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PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (6/8/20 Update)

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 1:45 am
by PsychicSpy
Thank y'all so much for all the great feedback! I've decided to turn this into my oneshot thread. Some of these will be dramatic or sad, while others will be more comedic. I'll let you know in the Index. On this post is my first fanfiction for KS called I'm Here for You, and others will be posted as they are written!

I'm Here for You (Hanako/Misha, directly below) No Lewd
A New Direction (Emi/Hisao with a dose of Rin) Medium Lewd
Lucky Roll (Hisao+3 Girls) Very Lewd
Under the Mistletoe (Hisao/?) No Lewd
Birthday Surprise (Multiple) Very Lewd
Working in a Winter Wonderland (Misha with Hisao/Shizune) No Lewd
A Second First Date (Hisao/Somebody) No Lewd, but sensitive content
A Somber Painting (Contest fic) No lewd
Mutual Finish (Hisao/Misha) Lewd
Yamaku Go! (Contest fic) No Lewd
The Ballad of 50 Cent (Contest fic) Lewd?

This is my first KS fanfiction, as well as my first post on this site. I was inspired by all the great writing on here and wanted to start writing some myself. Enjoy:


The warm water hit Hanako’s huddled figure. The shower was running, but Hanako wasn’t trying to bath. She was shuddering with sobs, the feelings of rejection and sadness pooling in her mind like the water near the drain.

She had finally mustered up the courage to tell Lilly what she felt. It only took two glasses of wine over two hours to feel confident enough. They were just having a good time, celebrating Hanako’s first successful passing of a English test. Lilly had kept some wine from when Akira had last brought some. A few glasses in both of them, they were curled up side by side, leaning against Lilly’s bed.

“Lilly… I… I have to tell you something,” she had said. Lilly turned her head towards her voice with a smile.

“Yes, Hanako,” Lilly replied, giggling. The wine had gotten to her in a slightly different way.

“I have to t-tell you… ugh! I can’t do it!” Hanako had said, backing out. Lilly reached out and took Hanako’s cheeks in her hands.

“Hanako,” Lilly said gently but with emphasis. “You can tell me anything. You know that.” Hanako took a deep breath. ‘It’s time to be bold’ she thought.

So Hanako leaned forward and kissed Lilly on the lips. Lilly let out a noise of surprise and broke it off, quickly leaning back. “H-Hanako, I… I don’t know what to say…”

“Say it was ok, say you feel the same,” Hanako said, fear beginning to creep into their heart as she realized through the haze of alcohol that this might not have been the right idea. Lilly slowly shook her head.

“I’m sorry Hanako, I can’t return those feelings,” Lilly said. She tried to embrace Hanako, but Hanako wriggled back. Tears began to fall from her face. “Hanako? Please, let me hug you.” Hanako shook her head, even though she knew Lilly couldn’t see it. She ran away, not hearing Lilly calling her name.

A fresh round of sobs wracked her body again, bringing her out of her memories. She felt so much pain. ‘Why would Lilly have returned my feelings? I should have kept them to myself,’ Hanako thought to herself. She ran her left hand over the scar tissue on her right arm, tracing down to her hand. ‘Who would ever want a thing like me?’ she thought in disgust as she curled up in a ball in the bottom of the shower. “I just want to die,” Hanako whispered.

“Hellooooo? Is somebody in here?” a loud voice rang out entering the bathroom. Hanako froze up, hiccupping.

“Y-yes, p-p-please go away!” Hanako said, her voice shaking. She knew the owner of the voice didn’t like to listen. Instead, the curtain was pulled back a bit and Misha stuck her head in. “Hi Hana-chan!” Misha looked down on a trembling Hanako, who was trying to hold in the tears until Misha left. It didn’t work.

“Hana-chan! What’s wrong?” Misha asked as Hanako turned away from her, still in a ball. She waited for Misha to take the hint, but instead she heard feet on the tile and felt arms wrapping around her. “Shhh, shhh, it’s alright. Just let it all out,” Misha said soothingly into her ear. The sat in silence for a little while, Hanako crying while Misha held her in her arms. “What happened?” Misha asked gently.

“W-well, I… um…” Hanako started, trying to keep her voice steady and push down the lump in her throat. “I… I c-confessed to Lilly. I’m in love with her. And she… she didn’t return those feelings. N-not in a b-bad way, but it hurt s-so m-much…” Hanako trailed off, feeling like she was about to begin crying if she said any more.

“Oh, Hanachan,” Misha said, hugging her tighter and stroking her hair. “I completely understand. I’m so sorry.” Hanako looked into her eyes and could see a sadness within them. “I was in love too once and she didn’t take it well.” Hanako uncurled and leaned into Misha, hugging her back. “It’ll be ok soon, Hanako. It’ll be ok.” They stayed like this for a while, just holding each other. One fully clothed, one naked, sitting under a lukewarm shower stream, both taking solace in that they were with someone who understood the whirlwind of emotions that both felt.


“Yeah, Hanachan?”

“Thank you for not leaving”

“Don’t worry Hanachan. I’m here for you.”

Re: "I'm Here for You" One-Shot

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:19 am
by NuclearStudent
Welcome to the forums! As someone who's quite new myself, this place is quite welcoming.

You've got a good premise going. The unusual friendship of a Misha-Hanako relationship is a compelling dynamic to explore. However, the piece seems to be too short to use the flashback effectively. It could improved, pacing-wise, if it were removed. Best wishes and, again, welcome.

Re: "I'm Here for You" One-Shot

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 12:42 pm
by PsychicSpy
NuclearStudent wrote:
Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:19 am
You've got a good premise going. The unusual friendship of a Misha-Hanako relationship is a compelling dynamic to explore. However, the piece seems to be too short to use the flashback effectively. It could improved, pacing-wise, if it were removed. Best wishes and, again, welcome.
Thank you for the welcome! I agree that the story was a little short for the flashback. and was a little too short for my own taste. I just really wanted to get it written because I didn't want to inspiration to fade. Thanks again for the feed back :D

Re: "I'm Here for You" One-Shot

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:17 pm
by Feurox
Welcome to the forums, as Nuke said. Good to see new people joining.

For a first story on the Renai, you've got a great story here. Short and self-contained, and generally optimistic, despite the sadness within it. I personally disagree with Nuke's, (and subsequently your own) assessment of the flashback. In the end, your story is centred around that flashback, and it doesn't overstay it's welcome. I also feel content with how long the story itself is, and I don't think that it necessarily needs to be longer. In fact, I think this story could do with less as opposed to more. I think that would have made this both a more realistic, and admittedly heart-wrenching tale would have been the omission of Hanako's confession to Misha. Misha doesn't need to relate or know here, despite it being quite the dramatic pairing (both scorned lovers). The flashback works wonderfully as a device to show why Hanako us upset, but it could have even been made more touching by having Misha comfort Hanako even without knowing her situation. Or Misha just venting about her own situation with Hanako, and having Hanako then open up to her about it. As the story stands, it's quite hard to imagine Hanako opening up to Misha like that without much prompting.

I'm also not sure where this story is taking place, where Misha can just open curtains to see Hanako in a bath... That may well be my own ignorance. It doesn't really damage the story, i'm just being pedantic.

Anyway, welcome to the forum again. Oh, and to the discord too. Good to have you with us in time for the S10's.

Re: "I'm Here for You" One-Shot

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 3:10 pm
by PsychicSpy
Thank you so much for the kind words. I chose to use the flashback because I thought the story would fit better if Hanako was already upset. This story was already aimed to be a little more tragic, but replaying parts of Shizune's route, I found that the idea had no canon basis. Maybe that's why I feel the story should have been longer was because it was supposed to be.
Feurox wrote:
Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:17 pm

I'm also not sure where this story is taking place, where Misha can just open curtains to see Hanako in a bath...
So my thinking went a little like this: Hisao and Kenji liv across from each other, but they share a bathroom, which means the building isn't a dorm building where there are shared bathrooms between rooms, they are likely hall bathrooms. I figured, since there isn't any evidence of whether the girls and boys dorms are different, that the girls dorms probably also have shared hall bathrooms. Hanako is also crying in a shower stall rather than a bathtub, so I put in a shower curtain. I felt that the story would work better if Misha couldn't see what was happening, because she has a slight lack of social cues and I could definitely see her opening a shower curtain to investigate something.

Thanks again for the feedback it means the world to me that people are enjoying something I wrote.

Re: "I'm Here for You" One-Shot

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 9:33 pm
by NuclearStudent
Feurox wrote:
Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:17 pm
Welcome to the forums, as Nuke said. Good to see new people joining.

For a first story on the Renai, you've got a great story here. Short and self-contained, and generally optimistic, despite the sadness within it. I personally disagree with Nuke's, (and subsequently your own) assessment of the flashback. In the end, your story is centred around that flashback, and it doesn't overstay it's welcome. I also feel content with how long the story itself is, and I don't think that it necessarily needs to be longer. In fact, I think this story could do with less as opposed to more. I think that would have made this both a more realistic, and admittedly heart-wrenching tale would have been the omission of Hanako's confession to Misha. Misha doesn't need to relate or know here, despite it being quite the dramatic pairing (both scorned lovers). The flashback works wonderfully as a device to show why Hanako us upset, but it could have even been made more touching by having Misha comfort Hanako even without knowing her situation. Or Misha just venting about her own situation with Hanako, and having Hanako then open up to her about it. As the story stands, it's quite hard to imagine Hanako opening up to Misha like that without much prompting.

I'm also not sure where this story is taking place, where Misha can just open curtains to see Hanako in a bath... That may well be my own ignorance. It doesn't really damage the story, i'm just being pedantic.

Anyway, welcome to the forum again. Oh, and to the discord too. Good to have you with us in time for the S10's.
Thank you Feurox; I completely neglected to mention the Misha/Hanako comfort scene, which is problematic. It's difficult to imagine Hanako opening up spontaneously, but this plot point is what gives this oneshot dramatic resolution within the limited scope of time. The overall concept for this oneshot is a challenge to deliver upon.

And I assume this takes place in the showers of Riposte. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think Psy's assumption of shared showers is reasonable. I do, however, imagine that the lack of privacy spooks Hanners on a regular basis.

Re: "I'm Here for You" One-Shot

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:47 am
by Hanako Fancopter
A Misha and Hanako pairing with a drunken confession that doesn't go well? Hmmm interesting premise....

No but really! Good stuff. Always like to see people writing emotional stories between the girls.

Re: "I'm Here for You" One-Shot

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:55 pm
by Oddball
Very nice short story. I do agree that having Hanako tell Misha exactly what happened is a bit much, bu otherwise it works well.

I would rephrase the opening few lines though. Warm Water Hitting Hanako and Shuddering with Sobs is a bit heavy on the alliteration.

Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (11/13/19 Update)

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 12:37 pm
by PsychicSpy
Thank you guys for the awesome feedback. This forum has great people on it, and all your comments are always appreciated.

This fiction is a more comedic piece featuring Emi, Rin, and Hisao. Takes place post-Emi good ending. Thank you so much to StilesLong and KCK for proofreading!

Enjoy and feel free to offer any feedback!


Emi sighed dreamily as she jogged around the track. Things were going so well with Hisao. There’d been some times there where she didn’t think it was going to work out. She’d pushed him away so many times, just for him to always be there to offer his support. All of this culminating with him running as hard as he could to catch up and talk to her. When they visited the cemetery, she realized that she didn’t want to be alone ever again; she wanted to be with him forever.


She grinned at Hisao, who had just jogged down to the track. “Late? Why, I ought to punish you for not sticking to your schedule.” Emi said, smirking.

“Oh no,” Hisao shot back jokingly. “I couldn’t bear the punishment from you. I was only late because somebody wore me out last night. My heart needed a bit more rest than usual.” He winked at her and she couldn’t restrain her giggle, remembering the new position they had tried last night. It seemed so hard when they read about it in the book Hisao had found, but it proved rather enjoyable in actuality. Maybe it was easier for those without the obstacle of legs.

“Well, I hope you aren’t too tired, or else you won’t keep up this morning,” Emi teased. This prompted a laugh from Hisao as he began stretching.


The run went well. Hisao had built up a good amount of stamina, and was able to keep pace with Emi when she wasn’t trying her hardest. And while she only cut a few seconds off her best time, she felt accomplished. Classes, of course, were boring. Studying’s faint allure paled in comparison to the adrenaline she felt while running or the rush she felt during sex. All she could do was fight through the mind-numbing lesson on the Heian period until lunch.

Finally, the bell rang for lunch, and she picked up the food that she planned on bringing up to the roof. She stopped along the way to get some juice boxes for Hisao, Rin, and herself, then she made her way up to the roof. Rin and Hisao had already made it up there, Hisao sitting against the fence and Rin lying on the roof looking up at the clouds.

“Eclipses are odd,” Rin said.

“Eclipses are odd looking, but they are normal and really kind of ordinary if you think about it. It’s like if you move a foot in front of a desk lamp, except its the moon instead of a foot and the sun instead of a desk lamp,” Hisao said. Hisao noticed that Emi was walking up and smiled. She walked over and positioned herself between Rin and the sun.

“This is an eclipse right here,” Emi said, looking down at Rin, who blinked at her.

“But you are not round. The moon and the sun are round. You are thin,” Rin replied. Emi giggled as she helped Rin to her feet and they walked over to the bench they normally ate lunch at. She placed a lunch box and a juice box in front of both of her friends. She placed a straw in Rin’s juice box for her. They then ate in comfortable silence.

“So why were you two talking about eclipses?” Emi said after wolfing down her lunch.

“Rin felt that she needed to push her boundaries on her next painting, try something new, you know?. So we were talking about painting nature scenes, which led to talking about more unique aspects of nature, like eclipses,” Hisao responded. Emi looked at Rin quizzically.

“Why do you feel that you need to go outside your style? Your paintings are fantastic! I wouldn’t change a thing!” Emi exclaimed. Rin merely shrugged.

“I want to be an artist. And since I’m not French and I don’t own a beret, I need to try different styles so I can be one. Still will be tough since I’ll only have one of the three,” Rin responded. Emi stared at her. Sometimes, she really didn’t understand her best friend. They all let that statement marinate before Hisao spoke.

“So, Mutou-san has asked if I could tutor Misha after classes today. He’s been giving her remedial lessons but he has a family emergency. I’ll come see you at six when we should finish, though it might be more like seven knowing how Misha is,” Hisao said, changing the subject. Emi frowned.

“Are you sure you have to?” Emi asked, giving him her best puppy-dog eyes. She could see Hisao fighting an internal battle between his responsibility and his desire.

“I probably should go ahead and tutor her. It’s for the best, and I feel like I owe Mutou-san for helping so much with my university plans,” Hisao sighed. He looked down, certainly looking conflicted over his choice. Emi reached out and lifted his chin with her finger. She brought him in for a quick kiss and smiled.

“It’s ok. We’ll have plenty of time afterwards to see each other,” Emi said, winking. They went on to chat about more mundane things, with the occasional deep or bizarre observation from Rin. The bell rang too soon, and they returned to their classes.


Hisao wouldn’t be done with tutoring for a while, so Emi’s best chance at having an entertaining companion was Rin. She headed to the art room after track practice to see if Rin would be there. She was proven right by the sight of a shock of auburn hair sitting in a chair in front of an easel. A blank canvas sat on the easel. Emi walked up beside Rin and touched her shoulder. Rin turned her head up to her.

“Oh it’s you,” Rin said simply.

“It’s me? Act less excited to see me,” responded Emi in a mock-offended tone.

“Oh, I’m very excited to see you. I need some inspiration,” Rin replied. Emi was about to start spouting ideas, when Rin asked, “Could you please take off your clothes?”

“Can I- what?” Emi asked, stunned by the request. Sure, Rin was strange and made strange requests, but this was something else.

“Could you please take off your clothes? ‘Please’ is the right word to use when you want to be polite about a request, right?” Rin asked, surprised by Emi’s response.

“Yes- I mean no, I am not going to take off my clothes, but yes, ‘please’ is the word,” Emi responded, flustered. “Why exactly do you want me to take off my clothes?”

“I want to try nude figure painting. I don’t do figure painting, and I really don’t do nude figure painting. I thought it would be the best way to go outside my normal style,” Rin explained, making it all sound very innocent and simple. “We can close the door if that would make you more comfortable.”

“The door being open or closed has nothing to do with it!” Emi exclaimed. Rin cocked her head in confusion.

“Well, you’ve seen me naked plenty of times. Since it’s ok for you to see me naked, I thought I would paint myself naked. But I can’t sit still while I paint. So I decided that you would be a great model.”

“I’m just not comfortable with being painted in the nude. Sorry, Rin,” Emi apologized. Rin just blinked and turned back to her canvas.

“It’s fine. I’ll figure something else out,” Rin replied flatly. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Emi took her leave.


“So then, she asked if I could take my clothes off, like it was nothing! I’m used to having her make strange requests, but this was too much,” Emi said to Hisao. They had just finished round one of their nightly sexcapades, and were currently spooning in Emi’s bed.

“I don’t know, in my opinion, she should have chosen me instead of you if she wanted to paint someone nude,” Hisao said jokingly. Emi hit his leg lightly.

“Oh you’re one to talk, I’m toned and beautiful,” Emi shot back playfully.

“No argument there,” Hisao agreed. “Why did she want to paint you nude?”

“Part of her ‘new direction’, as she was talking about earlier.”

“Well,” Hisao said, propping himself up with his arm, “maybe you should let her do it.”

“What? Hisao, no,” Emi said, shifting around to face her boyfriend. Hisao held up a hand.

“Hear me out,” Hisao said. Emi tilted her head, challenging him to continue. “Well, I think that Rin is the type of person who takes art very seriously right?” Emi nodded, so he continued, “Knowing that and combining it with her, ah, social awkwardness, don’t you think she might try to find another model? And is that what’s best for Rin? To have some person that she doesn’t know standing there, posing nude for however long Rin wants to paint them?”

Emi considered this. Rin was the type of person to focus in on a piece of art and Emi could see her asking random people to model for her. And that could end up with her meeting some unsavory characters. “I mean, I guess that makes a little sense,” Emi conceded.

“So maybe you should tell her that she can paint you,” Hisao said. “Besides, it’ll be the most beautiful thing she ever painted.” Emi still felt a little troubled.

“Let me think about it. I’m still not totally comfortable with the idea.” Emi said. She smiled. “Let’s get some sleep.”


The next day, Hisao didn’t mention it to her at all, but it still weighed on Emi’s mind heavily. To be painted or not to be painted. That was the question. Rin didn’t bring it up that morning, thankfully, and Emi wasn’t able to talk to her at lunch because Rin never came up to the roof. She needed to run. Running normally cleared her mind.

While she was finishing her cool down laps after track practice, she made up her mind. She would let Rin paint her. She dashed up the steps to the locker rooms to shower off. When she approached the art room, Rin was leaving. “Hey,” Emi called out to her. Rin turned, her face not registering any emotion.

“Hi Emi,” Rin responded.

“Um, I’ve come around to your idea. About painting me. I’d, uh, like to be painted nude,” Emi said, still nervous at the idea.

“Ok,” Rin said. “I’ll get my materials ready. But I won’t paint you yet. The time isn’t right,” Rin said in the same tone. She began to walk away.

“Wait, so when?” Emi called after her.

“In due time.”


“I guess, ‘in due time’, she’ll let me know when she wants to paint me,” Emi said as she related the story to Hisao that night.

“Well, it’s really brave of you to decide to do this,” Hisao said. Emi grinned.

“I’d say ‘adventurous’. We both know how adventurous I can be. We remember every time we smell lemons,” Emi laughed as she remembered the discomforting experience they had in the track shed.

Hisao laughed. “Yeah, we shouldn’t try that again, that was a little uncomfortable.”

Emi gave him a coy smile. “Maybe not, but I have been reading some ways to make it a little more… pleasurable,” she whispered, putting a sultry emphasis on the last word. Hisao raised an eyebrow.

“Well, only if it’s pleasurable for you m’lady,” Hisao said. Emi giggled as he dove in for a kiss. That kiss turned way more passionate, until Emi broke away and gave him that smirk, the one she gives when she’s ready to go for round one. Hisao returned her smirk and their lips met again. Hisao began to unbutton her shirt; Emi tried to race him and unbutton his shirt. This, of course, led to a tangle of hands in which they decided it would be better to do their own shirt. Hisao pulled his off a split second before Emi.

“Victory!” he cheered. Emi pulled her skirt off and laid back.

“You won, so come take your prize,” she giggled. He leaned over her and went to work.


Sex with Hisao was always great. He was good with his tongue, his fingers, and his dick. He could also match her sense of adventure. Of course, sometimes stuff went wrong. Forgetting the lube was the mistake of the night. So they settled for cowgirl.

“Fuck, Emi,” Hisao groaned as she worked her magic.

“Yes exactly. Fuck Emi,” Emi giggled back as she ground on his lap. He responded by bucking up a little. Both were so entranced that they almost didn’t notice the door opening.


Rin strolled into the room as if she wasn’t interrupting her best friends fucking. She stared at them as they froze.

“Well you can keep going. Don’t mind me,” Rin finally said after what seemed like forever. This sentence seemed to propel them into action. Emi rolled off and put a pillow over her while Hisao jumped up and slammed the door closed. He then snatched his boxers off the floor and put them on. Rin calmly watched this.

“Rin, don’t you knock?” Emi growled. Rin cocked her head.

“No, I kick. But you know that. I asked if I could come in and I heard some knocking back, so I figured it was some sort of morse code for ‘yes’,” Rin responded. Emi huffed.

“Well, can you leave?” Emi responded.

“I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to paint you naked,” Rin said. “I want to paint both of you naked.”

“Good? I’m still waiting for you to leave,” Emi snapped.

“No, let’s do it now. I am here. You are here. Hisao is here,” Rin said simply, closing her eyes in what Emi was sure was victory.

“We were kind of in the middle of something, Rin,” Emi said. Rin cocked her head again.

“You don’t have to stop. I don’t need to paint you two standing or sitting. Besides, this would be something very unique. It might actually make up for not having a beret,” Rin explained. Hisao and Emi exchanged a glance.

“Emi,” Hisao began, “I’m not sure about this.”

“Me neither. But,” Emi said, holding up a finger, “it would be adventurous. I mean, haven’t you ever wanted to try it when someone is watching?”

“I mean, I guess. I just didn’t expect it to be someone watching and painting us,” argued Emi. “Besides,” she leaned in so only Hisao could hear, “you forgot the lube. So we should do this. For kinkiness.” She straightened up and spoke normally. I’ve really come around to the idea of being painted in the nude, and you were a part of that. Why not?”

Hisao sighed. “I guess you’re right.” Rin smiled.

“Help me bring my easel and canvas in,” she said, nodding to Hisao. He opened the door and they walked out. Emi had a flash of nervousness which she pushed down in her chest. ‘It’s ok. You were game for this earlier. This is basically the same thing, except you can do something you want to do instead of standing still.’ Hisao reappeared only moments later carrying an easel and a blank canvas. Rin trailed, her backpack slung over her shoulder. Hisao set it up facing the bed, and walked over to Emi. He leaned over her and kissed her while Rin got her paints out. She’d already apparently mixed flesh tones.

“Could you maybe not look like that?” Rin said. Emi broke the kiss and scowled.

“How do you want us then?”

“Well, I think you should be on top. And you should not face Hisao.”

“Rin, why?”

“It’s your Emi-est pose,” Rin replied, a hint of a smile flashing across her face.

Emi repositioned and pushed her hips down. This position was good. It let Hisao see her good looking butt going up and down-

“Hold on. Stay still,” Rin said as she painted in small stokes. Emi looked over, confused.

“For how long?” Emi asked.

“As long as it takes,” Rin said. Oh boy. She turned her head back to look at Hisao. They shared a look and Emi could tell they were thinking the same thing.


Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (11/13/19 Update)

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:34 pm
by Mirage_GSM
Hello and welcome to the forum!
Regarding the first piece I agree with Feurox: The pacing is okay overall, though it would have been better if Misha had opened up first.

As for the second one... That one does have some pacing issues. Specifically the first two scenes at the track and on the roof do not add anything to the story at all. The story could stand almost completely unchanged if they were cut out altogether.
The rest of it was a fun little story.

Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (11/13/19 Update)

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:34 pm
by Hanako Fancopter
I think I liked this one even better than the first. I don't really recall a particular section that seemed pointless to me, just personally. I enjoyed reading the whole thing. I enjoy your style--you take an amusing idea and just run with it, with no pretentions. I appreciate that!

Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (11/13/19 Update)

Posted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:34 pm
by PsychicSpy
Thank you both for your feedback. Always appreciated. Personally, I felt that the first few scenes were necessary for exposition, though I agree that they could have been left out. To me, the scenes make more sense in, and allow a reader to settle into the story.

This is my new story which is most certainly a meme fic. On the discord, we got to a prompt which was playing Monopoly with special rules with Hisao and 3 random characters. We spent a whole night talking about it, and therefore I had no choice but to write this. Enjoy!

Prompt help: MoashLannister, Hanako Fancopter, Talmar, PKMN Thief Chris, and the rest of the Discord


“Why are we doing this again?” Hisao questioned as Naomi dragged him by the arm to the classroom for newspaper club.

“You said you would come play board games with us!” Naomi said excitedly.


“Yesterday morning! Now come, the girls are waiting!” They finally arrived at the door, which was wide open. Two girls Hisao that had not been expecting were sitting at one of the tables in the club room. Miki Miura was sitting with her feet up on the table, while the other, Misaki Kawana, was sitting with impeccable posture. Hisao didn’t know too much about either, except that both were in our class and that one had a stump instead of a hand, and the other had a scoliosis.

“Ah Hisao,” Misaki said, extending her hand. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Naomi always talks about you. Only good things, of course.”

“Yeah,” Miki responded. “Normally Natsume and Hanako also join us, but today I guess things to do.”

“They’re working on some big story together. They’ve been working on it for the past few days,” Naomi explained. Miki swung her legs down and sat up in her chair. She pulled a box up from below the table. It read ‘Monopoly’ on the front.

“We’re playing Monopoly? I’ve got to warn you, I’m only semi-good at this game. When Shizune forces Misha and me to play it, she usually wins.”

“Ah, Hisao, we’ll see what you can do. We play this relatively often since it can fit five players! You’ll do fine, I’m sure!” Naomi said brightly. She plopped herself down in one of the seats in between Miki and Misaki. Hisao took the other one. Misaki interlaced her fingers as she stared at the board.

“This should be interesting. Hisao, I presume you already know the rules?” she asked politely as she shuffled the Community Chest cards. Hisao nodded. “Do you mind shuffling the Chance cards?”

“No problem.” He shuffled as the others selected their playing pieces; the car for Miki, the top hat for Misaki, and the dog for Naomi. Hisao ended up taking the bag of money. Hisao was about to roll the dice to see who would go first when Miki said, “Stop.”

“Why?” Miki smiled at him.

“I think that we should change the rules. Spice things up a bit,” Miki suggested. Misaki blinked a few times.

“What do you mean?” she asked. Miki clasped her hands together and grinned evilly.

“Let’s play Strip Monopoly.” That sentence was enough for Hisao’s job to drop. Misaki restrained her surprise into raised eyebrows, while Naomi giggled a bit.

“That’s a great idea!” Naomi said excitedly. She spun to Misaki with pleading eyes. “Please Misaki! Let’s try this! You too Hisao!”

“U-uh, I’m not so sure,” Misaki stammered. “It’s a little unbecoming.”

“Come on, it’s ok to relax and get a little adventurous sometimes,” Miki said, trying to soothe her concerns. Misaki still looked troubled. Naomi reached out and put her hand on top of Misaki’s.

“It’s ok. If you really don’t feel comfortable doing it, we don’t have to.” Naomi stroked her hand. Misaki slowly shook her head.

“It’s alright,” she said. “Sometimes you have to try new things.” She looked at Hisao and blushed. “Even if it’s in front of new people.” Miki clapped her hands.

“Great. And Hisao, are you fine with this?”

“Uh, sure, I guess.” While he was still a little hesitant to show his chest scar, Naomi had seen it before, and besides, who would pass up a chance to play Strip Monopoly with three cute girls?

“Excellent. So here are the new rules. Firstly, pieces of clothing are substitutes for money: socks and shoes are $50 each, shirts are $200, pants and skirts are $200, bras are $300, and panties and boxers are worth $500. I’ll give an extra $50 to anything with lace,” Miki explained as she dealt out the money. She handed Hisao $900. “Here’s $900 for you. The rest of us get $600 since we have bras to take off,” Miki explained. The quiet cleared of a throat turned everyone’s attention to Misaki. Her face was a brilliant red.

“Could… could I have the extra $300?” Her voice was very quiet.

“And why would that be?” Miki asked, looking like the cat that ate the canary. Misaki seemed to shrink back a little bit.

“Well, I-I’m,” she stuttered. ‘I’mnotwearingabra!” she said quickly in a near whisper. Hisao’s eyes went wide as Miki giggled.

“Wow, our fairest maiden in the land isn’t wearing a bra? Bold choice,” Naomi said cheekily. Misaki flushed deeper red. “Don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t come to that. Give her the $300.”


Part of the way through the game, and Misaki and Naomi were locked in a dead heat. Miki was very astutely playing without her shirt, trying to balance her money and her amount of clothing, while Hisao had opted to remove his socks and shoes, but he was trying his best to use up his money first. He rolled a five and ended up on Pennsylvania Avenue with two houses on it. Miki smirked.

“So what will it be Hisao? I see that you don’t have you don’t have 450 dollars there.” Hisao scowled. He started to unbutton his pants.

“Wait!” Naomi spoke up. Hisao stopped. She leaned forward. “How about we raise the stakes a little?”

“Ok,” Hisao asked, intrigued. “What’s the idea?”

“Whoever wins gets to have Hisao for the night!” Naomi said, smiling. Thump thump. Hisao felt his heart beginning to beat very hard. Thankfully his morning swimming workouts with Naomi had helped train his heart so that this was less of a heart attack and more of a heart skip.

“Uh, what?” Hisao said, as Miki slowly nodded and Misaki remained frozen. Naomi’s smile grew bigger.

“Let’s raise the stakes. Whichever one of us wins gets you for a night. I think that we can all agree that we should be playing for a prize, right?” Miki nodded vigorously at Naomi’s words. Even Misaki, normally the most restrained of the three, gave the smallest of nods.

“Ok, then, what do I get if I win?” Hisao asked.

“Well, I guess you can spend the night with whomever you want. Or none of us,” Naomi responded.

“I guess let’s raise the stakes then,” Hisao agreed.

“Great! And you can keep your pants on. We’ll give you a freebie this time.”


The game continued on fiercely. About an hour later, everyone was still trying to hold their own. Misaki was probably the furthest ahead, clothes-wise; she still had most of her clothes on, but was running low on cash. Miki and Hisao had managed to not lose any more clothes, while Naomi was down a shirt, socks, and shoes. Hisao was trying his best to not check out Miki’s boobs, and slightly failing. Misaki rolled a 6 and moved ahead. She landed on one of Miki’s limited properties.

“Yeah!” Miki said, pumping her fist in the air. “Pay up, baby.” Misaki reached down to down to count the money, but she couldn’t seem to find the right amount. ‘Probably doesn’t have enough,’ Hisao thought. Miki seemed to catch on at the same time. “Well, well, well, looks like someone’s going to pay up. And you owe me $550. Which it looks like you might not have. So what are we going to do?” Miki raised her eyebrows suggestively.

“Ok then.” Misaki pressed her lips together as she stood up. She took a deep breath, and began to pull up her skirt. She hiked it up in the back to try and preserve some modesty, and pulled down her panties. Gracefully stepping out of them while keeping her head down, she picked them up off the ground and threw them at Miki. It was a lacy, red thong. Miki looked extremely surprised as she looked at it. Misaki sat down, her face flushed. “Take it. Can we keep playing now?”


Hours later, Misaki smiled evilly at Miki. “Oops, looks like you’re out.” She reached her hand out. “Panties, please.” Miki rolled her eyes as she stood up and hooked her thumbs into the waistline of cheetah print panties. She stripped them off and dangled them over the board.

“Happy?” Miki said, her nakedness fully on display. She turned so that both Hisao and Naomi could see her head on. She shook her shoulders so her perky breasts jiggled a little bit. She sat back down. She crossed her arms, giving a push-up effect on her boobs.

“Are you not going to leave?” Hisao said, confused. He had assumed that if somebody lost, they would leave, because Monopoly could be a long game. That was a long time to be naked.

“I want to see who wins,” Miki replied, and so they continued playing.


“Damn, you guys got me,” Naomi said in resignation as she flipped her last property. She sighed, looking down at the board. She’d gone the opposite route of Miki, meaning she only had her bra left. She sighed again and reached back to unclip her bra. She managed it quickly, and slid it off. Her boobs were fuller than Miki’s, with puffy areolas. She tossed her bra to the side. “I guess it’s up to y’all now.” Hisao gulped. He wasn’t too far behind. Naomi. His shirt was gone, and his pants weren’t far behind. Meanwhile, Misaki had been killing them, like Miki’s earlier taunting had flipped a switch in her head.

“You should just give up, Hisao,” Misaki said. “I’m going to win. I am inevitable.”

“No, I think I can still pull it off.”

30 minutes later, Hisao’s theory was disproved after his finances got destroyed by stops on what seemed like all of Misaki’s properties. Misaki smiled victoriously as Hisao pushed his chair back. “You win,” Hisao said as he stood to take his boxers off.

“No. Don’t do that yet. I won, so I think I’m the one with the right to see your package,” Misaki said, giggling.

“What? No! We had to sit here naked for a while, why shouldn’t Hisao?” Naomi asked fiercely. Misaki looked at her for a moment.

“Well, that’s because you lost. Take a hike, I think I want my prize now, not later,” Misaki said, turning to eye Hisao.

“Wow, our fair princess wants it like that? In here?” Miki said, giving a low whistle. “Come on Naomi; we want to give our fair lady and her conquest their privacy.”

“Ugh, fine.” Miki and Naomi both slid their skirts on, and buttoned their shirts, one a little more reluctantly than the other. Miki grabbed Naomi by the hand and pulled her out of the room and closed the door, leaving the club room in an awkward silence. Misaki breathed out hard and put her head down on the table for a moment.

“That was tough being that… bold,” Misaki said quietly. “I guess the competition brought it out of me.” She stood, the slightly cool air of the room making her nipples poke out underneath her shirt. She smiled. “Put your clothes on. As dirty as it would be to have relations in here, I think it would be more prudent for me to do it in a more comfortable place.”

“Oh, right,” Hisao said while pulling on his pants. “Scoliosis, I forgot.”

“Yes, exactly. If I’m going to, as Miki put it one time, ‘get my back blown out’, then I would prefer to be on a bed.” She giggled at the face that Hisao made after that comment. She put on her socks and her shoes while Hisao finished dressing. Hisao could feel himself getting hard. ‘Down, boy, down,’ he silently willed to his cock. ‘Not yet.’ Misaki grasped his hand. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah, let’s go.” With that, Misaki lead him by the hand out of the club room onwards to the female dorms. Once or twice, Hisao could swear that somebody was following them. Nobody was ever there when he looked back though. They entered the female dorm. They walked quietly down the hall, stopping right before a door with a bunch of polaroids on the door. Misaki turned to him.

“Are you ready for this,” she said, her eyes sparking with anticipation. Hisao nodded. Misaki stepped closer and kissed him. Not a deep kiss, but one with a hint of passion. They broke apart, and Misaki smiled. “Let’s go then.” She opened the door and pulled him through. The door was still closing as their lips crashed together again, a passionate tongue kiss on the way. Suddenly, Hisao felt a hand graze across the front of his pants. She broke off the kiss.

“Somebody’s ready to play. Let me help you with that. Bracing herself against her desk, she sank to her knees as Hisao unbuttoned his shirt. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his boxers to allow for his member to spring free. She whistled. “Wow, Hisao,” she murmured. Before Hisao could ask what she meant, she was already going down on it. She unbuttoned her shirt as she bobbed up and down on half of it, showing a little inexperience. She let her shirt open up, revealing a perky set of breasts. She slapped his hand away as it came to rest on the side of her head, signaling that she was in control of this. She increased the pace, and Hisao could feel the pressure building. “M-Misaki, if you don’t slow down, I’m…” She released his dick with a pop.

“Not bad for a first timer, right?” she asked, flashing him a sultry smile. She used both Hisao’s hand and the desk to help her up in the straightest way possible. She returned to using her hand to jerk him off slowly. Hisao helped pull her shirt off and noticed that in addition to her shirt, she also wore a brace on her upper body. He reached down and pulled her skirt up. He could feel how wet she was and felt a shiver run through her body as he rubbed her clit.

“Let me repay you,” Hisao whispered, leaning in and nibbling on her ear. She gave a small nod, as they clumsily made their way over to her bed. They broke apart so that she could lay down comfortably. He kissed her briefly, but began to make his way down her body, stopping for a pit stop at her breasts. He sucked on one of her nipples while rubbing the other between his fingertips. He heard her squeal a little bit. And looked up. She was looking down and biting her lip in the cutest way. She gave a little nod and he moved further, skipping over the brace and unbuttoning her skirt. He slowly slid it off her without jostling her hips too much, though a small grunt came from her. Hisao looked up, concerned. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” Misaki said. “Just a little pain. You can keep going.”

“Ok. Just let me know if it hurts and we can stop or try something else or something,” Hisao replied, going back to his task at hand. He dove in with relish leading to squeals of pleasure from Misaki. Licking and sucking, sucking and licking, he was able to build up a rhythm, spurred on by the noises that Misaki was making. He felt her place her hand on the back of his head and grasp his hair, holding him close. He responded by redoubling his efforts, only making her add further pressure. All of a sudden, she cried out, climaxing, pulling him in more. He tapped her arm to get her attention. She released his head and he looked up at her. She had a silly grin on her face.

“Wow, Hisao,” she said. “That was amazing.” She spread her legs a little more. “But I think it’s time to move on to the main course.”

“Of course m’lady,” Hisao said cheekily, positioning himself on top of her. He looked her in the eyes. “Ready?”

“Ready.” She closed her eyes as Hisao pushed in slowly. He savored the experience as he pulled out and pushed back in, going in shallow strokes. As he went, he went deeper until they were connected. She was making cute little noises as he bottomed out. “P-please, faster,” she squeaked.

Hisao responded by speeding up his thrusts. She moaned louder as his cock hit her g-spot harder and faster. She was moving back and forth a little bit, but wasn’t showing any signs of pain, so Hisao continued. He quickened his pace, feeling his own climax coming soon.

“Misaki… I’m going to-” She grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him into a kiss as he came inside her, her walls tightening as she climaxed with him.

“Hisao!” she moaned loudly as she broke the kiss. Hisao let her ride out her climax before he pulled out. He rolled over onto the bed next to her.

“Wow, Misaki, that was great,” Hisao said breathlessly. Misaki smiled.

“And think about this, we have all night together. It’s only 12.” Hisao smiled as he kissed her again.


Naomi bit her finger to stop herself from moaning as she stuck her fingers in her panties. She was standing near the door of Misaki’s room, listening to her friends fuck. It got her all excited, and she needed some sort of release.

“Oh, is that a pervert I see?” A voice said from down the hall. Naomi froze up as light footsteps came up behind her. Turning, she saw Miki’s trademark smirk. “Listening to Misaki and Hisao. What a pervert. I should tell them,” Miki said.

“No-no please don’t tell them,” Naomi said, vigorously shaking her head. Miki looked her up and down then leaned in.

“I won’t, naughty girl. How about we go back to my room and I help you relieve some urges?” Wordlessly Naomi nodded and allowed Miki to take her to her room.

‘Looks like more than just Hisao and Misaki will be getting lucky tonight. Thank god for Strip Monopoly.’

Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (11/18/19 Update)

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 8:29 pm
by PsychicSpy
This is a story I decided to post to welcome the holiday season! I had written it a few weeks ago based on a prompt that MoashLannister had suggested. I hope y'all will enjoy it! (Note: This is NOT my S10 submission. This is a different, unrelated piece.)


Hisao sighed. The student council was empty, save for him and Shizune. Misha was off doing make-up lessons, and Hisao swore he could hear distant ‘Wahaha~’s from the direction of the 3-3 classroom. As a result, the only sounds in the room were the scribblings of pens on various forms. The paperwork they needed to complete before winter break was tedious, and Shizune hadn’t managed to recruit any new people into the student council.

Suddenly the scribbling stopped and a loud snap emanated through the room. Hisao glanced over at Shizune, who had stopped writing to stare at him.

[We should have a contest], Shizune signed.

[I would win easily. I’m just signing these grade report forms], Hisao signed back. Shizune shook her head.

[No, something else. Did you know that Misha and Lilly are holding a Christmas party?] Shizune asked. Hisao nodded, and Shizune continued. [Well, I was thinking, what if we had a social contest? You’ve spent all your time here in the student council trying to be with Misha, and you haven’t gotten to know the other girls as well as you could].

[So it’s a contest for me to get to know these girls?] Hisao asked. [Sounds easy.] Shizune made a face like she was thinking.

[Ok, more challenging then], Shizune said, interlacing her fingers like an evil genius for a moment before continuing. [You have to seduce each girl. All in one night.] Hisao made a face of consternation.

[No, not happening], Hisao responded. Shizune rolled her eyes.

[Come on. You’re a real player, I can tell], Shizune responded, batting her eyes for dramatic effect. Hisao laughed.

[Nice try, Shizune. You can’t get me this time, though], Hisao signed. [I only have eyes for one.]

Shizune again rolled her eyes. [Yes, but we both know that Misha doesn’t swing that way. She only has eyes for one.] Hisao sighed. He had tried to date Misha, but it didn’t really work out. It was just one of those things when you figure out she was just trying to see if she could find love outside Shizune. She concluded that she couldn’t, but they remained friends, even though somewhere in his heart, he still held feelings for her. Shizune had urged him to move on several times in private.

[I know I can’t ultimately make up your mind for you,] Shizune began, [but maybe this is something that could help you move past Misha. I know it won’t be easy, but that’s the nature of a competition.]

[What do I get if I win?] Hisao asked as he mulled over the proposition.

[Well, you get a girlfriend, that’s a benefit. And I can probably stop the others from slapping you. Maybe. Who knows, maybe you’ll get more than that,] Shizune said, smirking.

[And If you win?]

[Then you owe me a favor of my choice,] Shizune said triumphantly. Hisao weighed his options. An unspecified favor is always a red flag, but he finally settled on a choice.


[We’ll see what you can do, Casanova].


‘Seducing all the girls,’ Hisao pondered as he walked over to student council room. It was Christmas Eve, and so he was bringing a bag of presents with him. ‘Presents never hurt any man’s chances, and I’ll need any advantage I can get. Especially because Shizune might be sabotaging me.’ He followed the path, which had been cleared of snow and salted. He could see through the window some small red lights had been strung up. Striding into the building, he was met by Shizune.

[So,] she began. [Are you ready for this?] Hisao grimaced.

[No, not really. But what the hell, I guess,] Hisao replied. Shizune laughed silently.

[Good. So I’ve decided that you don’t have to seduce Misha or I. Those would be unfair. But you still have to do Lilly, Hanako, Rin Tezuka, and Emi Ibarazaki. You know those last two, right?] Shizune asked, signing quickly so that they could finish this conversation before they made it to the student council room.

[Yes, somewhat. I talked to them a lot at the beginning of the year. But I think Hanako will be the hardest,] Hisao responded just as quickly. They began to ascend the stairs.

[You’ll have to be careful not to scare her off. It won’t be easy,] Shizune agreed. [But you just have to believe in yourself.] They approached the door. A red-and-green paper chain was strung over the door, and inside it sounded like everyone was having a good time. Hisao took a deep breath and opened the door. He was immediately rushed by a black-purple blur.

“Hisao! I’m-” *hiccup* “-so glad you made it!” Hanako giggled as she wrapped her arms around Hisao. Lilly approached behind her as Hanako gripped Hisao tightly.

“Ah, Hisao, it is good to see you,” Lilly said, in her prim-and-proper tone. Hanako released him and Lilly gave him a hug, albeit a much lighter one. “Hanako, how did she put it, pre-gamed before coming here. I only let her drink two glasses of wine, but I guess that’s all it took,” She whispered in his ear. They observed as Hanako gave Shizune a tight hug as well. ‘Maybe this will be easier than I thought,’ Hisao thought.

Scanning the room, he saw that Rin and Emi had beaten them here. Rin was currently sitting on the table, looking at the color-changing lights strung up on the probably tall Christmas tree in the corner. Emi was currently looking at the selection of food and frowning.

“Did really nobody bring anything healthy to this party? No carrot sticks and celery?” Emi questioned.

“Sor-ry Emi-chan,” Misha says flashing a smile. She shrugs. “I guess I forgot.”

“Ugh, fine. I guess I can break my diet this once,” Emi responded. Hisao could tell from her tone that she wasn’t really that annoyed.

“Have some fun Emi-chan! It’s Christmas Eve!” Misha exclaimed. Hisao set the bag down next to the tree. He’d forgotten that he was holding it. This snapped Rin out of her stare.

“Are you Santa?” Rin asked, blinking.

“No,” Hisao said simply.

“You must be Santa; Santa brings gifts. You bring gifts,” Rin said firmly, sitting up straighter. The little bells on her sweater jingled as she slid off the desk. Her sweater looked like the back half of some animal.

“What’s on your sweater?” Hisao asked. Emi came over. She put her arm around Rin’s shoulder and pulled her in tight. Together their sweaters made a moose.

“Get it? Because she’s got the legs?” Emi laughed. Rin looked on blankly as Hisao snickered. He glanced up at the clock. ‘8:00. Four hours to seduce four girls. No problem, right?’


‘Rin might currently be the toughest, if Hanako’s wine consumption continues at the rate it’s been going,’ Hisao thought as he walked up to where Rin was sitting. She was gazing out the window at the falling snow.

“Hey, Rin,” Hisao said as he sat down next to her. She didn’t turn away from the window.

“Snow and lights. Lights and snow. Contrasting colors. I want to paint it, but Emi says it’s not socially polite to paint at parties, so I left my stuff in the art room,” Rin replied.

“Well, we could always recreate it tomorrow. It’ll still be Christmas, and it’s supposed to snow,” Hisao suggested. Rin finally turned to look at him.

“Yes, but what if it doesn’t feel right tomorrow?” Rin asked.

“Then maybe it wasn’t meant to be. There’s a saying that goes ‘if you love something, let it go, and if it doesn’t come back, then it was never really yours to begin with’,” Hisao said, putting his hand on her shoulder tentatively. Rin leaned into it, not a "get off of me" kind of lean but the "I want human contact" kind. Rin scooted a little closer to him.

“You can hug me. I can’t kick you from here. I kicked Emi when she tried to hug me,” Rin said. She leaned into him. “But you are not in front of me. And I want your hug.” Hisao awkwardly put his arm around her. ‘This is strangely normal behavior for Rin, but I’ll take it,’ Hisao thought.

“Hisao?” he heard Emi say from behind him. “Could you come here for a moment?” Hisao reluctantly took his arm off Rin. He couldn’t tell if she was disappointed or not as she began to stare out the windows again. He got off the table and walked over to the snack table where Emi was standing. She had her arms crossed and a frown on her face. Holding a star in her hand, she pointed at the top of the tree.

“Help me get this on the top of the tree,” she ordered. Hisao put his hand cupped together with his fingers interlaced, waiting for Emi to step up for a boost. Instead she moved forward a bit and grabbed his hands. By herself, she placed his arms around her thighs. “This will be easier leverage for you.”

“Um,ok,” Hisao mumbled as his face got a little redder, aware of how close his hands were to her ass. ‘I’m trying to seduce her, not feel her up first!’ Regardless of his embarrassment, he lifted her up and she placed the star on the tree. Hisao put her down. She smirked at him.

“Looking a little red, I see,” Emi commented, “not thinking dirty thoughts, are we Hisao?” Hisao froze for a moment.

“N-no of course not,” Hisao stuttered as he flushed a little more. Emi giggled.

“It’s ok, Hisao,” she said, winked at him. “Maybe you should-” she was cut off by a tapping nearby. Lilly had made her way over, her cane in one hand, a glass of red wine in the other.

“Could I interest either of you in a glass of wine?” Lilly asked. Emi shook her head. 'Is that annoyance on her face?’ Hisao thought to himself.

“Sure, Lilly,” Hisao said, taking the wine glass from her. ‘Alcohol might make this easier since these girls seem to want to be the death of me.’


An hour and a glass of wine later, Hisao was feeling much more relaxed and a little bit less inhibited. Currently, he was laughing as Lilly related a story about moments that happened when Akira and her lived on their own.

“And that is how we got out of paying for dinner!” Lilly concluded. There were laughs all around. Nearly everybody had had at least one drink. Even Emi, who refused wine because of the calories, had somehow managed to drink a shot or two of rum from somewhere. Probably Misha. Hisao felt somebody grab my arm. Hanako tugged on his arm to move over towards the blackboard, away from the others.

“Hisao? Let’s go,” Hanako said. She stumbled over to the blackboard with Hisao trailing. She turned to me. “Hisao, you’re o-one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met,” she says, slurring her words slightly.

“Well, thanks Hanako,” Hisao said. He had a foggy idea of where this was going.

“I wish I h-had gotten to know you better,” she said. “We can still get to know each other better, right?”

“Uh yeah, of course,” Hisao said, glancing over at Shizune. She was smirking and tapping her wrist. She signed [You’re going to lose!]. A hand gently touched his chin and turned his head back forward. “Don’t look at Shi-Shizune. I’m right here,” Hanako giggled. Hisao had never seen this more dominant side of Hanako. Maybe it was the alcohol. She tried to wink, but it came out as a blink. ‘It would be absolutely unethical to try and seduce her. Can’t do it. Doesn’t matter if she wants it or not,’ Hisao thought. He started looking for an escape route. He noticed Lilly standing alone.

“Hey, Hanako, I have to go talk to Lilly for a moment. We can talk about this a little later,” Hisao said, moving away a little.

“Ok,” Hanako said, giving him a pout. She hiccupped and slowly stepped towards Rin, probably to discuss something philosophical. Hisao walked over to Lilly. She perked her head up at the sound of his footsteps.

“Hisao?” Lilly asked.

“Yes. How did you know it was me?” Hisao asked, ladling himself some punch from the punch bowl.

“People have certain types of walks. I know who it is usually by the sound of their footsteps,” Lilly replied, sipping her own drink. “But,” she continued, “there are other sounds that I pick up too. Take Hanako for example. She makes certain sounds at night, and I can always tell whether it’s another nightmare, or if it’s, how should I say, self-care.”

“Oh, um,” Hisao stammered, the heat rising to his face again. Lilly giggled. She leaned in. The faint smell of wine was on her breath.

“I know that I try to restrain myself from making noises, but it isn’t always easy,” Lilly said, blushing slightly. “A lady is always prim and proper, but there are times not to be lady-like.” She reached up to touch his chin. “May I see you? Through touch, I mean,” Lilly asked.

“Uh, yeah, that’s fine,” Hisao said. Lilly ran her hands over his cheeks, her thumbs running over his cheekbones. ‘Her hands are very soft,’ Hisao noted as she traced his jawline. She felt his nose and ran her fingers over his lips. She smiled.

“I can tell you are very handsome, Hisao,” Lilly said, withdrawing on hand and keeping one on his cheek.

“Thanks,” Hisao replied.

“Kiss me, Hisao,” Lilly whispered suddenly. Using her hand as a guide, she moved in to kiss him. Her lips crashed into his. Hisao closed his eyes and responded in kind reflexively, but this moment could only last a millisecond before they both heard a loud voice.

“Hey!” Emi shouted. Hisao felt a strong hand on his chest pushing him and Lilly apart. He opened his eyes to see Emi in between him and Lilly. Emi grabbed Hisao’s ears and pulled him roughly into a kiss with her.

“Mmph!” was the only sound Hisao could make as he was dragged into a liplock with the short girl. His ears were yanked more painfully as a pair of hands tugged Emi away.

“Don’t kiss her!” Hanako said as Hisao backed up to escape this situation. ‘This is by far the strangest night I’ve ever had,’ Hisao thought as he watched the girls argue with each other. This went on until one of Shizune’s ear-splitting snaps pierced the air. She had an aura of smugness as she looked the chaos. She waved at Misha a few times to get her attention, as she had been focused on all the chaos.

“Shiichan says that you all lost! Wahaha~” Misha said, trying to use a victorious tone. Shizune adjusted her glasses and smirked. “Shiichan says that she wins, because Hisao wasn’t able to seduce all of you, and all of you weren’t able to seduce him-oh was that the competition? Wahaha~”

“Wait,” Hisao said slowly. “So all of you were trying to seduce me?”

“Yeah, we were,” Rin said from where she was lying down. “We were like knights, fighting for your hand.”

“But it didn’t work!” Misha said. “Shiichan says that all that happened was Hisao felt uncomfortable, and you all were too focused on competing to realize whether you actually felt like he was making an impact on your feelings!” Hisao and the other girls looked at each other. Everything Shizune was saying was true. “With that, I now get a favor from Hisao and a promise from the rest of you to back off.”

Shizune strode over confidently. She brushed past the three girls who had been fighting. [Hisao,] she signed. [you owe me a favor.] She stepped closer. [Hisao, I want you to walk under that door with me.]

[Ok,] Hisao signed back, slightly uncertain to where this was going. He walked through the doorway when Shizune tugged on his sleeve.

[No. Stand in the doorway,] Shizue insisted. Hisao did as he was told and stopped halfway in and halfway out. Shizune pointed up. A plant with white berries was taped to the top of the doorway. [That’s called mistletoe. Some people say that when you are under the mistletoe with someone, you’re supposed to kiss them. Kiss me, Hisao!]

Hisao didn’t sign back. He cupped her cheek, and slowly leaned in for a kiss.

It was magical. And as they kissed, Hisao could swear her heard somebody say ‘Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!’

MoashLannister's Prompt:

Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (12/1/19 Update)

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:05 pm
by Mirage_GSM
you don’t have to seduce Misha or I.
"Misha or me"

I realize this is a crackfic - and one written to a prompt to boot - so it's a given, that none of the characters are as they are in the VN.
Problem is even as he is depicted in this story, Hisao is not the type to take a challenge like that from Shizune in the first place...

Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (12/1/19 Update)

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 1:23 pm
by PsychicSpy
"Misha or me"
You right my bad. Some of the grammar rules I forgot. It wasn't my biggest fuck up but thankfully another author caught it early

As for the characterization, I will admit I didn't know how to proceed without kind of making it a challenge, because Hisao isn't the type of guy to seduce multiple people without some sort of ulterior reason. But I do think that in some alternate world (one where he goes for Misha), maybe he would be :)

Definitely a crack-fic though. Just wait for what I'm posting soon if you think you've seen a crack-fic :lol: