Totally unrelated OP scene that I sued to kill 4 hours.

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Totally unrelated OP scene that I sued to kill 4 hours.

Post by cpl_crud » Sat Jul 28, 2007 2:04 pm

So, you wanted an opening scene.
Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with our project whatsoever. It’s something that I dreamt up on the train today... well, one of mayn things, but this one kinda stuck around.


“Kat? Kat!?”
To this day, I’ll never understand why humans can never seem to have much to say in times of crisis. It is this reaction that has led me to my current situation, trapped between worlds, never really knowing to whom, or what, I am speaking to.

If only I had let Kat die in that alley...

My ears were still ringing from the gunshots, and the acrid scent of blood and cordite burnt my nostrils as I cradled the limp body that, until a few moments ago, was my girlfriend.
The masked men who caused this destruction of life had already piled back into the dark van that they arrived in, but I was no longer concerned with them.

“Kat? Can you hear me?”
Kat’s deep brown eyes wandered lazily around their sockets, until they finally met with mine. Her lips, now drained of colour, parted slightly as she tried to speak.
I lean closer, and put my ear to her mouth. I feel a faint draught of air, but then Kat’s body convulses as she coughs globs of dark blood against my face. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I pulled her close to me, and whispered in her ear.
“Don’t try to speak... it’ll all be alright...”
But, even as I voiced these false hopes, I felt the gentle quaking of her body slowly subside, and the gurgling breaths get fainter...

“I see you’re in a spot of trouble here...”
A voice behind me, deeper than any man’s, yet unmistakable female, enveloped me. It is almost as if it’s not speech, but pure waves of feeling, broadcast directly into my brain.
“...and, strangely enough, so am I. I believe that we may be able to... help... each other.”

I turned around instantly, grasping at any hint of assistance.

Behind me stood a faint, tall figure. I couldn’t determine any features, yet it was unmistakably humanoid. Its outline shimmered against the background, like an image from a cheap TV set superimposed on reality. Yet, the promise of help was more than enough for me to forgive such things.
I somehow managed to whisper “Help?”

“Yes, help. Your friend there is barely clinging on to life, as am I. I know of a solution that can prevent both of us passing on... should you be agreeable to my conditions?”

The figure behind me doesn’t seem to actually be speaking; however I can hear every word with a clarity I have never known before.

I manage to force myself to whisper “Conditions?”

“Well, I can save both of us, however only one of us would survive at a time. I want to coexist with your friend. We will share the same body, and the same life, yet only one of us will be present in this reality at any one time.”

And then, I said the words that changed the lives of both Kat and myself.

“Just do it...”

“Very well. This will only take a moment.”

The figure reared up, almost doubling its height, then swooped upon me and Kat at an unbelievable speed. I was thrown away from Kat, and landed heavily against a nearby wall.
However, my attention was not on my own pain, but on the sight before me.
Kat’s body, bleached white from blood loss, was floating a few feet above the ground, enveloped by the ghostly figure. As I watched, she was raised up until her head was level with the ghost’s. A gale-force wind swept rubbish down the alley, causing a mini tornado around Kat and the ghost.

Without warning, the ghost’s form solidified; and before me stood a tall, beautiful woman, like a Goddess cast down to the planet. At the same instant, Kat’s eyes shot open, bloodshot and empty.
To my astonishment, Kat’s corpse wrapped its arms around the ghost, who returned the embrace with a kiss.

Bright light enveloped the couple, and an ear-piercing howl issued forth from the couple. I watched for as long as I could, yet I was forced to look away by the sheer intensity of the light.

As the light died down, I opened my eyes to see a single form, floating a metre off the ground and slowly descending. Wisps of light trailed from the figure like smoke, but as it descended, these faded into nothingness. My sight returned, and before me stood Kat, her wounds and clothes repaired, and her eyes a blazing sapphire blue.

“Thank you Stephen. I have discussed our deal with Katherine, who has agreed to my terms. For the most part, this body will belong to her; however there will be times that I will require it. She has much to speak to you about, so I shall return her to you... for now.”

The thing blinked, and Kat’s eyes returned to their usual hazel hue.

“Steve? You would not believe what I’ve just seen....”


So, yeah, the premise of this is that this ghost-thing possesses Kat, and then uses her to fight... something. Originally it was going to be the guys that shot her in the first place, with that being the main reason for Stephen allowing the ghost to take over, but it seems I skipped over that. Anyway, this is the kind of crap that floats through my head when I don’t’ have anything to read on the train. Most of these scenes I forget (like the title of this little ditty), but every now and again I remember one for long enough to actually open up word. And, even then, 80% of those never get typed up, ‘cause I realise that I’ve only really thought up about 4 lines (which then turns into 1000 words... but whatever)

Anyway. I am now tired and still lacking an OP for K-S. Maybe I’ll dream that up on the train tomorrow...

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