Katawa Shoujo: Misguided Passage [Updated 7/1/09]

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Katawa Shoujo: Misguided Passage [Updated 7/1/09]

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[UPDATED 7/1/09]

I've decided to create a little random spinoff, so don't criticize too hard.
My character's name is Toshiro Andou, an 18 year old male.
He spent his whole life in the US, were his parents took refuge from the conflicts they had with some gang members.
After the gang disapeared after a random freak accident with their boss, his parents decided to return to Japan.
With his chronic respiratory problem, his parents think his not safe for public school in Japan.
His parents are always excessively worried about Toshiro, maybe having worried parents is good for a change...


Ever since I came to Japan I've been stuck at home playing Rise of Nations™ with my buddies in the US while my parents are stuck running all over Japan to look for a school. As I'm playing a conquest battle with Travis, an old friend I see that he's slowly eating away at my army, but I forget that I have a Terra-Cotta Army teasing me as soon as I return to my major city. It's just enough units for a counter-attack and siege attack, so send them into the bloody onslaught. After 10 minutes of stressful assimilating I end up winning the game and calling it quits.

I collapse onto my bed, hoping mom and dad return with some news and whatdya' know their back all happy and shit. Not surprised, I can hear my name being called from a distance. I literally roll out of my bed to prevent that nausea feeling and slugged my way into the living room from which I was called. They jesture me to have a seat in between them, I sighed and sat down on the semi-new couch.

Toshiro: Sooo...
Father: Son, your mother and I have finally found a suitable school.
Mother: Yes, it's called Yamaku High School... For the disabled.
Toshiro: Uhh, disabled? Me?

My god... They are so misunderstood about my condition.

Father: Yes, your condition isn't good for public school and we can't trust you hanging around those kind of people.
Mother: I mean, have you seen the bathrooms?
Father: But Toshi, it's actually up to you. Do you want to go to Yamaku or Public?

Well... It would be cool to be in a private school for once and I must prove my point to Travis that crippled people are people too.

Toshiro: Well, I guess so.. Yeah.
Father: I'm so glad you made a wise decision Toshi.

Mom and Dad gives me that kind of smile that makes my stomach twist and turn, and my stiff smile that makes me look like I've just got botox.

We have arrived at Yamaku High School after 2 hours of being lost and asking for directions, I've been eating some Pringles™ I've picked up from a local gas station around the school. As I walked in front of the entrance I see a huge black metal gate with red brick walls. It sorta makes me feel unsettling for a while, but I overcome my phobia of big gates and opened up the gate. The schoolyard doesen't look bad at all, in fact it looks too damn neat. But ofcourse it's a private school, for cripples. I slowly walk to the front entrance of the school with my knees shaking as soon as I push open the door. The lobby looks clean and empty... and quiet. But almost suddenly, a man comes walking down the stairs in the room behind the lobby. He walks up to me, giving me a nice warm smile like most people and a stiff handshake.

Toshiro: Nice handshake.
Man: Thanks, you must be Toshiro-San?
Toshiro: Yes, you must be my homeroom teacher.
Man: Oh yes, My name is Mr. Abe. I'm sorry but can I call you Toshi?
Toshiro: Oh, go right ahead.
Abe: Okay, I need you to go up those stairs you see behind this lobby and go to room 3-1.
Toshiro: Wait, your not coming with?
Abe: Sorry, I have business to take care, but you can introduce yourself to the class without my help, no?
Toshiro: Um, yeah I'm just used to having teachers help keep my sanity at a low level.
Abe: Well I'm off then, goodbye..

He paces onword out the front entrance and I pay no attention to what direction he left after. So I walk along the marble floor and climb the wooden stairs. I look like a confused 4 year old, but I guess that's okay for a new guy. I turn my head to-and-fro looking for the number plate 3-1, and finally I found it. The door is cracked open and I can hear voices leaking from the door. I grab the handle and carefully open the door, the light grazing from the window across from the door shines in my face. I take a few paces forword trembling in fear. My lungs act up and I end up coughing my ass of for a good 5 seconds. I have eyes from all over the room staring at me and making me piss-scared.

Student: Um, sorry but who are you and what are you doing here?

Not the nicest people around.

Toshiro: Uh, I'm the new student.
Most of the Class: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..
Student: So why don't you introduce yourself?
Toshiro: Uh, right. My name is Toshiro Andou, I'm from America.
Student: America? Wow. Tell us more.
Toshiro: Well, I like video games, mostly pc games and sometimes reading.
Student: Sit down, we don't want you trembling in the front of the class, embarrassing yourself.

The student pats on the desk next to her, she's pretty cute. She has nice long dark brown hair with bangs protruding to the side. Her green eyes arn't big nor small but at a size that's just right.

Student: Oh, I'm sorry for not Introducing myself. My name is Maeko Raikatuji, that's all you need to know.

Maeko gives me a warm smile and a pat on the shoulder. I get out my inhaler to help breath and Maeko give me a kinda worried, confused face. She probably wants to know what I have.

Toshiro: Sorry, I have a respiratory problem and my lungs can be congested sometimes.
Maeko: Oh, well okay. I've got no left hand.. Good thing I'm right handed yeah?

She giggles a bit to herself, as do I... But I'm I supposed to feel bad rather than laughing? She has a mechanical hand. I guess it's really different here. Abe dashes back into the class with plentiful o' papers in his arms. After he sorts enough papers on his desk to make him feel comfortable, he starts explaining on and on about new students and my condition. Like public school, this makes me feel really bored, so I look out of the window to see the pre-winter ambiance. Abe finishes explaining everything and passes down worksheets to every row. Math... not my forté.

Abe: You all will be working in pairs of two today. So grab a partner.

Not surprised, Maeko asks me.

Maeko: Um, Toshiro-san? Would you like to be partners?

And without a doubt I say.

Toshiro: Of course.
Maeko: Great, consider us acquantances... For now.

She gives me a wink and I blush a bit, then cleared my thoat.

Toshiro: Sorry Maeko, but math isn't my thing. I can help with minor things though.
Maeko: Oh nonsense, I'm going to teach you how to do this stuff, because that's what acquaintances are for, no?
Toshiro: Oh, thanks a lot, Maeko.

I give a short bow.

Maeko: Call me Machan~
Toshiro: Machan... Thanks.
Maeko: And I'll call you Tochan~
Toshiro: Okay, that settles it. Let's get this work done.
Maeko: Hey Tochan.
Toshiro: Yo.
Maeko: I'll save you a seat in the cafeteria during lunch.

She blushes a bit while drawing circles with her fingers on her desk.

Toshiro: Thank you Machan.
Maeko: Your welcome.

Before the bell rings we've managed to get most of the work done and Maeko taught me some new things along the work. She turns the work in to Abe and we rush out of the class and down the hall. I pull out my inhaler just in case she runs me out of breath. We finally arrive to the cafeteria and I see trays, perfectly neat with overly healthy looking food. So I grabbed the tray with the least most colorful food on it, because of a bad experience one time. I see Maeko sitting down, waiting for me. She has no tray.. Strange, maybe she eaten already? I grab a seat next to Maeko with my food.

Toshiro: Machan?
Maeko: ... Eh? Oh! Hello Tochan.
Toshiro: Have you eaten already? I see you have no tray.
Maeko: I'm saving room for McDonalds.

She gives me a big smile.

Toshiro: Ah... Good ol' Mickey D's.
Maeko: I'm sorry?
Toshiro: Oh that's what we call it in America.

She watches me as I eat the seemingly unappetising food on my tray. She looks as though I have something in my nose.

Toshiro: Is there something wrong? Machan?
Maeko: Well, I was going to ask if you wanted to come with me into town.
Toshiro: That... sounds cool. I would like to see what it's like around here.

After lunch, we scurry on back to class.

The final period has ended for the day, so I move on to the dorms in search for my dorm room. 68 eh? I walk into the building and see that the hall is quite nice, I look to the right and see a bunch of people watching the tele. As I finally find my dorm room I open up the door and see that it looks a lot like a hotel with the random wall hangings and ugly curtains, nothing ever matches here.

I see that Mom and Dad have unpacked everything for me so I can have some freetime... Oh yeah, I have to get ready to go into town with Maeko. I've decided to wear a small leather blaser over a thin striped hoodie, black skinny jeans and ALIFE™ shoes I got from New York.

After I got ready, I move to the front gate where I was told to rendezvous with Maeko. I can see her from afar as soon as I get out of the dorms. I wave to her, hoping she'd respond and she waves back calmly. I run over to the front gate were Maeko is leaning on the red brick wall. I'm using my inhaler while running how sad.

Toshiro: H-Hey *Pant* Sorry, I took awhile. I was looking for my room.
Maeko: That's alright with me, I only waited for about 2 minutes. Longest I've waited was 3 hours.
Toshiro: Oh damn, why so long?
Maeko: Traffic.
Toshiro: I had to wait about 5 hours just to finish a game with my friend.
Maeko: What game were you playing?
Toshiro: It's a video game, you probably won't know a word that's coming out of my mouth when it comes to talking about video games.

I scratch the back of my head.

Maeko: Oh, go ahead and tell me. I like video games.
Toshiro: You do?
Maeko: Sure, I play pc games here and there.
Toshiro: Well, okay. The game is Rise of Nations™.
Maeko: Rise of Nations?... It sounds familiar.... Oh Yeah! My brother used to play that game all the time. He spent hours playing that game and it worried me that he cept playing it to the point were my Dad kicked him out of the house for a day.
Toshiro: Woah, well, I don't play the game like that.. If that's what your thinking...
Maeko: I didn't think so.

She giggles a bit.

Maeko: We best be on our way, 'kay Tochan?
Toshiro: Yeah.

We both make our way to McDonalds to grab a bite, I bet Maeko is starving. I seem to have a slower pace than Maeko and she looks at me with a tired face.

Maeko: Tochan, walk faster. I don't like it when other people walk behind me, it makes me feel like I'm rushing everything.
Toshiro: Okay, sorry Machan.
Maeko: Please don't apologize Tochan, 'kay?
Toshiro: Aight then.

I then quicken my pace to where we are right next to each other, I have a problem with keeping up as I daydream while I walk to place to place.

Maeko: So Tochan, how was your first day here at Yamaku?
Toshiro: Well, I was pretty damn scared when I first entered class, but everything was alright because you helped me out a lot. So everything was awesome thanks to you Machan.

I give her a compassionate smile that makes her put her left hand on her right arm and blush a bit.

Later on, we arrived at McDonalds. Maeko looks indecisive and is changing choices often. When she finally orders her food she grabs a seat in the corner table were we can get a focus on the tele. I order a double quarter pounder, super-sized fries, and a large coke. A hefty meal. But hey, having high metabolism has it's highs and lows.

I sit at the table where Maeko sits, and I unload my bag on my tray. I see she has a cheeseburger and small fries, must be on a diet?

Maeko: Um... Tochan? Can I share a drink with you... please don't take it the wrong way... I just-
Toshiro: That's aight with me, go right ahead.

Maeko's reddened face nods and takes a sip of my coke. A girl I just met is drinking from my cup... It runs shivers down my spine and blood to my cheeks.

Moments later, the sun sets and we have finished our meal... Well, Maeko finished way before me, because of that miniscule meal of hers. Hopefully I'm gas free when we get up and leave.

Toshiro: Whew, I'm stuffed.
Maeko: I'm not stuffed, but I'm satisfied.
Toshiro: You ready to leave Machan?
Maeko: Yep.

She grabs my hand and we go out the door. I'm intrigued about how she lost her hand. Maybe I should ask about it on the way back home, hopefully I'm not being rude.

Toshiro: Machan?
Maeko: Yes?
Toshiro: I really don't want to be a rude person but uh....
Maeko: My hand?

She's a quick one.

Toshiro: Yeah...
Maeko: Well, if you must know I was born with a deformation aka. my hand.
Toshiro: Oh, sorry for asking. I was just curious.
Maeko: It's okay to be curious.
Toshiro: But you know that saying, "Curiosity killed the cat.".
Maeko: Well I don't believe in sayings.

She giggles. Her giggles... they make me comfortable, it's almost as if I thrive on them. I try to change the subject to change the unhappy mood from my question.

Toshiro: So... Lovely weather we're having here.
Maeko: Tochan?...
Maeko: If your trying to change the subject, tis' alright. I'm not mad.

She pats my shoulder to make me feel better. I feel like the baby.

After a not-so-long trip back to Yamaku, Maeko and I find ourselves drained from all the walking.

Toshiro: Getting pretty late, we should be getting ready for bed.
Maeko: Yeah, today was great... Thanks for coming with me into town. Maybe tomorrow we can go some place... With more class.
Toshiro: Yeah, and you can teach me more in class. Fur sure.
Maeko: I'm up for that Tochan.
Toshiro Hey, I should teach you something in return.
Maeko: Yeah..? What?
Toshiro: It's called giving 'Dap'.
Maeko: Dap?

She has one of those cute, confused puppy-dog faces which makes me give a curved smile.

Toshiro: It's... How you say... How we greet in the states. Basically, a handshake with a grip... Here, hold your hand like this.

Our hands clash with a slap and I slowly progress onward, slowly sliding my fingers to hers, then grip on tight and of course she gets the message and grips too. I don't bother with snapping at the end, because it's more simple to me.

Maeko: An interesting handshake I see. I'll try to use it from now on. Thanks.
Toshiro: Well, nighters...
Maeko: Good night... Toshiro-san.

What happened to Tochan? Anyway, we scurry on into our dorms and I approach this one strange fellow who looks a lot like Harry Potter, Big glasses and a striped scarf, just need the wand. He bumps into me as if he were blind, maybe he is.

Kenji: Hey there, watch it.
Toshiro: Sorry buddy, I wasn't paying attention.
Kenji: No, Feminists?
Toshiro: Uh... Feminists?
Kenji: Soon they triumph will over us men and the world will have nothing but females! So watch your back.
Toshiro: Uh... Yeah, I will. Thanks for the info...?
Kenji: Beware! The feminist conspiracy!

And then the fellow walks off into the dark halls of mystery...
I slip into my room with my legs limping all along the rough carpet just so I can topple straight toward the pillow of my messy bed that I pay no mind to make.

I sigh.

I pick up my inhaler to read the substances and stuff then end up falling nearly asleep with the inhaler falling out of my hand and on the floor. My half opened eyes stare at the bristle ceiling, everything starts to blur away and I can hear myself snoring for about a good few seconds...

Toshiro: Ehhhmmm... G...goodnight...

[End of Day 1]

I awake feeling sweaty and kinda distraught. I really feel the urge to take an unreasonably long shower just to relax. I see that I woke up two hours before class begins. I crawl out of my bed and into the shower, turning the shower to a temperature thats cold enough to cool me down. This shower makes me feel indubitably refreshed, after the shower I only put my boxers on seeing that I now have about an hour and thirty minutes for class. All of a sudden, I hear someone knocking on my door... It's strange someone would be knocking people's doors at this time.

Toshiro: Who is it?
?: Just a neighbor who would like to greet the new guy.
Toshiro: Alright, hold on. Let me get dressed.

Without a doubt I rushed to get to the nearest pair of clothes I can be able to wear so I can atleast look a bit presentable. I slipped on a t-shirt and some basketball shorts and rushed to open the seemingly heavy door. Hopefully this isn't a prank.

?: Hello there, my name is Tamotsu Ito. Nice to meet you...
Toshiro: Toshiro.. Toshiro Andou.

I give him a nice firm, hard handshake.

Tamotsu: Do you?... mind if I come in.
Toshiro: Oh, not at all. Go ahead and have a seat.

Hopefully he doesn't mind the monstrosity of a room. I sweep the shit lying on one of the seats near my desk and sit in my office chair in front of my desktop... No one... Sits in my chair.

Tamotsu: So I take it your not from around here, no?
Toshiro: Actually, I'm came from America.
Tamotsu: America? Why did you come here?
Toshiro: Meh, it's a long story.
Tamotsu: Oh, well nevermind. I don't want to have you explain anything long.

My eyes wonder around the room then to Tamotsu, looking at the cane by his side. This cane isn't like the ones the blind people use. He probably has some sort of leg problems. Since I have my common since by my side I probably shouldn't ask him about it.

Tamotsu: Why up so early?
Toshiro: Shouldn't I be asking you that? Your the one knocking on my door.
Tamotsu: Oh right.
Toshiro: Your an interesting fellow, Tamotsu.

He laughs in a embarrassed, yet delightful way.

Tamotsu: Well, I best be on my way. I've got other matters to attend to. It was nice to meet you by the way, Toshiro.
Toshiro: Aight man, see you later.

He grabs the cane next to him and slowly gets up out of the chair and proceeded out the door.

I let out a deep sigh like as if I just completed a journey across the world and I ended up throwing shit around the room making it all look as neat as possible, I was never used to keeping a clean room. There goes my thirty minutes of free time, now I have about an hour of leisure time. At least I got to meet some new faces...

Moments later, I decided to visit the library for once in my life. I hope I can find it in this confusing school, I get myself dressed in uniform and head out into the school hallway. The hallways look empty as usual, especially at this time. To refrain from getting and looking lost I rely on the metal plates on the wall telling me what direction to go.

Eventually, I located the library and it looks kinda big. I approach the library counter so I can get some assistance around here, I peak my head around the the bookcases to see weither there are people in here. I give up so the last option I have left now is-

Toshiro: Helllllooooooooo....?

About a few seconds later, I heard some books collapse from a distance. It sounded as though some one was startled by my presence.

Woman: Oh no!

I ran over to where the sound came from and I saw that it was a woman (probably in her 20's) with auburn hair and glasses. She could most likely be the librarian by the looks of it. It looks like she could use a hand so I ran over to her and scooped up most of the books and stacked them neatly next to me. She gives me a rewarding smile.

Woman: Thanks a lot! Oh! My name is Yuuko.
Toshiro: Nice to meet you Yuuko, My name is Toshiro Andou. I'm a new student that just transfered yesterday.
Yuuko: Well, I think I heard about a new student coming into the school... I actually can't keep track of anything here.
Toshiro: Let me help you get these books to the counter.
Yuuko: Oh thank you so much. This is the most help I could ever get at all nowadays.
Toshiro: Well, I'm glad to help you out.

I smile and carry the light books over to the counter and she rushes behind the counter to retrace her memories.

Yuuko now stands straight looking like she has everything under control.

Yuuko So... What can I help you with?
Toshiro: Well, I've been looking for a decent book to read. Do you have any suggestions?
Yuuko: If you like war, I can suggest 'Gravity's Rainbow'.
Toshiro: Ah, I was just about ask about that too. So, 'Gravity's Rainbow'?

Conveniently, she has the book in one of the drawers behind her so she opens the drawer and grabs the book.

Yuuko: Here you go and the book should be due by next week.
Toshiro: Alrighty then, oh and it was nice meeting you.
Yuuko: Oh yes, yes.

She bows as I leave the library. She has fast, stiff bows. As if she were troubled by something. Well now I probably should grab a bite at the cafeteria, if it's not like the lunch I probably might give it a chance. The cafeteria is just a few classrooms away from here so I lingered though the double-doors and saw about a good twenty students scattered around the area, I looked to the line at right and walk to see what they have. I see a good looking porridge-like stuff labled 'Okayu', maybe I'll give it try...

After I finished my Okayu, I feel pretty good and it wasn't bad at all. I look at my little watch on my left wrist to see what the current time is. I have about 20 minutes till class starts, I should go to class early and read my book in the meantime.

I arrived at class and It seems empty, just about three students are in class. No sign of Maeko around, that means I can read my book without being distracted.

After about five pages later, Tamotsu walks into class and spots me reading in my seat. He walks over to me looking surprised.

Tamotsu: Oh, hey Toshiro! Your in this class?
Toshiro: Well I was going to ask you the same thing... And you didn't see me introduce myself yesterday?
Tamotsu: I think I was sleeping during this period yesterday... So no.
Toshiro: Oh, interesting.

Tamotsu laughs like he did earlier the morning and ran back to his desk waiting for Abe to get here. Afterwards, Maeko walks into class looking refreshed and ready for class.

Toshiro: Good morning Machan. Your looking wonderful today.

She sits down at her desk, she looks so tranquil and flawless. So beautiful.

Maeko: Good morning to you too, Tochan. Thank you.
Toshiro: Your-... Nevermind.

I wanted to say that she's cute... But my thoat clenches and I can't go on. It's my gut telling me not to progress, but my mind is trying to force it out. It's a battle between my gut and mind, it's tearing me apart so I try to ignore my body by laying my head on the desk. Maeko looks as if my words have not fazed her, but whatever.

Maeko: Have you slept well last night, you don't look so great.
Toshiro: I've awoken two hours early this morning, so I guess that's why.
Maeko: Really? What did you do for two hours?
Toshiro: I most certainly explored the deep dark reaches of the school to see what treasures await for me find.

Maeko giggled at my little joke.

Toshiro: I woke up, took a shower, meet someguy, get dressed, went to the library, got a book, ate some food, and got to class.
Maeko: In two hours? I can do all of that in fourty minutes.
Toshiro: Well, I'm sorry but I'm not a smart person and you won't believe what I had to go though.
Maeko: Oh, well I'm sorry for boasting.
Toshiro: Don't apologize Machan. Okay?

She looks up to me and smiles, her eyes looking into mine. I turn my face the other cheek to keep from showing my red face.

Abe arrives a minute early today with an abundance of papers in his hands, probably some worksheets.

Abe: Good morning class, today we have a lot to do so we are going to work in groups of four.

Groups of four, eh? I turn to Maeko and I know she wants to be partners, then I turned to Tamotsu and he ends up running over here next to my desk.

Tamotsu: Hey Toshiro, wanna-
Toshiro: Sure thing buddy.
Tamotsu: Thanks man.

Abe passes down the packets of worksheets down the rows, the packets are sort of thick but I think we can manage this.

Maeko: Wait, we need one more person. Tamotsu, do you know someone who is need of a group?
Tamotsu: Well, maybe I can ask Arisu.

Tamotsu walks to the other side of the classroom to find this so called Arisu. Soon, he walks back with a girl who should be this so called Arisu. She's kinda cute, she has pitch black disheveled hair and pink colored eyes which look big and make her look kind of like a innocent loli. Tamotsu taps her on the shoulder to signal her to introduce herself to me.

She looks a little uneasy due to my presence.

Arisu: H-hi.. My name is Arisu Teshigahara.

I let my hand out to give her a handshake, and she slowly accepts the handshake and we proceed on to introducing ourselves.

Toshiro: Nice to meet you Arisu, I take it you already know my name from yesterday?

She nods in a very enthusiastic manner.

Arisu: Toshiro Andou, yes?
Toshiro: Ohhhhhhhh.. yeah... You sure have an incredible memory.
Arisu: Thank you, I like to keep track of people's names just in case.
Toshiro: Alrighty, now that we have introduced ourselves and waisted about 5 minutes let's get this show on the road.
Maeko: Sure thing.
Tamotsu: Uh-huh.

About moments later, we finished the huge n' heavy packet of work and we finished it before everyone else with about 20 minutes to spare. Arisu takes the packet and turns it in to Abe.

I'm slouched over my desk, apatheticly... Thinking about peaceful, ambient music playing as I lay on soft, moist clouds... Suddenly, those clouds burst into nothing but-

Maeko: Tochan!
Tamotsu: Wow, looks like you sleep more than I do.
Arisu: Is he okay?

It looks like I've dosed off after Arisu turned the work in, I look at my watch and see there is only one minute until lunch. I cringed after hearing the dreaded bell ring and see everyone leaving the classroom. I get up out of my desk to stretch a bit and Maeko stands before me, just waiting for me to get ready. I feel bad for doing that to her.

Toshiro: Hnng.. Sorry for falling asleep on you guys.
Maeko: C'mon, no time to lose.

Out of nowhere she grabs me by my collar and rushes to the cafeteria, I inhale from my inhaler to keep from losing breath.

Toshiro: Whoa! Machan! What's the rush!
Maeko: The vendors sell Ramune now in the cafeteria. We have to get there before it all deplets!
Toshiro: Aww sweet, Ramune!

I quickin my pace faster than Maeko's, now I'm the one rushing her.

Maeko: Hah!?
Toshiro: Heh, you may like Ramune as next as the next guy... But, I love Ramune!

As we.... or I bust though the doors the Ramune vendors have at least seven left and no one's there. Here's my chance!

After shuffling though my money I manage to get about five of them, I had about 500¥ in my pocket from Dad. I give one to Maeko, but she doesn't accept.

Maeko: Oh no, I couldn't. I'll buy my own.
Toshiro: I insist.

I hold out the bottle of Ramune in front Maeko to wait for her to take it. She nods and blushes while she takes the Ramune.

Maeko: Thank you very much, Tochan.

And out of nowhere, she gives me a tight and friendly hug.

Maeko: Oh Tochan... Your the only person that's this nice to me.

I freeze a bit after the sudden hug and it's like she's hugging a statue, soon I loosen up enough to rap my arms around her.

Maeko: Oh... Tochan, your arms are warm.

We stand there hugging for a whole minute with our faces blushing.

Toshiro: Um, shouldn't we be getting our lunch?
Maeko: Well, I've got a room that you and me can eat together in and I've packed some bento boxes.
Toshiro: Oh sweet, where to Machan?
Maeko: Just follow my lead.

I follow her down the hall upstairs and she stops at this one door that catches my eye for some odd reason, I look at the metal plate next to the door and it says 'Art Room'. Is there no one in there anymore? She creaks open the dust riddled door to check if theres actually someone in there, there isn't. So she dusts off the counter so we can sit on it, the dust flies around the room like tie-fighters and one particle manages to fly into my throat. I violently cough enough for blood to spill out on my palm, Maeko doesn't notice the blood but she looks really worried and she slips my inhaler from my pocket and into my mouth. I am relieved. I turn to see how Maeko's holding up, she has her hands covering her mouth, she looks like as if someone died in front of her.

Toshiro: I'm alright Machan, thanks.

She looks absolutely troubled, her head hangs and she looks sad. I put my hand on her chin to raise her head up. She tries her best to smile.

Toshiro: Oh c'mon Machan. Don't beat yourself up because of me now.
Maeko: But... I made you cough blood.

Oh she did notice.

Toshiro: That was because you didn't know how sensitive my lungs are, so it's okay.
Maeko: Your not saying that to make me feel better are you?
Toshiro: Nonsense, it's just that next time you'll have to be extra careful now that you know.

Her eyes look up to me and she no longer looks uneasy. She smiles and nods.

Maeko: Agreed... Aquiantance- No.. Friend.
Toshiro: Hohoho, looks like I've been promoted.

Maeko giggles and I hear not one, but two growling and gurgling sounds, looks like all this talking made us hungry.

Maeko: Oh my..
Toshiro: Heh, how about those bento boxes.
Maeko: Oh, I'm sorry. I almost forgot about these.
Toshiro: That's fine, everyone forgets something.

I rise from my knees and Maeko grabs my hand for me to pull her up. Gently, she finishes dusting the countertop and sets the delightful looking bento boxes safely on top.

Maeko: These are specially made.

Maeko pulls off the covering for the bento boxes and her bento box has rice, curry, and some veggies while mine has... Ham Sandwiches...? Fries...? Is this a joke? (I wanted curry...)

Toshiro: You made this for me?
Maeko: Of course, I thought you might be a little homesick so I made you some American food.
Toshiro: Oh, but you didn't have to...

I'd say because we have McDonalds, but that sounds offensive even to me.

Maeko: Just eat it.

That tone sounds forceful, it kind of scares me. I go ahead and eat along with Maeko and the food she made is delicious... What is this? Import?

I finished the last bite of my sandwiches and left nothing in my bento box.

Maeko: So... Whatcha think?
Toshiro: Everything was delicious, it was actually better than my sandwiches. This isn't your first time, no?
Maeko: This is actually my sixth time.
Toshiro: It tastes like you've been making sandwiches since birth, because these things are out of this world.
Toshiro: Mmm, you should open up a cafe one day and make more of these delicious sandwiches.
Maeko: Do you know how to cook anything else American?
Toshiro: Oh, yeah I was the cook of the family. I cooked all kinds of things for them and they loved it.
Maeko: Maybe one day you can teach me during the winter vacation.
Toshiro: But one of us oughta be the host for a kitchen.
Maeko: I'm staying in a apartment with my sister for the vacation, so maybe you can come with?
Toshiro: Well, I'll think about it. My parents might want me to go with them to where ever their going.
Maeko: I hope they don't.

She gives me an enthusiastic smile and a little wink.

Toshiro: Yeah... Me too.

Out of the blue, someone approachs the art room door and I can hear the door slowly screaching open. An armless figure stands there at the door, it's hard to make out who it is.

Maeko: Rin...?

One of the window blind flaps fly around and the light shines into the person's face. It's a female... No arms, she has short red hair and green eyes, and she wears a male uniform with the sleeves tied into knots half way down.

Rin: Oh, hey Maeko. Who's this?
Maeko: This is a new student, he just transfered here yesterday.

Maeko pats me on the back to signal me to introduce myself and looks at me, tilting her head toward the girl.

Toshiro: I'm Toshiro Andou.
Rin: I'm Rin Tezuka, hows it going?

She gives me lazy, uninterested eyes.

Rin: So why is he here? Does he have trouble in the pants or something?
Toshiro I've got respiratory and lung problems.
Rin: Aww.
Maeko: We are fixing to get ready to leave.
Rin: Alright.
Maeko: C'mon Tochan, let's get cleaning.
Toshiro: Right..

Maeko and I quickly clean after ourselves, grab our books and head out the art room to leave Rin to eat in peace.


The last period bell has rung and I walk my way though the halls to my dorm, some speedy little girl with prosthetic legs runs down the hallway in front of me and I lean against the wall to avoid being ran over by her.

I arrive at my room and bomb down on my bed to relax for a bit, something hits me. I'm supposed to go to some place with Maeko in a little bit. I go ahead and do things ahead of time to avoid being late. After a refreshing shower, I dress into my 'going out' clothes, which are pretty much the clothes I wore yesterday. Maeko and I meet up at the same spot in front of the gates. Maeko is dressed in a light black jacket over a green striped hoodie and black skirt.

Toshiro: You look nice.

She was startled because she didn't notice me approaching.

Maeko: Huh, thanks.
Toshiro: Shall we be going to this so called 'classy' place.

She's spaced out, but she comes back to Earth and she looked up and nodded in an uncanny way.

As we leave the school, I try my best to walk up to her at a steady pace. I look at Maeko's face and she looks a little disjointed from her mind yet she keeps a pint-sized smile on her face. She suddenly notices me looking at her and she turns her head to me.

Maeko: Hmm? Something wrong Tochan?
Toshiro: Huh?.. Oh.. N- Nothing.

I turn my head back forward and kept my eyes on the walkway, Maeko still looks at me baffled so I came up with something on the spot.

Toshiro: What? It's not okay to look at a friend while their walking?
Maeko: I guess it's okay, I just thought you were being a pervert.

Her words dumbfound me in way that makes me feel unsettled.

Toshiro: Gee, those are some strong set of words you used there.
Maeko: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm always worried someone might attack me one day.
Toshiro: Hmm, well let's make a deal.
Maeko: Deal?
Toshiro: Yeah, I scratch your back, you scratch mine.
Maeko: Keep talking..
Toshiro: I'll protect you from any threat that bothers you and... Well, I dunno what else.. I'll just be like your free personal bodyguard.
Maeko: Thanks, but...
Toshiro: Ahh, no buts. I care about my friends. I'm obliged to protect everyone I love and care about.
Maeko: Oh... Mmm... Thanks...

She stops in place and stopped so suddenly I push out the air in my lungs. I use my inhaler. Maeko's eyes gleam and look at me, she gives me a gentle, joyful smile and runs to me full speed into my stomach. I try my best not to fall so I stagger in place, I blackened out for like a second after she glomps me and I look down and see Maeko hugging my waist with her head on my stomach.

Toshiro: Machan...
Maeko: Oh, Tochan... I can't believe you would do that for me.

I put my hand on her head and she rises up and she nods.

Toshiro: I'm just being a good friend, that's all...


After about five more minutes of walking, we arrive at some classy looking cafe. We walk in and Maeko talks to the waiter while I have a look around the place. It looks really vintage, more of a french vintage cafe style. After Maeko and the waiter finishes talking, the waiter walks us to a table for two. I kindly pull up a seat for Maeko and she sits down, I sit down in my seat and there are two menu booklets full of dishes and beverages. There's a large variety of choices ranging from Mushroom Soup, Fresh Rolls, and Pastrys.

I stray away from my menu to see how Maeko's holding up... Geez, it's worse than McDonald's because theres even more choices. I should think of something to help her out, I'd hate to see her break down because of her indecisiveness.

Toshiro: Yo Machan, you should order today's special. I've been listening in to people here and I heard it was good.
Maeko: Hmm, I guess I should order that, thanks. What are you ordering?
Toshiro: Well... I guess I'll also order the special too. I'm also indecisive at the moment and if it tastes bad I don't want you feel bad on your own while I have something else different, looking like a jerk.

She looks down then at me, having a reddened face and she offers a tiny smile that only I can be able to see, it warms my heart and makes me feel good inside. I return a passionate smile.

Maeko: Your just being too nice Tochan, it makes me feel important.
Toshiro: Oh...? Weren't you already important, even before we met?

Maeko sighs and turns her head to the side.

Toshiro: What's wrong?...
Maeko: I'll explain later..
Toshiro: O-Okay..

I really hope I didn't piss her off, I'd hate to see someone like her mad.

Toshiro: I'm... Sorry..
Maeko: It's fine. Don't worry about-
Waiter: What will you two have today?

And we are cut off by a rude waiter, but I maintain my rage and act normal toward him.

Toshiro: We both will have today special.
Waiter: And what do you two want to drink?
Toshiro: I'll have the best tea you have.
Maeko: Me too, please.

The waiter writes everything down on a miniscule notepad, he bows and leaves.

Toshiro: How rude.

Maeko nods in approval, and I turn my head to the nearest window just so I can see how much daylight is left... The pre-winter ambiance hit me again and I go into a trance, a peaceful trance. I feel the winter breeze sweeping it's lovely hand across my face, I look off into the distance and see a big tree... I walk towards the figure of the tree and I can see someone, I think leaning on the tree. As I get closer to the tree, I see that it's Maeko leaning on the tree and looking as if she was waiting for me, but she isn't the only one here... Tamotsu and Arisu are sitting on the branches of the huge tree looking down at me. Maeko leans forward to me and holds her hand out... Does she want me to do something? Tamotsu and Arisu also hold their hands out and the winter breeze grows into a blizzard. The blizzard is strong enough to knock me off my balance, I maintain my balance though. I look back up to Maeko and everyone and the blizzard seems to be... Erasing them... What is going on?... They all fade away from my presence and I'm left alone next to the frozen tree. I'm left freezing in the blizzard and the tree is losing it's support. The tree leans toward me and I can hear snaps and cracks from the tree's roots as it leans more and more... I'm afraid it will fall on me... I want to move, but I can move. My feet are burried into the cold, white slush and I'm struggling to run. It's the end for me now... The tree breaks it's last root and-

Maeko: Tochan!
Toshiro: ... Gah!

Geez, I've fallen asleep again and in a restaurant. How embarrassing. Maeko is giving me uneasy looks again, but I see that our food has arrived and is nice and hot.

Maeko: Tochan, are you okay? Your starting to scare me..
Toshiro: Oh, I'm fine. I just need more sleep is all.
Maeko: Sleep is important you know, and what have you been doing all night?
Toshiro: I really can't remember.
Maeko: You sure you wern't playing that game all night?
Toshiro: I just remember falling on my bed and getting knocked out.


After eating that delicious dish, I feel like I can just fall asleep on the table. Maeko yawns and blinks a few times signaling that she is also sleepy. The waiter comes back with the bill and it's about 1200¥ total. I decided to pay about 80% of the bill and she helps me out with the rest of the bill and tips.

Maeko: You ready to go back, Tochan?
Toshiro: Sure am.

We get ready to leave and have left a mess at the table, so we just ignore that and leave swiftly...

While half-way back to school, I wanted to ask her what was wrong earlier at the restaurant.

Toshiro: So, what was wrong?
Maeko: Hmm?
Toshiro: At the restaurant.
Maeko: Oh...

Her mood suddenly changes and it kinda makes my stomach drop in an uneasy way.

Toshiro: Hng...
Maeko: Back when I was just a little child, about five years. My parents... They divorced... Then... My mother... Sh- She killed... Hng... My Father... She was angry at my father because he was a drunkard that lost his job.. I had to be taken care of by my sister whom I mentioned earlier today.. My mother was put in prison and soon died of a disease she contracted there...

She starts to sob and tears run down her cheeks, it makes me want to cry with her. Everytime I see a friend cry it hurts me inside.

Maeko: *Sob* *Sob* N-Now you know... *Sob*
Toshiro ...I'm sorry... I'm sorry...

I latch on to her, giving her a tight and scared hug. Maeko buries her face into my shoulder and I can feel her wet tears drenching my skin. Tears start to stream down my cheeks as I have my head over her shoulder. It's such a painful feeling now...

After about a few minutes of squeezing and sobbing, we manage to return to our regular state. I really want to cheer her up, I don't want her to sleep sad tonight.

Toshiro: Don't worry now, Machan.. If anything bad runs your way, I'll be there for you.

I nudge her a little, wiping away at whats left of her tears. She looks up at me, smiles and nods enthusiasticly.

Maeko: Yes, thank you.

Later after arriving, we say "goodbye", give a little dap, and part our ways until tomorrow. Seeing my bed just makes me feel solaced as I plummet onto my soft, cozy bed. I have about enough energy to take off my clothes and throw them on the dresser. The room goes dark and I fall into my deep slumber....


I suddenly feel a brisk coolness bite me on the nose, my eyes struggle to open up...

Toshiro: ..Hnng...

My body is malevolently numb and sore, what a lurid feeling it is. Not only that, I have frost biting me in my butt... -Wait.. Is it snowing? I see nice, white snow fluttering from the white sky. I turn my head and also see that there is a blanket of immaculate snow unfolded over an open field. I'm I continuing this dream from the restaurant?.. I ended up blacking out for a few seconds and opening my eyes once again just to see that Maeko is standing near me, looking at me with her hands behind her back. That ends up constraining me to get up.
Toshiro: ..Hnngh.. Ghraagh!..
That was a truly painful feeling rgiht there.

Suddenly, Rise of Nations music starts playing and I feel a strange rumble on the ground. I look at Maeko for a split second and she's dressed in uniform and armor. What the hell is happening?



Toshiro: Oh shit!!

That explosion was enough to send my adrenaline pumping. I rolled away from the crater that that tank created and I end up wearing armor and uniform like Maeko. A gun appears into my hand and it appears to be a G36c equipped with an EoTech ironsight.

Toshiro: -Huh??... What the fuuuuuuuuck?!...
Maeko: What are you doing lieutenant!?
Toshiro: What? Lieutenant?

Something hits me and my mind snaps, I became a sharpshooter in a matter of seconds, better than Maeko... Or Captain Raikatuji..

I charge to the nearest slope, but not too close to the tanks that they might kill me before I can fire a shot. The tank's turret gunner spots me and opens fire on my position. Luckly, this slope is strong enough to withstand a million .50 calibur rounds. I leaned over to the left of the slope to see if I can get a headshot from here, the gunner doesn't notice me peeping from the slope so I aimed the sight over to his noggin, trying keep my aim steady, I pulled the trigger.

Gunner: Grrraaaaagghhhh!!...

Bits of gore fly from his head and his corpse leans over the turret, the tank pilot spots me in a split-second and the tank barrel turns ever so slowly to me. Captain Raikatuji throws an RPG-7 my way and balls up fist in the direction of the tank which means to attack. I aimed carefully with ease towards the armored tank and fired, the recoil from the RPG pushed me down into the snow. I heard an explosion followed by bad ear ringing-



I jumped from my bed to the floor, the blanket feathers slowly on me and I groan from that strange dream. I opened my eyes and I feel energetic from all the adrenaline that dream left me with. I climbed my end table to the digital alarm clock that blinks in my face, blinding me for a bit. I've got about an hour and a half until class starts, so I can just use my leisure time to do whatever I haven't done in this school yet. First, I oughta get myself gussied up before I do, I don't want to walk around smelling like last night's dinner.


After a nice warm, refreshing shower, I slipped into my school uniform and headed out, but right after I swung open the door I heard a thump from the other side.

Tamotsu: Yowch!

Sounds like Tamotsu..

The door creeps back to my direction and a hand grips the door by the side, Tamotsu peeps his head from the side of the door, rubbing the back of his head.

Tamotsu: I was gonna knock yer' door but you had to open it so suddenly.
Toshiro: Meh, it's not your fault. Just the people who build these doors, they aren't supposed to open that way.
Tamotsu: Heh.

He smirks and continues to rub his head, looking innocent.

[to be continued]
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Re: Spinoff :D

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I liked it and it entertained me :)

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Re: Spinoff :D [Updated 6/10/09]

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Moar would be highly appreciated.
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Re: Spinoff :D [Updated 6/10/09]

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SnigendePind wrote:Moar would be highly appreciated.
It's updates around every one or two days.
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Re: Spinoff :D [Updated 6/12/09]

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Re: Spinoff :D [Updated 6/12/09]

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DuaneMoody wrote:So, instead of HNNNGHH it's HARUMPHKABLEARGHHH
Lol, pretty much.
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Re: Spinoff :D [Updated 6/12/09]

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Nice, can't wait for more. Is there gonna be sex/ecchi/moe/guro/anything like that later on?

Also, your avatar disturbs me in some weird way. Who is it?
Some people don't have arms. So what? Some people don't see colors, either.
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<@Raide> why does it sad to be touched? shouldn't you get a boner?

90% of the students were actually sent to Yamaku for being too lesbian. All those disabilities going around are just curious coincidence.
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Re: Spinoff :D [Updated 6/12/09]

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SnigendePind wrote:Also, your avatar disturbs me in some weird way.
I thought that as well, because it makes me cringe every time I see it. Looks like a total prat.

Half-decent self insert. Got bored after like three paragraphs.

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Re: Spinoff :D [Updated 6/12/09]

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SnigendePind wrote:Nice, can't wait for more. Is there gonna be sex/ecchi/moe/guro/anything like that later on?

Also, your avatar disturbs me in some weird way. Who is it?
Meh, it might I guess. I'll think about it while I'm writing somemore.
P.S. It's me.
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Re: Spinoff :D [Updated 6/12/09]

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And to make you guys happy, I changed my avatar picture.
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Re: Spinoff :D [Updated 6/14/09]

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hahaha.. this is interesting... more ~ :D

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Re: Katawa Shoujo: Misguided Passage [Updated 6/16/09]

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At last, some sweet and tender love... :3

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Re: Katawa Shoujo: Misguided Passage [Updated 6/17/09]

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please.. let there be no chocolate... i beg you... :shock:

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Re: Katawa Shoujo: Misguided Passage [Updated 6/18/09]

Post by heavenwrath » Fri Jun 19, 2009 2:19 am

I think you may be rushing the story a bit. A kiss on the second day and the girl's already fallen for the main? Slow down a little, it will make the story seem a bit more logical. If this however isn't part of your plan just remember it's a suggestion.

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Re: Katawa Shoujo: Misguided Passage [Updated 6/18/09]

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heavenwrath wrote:I think you may be rushing the story a bit. A kiss on the second day and the girl's already fallen for the main? Slow down a little, it will make the story seem a bit more logical. If this however isn't part of your plan just remember it's a suggestion.
Yeah, I think I am too.
I'm off because I've got a lot to do this summer and I don't have time for story writing, but since today is friday I'll fix it all tonight.
Thanks for telling me,
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