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An story

Post by WetCrate » Thu May 28, 2009 10:47 am

My mind threw up last night. While I was cleaning I came across this. You can has it if you wants.


At first it was pretty disturbing, getting all this attention. "Omigod, is that Him?" I can feel eyes glued to my back as I walk down the hallway. I casually toss a smile over my shoulder and smirk to myself as the girls blush and run in the opposite direction. I mean, I was a late transfer - in my senior year, no less - so I certainly didn't expect to be so... popular with the ladies at Yamaku. But who knows what's going to happen day to day, am I right? Of course I am. I'm always right.

"There's the boy with the-"

"SSSH! He can hear you!"

I turn toward two younger girls - juniors, I think. "Afternoon, girls," I say, turning on my handsome. "Is there anything I can..." I lean forward, bringing our faces so close they're almost touching, "...HELP you with?" She's attractive enough, the flushed girl in front of me, in her own way. Tall for a girl - still shorter than me, but over 170 cm - and her glasses positively scream 'no sense of style,' but I've certainly serviced homelier girls. Besides, I have to say I'm a sucker for glasses.

My Jane's friend squeaks. She barely registers on my radar: it's obvious that she has no desire to hire me for the afternoon, and I certainly won't waste my time on a lost cause. "Well?" I drawl, keeping an eye out for teachers or Shizune - either one would kill the mood right quickly. "You certainly look anxious. Can I help you relieve some test-time stress?" Gently, ever so casually, I bring my hand up to caress her jaw line. I can feel the tremors running through her hot face as I slowly drag my finger down toward her chin.

"Hisao." The voice from behind me is a surprise, and a minor annoyance. I carefully smooth my features and straighten.

"Ah, Rin." The underclasswomen scurry off, probably to gossip to their friends how they got approached by THE Hisao Nakai. That thought pleases me a bit, so the turn toward my armless associate feels natural, less strained than it normally would have been. "What can I do for you this fine afternoon?" The girl's red hair is braided on the left side - an affectation she's picked up since patronizing my services; I seem to have that effect on women - and her light pink sundress is a pleasant surprise. She's letting her shoulders breathe today. "Oh, to what do I owe the pleasure of getting to see your lovely figure? Not painting today?"

Rin, however much she might want me, never lets it show on her face. Her actions are a different story, but her face remains impassive. "Didn't feel like painting today." She presses her mouth into a line, and I can see a mischievous gleam in her eye. "You free? I need to talk to you." My eyes dart away for an instant, but it's not Shizune. "It's about something important."

Though she drove off a potential customer, I suppose it's all right as long as she picks up the tab. As long as I get paid, I don't really care. "My dear, I am at your disposal" I bow with a flourish, letting my pearly white teeth shine in the afternoon light.

Oh, Rin might not act like the other girls at school, but she certainly needs me. After all, no one else at school is quite as talented in my area of expertise - at least, not as far as I can tell. And the way her hips sway in front of me, leading me up to the seclusion of our usual spot, oh, it's all I can do to keep my hands to myself. But I've got to be calm, cool. After all, I'm supposed to be the professional here. I can't be getting excited, no matter how badly I want-

The door to the art storage closet closes behind me. Instinctively I reach overhead and grab the string hanging there, pull once to bathe the small enclosure in light. Rin is already on the ground, staring straight up at me, anticipation on her face. "I would like the whole package today, please."

My fingers twitch. Oh, this will be fun. "As you wish, Madame. However, I believe you are aware that, with the full package, you must remove all of your clothing before we can begin." She sits up quickly and raises the stumps of her arms, like a child waiting for her parents to undress her for bed. Oh, yes. This will be very fun.


Beads of perspiration run down my face as I stretch my back. That was a marathon session if I've ever seen one. But, and I feel the cash in my pocket press against my leg, it certainly was profitable. And rather enjoyable, too. I dab at my forehead with a handkerchief, then compose my features and begin the walk back to my dorm room. The sun is already below the horizon; soon there will be no sunlight left at all. Ah, well, I suppose I'll have to cook for myself. I doubt Shizune will have anything prepared for me. Stairs fall behind me and I push through the double doors, exiting the school building. The cool night air feels wonderful against my hot skin, and a sigh escapes my lips before I can stop it. Two quick glances, left and right, ensure that no one was there to see my slip-up. Can't be too casual. I have an image to uphold.

As if to reinforce that point there are two boys standing outside the entrance to the dorms, who glare at me as I walk by. They're just jealous. "Good evening, Gentlemen," I call jovially. "Lovely weather for a stroll, eh?" They part, to let me pass, but say nothing. I hide my smirk. "Ta-." A quick flip of my hand in a gesture of farewell, and I can feel their hatred radiate behind me. Oh, I do enjoy teasing the boys. Of course I'm not against servicing them, either, but no one seems to be interested. So I squeeze as much fun out of our hostile little encounters as I can. A guy's got to do what a guy's got to do, am I right? Of course I am. I'm always right.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I meet no one else on the way to my room. Pulling my key into my fist I walk down my hallway, only to find that the door is open and my light is on. Shit. I freeze. Can't make too much noise - who knows if she's got Misha with her today or not. Slowly I reach into my pocket and grasp at the money.

Shizune's head pops out of the door, smiles as she sees me. Her eyes immediately fall to the bulge in my pocket, and my hand. Her grin becomes predatorial. 'Ah, Hisao. Welcome back.' Her signs are jovial, light. Only my experience with the deaf girl warns me of impending doom. 'Where have you been?' As if she doesn't know.

Better to fess up right away. There's no point in hiding it - the girl is always three steps ahead of me, anyway. I pull out the small wad of bills and toss it to her casually. 'Just had an appointment after school, is all.' My signing is still much slower than Shizune's, and Misha's too, but I get by just fine. 'Here's the payment.'

Shizune's eyes light up as she catches the cash. Her smirk, sharp like a knife, lets me know that I made the right decision not to lie to her. 'Well,' she signs, stuffing the money in her bra and beckoning me into my own room, 'shall we?'

We shall indeed, Mistress Shizune. It doesn't matter that I just finished with Rin, or that I haven't eaten since lunch. By all means, let's. 'Sure,' I sign instead, putting on my facade. 'Ladies first.' A courtly bow, if I do say so myself.

My bed is made. I close the door and notice, also, that Shizune has tidied up my books and... 'Did you alphabetize my library?' Shizune smirks at me from my bed, but declines to respond. 'Well thank you, Madam, for doing me this luck.' Surprise always messes with my sign language. I have got to work on that. 'Favor, I apologize. I misspoke.'

'You're cute when you're flustered.' Shizune pulls her legs under her, into the seiza position, and retrieves the wad of bills from her brassiere. 'I see someone opted for the full package. I'm glad. If you're going to be late, I'd rather it be for a full package.' Delicate fingers start counting the money.

'Yes.' I pull the desk chair toward me and sit. 'We must remember to thank Rin for her continued support.'

'Ah yes, Rin.' Satisfied that the price is right, Shizune flips a 1000 yen note toward me. 'She was wearing a dress today, wasn't she? I suppose I should have guessed.' Quietly I take my cut and pocket it. Just five minutes ago I had 10,000 yen. Now I have a fraction of that. 'Well, you should thank her yourself. After all, at this rate she'll have paid for half the damages on her own.' Buttons come undone and Shizune takes her time replacing her - my - money. She can feel my eyes on her skin, I just know it. I force my gaze upward, meet her gaze. She's smirking that damnable smirk of hers. And God damn, she does look cute in those glasses.

But no time for that now. I shake myself mentally and frown. 'Damages my ass, the whole thing was a setup and you know it.'

'I'm hurt, Hisao!' Her hands are moving slowly, and her lip is stuck out in a pout. She still hasn't re-buttoned her shirt. 'Do you actually think I'd set you up like that?'

'Without a doubt.'

Then she grins. 'You're probably right. But I didn't that time. You dropped it on your own, and if you think you can get out of repaying me then-'

'Yes, yes, we've been over this.' In my mind's eye I can still see the book sailing toward me, tossed oh-so casually by a smiling Shizune. It is tumbling down, down, through my hands in slow motion, landing in the only puddle within fifty meters of me. 'Though I'm still not convinced it was a first edition.'

Oh, she's not playing anymore. Her scowl catches me a bit off guard. 'You saw the book yourself.'

Quickly I force a nonchalant smile onto my face. Please believe I was joking. 'Yes, I suppose I did, didn't I?'

She seems to have bought it. Her eyes soften and she smirks at me. 'Oh, Hisao, what am I going to do with you?' Fingers tap at the rims of her glasses thoughtfully. I can see her eyes beginning to smolder. Her grin widens. 'I trust that Rin didn't tire you out?' Buttons come undone, one by one. I can feel my fingers twitch as each clasp is released. Her uniform shirt hits the floor; she stretches out on the bed, lying on her side and propping her head up with one arm. I begin to sweat as she slowly draws one stocking-covered knee into the air, dragging her foot across her other leg. I can see her skirt moving... receding...

I suppose things could be worse. I mean, Shizune is my girlfriend; that's pretty nice, all things considered. I just wish she'd let me rest once in a while. Or give me a bigger cut of the profits. But things could be worse, am I right?

I reach a shaking hand to shut off the light. Of course I'm right.


I don't even get to finish the night quietly. As soon as we finish Shizune is up and about, signing quickly, intently. 'Misha will be here soon. I owe her for lunch the other day, and so in lieu of actual cash, you're going to work your magic fingers, if you get my meaning.' Oh, I get your meaning all right. My muscles ache and it's approximately one thousand degrees in my room, but I get your meaning. 'Remember,' Shizune signs before I can respond, 'Misha likes it a little harder than most.'

A knock on my door. I can't help but groan.


Sleep hits me heavy and hard. Before I know it someone else is pounding on my door, and it's light outside. My sheets are a mess, sticky and pungent. I don't remember Misha leaving; but to be honest, I think I blacked out rather quickly after that last round. "Coming," I groan, getting up despite my protesting muscles. The knocks resume. "I said I'm coming!"
As I open the door I see why no one responded: Shizune smiles at me sweetly. Oh, don't be so cute; that's not who you are. 'Good morning, Hisao.' Her short body pushes past me and into my room. 'Busy night last night?'

The door clicks closed behind me and I sag against the wood. 'I don't know if you're aware just how hard Misha likes it, but-'

'Oh, I'm aware. Before you came along I was the only person she had.' I don't know why that surprises me. It shouldn't. But it does. 'She's quite the little firecracker.'

'Quite the little firecracker?' I'm sure my face is a mask of confusion. 'Since when do you say stuff like that?'

'Since I choose to, that's when.' Back to the old Shizune, all scowls and business. 'Now, you've got another busy day today. At lunch Emi needs her usual, and Hanako and Lilly are hoping to get a two-fer after school. They don't have enough money for single sessions, so they pooled their money. They'll each get a half session, or however you want to do it. It didn't sound like either particularly cared.' From somewhere she produces a clipboard, flips a couple of pages, then tosses it down on the bed. 'Tonight-'

Misha bursts through the door, crushing me into the corner. "Good morning, Hicchan~!" she calls cheerily, oblivious to my pain despite the rather obvious way I clutch at my shoulder and curse. "Thanks for yesterday! I feel so much better~!"

With a rough shove I slam the door. 'No problem,' is all I can manage to sign. My bones hurt.

"Wahahahaha~!" Misha's laugh ricochets around inside my skull. "Sorry, sorry, I should be signing too!" And she begins to translate our short conversation for Shizune, who is scowling.

'Yes,' replies the girl with the glasses - rather huffily, if I'm reading her body language correctly. 'Well. As I was saying, Hisao,' she spits me with a glare rather too rough for so early in the morning, 'after Lilly and Hanako you have a very special client.'

Mentally counting the appointments in my head - Emi, Lilly, Hanako and someone else?! - I shake my head emphatically. "No way, no way! I can't do that! I'm not Superman!"

"Wahahahaha~!" Misha, please God can you quiet down? Just this once? She signs my exclamation to Shizune. "Hisao," translating as she speaks, "you're a miracle worker!"

Shizune nods. 'I agree with Misha. You've done wonders for both of us, and half the school, too. Besides.' I groan inwardly. 'You don't have a choice.'

Somewhere in the past I curse, fling out a desperate hand. But it is too late. SPLASH. Gone.

'A fact of which I am painfully aware.' Whether or not Shizune notices the way I wince with my arm movements goes undiscovered.

'Now as I was saying, you have a special client tonight: Miss Yuuko, the librarian.'

Both Misha and I are dumbfounded. I recover first and jump to my feet. "What?!" My arms are on auto-pilot: some part of my body is translating my almost incoherent rage for Shizune. "Are you out of your mind?! A teacher?!" I run my hands through my hair angrily. "This is exactly what I've been worried about since we started this whole business! You're getting too greedy! No." Misha takes a step back as my hands flail wildly. "No fucking way. This is a terrible idea. Once the teachers get involved it's all over. Only a matter of time before someone with a big mouth finds out, and we're shut down. A teacher! God, I didn't even want to start selling to the middle-schoolers! I'm surprised I'm not in jail or something!"

Cold, blue eyes catch mine. My fury has abated, somewhat, but I can tell that yelling further will only make Shizune's temper worse. 'Are you finished?' she asks, too calmly. I nod once. Yeah, I'm done. I'm completely done. Game over. 'Good. Now, I have been telling you for how long?' Misha moves her arms from my side, but I barely notice. I'm staring daggers at my 'girlfriend.' 'Yes, three months. I've been telling you for three months that the teachers are in my pocket. I'm not the type of person to leave things to chance, Hisao. You know that. I've told you enough times.' Get angry. I don't care. 'The only faculty members not on my family's payroll are the head nurse and the principal. And they, my dear,' she pats me on the cheek, 'are out of town right now. So.' The clipboard returns to her hands. 'Tonight you will go to the library at 8:00 PM and meet Miss Yuuko. She is a paying customer, and I expect you to treat her exactly as you would treat any one of our other clients.' The temperature drops below freezing; I shiver at the icy blue gaze sent my way. 'Do we understand each other?'


A big breakfast. I skip my morning classes. I'll need the rest.

Lunchtime. Gotta put on my game face.

Outside, in the field house, I smile warmly as Emi closes the door. Slung over my shoulder is the pack I have taken to calling the Emi Special. "Good afternoon, Madam." I gently lower the bag to the ground and bow slightly. "I trust you are feeling well?"

Emi is in a hurry. She's already half-naked, lying on a conveniently-placed mat. "Can we hurry please? I've got to run after this, and-"

"Miss Emi, please." Several candles come out of my bag; I set them down, reach back in. "Has no one told you that this sort of activity is extremely good at burning calories? In fact," a book of matches, "doctors all over the world have said it is good for circulation and vascular health," a small bottle, "depression," two metal contraptions, "and even weight loss." Rolling around in the bottom of my bag are the last objects, Emi's 'pleasure balls.' I think that's a rather crass name, but she is the customer, not I.

"Now, shall we begin?" Emi already has her shirt in her mouth.


That took a lot out of me, for some reason. Emi's sessions are usually fairly relaxing, but today...

I wolf down my lunch. The hot food burns the roof of my mouth, but I continue to shovel in the calories. I know I'll need them. I should probably skip my afternoon classes, too. I just don't know how I'm going to hold up.

The bell rings, and – despite my later engagements – I trudge off to class. I'm in school for a reason, after all.

Up the stairs, relishing the looks younger girls are giving me. Even one of the boys seems to be making eyes – I'll have to remember to check on that later.

I walk into the classroom. Hanako pointedly ignores me. As I walk behind her I can see that her ears and neck are red. A smirk finds its way onto my face. Ah, poor, sweet Hanako. This will be your first time, won't it?

Maybe coming to class wasn't such a bad idea. I'm starting to feel better already.

Lectures come and go. I'm barely paying attention. No, class was a waste. Too late now, though. Just gotta deal with it.

The final bell rings. My purple-haired client is out the door before the teacher. Shizune and I share a knowing look; Misha laughs loudly. The rest of the students pretend not to know what's going on.

A stretch, a yawn, and a quick mental checklist: Emi's money, safe; the Emi Special, safe; Muto, gone; hands, legs, chest, all good. Okay. I stand and toss my bag over my shoulder in a gesture designed to look casual while making girls' knees give out. Shizune helped me learn the move, and I smile to myself as the deaf girl stumbles a bit trying to stand after me. You taught me too well, Sensei.

Out the door, ignoring the stares. I have to get into performance mode again. Down the hallway, I knock on the door to the tea room. Behind me, though I can't see her, I can feel Shizune studying me. She doesn't like Lilly, and though she loves money, I can imagine her being a little jealous right now.

The door opens, and I step in.

Hanako is sitting with her back to me, staring at closed window shades. Lilly locks the door behind me. Game Time.

"Good afternoon, ladies." I give my customary bow, but given the circumstances I opt for a gentle kiss to the back of Lilly's hand as well. "I trust I didn't keep you waiting for too long?" Hanako starts to shiver, and Lilly is already redder than anyone I've ever seen. "Oh, dear, I hope I haven't. I would be most displeased to learn that I kept such lovely specimens as yourselves waiting for even one second." Okay, I'm laying it on a bit thick. Ease back on the throttle there, Champ.

Lilly either doesn't notice or doesn't care. I can see her gripping her cane tightly, knuckles bright white in contrast to her red face. "We only just arrived ourselves, Hisao." She gestures to the corner, where two futon mattresses are arranged side-by-side. Hanako's shivering has become more violent. "I... trust this is adequate?" There is a slight tremor in Lilly's usually calm voice.

I really have to take it easy. "Madam Lilly," I croon softly, taking her hand and making her jump, "this afternoon is not about me. It is about you." One step, then two, toward the futons. With gentle pressure here and there I guide the blind girl around tables and chairs, past a trembling Hanako, to lie down at my feet.

Though she can't see anyway, she closes her eyes and covers her face shyly. "This is very unusual for me, Hisao. I did not want to do this for a long time, but the others in school... Well, they say that you are the best..."

"I assure you that I will be as gentle as you wish me to be." I turn slightly, to look over my shoulder. "However, before I begin I am afraid I have some logistical issues to work out. Namely... Ah, how should I put this..." Hanako answers my question before I can finish it. In a purple flash she is on the futon with Lilly, eyes closed, gripping the blind girl's arm tightly.

"P-Please b-be gentle..."

D'AWWWWWWW. Okay, I have to get myself under control. That was just too freaking cute.

Focus. Focus. My hands are trembling. I'm a professional, right? Of course I'm fucking right. Focus...

"Miss Hanako, Miss Lilly, if you would please remove your shirts." Their breaths are quick, shallow. Focus. "Miss Hanako, please lie face down." I'll start with her. Focus.

Flesh puckered with scars trembles under my hands. Beside me Lilly is shaking and clutching at Hanako's hand like a life preserver.

"I assure you, this will be like nothing you have experienced before."



They really took to that quickly.

Oh no, what time is it? A quick glance to my watch reveals my miscalculation. 7:45.

"My most esteemed customers, I regret to inform you that I have taken rather too much time on this session, and as so am late for another engagement." I stand and bow, then start toward the door. It doesn't matter. They're both fast asleep, in each others' arms. Ah, well. I'm sure Shizune will collect from them later. "Thank you for your patronage." Still feels weird saying that, but it's become something of a trademark for me. And I'm out the door, hurrying to the library.

My entire body feels heavy. I can barely move from the waist down. But I have to keep going.

Two days of this... crazy pace is just too much. I have got to talk to Shizune, get some sort of a break schedule worked out or something.

Yuuko jumps as I open the door, looking up from her book. The library is dark except for a small reading light illuminating the librarian's face and chest. She looks scared. "Hello...?"

"Miss Yuuko," I squeeze past a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, "I am Hisao Nakai. I am under the impression that you requested my presence." I softly shut the door behind me. The room is so dark...

A chair clatters to the ground. Yuuko is standing now, staring at me with wide eyes. "Ah... M-Mister Nakai..." A purse I didn't notice before leaps to her hands; bills come out, extended in a shaky hand. "Here..."

Oh, this is just such a bad idea. "Miss Yuuko, I don't think-"

"Please!" She's dropped the money on the table and turned her back to me. I notice her shirt is above her shoulders, exposing her back, though she doesn't seem to be willing or able to raise it any further. "I've been so stressed lately!"

...Aw hell. I'm a professional, aren't I? And by now the damage is done – if someone catches me now versus later, I can't get any more expelled. A sigh passes my lips. Again, I don't care if she hears me. I'm past the point of no return now.

With soft steps I approach. My knuckles crack, and each step brings me closer to the librarian. "As you wish, madam." My hands extend; I quickly glance to the money on the table. It's barely enough for a quickie. But I’ll be damned if I'm going to get expelled for a fucking quickie. Fingers encounter flesh. Yuuko emits a loud squeak.

Behind me, the door flies open and the lights turn on. Yuuko is three meters from me, beet red and clutching her sweater to her torso.

A setup. I fucking God damn knew it. I'm ALWAYS right.

"Mister Nakai." The nurse. The nurse. I turn, hands in the air like a criminal from a movie. He's not smiling. I didn't expect him to be. "Would you come with me, please?"

A condescending bow. Fuck you, buddy. "As you wish, Sir."


When we reach the nurses' office Shizune is there. She doesn't look pleased. Misha, too, which surprises me. What's even more surprising is that she looks as chipper as ever. "Please, Mr. Nakai. Sit." I do so, keeping my eyes peeled for any other surprises. I avoid looking directly at Shizune. I don't know if I'd be able to keep an 'I told you so' look off of my face.

Finally situated, the head nurse remains standing. He looks at the three of us – Shizune, Misha and I – and scowls. "I know what you've been doing." Misha translates for my glasses-sporting girlfriend. "You should be ashamed of yourselves."

I... just don't want to hear it. Not from this guy. "Look," I jab a finger at the man, "you know as well as I do that massage is a legitimate medical technique for relieving stress. I am doing nothing wrong." My arms ache and my joints throb, but I continue holding an accusatory finger in the air. "What I do for these people is offer them not only a relief from stress, but an aid in-"

"Yes, yes, weight loss and relaxation and etcetera etcetera etcetera. I know the science behind it." His scowl deepens. "When it is performed by a licensed masseur these things are possible. But you're just a high school student! And what's more," he crosses his arms across his chest, "you're charging exorbitant fees for the simplest of services!"

Now I do look over to Shizune. She's glancing at Misha's translation, lagging a bit behind, but eventually catches up and scowls at me. I sign while I speak: "That's Shizune's department, not mine." Her face becomes a mask of rage.

"Regardless." The nurse cuts Shizune off before she can start. "Your actions are in direct violation of a number of school rules. I have to speak with the principal when he returns, but in the meantime I want you to refrain from any more of these... activities." He holds up a hand and starts ticking off items on his fingers. "No more shiatsu," Misha's favorite, "no more hot stone massage," the Emi Special, "no more shoulder or back rubs in class," there goes my lunch money, "and no more full body deep-tissue massages." Oh, Rin is going to have such sore hips...

I'm just... so angry. "I can't believe this! I enjoy giving massages! I enjoy making people feel good! How on Earth is that a bad thing?" I've leapt to my feet and am staring the nurse, who returns my gaze impassively. A tense moment passes between us.

Misha speaks. "What about sex?" We both turn, annoyed and surprised at the interruption. Shizune is signing, and Misha continues to translate. "There are no school rules ...specifically?... prohibiting sex for money."

"True..." muses the nurse thoughtfully. "But to be fair, we didn't really think that situation would come up. It's kind of an unwritten rule."

Shizune continues to move her hands as Misha speaks. "Be that as it may, there is nothing written. And if I understand your position correctly, that is your main..." The two girls exchange signs. "Ah, qualm. Your main qualm." She laughs loudly and I wince. You never get used to that laugh.

Another long moment passes in the room, while Shizune stares at the head nurse, who is thinking furiously.

"All right, fine. There's a bowl of condoms by the door." He catches my eye sternly. "But no more massages, do you hear me?"

"...As you wish."

Life could be worse, am I right?

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Re: An story

Post by SnigendePind » Thu May 28, 2009 12:47 pm

That caught me completely off guard. Freaking awesome. Wow, actually, I'm the massage guy at my school. No joke, the girls love it. And I love it too. =D
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Re: An story

Post by DuaneMoody » Thu May 28, 2009 1:02 pm

I saw this coming, but well done anyways. "It's 'A Pimp Named Shizune.' You have to say the whole thing."

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Re: An story

Post by jbrennan » Thu May 28, 2009 1:27 pm


Shizune as a massage pimp is so wrong, yet so right...
...not impressed.

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Re: An story

Post by The Commissar » Thu May 28, 2009 3:05 pm

Best. Subversion. Ever. The ending is just hilarious.
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Re: An story

Post by Silentcook » Thu May 28, 2009 3:16 pm

I caught you out at Yuuko. But as in Hisao's case, by then it was too late and the jaws of the trap had sprung shut. :twisted:

The very thought of a pimp Hisao was hilarious enough to cause a chuckle. Boy's so not a playa.
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Re: An story

Post by Aura » Thu May 28, 2009 3:29 pm

Haha, it was funny but like three or four times longer than it should have been.
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Re: An story

Post by fanatic » Thu May 28, 2009 7:45 pm

hahahaha god damit you got me

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Re: An story

Post by LeeEzekiel » Thu May 28, 2009 8:03 pm

Well played. Very well played.

And true, I was quite the masseuse myself in my high school years, and people love it. Never charged anything for it, though. And limited it only to my closest friends.

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Re: An story

Post by SirMax » Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:00 pm

Ha! You totally got me there. Dang.

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Re: An story

Post by Layzuhl » Wed Jun 10, 2009 11:29 pm

WetCrate, that ending hit me like a brick.

Like I'm walking down the street, enjoying the sunshine, and someone clubs me right in the face with a big, red brick.

I don't know how I feel, I could shake your hand or just shake you violently.

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Re: An story

Post by SirMax » Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:54 am

Layzuhl wrote:WetCrate, that ending hit me like a brick.

Like I'm walking down the street, enjoying the sunshine, and someone clubs me right in the face with a big, red brick.
Reading a fanfiction about underage prostitution equates to a pleasant stroll for you? Dang, I don't want to know what you call running.

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Re: An story

Post by Blue Canary » Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:22 pm

I'm thoroughly impressed. An impeccable job. I never saw it coming. 10/10.

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