KS Shorts

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Esa94 » Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:43 pm

Smoku wrote:
Snicket wrote: Anyway before anyone ask, this idea came up before there were sprite changes. If you catch my drift.
Before she got ugly, that is :D
But... She's not ugly :<

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Mag » Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:25 pm

Nice story Snicket. I was wondering while playing Act 1 for the first time if Hisao could have been with Yuuko. But then the new sprite came out and I thought "no way. she looks too much like an adult now." Honestly I'm not that fond of the new look. It's a nice touch but I'd prefer the old Yuuko.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:17 am

Smoku wrote:haha, nice.
Snicket wrote: Anyway before anyone ask, this idea came up before there were sprite changes. If you catch my drift.
Before she got ugly, that is :D
Wait a minute, i never said anything about the new Yuuko being ugly. Rather i was saying is that when i originally came up with this 'short'. IT was before the sprite change,so the Yuuko in this one looks the way the old one did.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by kosherbacon » Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:55 am

Has there really been any other serious attempt at a fic featuring either Yuuko? If not, you deserve a cookie for your efforts. And if so, well, you get a cookie anyway for another good FF.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Smoku » Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:07 am

Snicket wrote:
Wait a minute, i never said anything about the new Yuuko being ugly. Rather i was saying is that when i originally came up with this 'short'. IT was before the sprite change,so the Yuuko in this one looks the way the old one did.
Hm... well, true. You can't describe her as ugly, true. It just that.. I just feel she's not that cute anymore as she was :<

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:35 am

Smoku wrote: Hm... well, true. You can't describe her as ugly, true. It just that.. I just feel she's not that cute anymore as she was :<
I'd have to agree, i kinda miss the 'moe' librarian.

Anyway, i thought i'd give you guys an update on these.

-After debating on doing a OC 'short' i decided to give it a try. I'll post something as soon as I'm finished.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Mag » Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:21 pm

Good Luck Snicket

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Fri May 07, 2010 3:04 am

Blah! sorry for not posting anything here in a while. I've been busy with some other matters. I'll try to post something latter this week.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Mag » Fri May 07, 2010 12:03 pm

Take your time. I'm sure work/school is being hectic round this time. All with finals and summer starting and all. Sigh I hate summer. I want winter back. I want snow.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Wed May 12, 2010 1:25 am

Sup folks, it's been a very stressful couple of days, with not 'letup' insight.

Anyway, i bring you a very unique 'short'. It's my first of hopefully many 'shorts' revolving around my 'OC' i made. I tried to make them interesting, but you be the judge.


Day 1

An uncomfortable silence seems to loom over head. They kind you’d expect to occur after someone just told an offensive joke or when someone walks into a room and stumbles into a conversation regarding there miss deeds of the past. Though neither is the case in this situation. Rather the awkwardness after agreeing to help your boss with a personal matter. Only to discover that you’ve been trusted to escort their eldest child, to a place on the other side of the country; with no expense spared no less.

Normally you’d think that, if someone had an opportunity to ‘show their worth’ outside of the company. They’d take full advantage of this and make an attempt to befriend there boss’s child or at least strike up a conversation. This person however hasn’t attempted neither of these, rather has taken the ‘if I don’t say anything, I can’t get in trouble route.’ Which is fine, but given how long we’ve been riding in the car; I’d rather he have something to say and not high his face behind a newspaper.


As the shiny luxury car, travels down the narrow windy roads. I continue to reattach the guard plates on the device that rests on my lap. Growing tired of the silence, I make an attempt to strike up a conversation.

“Read anything interesting in the paper?”

“Nope, nothing.” The man says flipping to another page.

‘He must have read that paper a dozen times already.’

“Oh.” I say as I return my gaze to the dismantled mechanical device.

Neither of us attempts a conversation on the ‘recent’ new for the remainder of the trip.


As the pieces come together, I find myself smiling as I regain the full use of my right arm.

Opening, closing my hand, and rotating my wrist. I let out a smirk and wiggle my left leg to assure its functionality.

Though my moment of ‘ah’ is interrupted as the mad sitting across from me; clears his throat to get my attention.

“Uh Ms. Wakana.”


“My apologizes, I was not able prevents the actions that occurred earlier today.”

I close the small tool box at my side, before responding. “You didn’t do anything wrong, so theirs nothing to worry about.”



As I set the tool box on the floor, I notice that the man is still sitting on the edge of his seat. “Is there something else?”

“Well…uh there is one other thing.”

“Go ahead.”

“I will see to it the person’s responsible for today’s issue, will have there jobs terminated.”

“Now you don’t have to go that far.”

I hold up my right arm and flex the finger joints.

“No harm done, they just weren’t used to seeing such a thing. They took the necessary actions for such a matter.”

“But they could have been a bit less forceful in the matter.”

“Perhaps, but that’s all in the past now.”

The man seems to have more input on the matter, but appears to not want to say it. Instead he leans back in his seat and pulls the paper back up to his face.


More time passes, though I can’t say how much since I’ve stopped repeatedly checking my watch for the time. Despite being in a car of luxury and elegance, the smell of the air freshener and the leather seats starts to bother me. I find myself starting to become a bit restless, but I manage to hide this by acting as if I’m adjusting my collar or straitening out my dress; Though this doesn’t fool the other passenger.

“We’re almost their Ms. Wakana.”

“Oh, no need to worry about me.”

“I’m not, just thought you’d like to know.”

“Well thank you.” I say smiling slightly.
As the voyage ‘seems’ to be nearing its end. I notice that we’ve pulled into a small town, dotted with numerous shops and restaurants. Along with, what I assume are the students of the school I’ll be attending; walking around in green and white school uniforms.

I smile and lean back in my seat. ‘Good, were almost their.’

“Uh Ms. Wakana, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Why did you wait so long to attend this place? I mean you only have a few months left why changes schools now?”

I lean back in my seat and interlace my fingers. “Well to be honest. I asked to go to this school quite a while ago, but it seems that my parents only got to the paper work recently and send it in.”

“Well your parents are very busy after all.”

“Yes I know.”

Neither of us mention the obvious ‘issue’ my parents have regarding prying themselves away from work.


As the car starts to climb up a steep incline, I notice a large red brick building off in the distance.

‘This must be the place.’

I thought occurs to me, about what students will think if they see a black limousine pull up to the school and see a fellow student climb out.

‘I’d rather not be judged before I even have a chance to make an impression.’

“Would it be possible to stop before we enter the school grounds and walk the rest of the way?”

“But Ms Wakana, that’s quite a distance to travel by foot, why would you ask such a thing?”

“Well I’d like to see the ‘supposed’ gardens that this place has, with out having to see them from the car window.”

The man must have realized my ‘true’ intention of my request and humors me request.
“Alright, we’ll do that.” The man says with a smile.

Pushing a small button, the man leans towards the armrest. “Driver, could you stop the car just before the main gate?”

“No problem sir.”


As we approach the main gate, the car slows to a stop and the interior lights flick on. To my surprise the driver has already opened my door.

‘He must have run once he got out.’

Sliding out of the car and stepping into the sunshine, I breathe deep and let out a sigh of relief. As I feel the sun’s rays on my face.

One starts to miss the sun and fresh after being cooped up in a car for almost 3 hours; though the trip would have been shorter if the drive hadn’t gotten lost.


Not wasting much time, I walk over to the trunk just as the driver opens it.
Just as he is about to grab the contents from the trunk, I make an attempt to reach for them myself.

Though before I can grab them, the man rushes towards the trunk and yanks them out before I can reach them; almost knocking me over in the process.

“No need to strain your self Miss, I got it.”

I resist the urge not to yell at the man, but I’m not so luck hiding the scowl on my face.

“I-I’m sorry, have I done something to offend you?”

‘Yeah you almost knocked me over.’

“No, but I’d rather take the bags myself.”

“But Miss Wakana…”

I give the man a reassuring smile. “I’d rather not bother you with such a small matter.”

‘Plus it would defeat the purpose of stopping before the gate, if you two walked in there with me.’

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, of course.”

A bit hesitant, the man hands me the luggage, he so hastily removed from the trunk of the car. Along with the small tool box that was resting on floor inside the car.

“Are you sure you can handle it?”

“Or course; there is no need to worry about me.” I say with a sugary smile.

“Well alright then, I guess I’ll head back now.”

“Have a safe trip.” Waving as I reply.

The man turns to leave, but abruptly stops just before entering the automobile.

‘Now what?’

“Oh I almost forgot. The rest of your possessions have been delivered to your room.”

I bit my lower lip a bit. “Thank you for the help.”

‘I’d rather they didn’t drag all that into one of the tiny dorms rooms, most likely making a scene.’

“No problem, Miss Wakana.”


I watch as the shiny black limousine pulls away and disappears over the horizon. Waiting for the vehicle to disappear out of sigh, I let out a frustrated sigh and start venturing towards the dorms.





Regardless of how I shift my weight, I can’t seem to quiet the sound of my mechanical leg as it makes contact with the concrete; though this always seems to happen when ever I walk on a hard surface. Despite what devices I used or how thick the soles of my shoes are, my left leg always makes the same sound. I’ve long since given up trying to quiet the sound, but I’m a bit worried what others will think at this new place.


As I venture towards the dorms, I start to rethink my recent decision to take the luggage to the dorms on my own. Despite being light weight, they start to feel like I’m carrying a ton after holding them for so long.

‘Maybe I should stop for a minute and…’

I stop mid thought as I notice the dorms in the distance.

Seeing this gives me a slight boost in strength knowing that I’m almost there. Unforchantly this moment of vigor and strength doesn’t last long; as I hear a deafening –thud- near by.

Looking back I notice that one of my suit cases in now laying on the ground, a few feel behind me.

‘Hm that’s strange.’

Turning back, I make an attempt to retrieve the fallen piece of luggage with my right arm, but to no avail. Despite my best efforts, I’m unable to move my right hand. As I shake it furiously, I notice distinctive sound of something rattling around inside the casing.

Holding up the mechanical hand to my face, I give it quick shake with the still functioning part of my arm. Sure enough something has come loose or broke, rendering the device unable to function.

Noticing this, I let my right arm fall lifelessly to my side as I glare down at it.

‘You sure picked a great time to break on me, didn’t you?’


As I stare at my right arm, debating how I’ll be able to get the rest of my luggage to my room. I notice a girl walk by with long purple hair.

‘I guess I lucked out.’

Taking a deep breath, I try to erase the sour look form my face and address the girl with a gentle tone.

“Excuse me miss.”

The girl abruptly stops and turns towards me as if she’s worried that something is going to attack her.

“Y-yes.” The girl say as her long purple hair blows gently in the light breeze. It’s then that I notice that the girl is covering half her face with a fringe of hair for some reason. I decide not to ask and hope she’ll be willing to help me.

Smiling at the girl, I continue to use my gentle voice. “I seem to be in a bit of a predicament, would you be willing to assist me?”

She continues to stare at me for a few seconds, with the same expression she had when I first addressed her. Then to my surprise she takes a few steps towards me.

“W-what d-do you need help with?” Her stuttering is kinds cute, in a sort of ‘moe’ fashion if you will. Though I can’t help, but notice some slight scaring along the right side of her face and hand.

I ignore the notion to ask her ‘what happened’ and answer her question. “I know this is a bit much to ask, but would you be willing to help me with these.” I say motioning towards the fallen suitcase with my right arm.

The girl quickly glances at my right hand then back at me before answering. “O-ok.”

I smile at the girl and watch as she reaches down and lifts the fallen bag.


It must be a bit heavier then I thought, since she seems to have a bit of trouble lifting it from the ground. Though just I’m about to make an attempt to stop her, she lifts the bag and plops into her arms.

“My apologies, I forgot how heavy that it, I’ll…”

The girl cuts me off mid sentence. “D-don’t worry, it’s not that heavy.”

I may be just making a wild assumption here, but this girl doesn’t seem like she’d just help anyone. Rather she would run away at the slightest sign of anything she didn’t feel comfortable around.


As we approach the dorms, I can’t help noticing all the awkward looks that we’ve been getting. I don’t know if because I’m not wearing a uniform, my mechanical limbs, or that ‘this’ girl that’s helping me has some sort of rumors floating around about her. I decide not to say anything and continue to follow the girl into the dorms.


Entering the dorms the girl helping me abruptly stops and turns back towards me.

“W-what r-room are you in?”

‘Oh, good question.’

Setting my suitcase down, I reach into my pocket; using my left hand. I remove a piece of paper with my school schedule, transcript and a few other things printed on it.

“Room 215.”

The girl says nothing as she picks up the suitcase and starts towards a flight of stairs.

‘She must know the way.’

Venturing up a few flights of stairs carrying suitcases in a more daunting task then I thought. As we exit the stair well and out into the hallway. I notice an elevator near by.

‘Why didn’t we just take that?’

Following the girl down the hallway, we reach room 215. Seeing the number plate, I set the suitcase down and pull out a jumble of keys out of my ‘right’ pocket. Flipping through the keys, I find the key to my room and unlock the door.


As I open the door, the overpowering smell of lilacs and roses spills out the door way. Stepping in, I flick on the light and look around my new room.

‘Jeez they really brought everything.’

A queen sized bed is the first thing to draw my attention, covered with a puffy pink crofter. Continuing to scan the room, I notice my dressers, bookshelves, and every other bit of furniture and ordainment from my room at home and the school has been brought here; even the ugly pink curtains my mom sent me from one of her ‘many trips. Though it’s not a complete wreck since the flat screen TV other electronics I couldn’t have at my last school are now sitting/ hanging in a little area, as if they always had a spot.

Suddenly I notice that I’m blocking the doorway, stepping aside the girl walks into my room and takes a quick look around as she sets down the suitcase.

“Y-you have a pretty room.”

“Thank you, uh ….I’m sorry I never got your name.”


I smile and bow slightly at the girl. “I’m Natsumi, please to meet you.”

The girl smiles back. “Y-you two.”

“Well thank you for the help, Hanako. If there is…”

I cut myself off as I notice Hanako abruptly turn towards some approaching steps coming form the hallway. Their soft yet firm, the kind you’d except coming from the other students at my previous school; except the gentle tapping of a cane, breaks the flow of the other wise fluid footsteps.


The footsteps stop and the tapping of the cane ceases. “Hanako? There you are I’ve been searching all over for you.”

“S-sorry, I was helping someone with their bags.”

I step into the doorway and spot the girl Hanako has been talking to. She is tall with long blond hair; tied back in a neat black bow. Holding a long white cane and has a small bag slung over her left shoulder.

The blond girl suddenly smiles at Hanako’s statement. “She must have really made a good impression for you to help her.”

I take a few more steps towards Hanako and stop just a few feet from the doorway.

“Uh Hanako, what is it?” The girl says turning in my direction.

‘She must be blind.’


The girl abruptly jumps at my greeting, almost dropping her cane in the process.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was there.” The blond haired girl tries to hide her embarrassment, but putting on a false smile.

“No it’s quite alright; I should have greeted you sooner.”

The girl smiles and bowls slightly. “I’m Lilly Satou; it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

I repeat the gesture out of habit, despite the girl in front of me being unable to see. “Natsumi Wakana.”

“Once again I apologize for my actions earlier; it was rude of me to speak of someone in such a way.”

“It’s alright, no harm done.”

“Still I’d hate to give a bad first impression.”

“Indeed one does only get one first impression, but you done nothing to make a bad one.”

The two girls turn to each other, and then back at me. As if trying to convey something by the silent notions they exchange with one another.

“I see, well that’s a relief to hear, but unfortunately I have a matter that needs addressing. I wish you the best of luck in your classes tomorrow.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, but now I must be going.” Lilly says as she turns to leave.

“W-what for me, Lilly.” Hanako says as she dashes after her.

I wait till the girls have departed, before shutting the door and locking it.

‘I wish one of them would have offered me a tour of this place, I’d rather not rely on some poorly Xeroxed map to get around.’


With my bags now resting in a corner of the room, I grab my tool box and set it on a near by desk and flip it open.

‘Now I have to fix this thing.’ I muse as I hold up my right arm.


Time passes; I don’t know how much has, since I haven’t looked up at any clocks since I started. Though it must have been a while, since the sun is now almost set.

I look at the pieces that once made up my right arm, now laid about the top of the desk. What remains of my arm, is now laid along side the parts. Thanks to adjustable connector that attaches to what’s left of my real right arm.
As I start piecing it back together, the arm comes to life. Like Frankenstein’s monster the arm slowly starts to move as I send signals to it. I retract the connector, so it’s now flush with the rest of my arm. Then hold it up my face.


Opening and closing my hand, the tiny little motors squeal as the device starts to move normally. Despite most of it still lying on the desk, the basic bone like structure still remains. I catch a glimpse of myself holding my arm up in the mirror. I let out a laugh as I’m reminded of an American movie revolving around killer robots and the end of the world.


As I reassemble the device, I glance at the small part that gave me so any issues.

‘One of the idiots at the security check in must have messed it up when they started taking this apart.’

I let out a sigh.

‘Maybe I should have allowed them to get fired, but it’s too late now. I can’t exactly call and ask that they lose there jobs.’


With the device now fully assembled, I remove the piece of paper form my pocket and lay it on the desk.

‘Now there was something else I had to do, what was it?’

I glance over the sheet and notice a small note I wrote on the bottom of the paper.

See the nurse, when you arrive.

‘Right, I was supposed to do that when I got here, but…’

I hold up my right arm.

‘…this thing broke and I had to fix it.’

I glance at the piece of paper once more before folding it up and placing it back into my pocket.

‘I have to go to the auxiliary building, where ever that is.’

Opening the door, I set out this ‘auxiliary building’ to find the nurse.


The journey seems different some how, despite just passing oh very side walk a few hours ago. It feels somehow different. It’s as if I’m walking on this for the first time. Though the sound of my left legs, gives me the assurance I have been here before.


After walking around for a few minutes, I mange to stumble on to small building near what I assume is the school. Walking up to it, I open the large metal door and step inside.


Venturing down the hallway, I find myself constantly glancing at the numerous doors as I pass by them. Everything from class rooms to finance assistance seems to be in this place; everything that normally would be in an auxiliary building. It’s not till I come to a room with a big Red Cross hanging above the door that I believe a nurses’ office could be in here.

I give the door a gentle know, it echoes down the empty hallway.

“Come in.” A voice says from the other side of the door.

Opening the door, I enter a fairly sized room. I’m instantly greeted by a man wearing a while lab coat.

“Hello, can I help you.”

“Yes, I’m Natsumi Wakana and I…”

“Oh Natsumi, I was just reading your file.”

The man walks up to me and holds out his hand. “I’m sorry I never introduced myself. I’m the head physician here, everyone calls me Nurse.”

‘Nurse? Is he serious, why would you want a nickname like that?’

“Please to meet you.”


I take a step inside and let the door close behind me. Looking around I notice the usual dietary and fitness posters that are plastered in every school nurses office. I even notice a few of those motivation posters that some people hang up to ‘motivate them.’
The man notions me to take a seat on one of the chairs and pulls a large file from his desk and opens it

“At the moment, it appears you don’t need any of my assistance, but if you do. You know where do find us.”

“I do and thank you.”

“Alright then, unless there is something else?”

“Not at the moment.”

“Ok then, see you later.”


I exit the office and return to the doors. Still sitting in the corner are the few bags that I dragged here and never opened.


Placing the two bags on the bed, I unzip them and start to remove the contents. Most are the usual supplies that I always use; along with a few ‘parting gifts’ that some of the people at my previous school gave me before I left. Most of the ‘gifts’ are just random items that could have been bought at the student store; Notebooks, pencils, and pens. . Along with a few changes of ‘casual’ clothes, nothing all that special


Walking over to the closet, I open it to hang the few changes of clothes inside. Only to notice a few school uniforms already hanging up, still in the plastic.

I hang the few changes of clothes up then remove on and open the plastic sleeve it was shrink wrapped in.

‘Glade I opted for the long skirt version or this.’

Re-hanging the uniform in the closet, I grab a set of pajamas and shut the door.


Glancing at the clock I notice that it’s almost eleven. It escapes me where the day went, but it must have been much later then I originally thought when I came here.

Changing into my pajamas I remove my contacts and drift off to sleep

Day 2

The blare of my alarm awakens me from my peaceful slumber. I look around at my surrounds a few times before I get up out of bed.

‘This place sure looks different in the day time.’

Rising from bed, I head over to the closet; grab a change of clothes, and my other bathroom supplies. Then head off to the bathroom to take a shower.


Entering the large eggshell white bathroom, I notice a small group of girl gathered around one of the lockers; having a conversation about something. I say nothing and manage slip past them with out interrupting the conversation.


I hang my fresh uniform and other garments on the numerous hooks in the locker, while setting the pajamas on the floor of the locker.

‘It’s simple and efficient.’

Wrapping a towel around myself, I head off to one of the empty stalls.


After showering, I grab my towel that I hung on one of the hooks and dry myself off. Then exit the stall.


Immediately I notice that the same groups of girls are still talking amongst themselves. In the same position they were in a few minutes ago. I’m once able to slip past then and grab my clothes from my locker.


As I change into the new uniform, I notice a young girl with red hair and pigtails staring at me. I try to ignore it, but can still feel her watching me as I button my blouse and put on my skirt.
I turn to the girl. “Is there an issue here?”

The girl jumps at this sudden question. “N-no problem here.”

“Then why are you staring at me?”

‘Great now she’s going to ask me about my mechanical limbs.’

“I-I was just wondering ho you got is such great shape?”

“Well you must….Wait, what did you just say?”

“I was wondering you got this way?”

I never gave much thought to it before. Ever since I got this mechanical arm and leg, I’ve always been trying to stay in shape. Since the professors that granted me the ability to move again, suggested that I work on frequently, till I get used to the weight of the new arm and leg. Though for some reason, I never stopped. Resulting in the current condition I’m in. Since we always had to wear uniforms, no one never really took much notice….well until now.

“Uh well it’s not really anything special, I just exercise and eat right.”

The girl puffs out her cheeks and then storms off. “How boring.”

‘Uh what just happened?’

Finishing my usual routine I start to head towards the door.

“Hey Emi you here?” A voice says as it echoes around the bathroom.

“Emi, you here?” The voice says again.

‘Who ever this ‘Emi’ she’s not here.’

I make another attempt for the door, but the mysterious voice stops me.

“Hey you?”

I stop and start looking around. “Are you talking to me, miss?”

“No I’m talking to the other girl with hair down to her waist, of course you.”

More or less freaked out, I walk towards the mysterious voice. To my surprise, I find a girl wearing a boys’ uniform standing at the entrance to the bathroom. She has short red hair and murky green eyes. I also notice that the parts of the shirt that usually occupy arms. Wave back and forth as she moves around.

“Did you need some help with something?”

I try to use my usual tone as I address the girl.

“I do, but I don’t think you’ll be willing to help me.”

“I’m sure what ever it is; I’m sure I’ll able to help you.”

The girl frowns. “I never said that you couldn’t help me, just that you wouldn’t be willing to.”

I kneel down to eye level of the girl and smile. “What ever it is, I’ll help you.”

‘I just hope this girl doesn’t need me to help her use the bathroom.’

“Ok, but can’t say I didn’t warm you.”

‘Great, she does need to use the bathroom.’

“Go ahead.”

“Well I need you to help me undress.”


“I’m not asking you to stripe me naked, just help me with….”

The girl thurst forward, making her tie sway back and forth. “…..this and my shirt.”

“Sure, uh no problem.”

It’s not everyday that a random girl walks up to me and asks that I help her get undressed. Then again this whole day so far as been out of the ordinary.


Kneeling down I start to undo the girl’s tie, she lefts out a gasp as I do this.

“Sorry, but you hands are cold.”

“My apologizes.”

“No don’t worry about it, just caught me off guard. I’m Rin by the way.”

As I remove the tie, the girl shifts her weight; letting the tie fall to the ground.

“Don’t worry about it; just let it fall any ware.”

“Uh ok sure.”

Starting on the girl’s shirt, I start to remove the first three buttons, when I sudden shreak breaks my concentration.

I look over and see a girl with her hair styled in two pigtails standing a few feet from me. Glancing down, I notice two thin blades are where her legs should be.

“Eh! W-what are you doing?”

Rin looks over. “Oh, hey Emi. This is Natsumi, she was helping me get undressed.”

‘I wish she would have phrased that better.’

I stand up and walk towards the twin tailed girl. “Hi, I’m….”

“I know who you are.” The girl says in a cold tone.

“I see, well ….” I glace over to where Rin was standing and notice a small pile of clothes instead.

As I try to locate the girl, the sudden sound of water turning on reviles her location.

“R-Rin why didn’t you wait for me?” The blade girl says as she darts towards the shower.

“I did, but you took too long with you ‘pet project’.”

“H-he’s not my pet.”

“But he is a project.”

The blade girl lets out an annoyed grown and ventures further into the shower stalls.

With the ‘issue’ resolved, I gather my things and head off to my room.


Entering my room, I toss my dirt Pajamas into the hamper, grab the ‘required books’, place them in a hand bag and head out to my first day of class.


Looking over my schedule, I notice my home room number Room 3-3.

Weaving through the crowd, I manage to make it to a stair well and up to the third floor.


Exiting the stairwell, I notice a tall man with thick stubble standing near the door of my new classroom.

“Hello, you must be Waki.”

“It’s Wakana.”

“So it is. Anyway I’m Muto you’re homeroom teacher.” The man says holding out his hand.

I grasp his hand and give it a good shake. “Please to meet you.”

“Like wise. Anyway, would you like to introduce yourself or just take a seat?”

“I’d like to introduce myself.”


“Yes, is that a problem?”

“Well now, but not a lot of people like having a lot of attention to themselves.”

“I don’t mind.”

“Ok then, please step this way.” The may says opening the door and signaling me to enter the class room.


I enter first, followed by Muto.

“Good morning class sorry I’m late, but we have a new student.”

[ To be continued]


Ok before i get a bunch of crap for this; Natsumi's limbs are not automail. Nor are they suppose to me. Rather there a combination my an idea for artificial limbs i had long before i came up with this 'short' along with an 'actual' study on artificial limbs. Published on some medical/ science website last year.

I'll go more into this along with other things as the story progresses.

All input is welcome, as long as there is some basis behind it. It you don't like it, tell me why. Or if you love it, then say why you loved it.


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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Xuan » Wed May 12, 2010 3:03 am

Well, Emi was acting cold? Thought she would be more understanding... My head's a bit fuzzy.
" It would be hard to believe I was nearly killed by a love confession."

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Wed May 12, 2010 10:20 am

Well there is a reason for that. She more or less mad at Rin, but takes it out on Natsumi. since Emi sees her helping Rin with the stuff that she usually does.

I thought i implyed that.

Anyway let you know what you guys think. I have a few more of these, that are awaiting proof reading 'teaking'.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Mag » Wed May 12, 2010 10:30 am

Awesome story Snicket. Loved how Natsumi was all proper but in her head she was being herself, which is less proper......ok maybe a bit mean sometimes but hey its who she is. I was trying to understand why Hanako helped her out so easily but then I noticed something. Natsumi is proper and lady like like Lilly. Maybe she just felt comfortable around her because she reminds her of Lilly. Can't believe Emi was mean to her. I mean she asked her how she got fit and Natsumi answered honestly. Its the same thing that Emi does and I can see why she would find it boring but it doesn't give her the right to be a little bitchy about it. Also loved how Rin asked Natsumi to undress her. That was a nice touch. I can only wonder what Hisao will be like around her, or more importantly, how they will act when they are with each other. Great story Snicket! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Just one more thing. Who was the girls talking in the corner of the shower? At first I thought it was Misha and Shizune but in the story they were talking and Shizune and Misha sign to each other. Hmmmmmmm.

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Xuan » Wed May 12, 2010 10:43 am

Well, I know you tried to imply that but I thought it's rare to see anyone lose their cool for something that small... Maybe.
" It would be hard to believe I was nearly killed by a love confession."

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Re: KS Shorts

Post by Snicket » Wed May 12, 2010 10:53 am

Mag wrote: Can't believe Emi was mean to her. I mean she asked her how she got fit and Natsumi answered honestly. Its the same thing that Emi does and I can see why she would find it boring but it doesn't give her the right to be a little bitchy about it.
Just one more thing.
Well the girl that asked Matsumi about her 'body' wasn't Emi. It was just some random girl that asked her how she got so fit. Emi pops in shortly after Rin shows up.
Mag wrote:Who was the girls talking in the corner of the shower? At first I thought it was Misha and Shizune but in the story they were talking and Shizune and Misha sign to each other. Hmmmmmmm.
Maybe, maybe not. Your going to have to wait for a future chapter to find out.

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