A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation (complete)

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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

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Raimen wrote:
Wed Jan 22, 2020 1:40 pm

PsychicSpy is very perceptive. Almost ... too perceptive. Are you some kind of spy? A ... psychic spy?
Funny you mention Kenji, I think I pulled the username from a Kenji line in For Want of a Nail (even though I don't like Kenji). But onto your most recent batch of chapters.

First off, I really liked these chapters (though I'm definitely biased since I like the story overall). I'd agree with Feurox, I also think the chess motif is interesting, and I'd like to see how it plays out.

However, unlike Feurox (and I feel bad saying this since he gave me such a nice compliment in his review), I don't necessarily think Hisao's vow of silence is completely overkill for him. I don't recall Oddball making this follow any Hisao from a route, which means its possible he hasn't fully emotionally developed past his kinda "I'm a loser, woe is me" attitude from earlier in the VN. In my time as an edgy teen, I tried to do this vow of silence stuff too, so I kinda get where his head is at. In addition, it is also possible that even if he had emotionally matured past this stage, he may have regressed in the hospital. Maybe I'm wrong and Oddball or you have a certain Hisao in mind.

As far as criticism goes, I noticed minor spelling and grammar (SPaG) errors, but those weren't too bad. I was kinda curious to know what Misha and Hanako's letters said, but maybe that will be addressed in the future, or maybe they are just so similar to Shizune and Lilly's letters that it wasn't necessary to include them. Either way, that's more of a personal curiosity than a criticism.

Good job man! I'm excited to read more of this!
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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

Post by Feurox » Wed Jan 29, 2020 6:25 am

PsychicSpy wrote:
Tue Jan 28, 2020 3:24 pm

However, unlike Feurox (and I feel bad saying this since he gave me such a nice compliment in his review), I don't necessarily think Hisao's vow of silence is completely overkill for him.
Friendship ended with PsychicSpy. Craftyatom is my new best friend.

But really, overkill might be the wrong word. More so that I think it will certainly need to be explored in these future updates in order for it to seem a believable response. I don’t believe Hisao is keen on making amends just yet... but I have a reputation for the depressing; maybe you have other ideas :P Good Luck!

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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

Post by Mirage_GSM » Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:35 am

Feurox wrote:
Mon Jan 27, 2020 7:57 pm
It's becoming increasingly common that I beat Mirage to the post on welcoming people to the Renai, at least others here already did that! Welcome!
Huh, I didn't comment on this yet? I did read the first chapter and I thought I posted a comment, but it seems I was mistaken...
Anyway, welcome to the forums from me as well!
This story is now almost(?) longer than the work it is based on, and so far I also like it a lot.
I'm not so much concerned about the vow of silence itself but on how he is going to make it work... Does he not talk only to the girls involved or not at all? The latter might make things... difficult for him :-)
I was surprised he was so open to forgive his "tormentors", but three weeks of thinking might lead to such a conclusion depending on what routes the mind is taking.
One thing I am missing so far is Suzu's perspective of all this. She's the one who found Hisao. She's the one who was questioned by the school. She got involved in all this without actually being involved.
Yet nobody seems to think to ask her what happened, what she told anyone or what she thinks about it all...
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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

Post by Raimen » Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:35 pm

Chapter 7: Zugzwang (Fri, July 20)

Hisao cleared the table as Hanako watched Lilly leave. Hanako sighed as she thought. This situation was both so normal and so abnormal. Just as she had gotten used to spending the last half of lunch with Hisao when Lilly had other duties, he’s hospitalized. Then just as she gets used to spending the rest of her lunch (and sometimes more) in the library instead, Hisao returns.

But Hisao doesn’t feel like Hisao anymore.

Her initial exuberance at his return was tempered by his letter. Or rather, by her reading Lilly’s letter. He wrote that his friendship with Lilly needed “repair”. He didn’t forgive Lilly. And why should he?

He wrote that he wants to make his friendship with Lilly “work”, but then he decided to cut off all communication with her. How exactly is he planning on making it “work” then?

Lilly mentioned the “silent treatment”. Maybe his vow of silence is just his way of trying to get back at everyone. But doesn’t that hurt him too? Even more so?

Maybe this was all aimed at her. Already Hanako has been forced to read Hisao’s letter to Lilly. Is she to be his interpreter now?

She deserved worse.

She could hear Hisao starting to clean the dishes as she looked down. Her own letter was on the table in front of her. While he’s busy maybe she should read it. He wrote to Lilly that he wants to “see where things stand” with everyone. She should know where she stands with him.

Her letter started out the same as Lilly’s, explaining his outburst in class. How he didn’t mean to be overheard, how he’d never embarrass her. It ended the same way too, letting her know about his vow of silence, how he felt he needed to do it, and the hope that friendship could be rebuilt.

It was the middle that she read and re-read.
The last time I saw you before the accident, you were sitting on the stairs in front of the boys dorm. Our short talk was the most ordinary thing to happen to me that week. I had hoped that it meant things were getting back to normal.

Even after the rest of the girls trapped me and Kenji in the bathroom, I remember thinking that at least you were on my side.

But you weren’t. I realized that a couple of days ago. You were just as much a part of it as the other girls that saw me naked in the hallway.

Were you coerced into it? Were you just a lookout? I don’t know. But I do know that things aren’t getting back to normal anytime soon.

Or maybe this is the new normal, and I have to get used to it. I can get used to anything. Isn’t that what all survivors say?
He knew.

Somehow, he knew.

Hanako was so stunned by that realization that she didn’t notice that Hisao had sat down across from her. He looked depressed, unable to maintain eye contact with her.

She knew that she should say something, but she wasn’t sure what. She thought about Hisao’s letter; he also thought of himself as a survivor. She closed her eyes and remembered when she first read that quote. It resonated with her because of all the abuse she endured when she returned to school after her accident.

The staring. The insults. The threats. Being alone. Hanako got used to it. She’s a survivor.

Now Hisao has returned to school after his accident. He survived another hospital stay. Caused by her.

And he knew.

She felt she had to say something. She thought about what she might have wanted to hear from her old friends after their first round of insults, all those years ago.

“I - I’m sorry. About ... everything. I …” Hanako opened her eyes to find Hisao looking at her expectantly.

“I ... “

She eyes widened. Her breathing quickened.

“I ... “

Her train of thought screeched to a halt. Her inner voice screamed, “Stop looking at me! Stop it! It's too much! I can’t … I can’t …”

The library.

The library would be safe. Calm. Quiet.



It was a few minutes before the start of afternoon classes when Misha and Shizune entered class 3-3. About half the class was in the room, either studying at their desks or chatting in small groups. Hisao was at his desk by the window reading his Math textbook. Shizune walked to the front of the desk and slammed her hands on the front corners of it to get Hisao’s attention. Once he looked up, she started signing.

“Hicchan~! We need your help after class,” came Misha’s voice from behind Shizune. “There’s lots of food and drinks that we need to order for the school’s Tanabata festival. So much paperwork! Don’t you want to come and help us?”

Hisao shook his head, but Shizune was seemingly nonplussed. “That’s great Hicchan~! We’ll get everything done so fast! If we’re done quickly enough, we can play a game of … what was that Shicchan? … Chess!”

His eyes widened at the apparent misunderstanding. He shook his head no repeatedly as he stood up.

“You didn’t know that Shicchan could play? Neither did I Hicchan~! I’ve never heard of it before. But she can and she’d like to play. It’ll be fun!”

Hisao shook his head again.

“What? No? Okay Hicchan, you can still help us tomorrow at lunch~! We’ll still need your help. And Shicchan says that she’ll still play with you even though you don’t want to help us this afternoon.”

Hisao sighed as he shook his head.

“Hicchan, you’re being rude! Your hard-working Student Council has come to you in our time of need … we really~ need your help … and you refuse us without even saying why. So cold…”

Hisao picked up his conversation notebook from the desk and wrote a quick note. He held it up in front of the two girls.
I can’t help you after class because I have plans. And I have something tomorrow that I need to do.

Don’t read so much into things. Sometimes no just means no.
“Okay Hicchan, okay~! We’re sorry. But remember that you didn’t do that much to help with the Yamaku Festival. So you should definitely help us for Tanabata~! Yes, definitely!”

Shizune turned to face Misha as Hisao took his seat. [Be ready to leave after class at a moment’s notice. We’re going to follow Hisao.]

[Really Shicchan?] came Misha’s reply, [But what about all the paperwork?]

[There isn’t that much.] Shizune admitted, [We’ll have it done before dinner. But we need to figure out how to cheer up Hisao. It’s my duty as Class Representative. So be ready.]


When class ended for the day Misha was not ready. Even Shizune was surprised at how quick Hisao was. He had gathered up his stuff and quickly passed them, on his way out of the room.

But Shizune was two desks closer to the exit, and she was determined not to lose sight of her quarry. Even though he was a few metres ahead, she was able to follow him in the river of students that flowed down the hall, down the stairs and out into the campus courtyard.

From there the flow of students spread out. Some were headed to the dormitories, some to the gate, and a few, Hisao included, headed to the auxiliary building. Shizune slowed her pursuit as Hisao neared the building. Surely if he turned around she’d be spotted. She watched as he entered the building.

She stood in the pathway considering her options when Misha came up to her. [There you are Shicchan! You forgot your textbook. I brought it for you. Where’s Hicchan?]

[Hisao went into the auxiliary building. Let’s go check the nurse’s office. Maybe he’s there.]

[But … won’t he see us?]

Shizune looked down as she thought. [You’re probably right. Let’s head back to the council office. Those forms won’t fill themselves out.]


A noise in the hallway alerted him to danger. After weeks of silence, the feminists has returned to finish what they started. But they wouldn’t find it so easy this time.

This time, Kenji was ready.

Three weeks ago, they had the element of surprise. They had greater numbers. And while the feminists were still ahead of him in the numbers category, they would not surprise him again.

He pressed his ear to the door. A footfall! And another! Whoever was out there, they were about to get to the tripline.


Kenji threw open the door, his look of smug satisfaction changing to a snarl as he looked down at the ground. On his hands and knees was someone with brown hair, wearing the Yamaku boys uniform. He was rubbing the side of his head; not only did the fool fall into his trap, the opening door had hit him.

“Ha! Got you, you feminist sympathizing backstabber!” Kenji shouted in triumph as he grabbed the boy from the floor by his shoulders and pinned him against the wall. “Who are you? One of those disgusting cross-dressers come to reclaim your panties for your feminist overlords?” He leaned in closer, to look his enemy in the eye. “Well, you can tell them they can get in line to suck my … what the hell are you? Some kind of feminist Hisao-robot? I’m not fooled… “ Kenji poked Hisao in the cheek as Hisao’s looked back angrily. “No way ... it is you. Hey Hisao! Damn! It’s good to see you! How have you been? You look like shit.”

Kenji took a step back to give his friend some space. “You’ve got to be on the top of your game, man. The feminists are mobilizing against us! Expect traps and ambushes everywhere! It’s open war!” He paused to pose dramatically before leaning in and continuing.

“The feminists shower offensive was the beginning. Those bitches! Hiding in a boys dorm room that’s only empty because they’re taking over the school! Diabolical! But anything they can do, I can do better. So while I was all ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘nothing’s wrong, ma’am’ when that feminist principal was interrogating me about the aftermath of their failed attack, I came up with a plan. Are you ready? It’s great.”

“See, I realized that if they can set up a forward operating base in our dorm, I can do the same thing in theirs. So I infiltrated their hive when they were all in class, and I found it! The only empty room in the girl’s dorm. Room 314, on the fourth floor. Our new base.”

“For now, you’ll have to pick the lock to get in. I’ve been trying to make a key by filing down a key blank, but it’s damn hard work. And no, I can’t leave the door unlocked and salt the door to prevent them from entering uninvited, because they have a dog. A damn dog! I heard it sniffing around the door the second time I was there. I think it knows when I’m there. Or it suspects.”

“So if I’m not here, I’m probably there, setting up listening devices and gathering intel. But don’t go looking for me, because you’ll lead them straight to me. You’re a good man Hisao, and when the time comes for our counter offensive, I know I can count on you. Brothers in brotherhood, am I right?”

In response, Hisao reached into his bag and produced a note. Holding it in front of Kenji, he said, “Enemy intel report? You’re the best of us Hisao; they can’t keep us down. But this isn’t the place for an intel drop. The enemy have spies everywhere. And bugs. Once I find the ones the feminists placed in our hall, then we can talk. Until then, maintain your cover.”

And with that, Kenji retreated back into his room.

Hisao shook his head and sighed as he put the note back in his bag. Looking inside it, he saw a brightly coloured envelope with a sunflower printed in one corner. After Hisao unlocked his door and entered his room, he took that letter out of his bag and opened it.


There was a faint knock on Lilly’s door. “Hanako, is that you? If so, the door is unlocked.” The door’s slow opening speed and the timid footfalls that she heard confirmed that her friend and neighbour had arrived. “Hanako, it is good that you chose to visit. I was hoping to meet with you. Please, make yourself comfortable.”

“Th-thank you.” came Hanako’s timid voice as she sat on Lilly’s bed. “I - I just finished my homework. I ... wanted to … know … how … “

“How my telephone call with Hisao went?” Lilly paused to give Hanako a moment to interject or clarify. Hearing silence, she explained, “It went poorly. I called him after finishing my English paper. I had hoped it would be a good time for us to talk. He answered my call, silently, and I apologized to him, of course.” Lilly sighed, concluding, “He didn’t say anything in reply. Or at all. ”

An awkward silence filled the room, only broken by the sound of Hanako’s quickening breathing. “He - I mean … we spoke after you ... left. I did … anyway. He … he knew … about me. I … "

"Do you mean that Hisao was aware of your involvement in the prank that hospitalized him?"

Hanako nodded and said, "He … wrote about it in his letter. So I-I apologized too. He … didn’t say anything to me either.”

Lilly tried to maintain a neutral expression as she thought. “What happened next?”

“I - I wanted to tell him that … that things would be okay. But … the way he looked at me … I … I couldn’t …”

Lilly moved beside her friend on the bed. “Did he seem upset?”

“No!” Hanako took a moment to try and compose herself. “He … looked like he … wanted something…. An explanation maybe? I tried to … but … ”

Lilly reached over and held Hanako in a warm embrace. “And that’s when you left?” Hanako nodded as she returned the hug, burying her face in Lilly’s shoulder. “I think that what you did and what you tried to do were two very brave things, Hanako.”

Lilly could feel that Hanako tensed up briefly, but seemed to calm down as they embraced. The moment over, they returned to sitting side-by-side as Hanako asked, “Do ... do you think that things will be okay?”

“I don’t know Hanako. I don’t know how to build and maintain a friendship with someone that won’t talk to me.”

“But … you did. With … with me …”

Lilly paused for a moment, and then smiled. “I suppose you’re right, Hanako. Would you like me to invite Hisao over for tea sometime next week?”

“I … I think so.”

“Then I shall do so and let you know of the date. Speaking of tea, would you like me to prepare some? Today has been a long day, and I can think of nothing else I would like to do right now than to enjoy some tea with my best friend.”

“Yes, please”


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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

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Chapter 8: Return to the Rooftop (Sat, July 21)

The bell rang indicating the end of Saturday classes. Shizune was finishing writing something in her notebook as most of the rest of the class left for the rest of the day. After a minute it was only Shizune and Misha left.

Misha knew that she had to wait for Shizune to finish writing before they could talk, so she waited patiently. After a minute or two her silent friend finished up and signed, [Finished! Let’s go and eat.]

Misha couldn’t help but laugh at her friend’s comment. [What were you doing that took so long? Everyone else had finished copying the notes from the blackboard minutes ago.]

Shizune grinned a bit sheepishly. [I was preoccupied with something.]

[That’s no good at all Shicchan! And not at all like you!]

[Do you remember that difficult question on isomers that Mutou asked earlier?]

Misha thought for a moment. [Shicchan, they were all kind of hard.]

Shizune smiled gently and replied, [It was the one that he asked me. The one I didn’t know the answer to.]

Misha looked at her friend sympathetically, [You’re upset because you didn’t know the answer? You take things too seriously sometimes Shicchan!]

Shizune shook her head and replied, [That’s not it. Mutou asked other students before he gave up and just told us the answer. I was wondering why he didn’t ask Hisao.]

Misha looked down at her own desk for a moment. [Hicchan just got back yesterday. Maybe Mutou wanted to give him some time to catch up.]

[He was in our group yesterday, remember? Mutou’s star pupil lived up to his nickname. He seemed caught up to me.]

[Well, I don’t know Shicchan! Maybe Hicchan just got lucky?]

[Maybe. I don’t know. It’s just unusual. Maybe I am taking this too seriously. Anyway, let’s go and eat.]


Rin sat cross-legged on the school’s roof, her back to the door. She looked through the fence, across the school’s grounds, to the horizon beyond. The sky was clear and cloudless. She heard the door opening behind her. “I don’t think we’re supposed to be here. We’ve scared the clouds away.”

She heard footsteps approaching her. “I also don’t think that the clouds will come back just because you’re being quiet. Still, I appreciate it.” Rin stood up and turned around. “You’re not Emi. How did you become not Emi?”

Hisao looked at Rin with a puzzled look on his face. He reached into his bag and produced a note. He extended it towards Rin so she could read it. It read,
“Yes, I am Rin. But I’m not a horse. I thought you knew that.”

Hisao closed his eyes, sighing as he shook his head. He still was holding the letter in front of him. Rin moved to stand in front of Hisao and the two of them looked at each other awkwardly.

“Unless you meant that, like a horse, I’m all legs and no arms. I suppose that’s true. But that would be true of most animals. Which I’m not.” Rin paused for a moment. “I’m still a girl. With no arms. Or hands.”

Hisao sighed again, lowering his arm as he seemed to recognize the futility of this situation.

A girls voice called out from behind him as the roof’s door opened. “Hey Rin! I hope you’re hungry, because I brought … hey Hisao! I’m -- I’m glad you’re okay.”

“I don't think so,” replied Rin matter-of-factly. “I’m pretty sure Hisao brought himself.”

“Ass.” came Emi’s reply. “I’ve finally gotten my legs back. Nothing’s going to ruin my good day.”

Hisao turned to face Emi and raises an eyebrow in confusion. Emi walked past Hisao, carrying two lunches. She explained, “Um … while you were … away … I had a problem. With my legs.”

Rin interrupted, “She lost them.”

“I did not! Well … not exactly. I … Kindofhadaninfection. But it’s cleared up now, and I can wear my legs again. And there isn’t a cloud in the sky to ruin my day. Everything’s coming up Emi!”

“So you were the one that scared the clouds away.”

Emi laughed, “Yeah! And if those clouds know what’s good for them, they’ll stay away until after I finish my afternoon run.” Emi shook her fist at the sky. “You hear me, clouds!”

Emi placed her lunch and Rin’s down and took her usual seat. “Anyway, it’s good to see you again Hisao. I’m glad you’re okay. Really! I am. Come and sit.” Rin sat down while Emi spoke, and Hisao soon afterwards. He placed Rin’s letter in front of her, and produced another letter from his bag for Emi.

“What’s this?” said Emi as she picked up the letter. The outside read,
“Is that … is that supposed to be a picture of me? Is that my hair?” Emi held up the letter up to Hisao and Rin so they could look at it.

Hisao shook his head as Rin flatly replied, “I think it looks more like a jellyfish. I don’t understand jellyfish. Or you. So maybe it works.” She paused for a moment, picking up her letter with her foot and saying, “Apparently I’m a horse.”

“I should’ve been the horse.” Emi turned to face Hisao. “Horses are fast.”

“And unlike me, you have four legs.” Rin added. Seeing Hisao looking hopelessly lost, Rin explained, “She has her two walking legs and her two running legs. That’s four.”

“Yeah Hisao! I'm the fastest thing on no legs! Or four." Emi turned to Rin. "Depending on how you count. Anyway, enough talking. Let's eat!"

With that, the three friends opened their lunches and ate in relative silence. Emi devoured her food, Rin calmly ate hers and Hisao’s pace was somewhere in between. About halfway through her meal, Emi turned to Hisao and said, "Hey! Don't be all quiet and serious. You know we're just teasing you, right Hisao?"

Hisao turned to face Emi and nodded. Then he tapped the letter he wrote that was on the table in front of her.

“Maybe he lost his voice.”

Emi turned to face Rin. “What?”

Rin replied stoically, “You lost your legs. Maybe he lost his voice.”

“Rin! That’s a horrible thing to say!”

“Maybe that’s why he keeps tapping on the note he wrote to you. And why he hasn’t said anything.” Emi slowly turned to face Hisao as Rin continued, “Unless he’s decided to try performance art. I don’t get it. It isn’t even art. It’s just acting silly.”

Emi sighed as she looked at Hisao. The look on his face was an odd mixture of bewilderment and … something else. “You know what? Fine. I’ll read it. And I’ll still finish lunch before either of you.”

She opened the letter and read.
Dear Emi,

As I write this, I’ve been in the hospital for a week or so. And you know what? That lunch that you made me was the last good meal I’ve had. I regret not sharing it with you and Rin on the roof that day. I like spending time with both of you. It’s just that Lilly had already invited me to lunch, and I can’t be in two places at once.
“Aww Hisao, you didn’t need to write that.”

Rin swallowed a bite of food and asked, “Write what?”

“About how good the lunch I made him a few weeks ago was.”

“The one that you made to lull him into a false sense of security so that he wouldn’t suspect that we were planning on stealing his clothes while he was in the shower?”

Both Hisao and Emi looked at Rin in shock. Emi nervously said, “Um ... yeah. That one.” She turned to face Hisao, but couldn’t quite look him in the eye. “Listen … um … I’m really sorry. About that. I mean … I … didn’t want you to tell people thatyousawmenaked.”

“But he didn’t. We were behind a sheet.” Rin added as she raised another bite of food to her mouth.

“Well ... yeah … but still. I only want one reputation at this school. I’m the fastest thing on no legs! Not … some girl that … showers in the boys dorm. That’s just wrong...”

“So don’t tell anyone.” Rin stated flatly as she ate another bite of her food.

Hisao nodded.

Emi continued reading the letter.
I’m guessing that Miki told you about my outburst after class earlier that week. I didn’t mean what I said, and I was sorry I said it. Things were just moving too fast, and my mouth got ahead of my mind and I lost my temper.

So I’ve decided to try and slow things down by taking a vow of silence. My hope is that if I have to write things down instead of say them then I won’t do anything stupid to get back here. I just can’t screw up again.
Emi looked at Hisao and asked “Seriously, Hisao?”

After a moment of silence, Rin said, “Seriously what?”

Emi replied, “He wrote that he’s taking a vow of silence!”

Rin thought for a moment before replying, “So he is silly.” Hisao looked perplexingly at Rin, who continued, “Except you aren’t even doing performance art. Unless your whole life is a performance. Either way, you’re just acting silly.”

Emi chimed in, “Yeah Hisao! Not talking won’t help you think about what you're gonna say before you say it. It’s just … silly.”

“Is that why he’s not talking?”

“That’s what he wrote.”

Rin blinked. “I usually don’t think too much about what I say. It seems to work for me.” Emi looked at Rin like she had grown a second head. Rin continued on obliviously, “But then again, I’ve never threatened naked girls. So there’s that.”

“Hisao, is there anything else weird in here?” Hisao shook his head, so Emi finished reading the letter.
Shizune wrote to me about your offer to help with my physical training. My doctor told me that I should be able to do some light exercise once I’ve been discharged, and that the exercise would do me some good. I’d like to try jogging with you some mornings. Are you still willing to help me?

Regardless, I hope we can still hang out sometimes.

Sincerely yours,
“So you’re going to give running with me another try?” Emi asked Hisao. “That’s great! It really is! I’ll get you into the best shape you’ve ever been in! Leave it to me!” Hisao seemed to look a bit worried, so Emi added, “Don’t worry! You’ll be safe on my track. There’s no way you’re going to get hurt again.”

“Your track?” Rin looked at Emi with suspicion.

“It might as well be! No one else on the track team uses it as much as I do!”

After a moment’s silence, Emi said, “I’ve almost finished Hisao’s letter, and you guys still haven’t finished eating. I don’t want to be up here all day.”

Emi turned her attention back to the letter. Written at the bottom of it in a different coloured ink was the following,
I just realized yesterday evening that I need your help with something today. I want to buy a present for a friend whose birthday occurred while I was in the hospital. I’ve only really been to the Shanghai and the Aura Mart, and neither are really good gift places. I’m sure I could find something in the city, but I’ve never been there.

The nurse isn’t comfortable with me leaving Yamaku on my own. He’d prefer it if I had someone to keep an eye on me, just in case. Are you free this afternoon? And would you be willing to go?
“Huh …” Emi’s voice trailed off as she finished reading the letter.

Rin swallowed another bite of food and asked, “What is it now?”

“Hisao wants to go on a shopping trip to the city this afternoon. I can go after my afternoon run. Rin, do you want to come along?”

“I don’t want to go shopping right now. But that’s probably because you’ll be upset with me if I don’t finish this lunch. I’m not sure about later. Ask me then.”

Emi leaned towards Hisao and said, “I think that’s a yes.” Straightening out, she continued, “I’m looking forward to it! My first run in weeks, a shopping trip, dinner at home. Everything’s coming up Emi!”

Hisao smiled and resumed eating his lunch. After a while Emi chimed in, “Why yes Hisao, I think that we should finish our lunches.” She paused and cheerfully continued, “Yes, I know that you want to start running with me right away, but I think you should save your strength for our shopping trip. We can start tomorrow! Bright and early!”

Both Hisao and Rin confusingly looked at Emi as she continued on, “No Hisao, I’m going to need more time than that. I think that two hours should be enough time for my food to digest and for me to finish my run.” Emi paused again before saying, “Yeah, we’ll meet up at the bus stop by the gates.”

Rin looked disdainfully at Emi, “Now you’re both being silly.”

Emi giggled, “Yup! Now let’s eat!”


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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

Post by Feurox » Tue Feb 04, 2020 8:00 am

The quality continues. Very invested to see where this goes, and to which friend Hisao is buying a present for. The mystery element in Shizune’s arc is wonderful; I’m loving the direction.

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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

Post by Mirage_GSM » Tue Feb 04, 2020 12:46 pm

Well, probably the one who had their birthday while he was in the hospital - i.e. Hanako.
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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

Post by Raimen » Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:13 pm

Chapter 9: Jumping Into Action (Sat, July 21)

A couple of hours later, Emi and Rin were approaching the gates of Yamaku. Emi had changed into a green shirt and black jeans. Rin was still wearing her school uniform. Hisao was at the gates waiting for them, wearing an argyle sweater-vest over a white collared shirt. “You’re early!” Emi called out to him as they approached.

“Is he?” asked Rin matter-of-factly.

“Of course he is,” Emi replied as she grinned at Rin. “I’m always on time.”

As the two girls approached, Emi asked, “Were you waiting long?” Hisao shook his head. “That’s good, “ Emi said cheerfully, “At least you weren’t too early. Rin and I like to wait on the bench over there. Let’s go!”

Emi led everyone to the bench, and they took a seat. Rin leaned back and looked up at the sky while Emi and Hisao looked around aimlessly. Finally Emi broke the silence, “Hey Hisao. I was wondering, who are you buying a present for? I don’t think you mentioned it in your letter.”

Hisao wrote a name on his notepad and showed Emi. She said, “For Hanako? Really? I hope we can help you find something. I don’t know her that well.”

“She’s a mystery,“ added Rin.

“Still, I’m sure we’ll find something she’ll like. It’s a big city. And we’ve got the rest of the afternoon.”


Rin leaned into the door of the music store and opened it, stepping onto the street. She held the door open for Emi and Hisao, who followed shortly afterwards. Hisao was carrying a shopping bag with a couple of newly purchased CDs and another with some new art supplies in his right hand. His left hand was holding a bag with some new tops for Emi.

Emi paused to allow Rin to catch up, then matched her pace. “I don’t understand why you like that music. It’s just … so weird.”

“Sometimes you need to think about something so that you can think about something else. At least I do.” Rin turned behind her to glance at Hisao. Turning back to Emi, Rin said, “I had something that I lost. Then I forgot that I lost it. But now I’ve remembered that I’ve lost, and I need to remember what was lost.”

“And you … think that listening to this music will help you remember?”

“Maybe. I won’t know for sure until I listen to it. Even then, it’s hard to say. If my idea comes back, would it be the same one? Or would it have changed while it was gone? Would I even know?”

Emi let that question hang in the air as the trio approached an intersection. After looking around for a moment, Rin pivoted on her heel, making a left turn before walking away. Hisao and Emi exchanged a glance before following her.

“Hey Rin! Do you know where we’re going?”

“No.” Came her immediate reply.

“Then why go this way? We never go this way. There are more stores the other way.”

“We never go shopping with Hisao either. Yet here we are," Rin replied. "Hisao doesn’t know what he wants to buy. I don’t know what’s this way. That’s probably good.”

Emi looked at Rin dubiously. “Is it?”

“It’s as good as any other way.”

The trio walked on for a while until they passed a newsstand. Hisao stopped beside a convenience store to look at it and its smaller neighbour while the girls continued on. After a few steps they realized their silent companion wasn’t following them anymore and they turned around. Hisao waited for them to turn, then he looked over at one of the stores.

Emi looked at the store and Hisao before replying, “Are you thirsty? Do you need to take another break?”

Hisao shook his head and pointed at a smaller store beside the convenience store. The smaller store’s window displayed a collection of wooden toys and antique dolls.

“An … old toy store? Othello’s Antiques? I didn’t know this store was even here,” Emi said, walking towards Hisao. “Let’s take a look.” Hisao opened the old wooden door for his friends. The door’s opening caused a bell to ring. The three of them entered.

The interior of the store smelled like old books and wood varnish. Bookshelves lined the two side walls, and there were desks and tables throughout the store with items for sale on them. One table had a collection of antique porcelain dolls on it, another was covered with old cooking utensils.

The store’s shopkeeper, an older man with greying hair, was sitting behind the cash register, reading a book. He looked up at the three high school students before returning to his reading.

As Hisao slowly made his way to the table with dolls on it, Emi asked him, “Do you really think that you’ll find something here? Everything here is so …”

As Emi’s voice trailed off Rin completed her sentence. “Old. This is an old store.”

Hisao shrugged and transferred all of the shopping bags he was carrying to his left hand. He approached the dolls and picked one up, examining it closely. After a moment he put it down, picking up a slightly smaller doll that was beside it.

Emi looked over. “Those dolls look like the ones my grandmother has. Are you sure that Hanako would want one?”

Hisao shrugged and put the doll he was examining back on the table. He then wandered around the store.

Rin walked behind Emi and asked, “Is he buying her something old because she’s getting older?”

“Maybe she likes antiques?“ came Emi’s reply, “But buying that doll is a bad idea. Who’d want that?”

“You have stuffed animals. It’s the same thing.”

“No it isn’t!” replied Emi. “First, Ahiru-chan is soft and adorable. She’s nothing like those cold dolls. Second, it’s okay to still have cute toys from when you were a kid. Third, you’re an ass. Ass.”

Rin grinned as she said, “I thought you kept her because you like ducks.”

“That too. And she’s adorable.”

“Then what’s your opinion on boxes and squares?”


Before she could think of a reply, Emi heard the shopkeeper announce, “That’s a wonderful find. It’s a chess set, imported from Europe.”

Emi looked over. Hisao has placed their shopping bags on a table, and was holding a large flat box decorated on the top with white and black squares. He seemed to be admiring it. She looked back at Rin. “What’s a chess set?”

“That box,” came Rin’s immediate reply. “Try and keep up.”

The shopkeeper approached Hisao and said, “If you don’t mind my asking, are you considering purchasing it for yourself, or as a gift?”

Hisao looked at the older man, apparently unsure of how to answer. Emi realized that she’d need to come to his rescue. She approached the pair and said, “It’s for a friend.” Hisao nodded.

“Then might I say that she is fortunate to have such good friends as you three. May I show you how to open it?” Hisao nodded again, so the shopkeeper continued, “The button that opens the drawer for the pieces blends in well with the engravings on the side. If you would be so kind as to place the set on the table, I will demonstrate it.”

Hisao places the chessboard on the table. The shopeeker said, “See the banner on the castle here, in the middle of this side? Pressing it gently will cause the drawer to open.” As he did so, a gentle clicking sound could be heard, and the drawer opened half a centimetre or so. The older man gently grasped each side and opened it slowly. In the drawer were four rows of chess pieces, each piece resting in a felt indentation.

The shopkeeper picked up two pawns of each colour and gently placed them on the four centre squares of the board. He continued his sales pitch, “The white pieces have been carved from undyed, natural coral. The black pieces are made of marble.”

Emi interjected, “That ... sounds very expensive.”

“The board and drawer are reproductions of an antique set, so it is affordable“ the shopkeeper explained, “I believe this piece is only five years old. I would be willing to sell it for … 7,000 yen.”

Hisao looked crestfallen. Emi just said, “7,000…” under her breath.

Rin called out, “Reproduction means it’s fake.”

Somewhat emboldened, Emi jumped in, “Yeah. Maybe 5,000 yen,” Seeing Hisao brighten up a bit, she added, “I think that’s fair.”

The shopkeeper thought for a moment before stating, “5,500 yen. I won’t go any lower.” Seeing that Hisao nodded and smiled, Emi said, “He’ll take it.”

The shopkeeper then started to put the pawns away. He asked the group, “Would you like more time to look around?” He then closed the drawer with a soft click.

Emi looked at her friends. Hisao shook his head, and Rin looked around the store with her usual neutral look. “No thank you. Just the set please.”

“Of course,” the shopkeeper said, picking up the chess set. “Since it’s to be a gift, would you like me to wrap it for you?”

Hisao nodded, and the shopkeeper went to the back of the store to wrap it. Emi looked up at Hisao and said, “See? We just saved you 1,500 yen. Aren’t we great?”

Hisao couldn’t help but giggle. Then he nodded in agreement. Emi asked him, “Do you like this store?” He thought for a bit and nodded again. Emi said, “To be honest, it’s not really my thing. But I’m glad you like it. And I hope she does too.”

Hisao picked up the day’s purchases from the table and went to the back to pay for his gift. Emi walked back to Rin to wait for him. She asked Rin, “I guess we’re done shopping then?”

“Maybe,“ came Rin’s reply. “But I can’t predict the future. It’s hard to know for sure.”

Emi giggled, “You know it!”


The three students arrived at the downtown bus station. Emi and Rin were once again walking in front while Hisao followed a step or two behind, carrying the group’s purchases. They stopped in front of the bus schedule. Emi studied it for a moment before saying, “Okay, the bus back to Yamaku will leave in ten minutes. Mine leaves in … five. So, we’re good.”

Hisao handed Emi one of the shopping bags he was carrying. Emi looked up at him and said, “Thanks Hisao, for carrying our stuff. I think everything worked out pretty well. You do look a bit winded though. So, we’ll start running on Monday morning instead. Enjoy your extra day off! And don’t be late!” Hisao slowly nodded and smiled.

“And Rin! I’ll be back around the usual time.”

Rin thought a moment before replying, “Hopefully your dinner won’t be weird.”

Emi replied, “Don’t worry! But I gotta go. Take care of Hisao!” And she ran off to her bus stop.

Rin and Hisao shared a look. Rin said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to take care of someone else before. It doesn’t feel different. Our bus stop is this way.” And Rin walked off, with Hisao catching up to her quickly.


The bus was somewhat crowded when Hisao, Rin and the other people at the bus stop got on. Hisao took a seat on a bench on one side of the bus. Instead of sitting beside him, Rin took a seat on the opposite bench. Eventually most of the other seats are filled, and the bus got underway.

The two of them rode back to Yamaku in silence. During the ride, Hisao’s attention wandered from Rin to the scenery behind her to the bags in his possession. Rin spent most of the time dispassionately staring at Hisao. Partway through the ride, Hisao took out his pen and wrote something in his notebook.

Eventually the bus arrived at the stop outside Yamaku’s gates, and Hisao and Rin got out. After the bus pulled away, Hisao took out his notepad, holding up what he wrote.
Why were you staring at me on the bus?
Rin answered Hisao’s question with a question, “Do you remember when I told Emi about the idea I’d lost?” Hisao nodded, so she explained, “It had to do with you. Seeing you again helped me remember I’d forgotten it. On the bus, I thought I’d actually remember it.” She paused for a beat. “I didn’t.”

The two of them slowly walked through the gates towards the dorms. When they approached the point between the girls’ and boys’ dorms, Rin asked, “Would you carry my stuff up to my room? I can, but I’d rather not.”

Hisao smiled and nodded, and the two of them headed towards the girls’ dorm.


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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

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Chapter 10: Queen's Gambit Declined (Sat, July 21)

After what felt like a long Saturday, Hanako arrived back in her room. She thought about her day so far. Her morning classes weren't terrible; they were just long. She had lunch with Lilly, and it was superficially pleasant. Hisao didn't join them, and she wasn't sure how she felt about that. At least she didn't have to face him after yesterday's aborted apology, which was nice.

After lunch she spent a few hours alone in the back corner of the library. She had finished reading her book yesterday afternoon, and she hasn't decided on what she'd read next. So she did what she usually did when she wanted to read something but didn't know what. She pulled out her copy of Life of Pi, sat down on her bean bag, and became adrift in the Pacific.

"I must say a word about fear. It is life's only true opponent. Only fear can defeat life." When she'd re-read Life of Pi, she'd often find her way back to this quote in part 2. While she kept reading the story, her thoughts often returned to it. The only reason she finished her book yesterday was because she didn't return to class after lunch. Because she couldn’t face Hisao. Because of her fear.

Eventually Yuuko came to her corner of the library to break her reverie. Yuuko apologized, but had to ask Hanako to leave so she could close the library.

Back in her room, she sat at her desk, placing her bag beside her. She knew that she needed to start her homework. Not only did she have today’s homework, she wanted to study for the classes she skipped yesterday afternoon. After twenty or so minutes reading about the decline of the Tokugawa Shogunate, there was a knock on her door.

Hanako stiffened up at the sound, while her mind went to work. Lilly usually didn’t come over this early. Like her, Lilly was probably doing some homework or reading a book in her room. But who else could it be?

Her thought process was interrupted by another series of knocks, louder than the first. It definitely wasn’t Lilly. If it was Shizune and Misha, the knock would be much louder. She placed a bookmark in her history textbook and walked over to the door. Opening it only wide enough to look through, she could see Hisao waiting on the other side.

The two of them stood looking at each other for a moment or two through the barely open door. Eventually Hisao took a step back to show Hanako the present he was holding. Her eyes widened as she saw it.

“A - A …” Hanako's voice trailed off, as her heartbeat quickened. She opened the door to reveal an argyle sweater-vest clad Hisao in the hallway. “H - how did you …?” Hisao cocked his head in the direction of Lilly’s room. “Lil - Lilly told you?” He nodded as he extended the present towards Hanako. She reached out to accept it with both hands, staring at it intently as she pulled it towards her.

Hanako took two small steps backwards as she kept her eyes on the present she was holding. Taking some deep breaths, she examined it closely. It’s a large, square box, wrapped in orange wrapping paper. It felt fairly heavy. She could feel her heartbeat slowing down. She looked up, and saw that Hisao was still in the hallway. “You … can come in. I-if you want.”

Hisao entered her room and closed the door as Hanako turned her desk chair around and sat down. The present rattled as she did so. She looked at it again. It looked professionally wrapped. Maybe Hisao was really good at wrapping presents? She looked up at him. He was trying hard to hide the fact that he was looking all around her room.

Hanako's hands are shaking as her finger traced one of the present's seams, looking for the tape that held it together. She found it and carefully slid one of her fingers underneath, taking care to open her present while not ripping the paper. Slowly but surely, she removed the wrapping, revealing the gift inside.

She gasped as she revealed a chess set; her new chess set. She ran her fingers along the white and black squares of the game board. It felt like real wood. And the carvings along the edges of the box! As she took it all in, her thoughts flew in so many different directions. She couldn’t help but wonder how much Hisao spent on this. Why would he spend that much? Does she deserve to have something this nice? Why did he do this? He didn’t have to.

Through it all, a smile involuntarily came to her face. She couldn’t help it. Still looking down at the board, she said, “Th - thank you. It’s … so …” Her voice trailed off as she looked up. Hisao was still standing by the door. He hadn’t moved, although now he had this awkward smile on his face.

Hanako closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, to gather her courage. Looking up at him, she started to ask, “Do … you ... want to …“ She looked away for a moment as she realized that he wasn’t interrupting her or trying to finish her question for her. She pressed on, “to … play? W-with me?”

Hisao nodded as Hanako realized that she didn’t have anywhere to sit and play. If they were in Lilly’s room, they could use her table. But her desk wasn’t suited for chess. She asked, “Do y - I mean, is it okay to sit on the floor?” He nodded again, so the two of them knelt on the floor, chessboard between them.

He showed her where the button was to open the piece drawer, and Hanako opened it slowly. “I … I think it’s your turn to be white,” she said, as she took out the piece closest to her, the black queen. After admiring it for a moment, she got to work setting up her pieces. Looking up, Hisao was ready to start.

He pushed his king’s pawn forward two squares, and their game started. Hanako responded by pushing her king’s pawn to meet it. This was how most of their games started. But then Hisao meekly pushed his queen bishop’s pawn just one square. She thought that was very unusual. He’d usually have two pawns side-by-side at this point.

Hanako pushed her queen’s pawn into the centre to challenge Hisao’s undefended pawn. He captured it, and she recaptured with her queen. Then Hisao advanced his other pawn again, attacking her queen.

“Don’t bring your queen out too early,” Hanako recalled the advice she’d read in Chess Tactics for Champions. She was reminded of why; she’d have to move it again. The side of the board should be fine, and it’s still somewhat useful there. Hisao advanced the pawn in front of her queen one space. She looked up from the board. Hisao has lost his smile and looked deep in thought.

Hanako and Hisao both developed their queenside knight, and it was her turn again. “He’s trying to trap my queen,“ she thought. She sighed and moved her queen in front of his pawn. Hisao responded by moving his knight beside her queen. It was defended, and from there his next move would be to capture her pawn and attack her rook and king.

She moved her bishop to stop that plan. A small smile crept to her face as she looked up at Hisao. He was taking some time to figure out his next move. After a while he just shrugged and moved his queen in front of his king.

“Now it’s my turn to chase his queen around,“ Hanako thought, moving her knight forward to attack it. He responded by moving his queen in front of its pawn. Hanako wanted to attack it with her bishop, but she needed to prepare that move first. “Help your pieces so they can help you,” she remembered from the book. She moved her other knight so that it would defend the bishop when it attacked. Also, now Hanako could castle.

What she didn’t realize is that she moved her knight to a square that Hisao’s knight controlled. He immediately captured it, and she recaptured with her bishop. “That didn’t work,” she thought, “but I think I’m still doing a bit better.”

Hisao developed his other knight, and Hanako captured it with her knight. “Ch-check.” Hisao recaptured with his queen, and Hanako castled to safety.

He moved his queen’s pawn forward to reinforce his other pawn. But in so doing, he opened up his king. Hanako slid her queen back across the board. “Ch-check.” Hisao blocked with his bishop, and Hanako retreated with her queen. Hisao advanced his last queenside pawn forward, forming a nice pawn chain on that side.

“He may have nice pawns, but I’ve got better pieces,” she thought as she moved her light square bishop to the centre and connecting her rooks. Hisao slid his queen to the side, attacking the pawn in front of her king. Hanako moved her dark square bishop to defend it.

Hisao advanced one of his kingside pawns to attack her lone pawn in the centre. That pawn was already defended, so Hanako moved her last rook to the centre so it could jump to the centre of the board whenever she wanted it to. Hisao’s pawn captured Hanako’s, but rather than recapture with her bishop, Hanako saw an opening.

She smiled as she moved her queen to attack Hisao’s pawn and his undeveloped rook. To her surprise, he sacrificed his rook to capture her bishop. Hanako accepted the sacrifice. “Ch-check”. Hisao moved his king away, and Hanako captured Hisao’s advancing pawn. “Check”.

Hisao went back with his king, and Hanako went back to the corner with her queen. “Check”. Hanako’s smile widened; that sequence of moves was just plain fun. Hisao moved his king where Hanako couldn’t give check, so her queen captured one of his queenside pawns.

“Now I’ve got better pieces and I’ll capture the rest of his pawns. I can win this game.” she thought as Hisao moved his king towards the centre of the board. She captured another pawn with her bishop, and in response Hisao captured one of her pawns with his queen.

“He can have that pawn, “ she thought, “it’ll cost him his king.” Hanako’s rook advanced, capturing another pawn. “Check”. Hisao captured it with his bishop, and Hanako captured the bishop with her queen. “Check”. His king moved even farther away from his pieces.

“He’s on the run. I’ve got him now.” She moved her bishop to attack. “Check”. Hisao moved his king to the side of the board. Hanako’s queen captured Hisao’s last bishop.

Hisao moved his last rook, lining it up with his queen. “He can’t escape my mating net,” Hanako thought, moving her queen in for the kill. “Check”, she said with confidence. She thought, “I’ve just got to think this through and …”

“That … was the worst move possible,” she thought, looking up at Hisao for the first time in a while. She was stunned; she’d beaten him at chess before, but this was the first time that he looked defeated. She looked back at the board. Hisao had blocked her queen’s attack with his pawn. All she had to do was capture it. There were no tricks. It seemed like he just gave up.

Hanako couldn’t shake the feeling that something was very wrong, but she didn’t know what else to do. She captured the pawn with her queen, finishing the game. “Ch … checkmate” she said, as she looked back up at Hisao. He just sat there, like a puppet whose strings have been cut. After a moment, he sighed and tried to force a small smile.

The two of them sat on the floor in Hanako’s room for what felt like a minute or two, but was probably much shorter. Hisao kept his eyes on the floor in front of him. Hanako would occasionally open her mouth, but she found that every time she did, she couldn’t get any words out.

Eventually Hisao opened the drawer for the chess pieces and, one by one, started to clean up. Once she realized what he was doing, Hanako joined in. Soon all the pieces were back in their storage places, and Hisao closed the drawer. He slowly stood up. Hanako picked up the chess set and placed it on her bookshelf.

“Th - thanks again. I … it’s a … I mean ... I - I really like it.” She looked at Hisao’s face, trying to read him. He didn’t make eye contact with her. He kept his head down as he opened her door. As he stepped through the door, Hanako summoned her courage and called to him, perhaps a bit louder than she intended “Hisao!”

He stopped and turned back to look at her. He had the same defeated look on his face. Hanako felt that she’d passed the point of no return, and she pressed on. “A - are things … okay?”

Hisao seemed to let that question hang in the air for a moment. He looked down for a moment and gritted his teeth. Then looked back up at her before stepping out of her room and closing the door.


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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

Post by Raimen » Mon Feb 10, 2020 3:18 pm

Bonus Content - Hisao and Hanako's Chess Game

I don't know if anyone would be interested in this bonus content, but I thought to post it just in case. This is the PGN file for the game that Hisao and Hanako played in Chapter 10.

[White “Hisao Nakai"]
[Black “Hanako Ikezawa"]
[Result "0-1"]
[SetUp "1"]
[Termination “Hanako Ikezawa won by checkmate"]
1. e4 e5 2. c3 d5 3. exd5 Qxd5 4. c4 Qa5 5. a3 Nc6 6. Nc3 Qc5 7. Nd5 Bd6 8. Qe2 Nd4 9. Qd3 Ne7 10. Nxe7 Bxe7 11. Nf3 Nxf3+ 12. Qxf3 O-O 13. d3 Qa5+ 14. Bd2 Qb6 15. b4 Be6 16. Qg3 Bf6 17. f4 Rad8 18. fxe5 Qd4 19. exf6 Qxa1+ 20. Kf2 Qxf6+ 21. Ke1 Qa1+ 22. Ke2 Qxa3 23. Kf3 Bxc4 24. Qxc7 Rxd3+ 25. Bxd3 Qxd3+ 26. Kg4 Be6+ 27. Kh4 Qxd2 28. Rc1 Qd4+ 29. g4 Qxg4# 0-1

If you want to see the game but are lacking tools, I recommend Lichess' analysis tool. You can enter the PGN above into the box at the bottom and click on the Import PGN button. Then you can step through the game at your leisure and analyse all the blunders and inaccuracies that only two chess beginners can make.


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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

Post by Feurox » Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:53 pm

You continue to amaze with the consistent quality of this story. I await the next chapters eagerly. Thank you for writing it!

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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

Post by PsychicSpy » Fri Feb 14, 2020 3:43 pm

Cute chapters, quite enjoyed them. Excited to see what's next.
Raimen wrote:
Mon Feb 10, 2020 3:18 pm
Bonus Content - Hisao and Hanako's Chess Game
Then you can step through the game at your leisure and analyse all the blunders and inaccuracies that only two chess beginners can make.
Damn man, you really had to do them like that? :lol:
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Avenues of Communication: One of the best Shizune/Hisao fics I've read, written by Lap
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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

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Interlude 8: A Pound of Prevention (Sun, July 22)

“And … that should be everything, “ the nurse said to his patient after his examination. “I don’t see any signs of scraping or infection. We’ll just need to get your legs back on and you’ll be good to go.”

“You know, “ replied Emi, swinging her legs over the side of the examination table, “I’m surprised that you’re even working Sunday mornings. I thought you had the day off.”

“I usually do, “ replied the nurse, “but today I’m covering for a colleague who is travelling to attend a wedding. But what about you? I thought Sunday was your rest day.”

“I’ve had weeks of rest!” Emi exclaimed. “I just needed to hit the track. Besides, I’m breaking in a new running partner tomorrow. I’ve got to stay in shape!”

The nurse’s curiosity was piqued. “Really? And who have you convinced to join you?”

“Hisao! He’s going to give it another try!”

The nurse’s curious demeanour quickly changed to one of concern. “Emi, please do not ‘break’ Hisao. I’ve already had to run across campus once to stabilize him until paramedics arrived. I’m not eager to repeat that.”

Emi bowed her head, looking crestfallen. “I’m sorry. I didn’t…”

The nurse interrupted her, “Listen. Some light exercise will do Hisao some good. But you must realize that he is very fragile. The important thing is for him to develop healthy habits. He needs to set his own pace and not over exert himself.”

“Okay, “ Emi said, keeping her head down.

“You’ve got to keep an eye on him. If he looks to be in pain or have trouble breathing, bring him here. And make sure he gets checked out by a nurse after each workout.”


“And keep your head up!” the nurse added. “Just go easy with him and let him find a routine that works for him.”

Emi looked up at the nurse and smiled, “Yeah, I will. You’ll see.”

“You know,” the nurse said, “I’m glad that he’s starting to take his health seriously. It’s just a shame it took another major scare for him to do so. Good job, Emi.”

Interlude 9: Sleeping In

Miki knocked on her friend’s door. “Hey Suzu! You awake yet?”

Suzu’s muffled reply came after a moment. “Kind of. Come on in.”

Miki entered her room and looked around. Suzu’s room was in its usual messy state. She was sitting on her bed, still wearing her seafoam green nightgown. She looked barely awake. Miki asked, “Trouble sleeping again?”

Suzu shook her head. “Self inflicted,” she said. “I was up too late last night. I’ll be ready in a bit. Don’t worry.”

“I’m not,” Miki replied. “Let me pick out something for you while you shake the cobwebs out.” Miki turned to Suzu’s closet and opened it, running her finger along the clothes hanging within. After a while she stopped and asked, “Why do you have a boys uniform in here? Have you finally realized that it’s better?”

Suzu sighed before answering, “No, because it’s not. I like blouses. That’s Hisao’s uniform. I just haven’t dealt with it yet. That’s all.”

Miki sounded amused, “There’s … something to deal with?”

Suzu stood up to face her friend. Her voice took on an angry edge. “Yes. I think you should return it. After all, it’s your fault I had to borrow it after you and the other girls stripped me. Okay?”

“Okay, okay,” Miki said defensively, taking the hanger with Hisao’s uniform. “I hope you don’t feel too bad about it though. You probably saved his life.”

“That’s what everyone says. The VP said that after I finished covering for you. And the nurse mentioned it to me last week. But Hisao hasn’t. And it was his fault that I needed to borrow his uniform anyway.” Suzu softened the tone of her voice, saying “Well, his and yours.”

“Ouch,” Miki winced as she replied, “I guess I still owe you for that one. But for what it’s worth, I don’t think he knows that you saved him that day.”

“Yeah … maybe.” Suzu said. “You don’t owe me though; I was just giving you a hard time. That was not a good day.” She paused before adding, “Speaking of which, did I ever tell you that Setou thought I was a guy when he saw me wearing Hisao’s uniform?”

“You didn’t,” Miki replied amusingly. “Seriously?”

“Yes, seriously! He even saw me in my underwear first, when I tried to drop off their keys in the bathroom. But after I got dressed and untied him, he was all ‘Thanks for rescuing me, brother.’ and ‘Those feminist bitches will pay!’. You didn’t hit him on the head when you tied him up, did you?”

“Nah,” Miki replied. “I think Setou’s just crazy. Anyway, you sound awake now. I’ll let you get ready.”

“Yeah. Gimme twenty minutes or so. Should be enough time to return his uniform. And if you somehow get involved in any kinky sex stuff, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know”

Miki laughed as she opened the door. “I won’t. I promise.”


Bag in hand, Miki knocked on Hisao's door. After a moment, she heard the door unlock and open. Hisao looked surprised to see her.

“Hey Hisao,” Miki said as she extended her arm towards him. “Sorry to bother you. I’m just returning one of your uniforms. Here you go.”

Hisao looked confused as he accepted the bag. He looked inside it, and then back towards Miki.

She explained, “Suzu needed to borrow it.”

Hisao looked confused as he nodded, and Miki said, “You look like you want to know why she needed to borrow it. It's … complicated. I ... uh … I don’t know if anyone told you, but she’s the one that found you and called for help. It's best not to think too much about it. Again, I’m sorry about everything. See you on Monday?”

Hisao nodded and Miki turned to leave. She paused briefly outside Kenji’s door before heading back to the girl’s dorm.

Interlude 10: An Invitation to Tea (Sun, July 22)

“Hey Lils! Haven’t heard from you since last week’s tea party. How are things?”

Lilly adjusted her phone before replying, “Not too badly, all things considered. The demands of schoolwork and our cousin’s Tanabata preparations have occupied a lot of my time.”

“Still, you managed to find time on a Sunday to call your older sister. Shizune must be slacking off. I’ll have to let her know…”

“Don’t you dare!” came Lilly’s immediate reply, “It’s bad enough that she feels the need to compete with the town’s festival.”

“Okay, okay, “ Akira replied jovially. “You are too easy to tease sometimes.”

“Seriously though Akira, is this a good time for a call? You’re not too busy, are you?”

“Nah,” she replied. “I’ve got a few hours before my date tonight. What’s up?”

“I’ve decided to host a tea party this coming week and I was curious what evenings you would be available.”

“Twice in two weeks? You must really be missing me. Let me get my book. Give me a sec…” Lilly heard the sound of the phone being placed down and her sister rummaging around for something in the distance. “Ah, here we go. Let’s see … Wednesday looks like a good day. How about that?”

“That should do nicely. I’ll be sure to let Hanako and Hisao know.”

“Hisao? I guess he’s finally out of the hospital. How’s he doing?”

“Not well I’m afraid. He refuses to talk to me.”

“Seriously? Then what makes you think he’ll want to go to your tea party?”

Lilly fidgeted with the phone before replying, “I’m sorry Akira. I didn’t explain that well. For some reason, Hisao has decided to take a vow of silence. I don’t believe that he’s spoken to anyone since his return.”

Lilly could hear Akira sigh. Eventually she said, “You know Lils, you keep very strange company.”

Interlude 11: Preparing to Prepare (Sun, July 22)

[Is that everything for today, Shicchan?]

Shizune put the form she had just finished into a neat pile. [I believe so. The paperwork for the classes that have finalized their booths are now done.]

[That's over half the classes, right?]

[That's right. Only classes 1-1, 1-3, 1-4, 2-1, 2-3 and 3-2 are left.]

Misha looked at Shizune. [Shicchan, there's something else.]

Shizune looked concerned. Misha had an unusual serious look on her face. [What is it?]

Misha looked around the room before replying, [Mutou talked to me about my grades the other day. Other than English, I'm not really doing so good. He wants me to stay after class for extra tutoring.]

Shizune nodded solemnly.

Misha continued, [I'm doing my best, but we're so busy! When I get back to my room most nights, I'm just too tired to study. I'm so sorry, Shicchan.]

Shizune closed her eyes, deep in thought. After a moment, she looked at Misha and signed, [And you're sure you can't wait until after Tanabata to catch up?]

[I'm sure Shicchan. Mutou's already warned me three times now. I really do need help catching up. I'm sorry.]

[That's okay Misha. There isn't much paperwork to do until the other classes decide what kind of booth they'll run. I can start building some stalls tomorrow afternoon.]

[By yourself? That's no good, Shicchan.]

[No one has yet to sign up to build stalls. I don't think anyone will. I'll do what must be done. Our festival must be a success.]

[What about Hicchan? Maybe tomorrow he won't be busy.]

Shizune adjusted her glasses before replying. [I could use the help. But Hisao has been acting suspiciously. And running off after class ends. So unreliable.] She paused before continuing, [Maybe what he needs is an opportunity to do something that everyone at school will appreciate.]

Misha's eyes lit up. [Yeah! I think you'll definitely cheer him up!]

[Then we'll ask him tomorrow before class. I won't take no for an answer.]


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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

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Chapter 11: Two New Beginnings (Mon, July 23)

The door to the nurse’s office opened, and Hisao stepped outside. Behind him, Emi could see the nurse holding the door open. The nurse called out, “He’s alive! He’s alive!”

Hisao turned back to look at the nurse as Emi replied, “I should hope so!”

“You have no appreciation for the classics,” the nurse shot back. His tone and demeanour changed to a serious one as he added, “Hisao, I think you’ve done well today. Get ready for class, and keep it up. As for you sunshine, you’re next.”

“Same time tomorrow, right Hisao? Don’t be late!” Hisao nodded before walking down the hall and out of the auxiliary building.

The nurse held the door open for Emi and she entered the office. She hopped up onto one of the examination tables and started removing her prostheses. The nurse walked over to his desk and closed a folder before turning to face Emi. “What I told Hisao also goes for you too. You’ve both done well.”

“I don’t think so, “ Emi replied, “Hisao showed up but he was barely moving. I think he was faster the last time he tried.”

“The last time he wasn’t recovering from a recent major health scare,“ replied the nurse, looking at Emi with his serious face. “He’s spent three weeks in the hospital not getting any exercise. I don’t think I need to remind you what that’s like.”

“No…” Emi’s reply trailed off as she placed her running blades beside her on the table.

“But he’s not in running shape, so it will take him longer to bounce back. Let me take a look at your legs and see how well they’re holding up.”

Emi sighed as the nurse examined her legs. He spent a minute or two examining each leg in turn before announcing, “I’ve got good news and bad news.”

Emi looked panicked for a moment, before she saw the nurse’s goofy grin. “Okay … I’ll take the good news first.”

“Your legs are fine. No signs of scraping or infection.”

“And the bad news?”

“You’re going to have to get used to Hisao’s slow running pace. No excuses.”

Emi giggled. “Yeah … I just wish he was faster.”

“Well, not everyone can keep up with you. But his stamina should improve with time. Just keep him motivated. As for you, remember to keep your legs, liners and interfaces clean. You’re good to go. You’ve got morning classes too.”

“Yeah, “ Emi said as she began the process of reattaching her legs. “I am pretty fast, aren’t I?”

“So I’ve been told.”


Misha and Shizune entered class 3-3 ten minutes before class started. Only a few students had arrived, including Suzu and Hisao. She was at her desk, reading a note. He was sitting at his desk, reading a book. [Wait here for a second Shicchan,] Misha signed. [I’ve got something I want to do.]

Misha crept to the back of the classroom, then slowly and stealthily made her way towards the windows. She carefully made her way up behind Hisao, and when she was close enough, covered his eyes. “Guess who~!” she triumphantly cried.

Hisao dropped his book and started to twist in his chair. At first Misha matched him move-for-move, staying behind him as he turned left and right. Eventually she gave up, letting go of him as he turned to face her. “Awww… That’s not how you play. You’re supposed to guess~!”

She looked up to see Shizune standing in front of Hisao’s desk, looking annoyed. “Stop playing around? But Shicchan, you know how much fun~ it is to play with Hicchan.”

Shizune shot Misha a stern look. “Right, right, okay Shicchan! It’s good that you’re here early, because we really need your help. And you’re going to help me~! I mean, Shicchan!”

Hisao started to shake his head slowly, but Shizune signed on, “I know that you’re disappointed that you didn’t get a chance to help as much as you could have with the last festival. I’m a little disappointed too. Awww, really, Shicchan? But~! Here’s your chance to make things right. And help your whole school~!”

Hisao tried to push his chair away from his desk, but Misha grabbed his shoulders from behind. “Where are you going Hicchan~? We haven’t even gotten to the best part! See, a successful festival needs lots of stalls. Food … and games … it’s the best! And you have a chance to help me … still Shicchan, not me … make our Tanabata festival the best by building those stalls.”

A couple of students entered the classroom as Hisao turned to face Misha. He looked confused. Then he pointed at Misha. “Me? Oh … I’m really sorry Hicchan! Really I am! I can’t help Shicchan today. That’s … look … I can’t say why, but I just can’t. That’s why she needs your help! Otherwise she’ll have to do it by herself. And she will~! But she shouldn’t.” Misha lowered her voice. “Please Hicchan.”

Hisao sighed and picked up his notepad. He wrote,
I’ve got something I need to do immediately after class. But afterwards I can help. I need an hour.
Misha squealed in delight as she read Hisao’s note. She grabbed his notebook and turned it around so Shizune could read it too. Shizune smiled as she read it.

“One hour after class! Meet me behind the school. You’ve given me your word Hicchan. If you disappoint me again, I’ll never forgive you! … Wow, Shicchan ...“

After exchanging a look with Hisao, Shizune left to take her seat. Misha moved beside Hisao and said, “Thanks again Hicchan. Really.” Then Misha took her seat beside Hisao.
Mutou entered the class just before the bell rang. He looked tired. Placing his briefcase on his desk, he said, “Good morning. I hope you recall Saturday’s discussion on isomers. Today we are going to build on that with a new topic -- polymers.”

Mutou began his lecture on polymers in earnest, writing notes and drawing molecules on the blackboard as we went. After his half hour introduction to the subject, he announced some group work.

The students formed their usual groups, with Hanako leaving the class. Hisao noticed Hanako’s leaving and sighed. “What’s wrong, Hicchan?” asked Misha as she brought her desk towards his. He pointed at the door, and Misha turned to look. “Oh Hicchan. Maybe one day she’ll stay. Maybe she’ll work with us~! I bet you’d like that…”

Shizune moved her desk into position and tapped Misha’s shoulder to get her attention. “Okay~! Let’s start on this assignment. I expect your very best. Some things never change Shicchan~!” Misha giggled as the three of them set to work.

After a few minutes of working on problems silently, Misha said, “This doesn’t make sense. I thought that the ‘ene’ molecules each had two lines between them all. But polyethylene ends with ‘ene’, but it’s all line~, line, line.”

Shizune started to sign her reply as Hisao reached for his notepad. He showed the girls what he wrote,
I think it’s because polyethylene is made up of ethylenes, even though all the double bonds get broken to bond to other ethylenes.

But I think you’re right -- polyethylene looks like an alkane.
“See Shicchan? I told~ you. Science just doesn’t make sense sometimes. What’s that? Hicchan, Shicchan wants to know why you’re still writing notes. If you’re just talking to me ... and I mean me~ me, not Shicchan, you don’t have to.”

Hisao looked visibly annoyed as he wrote the following.
Because nothing has changed.

Seven of you got revenge on me that day. Which is a lot, since only four of you overheard me after class.

So yes, I do have to.
After reading his note, Shizune grinned as she signed. “But Hicchan, you’re still communicating, just with paper. If you write something provocative people will still find out.”

Hisao locked eyes with Shizune momentarily before writing,
Be honest. If Suzu hasn’t overheard what I said, would either of you have still done it?

How about Miki? Do you think she would have told Emi and Rin?

Or Hanako? Do you think she would have told Lilly?
Misha solemnly looked down at her school work, unsure of what to say. Even Shizune raised her hands as if she was going to reply before lowering them. An uneasy silence fell over the group as they started back to work.

After a few minutes of working in silence, Misha looked up. Both Hisao and Shizune were heads-down, working on the assignment. She tapped Shizune’s shoulder to get her attention. [Why did you say that to Hicchan? He looks so sad now.]

[By being silent, he is just hiding from his problems. By focusing on the accident, he is looking to and defining himself on the past. He needs to look to the future. He needs to use his resources to be able to create opportunities for himself. I will make him understand that.]

[You should tell him that! Why did you give up?]

Shizune took in a deep breath before replying. [I can concede one argument without giving up. Right now, he’s hiding in the past. He won’t listen. He’ll just refute. I’ll find another way to make my point. Maybe this afternoon. I’m already working on a new idea.]

[Are you sure about that Shicchan? What if you two have another argument?]

[We won’t, unless he makes my blood boil. We just have to make sure that he meets me after class. Also, I’ll need your help after we eat lunch to move the stalls behind the school.]

Misha looked hopefully at Shizune. [Do you really think you’ll make him happy again?]

[I do. It’s my duty as his class representative and as his friend. I won’t lose.]


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Re: A Prank Gone Wrong - a Shower Scenes continuation

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So tense! Wonderful update as always; it's been a long time since I set up email reminders but this story is certainly worthy. Keep up the good work!

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