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Hisao: "........"

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "Wahaha!"

Sigh, I even hear Misha's laugh in my sleep..

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "Hicchan! Wake up wake up wake up!"

Hisao: "Why should I, I'm too tired..."

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "Cause~! Shicchan said so. And you should do everything Shicchan says~!"

Hisao: "Ah, you're right.. I don't want to get Shizune mad."

I've never questioned my dreams. I really like to go with the flow and see where it ends up. But even in my dreams I start to fear an angry Shizune. I might get hanged or stripped, or even worse.. I imagine countless wooden boards, an infinite number of nails, and a hammer in my hand.

Hisao: "Ah.." "A dream.."

Thinking about such catastrophes, my mind begins to fire its neurons. I sit up, forcing my eyes to stay open without much luck.

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "What kinda dream was it Hicchan~?"

Hisao: "Hm...I already forgot it..but I remember Shizune was there.." 'YAWN~'

Shizune: "...!"

A faint blush appears on Shizune's cheeks.

Misha: "Wahaha~! Hicchan you're so perverted! What naughty things were you think about so early in the morning~."

Naughty things? My 1/3 asleep brain does its best in imagining such cases. I can see it now. Shizune undoing the zipper on her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. She unties her bow, showing me more of her chest and cleavage than I ever imagined. And before I know it, a small faint smile creeps on my face.

Shizune: "...!"

And before I know why, my head hurts like crazy.

Misha: "Hahahaha!" "Hahahah!"

Wait don't tell me. I rub my eyes and look next to me. First I see Shizune trying to sign things to Misha. But Misha is too busy laughing her ass off to see Shizune signing to her. How long have they been here? Why does my head hurt? What do they want from me?

Rubbing my head while waiting for Misha to calm down, I too calm myself down. Thinking about lewd things so early while having two girls in your room is a dangerous thing. Luckily I can concentrate on the mysterious pain to calm down.

Hisao: "So, why exactly are you two here so early today?"

Misha: "What are you talking about Hicchan? It's already 8 o'clock."

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "We need your help with something Hicchan~!"

The festival ended only last night. After I left Shizune and Misha on the rooftop I came straight to my room and slept. Apparently I didn't bother to change out of my clothes, set my alarm, or lock my door. And most importantly I forgot to take my medicine. My habit of taking my meds, along with my extra tiredness today, told me I had actually forgot to take them. I grab my chest with my left hand and wonder if I'll be okay. Missing out on a dosage really shouldn't do anything. But I still remember that these pills are keeping me alive.

Misha: "Hicchan?"

I thought about it for a minute. I'd rather not but I feel apprehensive about missing my pills.

The two girls look at me. I can tell they're trying to be polite and not stare, or not ask any unnecessary questions. I take the handful of pills I'm assigned to and gulp them down with a bottle of water next to my bed. I try to make it look as natural as possible. When I'm finished, Shizune signs to Misha.

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "Ah, so, Hicchan. Can you help us today?"

Since before the festival started, I have been the target of Shizune and Misha's scheming. I've been ordered to help them with paper work, making fliers, constructing stalls. However, it must have been my own misfortune that I transferred during the busiest week of school and joined the busiest club of all, the student council. I know Shizune and Misha would have had a harder time if I wasn't there, and that may mainly be the reason for their borderline coercion and blackmail. The festival is over so things should be calming down. Shizune shouldn't be so demanding about anything anymore, right? I'll let my guard down for now. Just a little bit.

Hisao: "Sure I can help. What do you need me to do?"

The girls look at each other. After a moment of signing:

Misha: "Well Hicchan, we need you to come to school."

Hisao: "To school?"

Misha: "To school."

Hisao: "And do what?"

Misha: "Well~ It's not too hard, but we just need some help. So can you come to the student council room with us Hicchan~?"

Like usual, they don't explain what needs to be done until I get there.

Hisao: "Fine, but can I change first?"

Misha: "Of course!"

I see them out the door. After I wash up and put on a new uniform I leave my room for the day. This time I decide to lock it. Surprisingly they are not here. I was expecting to walk with them to school.

Hisao: "Maybe they're beginning to trust me."

Misha: "AH, are you ready Hicchan? You're fast~!"

Hisao: "I guess not.."

Misha comes yelling down the hallway. It seems they came out of one of the lounge rooms in the dorm.

Misha: "We thought since you haven't eaten breakfast yet we could at least get you something to drink."

Shizune: "..."

Shizune hands me a can of iced coffee.

Hisao: "Thanks."

Shizune smiles at me and we all make our way to the school.

Misha: "Wahaha!"

For some reason or another, Misha laughs. Maybe because she hasn't laughed in a few minutes?

The amount of work waiting for us in the council room is staggeringly boring and slightly difficult. We only had to calculate the funds each club had raised. However, the information of the allocated funds for most clubs was missing. Meaning much more work for us. After a couple of days of doing leftover festival work, the rest of the week went by just as slow.

After being in the student council room for about twenty minutes, it can get pretty boring. Especially when the two that brought you here are doing nothing but talking. To each other. In Sign Language.

Hisao: "Hey Misha."

Misha: "What is it Hicchan?"

Hisao: "I want to learn Sign Language."

Misha: "Really!? Really really Hicchan?!"

Shizune: "...!!!"

Hisao: "Hey.. you don't have to be so surprised." "In fact, you look too surprised for something that simple."

Shizune plays with her glasses for a second. She signs to Misha a series of things.

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "Ahaha! But Hicchan, are you sure you can do it?"

Hisao: "Huh, why wouldn't I be able to? Yeah it looks difficult, but nothing I can't get used to."

Misha: "Well Hicchan. It's a whole language~. Even I don't think you can learn it in a few days."

Hisao: "Few days?! I was thinking a few months at least."

Shizune's glasses shine at the prospect of a bet.

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "Alright Hicchan! Shicchan says you have two months to learn Sign Language!"

Hisao: "What!? That's impossible!"

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "If you put your mind to it, you can do anything Hicchan~!" "Hahah! That's true Shicchan!"

Shizune looks like she's having fun teasing me.

Hisao: "Alright, I'll do it! Two months huh? It can't be that hard. Right?"

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "But anyway Hicchan. You seem to be falling behind in your studies in class, can you really handle something like this~?"

Hisao: "Hey! Being forced to study and wanting to learn something are two different things!"

Misha: "Why do you wanna learn Sign Language so much Hicchan?"

Hisao: "Well, you know.. I just thought it would be fun to learn."

Because I want to talk to Shizune too. Of course I don't say such an embarrassing. I look away trying to think of something else to say.

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "Could it be, Hicchan!" "So that..." "So that you can.."

What it she gonna say this time?! I feel my face getting red.

Misha: "So that you can.."

God! She's saying it slow on purpose.

Misha: "talk to Shizune~!"

She said it!! Of I want to talk to Shizune too. But you don't have to say it like that! I don't even want to know what my face looks like right now.

Misha: "Wahaha~!"

What do I do? I know this is a plot from Shizune, I can see that devilish, victorious, smile and victory pose she makes. I can't say 'No', she'll say I'm not a man or something. I can't say 'Yes', she'll say it's a million years too soon before I talk to her or something. Think, think, think... In all but the three seconds while Misha is laughing, I come up with a victory plan. I take a deep breath.

Shizune: "Yeah" "I want to talk to Shizune."

As calmly as I can get myself to be in three seconds, I say it with a straight face. Misha looks a bit surprised. After Shizune gets the translation, she as well looks suprised, as well as a pair of cheeks with a hint of red. A second later:

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "What do you mean by that Hicchan? Yeah, what do you mean?"

Hisao: "Well, like I said. I want to talk to Shizune. It will be alot more convenient if we can talk directly."

Haha, I won this time Shizune. I say that last line with a smile, as best and charming as can I make it. I deliberately wait for Misha to translate it for Shizune, but right before she responds back to it:

Hisao: "Because! Won't it be a lot more efficient? We can get much more work done in the student council that way. Right?"

Misha: "Ahaha~! You're right Hicchan! Good thinking!"

After Misha translates, Shizune responds something. Very noticeably blushing.

Misha: "Hahahah! Haha!" "What were you expecting Shicchan?"

Misha: "Did you think he wanted to ask you out?" "Hahahah!" "Hahahahaha!"

That..that wasn't what I expected..

Now I'm blushing even more than before. It's true I want to talk to Shizune but I'm not sure if I can really ask her out. I haven't even told her about my condition. Plus I'm sure being alone with her would require more than two months of learned Sign Language. Shizune and I catch a glimpse of each other every few seconds. Maybe she does like me, and I'm just worrying too much. I take a deep breath. And another. I have to calm my heart and blood down or else I'll be in trouble. I don't know if I can call that a victory, but after seeing Shizune nervously blush I couldn't think of anything. Or rather, I didn't want to think of anything else.

Shizune: "..."

Shizune quickly signs something and quickly walks out of the room.

Hisao: "Oh, she looks kinda mad. Did I say something to upset her?"

Maybe she was hurt by Misha's laughing, which she's still to recovering from.

Misha: "No no Hicchan. I'm sure she's really~ happy." "Only a few people and the other people that are deaf know Sign Language. But~ she doesn't get along with them! So since you two get along really well, I'm sure she'll be super happy~!"

She'll be happy? I image Shizune being happy. I've seen her smile and if she could, laugh. I was sure she was happy at that time. But when I think about it, Misha was still talking through her. Was she having fun? That's something I would have to ask her myself.

After she came back, we played a game of chess. I lost in 4 turns.

Misha: "Ahahaha!"

For the next month and a half, between studying for classes and doing student council work, I was learning Sign Language. Of course Misha was the one tutoring me. Even though it's night time, it's been getting a lot hotter these days. The school and dorms has good air conditioning, but it seems they only put it cool enough so we don't start sweating. Last week Shizune had found out my weakness and convinced me to give her a spare key to my room. Since then they come over everyday to wake me up and make sure that I cooperate with them for student council stuff. They still don't trust me.

Today we decided to have a study session. But, like usual I get Misha to help me get Sign Language down before my two month deadline ends.I had never once imagined what it would be like to learn something from Misha. Sometimes she's easy to understand and we get along on certain things, but other times..

Misha: "No, like this Hicchan!" "..."

Hisao: "But that's what I did!" "..."

Misha: "No no no no. Like this like this!" "..."

We've been doing the same hand motion for ten minutes. Misha wants my hands to be in a perfect position every time I sign something.

Hisao: "I give up."

Shizune puts a cold drink on my forehead.

Hisao: "Ah, thanks a lot."

Shizune: "..."

Shizune seems to be impatient.

Hisao: "What? I told you. I won't talk to you yet."

Shizune: "..."

When Misha started to teach me, I told her I didn't want to talk to Shizune until I can properly hold a conversation with her. Misha looked curious so I explained to her 'If I can't speak with to her normally, then I'm still relying on your help. It's the same as not speaking with her.' I got Misha to agree with me, but Shizune still tries to convince me otherwise. She even uses her special attack.

Shizune: "..."

Hisao: "No... don't..." "Damn you Shizune."

I can tell she's signing 'Please' a pair of puppy dog eyes.

Misha: "Hahah~!" "He's gotten pretty tough." "Yeah, you're right Shicchan, he has~."

I know Shizune's teasing me, but I can tell she's really trying to encourage me to learn more of her language too. After that, we eat some snacks and play a couple board games. Completely ignoring our original intention of 'study session'.

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "Why Shicchan?"

'Night.. something.?' Sometimes I'm able to identify a word or two in Shizune's signing. But she really does move her hands too fast. It makes me appreciate Misha's patience going slow for me.

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "Wahah~."

Either something bad will happen. Or they plan on leaving already. My intuition gets me ready for anything.

Misha: "Hicchan?"

Hisao: "Yeah, what's up? Is it getting too late?"

Misha: "Well you see." "We want to spend the night here~!"

Hisao: "..."

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "Hahaha~. Well Hicchan? Can we can we?"

Hisao: "W-w-w... What?" "Why? No wait. What do you mean by that?"

I wasn't ready for that. I cautiously ask them, in case I misunderstood anything. Or in case they purposely didn't give important information.

Misha: "Shicchan and I want to spend the night here! Right Shicchan?"

Shizune nods. Well of course, it was her plan.

After much forceful arguments and resignation I reluctantly let them spend the night. It was only right before I fell asleep that I realized Shizune's true plan.

One month and week after our sleep over party.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the day, classes are finally over. I took a peek at Shizune. She gives a quick smirk.

Hisao: "Sigh."

She really remember when the two months were over. I've gone well over that, but whenever I look at Shizune and Misha signing to each other, I feel really incompetent about my ability to freely talk to them. But still, I think I've held out long enough. I'm not confident in long conversations, but if it's to the point I can understand it.

Misha: "Hicchan? Something wrong~?"

Hisao: "Yeah."

She suddenly looks worried.

Misha: "Do you feel sick or tired Hicchan?"

Hisao: "No no. Nothing like that. Could you do me a favor Misha?"

She looks curious.

Misha: "Sure! Anything for Hicchan~!"

Hisao: "Can you tell Shizune to wait in the student council room alone?"

Misha: "Ahh! Are you gonna talk to her!" "Finally~!"

She says this louder than necessary.

Hisao: "Yeah I will."

Just thinking about it makes me excited. I spent the last 3 months preparing for this day.

Shizune: '...'

Misha: "Okay! I'll be in the cafeteria when you two are finished~!!"

She said more happy and exited than her usual hyper self. Running and laughing out of the room and into the hallway, Shizune soon follows after Misha walking and staying quiet like normal. The hallways are still filled with students. After a few minutes pass, and the number of students dwindle down further and further, I make my way to the student council room.

I stare at the door for a while. Shizune is by herself inside. I take a deep breath. When I enter the room Shizune is standing there waiting.

Hisao: 'Hello Shizune.'

I remember the first thing I learned in sign was 'Shizune'.

Shizune: 'Hello, Hisao.'

She talks slower than usual.

Hisao: 'Shizune.'

I thought I would be afraid. I thought I might not understand her.

Shizune: 'Yes? What Hisao?'

Hisao: 'Are you happy?'

I ask Shizune if she's happy. I ask her what I've wanted to know for so long.
I'm not sure what my question refers to: If she's happy someone can talk to her. If she's happy here at school or with her life. Or if she's happy we can finally speak our feelings to each other. She looks at me for a second. She tries to look away. A small tear comes from her eye. She tries to wipe it off, but it doesn't help, more tears come down her face. I can tell she what she wants to say. I know what her answer will be. Even if I never learned a single word in her language, I know what she's saying. I take a step towards her.

Hisao: "Shizune"

Shizune: '...'

She's staring at my hands while playing with her fingers, trying to figure out what to say.

I have learned another language for the girl that I like. I crossed the border that held us back for so long. I should tell her how I feel before anything else. My heart is beating fast. My hands feel like they're slightly shaking. Shizune is looking at me, waiting for me to say it. But I already know her answer, because..

Hisao: 'Shizune. I..'

She stops my hands with hers. For the next few quiet seconds she's holding onto my hands.

Shizune: 'Hisao.'

Hisao: 'Yes?'

Shizune: 'Hisao...'

Hisao: "?"

Shizune: 'Say my name again."

Hisao: 'Shizune.' 'Shizune.'

Right now, Shizune has never looked as happy as she has now. The simple gesture of her name sparks so much emotion within her. She looks so happy, even with her tears.

Hisao: 'Shizune.'

I've learned something about Shizune. She lives in her own quiet world. Even if everyone around her calls out to her spoken name, she will never hear it. The barrier called language stopped everyone else from calling out to her. Even when a person breaks the barrier and communicates with her, will they understand her? Do I really understand her?

Shizune: 'Yes.' 'I am happy Hisao.'

She closes her eyes for a minute. A minute to think. A minute to calm. A minute for her tears to stop.

Shizune: 'Hisao. I'm happy.'

Hisao: "!"

I'm surprised, but I'm not surprised. Shizune suddenly kisses me. The eternity of time that was only one and a half seconds is quickly over.
I wonder how an eternity can be so short.

Hisao: 'I'm happy too.'

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Re: Language

Post by Deimos » Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:09 am

Ah, the sweet goodness like waffles filled with caramel.

I liked the short passage about Shizune doing the 'puppy eyes' and the ending sequence and I know you had to condense the story to get your message aka the ending scene through but some more anecdotes from the 3 months in regards to Hisao's affection towards Shizune would felt better overall.
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Re: Language

Post by G3n0c1de » Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:39 am

It was pretty good, I always enjoy Shizune fics. Though I did notice a few errors, I still quite enjoyed it.
It's a good thing Shizune is deaf, she is the only one who can stand (not) hearing "Wahaha~!" over and over.

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Re: Language

Post by elk9 » Mon Aug 03, 2009 1:30 pm

A really touching story.
The last part where Hisao thinks about how solitary Shizune's world must be is interesting, especially where Hisao realizes that no body apart form Misha and him can actually 'call out' Shizune's name. It reveals how much his feelings for her have developed. Hisao is now part of a different world and new language...


Re: Language

Post by Guest » Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:15 am

Awww, I really liked that. Cute ending.

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Re: Language

Post by bitpeg » Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:16 am

Woops, why was I not signed in? Whatever. Great story.
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Re: Language

Post by Bara » Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:55 pm

I also enjoyed your story. I found your mention of Shizune "not getting along" with the other deaf students in character for her. :D

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Re: Language

Post by Xybaro » Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:54 pm

That was great.

I enjoyed it :)
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Re: Language

Post by Kamon » Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:31 pm

That was wonderful! I seriously went "Awwwww" at your ending. :D
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Re: Language

Post by cheesegrater3 » Thu Aug 06, 2009 2:50 am

I liked it.

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Re: Language

Post by Hydra » Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:35 am

i never liked Shizune. But after reading this its getting harder to dislike her.

you've made me see her in an entire different light. good work.

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Re: Language

Post by A_Gray_Phantom » Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:32 am

I'm starting to think that the reason a lot of people dislike her isn't because she's a bitch, but because of the language barrier. The writers do a really good job portraying that language barrier, but only to the disadvantage of her reception by the audience. It helps when you imagine Shizune signing in Japanese sign language like this: ... re=channel

Now try watching that video without bawling. I dare ya :wink:.
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Re: Language

Post by Guest » Fri Aug 07, 2009 7:55 pm

I love this that you have here, I would love too see this in the Full version,. and if not maybe even a short length anime or manga with Shizune as the main love intrest , I love how well thought out this is, This is definitely something great you have here please keep up the great work. It has been my pleasure into reading this.

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Re: Language

Post by Darkmoon » Fri Aug 07, 2009 8:18 pm

srry that last one was mine,.i guess i forgot to login agian XP oh well but yeah keep up the great work,..youll have 1 more follower in your corner rooting for you
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Re: Language

Post by ChrisTheCat » Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:20 pm

Ah, I love Shizune fics.

I quite liked how Shizune doesn't get along with the other deaf students. It really seems like something she would do.
Also, the way she reacted when Hisao signed her name...many feels were had.
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