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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Squirg » Thu May 21, 2009 2:14 am

Last line got me, I'll admit. Rest of the story was meh. It would be much better with extensive proofreading.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Seroanth » Sat May 30, 2009 3:25 pm

Thunder and Lightning is very similar to Sweet Dreams by Amadeous...

Hisao sleeping, knocks on door, WHOISSIT?! H-Hisao. Open door, Hanako? what are you doing? I'm scared. Alright let me get a blanket and pillow, put it next to my bed.
Oh wait, Hanako, what are you doing next to me on the floor? Sorry I was still scared. It's okay, *Hug* *fall asleep*

Sorry for not using correct sentences, but I'm on a tight schedule.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Sat May 30, 2009 3:44 pm

Sorry for neglecting this thread. I've been busy with other stuff. Though i do have about 4 'shorts' that i need to be posted, i just need to proof read them a bit

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Sun May 31, 2009 4:17 am

This entry is the oldest of 4 shorts I mentioned. I wrote is a while ago, but never posted it. Basically is Hanako and Lilly trying to win over Hisao, while trying to not back stab one another. Enjoy ;)

- Embrace-

I’m awakened from my slumber by the terrors of a nightmare. I feel the embrace of an unknown. I instantly wrap my arms them, feeling a long locks of hair flowing down a slim back. A hand gently slides through my hair ‘Who is this person? And why are they in my room? Is it some one I know or is it someone I don’t?’ Feeling my head being met set on something soft. I Snap my eyes open, and see a large lock of blond hair. Looking up I see a set of blue eyes looking down on me. Well not really, but they are in my general direction.

Her hand stops and she lets out little gasp
“Hisao you’re awake.”
I turn my head and see that it’s resting on Lilly’s lap
“Yeah I’m awake.”
I sit up and met eyes with Lilly sitting at the front of my bed.
“But more importantly, how did you get in my room?”
Her hands clasp together
“Well I came to wake you for school and noticed your door was open.”
I turn to her
She smiles
“I tried to knock, but the door swung open instead.”
“Ok that makes sense, but why was my head resting on your lap.”
She blushes a bit
“Well after the door swung open. I could hear you yelling in your sleep.”
She nods
“Yeah, you seemed to be having some sort of nightmare.”
“Well when I tried to wake you, y-you hugged me.”
“Yeah, you instantly clung to me when I approached the side of the bed you were on.”
I rest my back on the wall closets to the bed
“So I clung to you the instant you approached me?”
“That is correct.”
“Ok, but why was my head on your lap.”
Lilly turns her head towards the floor
“You did that.”
“Yeah, after you let go. Your head fell on my lap.”
Flipping off the covers I get out of bed and head towards the closet. Her head follows my movements.
“You’re not mad are you?”
I turn my head towards her response
“No, I’m just surprised that’s all.”
“Did you think I was someone else?”
“Yeah kind of.”
She folds her hands together
I suddenly realized that the first thing I though of was that person was holding me was my mother I quickly change the subject.
Looking to Lilly’s I see a small water mark just below her collar.
“Was I crying?”
She nods
I blush
“I’m sorry you see. I mean witness that.”
She smiles
“Did you really think I was your mother?”
The contents on my hands fall to the floor
“You were calling out for your mother.”
I quickly pick up the contents that fell from my hand
“I was….
Trying to think of some way to explain why that would happen, Lilly cuts in
“It could be that you were in such distress, that anyone that approached you. You’d confuse as being...
I cut her off
“Yeah you’re probably right, but still.”
Before I can finish my sentence I realize that I’m starting to remove my shirt while Lilly is still in the room. I suddenly realize that I forgot that she can't see and doesn’t know I’m trying to change.
“Uh Lilly.”
Her turn in my direction
“I hate to be rube, but I’m trying to change and….”
She blushes a bit and stands up
“Of course I’m sorry for keeping you.”
“Don’t worry about it; I’ll be ready in a minute.”
She smiles
“Take your time, we still have plenty.”

Exiting my room she closes the door behind her. I let out a sigh, as soon I know she’s out of hear shot. ‘How long is this going to keep going?’ I smile and toss my Pajama shirt in the hamper. After hanging out with Lilly and Hanako for a while, it’s become apparent they each have feelings for me. I’ve only recently become aware that each of them are trying to win me over, but also are trying to not hurt the others feelings in the process, which seems to be working…some what. Though despite there best efforts I’m still unsure who I should choose. When ever one of them tries to surpass the other on expressing there feelings, I get an awful feeling knowing that I may hurt the other when I don’t choose them. ‘So to choose or not to choose, that is the question.’ I smirk to myself at the terrible use of Shakespeare in my situation. Though despite my misuse, I do have to figure this out. ‘Who do I choose? And what’ll come of the other? Do I still hang out with them, or try to distance myself from them. Or do I choose neither and become the ‘friend?’ I let out a short laugh. ‘I’m not that shallow, I’d still hang out with both of them, despite who I chose…..and theirs no way in hell I’m become the friend.
Changing into my uniform, I grab my books and meet Lilly in the hallway. Turning to her I smile and start to shut the door.


Before I can react, loud crunches sound vibrates from the corner of my door. Looking in the sounds direction, I see Lilly’s cane wedged in the hinge side of the door. Opening it up, the cane falls to the floor with a slight bounce. Picking it up I see that it’s kinked at the place where the door hit it. Plus it seems to have bent a bit.
I turn to Lilly holding the cane

“Lilly, I’m so…”
She cuts me off
“No it was my fault, I propped it against the wall by your door. It fell when your door bumped into it and got caught.”
Still holding the cane
“Still I’m sorry and…”
She shakes her head
“I’m the one who should be sorry; I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t even realize it fell till it was too late.”
She smiles and reaches her hand out till it makes contact with my hand.
“I have a spare at the school, but till then you have to be my guide.”
She smiles and places her other and on top of the other one.
“Is that ok?”
I blush slightly and turn away
“Of course, it’s the least I can do.”
Her hands clamps mine, I turn to her in response
“It’s not your fault Hisao.”
I frown
“Still…I fell badly about it.”
She shakes her head and wraps her arms around my arm.

‘What has gotten in to her?’ This is a new side of Lilly that I haven’t seen before. She still had a sweet polite demeanor, but now it’s different.’
Leaving the dorm I carry Lilly’s and my book, along with her bent cane in my free hand. Before reaching the exit, a door slams open at the other end of the hallway. Kenji pokes his head out.

“Hisao what are you doing?”
I turn my head in his direction
“I’m going to class, what are you doing?”
He approaches

Walking past us he stops rate in front of Lilly and I with a scowl on his face

“It seems that the blue eye harpy has taken another.”
Lilly’s arms tighten around my arm
“Harpy? You got a lot of balls to insult some one when there rate inform of you.”
My words come off raspy.

Holding on the bent cane as far as I can reach, I poke Kenji in the sternum with it.

“An insult to one of my friends is an insult to me.”
I start walking again, pushing Kenji with the cane
“Were the hell do you get off?”

Kenji tries to speak, but can’t seem to find to words to answer the question.
Still walking I continue to push Kenji down the hallway. Coming to the doorway I give one last push, sending Kenji on his butt
Walking through the doorway, I give Kenji one final scoff before walking past him. Putting some distance between him, I hear a rustle on the ground as Kenji tries to get up.

“Hisao you’ll regret siding with a woman.”
I scoff and turn back towards Lilly, whose still clenching to my arm.
“You alright?”
She nods and smile
“Yeah I’m ok.”
Her arm loosen a bit
I blink at her response
“For what?”
“For sticking up for me Hisao”

She smiles again and rests her head on my shoulder
Continuing towards the school it hits me. ‘What if it Hanako had come to wake me up? What then? ‘Wonder how things would have turned out then?’ I shift the cane in my free hand. ‘I wonder how this is going to turn out after saying all that. I hope Lilly didn’t get the wrong idea.’
Nearing the school I notice Hanako leaning against a tree, apparently waiting for us. As we approach, the sound of our feet on the fresh cut grass gets her attention.

“H-hi Hisao and Lilly”
She smiles as she turns her head in out direction, but it quickly fades as she notices Lilly’s arm placement.
“W-what's going on here?
Lilly, apparently not paying attention suddenly unwraps her arms from mine and turns towards Hanako.
“Its not what it looks like”
I hold up the bent cane in her defense
“Yeah, there was a little mishap and Lilly’s cane got bent.”
Hanako looks at the cane then back at me
“What happened?”
I sigh and lower the cane
“It got caught in the door.”
“Really? How?”
“It fell into the door jam as I was shutting it.”

This seems to put her at ease, a smile returns to her face
“So you were leading Lilly to the school?”
“Yeah, Lilly said that she had a spare and…..”
I trail off after realizing that she understand the situation
Lilly who had been silent after noticing Hanako, suddenly grabs my arm again.
“Well now that, the misunderstanding had been settled we need to….”
Hanako’s head snaps towards Lilly
“Yes of course, sorry for keeping you.”
I smile
"Hanako, it’s alright. Do you….?
I point in the direction were heading
She shakes her head
“N-no that’s alright, I’ll see you in class.”
Departing from Hanako, Lilly and I head towards the tea room
“I had a feeling it was in there.”
She wraps her arms around my arm again
“Were else would it be?”
I sigh
“Yeah I suppose your right.”

Releasing her hand from mine, Lilly walks over to a small standing cabinet.
Opening it she pulls out another cane and sets in on a near by table. Closing the cabinet doors she grabs the cane off the table and walks towards me.
“Thanks for the help Hisao”
She takes the bent cane from my hand and props is against wall closets to the door
“I’ll get that later.”
Exiting the tea room, we head towards Lilly’s class room
Lilly turns to me
“You didn’t need my help to get here did you?”
She lets out a sigh
“I’m busted, once we left your dorm. I could have got here on my own.”
I raise an eyebrow
“Then why?”
Lilly’s usual friendly expression melts into a frown
“C’mon Hisao, you can’t be that dense.”
“Dense? I’m not….dense...”
I trail off after I realize that I have no idea what she’s talking about
Lilly’s frown lessens a bit
“You have no idea what I’m talking about.”
I Sigh
I see the girl’s head drop

Nearing the Lilly’s class room, I feel her hand grab my shoulder. Turning I see the friendly expression return to Lilly’s face.
“I know you’re having trouble making a decision on this.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Lilly’s frown returns
“Oh don’t be coy.”
I let out a sigh
“Is it really that obvious?”
She nods
I take her hand into mine
“I’m just worried that one of you is going to hate me and maybe hate each other.”

Lilly clasps my hand with her other one, allowing her cane in sway by its strap around her wrist.
“Do you really think we’re that shallow?”
“No, but I just…”
She cuts me off
“Just what?”
“I just don’t want to hurt one of...”
I trail off mid sentence
Lilly places her hands on my shoulders
“You seem to be doing that a lot lately.”
Before I can give a full response, Lilly plants a kiss. First hitting the side of my mouth, she gently moves into place. It’s gentle yet firm, her lips move softly against mine.
Pulling away she turns her head in my direction
“I like you Hisao….and so does Hanako. But you need to decide who to...”
I interrupt
“I’m not coming off as some one who’s…”
She shakes her head
“No, you haven’t. You’ve been a complete gentleman on this”
I let out a sigh of relief
The warning bell cuts off out conversation
“I got to...”
I nudge my head towards my class room.
“…..go that way.”
Lilly nods and enters her class room.

Nearing my class room, Hanako meets me at the door
I turn at her greeting
“Hanako, what are you doing out here?”
She smiles
“I-I was waiting for you.”
Her smile fades
“I need to talk to you.”
“Really? About what?"
“Y-you care about Lilly don’t you?”
I can literally feel her heart ready break
“Yes of course.”
Her head drops
“But I also care about you too.”
Her head tilts up a bit
Her words come off cold and full of pain
“How could you care for a freak like me, when theirs someone like Lilly there for you?”
“You herd me”
“Why would you say that?”
She lifts up her fringe and reviles the burn side of her face to me
“Look at me! You see? I’m a freak a….”

Something must have happened. She mistook what she saw this morning as something else. Now see feels betrayed and hurt. Thinking I’ve been deceiving her, only not telling her how I feel to save her feelings. Maybe she saw what Lilly did after I escorted her. I got to do something.

“You know what I see?”
“What is it Hisao? What do you see?”
I smile
“I see a pretty face, that you shouldn’t cover up”
The rage in her eyes cools and she lets the fringe fall back into place
Tears stream down her face
I wipe them away with my shirt sleeve
“How long have we known each other Hanako?”
“A while now, why?”
“Do you really see me as some one that shallow? “
“N-no, I-I just thought…..”
Tears start to run down the girls face. Hanako covers her face to hide the tears
“When I saw you and Lilly….”
Her word are muffled
I wrap my arms around Hanako. Feeling her body melt in my arms, her arms wrap around mine.
“I would never go behind your back like that and secretly be with Lilly while leading you on.”
Her arms tightening
“You’re always so kind to me Hisao. Sorry for snapping on you earlier.”
“It alright, I’m not mad.”
Hanako looks up at me from the hug
“You haven’t decided yet have you?”
I let out a deep sigh
I tilt my head down
“Its hard, I like you both but,”
“I don’t want to hurt one you two either.”
“Well you can’t have us both.”
“I know, I know”
Raising my head I catch eyes with Hanako, who standing on her toes to meet mine. Soft hands meet my face, followed by a passionate kiss from Hanako. A lot different from the one I received earlier this one is more aggressive and firm. Soft lips on mine, I place my hand on her head and hold her tight. Separating lips we look at each other, still embraced in a hug. I start to unwrap my arms from Hanako, but I feel her grip tighten.
“Not yet, let’s just say like this for a little bit longer.”
Resting her head on my chest, I return my arms to her former position around Hanako. She lets out a slight gasp and nozzles her head.

‘Now what do I do? Each of them probably thinks we just shared a special moment that the other hasn’t. I can’t keep doing this, I already feel like a piece of crap not being able to decide on which one. Maybe I should just neither of them and spare there feelings.’


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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Seroanth » Sun May 31, 2009 5:01 am

I'm not very used to giving ctirique. The story was a good read, though the grammatical errors did throw me off. But those are fixable.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by fanatic » Sun May 31, 2009 11:24 pm

great story thought, but i suggest that you get some one else to proof read your material they might spot mistakes you missed

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Mon Jun 01, 2009 12:18 am

Yeah i just reread it and found some mistakes. I'll correct them before i post my next KS Short.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:24 am

well after taking a break, i decided to do another KS short. This one is my attempt at a "what if" situation between Hisao and Shizune with Misha not being present. Being that Hisao doesn't know sign language, he decided to use some note cards that he "conveniently" had in his bag.

The story originally had the two communicating through a note book rather then note cards. With Misha finding it and reacting to "there private conversation".


-The note cards-

Entering my first class at my usually time, I see Shizune sitting next to an empty desk with a sad look on her face while resting her head on her desk. Sitting down, I tap Shizune on the shoulder, which cause her to sit strait up and look at me.
She flashes a fury of hand signals at me
“I’m sorry I don’t understand that.”
Suddenly remembering something, I give Shizune the “one second” signal and reach into my bag and pull out a stack of note cards. (Thinking I’d need these, I bought them when I started school here. Though it would seem I didn’t, so they just sat in my book bag till now.) Setting the stack of cards on the empty desk next to me, Shizune grabs one off the stack and writes something on it.
Placing it on back on the empty desk Shizune slides it my direction, it reads;

“Hisao, I need your help.”
Grabbing the card off the desk I write;
“What’s wrong?”
Looking my response, Shizune lets out a sigh. Then grabs the note card again, writes something on it, and passes it back to me.
“Misha isn’t here today.”
I grab the card again
“Where is she?”
I pass the card back to Shizune, who then writes a response to my question and passes the card back.
“Misha isn’t feeling well and couldn’t make it.”
I grab the card and write;
“I’m sorry to here (hear) that, but how can I help?”
Reading over the card Shizune smiles and pats the empty seat where Misha usually sits. Unhooking my bag from the side if my desk, I take seat where Shizune was just patting. (Her hand is gone of course.) Hooking my bag on the hook of my new desk, I scribble something down on the note card and slide it to Shizune.
“Ok, how it this going to help you?”
Shizune smiles and taps the rim of her glasses before giving me a response.
“You’re going to take notes.”
I raise an eyebrow as I read the response
“I already take notes for class.”
I say this out loud as I write it, before hanging (handing) the card back to Shizune
She smiles and hands the card back to me with something new written on it

“I know you do, but since this is the only way we can communicate. I’m going to have to take notes of your notes.”
I smirk and write my response
“So you’re just going to copy my notes?”
,Shizune smiles and nods after looking at my response.
The bell for the start of class rings and every one takes their seats. Muto stumbles in a few minutes later. Grabbing a clip board from his desk, he stands at the front of the room and writes on it, most likely taking attendance. Turning in my direction he stops and walks to the front of the row I’m sitting in.

“Nakai, that’s not your spot.”
I snap my head in his direction
“Yeah I know.”
Muto gives me an odd look
“Well if you know you’re not supposed to sit there, then why are you there?”

Shizune tugs my shirt sleeve and hands me a note card with something written on it.
“What’s going on?”
I grab the card and got something down and hand it back to her.
“Nothing, just Muto is asking why I’m sitting here.”
She grabs the card out of my hand and starts to write something on it.
Muto clears his throat, I look up at him. He has his arms crossed with an angry look on his face.

“Are you two passing notes?”
“Yeah, but….”
He raises an eyebrow in response
“Well it’s because I don’t know sign language, so this is my only means of communicating with Shizune.”
Muto drops his arms and lets them fall to his side, the clip board smacking against his knee.
“Well that for Shiina to…”
He trails off and looks around the room
“Where is she anyway?”
Shizune hands me the note card, but I continue to look up at Muto and give him a response
“She’s sick, so I’m taking her place and helping Shizune.”
Muto smirks at my response
“I see. Well if you can handle it go right ahead.”
He brings the clip board back to its original position and makes a mark on it.
“Have fun.”

His remark sounds as if he doesn’t think I can handle the task, but I ignore it and read the note card that Shizune handed to me.
“You don’t mind do you? I don’t want to get you in trouble or anything.”
I shake my head and write something on the note card and pass it back to her
“It’s no trouble at all, don’t worry about it. Muto doesn’t think I can do it though.”
Shizune smiles and writes something on the note card before handing it back to me
“Shows how much he knows, you can handle it no problem.”
I smile up at her and nod
Shizune grabs her books and a note book out of her bag and slides her desk next to mine. Smiling back at me, she hands me a fresh note card with writing on it.
“Thanks Hicchan.”
I take the card and write something in response
“No problem.”
Class starts at usual; pulling my note book out of my bag, I take very detailed notes of it in my best hand writing. Shizune copies them down as fast as I take them. Placing her left hand on my shoulder she leans in closer, looking at the note book page. Soon I can feel her breasts on the back of my arm and shoulder. If this were happening at any other time I’d probably do nothing, but she is so close that I’m starting to be unable write with out bumping into them. I grab a note card from the stack and jot something on it and pass it to Shizune.

“Could you back up a bit, I keep bumping into you.”
She blushes and looks down before pulling back, then hands me the note card with her response on it.
I shake my head then give her “its ok” signal and go back to taking notes.
This continues till the class ends.
Muto looks up at the clock and shuts his book, then looks up at the class.
“Well that’s it for today.”
Setting the book on his desk, he grabs a stack of papers and hands them out.
The class gives out an annoyed whine as he does this.
He crosses his arms
“Don’t worry; you can work in groups…”
Whether he had something else to say didn’t matter, as soon as Muto said “groups” the class erupted in frenzy as students partnered up with each other. I feel a tug on my shirt sleeve, turning in response I see Shizune holding a note card with something written on it.
“Are we working in groups?”
I nod in response.
Shizune smiles and points to the work sheet.
I smile back and turn towards the paper.
The rest of the classes go by smoothly, a side from some odd looks given by other students while Shizune seems to keep burying my arm in her chest. ‘I think she’s doing it on purpose.’ The lunch bell rings, causing a few students to jump as they are snapped out a daze. Looking at the stack of note cards, I notice that we must have gone through a fourth of them.
Shizune grabs a fresh one off the stack, writes something on it and hands it to me.

“Should we go see how Misha is doing?”
I nod and take the card from her hand
“Sure, maybe she’s feeling better.”
Taking the note from my hand Shizune smiles in response.
Packing up out books we head towards the door, pushing out way through the crowd. Exiting out into the hallway, Shizune gives me the “one second” sign and heads back into the class room. She returns shortly holding note cards like a hand of cards.
“Yeah we might need those.”
Shizune nods, she must have some how understood what I said.

Exiting the school building, Shizune grabs my hand and heads off towards the girls’ dorm. A million thoughts go through my head as people give us weird looks as I’m dragged towards the dorms. I stop Shizune and grab a note card from her hand.
Writing something on it I hand it back to her.
“You know people are going to get the wrong idea if we keep going at this pace.”
Shizune looks over at my response and blushes. Then grabs the card from my hand and writes something on it before handing it back to me.
“Let them think what they want, I don’t care.”
It’s written very sloppily, as if her response wouldn’t be seen if she took the time to write it slowly. Still blushing she writes something else on the note before letting me see it.
“Am I being bossy?”
I shake my head, which doesn’t seem to be enough. She glares at me as if I were lying. Taking the note card from her hand, I write my response.
“No, why?”
Shizune looks at the response then drops her head before taking it, then writing something on the card.
“You’re lying.”
I shake my head again, but it doesn’t seem to still be enough.
I grab the card out of her hand and write my response again.
“I’m not lying.”
She grabs the card out of my hand and scribbles a long response.
“Hicchan, I thought we were friends. Why are you lying to me? Friends don’t lie to friends.”
I read the response and give her a hurt look.
“We are friends, why can’t you believe me? If you can’t, do that mean were not?”
Handing back the card to Shizune, she looks at the response and then back at me.
“Well Played Hicchan, you turned the tables on me. But in all seriousness do I come off as bossy at times?”
I let out a sigh as I read over the message. Handing back the card I give my response.
“Yes there are times when you come off as bossy.”
Reading over the card, Shizune smiles and writes something in response.
“Thanks for being honest with me Hicchan.”
There is that smiley face again

Entering the girls’ dorm with Shizune still holding my hand, were met with a lot of odd glances and stares as we walk down the hallway. Stopping in front a door, Shizune stops and signals towards the door.
She gives the door a rather loud knock. ‘She must not realize that she’s hitting it so hard.’
Shizune gives me the shush sign as a voice on the other side of the door answers.
“Who’s there?”
‘How’d she know that Misha would say something?’
Still holding her finger to her mouth Shizune smiles and gives the door another loud knock.
A shuffling sound comes from the other side of the door, before another response is given
“It must be Shiccan.”
More shuffling sounds
“Why does she have to knock so hard?”
The door unlocks and the knob turns
“I was kind of hoping Hicchan was on the other …”
The door swings open as Misha is in mid sentence and stops as she sees me on the other side of the door.
Still in her pajamas’ and her hair down, Misha looks at Shizune and me in shock.
I wave in response
She blushes
“What are you doing here?”
She must be really embarrassed.
“Well Shizune and I came to see how you were doing.”
She turns away
“Fine, now that you’re here.”
The last part of her sentence is quiet, as if I wasn’t supposed to hear her.
I feel a tug on my shoulder, turning I see Shizune holding out a note card. Grabbing it I read it out loud.
“I’d like to know what’s going on.”
I smile and turn back to Misha
“Could you help me out on this?”
Misha nods
The two girls’ sign back and forth in what I can only describe as a barrage of fingers, arms, and hands, finishing with Misha placing her hand on my shoulder.
I turn to her
“What did you tell her?”
Misha smiles
“Wahahaha! Just that I’m glad you two are worried about me.”
This sounds like a lie, but I let it pass.
She smiles again
“So your idea for you two to use note cards to communicate?”
I nod
“Wahahaha! That’s very clever Hicchan.”
I blush and turn away.
Suddenly a set of hands grabs my face and turns me back towards Misha. Looking I see a set of gold eyes look at me. I open my mouth to say something, but I’m stopped by Misha as she places her lips on mine. I hesitate for a second, before wrapping my arms around the pink hair girl. Her tong moves against mine as if it’s fighting for superiority. Pulling away, she smiles as me.
“It’s nice to know that some one cares about me.”
‘What the hell just happened? Misha just kissed me out of no where and in front of Shizune no less.’
I try to say something, but am interrupted by another kiss. This time from Shizune, pulling me in a sort of a forceful fashion; almost head butting me rather then kissing me. This time how ever I don’t hesitate and immediately wrap my arms around her. Behind me I can hear Miska.
“Wahahahaah! It looks like Shicchan didn’t want to be left out.”
‘Left out she says. I think it more that Shizune doesn’t want to be one upped my by Misha. This must be what that long conversation they had was about. Or maybe this was just something spontaneous. Either one doesn’t bother me.
Feeling Shizune's dominate tongue against mine, I can’t help but think that these two girls kisses are some what similar. We part and look at one another. A sudden tug separates us; turning I see Misha.
She smiles
“Wahahaha! So, which one of us is a better kisser?”

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Mon Jun 22, 2009 2:56 pm

Well i was kinda not going to do these any more, since i didn't get any response on my last one i posted. (Except for a PM, thank for the help Bara) But since there seems to be a sever lack of new Fan Fiction here, i thought i'd add some to liven things up a bit


-The Walking stick-

A Light breeze cuts through the autumn air. The falling leaves rustle on the ground at my feet. The wooden bench I’m sitting on creaks as I shift my weight. Stretching out I close my eyes and place my arms behind my head and rest it on them. Feeling a séance of peace I take a deep breath, taking in the cool air into my lungs I begin to doze off. The crunching of leaves breaks me from my daze. It’s off in the distance, so I keep my eyes closed. ‘It must just be some one passing my.’ I think to myself as the noise gets farther and farther away. Suddenly the crunching sound of leaves nears as the person or persons near my location. ‘Maybe they want to see if I’m a sleep.’ I smirk a bit at this thought. The noise increases as the disturber of my peace approaches. It sounds as if there trying to step on the smallest patch of leaves to create the least amount of noise, but failing. Abruptly the noise stops and the shuffling of feet come from behind me.
Opening my eyes I see a set dark purple ones meet mine. A hand instantly covers one of them as I look up at them. Long purple hair brushes against my cheek and neck. A flowery frequency fills my noise as I inhale. Looking up at her purple haired girl I wet my lips and speak.

The girl blinks, or I suppose winks since she’s covering one of her eyes
I blink a few times as to regain my focus
“What are you doing here?”
She slightly blushes

The sight of Hanako blushing makes my heart skip a beat. I guess this is what you call 'moe'.
“I-I thought you were a sleep and…..”
I interrupt her
“Thought that you’d see my sleeping face?”
Hanako’s face turns bright red
“N-no, I w-was going to……”
She trails off not having anything to back up her claim
I smile at her
She pulls away, removing the curtain of hair that was around me.
“O-Ok I was, you j-just looked so peaceful, I-I...”
Trailing off again Hanako removes her hand from he face and lets the fringe fall back into place.
I sit up and turn around my eyes meet with hers
“You were what?”
My tone comes off some what playful, Hanako smiles and walks to the other side of the bench. My head follows as she walks in front of me.
“Y-you see I wanted t-to...”
I pat the open space next to me
Hanako stops and turns towards the empty spot
“Could you sit down? You’re making me nervous”
My sad attempt at humor gets a slight giggle out of Hanako as she sits down next to me. Taking the absolute end of the bench she takes her seat. ‘I bet if this bench was ten feel long, she’d still sit at the end of it.’ I smile at the thought.
Turning towards each other; I remove my hands from the back of my head, while Hanako places her hands on her lap.
“S-so I noticed you were sleeping and I wanted to…..”
She trails off again
“Wanted to what? Hanako?”
She slides closer to me
“I-I wanted to s-see if you were really a-asleep and…”
Trailing off again she slides closer to me

I can feel my heart beating heavily in my chest. The sensation first scares me, but when i realize i'm not in any danger i relax a bit.
Hanako’s face turns a shade of red I’ve never seen before. Honestly I didn’t think some one could get that red. She leans closer to me and closes her eyes. I do the same and place my arms on her slim back. Pulling her close our lips literally inches from one another.
Suddenly a long bang sound echoes from the school building as a metal door smashes against the brick wall. We both jump and the sound and turn towards in origin. I nearly keel over there as the shock causes me almost jump out my seat.

Misha flies out of the building caring something.
“Wahahaha! To the victor go the spoils”
She abruptly stops and turns towards us
“Hey what are you two doing?”
Hanako breaks my clasp and turns away
“Aw so that’s what it was. Wahahahaha!”

I’m slightly hurt by her actions, but before I can say anything Shizune bursts through the door flashing a bunch of hand signals at Misha.
“So she’s caught up, how persistent”
Misha flashes a few hand signals at Shizune as the two meet up
“Till we meet again Hicchan. See ya”
The two run off as soon as they appear.
I Blink a few times and turn back towards the closing door
“Well you don’t see that everyday?”
Smiling I turn back to Hanako, she’s still displaying that unique red face.
She nods in response
“A-any way”
Her eyes meet with mine
“I-I just wanted to know if you…”
Hanako is cut off by a loud ‘band’ that vibrates from the same door the ‘student counsel’ just ran through. Both of us turn towards the still shut door.


The door swings open; smashing into the brick wall it’s attached to. On the other side Lilly stands, panting heavily. With leg still out stretched towards the direction the door swung open. ‘She must have run into it, and then kicked it open.’
Hanako shouts as she jumps up and runs towards Lilly
I follow are after; stopping the door from swing back into Lilly.
“Lilly are you Ok?”
Hanako asks as she takes Lilly’s hand
“Yeah, I’m ok, it’s just…”
“Just” what?”
I ask with a concerned tone
“Just that some one stole my cane and I was chasing after them.”
Hanako shouts as she tightens her grip on Lilly’s hand
“Shizune and Mikado took it.”
Lilly seems to be embraced by this
“Son of a b*tch!”
I yell as I charge off
“What? Is it?”
Lilly asks totally oblivious to what just happened
“We just saw them.”
Hanako responds in a cold tone
Pursuing the thieves, I round a corner and blast past the main building. Running at a even pace i feel my heart pumping, but only if i place my hand in it.It seems that i'm not in any danger...yet. I charge through a long stretch of the path, passing numerous buildings. Suddenly
Hanako Emerges from the side of one and catches up with me.

“Any luck?”
I ask between gasps
She responds in the same tone she gave Lilly, when she found out we just missed the cane thieves.
“Let’s split up, we’ll have a better chance of finding them.”
Her tone is somewhat less cold
“Yeah, sure”
I nod in agreement

Nearing a two way path, we split in opposite directions. Hanako turning left, while I stay straight. Continuing down same path, I pass the track and notice Emi doing her usual retinue. She waves to me as I pass by. Nearing another set of buildings, the familiar sound of metal on stone nears from behind. Turning back I see Emi catching up to me at full speed.
Emi great me in her usual tone
“What-cha doing?”
“Trying to catch a thief”
“A thief Hun, who are they and what did they steel?”
I let out a sigh before responding
“Jeez you’re full of questions today.”
I turn back to Emi, her usual smile is gone, now an almost snarl is on her face
“Who’s the Thief Hisao?”
Her tone is no longer cheerful
“Shizune and Misha.”
“What did they take?”
“Lilly’s cane”
Emi’s face fills with rage
“Let’s get them.”
“Let’s catch them.”
“Uh Emi”
“Its one thing to mess with someone by taking there lunch, but then you take advantage of someone and hinder them unable to even get around, then you’ve gone too far.”
Her words are harsh and just. I can’t help but feel a little frightened by her tone
Running for what what seem like miles, I can’t help but notice how large this school and the surrounding ground are. My legs feel like wet noodles as i force myself to keep running. I check my heart it seems normal, or at least normal for me. ‘I wonder if Hanako is having any luck.’ Nearing the dorms, I notice the two thieves. Seeing Emi and I they make an attempt to evade us, cutting through the building.

“This way, well cut them off”
Emi takes a sudden turn and sprints across the grass, I follow close behind.
Cutting through a few buildings we watch up to them. Shizune and Mikado Rate in front of me crossing the path next to the buildings, I burst out and make an attempt to stop them.
Coming off as more of a dive, I plow into Misha knocking her off balance and causing both of us to tumble down a small hill. The spinning view of tree, sky, and grass as I tumble down the hill come to an abrupt end as I hit the bottom.
“Ouch that hurt Hicchan.”
I look down and notice that I some how managed to still keep my grip on Misha, even while tumbling down a hill.
“Uh, sorry.”

It almost comes with out thought. Despite my anger and frustration towards those two, I can’t help but apologize for plowing into Misha and knocking her down a hill.
Looking around I start to get up from the ground, Lilly’s cane is no where to be found. I turn back to Misha who has a big smile on her face.
“Where is it?”
“Where is what?”
“Don’t play dumb, where is Lilly’s cane that you guys took.”
“Wahahaha! Oh that, Shicchan has it. I passed it to her just before you charged into me.”
She says this with a smile. I can’t help but snarl in response.
Attempting to pull myself to my feet, I’m forced down a sudden pulling motion around my waist. Landing flat on Misha, I look back and see her legs are wrapped about me.
“What are you doing Misha?”
“Wahaha! You’re all mine Hicchan.”
Arms wrap around my back pulling me closer, soon my face is literally inches from Misha’s.
“Misha, what are you…”
My words are cut off by Misha pulls my head closer to hers’.
I pull way
“Whoa! What are you doing?”
Misha frowns
“Whats wrong Hicchan? Don’t you find me a trac tive?”
She tries to sound cute in last part of the sentence
I make an attempt to break away form Misha
“Its not that, it’s just that….”
A smile appears on Misha’s face
“Wahahaha! My plan worked perfectly.”
“Plan? What plan?”
Her smile widens
“The plan was to stall you, by any means necessary. Any means”
Her repeat of ‘any means’ gives me an uneasy feeling. ‘How far was she willing to go, if I hadn’t stopped her?’ The question lingers in my mind as I try to break her grip she still has on my head.
“Leaving so soon Hicchan?”

Breaking free of her grip on I pry her legs from my torso. Standing up I make a break for the path.
Nearing the top of the hill something grabs my leg, causing me to almost lose balance.
Looking back I see Misha clenching onto my leg

“You’re going no ware!”
I shake leg from of the pink devil’s grip and make a break for the path.
“I’m sorry Misha”
Nearing what seems like “Then end of the road.” I notice Emi standing at the end of a cobblestone path leading into the woods. Abruptly I stop and turn towards
“What happened?”
I force out the sentence as I gasp to catch my breath. Surprisingly despite all my running i haven't needed to instantly stop in fear that i may be over exerting myself. 'Maybe this medication is doing more then preventing me from keeling over.' 'Then again i really haven't been running at top speed and i've be completly focused on getting Lilly's cane back.' The thought of what i'll be feeling tomorrow makes me feel a little uneasy.

“Shizune went down their.”
Emi points towards the cobblestone road
“Why didn’t you follow her?”
I ask as I raise my head up
Emi Kicks a loose brick on the road
“I can’t, at least not while running.”
She lowers her head
“The road is really old and it has a lot of places that you can trip on. But”
Emi’s head snaps up and she has a smile on her face
“But it’s closed off at the end, so you should have no problem catching up to her.”
“Closed off?”
I scratch the back of my head as I respond
“Yeah, this used the road you’d use to get into town a long time ago. But since no one used it after the main road was built it was neglected. Theirs an old bridge at the end that closes it off, you should find Shizune when you reach that point.”
Emi’s brief history of the old road seems as she recited it from a book rather then explains it in her own words. Either way catching Shizune is now with in my grasp. I turn to continue my pursuit, but stop and turn to Emi.
“You didn’t happen to see Hanako did you?”
Emi shakes her head
“No I didn’t, but if I see her. I’ll tell her what I just told you.”
I smile

Leaving Emi behind I make a break for the bridge. Just as Emi said, the loose bricks and numerous pot holes make it easy to trip. I find myself stumbling a few times, but never falling.
As I near the bridge, I catch a glimpse of Shizune. She is leaning against one of the numerous warning signs scattered all over the path, telling anyone that approaches that the bridge is closed.
Swinging the retracted cane by the strap on the handle, Shizune looks straight at me as I approach. I freeze, “maybe she wouldn’t notice me.” I smirk, “yeah right.”
Grabbing the cane with her right hand, Shizune jumps over a barricade in front of the bridge and starts to cross it.
“Shizune wait!”
I instantly shout out despite her not being able to hear me
Throwing caution into the wind, I go after her in an attempt to stop her. The creaking of old wood only adds to my fear that I feel as I walk across the old bridge. I clench one of the sides, only to have it come loose in my hand.

“Just perfect”

I muter as the side swayed in my hands.
Leaving the loose side behind I continue moving across the bridge. Looking ahead I see Shizune jogging across. Constantly looking back at me, totally oblivious that at some points the bridge is almost breaking under her weight. Suddenly a portion of the bridge gives under Shizune’s weight. Boards’ creek and break, a loud winding sound fills my ears. Something suddenly comes over me, for reasons I can only explain as fear. Fear of what will happen to Shizune. Fear that I may lose a friend. Fear of this maybe the end and all over a stupid walking cane. With a burst of speed I head towards Shizune, everything seems to be moving in slow motion as I near her. Every nerve in my body screaming at me, telling me to stop. I can hear my heart beat in my ears. Despite this I continue towards Shizune. Just as she disappears from sights, I dive towards her and catch one of her hands. My torso hits the wood bridge hard. I let out a ‘ugh’ as I make contact with the bridge. Looking down I see Shizune, she sways over her possible watery grave obviously in shock. She looks up at me with a mixture of fear and gratitude, her hand still clenching onto that cane. Trying to hand it to me, I reach for it with my left hand. The sudden shift if weight on one arm makes me cringe slightly. Grabbing the cane I toss it behind me. It bounces a few times before coming to rest against one of the loose boards.

I reach for Shizune now free hand with my left. Clenching it she looks up at me and smiles. Attempting to pull her up, the boards under me start to give. My body freezes with fear over the sound of the cracking and wining of old wood. Feeling the boards under me disappear, a séance of falling only increases my fear. ‘This is it, prepare for death.’ ‘You tried you best, but it wasn’t good enough.’ You’re both going to die and all over a walking cane.’ Nearing a watery death below, something suddenly stops me. Someone or something has latched on to one of my legs and it trying to pull me up. The sound of metal sliding across the wood and the cries of my savior almost absolves my fear of death. I snap my head around to the person, now holding on to my leg for dear life.
Her response is drawn out as she cinches holding me up
“What are you doing here?”
“I-I got worried after you didn’t return for a while.”
The sliding of her prosthetic legs across the bridge, returns my fear of death
“T-the thought of losing you….”

Her words are cut off as the weight becomes too much for her and my legs slips through her hand. The falling feeling and the fear of death consumes me. I open my mouth to scream, but I stop when something grabs my leg and stops me from falling. ‘Did Emi stop me from falling again?’
“No ones losing anyone!”
Hanako appears shouting this as she grabs one of my legs.
My response it like Emi’s, I cringe as my arms feel as if there ready to fall off.
Looking down at Shizune, her face is filled with complete terror. My “many faces of pain” seems to have filled her in on the situation.
Hanako shouts
Emi jump as she responds
“Grab Hisao’s other leg and pull.”
Emi nods, grabs my other leg and pulls

As I’m being pulled up, I tighten my grip on Shizune. Despite her not being that heavy, having all her weight consternated on my shoulders makes if feel as if she is. I force out a smile as were pulled up.
“I don’t want to lose you Hisao!”
Hanako shouts this as she pulls me up
“You’re the only person that doesn’t focuses on my flaws and treats me normal.”
Her cold tone is slightly soften as she says this
“Me too”
Emi cuts in
“You’ve treated me with such kindness and compassion. Not once have you mentioned my ‘flaw’. You occasionally poke fun at my height, but then again I do the same about your running, so it’s all in f-fun.”
Emi forces out the sentence as she hold back her tears.
I feel a sudden jolt and feel myself falling again.
“Damn! I’m losing my grip”
Hanako cinches as she says this
Suddenly loud foot steps echo across the old bridge, the new arrival causes the bridge to twist and sway. The sides start to creek under the additional weight.
“Here I come to save the day. Wahahaha!”
Misha appears behind the two girls and grabs on to my waist.
“On three we all pull.”
The two girls nod at Misha’s orders.
“One, two, THREE!!”

A sudden pull at my waist lifts me from certain doom. I feel as if I’m flung rather then pulled from the hole. Lifting at the motion, still holding on to Shizune I fall on my stomach taking her with me. I pull on my side and look up at the three girls that helped me and smile.
Hanako blushes and turns away
“I-it was nothing”
“You alright Hisao?
Emi asks in a worried voice
I nod
“Yeah I’m fine”
“Wahahaha! I’m the one who should be thanking you Hicchan.”
Misha cuts in with her usual loud voice
I blink in response
Misha smiles and points to Shizune. Who gives me a barrage of hand signs
“Thank you for saving...”
Misha’s interpretation is cut off as the bridge begins to give under out combined weight.

I shout as I jump to my feet and pull Shizune to hers’.
The five of us charge down the old bridge. The creaking and twisting increases as we run across it. The boards’ literally falling into the water as just after we run over them. Seeing Lilly’s cane I make a swoop for it, grabbing it as the boards give way under my feet. Being at the back of the pack, I’m the last one vacate the bridge just as it breaks apart and falls into the freezing waters below.
“You save used this time Hicchan.”
Misha says between pants
“T-that was some quick thinking there Hisao”
Hanako say in her usual soft voice
I chuckle at the comment
“I really didn’t do much you guys. I just heard the bridge give way and…..”
I turn towards the bridge. All the remains are the two stone support pillars at the end of each shore. A missive pile of broken timber clogs the river and floats down stream.
“….Just acted on instinct.”
“Instinct or not, were still here become of you.”
Emi says smiles as she says this.
I feel my cheeks get as she says this
“Wahahaha! Hicchan is blushing!”
Misha says pointing to my red face
“I-I em not”
I stutter over my words. ‘I’m so busted.’
As everyone catches there breathe, I notice Shizune nudge Misha and walk towards me. Smiling she stops rate in front of me and holds her hand off the side signing to Misha.
“Thank you for saving me…again.”
Misha emphasizes the last part
“I never meant for this so this far or to get you involved.”
“I’m sorry Hicchan, I really em.”
Shizune places a her free hand on my face
“I don’t know how I should say this, but…..”
Misha cuts off the translation. Out of corner of my eye I notice her face is bright red. I look back at Shizune, her face nearing mine. Our lips make contact. A small tong moves along side mine. I freeze for a second as she does this. Pulling away just enough to break the connection she looks up at me. Her eyes sparkle in the autumn sun.
Misha clears her throat and finishes the translation
“…..I-I think I’ve fallen for you.”
Clearly Misha has trouble with the translation
Looking at Shizune, I’m at a loss for words. I open my mouth to speak, but nothing comes out.

-Sudden voice-
“Well isn’t this a Kodak moment. Now if only I had a camera to capture it.”
We all turn towards the direction of the voice.
Rin stands a few feet from us with a sly grin on her face. Lilly is standing rate behind her, resting a hand on her shoulder.
‘Kodak moment’ I chuckle a bit after hearing this.
“Oh my, I hope we weren’t interrupting anything.”
Lilly asked as she removes her hand from Rins shoulder and claps them together.
“Na, it didn’t really look all that important.”
Rin’s reply is dry and out of place.
Still holding me Shizune turns back to be and blushes as she pulls way.
“Wahahaha! I’m not translating that Shicchan. Tell him you’re self, that you want to meet up with him later.”
Misha turns back to me, realizing that she just did the exact opposite.
The two girls, still slightly red, run off before I can respond to the statement.
Lilly frowns after they disappear
“What are those two doing here?”
“Uh it’s a long story.”
I respond still slightly blushing from sudden confession
I hold out Lilly’s cane and bump it into her hand.
Lilly smiles and takes it.
“You got it back.”
I nod
“Yep, but….”
“But what?”
Lilly tilts her head in respond
“But Hanako helped…”
I turn to Hanako, her head on her chest looking at the ground.
“Hanako helped?”
Hanako looks up over the mention of her name
“Yep and so did Emi.”
Emi snaps her head up over my mention of her name
“Y-yes, but I don’t know how much help I was.”
Hanako’s response sounds as if she’s trying not to cry
“But it was Hisao, who did most of the work.”
Emi’s response is like Hanao’s
“Hey, what about me?”
Rin stomps her foot as she responds
“What about you?”
I raise an eyebrow
“I helped too.”
I smirk at her comment
“Yes really, if it weren’t for me, Lilly’s would have never found you guys.”
‘Well she’s got a point.” ‘Though I don’t see the reason why to even lead Lilly to us, since we would of just gone back and met up with her after retreating her cane.’ I let Rin have her moment, rather then argue.
“W-well now that’s taken care of, w-we should get going, c’mon Rin.”
Emi breaks in and forces out a sentence before leading Rin away. Turning she looks at me a smiles.
“See you later Hisao”
She bolts after saying this, while Rin lazily follows.
Lilly follows the two girls movements and then turns back to us
“Something ‘did’ happen didn’t it?”
“I-I’ll explain later, lets go Lilly”
Hanako takes Lilly’s arm and starts leading her way. Lilly stops her and turns back towards me.
“What about Hisao?”
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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Bara » Mon Jun 22, 2009 4:00 pm

Oh, Hisao! Your such a manwhore and an action hero, too! :shock: :lol:

Just my first surface thoughts. I'm not trying to be harsh but I'm trying to be frank and openly honest:
Having Hisao sprinting around the campus, tackling people and rolling down hill, diving leaps to catch a falling persons hand on top a rickety old wood bridges; I was expecting the "Hnnnngh!" at any moment. It streches my willingness to suspend disbelief. Not that streching the character and taking them in different directions than the original writer is a bad thing to do for fan fic; but not having him once think about his heart bursting like a water ballon does seem way out of character.

If you would like me to proof the second piece and PM it to you it will take some time. I just changed from XP to Vista (I refuse to call it an upgrade) and need to get around to re-installing my wordprocessing software.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Mon Jun 22, 2009 4:32 pm

Thanks for the input, this was actually originally a sequel to "The case" that i wrote a while back. But for some reason I never posted it. Though i do admit i don't know why i didn't mention the heart thing. I guess it was my attempt at "Super Hiaso" lol i'm kidding, but seriously reading over it, i honestly don't know how i misses that. Not that i think about it the 4th one of my 4 story set that i mentioned dosen't talk of his heart either. Maybe i should work that in some were.

-BTW i'm not trying to be mean here, but why would you willingly get Vista?

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Bara » Mon Jun 22, 2009 4:57 pm

Snicket wrote:Thanks for the input, this was actually originally a sequel to "The case" that i wrote a while back. But for some reason I never posted it. Though i do admit i don't know why i didn't mention the heart thing. I guess it was my attempt at "Super Hiaso" lol i'm kidding, but seriously reading over it, i honestly don't know how i misses that. Not that i think about it the 4th one of my 4 story set that i mentioned dosen't talk of his heart either. Maybe i should work that in some were.
Well, if it went too far the other way in which Hisao's every second thought is, "Oh my heart this" and "Oh my heart that" I'd seriously want to puke. I don't think anyone WANTS to be physicaly limited, but we all are, and must make accomodations to those limits. I think most people try to ignore those accomodations whenever possible; or at least until those accomodations get thrown up into our faces and we have to acknowledge them again.
Snicket wrote:-BTW i'm not trying to be mean here, but why would you willingly get Vista?
Eh, well I can't be a dinosaur forever. I've had the sofware gathering dust for over a year now and I needed to do a clean install on my computer to clean it up anyway. I decided to bite the bullet and try it. God only knows, I might learn something new. (I learned that MicroSoft sucks back in the day of Win 3.1. Nothing new there.)

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:52 pm

I agree i was 'trying' to built off "The chaise" story and not mention the heart condition so much, but then for some reason i completely skipped over it entirely. I'm kinda debating if i should add it or just move on and use as a "lesson learned" for the next one. *shrugs* i dunno

-As for you 'upgrade', all i can say is be careful Very, very careful. Vista has a tendency to bug out uncontrollably. (at least it did when i had it)

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Bara » Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:34 pm

Snicket wrote:I agree i was 'trying' to built off "The chaise" story and not mention the heart condition so much, but then for some reason i completely skipped over it entirely. I'm kinda debating if i should add it or just move on and use as a "lesson learned" for the next one. *shrugs* i dunno
That would be totaly up to how you wanted to approach it. Maybe someone with more experience on the creative process can help you find an answer. The limit of my talent is spotting a few typos and possible misused words. :D
One thing I hear from people who create anything is that the actual process they go through to create is something that they learn to do better as they create more and better works. Reviewing how you made your work seems to be a needed part of the process also.
Snicket wrote:-As for you 'upgrade', all i can say is be careful Very, very careful. Vista has a tendency to bug out uncontrollably. (at least it did when i had it)
Less than 48 hours on the install, but so far stable. Of course the blasted 5.5 hours it took to install the software itself, 85+ updates, and 2 service packs; I should hope to god its marginaly stable. Of course, I have yet to install much besides security and chat software as yet. I guess I'll see what its like when I start trying to reinstall the rest of my stuff.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Mon Jun 22, 2009 7:16 pm

Yeah i seem to be missing that ability when i write something. I dunno why, but unless i re-re-re-reread something. (the three 're' were intentional) I always seem to miss something. Either being grammar or spelling or just the flow of it. In any case, i 'tweaked' my last entry a bit to include the heart thing. (Don't worry i didn't over use it)

-As for your computer thing; some programs may not run correctly on Vista, so be prepared for that.

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