Get off!"
Takana: "Oh? But they're so small and cute. And really soft."
Takana: "Come on, tell us."
I mutter, a little more loudly.
Takana: "We can't hear youuu~"
Yuki: "74, ALRIGHT?"
Takana: "That's the spirit! Let it out! And massage them daily to encourage growth!"
Yuki: "Er...that's great and all, but do you think you could stop groping me then?"
Her arm comes off my thigh.
Takana: "Oops. I got carried away!"
She's not fooling anyone. Unless she's telling the truth. Suddenly my brain shows me pictures of me and her...
Aihako: "Hey Yuki, you're going red again, and nobody is touching you anymore."
Yuki: "Ack! Er, nevermind!"
Aihako: "Could it be Takana has you interested? And I thought you were only friends."
She puts on her sly joking face again.
Yuki: "Shut up."
There are 4 head-lumps between the 4 of us. 2 on me and 2 on Aihako. We calm down before we attract attention and pay.

We decide to walk around the town seeing as it's not exactly dark yet. We're walking along just talking, but it's a little boring. I decide to pull my battered drumsticks out of my little bag and start tapping away. That's what's good about being a drummer. You can play just about anywhere.
As I keep tapping I notice everyone changes their pace to keep up with my drumming, even though they don't notice it. Heh.
Takana: "Hey, Yuki..."
Yuki: "Yo."
Takana: "What do you think about..."
Yuki: "...what? I think about a lot things so I won't know how to answer."
She looks away. It feels like she's telling me she's breaking up me with me even though we were never together.
Takana: "About what they were saying if we were a couple."
My brain switches back to Yuri Fantasy Mode while my face erupts again. All she does is giggle.
Takana: "I think it'd be nice too. But I can't."
Yuki: "Since when did you have a boyfriend?"
Takana: "I didn't mean like that."
She suddenly clings to my arm. Aoi stumbles a little.
Takana: "It's because I love you already."
Red Level Up!
Yuki: "And because of that...why?"
Takana: "Because. If I love you, and if you love me back, then we're already a couple, no?"
Oh god. Oh god oh god oh god. What do I say? "I love you too?" "Sorry, I like this boy?" "Well, how about I show you the moves RIn taught me?" This is not a good situation. I nearly drop my drumsticks as she grips me tighter.
Yuki: "I...I..."
I turn to look her in the eyes. "I love you too much like a sister." That doesn't come out. She's looking at me, tongue sticking out and one of her lower eyelids pulled down.
Takana: "Hahahah! I can't believe you fell for it! Come on, we're like sisters! Do you really think it's possible?"
Once again, red of embarassment swaps with red of anger. Or perhaps it's still embarassment? It's definitely embarassment as she clings to me once more just as I get another rhythm going again.
Takana: "But. I really do love you. That much is true."
Very red now.
Takana: "As a sister of course!"
Yuki: "Sigh. What am I going to do with you?"
She giggles as we continue walking.

We walk a bit more in this fashion, Aihako and Aoi talking about techniques while Takana and I look like a real couple, given my boyish look, walking along to my clack clack. Left Right Left Left, Right Left Right Right, Left Right Left Left...
Aoi: "Wow, a music store!"
This is the same place I got my kit from. We decide to walk in and check it out properly.
Takana: "Wow, this place is pretty large."
Shopkeeper: "Welcome. If there's anything you need just ask."
He looks us over and recognizes me.
Shopkeeper: "Ah, you're the young lass that bought a kit a few days back."
He looks down at me and notices me banging away on a pair of worn sticks. I only have one pair and I've had them since I transferred to Yamaku. I look down and realize that they are actually very worn. There's splinters coming off everywhere, most of the varnish has come off, any printing to show a label is gone, the tips have dissolved and one of them has tape around it to stop it falling in half.
Shopkeeper: "Here, let me give you these."
He reaches under the counter and pulls out a pair of black sticks.
Shopkeeper: "These Vic Firths are a hybrid-sort. They're hollow metal, so they're really light and make a really strong sound, but they have a rubber grip so they won't slip out of your hands if you get sweaty. Think of it as a bonus for the kit anyway."
Yuki: "Wow, thanks."
I slip them out of the box and begin tapping away. They're nylon tipped but that's not bad I guess. I sit down at a kit and play lightly. These are really easy to use. I don't need as much effort as wooden sticks. These are brilliant.
Takana: "Let me have a go."
She sits down at the kit, but the snare is caught on her skirt, even though it's only knee length.
Yuki: "Now do you see why?"

We browse the rest of shop a bit, with Takana falling in love with some Roland Fantom X8 or something. Either way, she can't afford it and it doesn't look as good as that Korg Triton which her parents, myself and a few other friends helped her buy years back. I sit and watch her play it for a while and I can't help but feel sorry for her. Why? She's got haemophilia as well as some sort of muscle disorder. She won't die like I will, but rather she's going to live on, being unable to do what she loves, because her hand will be all fucked up when she's older. A tear comes to my eye knowing that she'll have a worse future than me. I feel like taking her disability from her, so she can live her life, but then that would separate us. I just think to myself if it's worth it.
Takana: "Hm? What's the problem?"
Yuki: "Oh, nothing, I was just thinking about stuff. Come on, let's go find the others."

We walk around the large shop until we see Aihako crouching on the floor messing with an amplifier.
Aihako: "Wow...they managed to fit 24 effects into a 30 watt amp this small? Line 6 really are amazing..."
Takana: "Psh. You know it's all electronics, right?"
Aihako: "Oh yeah, like you can talk."
Heheh. Airheaded but witty. She's funny like that. Her problem? Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. She has to take injections every morning, night and during lunch or she dies by pissing all her fluids out in sweet piss. I laugh whenever I say that last bit because I'm evil like that.
Aihako: "By the way, I suggest finding Aoi for some real laughs."
No way, she didn't read my mind, right?

We find Aoi in the adjacent room, dreamy eyed and hugging a guitar like mad.
Aoi: "Heeey...."
I admit to knowing a little about guitars myself, even if I can't play them well.
Yuki: "So it's another Gibson, huh? What're the specs?"
Aoi wakes up, fixes her glasses and goes serious.
Aoi: "It's similar to my Les Paul Standard, but this is a Les Paul Custom. The differences are subtle, such as the fretboard inlays and the neck profile. Also, only Custom Les Pauls have this little thing on the headstock."
Looks like a bunch of triangles.
Aoi: "Also, the neck itself is different. A Standard has a plain maple neck with a thick profile. This is Mahogany all the way through and has been curved off to give a V-shaped profile, helping with speed but grip at the same time. They also use different pickups, as the Les Paul Standard will only have some random basic stuff, but this particular Les Paul Custom has Seymour Duncan Alnico II's. That's good, by the way. This finish is also only avaliable as a custom option on Gibsons. Epiphone will do this on some Les Pauls, but to get this A
lpine White with Black pickguard/washer on a Gibson is rare. Also, this finish usually has gold hardware, but it looks like the previous owner removed the pickguard cover and outfitted it with black die-cast stuff."
Upon closer inspection, I see that what is usually silver on her guitar is indeed, a flat black. However, there's this wobbly thing hanging off it.
Takana: "Aoi, how comes your guitar doesn't have this wavy thing?"
She lights up even more. The shy girl is gone.
Aoi: "Ahahaha~! That's the finishing touch on this certain guitar. It doesn't have a convential bridge like most guitars, but rather it has a Floyd Rose! No Gibson in the world has this without a custom job or by special order!"
What? "Friend Bath Absence?" What the hell is that?**
Yuki: "So, are you going to buy it? How much have you got?"
She puts on a sort of blank face.
Aoi: "Er...about eight, maybe nine hundred thousand?"
Where did she get that much?!
Aoi: "I might buy it if it's not too much. I don't really have much money right now."
Not much money my ass. Although she did come from a rich family. After all, she was bought a 250,000 Yen guitar even though she was only playing for 2 weeks. I think she has the saddest circumstance of the four of us. She has a form of cerebal palsy known as Spastic Diplegia, although I don't know what that is. What I do know is that she also has some sort of brain tumor-like thing which makes her uber-smart, but very at risk. She's very gifted. She currently ranks at the academic number 1 of the school, however, her brain is what will kill her before even me. I just hope she doesn't die too early. She has too much to live for and experience first.

As I notice she's gone, she's at the counter asking the guy how much the guitar is.
Shopkeeper: "...About 620,000 Yen. And I absolutely cannot move on that price, I'm sorry. All I can do is give you some strings, the tools for adjusting the nut and tremolo arm as well as a case and some other things you'll need for keeping that guitar in good condition, but that's it..."
He's trying to put on a hard face, but already Aoi's counting the bills as she places them on the counter.
Aoi: "...590,000...600,000...610,000...620,000!"
He remains silent as he fetches the case and other utensils. Aoi turns to us and smiles whilst giving the V for victory sign.
Yuki: "You know, Aihako got a new bass a month ago, I got a new kit a week ago and now Aoi's buying a new guitar. You should get a new keyboard."
Takana: "Despite the fact that my keyboard is already one of the best avaliable?"
Yuki: "Yeah why not."
She chuckles and I join in.
Aoi: "Yeah! I'm now the proud owner of a Custom Gibson."

We grab Aihako before leaving the shop. We decide to walk a bit more before heading back to school. The sky has just gone dark, but we should make it with good time. It's silent by the time we leave the town, and so I pull out my old sticks and decide to start tapping away. We all line up and walk in time, and it seems to bring back memories to the overgrown baby stuck to my arm.
Takana: "Yucchan...where are you new ones?"
Yuki: "I don't want to wear my new ones so fast."
Wait. Did she just call me Yucchan? I haven't heard that in so long. It makes me feel warm deep inside.
Aihako: "Yucchan, is it? When did she stop calling you that?"
Yuki: "Once we got into high school she stopped calling each other nicknames."
Aihako: "Oh, then what did you used to call Takana?"
Yuki: "Taka-ue."
The others laugh as Takana blushes. She hides this by burying her face in my arm. I stop tapping for a second to shake Takana off. It's hard, she's gripping me like a metroid. Eventually, I start tapping the beat for Tsubasa Wo Kudasai as Aoi recognizes it and starts humming the riff.
We all start singing our respective bits and humming our instrument parts when we're not singing. The song finishes as we get to the school gates where we all stop and laugh.

It really is wonderful to have good friends.


I had lots of fun writing this. Not as many laffs or references, but I like how it's progressed. Sorry for not conforming to any choice or whatever, but hey. Who knows, maybe this makes up for the quality of the last chapter.
I enjoy everything the devs hate. This includes and is not limited to: Pokemon, K-ON! and Lego.

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by ZystraL » Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:13 am

- The previous one was excessively long
- After messing up the sex scene I can get why some people stopped reading
- It wasn't as really interesting and previous installments.

Hey, nobody liked it, fair enough. I'm not just gonna let this die though. I just didn't add anything because I've been busy with other works. If this has lost all interest altogether, then yes, I'll be a little sad, but hey.


[clock heart]

I get up just as my alarm clock goes off. Not bad I guess, though I don't usually get up this late on Fridays. Toothpaste runs out and I need to go do the laundry. Other than that, as uneventful as normal.

Class, however, is interesting. Today, Hisao as well the Student Council are gone. I bet he's just been taken captive or something. Regardless, the interesting point about class is that Muto is also absent, meaning we have a substitute.
Nomiya: "Alright everyone, I'm an artist not a scientist, so I'll just tell you what's written on this sheet; 'Page 134-135, Activity 1a, then copy out the diagrams before doing the Summary Questions'"
I recognize this guy. He's the art teacher I think. Reputation for dressing oddly but I'm not one to judge on fashion. It's all solo-work today but I found it relatively easy, suprisingly. Just some simple rearrangement along with referring to a reactivity chart. Bla bla bla carbon whatever.

Today, I decide to get a take-out lunch from the cafeteria. Whitemeat sausages with rice. Here we go again, bad school food. I hold my lunch whilst climbing the stairs to the roof. It's a nice day today so I don't see why not. I open the heavy door with some difficulty, but eventuall the sunlight explodes into my face.
???: "Hello."
Wait. That voice. No...
Rin: "What a suprise to see you here."
???: "Who is it, Rin?"
Huh, it's her.
Emi: "Oh, I know you! You're...Tainaka, right?"
Yuki: "Hey, Ibarazaki."
Rin: "You two know each other? What a coincidence."
Emi: "We're in the same grouping for PE. You'd be too if you weren't skipping all the time."
Rin: "I have things to do."
Ibarazaki frowns. A rare sight.
Emi: "So Yuki."
Hm, she seems like the sort of super-energetic person who would call just about everyone by their first name. It doesn't suprise me. She's brightened up again. I think apart from being legless, she's got some sort of ove-rsmiling condition.
Emi: "What brings you up here?"
Yuki: "It was a nice day so I guess I wanted to eat lunch up here."
She bursts out into the biggest smile ever.
Emi: "That's great, we can have lunch together!"
Rin: "I'd like that."

We settle down on a bench nearby and pull out our food. Emi's brought along some sort of home-made lunch boxes. One for her, one for Rin. We start chowing down and it already amazes me how easily she moves her legs about, fork and knife in each foot. Doesn't she ache? Emi on the other hand, eats her food very civilized, slowly, moving her arm up to her mouth, not her face down to the plate. Despite her childish looks, she's got a few very grown up mannerisms.
Rin: "So Yuki, have you seen Hisao today?"
Emi: "You know Hisao?"
Yuki: "Er, no. And yeah, you could say we're friends. Why?"
Rin: "I just haven't seem him either."
Emi: "I'm his personal trainer."
Yuki: "Personal trainer?"
Emi: "Yup! You probably don't know, but Hisao needs to exercise regularly or he'll die, so he comes running with me every morning."
That's new. I mean I knew he was unfit, but I didn't know it was that severe. We continue eating with the occasional random topic coming up now and again, and we only manage to finish as the bell goes.
Yuki: "Well, we better get going."
Emi: "Yup! See you later. Oh and tell Hisao for me that he'd better not be late tomorrow!"
Yuki: "Will do."

Back in class, Hisao's there but Mikado and Incho aren't. Looks like he wriggled free of their clutch.
Yuki: "Hisao. I was with Emi earlier and she says to get there early tomorrow morning."
He turns around, a little startled by my abruptness.
Hisao: "Hm? Oh, right. Thanks."
By the time the class is over, Hisao's in a rush to leave.
Yuki: "Hey, wait."
He turns and looks at me just as he gets up.
We walk out together towards the exit of the building.
Yuki: "Say, Hisao. What's your condition anyway? You look pretty normal."
Hisao: "I could say the same for you."
He sighs.
Hisao: "I have a bad heart. Arrhythmia. Basically, if I work it too hard my heart just goes 'fgsfds' and stops."
I grimace jokingly.
Yuki: "Ah well, you're better off than me I guess. I've got primary lateral sclerosis."
He looks shocked.
Hisao: "I haven't a clue what that is but it sounds bad."
Yuki: "Basically, as I age, my arm muscles stop working. I'll be essentially paralysed from my waist up."
I look down as I keep walking.
Yuki: "Wanna hear something funny yet embarrasing?"
I look up at him, with the same smile he wears.
Yuki: "When my face eventually paralyses, I wish to remain smiling as it happens, so I can never look sad."
As he puts his arm around me I go really red.
Hisao: "Why would that be funny? I think it's the most obvious thing to ask for. A smile is the best gift in the world."

We part ways as I go off to band practice while he goes up a floor. As I ask him, he only replies "Tea with friends." Heh, so he's got other friends as well. I walk into the room with a smile as usual.
Yuki: "He~llo!"
Takana: "You're in a good mood. Something happen?"
Yuki: "Eh, nah. Just a nice chat with a friend."
I look around and notice something's wrong.
Yuki: "Where's Aihako?"
Takana: "In the nurse's office. She ate something last night and her diabetes flared up."
From red to white.
Yuki: "Fuck me, seriously?"
Takana: "Okay, but not here. And yes. We went to visit her this morning, and she's still living off an IV. She says to just practice without her though."
And the solemn mood just hung in the room for the rest of the day. Aoi and Takana took turns alternating and filling in vocals, but it just doesn't feel the same. Please be okay, Aihako.


Dun dun DUUUUUN.
plot twist. Yeah.
I procrastinated way too much on this one but hey. Still came out okay I think. Perhaps there was some useless dialogue but whatever.
I enjoy everything the devs hate. This includes and is not limited to: Pokemon, K-ON! and Lego.

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by Seroanth » Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:11 am

You're updating this insanely fast. Too much free time?

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by Vysetron » Wed Aug 26, 2009 6:49 pm

Heh, that last one was cute. Nice to finally know her disability. It seems odd that she'd be at the school at all since it wouldn't affect her for years, but I digress.
Good thing that Rin hasn't disappeared from the story. I was wondering how they'd turn out.

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by ZystraL » Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:42 am

Disability was mentioned in the first ever installment.

Anyway, I've had Writers Block for a while now, but shit has just got serious. This is the penultimate chapter, sadly, because after this, I'll write a dual-endings sort of thing. Anyway, it's been fun. Expect more fics from me in future though.


We play through our song list like normal, but with a more solemn tone to it. We finish about half an hour early, but that's okay. None of us feel at all like doing anything anyway.

I go home and do my homework, mind still cloudy over the possible death of a close friend. I guess that's why a place like Yamaku exists. So that when an occurance like this happens, they're fit to deal with it like a hospital, rather than the shoddy first aid of some fat teacher. I walk to the cafeteria and give a friendly nod to Molly and Takeshi as they walk past, holding hands and smiling. I wonder how nice it must be to have someone like that. Someone you can always cry on, someone who's always there. Someone who makes you smile with their smile. Hm, now's probably not the time to think about it, though.

I grab Char Grilled fish On a bed of Watercress with some Strong Violet sauce. I notice Hisao sitting next a tall girl with blonde hair. I need some sort of moral support right now.
Lilly: "...which is why I often bring Hanako food when I finish."
Yuki: "Hey, Hisao, mind if I sit down with you and your friend?"
Hisao: "Of course."
Lilly: "Oh? Who is this, a friend of yours, Hisao?"
Yuki: "Hello, I'm Yuki Tainaka. I'm in Hisao's class. Pleased to meet you."
Lilly: "Lilly Satou. I'm from Class 3-3, pleased to meet you as well."
I talk to Hisao and Lilly a little about some stuff to get my mind off Aihako.
Yuki: "Yeah, me and the girls might write up a new song specifically for our graduation."
Lilly: "Oh, you're with that band that played during the festival?"
Yuki: "Yes. I play the drums there. Did you hear us?"
Lilly: "Sadly no, I was attending to the stall my class were holding. I hear you were very good though."
Yuki: "Well...we're okay I guess...although recently there are some problems..."
Lilly: " there something the matter? Your voice has a hint of sadness with it that doesn't usually come from something trivial..."
Wow, she can tell just from my voice? That's quite amazing. Although to be able to hear and see, she's blind, I guess.
Yuki: "Well...I found out earlier today that my close friend and bass player has just encountered some sort of problem with her diabetes and may have a chance of dying."
Lilly: "Oh my. I'm terribly sorry to hear that."
Yuki: "Thanks for your concern. I hope for the best anyway."
Lilly: "Of course. Nobody ever wants a close friend to die, no matter what."
As we finish our meals, Lilly takes a small boxed meal with her. I assume it's for that Hanako person she was mentioning. We get up and she pulls out her cane. She is blind, apparantly. My evil side can't help but smile at "blind blond" as the two of them go off to wherever.

I reach my room but it's still light and my head just feels heavy. It's not that heavy as far as I know...about 11, maybe 12kg? I don't really care. I pull up a chair and turn on my laptop. As I'm whipping away on my little games I spy a photograph on my desk. It was back when the band first got together a year ago. We're all in our uniforms, the four of us. I can't help but let a tear loose onto the glass cover. I put it back down and finish my game of Dicewars. Goddamn this is addictive. I read a few webcomics more to waste time.

As night falls, I punch out my "byes" over MSN. Typing in rhythm, of course.
I knew I'd be going to bed sad sooner or later.


Saturday. I'm not feeling good for several reasons. Prime of which are Aihako and that it's a Saturday.

My morning (more like MOURNING) routine goes on and on, class is also pretty boring. Muto and several people are missing but I don't mind. As I leave to visit Aihako, someone calls out to me:
???: "Hey, Tainaka,"
I turn with less feverousity than I usually do. It's Inoue, but her friend is nowhere to be seen.
Yuki: "Sup, Naomi? Where's Natsume?"
Naomi: "Well that's the thing. Natsume's in the orchestra and today is the resignation of the music teacher, so he's going to conduct one last open air performance. Most of the people in our class our going as well seeing as Muto's in it too. Wanna come along?"
Yuki: "Hm. Sorry, got plans."
Naomi: "Alright then, see ya later."
Sigh. I can't even concentrate on music like this.

I walk slowly to the Auxilary Building, asking the nurses if they know where Aihako is. She's on the first floor in some corridor near the Head Nurse's office. Suddenly I get a text from Aoi, who's with Aihako already.
"Come quickly, her condition is worsening. We need to be here for her."
I speed up. As I near the right corridor, the Head Nurse himself appears.
Nurse: "Tainaka, I need a favour right now. Most of the staff are busy or occupied, and you're the most physically fit person I can get a hold of at the moment. Hisao was in town earlier this morning and he collapsed for some reason. I got a message and he's resting in the hospital there now, but I need you to give him this emergency medication. Can you please do it?"
This isn't good. I need to be with Aihako in case something happens...but what about Hisao? His heart will give as well. Aihako's the closer friend, but Hisao's been really nice to me since I met him a few weeks ago. I don't want either of them to die... but I'm not sure what to do. The nurse himself can't do it, and by the time he can get anyone to do it it may be too late...but what about Aihako? I don't want to face something like this.

Who should I help out?
-> [] Hisao (Bad End)
-> [] Aihako


Granted, in that situation, helping Hisao doesn't seem logical. not as good a friend. But however, like I said, this is close to the last one, and so I'll be writing both paths anyway.

This was fun to write. Plenty of little bits here and there. Hopefully I can wrap this story up nicely.
I enjoy everything the devs hate. This includes and is not limited to: Pokemon, K-ON! and Lego.

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Re: It's fun in the background...

Post by ZystraL » Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:40 am

Sigh, well, I guess this will die without any ore views. Sad.

This is it. It's been fun writing this, and I'll definitely do other fics. However, all stories draw to a close eventually. I just saw that this was dwindling in popularity, so I might as well close it whilst it still has something left.

A few paragraphs down I say "elevator or lift". I'm British, sue me. Elevators are the mechanical stairs is what I was taught.


-> [x] Hisao

Yuki: "Alright."
I take the small bag from him and walk to the gates. Don't want to waste all my energy otherwise it's pointless.
I reach the gates very quickly, despite the distance, and from there I start jogging down the hill.

The town comines into distance very quickly and eventually I'm in the town square. I'm already quite tired. I quickly ask for directions and a few people point me in the direction of a medium-sized grey building not too far off. I sprint, thinking to myself "Hisao, be okay, goddamnit."

My throat is starting to dry and burn. I haven't had much to drink and I've not done this much strenuous exercise in a long time. A few sharp turns almost make me lose my footing as I reach the hospital doors. I quickly grab some water before jumping up the stairs, 3 at a time. I have no time to wait for an elevator or a lift.

Once I reach the right unit the nurse told me, I ask for Hisao Nakai. The woman at the counter gives me a few simple directions and I sprint off again. My head is hurting slightly and my throat still aches. My legs are starting to get heavy as well. Fortunately, I break into the room before long and hand the doctor talking to Hisao the medication.
Doctor: "Ah thank you, Miss."
Hisao: "Yuki? What are you doing here?"
I stop and sit to catch my breath before replying.
Yuki: "Saving a friend's life...*pant*, I've still got to *cough* repay you for that kit, eh?"
He stops and looks shocked, but then puts on a smile that could put Ibarazaki to shame.
Hisao: "Thanks. Really."
Yuki: "No problem...*cough* Haa..."
My mind is going blank. My head feels heavy and my legs have gone numb. I reach for a drink to soothe my throat as everything goes black. The only thing I remember are the panicked shouts of Hisao and the Doctor.
Hisao: "Yuki? Yuki?"
Doctor: "Miss, are you okay?"
Hisao: "Hey Yuki, what's wrong?"
Doctor: "Nurse! We need an A&E room for this young woman. Get her examined now!"


My head feels drowsy. My mind is just blank until the orange light floods in from the open windows to my eyes. My focus is blurred and it takes a while for it to adjust. I'm lying in a hospital bed in a hospital room wearing hospital robes on top of my underwear. My school shirt and skirt are folded on a nearby chair. A man in a white doctor's coat is standing at the foot of my bed examining a clipboard before putting back on the coaster. What am I doing here? Oh that's right. Hisao was dying so I brought him medication but my lack of exercise combined with my overexerting lead me to faint. I hope.

Doctor: "Miss Tainaka, you are a friend of Hisao Nakai in the opposite room, am I correct?"
Yuki: "Yes."
My throat is now okay, and my head doesn't hurt as much, but my legs and arms are aching for some strange reason.
Doctor: "Well, we recived information that you ran here from Yamaku Academy to deliver him medication..."
He said this with some sort of strange alarm in his voice.
Doctor: "When you were diagnosed with primary lateral sclerosis."
Yuki: "Why? What's wrong?"
Doctor: "Well at this moment, we're unsure of anything, but we think some of your motor neurones have started to go kaput. We'll have to keep you here for a day or two to make sure. We've informed the medical staff and office at your school anyway. Your friend is also here for that long, so you should be able to return together."
Yuki: "So, what's going to happen?"
Doctor: "Like I said, over the coming days, we'll do some tests. If all is well we'll let you go, and if not, we'll keep you here for a little longer until we can do something. Don't worry. Just cheer up and get some rest and plenty of water for now. You were very drained when you got here."
He turns for the door but suddenly turns back.
Doctor: "Oh, and it is impervious and very important that you do not get out of this bed, do I make myself clear?"
I respond lazily. I guess I really am tired.
Yuki: "Yes..."
The doctor leaves without closing the door. I can see Hisao from my room as his door is open as well. He notices me looking and waves and smiles. I smile back. He turns away to reach for something. It's an empty notepad. He begins scribbling on it, but rather than showing me, he tears the page out and starts folding it. I watch as he carefully creases and straightens the paper before throwing a very well-made glider at me. It lands right in my lap and I unfold it slowly.
"Are you feeling okay?"
I remember I have my school bag and slowly do the same, pulling out a blank notepad and scribbling something down.
"I might be dying."
Sadly, I can't make very good planes and it only ends up reaching his doorway. Fortunately, a passing-by nurse looks between us, smiles and delivers him the note. He quickly reads it and returns it.
"That's sad to hear. When you make a plane, try to fold the wings in on itself thrice."
I write down.
"What's wrong with you?"
This time, I fold it in half before folding the top corners in, then in again and then again. I pull it in half and throw and it hits the wall above his head before falling into his arms. He gives me a thumbs-up before reading and returning.
"Just another attack. Sadly, they think that this one was near fatal so they're just keeping under surveillance for now."
I can't reply as they bring us food. It's just mashed potatoes and rice. I prefer the food at Yamaku. That rocked. He understands and begins eating.

By the time I'm done with my bland meal, it's dark and Hisao sends me one last plane.
"Well, it's dark. I'm getting tired so I'm just gonna read and go to bed. See you tomorrow."
As the plane leaves, and nurse closes his door and closes mine.
I lie back and pull out my headphones and iPod.

I wonder why I came to help Hisao. Images of him smiling come into my head. My chest starts to feel tight and my head goes heavy. Can't be love, can it?


I'm in a hospital room. That's right. I was running to give Hisao some medicine and blacked out. Sigh. The nurses bring me in some sort of bland food. Elvis would be disappointed. It's not long after I get doctors coming in and out doing blood tests, psyche tests, all the sort. Eventually, I'm wheelchaired to a Physiotherapy room, where they have me doing some walking and basic movements.
Physio: "So, does it ache to move or anything?"
Yuki: "Yeah, a little."
Physio: "Right, well, do you do any sort of sports or activites that necessitates lots of movement?"
Yuki: "I play drums."
Physio: "I'm afraid you'll have to refrain from that for the time being."
Yuki: "Right, anything else?"
Physio: "Nope, you're all done here. Try walking back to your room."

I leave and I manage to get back to my room on foot. I lie on the bed for a while longer until more doctors come in and do more tests. Eventually, the same doctor that saw me and Hisao comes in and says I'm alright and I can go back to Yamaku. I get changed and I see Hisao waiting for me down at Reception. I don't know if I can face him. Over these few weeks, I've been the happiest I've ever been. It's because of him. But I can't say it. Not now.
Hisao: "Thanks again. I'm sorry you ended up like this."
Yuki: "Nah, it's okay. I was more worried about you though."
We smile at each other for a while before we leave the hospital. Outside, we decide to go for lunch at the Shanghai Tea House before heading back.

We both go for some sandwiches while Hisao takes a coffee and I order a Melon Soda. We sit and talk a while, but there's still a solemn feeling. A feeling something's not quite right...I leave this thought for now and finish as Hisao pays.

We walk through the air, a heavy mood still remaining. Even though the doctors all said I'm okay, my body still feels a little limp and aching. I guess I should just go back to my dorms and rest. As we near the train crossing, my mind suddenly remembers what was bothering me. Aihako. For all I know she may be dead by now. I start hating myself for not being there for her. It's too late to do anything though.
Yuki: "You know..."
Hisao: "Hm?"
Yuki: "I was on my way to visit a very close friend who was terminally ill. She was in the room next to the nurse's office until the nurse asked me to drop these off for you."
Hisao: "Then why did you come? You should have stayed there and looked after her!"
Yuki: "I don't really know myself. But I was asking myself. Then I realized."
I turned to face him, tears rolling down my eyes.
Yuki: "When I see you smile it makes me feel warm inside. When you're not around I feel lonlier than usual. When I see you having problems it makes me feel uneasy too."
Hisao: "Yuki?"
I lean against him and place one hand on his chest.
Yuki: "I think I've fallen in love with you."
He stops for a moment, then put his arms around me.
Hisao: "You know, the reason I came to Yamaku is because my heart only flared up for the first time a few months back. Do you know what the cause was? A girl confessed to me."
Yuki: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
I wipe off my tears and break free from his embrace, smiling, almost laughing.
Yuki: "Anyway, come on, we'll be late."
We reach the crossing just as the barriers go down. A minute later the train whooshes past.

It's not long before we reach the busy main road thet separates the town from the suburbs. We wait at the crossing for the lights to change, and we slowly make our way across. We cut through the children's park where we play for a few minutes before heading up the large stone steps to a small plateau. He reaches the top first, suprisingly.
Hisao: "Wow, look at that view."
I reach the top and I see a large lush field of green that only extends for so far before ending and suddenly revealing the ocean. Off in the distance is another island with some buildings by the sea. The view itself is just beautiful. I can't put it into words. It's picture perfect.

We stand there for a few minutes, taking in the scenery. I can't help but let a tear loose as a smile comes to my face. This is such a nice place. Everything feels so good. I walk up to the edge of the cliff and pull out my hair ring. I shake my a head a bit to let my bangs come down and the restof my hair loose.
Yuki: "Ahh! This is just great!"
Hisao: "It sure is nice. Watch out though, you might fall."
Yuki: "I won't."
I move closer to Hisao.
Yuki: "You know, I was serious. I think I do have feelings for you."
Hisao: "We've known each other for what, 2 weeks."
Yuki: "Doesn't matter. I told you, I feel better when you're around. It may be a teenage crush, but at least I've let it out."
I put my arms around him, my head in his shoulders. He slowly returns the gesture.
Yuki: "You know, back in the hospital, I was worried my muscles were going to go already. But now I don't mind. I can live smiling forever."
Hisao: "You're not going to lose movement for a long time, Yuki, don't worry."
Ever since I was diagnosed, I've never heard anybody say that to me. I smile widely and jump up to kiss him. However, my kiss catches him unaware and he turns abruptly. So abruptly, he loses his footing and before I can move my mouth away from his, we're falling down the cliff. It's just water down there, but this cliff is high enough that the impact will probably kill us. We look at each other a bit, and I only have enough time to think.
Yuki: "I lov-"


dundundundundun. I know, a pretty shitty way to kill them off, but hey. I had more fun typing this than I thought, mainly because of all the happy that was going on between discharge and death.
I enjoy everything the devs hate. This includes and is not limited to: Pokemon, K-ON! and Lego.

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