Precious Friendships (Shizune BE, Sisterhood plot) [Ch58 updated 22/10: More sightseeing!]

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Precious Friendships (Shizune BE, Sisterhood plot) [Ch58 updated 22/10: More sightseeing!]

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My second fan story attempt, after my previous work.
After a devastating fallout with Shizune, Hisao finally "wakes up" and realizes his mistakes. Is there any way to make amends, or is it all over?

Note: Follows Shizune's bad end. The story (mostly the first part) loosely follows the timeline in Sisterhood, and references some of the events happened in that work, although described in a different angle. It also heavily features Miki.

Chapter 58: Way to go, Iwa-chan!!
Unfortunately I cannot use superscript here, so it didn't have the intended effect. How disappointing.
Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the Hong Kong visit!

Chapter 59 coming up soon. Chapter 60 at the end of the month.

Quick link to Chapter 57: Shizune's mistake!!

Content table:
(Part 1)
Chapter 1 (This post): Rewind
Chapter 2: Read Like a Book
Chapter 3: Be Honest
Chapter 4: Jerks
Chapter 5: A Different Vibe
Chapter 6: Two White Envelopes
Chapter 7: Risking My Life
Chapter 8: Interrupt Her Nonsense
Chapter 9: Amazing School
Chapter 10: Away in a Flash
Chapter 11: Verbal Machine Gun
Chapter 12: Oatmeal Breakfast
Chapter 13: Stretching Instructions
Chapter 14: Cup of Tea
Chapter 15: Killer or Lifesaver?
Chapter 16: Returning the Favor
Chapter 17: Water Under the Bridge
Chapter 18: Maximizing Efficiency
Chapter 19: No Arguing!
Chapter 20: Fashion Show
Chapter 21: Petrified
Chapter 22: Luckiest Day
Chapter 23: Best Friends Forever
Chapter 24: Lip-reading
Chapter 25: Come to an End
Chapter 26: Fateful Encounter
Chapter 27: Spoiled Child
Chapter 28: Title of Best Friend
Chapter 29: My Priority (Slightly longer)
Chapter 30: Friends are Precious (Slightly longer)
Part 1 afterthoughts

(Part 2)
Chapter 31: JOY!
Chapter 32: Too Weak Too Slow
Chapter 33: First Job Interview
Chapter 34: Girls Around Me (Slightly longer)
Chapter 35: Scartesian Coordinates
Chapter 36: My Last Hope
Chapter 37: Best Friends. Only. (Slightly longer)
Chapter 38: A Tough Assignment
Chapter 39: Midnight Party
Chapter 40: What a Sneaky Plan!
Chapter 41: Not So Tough Assignment (Slightly longer)
Chapter 42: It's Game Over
Chapter 43: Frenemy Reunion
Chapter 44: Proper Voters
Chapter 45: Lovers for One Night
Chapter 46: Clutch
Chapter 47: A Friendly Reunion
Chapter 48: No Surname No Problem (Slightly longer)
Chapter 49: A Kind Gentleman
Chapter 50: The Great Escape
Chapter 51: Very Tough Assignment
Chapter 52: Quieres Buscar un Novio (Slightly longer)
Chapter 53: Stellar Performance (Longer than usual)
Chapter 54: Pearl of the Orient (Slightly longer)
Chapter 55: Honorifics too Stuffy (Slightly longer)
Chapter 56: Diamonds in Diamond Hill?
Chapter 57: Elementary Error (Slightly longer)
Chapter 58: Arrhythmia and Two Couples
Chapter 59: The Water is Dancing
Chapter 60: Ocean Park HURRAY~~
Chapter 61:

Precious Friendships (by ShizuneFan2019)

Chapter 1: Rewind

“All right.”

Those were the last words I told Shizune before I headed back to my room, without even bothering to sign it.

Except that it was NOT all right.

I can’t believe I did this. I messed everything up.

My stomach is growling. I realize that I haven’t had lunch today, and I’m probably not in a mood for dinner either.

Normally it would be a bad idea to skip classes at this point, given that the National Center Test is right around the corner, but in this particular case, skipping classes gives me some much-needed time to think. Alone.

I don’t need to rush. Time is not going to matter anymore. I don’t want to repeat any mistakes I have made. I don’t want to cause any more regrets. If anything, I hope I can learn from my mistakes.

I made too many rash decisions in the past few days. Or the past few weeks, rather.

When did everything start going wrong?

Let’s rewind. Think back to the beginning of my Yamaku life.

I stepped into the school gate to start my life of disability. Then I checked out my dorm room and the letter from my parents. The next day Mutou introduced me to class. I made my first decision in my heart: To talk about myself. I was greeted cheerfully by Misha followed by Shizune, the class representative. They gave me a warm welcome and an orientation. I got everything I needed to know on that day.

The next day, the duo roped me into a Risk game in the Student Council room. I really wanted to win, so I decided to attack Shizune aggressively. I lost, but I remembered how she praised me for my efforts.

On Wednesday, Mutou asked us to work in groups, and once again I was stuck with the two. At the end of the class, I decided to have lunch with the two girls in The Shanghai, but not before being bumped by Emi. Man, that almost killed me right on the spot.

The next day, Shizune had an argument with Lilly. After deciding to defend Shizune (and thus giving up any possible friendship with Lilly and Hanako), I ended up helping them on Yamaku festival preparations.

After deciding to take things easy in my morning run with Emi on Friday (I just realized that I completely gave up on exercising, which is against the Nurse’s orders), the two girls barged into my room, saw my medication, and asked what they were. For a brief moment I wanted to kick them out of my room, but I decided otherwise and sidestepped the subject. Luckily they didn’t pry.

I just realized that I haven’t talked to them about my heart condition, even after I became Shizune’s boyfriend.

On Saturday, I was roped into the Shanghai by none other than the two ladies, despite the fact that I wanted to go to class. Then, in the Yamaku festival, I spent the whole evening with them, winning a cat doll for Shizune and watching fireworks on the roof. A fantastic moment for me.

The cat doll. Stuck out of Shizune’s bag when I parted with her this morning.

She looked so depressed. And I didn’t do anything for her.

I guess there was nothing I could have done at that moment.

After that wonderful Yamaku festival, we had a test early next morning. I woke up early, met Shizune, and she wished me good luck in the test through the use of a notepad. Since I officially joined the Student Council, I decided to learn sign language in order to understand the President better. Thanks to some help from Misha (who taught me the sign for “armadillo”), I was able to pick it up within weeks. We were inseparable since then, always hanging out in the Student Council room, playing games and fighting for snacks.

If not for the two girls, I would have rather spent my evenings in my dorm room reading books, just like what I did in the hospital. Maybe I would become good friends with Hanako. But I chose to come out of my room and hang out with the two. On the surface, it looked as if they forcefully pulled me out and roped me into the Student Council, but the fact is I allowed myself to be dragged in. To be honest, I really liked spending time with them.

Then came the Tanabata festival preparations. Misha had to pick up her grades, so I volunteered to help Shizune build up the stalls and everything. One day Lilly came by, and I had to translate between the two. My skillful translations managed to soften up some of their blows against each other. On the festival day, I woke up early and met Misha on the roof. She asked me if I liked Shizune, and I bluntly denied. I met the girls again in the evening. The girls were wearing beautiful yukatas, Shizune decorating herself with a pearl flower hairpin that drew my eyes. I learned that Shizune never makes wishes, and the reason was secret. Misha left early that night, and the two of us sat down in the field behind the school.

Under the beautiful moonlight, we poured out our feelings toward each other. A simple, silent, yet firm “Okay”, followed by an embrace, sealed the deal.

Sweet memories. I wish I could turn back the clock. Back to Tanabata, at least.

[You’re so competitive. Too competitive. If a whale bit you, you would bite it back.]

[Would that be so bad?]

Her smile was contagious back then.

[It’s true. I’m terrible, a little. But if I can make people happy, I’m not entirely terrible, am I? Then, it’s okay. I have many examples in my defense.]

I knew that she is competitive. I was aware of her personality. Yet I proceeded to propose to her.

Was it my own choice? Or did I just get dragged into Shizune’s life along with Misha, like what Lilly said? It’s so confusing. Part of me wants to say that I didn’t make a conscious decision, and I simply allowed things to happen.

A few days later, Shizune invited me (well, I invited myself, to be more accurate) to her mansion in Saitama. She spent almost all the time with Misha, and I was left with Hideaki. And their father, I suppose. A bit frustrating, since I really would like to spend some time with my new girlfriend. I guess I didn’t really make the most of my chances. Then came the day when she pinned me on my chair…

We returned school, and then things started to fall apart. The two girls had an argument on Student Council work. They started to push each other away. Misha was extremely sad. And then, that… happened.

I could have, and should have, rejected her. I was passive, as always. For the first time in my life, doing nothing actually hurt. It was a critical error.

That was a conscious choice. I made the decision on my own, without Shizune. I have been allowing her to, sort of, direct my life throughout these few months. But the one time she needed me the most, I failed her. Badly.

She probably wasn’t in a good mood either. Misha was practically her only friend, but they were fighting. I should have been on her side. If anything, I should have comforted Shizune, not Misha.

No wonder she was so angry at me. She probably knew everything. It’s the only reason she acted like that. I was such an idiot.

Despite being silent, Shizune is actually not that hard to read. She even told me this fact this morning. I should have paid more attention to my girlfriend. I should have made the most use of my chances, and not be passive all the time.

Is there anything I can do to save the situation?

Being passive again won’t help. I need to take actions. Think it through, then act smartly.

I don’t think Shizune is talking to me. Misha might, though. I need to talk to Misha. If I can somehow get Misha’s help, maybe we can do something to Shizune.

Shizune’s probably not going to class tomorrow. Best case scenario is Mutou notices and talks to Shizune. Come to think of it, I might get some help from him too. I need to play for my outs, no matter how unlikely they are.

Chapter 2: Read Like a Book
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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 20 Mar 2020)

Post by Oddball » Mon Mar 23, 2020 6:59 pm

It also includes another character in the game that only showed up a couple of times, but was hugely expanded in another work (which I'm not going to name but every fan of the forum should know).
I'm going to assume you're talking about Molly.

The table of contents is interesting. Normally I'd say not to include something like that, as you don't want to give away what's happening and you also want to leave yourself room for the story to grow and change on you, but the very fact that you do give us some titles (not all) does also make for some potentially interesting speculating. Later, of course, not yet. Not enough has happened yet for there to be anything to speculate off of.

The idea of following up from Sisterhood is something I don't quite get though. This is a Shizune bad ending follow up on Sisterhood which had nothing to do with Shizune. I don't get how that's supposed to work.
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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 20 Mar 2020)

Post by ShizuneFan2019 » Tue Mar 24, 2020 6:05 am

Chapter 2: Read Like a Book

As I enter the classroom, I see my pink-haired friend staring at the blackboard on her seat, looking quite depressed. The seat next to her on the right is empty, as expected. I need to act smartly.

I carefully take my own seat, and whisper to her.

“Hi Misha.”

She just nods, without any other motion. So different from her usual self. She might have already known about my fallout with Shizune.

It’s going to be awkward, but I need to have this conversation. I have nothing to lose now, so I might as well take it head-on. Good luck.

“Misha, I think… we need to talk.”

“Not now, Hicchan.”

As expected.

“Shanghai after school then?”

She ponders for a while, then sighs.


“I’ll wait for you over there.”

She nods as Mutou enters the classroom. He stares at Shizune’s empty seat briefly, then goes back to his routine lecture.


I didn’t really pay attention to class, but I did write down everything that is written on the board. It gives me something to do other than thinking. A nice distraction indeed. I’ll study the notes later. That is, if I have to mood to do so.

The mock exam is coming up very soon. If the three of us keep on being like this, I’m afraid we’re not entering university.

When the lunch bell finally rings, instead of rushing to the cafeteria, I grab my chance to approach Mutou.

“Sir, may I talk to you for a bit? I need help.”

Mutou stares at me without making any facial expression. After what felt like an hour, he speaks up.

“Meet me in the staff room after lunch.”


After taking a deep breath, I knock on the staff room door.

“Come in.”

Mutou is sitting on his desk, and there is an empty chair across the aisle. It must be for me.

“Sit down here.”

I obey, and I pray that my first step to make amends works in my favor. It’s certainly not looking good, but I have to fight for my outs.

“Given that you did pretty well in your recent tests, I suppose you’re not asking for academic advice.”

“I guess not.”

“Well, I did notice that Hakamichi has not come to class for three days already. Is it something related to her absence?”

I nod in reply. He continues.

“You three are in the Student Council, aren’t you? If Hakamichi is busy with Student Council business, isn’t she going to drag both of you into the work? Since you two were in class today, I suppose it’s something else that keeps her from class. Which is very rare, if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, unfortunately.”

“Yes, she’s the strictest girl I’ve ever seen in Yamaku. Skipping class not because of Student Council would be an unforgivable misconduct to her standards, wouldn’t it?”

Is he referencing Hanako? I nod again, trying not to make any implications.

“This means whatever is bothering her must be very serious. And since you come here asking for help, I suppose you’re involved too. And Mikado is looking a bit down recently, so she probably has a part in it as well.”

He reads us like a book.

“You’re absolutely right, sir.”

His facial expression remains unchanged.

“Many people think that as long as they don’t tell others about their problems, other people would never know. However, the more you try to hide it, very often the more it gets exposed.”

Taking a sip of coffee, he continues.

“I also went through high school. My personal experience, in addition to the cases I have come across throughout my teaching career, tells me that…”

“…A high school student usually only worries about two matters. One is academic related, such as failure in homework and exams, and worries about getting into a prestige university. The other is interpersonal relationship. Mostly friendships, but sometimes love relationships too.”

Or both, in our case.

“In my old days, students below university level were not allowed to develop romantic relationships. Two students of different sexes were prohibited to stay in a room in private. If two such students happened to be spotted holding hands in public, especially when wearing school uniforms, it would be treated as a misconduct. A few of those misconducts would cause the students to be expelled from the school.”

Wow. If those rules were to be executed here, I think the school population would have dropped by half. I would have been expelled too.

“Although times have changed, I’m personally still against high school romance. It creates a lot of problems, and it may affect their academic performance.”

I hope he’s not going to scold me next.

“So, Nakai, let’s make it clear now. Is it purely friendship, or is it more than that?”

How am I going to answer that? Well, I might as well admit.

“Erm… Both, I guess.”

He nods.

“As expected. Don’t worry, Nakai, I’m not going to blame you or do anything, as long as you take care of your National Center Test.”

“I’ll try my best.”

“That’s why it’s important to get things sorted out now. You don’t have much time to waste.”

“You’re right, sir. I know.”

“Let’s get to the main point, shall we?”

He takes another sip of coffee, sits straight up, and prepares to tackle the issue.

“Now, if what I know about you is correct, if you are to enter a relationship with either of them, it would be with Hakamichi, yes?”

I feel like I’ve been stripped completely naked in front of my homeroom teacher.

“Indeed, sir.”

“The Student Council President. You know, she has a strong aura. She’s capable of drawing you into her life, even though she cannot talk. And, as you already know, she loves challenges. The more passive a person is, the more of a challenge he is for her to attract. You’re the perfect target for her.”

I chuckle as he continues.

“The problem with this girl is, she has a big weakness. She’s capable of many tasks, but handling human relationship is never her strong suit. Not to mention a boyfriend.”

Am I Shizune’s first boyfriend? Could be. Her hands were shaking when I proposed to her.

“Why don’t you fill me in? What happened between you three?”

Even though it is very embarrassing, I realized last night that it is of my best interest to tell Mutou the truth.

“Well, you see, they kept asking me to join the Student Council. I couldn’t really resist, so I ended up joining. I soon realized that there were only two members in the Council. Since then, I’ve been forced to take part in all the activities they offered. Sometimes we just hung out without doing much work though.”

“But you enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

“I guess so. Eventually, I… started to develop feelings for… Shizune. You know, we spend almost every day together.”


“During the break, she invited Misha and me to her father’s mansion. She spent most of the time with Misha, but I didn’t mind too much. After the break, though, the girls had an argument about the Council, and I was… kind of drawn into it.”

“They surely have a long history, yes?”

“You know what happened between them? You know, Misha…”

“Sort of. She changed her hairstyle since then, hasn’t she?”

We’re looking so transparent under our teacher. And obviously he knows more than I do.

“Misha got very upset, and then… well… we made a huge mistake. Since then, Shizune has become very angry with me. Yesterday, she told me that she wanted to be alone for a while. Without me or Misha.”

“I see.”

“I cannot talk to Shizune now. I want to at least talk to Misha and sort everything out between us, but I don’t really know how to start.”

He ponders for a while before answering.

“Mikado… She… I’m sorry that I cannot tell you too much about her without violating confidentiality… Hmm… Look, I’ll just tell you this. Mikado is a good girl, but she has… a lot of things hiding behind her… mask, so to speak. I suppose you already know about this, given how close you two are.”

“I know. That’s why it’s sometimes frustrating to talk to her.”

He looks out of the window into distance.

“The only advice I can give is that… if you want others to be honest to you, you must first be honest towards them. Hope it helps.”

Be honest. Hmm.

“I’ll think about it.”

“Good. Now, as your homeroom teacher, I need to investigate Hakamichi’s absence, especially now I am confirmed that the absence is not due to Student Council work. I will talk to Hakamichi. You talk to Mikado. Let us both do our best. I do want all three of you to perform well in the National Center Test.”

“Thank you very much, sir.”

“Keep me informed on your conversation with Mikado.”


Chapter 3: Be Honest
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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 20 Mar 2020)

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Chapter 3: Be Honest

When I open the door and enter The Shanghai, a familiar figure hurryingly comes to greet me.

“Welcome to the Shanghai!”

Followed by a bow that looks like 120 degrees to me. However, I’m not in a mood of any greeting, so I just nod and head towards the table Misha already occupies.

“Oh no! Am I not passionate enough in my greetings? The previous customer neglected me too! Sorry, sorry, sorry about my poor manners! I’m such a bad waitress. I can’t work here anymore!”

How typical of her.

“No, Yuuko, it’s not your fault. We’re just not in a good mood.”

“Oh no! Is the restaurant’s decoration too old-fashioned? I know! This is not a joyful color. We should’ve painted the restaurant yellow instead! But I don’t know painting, and the restaurant probably won’t allow me to do it…”

“No, no, please stop. This has nothing to do with you or your restaurant. Please bring us some tea, and leave us alone. Thank you.”

As Yuuko hurries to prepare tea for us, I sit opposite to Misha and speak up.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

She merely nods. In the past, her moody moments only managed to last for half a day. But this time it is different. This is so unlike her.

“I know you’re not in a mood of talking. Neither am I. But we need to sort out everything between us. Especially that the Center Test is coming, we need to focus ourselves on studies as soon as possible. We talked here too the other day, and I think we knew each other a bit better after that. I hope we can also produce something positive today.”

Another nod. Be honest, Hisao. And be brave. You have nothing to lose.

“I guess I haven’t been very honest towards you two.”

“You’re honest, Hicchan.”

“No, I’m not. Yesterday I realized that I haven’t told you about the reason I came to this school.”

“We’re not stupid. If you don’t want to talk about it, we won’t pry.”

“That’s why I said I’m not honest. I shouldn’t be hiding my conditions from my two best friends, should I?”

“I haven’t told you about mine either, so you have an excuse.”

I face Misha directly.

“Misha, I treat my friendship very seriously. I didn’t have many friends in my other high school, but the few friends I made, we used to hang out a lot.”

“Do you still have contact with them?”

“No. But there’s a reason to that.”

I take a deep breath. I haven’t told anyone about this. Except Rin.

“Here’s the deal, Misha. I had a heart attack. This is why I came here, and this is also what the pills in my room are for.”

She nods as I continue.

“I was forced to stay in the hospital for a few months. I couldn’t accept the fact that I have a heart problem. I’m now living on a day-by-day basis. Any knock or bump in my chest, or too much physical activity, would easily trigger my condition and potentially kill me.”

“I see… That’s what happened in the Yamaku festival, right~?”

“Yes. Now you know why I was so depressed when I first came to Yamaku.”

Yuuko puts down two cups of tea and quickly leaves the scene, and I continue.

“During the hospital stay, my friends only came for a few times. Then they didn’t come again. I was so frustrated. That’s why I didn’t contact them again. But come to think of it, I didn’t really make things easy for them. I was ruing over my condition all the time.”

“Thanks for telling me this.”

“I feel so grateful that you two kept dragging me out of my own misery. If not for both of you, I wouldn’t be able to pick things up. I really want to repay you two, but I messed up so badly.”

Misha looks deep in thought.

“Hicchan, I’ll be right back~”


Misha comes out from the washroom, takes her seat, and takes a sip of her tea. She likes parfait better, but she’s not in the mood for that today.

“Hicchan~, you told me so much about yourself. I think I should be honest to you as well. I don’t know if I can do this, but I can try, right? Right~!”

There you go, Mutou.

“I told you about last year, my confession to Shicchan, and I got rejected~. I was so sad, but she kept trying to make friends with me~! It’s so confusing! But I want someone to love me too~.”

A sense of realization suddenly comes to my mind.

“Remember the Tanabata festival? I asked you if you liked Shicchan~.”

“And I said I liked you.”

“I know~, this is not true, right? I’m not stupid. I know you like Shicchan more~. I would be very happy if you really liked me, but I’m fine! My two best friends found each other~ I’m so happy for you two~”

Well, here we go.

“Yeah, Misha. I also want to make it clear here. My feeling’s not for you… I’m sorry. But you’re a great friend to me. We… did that stupid thing, but that’s… not my true feelings at all. I heavily regret doing that with you.”

“I know. We both got pushed away by Shicchan, and we both needed some comfort~. I’m so sorry Hicchan, I shouldn’t have… I messed everything up…”

She breaks into tears as I sigh. Well, at least she’s being honest now.


I hand her a handkerchief, which I prepared in advance.

“Hicchan, I also need to tell you one thing~. I’m… going to America.”

That’s new.

“For vacation or for what?”

“No~ I’m going to study in America, after I graduate from Yamaku~~”

“You have a recommendation already?”

“I need to pass the Center Test, then Yamaku will write me a letter of recommendation. I really need to pass the test~, if not I won’t be able to study there.”

“That’s why you need to catch up with your grades.”

“You know, I’m not as smart as Shicchan.”

I chuckle, which annoys her a bit.

“Hey! It’s NOT funny!”

“Sorry, but no, I… I mean, you’re pretty smart too, in a way I guess.”

She pouts.

“What’s that supposed to mean~?”

“Nah, forget about it. Well, that explains why you’re trying not to keep too many friendships here in Yamaku. Any friends you have here would be temporary.”

“Yeah~ You’re right, unfortunately. Hey Hicchan~, I never thought you would be this smart. Looks like Shicchan rubbed it onto you!”

I chuckle again.

“But technology is advanced, isn’t it? We can still chat using instant message, and video chats are not that hard to do either. We can still be friends. I really, really want to be your friend, even after you go to America. Heck, I might try to visit you over there, if I’m allowed to board a plane. You two are my only true friends.”

“Thanks, Hicchan~ I’m not sure if things would go so smoothly though. You’re too optimistic~”

“That’s why we need to work on it, Misha. I’m determined. If I stay passive just like in the past, I won't accomplish anything. No matter how hard it is, I’ll try to work it out. Even if it fails, at least I can say to myself, I’ve already tried my best.”

“Hmm~ You really sound like Shicchan now! You two would have been a great pair, if we didn’t mess things up.”

“Misha, it’s not over yet.”

“It is, Hicchan.”

“No. It depends on how much Shic… Shizune knows. That’s why I also need to ask you this. What happened a few days ago? What did you tell Shizune? Please be honest with me. It’s our only chance to save our friendship.”

“Will it really matter, Hicchan? I don’t think we can do anything to repair this~.”

“Misha, no matter how small our odds are, we need to try.”

She ponders for a while before resigning.

“Alright then~ Well, we actually didn’t talk much. She just came to my room and…”

Chapter 4: Jerks
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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 20 Mar 2020)

Post by NuclearStudent » Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:08 am

Hello hello! I've vaguely seen your previous story, but I don't think we've ever talked before. Nice to meet you.

On the subject of the story itself, I personally believe that chapter one was unnecessary and undesirable. This is a story; we don't need to be told everything through exposition. The second chapter has a similar flaw: it involves a lot of Mutou dishing out a speech. Try lightening up, leaving a little more to implication. Show not tell and all.

On another note:
Is he referencing Hanako? I nod again, trying not to make any implications.
Shizune shows no hostility to Hanako in the course of the game over her skipping class. Is this a plot thing you're setting up, or is it an oversight? Mutou also seems somewhat out of character. He's not nearly this intrusive about the relationships of his students in the game, and he shouldn't be this assertive either.

Anyway, you're a productive writer and it's cool to see another project launching off.
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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 20 Mar 2020)

Post by ShizuneFan2019 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:08 am

Chapter 4: Jerks


More work.

This form goes into this stack. That pile is done.

Alright. Let’s print them out. The candidates list, and the election form.

Aoi. Keiko. They seem to be the best candidates. But they’re still way too weak. If they get elected, I need to teach them a lesson before they can take over.

I’ll have to work with the new Student Council for a while, until graduation. I hope I have enough time to teach them everything.

How to be competitive. How to multi-task. How to manage everything smoothly. How to take over other clubs and become the most dominant club in the school. And take over the Student Councils of nearby schools too.

I smile. I may be stretching things too far.

I hope I can work with the new Student Council members. I haven’t been able to do so in the past. Especially not with my pathetic relative.

And definitely not with those two jerks.

No, I should go back to work. I love working. It gives me a nice distraction from everything else.

But sometimes it’s really hard to not think about those matters.

Hisao… Why do you have to…

No, focus on work. Those are already past tense to me.

The door opens. Crap. Not those two again.

I stick my head out of my fort and take my bag, ready to kick any other Student Council member out of the room.

Instead I see a… laptop? A laptop opens the door and magically floats towards me?

Of course not. I admit I’m sometimes pretty childish. Well, at least it probably isn’t boy jerk or pink jerk. But who the hell is it?

The laptop lowers itself to show its true face. A thin-headed middle-aged man wearing no facial expression.

A bit surprising, but I wasn’t in class for three days straight, so it’s reasonable.

I have no choice but to get up and greet my homeroom teacher.

He settles down his laptop in front of me, and pulls a chair to sit beside me. I cannot say no. A notepad program is opened in the laptop, which reads, “Let’s talk using this.”

Given that he’s alone, we don’t have any other choice. He didn’t bring either jerk here, so translation is out of the question. Our conversation is probably confidential anyway. Laptop is never my favorite way of communication. Signing is much better.

He signals me to type on the laptop.


I slightly push the laptop towards Mutou. He starts typing.

{Busy with Student Council work?}

He’s probably not asking for Student Council business.


{I come to see you because you have missed three consecutive days of class. I worried that you might be sick, so I considered checking you out in your room. But I figured that even if you were sick, you would be in the Student Council room anyway.}

What is he up to?

{Sorry about my absence.}

{I come here for a couple of matters. First, I need to check whether you are sick or not. It looks like you’re not sick, at least physically.}

Now he’s definitely up to something. If he wasn’t my homeroom teacher, I would’ve kicked him out immediately. I feel like the staff in Yamaku have something in common. They have a lot of tricks up their sleeves.

I should downplay any issue.

{I’m doing fine. Thanks.}

{And second, I need to talk to you. For two things.}

He continues without asking for a reply.

{First, you should be aware that the National Center Test is coming up.}

{Yes, sir.}

{And I’m expecting you to do well, both in the mock exam and the actual exam. You’re one of the smartest kids in this school. I have high hopes on you.}

{I understand, sir. I will try my best.}

This is not a sentence I like to type. But I can’t be arrogant in front of Mutou. It’s funny, seeing how I change my behavior in front of different people. Here you go, a typical businesswoman.

{Try not to miss too many classes, okay? You’re the class representative. The class needs you.}

I don’t think the class needs me. And you know it too, Mutou.

{I’ll try.}

{Good. Now, I also noticed that you have been a bit down lately. Is there something bothering you? You can tell me if you want to.}

This one I can immediately answer.

{No, I’m fine.}

{Alright. Just to let you know, if you need anything, feel free to approach me. Remember, you should not let yourself be distracted from the upcoming exam. This is very important.}

I’m curious. Does he know anything? He might. Given that Hisa-, no, boy jerk is his star pupil, he might have already noticed something.


{Also, as I told you before, you’re the class representative. You’re supposed to take care of your fellow classmates.}

He knows.

{You’ve been doing a great job in the past. But now is the critical period. If your classmates get distracted because of whatever emotions you produce or your absence in class, you need to be careful.}

Now I’m even more curious.

{I understand.}

{Good. I hope I can see you in class soon.}

{I understand. Thank you for visiting.}

We greet each other, and he picks up his laptop before leaving the room, closing the door behind him.

Crap. He knows. And now he has me pinned.

That’s not fair! He’s taken advantage of me being class rep! Who said that I should take care of my classmates? It’s not in the rule book!

Well, I guess I nominated myself to be the class rep, and I’ve taken advantage of my position in many situations. Now I receive a payback.

You jerk. All of you are jerks. Boy jerk, pink jerk, and now teacher jerk.

Or, maybe, I myself am a jerk.

Can’t focus on work! Let’s grab dinner and go back to my room. I need to think.

Chapter 5: A Different Vibe
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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 20 Mar 2020)

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Chapter 5: A Different Vibe

I rarely visit the sports field. It’s not so much because I rejected the Nurse’s orders to run with Emi, but more because I simply don’t like running.

I feel a little better after talking to Misha. I’ve known her a little better now. If we join forces, we might be able to salvage the situation, with a little bit of luck.

Yet I’m left pondering what to do next. How am I going to approach Shizune?

As I’m mulling over my options, I see a familiar figure walking towards me.


“Hey, Miura, how’s it going?”

“Just call me Miki. Surnames are too stuffy.”

“Likewise, then.”

“Sure, Hisao. Rare to see you here.”

“Yeah. Not exactly a fan of running. You’re in the sports team, aren’t you?”

“Yup. Been in it since I first arrived. I used to play baseball, but after… you know…”

She shows me the stump on her left hand, which I just realized I’ve been staring at without intention.

“Sorry about that.”

She shrugs.

“Can’t play baseball anymore, so I run instead.”

“Like Emi?”

“Not as fast as her though. She’s the Fastest Thing on No Legs after all.”

“Really? She’s that fast?”

“You didn’t go to the Track Meet? She won all the gold medals. I only got the silver ones.”

“No I didn’t. I didn’t even know there was one.”

“You’re in the Student Council, aren’t you? You should know about the Track Meet. Misha was in the medal ceremony too.”

“That wasn’t a Student Council activity. I’m sorry that I missed your runs.”

“Nah, wasn’t a big deal. By the way, shouldn’t you be studying for the mock exams instead of loitering around?”

“I can ask you the same question.”

She merely shakes her head.

“Not that into studies. Don’t care about my grades anyway.”

“Then how are you getting into university?”

She shrugs.

“Probably not. Might go back to help dad after graduating. We live in the countryside.”

“I see.”

“How ‘bout you? Study science in university?”

“That’s the plan. Not sure which subjects yet.”

“Don’t worry, there’s time. You’ll figure it out. But you’re not getting anything to choose from if you’re still hanging around with me.”

“I know. I just don’t have the mood to study now.”

“Somethin’ wrong? You and Mikado look kinda down lately. And the class rep is gone.”

So everybody knows we’re in trouble?

“Your eyes are unbelievably sharp.”

“When you don’t have to pay attention to class, you’re more aware of something else.”

Miki gives off a different vibe from the other girls. Talking to her feels more like talking to a guy than a woman. Maybe I can get some help from her too. I mean, why not?

“To be honest, I do need some advice. Wanna help out?”

“Sure. I’ll do my best.”

“Let’s sit down on the bleacher then.”


“You know, most students here call her a jerk, but I don’t think she’s that bad. She has a good heart. I can see why you like her. You two make a great pair.”

“Except that she’s now shut me down completely.”

“D’you mind if I point a finger?”

“Go ahead.”

“You’re the boy. You’ve got to be responsible. If you made an error, you should try to make amends.”

“But how? She’s not even talking to me.”

“Simple. Just write her a letter. Say you’re sorry.”

“A letter? Will it work?”

She shrugs.

“Dunno, but you’ve got to try, and hope for the best.”

A letter.

My mind instantly flashes back to the letter I received a couple of months ago. It was also a letter of apology. I didn’t really respond to that letter.

“I’ve got to try, and hope for the best?”

“That’s right. Just sittin’ here won’t do anything, boy.”

That’s what I myself told Misha earlier today.

When I read Iwanako’s letter back then, my thoughts were all negative. I treated her words as pure rubbish. I never considered things in her perspective. She did try to reach out, hoping me to pick things up myself. She didn’t just sit here doing nothing. She tried, and she hoped for the best.

It wasn’t even her fault in the first place. How would she ever know that I would have a heart attack? I might be the world’s first person to have a heart attack at a proposal. She did nothing wrong.

And yet, what I did was to treat her like an enemy.

How selfish am I! I’m selfish to Iwanako. I’m selfish to Shizune too. I made an error and never apologized. I’m a terrible person. No wonder everybody left me.

I can’t be selfish anymore. I need to make amends quick. Writing a letter doesn’t seem so bad. First to Shizune, then to Iwanako.

“Hey, you listenin’?”

Oh, I forgot about Miki.

“Sorry, I spaced out for a moment.”

“I was saying, I’m hungry. Need to grab dinner. Wanna go with me, boy?”

“Sure, why not? By the way, thanks for the advice. It really helped.”

“Good. Say sorry, hope for the best. Good luck.”

We stand up and leave the sports field, walking towards the cafeteria.

“You’re a great girl to talk to, Miki.”

“I like hanging out with the boys, like Haru and Yukio. Join us if you want.”

“Sure, after I take care of this mess. By the way, you have a boyfriend?”

She raises an eyebrow at my sudden question.

“Why ask?”

“You’re with so many boys already, and you’re adding me to the group. I’m not sure… I mean, your boyfriend must feel very jealous, if you have one.”

She laughs out loud at my silly worry.

“You’re such a funny guy, Hisao. Definitely, hang out with us. But no, I’m too manly. They say I should have a girlfriend instead.”

“Huh. So, any girlfriend?”

She laughs out loud again.

“You’re really funny. But hey Hisao, I’m not les. Don’t get the wrong idea.”

“Alright. Sorry.”

“But I do have one girl friend. Suzu. Suzu’s my best friend.”

“The sleepy bookworm?”

“She’s not sleepy. She just can’t control herself.”

“Sorry. Alright, I’ll hang out with you guys after I sort out everything. Maybe when I’m taking breaks from studying.”

“You’re welcome.”

Chapter 6: Two White Envelopes
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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 20 Mar 2020)

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Oddball wrote:
Mon Mar 23, 2020 6:59 pm

The table of contents is interesting. Normally I'd say not to include something like that, as you don't want to give away what's happening and you also want to leave yourself room for the story to grow and change on you, but the very fact that you do give us some titles (not all) does also make for some potentially interesting speculating. Later, of course, not yet. Not enough has happened yet for there to be anything to speculate off of.

The idea of following up from Sisterhood is something I don't quite get though. This is a Shizune bad ending follow up on Sisterhood which had nothing to do with Shizune. I don't get how that's supposed to work.
Noted. I'd say I'm quite conservative, which means that if I reveal 3 titles, I already have, like, 13 chapters complete. So those parts aren't going to change. The title also tells others that I'm not just making one post and then have nothing left behind.

Sisterhood is my favorite. I always wanted to write it at another angle, which I'm doing right now. I'll try my best to write my story similar to Sisterhood's style, but obviously different content.

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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 20 Mar 2020)

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NuclearStudent wrote:
Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:08 am
On the subject of the story itself, I personally believe that chapter one was unnecessary and undesirable. This is a story; we don't need to be told everything through exposition. The second chapter has a similar flaw: it involves a lot of Mutou dishing out a speech. Try lightening up, leaving a little more to implication. Show not tell and all.
Noted. My thought is that Chapter 1 serves as an introduction, such that even someone who doesn't play through the game can understand the context. I also carefully referenced all the options provided in the game, just like I played through the game once. Didn't expect it to be "unnecessary" but oh well.

I scanned the remainder of the chapters I've completed, and I don't think there are any more such speeches. So, there you go.
Is he referencing Hanako? I nod again, trying not to make any implications.

Shizune shows no hostility to Hanako in the course of the game over her skipping class. Is this a plot thing you're setting up, or is it an oversight? Mutou also seems somewhat out of character. He's not nearly this intrusive about the relationships of his students in the game, and he shouldn't be this assertive either.
It's just Hisao's impression, not oversight or anything. In my opinion, a person's words or thinking in a story does not necessarily have to be the truth. Do you agree?

For Mutou, this is what I'm thinking: He helped (or "intruded") only because Hisao actively asked him for help, Hisao is his star pupil, and the NCT is coming up. In Emi's story line, when Hisao's in troubled, he asked the Nurse for help. Through this chapter I want to bring this message: If you are in trouble, seek for help, especially from the elderly. This is what Hisao has not done (or not taken the advice) in almost all of the bad endings in the game.

Thanks for the comments. I learned a lot during both of my writings. It has been productive (at least to me), and it will continue to be, hopefully.

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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 20 Mar 2020)

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I do love unreliable narration: even though Shizune's route is flawed, the use of unreliability is a notable strength. It's cool to see you carrying that forward, and I look forward to your progress. I've also learned a lot from pushing work here. It's a nice feeling, to improve.
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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 20 Mar 2020)

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I will say that I love the story as a whole. It really picks up on the awkwardness that her bad end leaves off on and I find myself just anxious to see where it goes next. Everyone seems to be in character so far and it's about how I'd expect things to go and I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes what Sisterhood is to the Hanako route.

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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 20 Mar 2020)

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Chapter 6: Two White Envelopes

It’s getting really cold at this time of the year, yet I’m getting out of my dorm room this late in the evening.

Picking up my coat, I lock my door and head towards the academic building, where I’m supposed to meet Misha.

I called her in the evening, asking if I can talk to her again after dinner. She said she will be in our homeroom, and Mutou will be there too.

The atmosphere is quiet, a word I would not normally use to describe these halls. It’s a little creepy. A light starts flickering up ahead. This seems like a horror movie moment waiting to happen.

Before I know it, I’m in front of our homeroom. Suddenly, a sound like the crack of a whip pierces the air, followed by a familiar expression of frustration. I’m sure a sound like that isn’t good for my heart. Not to mention, everything sounds about a million times louder with how silent it is. It’s coming from inside the room, and I get a look inside.

“Can you stop throwing your pencil, please? How do you even throw a pencil that loudly?”

He looks very flustered. I sympathize with Mutou. I was able to hear Misha’s pen break the sound barrier even through a wall and a thick classroom door. It probably blew out his eardrums and left an imprint on the wall.

“I’m not throwing it~, when I get nervous, I like to spin it around, but~, then I forget I’m holding onto it, and--”

"It doesn't matter, either way, there shouldn't be pencils flying around. I get enough of that during regular school hours, I don't need it after hours."

"R-right~! Sorry."

"Whatever, just stop throwing, or releasing, or dropping things, please. Teachers have work, too."

It looks like Misha is taking supplementary lessons. What on earth are they doing, anyway?

Mutou seems to notice my presence.

“Gimme a second.”

He then comes over and opens the door for me.

“Yes, Nakai?”

“Er… Did I interrupt something?”

“No. Your arrival is perfect for me. I’ve had enough of these flying pencils.”

I enter the classroom and see Misha embarrassed by what she did.

“What are you doing here, Misha?”

“She’s taking supplementary lessons for teaching.”

“Yeah, Hicchan. I didn’t tell you earlier today~. I wanna be a sign language teacher, so I’m getting some practice after school~~”

“Wow, you’re working really hard on it. Have the classes helped?”

“Well, aside from the flying objects, she’s done pretty well so far.”

“Yeah, Misha, you’ll be a great teacher. I didn’t mention it, but you helped me a lot in the sign language tutorial classes.”

“Thanks Hicchan~ I’m happy those classes helped~~”

“So, Nakai, why are you here?”

“I wanted to talk to Misha after dinner, and she told me to come to my homeroom.”

“I suppose it’s related to Hakamichi?”


“Well, I have something to tell both of you.”

We both instantly tense up.

“I talked to Hakamichi this afternoon. She didn’t say anything to me. She clamped up when I asked if she had any problems. Sorry, I couldn’t help much. I did ask her to resume classes though.”

Expected. Misha looks dejected.

“Thank you sir.”

“Meanwhile, although I understand that you care about your friendship with Hakamichi, I urge both of you to remind yourselves that exams are around the corner. You should consider dropping the issue for a while, making your priorities straight, and coming back to it after the exams. Perhaps Hakamichi would cool down after the exam period, and you two can try to make up.”

“Yes sir, we’ll make sure to try our best in the upcoming exams.”

“Well, let’s end tonight’s class here. Make sure you do not miss curfew.”

After Mutou leaves, I waste no time to bring up Miki’s idea.

“Misha, I’ve got an idea. Let’s both write a letter of apology to Shizune. I’ve brought blank papers and envelopes.”

I show Misha that I’m prepared.

“The envelopes are nice! How did you get these?”

“It’s not important. Let’s write our letters now. Try to be honest...”


Misha and I are sitting in the classroom. Our notes are open. We’re both holding a pen, pretending to be studying hard.

I keep taking a glance at the door. My heart is pounding heavily.

There are two white envelopes on the desk next to Misha on the right. We spent a whole night on them.

It all comes down to these letters. It’s our only chance.

Isn’t it funny? At the start of the school year, the two girls roped me into the Student Council. After the break, Shizune and I tried to cheer Misha up. Now it’s our turn to bring back the third member of the group.

As Mutou enters class, I share a glance with Misha, and we shared a sigh.

Looks like the envelopes won’t find their intended target after all.

Hold on.

Right after Mutou enters class, another short and slim figure swiftly follows him and sneakily sits down on the seat next to Misha.

Without saying anything.

We dare not say hi to her. I’m holding my breath.

She notices the envelopes.

Mutou puts down his books, then takes a quick glance at Shizune’s chair, then her desk, then at us, and then back to Shizune’s chair which is now occupied. He closes his eyes for a moment, then starts his lecture.

Misha and I didn’t say anything, but again share a quick glance. From the corner of my right eye, I saw that Shizune noticed us.

She quickly puts the envelopes into her bag, and takes out her books.


While Mutou drones on with Physics, I can’t help but take a glance at Misha’s neighbor every like thirty seconds. She looks slimmer than before, and looks sleepy as well. I feel so sorry for her. I really hope she reads the letters as soon as possible.

Misha’s not focusing on class either. She’s spinning her pen and staring at infinity. I quickly whisper to Misha.

“Hey, Misha, write those stuff down! We’ll study them later.”

She sighs, then stops spinning her pen to make a better use of it.


When the lunch bell rings, Shizune, who has already packed up everything, swiftly leaves the room in the blink of an eye.

Hope for the best, Hisao.

I pack up my stuff and head towards the cafeteria. After getting my lunch from the counter, I look for an empty seat.

I see someone waving at me. Who’s that?

Chapter 7: Risking My Life
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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 20 Mar 2020)

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Chapter 7: Risking My Life

Luckily I’ve brought myself lunch for today.

I love fried food, but I wanna try something new today, so I cooked myself some vegetables instead. I’ve got to stay healthy. The past few days have been draining, and I didn’t get much sleep.

Let’s eat before the food gets cold. The temperature has dropped quite a bit these days. This cup of hot chocolate will be a great help.

I move all the documents aside, make sure the door is locked, then start eating. I don’t want the food to drop onto the papers, and I don’t want the papers to contaminate my food either.

This room. I’ve spent so many hours in this room. I almost call this my home. I’m going to leave this place soon though.

While eating, I take a quick look around this second home of mine. There’s not really anything special. It’s just a little room filled with papers, folders, tools, materials, and board games.

Board games…

I wish there was a board game that I can play alone. I haven’t played any board games for some time. But I can’t play Risk alone.

If only someone can come and play with me.

Why am I thinking about boy jerk and pink jerk?

What were they doing last night anyway? With teacher jerk.

Last night I finished the posters and was about to post them in each classroom. When I reached my homeroom, I saw pink jerk and teacher jerk inside.

Then I realized I forgot about that they’re having supplementary classes for her teaching training. Entering the classroom would be too awkward, so I planned to sneak past and do the other classrooms first.

That’s when I saw boy jerk also in the classroom.

I don’t want to be discovered, so I quickly sneak past them into an empty classroom.

Not sure what they were doing back then. What the heck are they up to?

Does it have something to do with the two envelopes on my desk?

Why am I thinking about these jerks anyway? I should’ve forgotten about them. They’re history to me.

The food somehow starts to taste bad. No mood to eat. Leave me alone!

Can’t eat more. What’s inside the envelopes anyway?

So frustrating.

I’ll just take a peep. Maybe they’re just from the school administration. Then I can go back to eating.

Unlikely though. They look so nice.

I reach my bag and take out the two items.

Sigh. They’re from the jerks alright. This is clearly boy jerk’s writing, and this one has pink ink. Pink ink sucks. I’d rather read the boy’s first.

Please, tell me to forget about you guys. Please, say that you don’t want me to be your friend, or girlfriend, anymore.

A quick scan tells me that my hopes are dashed.
Dear Shizune,

You probably want to throw this away now, but I beg you to read through my words. I must be allowed to make my defense.
First, I want to apologize for my mistakes. They told me already. I was too passive. I didn’t do anything right. Yeah, I’m such a jerk.
Well, at least you know.
But I really want to take this chance to be honest with you. I haven’t been very honest with you two since the beginning. But after that talk with you the other day, I reflected, and decided to share my true feelings. I’ve told Misha too, and you also have her letter to confirm my words.

First, this may come as shocking to you, but I’m not in love with Misha, and she’s not in love with me. We confirmed it the other day.
The words I like to hear the least. But my heart is pounding hard.

Heart, stop betraying me! What’s happening?
You talked to Misha the other day about our mistakes. You must have been very disappointed. I’m not pointing fingers, but I just want to say, Misha was extremely depressed when you two were fighting. She is a happy girl, she loves talking to people, but you are her single best friend. You’re like a pillar to her life, and being in trouble with you was, and is, not fun. She was emotionally broken. She had to seek comfort, and the only other person she could turn to was me. At that point she needed an emotional crutch, and in the heat of things, she inevitably did something stupid.

I was also in trouble while you two were arguing. Since the day you two roped me into the Student Council, I’ve been spending almost every day with you two. I don’t have any other true friend. Seeing you two argue like that was painful to watch. You know how cool you can be sometimes. I also needed some comfort. And when Misha turned to me…
I don’t see things this way, but you two do have a point. Thanks for being honest to me though. Maybe I’m partially at fault too. Just maybe.
Before I make the next point, I want to tell you why I came to Yamaku. You saw the pills in my dorm room. The fact is: I had a heart attack. This is my disability. A simple knock or bump on my chest may easily trigger my condition. I might die at any moment. I’m now living on a day-by-day basis.
Oh my. I didn't know.
But this I haven’t told anyone else. Not even Misha. I never knew I was a risk case. The heart attack triggered when a girl in my previous high school proposed to me. I was forced to stay in the hospital for a few months. At that time, I couldn’t accept the fact that I became disabled just like that. I was so depressed that everyone who visited me, including the girl, eventually got frustrated. After a few times, they never came again.

This is why I was so unhappy when I came here. But then you two managed to pull me out of my misery. I’m so grateful for you and Misha. You changed my life. I’m now back on track, trying hard to get into university, and spend time with my two best friends.
I think I can see where this is going.
Shizune, when I proposed to you the other day, I was risking my life. I could have triggered another heart attack right there. But I chose to risk it. Not only because I really like you, but also because of the realization that I only got one chance.

It’s my first time being a boyfriend. And I believe it’s your first time too. We’re both inexperienced, and I admit I haven’t been a good boyfriend to you. I think you can say the same to yourself. But here I want to say, Shizune, I still like you. Without you, my days have been terrible. Misha is never your rival in love. My only love goes to you.
Stop saying that!
Shizune, please forgive me. I understand that the exams are coming, so we need to focus on them as soon as possible. I’ll accept if you want to put our relationship on hold and deal with it later, but I hope that we can at least be on friendly terms. I sincerely ask you this.

Best regards,
My food is cold. Even my hot chocolate has become warm. But my face is red hot.

I put the letter back into the envelope, and take out the other one. Pink ink is hard to read, but that’s typical of her. At least I know it’s not counterfeit.
Dear Shicchan,

I’m not very good at writing, but I just wanna be honest with you.

I wanna apologize for my mistakes! Please, Shicchan, don’t get angry with Hicchan! It’s all my fault! I started everything. I messed everything up! If you wanna blame, blame me instead!
Oh Misha…
Okay, I admit I have a slight crush on Hicchan, but I know it’s impossible. You two suit each other so much better, and I know he likes you. And you know I’m going to America. I’m very happy you two found each other! I’ll be so sad if you two break up because of my mistakes!

We’re leaving high school soon. I wanna leave Yamaku as a happy girl! I wanna be your friend again, I wanna be Hicchan’s friend, and I want you two holding hands again.

Hicchan really likes you! He learned sign language just for you!! Remember? It took me so much time to learn sign language. And he mastered it in just two months! I learned sign language because I wanna be a sign language teacher, because this will be my career. But Hicchan learns sign language only because of you!! And I think Hicchan told you in his letter. He was risking his life when he proposed to you! Yes, we made a mistake, but I’m sure he’s still in love with you. So, please, don’t leave Hicchan, okay? Okay!!
Hisao… Misha…

I have no defense. You two won.
I know exams are coming. You know my grades aren’t that great, so I need to study. But we still wanna help in the Student Council! Can we just simplify the work and have more time to study? I know you love multi-tasking, but the exams are really really important! To all of us! I wanna go to America, and I also want you two to go to the same university! So you can take care of each other! Please, let us help you in the election, and study together for the exam?

Shicchan, I accept any blame. But please be friends with me and take care of Hicchan! We both love you.

How much time do I have before the bell rings?

Crap. Only thirty minutes. Let’s quickly get my lunch done and write the replies.

Chapter 8: Interrupt Her Nonsense
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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 30 Mar 2020)

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Chapter 8: Interrupt Her Nonsense

I’m happy that lunch provided me with a much-needed distraction from my problems. At least I’m finally able to truly smile since the day Misha and I made that mistake.

Lunch with Miki, Yukio, Haru, and Suzu was awesome. I enjoyed listening to their banters, and when they eventually made jokes on me, I wasn’t offended at all. The only catch was, Suzu fell asleep on the table after lunch, and as a result, I had to help Miki carry her to the classroom.

By the way, I wasn’t intending to have lunch with them. I just ran into the group in the cafeteria, and they invited me over. Haru, who worked in his family’s bakery during the break, offered me a free lunch, but I politely declined.

Maybe I should start doing some part-time jobs too. Yamaku is expensive. My parents work hard every day. I should relieve some of my family’s financial pressure. Of course, this will be after all the exams.

It’s funny to see that many of my schoolmates are in pairs. Lilly and Hanako are inseparable. Emi and Rin were an interesting pair too, but Rin decided to leave for Tokyo to study art after the break. Then, of course, we have Shizune and Misha. The newspaper duo of Naomi Inoue and Natsume Ooe always work together in class. Now we have Miki and Suzu, and Haru and Yukio.

After helping Suzu back to her chair, I notice that Shizune is already on her seat, and I see an envelope on both my and Misha’s desks. Shizune is studying, or pretending to study, hard. Misha has not returned yet.

Miki, who sits in front of Shizune in class, also notices the envelopes. We share a quick glance. She gives me a wink. Suddenly I feel very nervous.

After taking a deep breath, I waste no more time to open the envelope.
Dear Hisao,

I’ve read your letters. Do you know what I’m thinking right now?

I’m very glad that you two realized your mistakes, and tried hard to make amends. I’m also happy that you two are being honest with me.

I was very angry when you two betrayed me, and I still want to give you two some punishment. I will think of something.

But I’m most delighted that you managed to come through. Did you ask for help? That’s a great idea. You also helped Misha back on track; that’s something I failed to do. You’re brave. I admire you. Give you a thumbs up.

I suppose I do need to share some of the responsibilities. You’re right, I’m not a good friend, and I don’t know how to be a girlfriend. As I told you before, I treat many things as a competition, even in my relationship with people. I know that many people hate me. But you two stick around, and never give me up. So… alright, I’ll forgive you. After some punishment, of course.

I’m moved by Misha’s letter. She gave me a new perspective on everything. I need some time to digest the situation. I’ll write you another letter soon.

But you’re right: The exams are coming. Let’s finish Student Council work quickly, and prioritize on academics for now. Let’s put our relationship on hold for a while, until the exams end. Okay? At least we’ll be friends until then.

I expect you to take this as an opportunity, and never make the same mistake again.

As I finish reading, Misha comes back to class, and notices the envelope. I immediately sign to her.

[Read the letter. Now.]

It didn’t take too long for her to finish reading. We share a smile of relief as Shizune still has her head down. I consider reaching out to Shizune, but Mutou comes in, and we decide to leave it for now.


The bell finally rings as I’m waiting impatiently for Mutou to stop. He seems disappointed by the bell disrupting his lecture. Before I do anything, though, I hear someone on my right slamming her pen down loudly onto the table. She then turns towards me and Misha, snaps her fingers so hard that the entire class flinches (sans Mutou), and signs emphatically.

[Student Council!]

I merely smile, but Misha is ecstatic upon reading the sign. She raises her hands and shouts louder than the bell that just rang.

[“Yay~! Student Council~!!”]

This, of course, didn’t go unnoticed among the class, and everybody burst out into laughter. I even see a very subtle smile from Mutou. He and I share a look, then he signals me to follow Shizune.


[For the upcoming election, I’ve decided to simplify things. Since we only have a couple of candidates, we just need the students to select the president out of those two. If they don’t want either of them, they can submit a blank ballot. I’ve made the ballot papers. Please help me cut them out and divide them according to the number of students in each class.]

Before I can react, Misha has her arms akimbo and shows an angry, disgusted face at Shizune. I follow suit.

Shizune flinches.

[“Shicchan! We’ve come through so much, we both miss you so much~~, and the first thing you say is to ask me to help you on the ballots?!”]

Shizune’s startled, her hands shaking a bit.

[But… but… didn’t I say Student Coun…?]

Misha interrupts her nonsense by giving her a tight, emphatic hug. Shizune looks surprised at first, but then she settles down and returns the embrace. I’m happy for them.

Eventually Misha pulls out of the embrace.

[“I missed you Shicchan!”]

[Nice to talk to you again, Misha.]

Misha’s still angry.

[“Shicchan, is Student Council more important than us?”]

Shizune looks defeated. Which is quite rare for her.

[Sorry Misha.]

I take a step forward towards Shizune. She pauses for a bit before extending her hand. I smile, shake her hand, and she unexpectedly pulls me into a firm embrace.

This small, slim, cat-like feminine creature has a surprising amount of strength.

As we finally completed our reunion, the President immediately starts working.

[We don’t have much time. We’ve got to finish everything today. Then we can do some studying on the weekend.]

We take our seats to start our first Student Council session since our fallout.

“Hicchan, what did Shicchan say in the letter~?”

Sometimes it’s nice to take advantage of Shizune’s deafness.

“She says she’ll forgive me, but will give me some punishments.”

“Wahahahaha~ Same here, Hicchan~. How about your relationship~?”

“She wants to put it on hold until the exams, then she’ll consider.”

“Don’t worry~, I can see Shicchan still likes you a lot~~ Wahahahaha~”

“Hopefully. Wish me good luck.”

I can finally hear the familiar, maniacal laugh again.

Chapter 9: Amazing School
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Re: Precious Friendships (Shizune Bad End epilogue) (Updated 30 Mar 2020)

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Chapter 9: Amazing School

This is the second time I travel by train with my two best friends. We got up before sunrise, boarded the train on time, and had Shizune-style breakfast in the train. Eager to take a break from studies, we decided to just chat in the train. The use of sign language, combined with Misha’s occasional bursts of laughter, inevitably draws the sights of several passengers. Everything looks pretty similar to the previous trip.

There are a couple of differences between the two trips, though. First, I’m no longer a pack mule this time, as we’re traveling light. Second, Shizune is no longer my girlfriend, at least for now. Still, I enjoy the trip a lot.


After a few hours of train ride and a bus trip, we finally arrive at our destination: The gorgeous, fascinating view of Kasshoku University.

Shizune takes a look at her gold wristwatch. It’s 8:37am. Looks like we’re here ahead of time. The first lecture should start at 9am, according to the website.

By the way, her watch looks amazing. If I enter Kasshoku next year, I won’t mind doing more part-time jobs just to buy one to match hers.

After the end of the Student Council elections, Mutou talked to the three of us. He was happy that we have reconciled, and asked us if we have any plans for university. Misha’s going to America, but the two of us don’t have any plans yet. He urged us to consider our options as soon as possible. A long search on the internet, followed by a thorough discussion in the Student Council room, resulted in the conclusion that Kasshoku is the best place for both of us to aim for. It’s a fairly renowned university, and it has both Business and Science Faculties, which suit our needs. It is located very close to my hometown, so I can save a lot of money for my family by moving back to live with them and commuting to school every day. It’s not very far from Saitama either, but Shizune is not fond of the idea of living with her father for four years, so she plans to live in the dormitory instead.

Today is the open day of Kasshoku University, so we decided to come here in person to see how it looks like. Misha, though not applying for this university, is coming along in order to be Shizune’s interpreter, and “have fun with us” as she has claimed. After the visit, I’ll invite them to my home before catching a train back to Yamaku.

[Misha and I are visiting the Business Faculty on the west side. The Science Faculty is on the east side. Today’s program should end at half past three, so let’s meet up here at four o’clock!]

[“Sure. Have fun you two!”]

We’re about to split paths before a familiar voice calls upon us.


I turn around, and, surely enough, it is Akira, accompanied by her sister and my schoolmate Lilly Satou. Behind them stand two of my female classmates. It looks like the girls are aiming for Kasshoku as well.

“Hi Akira, nice to see you here. And hello, Lilly.”

“Is it Hisao? What a surprise! I suppose you are coming for the open day, are you not?”

“Yes, I’m aiming for the Science Faculty here. How about you? What subject are you going to study?”

“I am studying English. I hope we can be schoolmates again next year.”

“Same to you. Good luck on your exams.”

Shizune, who has been supervising the whole conversation through Misha’s translation, decides to chip in. She’s not looking happy though.

[If I knew you were applying for Kasshoku, I would’ve gone for somewhere else!]

“Shicchan says if I…”

Sensing the potential danger, I quickly step in for Misha.

“Shizune says hi. She says she didn’t know you were applying for Kasshoku as well.”

The sudden appearance of the Student Council duo didn’t flinch Lilly. My presence probably gave it away already.

“Oh, is Shizune here too? I didn’t expect you to be here. I thought you were too busy with Student Council elections.”

I quickly whisper to Misha while Lilly’s talking.

“Misha, let me handle this!”

[Lilly says hi. She congratulates you for the successful Student Council elections.]

[Aoi and Keiko are alright, but I’ll have to train them hard in order not to make them lazy members like you!]

“Shizune says she’ll teach the new Student Council the ropes.”

“Good luck then. I hope you have enough time to study for your exams though. It would be a shame if I cannot see you in the welcoming ceremony.”

[Lilly reminds you to study hard, and she hopes to see you in the welcoming ceremony.]

Shizune adjusts her glasses proudly.

[Of course I’ll ace my exams! I’ll be standing here next year, with scholarship to boot!]

“Shizune says she’ll ace her exams and get into the school with scholarship.”

Akira chooses this moment to interrupt.

“Well, that’s the spirit. Look, it’s almost time now, so we might as well go. Lils and I are going to the English Faculty on the northwest side. You two should go north. I suppose you three know where to go, don’t you?”

“Yes, we do. Hey, Inoue, Hanako, forgot to say hi to you two. Where are you going?”

“Hey Nakai. We’re going to the Faculty of Journalism. It’s the building just to the north of here.”

“I see. Hey Hanako, are you alright? You look a bit unwell…”

“I… I…”

“She’s just a little nervous. I’ll take care of her, okay?”

“Sure, Inoue. Have fun, everyone.”

After we split paths, I proceed to head east, but somebody pokes me at my back.

“Hicchan, your translations are soooooo sneaky~! Wahahahaha~~”

I give her a wink in return.


This visit has been quite fruitful. The talks were informational. The demonstrations set up in various classrooms were awesome. I really want to get into this school. I’m also informed that, just like the Business Faculty, there are entry scholarships in the Science Faculty for those who do well in the Center Test and Entrance Exam. It amounts to half a year of the school fee. I really want it.

Wait a minute. Since when was I so sensitive about money?

I chuckle. Isn’t it the result of being close to Shizune? It’s a good trait to have. My parents have been working so hard for our living. I need to be more financially prudent. I’m happy Shizune is my friend. Hopefully more than a friend after the exams end.

It’s 3:45pm now. I’m supposed to meet up the duo at four o’clock at the front gate. Let’s go.

By the time I arrive, the two of them are already there waiting for me, and Misha seems to be laughing. Shizune’s probably going to say I’m slow, I’m lazy, or something like that. I’ll pre-empt her.

[“Hey, sorry for the waiting. I got too caught up with the activities.”]

Shizune is frowning, as usual.

[Too slow! You made two girls waiting for you!]

I smile at Shizune and spread my arms before signing.

[“I’m sorry. This school is just too amazing! I really want to get in now.”]


Misha’s about to laugh again.

[“It’s alright, Hicchan~! Actually we just arrived a minute ago. Shicchan was as excited as you~ Wahahahaha~~”]

Shizune blushes while glaring daggers at Misha, who can’t stop laughing.

[“Let’s do our best, Shizune. We’ll be in the welcoming ceremony next year.”]

[It’s a promise!]


I turn around to see Naomi shouting my name from afar as she runs towards us. I sense something wrong.

“What’s up, Inoue?”

She’s panting heavily when she comes over.

“Nakai…, have… you… seen Hanako anywhere?”

I shake my head.

“No. Misha?”

“Sorry~ Didn’t run into her. Is she not with you?”

“Mikado, she’s… she’s gone missing!”


Chapter 10: Away In a Flash
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