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The walls have eyes (H-fic)

Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 2:14 pm
Hanako was pinned down on Hisao's bed, her ribbon pulled slightly loose and her skirt riding up just hardly enough to see her panties. Her tearful eyes couldn't stand to look straight ahead. Kenji pressed her wrists down as hard as he could.

"You tell me about what you were doing at the festival alone with Hisao now! Don't tell me you've converted him, you women think you can just take us down without a fight? HA! Don't make me laugh! Though, I supposed I just did anyway."

Hanako was growing more scared with each passing moment, she had not known what was going on. All she wanted to do was return the book Hisao had left in the tea-room last time they had played chess. She didn't know that an event like this would happen. Tears rolled down her scarred cheek. She wanted to ask what was going on, she wanted to ask what Kenji was talking about, but her throat tightened up. She could do nothing but cry.

"Not going to talk eh? I knew it'd come to this. Guess I have to try some of my secret torture techniques."

Kenji smirked a little and put his face close to Hanako's. She closed her eyes tightly in fear, she could feel his hot breath breathing along the scar on her cheek. He poked out the tip of his tongue from his mouth and licked along her scars. Hanako closed her eyes tighter, she let out a small squeal as she felt Kenji's wet tongue tracing along her sensitive scar. More tears rolled down her face, Kenji licked every one that fell down over her scars. Suddenly, Hanako felt the warm, soft presence of Kenji's tongue faded. She was still too scared to open her eyes. Within seconds she could feel Kenji's breath on her again, this time over her neck. Hanako shook her head slightly.

"N-no, stop"

She managed to let out weakly. Suddenly, the feel of something hard clamped the side of her neck. Kenji nibbled her neck softly, using his tongue to lick as well.

"See, torture is all about moving from delicate...Mmm...To more drastic punishments. I'll get the information out of you! You think you can endure it now, but that's what they all think! It's just like when you're in a car and think everything is fine at first. But then you realize everything isn't fine!"

Hanako could hardly understand what he was saying, she wanted to believe this was just a bad dream she'd wake up from. Her throat began to loosen up a bit, but all that would come out were small sobs. She didn't want this, she didn't want this at all. Her mind was in a panic;

"Nononononono! What's going on? Someone help me! Hisao, Hisao help! Please!"

She started sobbing louder, Kenji slowly pulled her collar down and exposed more of her scars. He stared curiously for a few seconds before gliding his finger along it.

"So...have you decided to talk yet? Tell me what you did with Hisao and I'll let you go. What were you doing with him?"

Hanako forced herself to turn her head slightly. She slowly opened one eye and was going to open her mouth to object to Kenji's claims, but Kenji quickly let out an annoyed hiss and pressed his finger hard against her scar. Hanako yelped and closed her eye again, turning her head to the side as it was before.

"Don't try to trick me, I know all about your mind control spells! You thought you could outsmart me, huh? Looking me directly into the eye and making me melt into your hands like cheese. Don't you dare try anything like that again!"

With this Kenji forcibly pulled Hanako's shirt open, her buttons popped off and scattered over the bed and floor. By this point Hanako had finally gained the ability to talk clearly.

"No, stop. Please no, I don't know what you want. I don't understand what's going on, just please stop. Hisao! Help me! Hisaooooo!"

Kenji pressed his hand against her lips and looked around the room, even though there was nobody in the room before. As if someone could magically just appear in the room out of nowhere. His expression grew even more angry and annoyed.

"Whats wrong with you? What would you do if THEY found out? You think this is a joke?"

Kenji stared at Hanako's pink bra. It was a fairly basic design with some frills along the edges. He frowned at the sight and averted his gaze as he ripped them off violently.

"These things can also control people, I must be careful when disarming them."

Kenji looked back down at Hanako's bare breasts. Her pink nipples stood erect. He pinched her right nipple softly, then gradually increased pressure. Hanako squirmed uneasily. Hisao's blanket now had a huge wet spot of Hanako's tears. Kenji gauged her reaction with each pressure increase.

"Fine, still won't talk? I have other questions I want you to answer as well! What's the password!?"

Hanako wasn't listening, she tried to block out all noises. She didn't want to focus on the situation on hand, she wanted to forget it all. She didn't want to believe what was happening to her. Kenji took this is a sign of defiance.


He angrily shouted as he pinched her nipple the hardest he could and pulled on it, stretching it as far as he could. Hanako let out a loud painful scream, she pressed her face as much as she could against Hisao's blankets and let her sobs muffle in the cloth. She tried to distract herself by various thoughts, she thought about a book she read, an embarrassing situation in the hall the other day, her chess game with Hisao, any thoughts she could gather up quickly in her head to try to take her away from the situation at hand. She ended up unintentionally mumbling out fragments of her thoughts;

"Why did Snape do that? I can't believe someone saw me playing the game in the hallway. He always goes for the queen first-"

Somehow, Kenji was able to decipher the sentences effortlessly and interrupted her when he'd heard something that stood out from the rest.

"Queen? Queen? Ah, I see! How stupid of me, it was so obvious! Queen is the password, it was right under my nose the whole time! Now that I have that answer, tell me what you did with Hisao! We can't afford to loose someone else, we're already limited in numbers enough as it is!"

Hanako still wasn't listening, she continued mumbling her thoughts out as Kenji spoke. She was trying as hard as she could to ignore the situation, hoping that it'll be over before she realizes. Kenji twisted one of her nipples slowly as he heard her babbling continue, waiting for some important piece of information to slip out of her mouth. Content that his first attempt of torture seemed to be showing success, Kenji felt his happiest he's felt in months. He felt confident enough to take on any girl who tried to brainwash him. Hanako spewed out more nonsense from her mouth, occasionally stopping to sob a little more.

"Alice in wonder land was the book he was reading. Does he like it? Hisao...Hisao where is he?I want to play chess with him again-"

Kenji suddenly erupted into a loud laughter.

"Chess!? Is that all? Haha, oh wow. Chess is like the least effective mind control method ever, that thing doesn't even work on mice! Oh wow, I guess I know now that we haven't lost more of us to the likes of you. I even managed to get the password for you. That's all I needed, I've no more use for you."

Kenji moved off Hanako and turned to the door. He opened it, but before leaving turned back to Hanako and glared at her. He pointed his index and middle fingers to his two eyes, then pointed the same index finger in Hanako's general direction. The typical "I'm watching you" gesture. He slowly closed the door and went back to his room, leaving Hanako laying still on Hisao's bed. Hanako grabbed the pillow from the bed and cuddled it in fetal position as she continued her sobs.


I posted this before on /a/originally, thought I'd see how you guys would like it. They didn't enjoy the idea of Hanako raep, and don't really blame them. I did kinda regret writing Kenji going further, it was just kinda fun writing his part. I know I had a better idea for the end at the time, where Hanako babbles something else and more to her character but I've lost my train of thought from that day and pretty much forgot what I was originally planning. So this ending was one made up on the spot before I typed this out. I guess it would have been more appropriate and better on my conscious if I made a "heroic ending" like I also planned, but I realized that ending is a bit more boring and I don't have much to work with as far as source material to know how exactly Hisao would act in a situation like that.

Hate me if you want, that's pretty fair. But as I said on the thread in /a/ I did actually start a non-rape one with Hisao and Hanako. Its just a lot longer since I have to set up the lovey dovey theme of the story before actually getting into the perverted part.

Anyway, leaving thread before shitstorm/deletion.

Re: The walls have eyes (H-fic)

Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 2:16 pm
by Ozymil
I hate Kenjii even more now :| All in all, it's pretty in-character and the writing is fine... but... ugh... I'm sorry...

Please post your lovey-dovey HisaoxHanako fic so that I can clean my mind.

Re: The walls have eyes (H-fic)

Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 2:24 pm
Ozymil wrote:I hate Kenjii even more now :| All in all, it's pretty in-character and the writing is fine... but... ugh... I'm sorry...

Please post your lovey-dovey HisaoxHanako fic so that I can clean my mind.
Eh, maybe only 20% complete at this point or less but here's what I have so far. I'll probably write it whenever I feel that buzz to start writing again;

Hisao was laying on his bed, it was a nice quiet Sunday afternoon. He stared at the ceiling of his room, arms behind his head. He had come back from his morning runs and was much too tired to really do anything, he'd been laying sprawled along his bed for about a good half an hour by now.

"Ehhh, I feel so worn out. I shouldn't have listened to Emi and ran 20 minutes more than yesterday."

He let out a deep sigh as he closed his eyes. He rested them for a few minutes before the silence in his room was cut by the growling of his stomach.

"Right, I haven't eaten since this morning before I ran. That run really drained that energy from me, I should probably go out for something to eat. And I was just starting to feel a little relaxed too."

Hanako stood in the hallway, in front of Hisao's door holding a book pressed against her chest with one arm. Her other arm was partially extended in front of her. She had come to return Hisao's book that he left at the tea-room, but once she found herself at his door she was hesitant to knock on it. This is the first time she'd ever visited a boy before, even if just to drop off a book. She thought about running away and just returning the book to him in class the next morning. She felt her knees trembling slightly and decided that she wouldn't be able to bring herself to actually knocking on the door. Just as she turned on her heel and was about to speed off down the hallway, Hisao's door opened.

"Oh, Hanako. What are you doing here in the boy's dorm?"

"Uaaaa, um"

Hanako's face quickly glowed bright red. She fumbled around with the book in her hand. She was so embarrassed and caught up in thinking about what she should say that she'd actually forgotten why she even came. Hisao noticed the book in her hand and put two and two together. He decided to help her out.

"Oh, you brought my book back? I was wondering where it was, I thought I left it in the classroom at first."

"Uh..Um, y-yeah. I..."

Hanako nervously handed over the book to Hisao, unable to look him directly into his eyes. She didn't know what to say, her mind was too busy thinking about how embarrassing the situation is. Hisao smiled and grabbed the book from her hands, his hands slightly brushed against hers while doing so. Hanako let out a small yelp as she quickly pulled her hands back and looked directly at the floor. Hisao couldn't help but realize how cute she was when she was this embarrassed. There was a few seconds of silence before Hanako decided to say something;




She quickly blurted out as she turned on her heel once again and started to dart down the hallway. Hisao blinked, still trying to process what Hanako just told him. He decided he'd think about that later and instead yelled down the hallway while Hanako was still visible.

"Hey, wait! I'm ganna go out to grab some food, mind joining me?"

Hanako halted in an instant, the question surprised her. She turned her head slowly back at Hisao, who showed her a friendly grin. She realized that it would have probably been better to continue running and pretend she didn't hear, but it'd be much more embarrassing to run now after she'd already stopped at his question. She enjoyed spending time with Hisao, and hadn't eaten all day. But the thought crossed her mind that she'd be spending a Sunday alone with a boy. It would be too embarrassing for her, but as she turned she instinctively answered despite the train of thoughts running through her mind.


"Great, then we could go to the tea room then after grabbing something from the cafe?"


Rough draft, may change later. Don't hope to see this soon either, I usually only write fics or pasta in a "spur of the moment" so never actually know when it'll happen myself. As you can tell, this is kind of an alternate version of my above story. The "What if Hisao was actually in his room at the time" factor. Kenji obviously wouldn't have been able to ambush Hanako if Hisao was there.

Re: The walls have eyes (H-fic)

Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 2:32 pm
by Ozymil

Well, good luck to you and your writing endeavours. I await the final version!

Re: The walls have eyes (H-fic)

Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 3:17 pm
by Xevo
:shock: KenjixHanako?! Why, why, why? :cry:

Re: The walls have eyes (H-fic)

Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 3:39 pm
Xevo wrote::shock: KenjixHanako?! Why, why, why? :cry:
Not really a shipper fic, Kenji was just trying to get information out of her. Though, on has to wonder what kind of videos he's seen as reference for his "secret techniques".

Re: The walls have eyes (H-fic)

Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 5:36 pm
by Vertical
Didn't care to finish the first one. Second one looks like pleasant read. Both were faithful to the chara's personalities.

Re: The walls have eyes (H-fic)

Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 6:47 pm
by Pato2747
Simply put, I lol'd.

Re: The walls have eyes (H-fic)

Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 2:57 pm
by Snicket
yeah i saw it on 4chan too. I was probably one of the few who didn't give you crap about it. I can't say that i like it, but i don't hate it either.