Cirno's One-Shot Repository!

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Cirno's One-Shot Repository!

Post by CirnouliK » Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:30 pm

I might be going through the motions kinda quick here, but I've got some good people backing my addiction- I mean desires to do more on here! As such, I'm going to make this topic as a sort-of place to put other, smaller stories that can be anything from NSFW stories about the characters of Katawa Shoujo to side-stories about some of the characters in my other fic, God's Gift to Yamaku!

As such, I shall post each one as I make them in this topic, and provide a link to read them up here! Makes things easy.

- Cirno's Story Corner -

[18+] No Shoes, A Shirt, Yet Service: Here!
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Re: Cirno's One-Shot Repository!

Post by CirnouliK » Mon Feb 22, 2021 3:34 pm

No Shoes, A Shirt, Yet Service [NSFW]

[ Shicchan~ are you doing anything later today? ] I spot Misha off to my side, as she always is, which I'm grateful for. She honestly makes classes bearable. Not just because she can tell me what Mutou's saying, but her energy helps me through the only class separating us from the rest of the day.

I think for a moment, or at least look like I am, before responding. [ I am, actually. Sorry, was there something you wanted to do together? ] Speaking of Mutou, he's just got his head down, reading over the plans for the next week of school now that Summer Break was over. I'd imagine he has a lot of work ahead of him. As I look back over to Misha, I see a small frown.

[ Oh... I guess it isn't such a big deal. What're you going to do over the weekend, then? ] Another pause, and I give a small frown back.

[ Probably just go out hiking some. It's been some time since I've been out from school grounds. ]

Misha raises an eyebrow. [ But didn't we just go to the Shanghai the other day? ] To which I stare at her with some form of indignation.

[ That isn't the same as what I'm going to do, Misha. But... ] I soften my gaze towards her. [ I'm sorry. Maybe next weekend...? ] I then put up a small, weary smile for her in hopes it calms her growing nerves. It sticks.

[ ... Okay~. Sorry to bother you, Shicchan. ] She still looks a bit down, and I can't help but feel responsible. But it's not like I can invite her along.

[ It's fine, honestly. Sorry if it felt like I snapped at you there. ] Evidently, she takes my apology and smiles up to me. I catch Hisao looking over at us, a brow raised. I simply give a silent giggle and roll my shoulders, which seemed to be enough for him, though judging by how he flinches, and Mutou's visible sighing, the final bell must've rung. Time to go get some lunch and get changed.


It was nearly 1 P.M. by the time I left through the gate and dialed for a taxi. I could walk all the way into town, but I want as much time over there as I can, plus taxis are cheap enough; even from Yamaku into town I can get a round trip for a little under 2000 yen. I gently tug on the corner of the soft see-through shirt I have on, my skin modestly exposed due to the swimsuit underneath.

Not nearly enough.

It does look cute on me, though. The orange-and-white stripes complement my blue hair and eyes really well. Hisao picked this out for me while we were at my parent's house on vacation, and if it weren't for the fact I bet he wanted his perverted gaze on me the moment he saw it, I wouldn't have agreed to buying it.

The taxi ride was uneventful, and before long, I'm at the beach. My gaze fixates itself as I walk up towards the concrete barrier between the sidewalk and the beach, scanning the grains for any potential sets of eyes. To my delight, I don't see anyone.

My flip-flops gently smack against my heels as I walk down the beach, my bag in tow. The sands are good and warm, and I can feel the sun beaming down on my back as I move towards my favorite spot.

Not too far from the main beach is a smaller, rockier outcropping that's a great spot for lovers to hide away from prying eyes and enjoy some silence together. But as for myself, I use it for a much... different, purpose.

Another scan over the beach as I set my bag down on a rock just above the tide's reach, I confirm to myself no one else is here. I sigh, and then smile.


I take off the see-through shirt, unbuttoning it as though I was flaunting my body. I might as well be, as no one but the fish below and the seagulls above the water can see me now. Then, I gently peel off my bikini, the strings on the back giving way to my superior strength, as does my bikini bottoms on one side, allowing the garments to hit the grainy beach below.

Taking them both and putting them atop my bag, I finally tug my glasses off of my nose and set them down atop everything else. And with that, my body is bare. An exhilarating tingle sends itself along my spine as I admire my bare form out in the open. My hands move to my bared chest, and a small touch makes me squirm some.

But there's no time for that. At least not now.

With barely a care in the world, I stride towards the ocean, my bared skin hitting the salty sea water, and as I sink further down, I find my inner peace.


Gods, what a boring afternoon.

As I find myself staring up at the ceiling of my room, I think about what I could do today.

It's a beautiful summer evening, the sun's as high in the sky as it can get, and Shizune and Misha are off doing their own things. I was hoping coming back to Yamaku would give me more chances to have some alone time with my girlfriend, but she's been too busy to really catch her lately.

Misha's been kinda down as well, though I can hardly imagine why. And why'd she cut her hair? Was it because we were going to go to the beach? ... Come to think of it, that'd make sense. Her hair'd be absolutely ruined by the salt water if she didn't trim it.

Speaking of beaches... I still have hardly used my swim trunks.

"Aha!" I snap into the once-silent air, and spring onto my feet. As long as I wear a t-shirt I should be fine, right? Yeah, that sounds like a great idea! Maybe it's a little dangerous swimming by myself with my heart, but the nurse said I got to do something to keep my heart healthy, so why not?

Taking a plastic bag I kept from the convenience store in town, I pack a couple spare towels and some sunscreen, deciding the walk home would dry my clothes, before I change into my other shirt, my swim trunks and some sandals and head out the door.

No one even bats an eye my way as I make my way towards the gate with a spring in my step, and as I walk down towards town, I have a gut feeling this was a great idea.


The sun keeps the asphalt warm, which in turn manages to keep my spirits high even as my feet struggle under the sudden workload of walking down to the beach from Yamaku. As much as they want to protest, I want to keep with this. I can't just sit idle - what would Shizune think?

Probably tease me about 'just because the Student Council work has slowed down doesn't mean you should slack off', even if she'd probably be doing the same thing.

As I walk down the steps from the concrete barrier separating the beach from the mainland, I spot another pair of footprints besides my own. 'Well, at least I'm not the only one here,' I muse. 'So if I end up drowning, maybe someone'll find my body on the shore.' A grim, yet funny thought, but my feet keep moving despite my head being elsewhere.

I subconsciously follow the footsteps as I try to find a spot on the beach that would be a good spot to crawl back onto when I inevitably get tired, but I quirk a brow when they lead to some nearby rocks. Well, this is a different place from my hometown - maybe they like the wave breakers these provide here.

And as I'm about to turn around and set down my towel on my side of the rocks, I see a figure out treading water already. Thinking I might as well greet my beachmate, I wave and call over to them, even if they're turned away. "Ahoy! You mind if I swim here?"

They don't respond; they seem to be intently looking out over the horizon, letting the waves gently push them as they rock back, then forth. I shrug. They might just be relaxing from swimming too much.

I turn back around and put down my plastic bag, fetching a towel out of it to set on the sand below, making sure there's no rocks underneath that'll suddenly jab me when I try to lay down.

If no one was here, I would've taken off my shirt, but perhaps it's best if I keep it on. If what my mom used to say is right, then you're thrice as likely to get a sunburn underwater. Science backs this up; water is basically like a magnifying glass in some cases, so it'd concentrate the rays and leave you crispy.

... Why am I suddenly thinking of Hanako?

Shaking off the thought, I kick off my sandals and finally greet the water, slowly moving towards the vast body of water as I get used to the warm, soothing temperature. A shuddering sigh escapes me, and I feel at ease.

A little bit of wading around, and I feel confident enough I can stay in the water that I decide to...

... Mmm. Maybe I should...

My curiosity gets the better of me. Once I get used to the waves, I decidedly wade my way over towards the other side of the rocky outcropping, and to the girl I saw earlier. But as I get closer, I can't help but feel she looks... Familiar?

"... Shizune?"

Once I'm close enough, I gently tap on her shoulder. And as if struck out of a trace, her head slowly moves to greet my gaze, and-


"Ack! Pfffbt, pfffft, ack-" I cough as I'm suddenly caught under a wave of water, having to turn away to get the sea salt out of my mouth. Before I can turn back, another wave hits me, and I stumble backwards, another splash indicating I nearly missed getting my head dunked under the water. "Shizune, what was that for!?-"

Of course, my words are futile, but when I look back to try and sign to her, my entire body freezes despite the heat of the ocean.

Before me stands the girl of my affections, but... Her face is steaming red, teeth grit in indignation and flustered surprise. My eyes linger beneath the now-calm wakes, and my heart accelerates. She's... She's naked. Her pale skin is completely exposed to the water, every little contour of her beautiful body accentuated by the shimmering ocean between us, toes lightly obscured by the sand she'd dug her feet into. Her arms are crossed over her bountiful chest, and she looks like she's holding back a fury I'd never seen from her. She moves her hands, making small waves as she signs to me.

[ What the hell are you doing here!? ]

I suddenly feel guilty. This was what she was busy with? Why didn't she invite me? ... Was she worried I'd think she was weird? A frown caps off my worried expression as I try to ignore the sudden warmth in my swim trunks. [ What am I doing here? I wanted to go swimming! Why are you here by yourself, na- ] "Ack!"

She splashes me again, as if someone'd hear my signing. Then, she thinks for a moment. [ ... If I tell you, will you promise not to tell Misha? ] Seemingly caught in a decision, she signs that to me, and I find myself growing more curious than worried.

[ ... I... I promise. ] I put my hand over my shirt-clad scar.

[ ... I, well... I like coming to the ocean... Stripping down and, just... Enjoying myself, under the water. ] Her reddened cheeks never fade, and she looks like she's going to explode. [ It'd been so long since I was last able to do this. I couldn't even find an opportunity while you and Misha and I were back at my home's beach. It... Relaxes me. ]

I look down to her body once again, but mid-way through, her hand shifts under the water to point at her face. I fluster, looking back into her eyes... Soon realizing her glasses are off. Her dark blue hues are more beautiful than the ocean's horizon.

[ ... Well... ] I think for a moment, looking over to where my stuff was at, and then over to the rocky spot next to it. Shizune's stuff was just sitting atop one of the rocks. An idea casts itself in my mind, so I pop it out as sign. [ Maybe we could... Enjoy ourselves, together? ]

Shizune looks at me. She keeps looking at me, after I'm done signing, for what feels like an eternity. She looks like she's battling the urge to make a game out of this, and instead, she just takes a deep breath. [ ... Take off your shirt. ]

I suddenly feel myself becoming self-conscious. [ Huh? ]

She reaches for me before I can react, and with a tug, I find the hem of my wet t-shirt drowning me a little in stored water before it drains down the stretched-out neck, my head popping through the hole before she crumples the wet shirt up and throws it onto the beach. "Sh-shizune-!"

When she looks back over to me, I can see her eyes become a bit guilty as they look down to my chest, despite her shortsightedness. I try to cover my chest on instinct, but her hands soon grab for them and pull them away. I can feel her gaze on my chest scar, and I feel as though I'm going to shrink into a shrimp and flee into the sea. She then lets go of my hands to sign.

[ ... Is that...? ]

I'm glad I've been walking so much more lately, as if I hadn't, it'd feel like my heart was going to leap out of my chest, and I don't know if she could carry me back to shore. Her hand moves to gently touch over it, and with a gulp, I sign back. [ ... It's... why I'm here. I was... I was hoping I could show you in another way. On my own terms. But- ]

She grabs my hands by the wrists, and I pause, her deep blue hues looking into my own hazel gaze. She gives me a confident little smile, and leans forward to kiss me. I couldn't meet her half-way, but she doesn't mind - her lips taste both a little sweet and a little salty from the water, but I hardly mind. It's like salted caramel, and for a second, I forget about what we were talking about.

She parts, and my lips feel a little tingly from the aftershock of the kiss. She smiles up at me playfully, and before long, I can tell why. She's in the mood.

"A-ah-!" One of her hands have moved from my wrist to my chest, then down into my swim trunks, and I can feel her soft touch through the water on my aroused lower-half. She inaudibly coos, and I shudder in return, her other hand tugging down my swim trunks and underwear before long.

Tugging me by my 'mast' further up onto the beach, I oblige, cheeks a deep red. Once close enough, she tosses the remains of my dignity up onto the beach where my shirt was, and with my last line of defense eliminated, she has full access to her newly-conquered territory.

The hand once on my 'mast' touches my chest, urging me to sit down on the beach's edge. As I oblige, I watch her get down onto her knees and spread my legs apart, her now-hungry blue hues gazing at Hisao Jr., standing at attention. I gulp. "Sh-shizune, didn't we just get out of the ocean?-"

My worries fall on deaf ears, not like they'd change her mind even if I signed them, as she wipes her hand on a tossed shirt and soon touches the base of my arousal, before her lips descend down and she starts to lick around the crown of my need experimentally. "N-nnhh-"

My toes dig into the wet sands, the tides lightly splashing against our feet as she teases my tip. It seems she, too, enjoys the slight salty flavor, because before long, her mouth starts descending down upon me, and my breath hitches in my throat.

How did it get to this? The two of us, buck naked on a public beach as we enjoy one another for more than just our company. My eyes cast their gaze around to make sure there really is noone else around, but the rocks obscure anything anyone could see.

My attention's abruptly forced back down to the disheveled head of blue hair between my legs as she starts to bob up and down my length. I can feel a small pool of spit around my sack as she looks up to me past her wet bangs, and for a second I could imagine little hearts in her eyes as she, too, discovers just what a situation we're both in.

My knees wobble as she moves more, my body unable to really sit up through these ministrations, laying back a bit more on my elbows as a hand experimentally moves down to rub over my sack. I shiver at her touch, and he smirks past my need in her mouth up to me, before redoubling her efforts, her other hand having moved between her legs.

My vision becomes a bit blurry as she quickens her pace, her lips making immodest sounds around my aching sex while she gazes up at me for approval throughout the whole thing. I look down at her, almost pleading, as I mouth some words. 'I'm getting close.'

This only seems to spur her own further, though, as before long, her other hand's gently squeezing my sack and she's got most of me in her mouth, tongue swiveling and swirling around me in a method I can only describe as 'too much.' "Sh... Shizune-!!!"

My visin goes white and my hips buck, as shot after shot of my essence fills her mouth. Her eyes widened some, but soon lid lustfully as she slurps up and swallows my load, inaudibly cooing as she goes. Her hand gently squeezes my balls, and a little more shoots out, much to her apparent delight. Once I'm finished, she pulls away and puts a hand over her mouth, gulping once, twice, before sighing.

I weakly move my head up to look at hers, having laid on my back while she finished me off. She looks down to me with a smug little smirk, and her hands begin to move. [ You don't taste half bad. A bit salty, though. ] I huff noticeably, eyes cast elsewhere. [ But I'm not satisfied. ]

[ ... Wait, what?- ]

I move my hands and sign only two words before she moves to straddle me, my laid down position exactly what she needed in order to get on top. She leans down with a cleaner mouth and kisses me on the lips, our bodies pushing together. Rather quickly, my lower half reacts to her sudden romanticism, and without skipping a beat, I'm back at full mast.

So much for a refractory period.

Noticing Hisao Jr. is back at attention, she lids her eyes at me and she leans back up, her hands moving off of my chest to guide myself into her. She sits up, moves herself down and up so she's right over my grown arousal, before the tip gently pushes itself into her while she moves down. A slightly-audible gasp fills the waves breaking behind us, and with a steady push down, I've filled her up once again.

"Nnnhh-" I shudder, hands resorting to grabbing at her waist. The sand clings to both them and her hips, and wordlessly, she tsks, then moves down all the way before any of said sand can get anywhere unmentionable. This also causes the both of us to groan, and I blush vividly as I hear Shizune's through my own.

[ ... You heard nothing. ] She replies to my look, flustered, before she starts to move. Of course, with that little outburst came more, quieter ones, as she bounced her hips off of my crotch and rode me on the beach.

I gulped, my heart's pace quickening some, but never quite to any painful degree, so I should be fine. With a bit of effort, I use my hips in tandem with hers, soon pushing up to meet her crotch as I dive fully between her wet nethers. A small shriek comes from her, but she looks like she liked it, so I keep it up.

Our hips are soon fully in line with each other, her hands coming to rest on my shoulders as we stare into one another's eyes, our damp hips mashing and smacking against one another, the wakes behind us doing little to drown out the sounds of our heated love-making.

Her chest rests on mine, our heartbeats doing their damnedest to sync, while our hips mash into one another, her breathing becoming short and quick. Her insides clench and clamp around me with a quickened pace, and it's clear that she's enjoying this just as much as I was now, and earlier. I experimentally sink my teeth into her neck softly, and she audibly groans. It sounds sexier to me than she think it might, even if it's slightly silly.

"Mmgh- Sh-shizune...!" My hips suddenly start to speed up our love-making, driving myself into her with a fervor I never quite knew I had, while her nails dig into my shoulders. It's what comes next that really sticks with me though, and ultimately, ends up being my downfall.

"H... Hishao..." ... I-is that...? "C... cum inshide..."

I nearly freeze up upon hearing that admission from her, audibly at that, but my need's too great for me to stop. I redouble my own efforts, and I can hear her groans becoming louder and much less restrained, audible over our lower half's noises. As she cries out, I find myself unable to hold back, and the light of the sun fills my vision with white.

My knees nearly knock together as I empty myself inside of Shizune, who howls above me like she doesn't care who hears her, me included. I can feel her own juices leak around me, our orgasms missing synchronization by mere seconds. To noone's surprise, I came first, again.

With a head full of fog, I collapse back onto the sand, and Shizune soon follows suit, using me as a blanket between her and the beach. Her head's on my shoulder, breathing hotly against my neck, as my seed drips out from the seal of her nethers around my need. The waves of water finally catch up to us, their warmth washing over our resting legs, as we both bask in the heat of our aftermath.

We stay like this for a couple minutes, until Shizune finally works up enough energy to pop myself out of her and sit on my weakened legs. She looks down at me for a moment, hands on my chest scar, as she looks into my eyes. I swallow, wondering what she's thinking. But, eventually, with a breathless smile, she signs down to me. [ I'm glad you found me. ]


It takes some time to get the sand off of my shirt and trunks, but before long, we've both dried off and have headed back to Yamaku. Shizune decided that a walk back would be better to ensure we don't track excess sand inside of the taxi, and that my clothes dry off, to which I agreed.

On our way back to the dorms, our bags swinging together in our other, non-clasped-together hands at a mismatched rhythm, Misha spots up from walking towards the school for one reason or another. "Hey Shicchan, Hicchan~! Looks like you two had fun! Wahahaha~!" She comments, smiling towards us both.

We look to each other, a faint crimson on our cheeks, before Shizune motions for me to talk, seeing as our hands are busy. "E-eheh... Yeah, we, ah... Decided to go to the beach together. Sorry, Misha."

She just keeps grinning and nods our way. "I could tell. You're both as red as lobsters! Wahaha~!"

It was just then I noticed Shizune's cheeks weren't red from embarrassment.

This was going to be a long upcoming week.
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Re: Cirno's One-Shot Repository!

Post by Oddball » Tue Mar 09, 2021 7:16 pm

I'm not much for smut pieces, but this did have a nice build up to it.
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