Lullaby of an open heart - A Saki pseudo-route

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Lullaby of an open heart - A Saki pseudo-route

Post by Razoredge » Thu Jan 07, 2021 7:56 pm

When the April Fools Joke was released, I was in love with Saki and Rika, but especially Saki. I refused to admit that Saki would stay a joke, this character had so much potential, and her design was lovely. As the years passed, Saki simply became my favorite "non-existent" character, all fandoms included, because the concept behind her attracted me a lot. But, as the years passed, I was forced to admit that we would never see an official route for Saki. I still think she has great potential, and I hope it will happen one day, but my hope is slight. About one year ago, the idea to write a Saki pseudo-route appeared in my mind, but I had too few material to write something I see as decent. Also, Euro's Saki was so well-built it almost made me give up on that idea. Which is quite stupid, because Euro is a writter I love and one of the role models I have on this forum. Months went by and I had more ideas to build my own idea of Saki. This will be difficult, and I will have a lot of work to do, but I will enjoy writing this story, and I hope you will enjoy reading it. After months of doubt, I present to you Lullaby of an open heart.

Act I: Adagio
- Ouverture
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Re: Lullaby of an open heart - A Saki pseudo-route - Act I-I added 01/08/2021

Post by Razoredge » Thu Jan 07, 2021 8:00 pm

Act I: Adagio

This scene takes place on Tuesday, during most of the smalltalk scene

Waking up in an unfamiliar room is a jarring feeling. This is the third room this year that I’m supposed to call ‘mine’, but I feel like a complete stranger here. My bags are against the wall, my medication is on my night table, but this place feels impersonal. It could be someone else’s room, I wouldn’t be surprised, and it will take a moment before I get used to this.

I shake my bottles and take some pills, swallowing them with a bit of water. Since my heart attack, I had time to get used to the medication, and now, I take it without thinking about it. I must take them every day for my sake, even if I don’t feel any change, but I may not be the best judge for these things.

I finally get out of my bed and open my closet, where several school uniforms are stored. I always liked fresh new clothes, it was like a reward when my mother bought me new clothes. This uniform isn’t much different from what I used to wear before, but this school isn’t much different from my previous one, except for the people of course.

“This is a new start Hisao, see this as an opportunity. You’ll meet new people, you’ll make new friends, and you’ll learn new things. We’re here for you in you need us.” That’s what my mother told me, before we left the house. She’s right, even if I didn’t come to terms with this situation yet.

I know they’re here for me if I need it, but I need to face this situation by myself. She’s right, I met new people yesterday, my hallway neighbor Kenji, and two classmates, Misha and Shizune. Kenji is the weirdest of the three, maybe because his way to greet someone is not something I’d expect from a student. I can’t say they act like normal students, especially Shizune, since her only way to communicate with someone is through Misha’s voice. But I’m sure the other students are normal. Or does Kenji pass for a normal student here?

This question remains in my mind all the way through the cafeteria. I’m starving, and I can’t think correctly on an empty stomach. I reach the place pretty quickly, and when it’s my turn, I take the first thing I see, a bowl of rice with some eggs. I will miss my mother’s breakfasts here, but when you’re hungry, you can’t be picky.

While I’m eating, I think about what Kenji told me yesterday, and his suspicion. It may be his own way to warn someone, but thinking that my parents would be some mysterious and mean people is over the top. But it was the first time I’ve seen him, so I don’t judge him too fast; he doesn’t seem like a bad guy after all.

I finish my meal without thinking about it too much. The food here is decent, not that good, but not that bad. This is maybe a common thing in schools, since so much students bring their own meals in class. I guess I’ll buy some supplies one of these days; I have to improve my cooking skills, and I wouldn’t say no to eating something other than cafeteria food.

Today, I’m one of the last students to come in class, a few minutes before the first teacher comes in. We split into groups, and then I decide to ask Shizune if she knows a good thing to do after classes.

“That’s a good question, Hicchan. There’s a lot of after-school clubs to join. You don’t have to join one, by everyone is encouraged to do so. Do you like something in particular?” I don’t know if Misha is genuinely concerned about it, or if she only translates Shizune thoughts as much as she can.

“I used to play soccer with my friends before. It was just a hobby, though. As of late, I read a lot, I really like to read.”

“There is a book club Shicchan, right?” Misha signs desperately to Shizune, whose smile shines in satisfaction for being the one who gives the answer. “We have a book club, but it seems there’s no room left for another member, sorry Hicchan.”

“Oh, well, it doesn’t matter, I’m not in a hurry. Do you have clubs based on writing activities?” I ask, not very convinced myself.

“We have a newspaper club, but it’s pretty boring.” Misha answers, signing nothing back to Shizune with a childish giggle. Maybe she considers that writing or reading isn’t an enjoyable activity to do.

I don’t answer to this comment, and the rest of the morning lessons run their course. I take notes nonchalantly, because I’m hungry, such as Misha, who doesn’t listen to the teacher anymore. The lesson is interesting, but we are all hungry, so our attention drops. The lunch bell finally frees us from this torment, and most of the students pack their things before rushing out in the hallway.

“Where do you want to eat, Hicchan?” Asks Misha with a kind tone.

“I don’t know, the cafeteria must be a good choice, I guess?”

She just laughs, as if I said something stupid. It’s an obvious choice for me, since this place is still new to me, and I’m not familiar with all the school’s facilities yet. Things which seem obvious to her or Shizune are foreign to me, but it’s only my second day here, I’ll become accustomed to it with time.

Luckily for us, the place isn’t packed, so we get our meals quickly. During our meal, Misha catches my attention while I was focused on my fish piece.

“So, Hicchan, you want to join a club, don’t you?”

“Not really, I was just thinking about a way to do something after school. If I don’t have a book to read, there’s nothing much to do.”

“If you don’t know what to do, you should join the Student Council, definitely.” This playful tone makes her proposal not as innocent as it seems.

“Why me?”

“Because we could hang out together, Hicchan! We’re in the Student Council with Shicchan, she’s the President, actually. And some help would be welcome.” She answers, with her usual loud tone, with a grin too. This only confirms what I was suspicious about, Misha doesn’t want me to join the Student Council for professional reasons.

“You know I just got here yesterday, right? I think it’s a bit too early for me to join something as important as the Student Council.”

Misha pauses for a moment, signing back to Shizune what I’ve just said. They exchange a cheerful glance, and Shizune signs energetically, her signs translated for me by Misha with the same energy.

“It would show a sane interest for your school Hicchan. There’s nothing better than helping the Student Council to fit in your school.” She pauses between each sentence to take a bite of her fish, like me.

I’m trapped here, I can’t answer positively for now because I think it’s too early for me to do something so important, but I can’t frankly say no because I don’t want to hurt them. Spending time with Misha and Shizune would be a great thing, because they are friendly with me, but it’s quite demanding from them to ask me to join the Student Council after only my second day here.

“I will think about it, and I’ll get back to you on it, don’t worry.” I promise, taking one last bite of fish to finish my meal.

That’s the best I can do for now, committing to something so important so early wouldn’t be a good thing. Misha seems a bit sad for a second, but she quickly gets back to her cheerful mood. The bell indicates us that the lunch break is over, and we go back to class.

The first lesson of the afternoon is a reading comprehension, which is a relief. This is something I like to do, it’s a simple way to have good grades, and most of the times, the text isn’t that hard. Misha doesn’t share my enthusiasm; she sighs in desperation when she sees the text. It’s clear she doesn’t enjoy reading, but I can’t blame her; everyone have their own tastes, after all.

The class is silent, everyone read the text quietly and some classmates answer the questions pretty quickly. But I don’t want to rush it, even if my reading pace is fairly quick. Reading was my only pastime in the hospital, and I began to read a lot because of it. I started to feel naked without a book around me, and I don’t think I will quit reading that easily.

For me, the text isn’t hard, but it has some subtext which can lead to wrong answers, but it’s an easily avoidable trap. Taking my time, I proceed through the questions with a steady pace, allowing myself to develop my answers when I consider it’s required. Near the end of the lesson, I take some time to polish my answers up, and I give my sheets to the teacher.

The other lessons of the afternoon are just lectures, but I won’t complain, the pace is bearable, and I take notes without too much efforts. The lessons are interesting, however, I have to admit that I tire myself easily. Getting back to a normal pace after a hospitalization is much more difficult than I thought. But as I look around me, I can see the same tired expression on some students’ faces. At least, I’m not the only one.

The last minutes of the last lesson of the day seem like an eternity, and I hear Misha yawn behind me, taking upon myself to avoid yawning too. After a few more minutes, which seemed like hours, the bell finally rings, ending the school day. I let out a sigh of relief before Misha tapes on my shoulder to get my attention.

“Hicchan, we have a bit of work to do for the Student Council with Shicchan today, but do you want to come with us? We’ll show you some clubs rooms.” She asks with this cheery tone that suits her well. Is this a new attempt to get me on the Student Council, or does she genuinely want to show me some clubs’ rooms? I’ll try to wriggle out of this situation.

“Nah, don’t bother with me, I’ll distract you. Is there any club room on this floor? I can handle it myself, don’t worry about me.” I answer, trying to extricate myself from this situation without being harsh.

“Yes, you have the art club, the newspaper club, and the books club on this floor. But, are you sure, Hicchan? It doesn’t bother us to guide you through the school, you know?” I just answer with a nod. “All right then, have fun Hicchan, see you tomorrow.” I wave them when they leave the classroom, a few moments before me.

In the hall, some students are walking in groups, maybe toward their club activities or the dorm. Misha told me that at least three of them are on this floor, but where? I leave it up to chance, and I head toward a room at the left end of the hall. There are no distinctive signs on the door, and when I open it, I realize it’s only a storage room. But it doesn’t discourage me, I’m not in a rush.

In another room, there are students who are probably doing their homework to whom I apologize wholeheartedly for disturbing them. Why are there so much doors with no signs on them, and how people can recognize them? It makes no sense, and I’m lost because I wanted to check some rooms by myself.

“Are you looking for something?” says a voice behind me.

As I turn around, I can see the source of this voice. This is a short girl, just a bit shorter than me, with an adorable face. Light brown hair reaching her shoulders, brown eyes contrasting with the paleness of her skin, fine cherry earrings, are the first things that attract the eye at first sight, especially her eyes. As I look at her, my eyes are attracted by her left hand, clenching the handle of a thin cane.

It strikes me to see someone so young with a cane, even for support. I get a grip on myself as I realize she asked me if I was looking for something. As my eyes meet hers again, I can see them shining with curiosity.

“Yeah… One of my classmates told me that a few art rooms are on this floor, but I can’t find them. I’m new here.” I sigh, once again I have to rely on somebody, this time to find a room.

“Well, there are several art rooms around here. Do you want to see one in particular?” She answers with a slightly amused tone.

“Except the obvious ones where you paint or draw things, I don’t know what this school has, to be honest.”

“That’s something.” She giggles. “Follow me.”

She patiently shows me where the art rooms are on the floor, describing each one of them as she opens each door. Luckily for us, there are no students in the rooms, so I can visit them with no guilt. The rooms are vast, probably more than my classroom, which is already more vast than any classroom I’ve been in before. They are obviously made to allow students to move freely in the room, especially the ones with impaired mobility.

“Do you know what time is it, by the way?” She asks, as I close the door of the last room that she showed me.

I look at my watch. “A bit more than quarter to four.” She looses her curious look to a more serious one.

“Oh, I’m late. But, this an opportunity to show you something. Follow me.” She signals me with her hand to follow her as she heads toward the stairs. “So, you’re new here? When did you arrive, then?” Her serious look switches to her curious one as I walk beside her.

“I was transferred yesterday, so everything is new for me, and I get lost easily.” She giggles, but she doesn’t answer. “But who am I speaking to?”

“Saki, Saki Enomoto.” She smiles, turning her head towards me. “And, you are?”

“Hisao Nakai. Nice to meet you, Saki.” She waves her hand, as if it was pointless to be so polite.

“The pleasure is all mine. I’ll show you the building for the music club, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to give you the tour today.” She apologizes with a frank tone in her voice.

“You took on your time to show me some art rooms, I can’t, in good conscience, ask you anything more.” I reply, she did enough for me, I can’t ask for more. “But why the music club particularly?”

“I’m a part of the music club, and it’s on my way, so I can show it to you.” She confesses. I wonder which instrument she’s playing, or if she does anything else. After a few seconds, she breaks the silence, seeing my curiosity. “I actually sing, and I love it.” Now that she mentions it, it seems pretty obvious, since she has a beautiful voice tone.

After a few minutes of small talk, we reach the music club’s building, and I have to admit, it’s kinda large, larger than almost all the school’s buildings. But given its use, it’s fairly normal for this building to be that large.

“Well, here we are. This building is this large because of the auditorium, and this is where I come for rehearsals. It would have been a pleasure for me to give you the tour, but I’m late, and I really need to practice.” Saki breathes as she heads for the door. “How about, tomorrow?”

“It would be my pleasure.” I accept her kind proposal. She waves at me with a smile before disappearing behind the door.

I said to Misha that I could find the rooms by myself; it was a mistake. But she won’t know, and that mistake allowed me to meet someone. I won’t complain, it was a good encounter. If each day could end like this, eventually I would like my stay here.
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Re: Lullaby of an open heart - A Saki pseudo-route

Post by Oddball » Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:17 pm

Most fo the chapter is spent going over already familiar grounds, but I think you do a good job of steering it in a new direction without making it feel forced or two obvious.

Saki herself seems rather playful. It's an interesting take on her so far.
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Re: Lullaby of an open heart - A Saki pseudo-route

Post by Razoredge » Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:36 pm

Thanks Odd. I took the risk but I was worried, thinking it would seem forced. I never did something like that, and I'm glad you potentially liked this first try. Writing a Saki's path will be difficult, but I'm proud of trying new things, and I hope you'll like my vision of her.
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Stuff I'm currently writing : Beyond the haze : A Lilly Satou pseudo-route, Lullaby of an open heart : A Saki pseudo-route & Sakura Blossom : A way with Hisao

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