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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (12/1/19 Update)

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Thank you to MoashLannister for the prompt. His prompt: Birthday Orgy for Hisao. As the name implies, this story is very graphic so don't read if that bothers you. Otherwise, enjoy!


“Surprise!” a chorus of voices shouted. Emi’s hands left their place in front of Hisao’s eyes. He blinked. The student council room had been decked out with a banner reading ‘Happy Birthday Hisao!’ in bold, red paint. Balloons of various colors were everywhere, floating on the ceiling. Every girl was here that he knew: other than Rin, who was sitting on top of a desk, Lilly, Shizune, Hanako, and Misha had all gathered around the door. Emi had led him here under the pretense of a “romantic surprise”. He hadn’t expected what looked like a full on birthday party for one pretty good reason.

“Wow! This is great,” Hisao said, “Except it isn’t my birthday.”

“No, it isn’t,” Misha agreed, “but~! Emi told us that you had said your birthday had passed in the hospital~! And so I thought what type of birthday could you have had in there? So we decided we would throw you a party now to make up for it.”

Hisao remembered mentioning his lack of birthday recognition to Emi after one of their runs.

“What do you mean, you didn’t celebrate your birthday?” Emi had said.

“I was stuck in the hospital. A few friends had come to visit, but it wasn’t anything big. I was in such a bad place I barely registered that it was my birthday,” Hisao had explained. Emi had crossed her arms.

“Hmph. That’s no way to truly celebrate a birthday.”

“Well, it is what it is. I guess I’ll have a good time next year.”

“Hm. Next year.” They had moved onto more mundane topics after that, and Hisao assumed that that was the end of it. He assumed wrong.

Somebody blowing a noisemaker broke Hisao from his reverie. Somebody, likely Emi or Misha, must have stuck it in Rin’s mouth. She dropped it from her mouth and gave a little smile.

“Happy Birthday, Hisao,” she said, closing her eyes and giving that cute little smile that she gave when she was happy. Hisao smiled back.

“Thanks, Rin. I can’t believe you guys threw this party together so quickly,” Hisao commented. Shizune smiled as Misha translated it back.


“Shiichan says that it was no problem! The student council is always supposed to look out for students,” Misha chirped brightly. Misha grasped his hand gingerly. “And we like to watch out for students like you.” The look in her eyes was strange, but it only flashed by and then it was gone. Hisao gently moved his hand away.

“H-Hisao,” Hanako said, and he turned to face her. “W-we made you a c-cake.” She sheepishly held up a round cake with white icing. On the top it said ‘Happy Birthday, Hisao!’ in messy red letters.

“Thank you so much, Hanako,” Hisao said, smiling. He couldn’t quite tell, but it looked like Hanako was blushing a bit.

“N-no problem,” Hanako responded. Emi handed him a tall gift bag. He pulled out the small amount of gift wrap to reveal three large bottles of wine.

“A gift from me and a friend,” Lilly explained.

“Thank you,” Hisao said, even though he knew he couldn’t drink too much. “Now, let’s eat some cake.” While they busied themselves eating cake and talking, Emi unzipped her bag and pulled something out. She bounced back over as they were generally finishing their cake.

“We should play poker!” Emi said, setting her plate on the desk. She held up a pack of cards. Shizune perked up as Misha translated this to her. They signed back and forth a bit.

“Shiichan is interested,” Misha translated. “I am too.”

“Poker. A game of many outcomes and scenarios. I will play too,” Rin said, hopping off the desk. After some quiet conversation between Lilly and Hanako, they looked over.

“It seems like everybody is playing, so I guess we shall play as well,” Lilly said. “Hisao?”

“Well, I guess,” Hisao said. Emi glanced at him mischievously.

“Ok, so we should play five card draw, but with some special rules,” she said as Hisao and the other girls pushed one long table to the middle of the room and pulled up chairs. “First off, if you don’t mind Hisao, I think we can help you with that wine.”

“So it’s drunk poker then?” Lilly asked. Emi shook her head.

“No, it’s going to be a mix,” Emi explained. “The rule is that the losers either have to drink part of a glass of wine or”- she paused for dramatic effect- “take a piece of clothing off!” Hanako started choking, presumably on a chunk of cake. She managed to cough it up.

“St-st-strip poker?” she stammered. Emi grinned.

“Well, you don’t have to. You can drink. Or win,” Emi replied. Hanako still looked doubtful, but Lilly clasped her hand and whispered something in her ear. She smiled.

“Well, alright, I guess,” Hanako murmured. Emi clapped her hands.

“Great! Misha, Shizune?”

Misha and Shizune signed back and forth. “Shiichan says yes~! But don’t expect her to take it easy on you, and she fully expects that all of you will be either naked or drunk by the night’s end- wait, including me? Wahaha~!” she laughed loudly as Shizune’s face grew red. She signed back to Misha. “Just teasing~ Shiichan! She says that she’s ready for the competition.”

“Something I’ve never tried before. All three. Drinking is probably not like smoking. Sounds very interesting,” Rin said simply. She looked at Emi. “Emi, you’ll have to help me undress and drink wine.”

“That’s fine,” Emi replied. Hisao gulped. “Looks like everyone is playing. Hisao, you gonna join or play it safe?”

“I guess I have no choice,” Hisao replied. Emi smiled.

“Think of it as a birthday gift from all of us. Getting drunk and taking clothes off? Every guy’s dream, or so I’ve heard. I’ll deal,” Emi said, sitting down. Everybody else took their seats.


“I fold,” Rin said flatly, laying down her cards with her big toe. That left Shizune, Emi, and Hisao. After a few hours, everybody was a little drunk, a little naked, or a little of both. Hanako was at hiccupping stage of drunkenness, but had managed to keep her clothes on. Lilly had followed a similar pattern, trusting in her higher body weight to balance out her alcohol intake. Rin had decided on a more balanced approach, as she seemed a little more loopy than when she was sober while having lost her shirt and tie, leaving her in a powder blue bra.

“Wahaha~ of course Ricchan! Nobody will beat Shiichan. You two should just give up now!” Misha said excitedly. She had already taken the strip part in stride, and was currently had let everything loose. Even so, she was no worse for the wear emotionally. Her laughter was getting extra distracting though- her perky breasts bounced up and down with every peal of laughter.

Hisao hadn’t been having much luck either. In fact, he was down to just pants and boxers, and only a little buzzed. Shizune had been on a strong streak, recently, having only had to drink once in the past few hands. Nobody could deny that each and every person was buzzed at best and hiccup-drunk at worst.

“So, Hisao, what’s it going to be? Call or fold?” Emi asked, raising an eyebrow. He felt confident. A flush of all spades.

“Call,” he replied, flashing a grin at her. He laid his hand on the table. “Read ‘em and weep.” Shizune looked dismayed, She threw her cards down. A straight. Emi held up one finger. She laid down her hand triumphantly.

“Full house! You lose again!” Emi shouted. Shizune wordlessly took a long gulp of wine, while Hisao flitted back and forth between the wine bottle and his pants. While the pants might be embarrassing, Hisao didn’t know how much alcohol was dangerous to drink.

“Yeah, Hisao, put on a show!” Emi said, clearly more than a little tipsy, as Hisao stood and unbuttoned his pants. “Woo!” Emi called out drunkenly as he undid the zipper and shoved his pants down. His face flushed with embarrassment as Emi licked her lips. She looked Hisao dead in the eyes. “Hisao,” she started, giggling, “I think it’s time for your birthday present.”

Thump thump. “Right here?” Hisao said, gulping. Emi’s stare clouding more with lust and determination.

“Right here, right now. In front of all these people.” Emi smirked.

“Woo! Go Emi!” Misha cheered, proving her point that it would, indeed, be people watching. Hisao could feel the pressure- and yet, he was getting a little aroused at the exhibitionism.

“I guess, we can,” Hisao said quietly. With that, Emi pounded, getting up quickly and heaping Hisao’s clothes on the floor. She gently pushed him back down into his chair. She shifted around, a bit uncomfortable, but eventually settled in.

“Emi’s getting serious,” Rin commented.

Emi was getting serious indeed; she pulled his boxers down to his ankles, and wasted no time taking him into her mouth. It was a little much for her, but Hisao knew that Emi loved a challenge. He gave a slight groan as she began to bob up and down on his member.

‘Emi-chan…” Misha said, a little huskily. Her eyes were glued to the erotic scene unfolding in front of her, her face flushing. Hisao noticed her shifting around in her seat. Emi pulled off for a moment and smirked drunkenly at her.

“Enjoying yourself?” Emi asked, raising an eyebrow. Misha froze for a moment. “It’s ok,” Emi said soothingly. “You can scratch your itch. I don’t mind. I’m sure Hisao wouldn’t mind the extra show.” Misha bit her lower lip lightly as she glanced at Shizune. Shizune signed something to her. She signed back, looking slightly embarrassed and slightly apologetic. Shizune’s eyes widened.

“Sorry, Shiichan, I just need to,” Misha murmured, halfheartedly signing it. She rolled down her underwear. They were white panties with pink stripes. She put them behind her back and spread her legs. Hisao couldn’t see too well due to the distance and Misha’s hand dancing across her clit, but it looked like she had shaved all her pubic hair off. She made little noises as she watched Emi return to what she had been doing. Emi was right. Hisao didn’t mind the extra show.

Hisao groaned. The sensation of Emi’s mouth going up and down, combined with some tongue action, was getting to be too much for him. He moved his hand towards the back of Emi’s head, but she batted it away.

“Bad Hisao, no,” she said playfully but firmly. “I want to give you something better.” She pushed herself up, wobbling a bit. She laughed as she looked at the others. Shiune was still trying to avert her eyes, her face red, while Hanako was whispering to Lilly about something. Lilly’s cheeks were a little pink as she giggled at whatever Hanako was saying.

“I’m sure they won’t mind, Hanako. I’m sure what you’re witnessing is quite erotic. I know the sounds are quite… arousing,” Lilly said quietly, referencing the little moans Misha was letting out.

“Just go ahead and do it already!” Emi said to them, gesticulating wildly. Lilly gently put her hand underneath Hanako’s chin and brought her into a kiss. Hisao felt his heart thump a little harder. Not too severe, but definitely elevated. Emi cleared her throat. “Baby,” she said huskily, “I think it’s time for the main course. We’ve enraptured the spectators, so let’s give ‘em what they want.”

“Ok,” Hisao responded, still struck by the surrealness of the situation. Emi put a hand on his shoulder and guided him to the table, quickly brushing away the forgotten cards and forcing him to lie down on it. She sat on the edge of the table and quickly stripped off her prosthetics, then straddled him. Like their “first time”, she smirked down at him while grinding on him. “Shall we replay this challenge?” Emi asked.

“You’ll blush first,” Hisao responded cheekily. Emi lifted herself and lined up his cock with her entrance.

“Let’s change up the game a bit,” she responded, and with that she eased herself down on him, moaning as she did.

“I hope that table is sturdy,” Rin noted. Hisao had almost forgotten she was here. He turned his head towards her. She used one of her stumps to tap Misha on her shoulder. It took a few times to break Misha away from her self-pleasure.

“What Riichan?”

“Can you give me a hand? Not in marriage, though I’ve heard you’re supposed to get it before doing anything like this,” Rin explained, shifting around.

“Sure Riichan~! I never knew you went that way!” Misha giggled as Rin stood up.

“What way?” Rin asked as Misha undid the button on her pants.

“You know~! Like with girls~!”

Rin shrugged. “Girls, boys, what’s the difference? Most of both have hands and mouths.”

“Which do you want me to use?” Misha asked suggestively as she took down Rin’s underwear. Hisao didn’t hear the response, as Emi leaned down and drew him into a passionate kiss.

“You should pay more attention to me,” she said, faux-pouting a bit after she broke away. “Staring at all these girls might make your girlfriend jealous.” Emi laughed. “I’m just kidding. Stare away. It’s your birthday after all, and this seems to be shaping up to be a great way to celebrate it.” Emi back away and went up and down harder. Hisao placed his hands on her hips for a semblance of control. They got into a rhythm, and most of everything else in the background faded away. It was just him and Emi, two lovers going wild on a classroom table in the middle of a circle of horny friends. The sensations were getting to be too much for both of them.

“Hisao! I’m close!” Emi moaned as she sped up her exertions.

“Me too, Emi!” Hisao responded. He could feel the pressure building up.

“Ohhh, Hisao, I’m cumming!” Emi said, ecstasy ringing through her voice. The sensations were too much for Hisao, and he groaned as he came in sync with her. The world faded to whiteness for a few glorious moments. When he faded back in, he heard a loud moan. Emi had laid down on top of him, panting, so it couldn’t be her.

“Ahhhhh~” Misha finished, her breathing ragged. “Wow, Emi-chan, Hii-chan, that was hot.” A slightly clearing of the throat from Rin got Misha’s attention. “Ah~! Sorry Riichan, I’ll get back to work.” Misha began to finger her beyond Hisao’s view. Rin’s face relaxed as she closed her eyes and smiled. He kissed Emi and she giggled.

“That was fun,” Emi said quietly. Her eyes flitted to Misha and Rin. “And those two seem to be doing well.” Loud sounds of making out were coming from off the side of the table. Noticeably missing were Hanako and Lilly.

“Sounds like Hanako and Lilly are getting along too,” Hisao observed as he heard a slight moan during a break in the kissing.

“The only one missing is…” Emi said, propping herself up and looking in the direction of the one figure who wasn’t currently enjoying the soft touch of a woman.

“Shizune,” Hisao finished for her. Emi rolled off him and managed to get her prosthetics on, albeit a bit improperly, but manageable. She sat down across from Shizune, who had turned away from everything going on and closed her eyes for good measure. Emi tapped on her shoulder and she turned. Her face was flushed red and she looked apprehensive. Emi pointed at her, shook her head and made a lewd gesture, which Hisao interpreted as ‘you’re not enjoying this?’. Shizune shook her head and looked towards Misha, who was not going to be able to translate, mostly because she had managed to lift Rin onto the table and was currently eating her out with gusto. Shizune silently sighed. She walked over to a drawer, withdrew a pen and notepad, and walked back. She scribbled out a message: ‘I just… don’t feel that way about girls. Not that much anyways.’

Emi grabbed the pen and wrote back: ‘Oh! I’d always assumed with the amount of time you spend with Misha and the fact that you’ve never had a boyfriend as far as I know…’

‘That’s because I’ve never met a boy I’ve found overly attractive or one willing to learn sign language.’ Shizune ‘said’, looking a little downcast. She glanced at Hisao. ‘Can I be honest, Emi?’

‘Yeah, of course.’
Emi responded. Shizune hesitated for a moment, but quickly wrote out a message.

‘Hisao was the first boy I was really attracted to. He was so downcast, but I saw so much in him that I couldn’t help it. I invited him everywhere and tried to get him to do things with me, but I guess that just scared him away. Although he clearly has a thing for assertive women. I guess, just not me.’

‘Well, maybe…’
Emi started, before turning her back to Hisao and writing something secretly with Shizune. He saw Shizune slightly raise her shoulders in surprise, followed by a nodding from Emi. Shizune embraced her. They turned back to Hisao and shot him seductive looks, both pulling it off in their own ways.

“Hisao,” Emi started softly, “come help me loosen up Shizune.” Hisao swallowed. Emi seemed to sense his hesitation, and added “Don’t worry, I’m giving you permission.”

“Ok,” Hisao responded as he moved closer to them. Shizune reached her hand up and placed her hand on his cheek. She brought him in for a soft and sensual kiss.

“Take off her bra,” Emi whispered in his ear. Emi had apparently unbuttoned Shizune’s shirt for her, and Hisao did as she requested while continuing the kiss. They broke aparts, both catching their breath. Emi took advantage of this to lean in and latch onto a nipple. Shizune looked surprised, but it faded to one of enjoyment as Hisao caught on and began to suck on the other one. He thought he may have imagined it (or confused it with a different girl’s), but he swore he heard a small noise from Shizune as he and his girlfriend continued to stimulate her.

He moved his hand further down, into her panties. He ran his fingers along her slit and felt how wet she was. Withdrawing from her, he leaned back and looked at his glistening fingers. “Wow, Shizune, you’re really getting loose now.” She seemed to at least pick up the gist of what he was saying, and shyly nodded. Emi stopped her ministrations too in order to see what Hisao was doing.

“Ooh, Shizune, you dirty girl!” she exclaimed, before grabbing Hisao’s hand and seductively sucking the juices off his fingers. Hisao’s eyes would have widened with surprise, but at this point, nothing was surprising him anymore. Emi fetched the notepad: ‘I thought you said you didn’t like girls like that.’

‘Maybe there are times for exceptions.’
Shizune replied, smiling. Emi took her by the hand and led her over to the table, where Rin was had managed to wrap her powerful legs around Misha’s head and was currently very much dominating the student council vice president. Emi bounced over and tapped Rin on the shoulder.

“Rin,” Emi started, trying to sound stern and failing, “what have we talked about letting people breathe?” Misha made some muffled noises from her position and Rin loosened her grip.

“It’s ok! I have a bit of practice so I know what to do down here!” Misha said excitedly.

“That is true,” Rin said sagely as she tightened her legs back up again. Emi pressed her lips together and nodded slowly.

“Ok. Weird fetish, but ok. Can you at least scoot over a bit?” Misha grabbed Rin’s hips before she could do anything and moved her a few inches to the side. Misha was many things, and apparently strong was one of them. Shizune laid down on the table, her legs up in the splayed lewdly in the air. She bit her lip. Hisao had never seen her act this vulnerable before. Emi leaned over the table and kissed Shizune.

“Enjoy it. Enjoy this time with the guy you’ve been waiting for,” Emi said. Shizune probably couldn’t tell what Emi was saying, but she nodded regardless. Hisao lined up, ready to enter her. He met Shizune’s gaze and smiled at her before slowly pushing in.

The sensation was different than Emi, but he wasn’t quite sure why. As he slowly began to push in and pull out, Shizune reached her hand up and began to play with her breast. Emi reached down and strummed Shizune’s clit, all while using her other hand on herself. There were no words from Hisao nor any sounds from Shizune, as he picked up the pace, having gotten both of them into rhythm. He felt the pressure building a little fast, maybe due to the increase in tightness, maybe because of the fact that he was in the middle of an orgy. Shizune and Emi had also both sped up, and had enveloped in a deep, passionate kiss.

Out of nowhere, Misha’s hand snaked around and began to play with Hisao’s balls. Hisao jumped a little, but relaxing. Similar to earlier, it was a new sensation, one that seemed to drive him even faster to climax. Shizune broke away from Emi and looked directly into Hisao’s eyes. She let out a small moan as he felt her orgasm ripple through her body. He thrusted a few more times then came. He slipped out and brought Shizune into an embrace.

“Ooh, Misha, you really are good with your mouth! Almost as good as Emi!” Rin’s voice loudly called out. Her moans had gotten progressively louder as Shizune and Hisao had been going at it. She shook a little bit and let out a high pitched squeal. She sat there for a moment before Misha tapped on her thighs and she released her. Misha smiled. “That was fun.” She turned to Emi, who had frozen. “So Emi-chan, I’m not sure if I was just muffled by Richan’s thighs, but I think I heard her say that I was better than you at this?”

Emi looked back sheepishly. “Well, sometimes Rin and I… fooled around. We’re teenage girls, we get horny too!”

“Wahaha~! It’s ok Emi-chan! There’s no judgement of course!” Misha exclaimed. Emi got a competitive look on her face.

“Why don’t I show you what I can do?” she asked, gesturing to the table. Hisao helped Shizune to her feet and allowed Misha to lie down on the table next to Rin. She spread her legs in the air and beckoned towards Emi.

“Emi~. Come and get it~! Wahaha~!” Misha laughed as Emi sauntered towards her. This time, Hisao got a good glimpse of Misha. She was indeed shaven, very wet, and ready for Emi’s tongue. Hisao knew that Emi’s mouth could handle a dick well, but he didn’t know about pussy. Regardless, Emi looked confident as she sat down in a chair and dove in.

Shizune tugged on his sleeve and walked him around the table. There were less makeout noises and much more moaning coming from where Hisao presumed Lilly and Hanako were.

Lilly and Hanako had made the decision to get pleasure simultaneously and start 69ing. The sight of two cute girls eating each other out was enough to start to arouse Hisao again even though he’d already cum twice. He felt a hand clasp his penis and begin to stroke it. He looked at Shizune, who smiled at him. She tapped Misha on the shoulder as she was squirming on the table. Emi was pretty good at her job, it seemed.

“Wha~” Misha opened her eyes and looked up at Shizune. Shizune made some signs at her. “You want me to say that~? That’s so dirty~!” She closed her eyes again. “Lilly,” she began, “Shizune would like to know if you want to get fucked. She said that Hisao was really~ good and- oh yes, Emi!- that you would like it!”

Lilly stopped what she was doing and looked up from her spot on the bottom. “I’d love to. Just give me one moment.” She started licking and sucking with more vigor. Hanako gave a small squeak, and not long after, her legs shook and she let out a loud moan. She rolled off Lilly, panting. Lilly smiled and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“I c-can’t believe I just c-ame in front of all these people,” Hanako said quietly.

“It’s ok. Sometimes being watched just adds a little more excitement to the experience,” Lilly said. Hanako looked at her doubtful and Lilly rose to her feet. She clasped her hands together. “I’m guessing that Rin and Misha are probably taking up much of the table.” They were indeed; Misha was preoccupied, and Rin was still staring up at the ceiling. At the mention of her name, Rin turned her head. She appraised Lilly and Hanako with eyes as if she was seeing them for the first time.

“Do I need to move?” she asked flatly.

“No, I don’t believe it will be necessary,” Lilly responded.

“Mhm” Rin stared at Hanako. “And what are you going to do while Hisao rails your friend?”

Hanako looked shocked at Rin’s bluntness. “I… uh… I d-don’t know.”

“Hanako, go to my bag and get the purple thing I have in there,” Lilly asked politely. Hanako went to it and squeaked. She pulled out a purple dildo. Lilly gestured in the direction of Rin. “Use that, Enjoy yourself.”

“Um, o-ok, I will,” Hanako said, shuffling over to Rin. She knelt and hesitated, holding the dildo straight up and down. Shizune came over and grasped her hand. Hanako gave her a small smile, and Shizune helped guide Hanako’s hands into action.

Lilly turned to Hisao and clasped her hands together, giving a nice push-up effect to her boobs. “Now that everybody is seemingly engaged, why don’t we start our fun?” Hisao nodded and Lilly turned on her heels and bent over the table. She looked back and slapped her ass.

“You’ve had my cousin, but how about you come conquer beautiful foreigner?” Lilly said. Hisao flashed a grin and stepped up behind her. He pressed the head of his cock up against her lower lips, she gave a satisfied sigh as he pushed it in.

Just like Shizune, fucking her was a different sensation than Emi. It was a slightly different angle due to their height difference as well as the different position. She started bouncing back to meet him.

“Grab me by my hips and take me, Hisao!” Lilly commanded. Hisao grunted in reply and grabbed onto her hips. He began to thrust harder, and Lilly’s dirty talk subsided to mewls. Looking up, Hisao took in the scene before him. Lilly was leaning on the table, her head down, while Rin was currently biting her lip and making small noises as Hanako fucked her with Lilly’s dildo. Shizune had moved to the other side of the table, straddled Misha, and was currently riding her face.

“Ooh Hisao,” Lilly panted. “Pull my hair please!”

“Ok.” Hisao grabbed a handful of her blonde mane and pulled lightly. Looking at the scene, coupled with the amazing feeling around his dick, Hisao felt his orgasm coming. “Oh, Lilly,” Hisao groaned. “I’m going to cum soon.”

“Me too,” Lilly responded breathlessly. A few thrusts later, he could feel her walls contracting. “Hisao!” she called out. Hisao still felt his building as she took over, pushing back on him and riding out her orgasm. “Don’t cum in me,” Lilly told him, slowing down. She got on her knees quickly and began to jerk him off. Her beautiful blue eyes “gazed” into his. “Cum on me, Hisao. Show me how you really feel.”

“Lilly-” was all that Hisao could get out before he came all over her tits. She gave a little giggle as it landed on her. In the background, he could hear a duet of loud moans as Rin and Shizune seemed to reach their orgasms at the same time. A muffled one from Misha accompanied them.

Having come down from his orgasmic high, Hisao realized just how worn out he felt. This much sex paid a price on the body. Lilly gracefully sat with her legs open a little bit. Shizune got off the table and wobbled into a chair near the table. Emi leaned back in her chair and let Misha continue laying on the table. Hanako took a seat and sat near Rin’s legs, while Rin sat up.

“So that was… new…” Lilly said.

Emi sauntered over to Hisao and sat on his lap. She stroked his chest. “So, good birthday gift? Makes up for all that time in the hospital?”

“Uh-um,” Hisao stuttered, his confidence seemingly gone. Emi laughed.

“I thought so, even if I didn’t think it would get this far.” Emi leaned in and whispered. “You know, Lilly looks pretty hot with your cum splashed on her boobs.”

“Why, thank you Emi,” Lilly said. Emi looked a little embarrassed for a moment, but recovered easily.

“You’re welcome. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves,” Emi said, glancing over the room.

“Shiichan says she really enjoyed it! And I did too~! Emi-chan, you are good with your mouth~!” Misha spoke up. She smiled at Hisao and Emi, as did Shizune.

Rin turned her head towards Misha, then looked dead at Hanako. “Both of you were satisfying lovers.”

“W-well, m-most artists had some v-very interesting s-sexual experiences, “ Hanako said back.

“Wahaha~! Yes~! Were we good enough muses~!” Misha implored.

Rin closed her eyes sagely. “We shall see.”

Emi clapped her hands. “So maybe, you know, if you guys want, we could do this again sometime?” Everybody murmured a certain amount of agreement.

“I think my birthday comes next! Wahaha~! It’ll be so fun~!”
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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (12/17/19 Update)

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Wrote this in spirit of the Christmas season. Enjoy!

Proofreading thanks to: Stiles Long, ProfAllister


Misha smiled, seeing the joy on the face of the two young boys who, now that they were unrestrained from the line, ran up to the fake sleigh.

She always enjoyed volunteering to play the elf at Santa’s Workshop in the Kahala Mall. The expressions of joy on kids’ faces, plus the ability to feel like she was in a winter wonderland even in hot, humid Honolulu made all the long hours and the occasional snobby parent absolutely worth it.

She watched as the kids excitedly told Santa what they wanted for Christmas, gleefully shoving what she assumed to be letters into his hands. This was truly her favorite time of year, and her favorite American holiday. She watched as her coworker elf smiled and helped the parents corral their kids away after a few pictures, and Misha let the next couple through. A young couple with a toddler. Misha leaned down.

“Would you like a candy cane?” she said kindly to the child. He stared up at her in wonder.

“Yeah!” he replied, and Misha handed him a green and red candy can. He immediately ripped off the plastic and began to nibble on it. The mother smiled gratefully at Misha.

“What do you say to Santa’s helper?” the mom asked her son.

“Thank you.” Misha smiled and fist bumped him as they proceeded on to see Santa. She checked her watch. It was getting late, and only a few more people could be lucky enough to see Santa!

Suddenly, she heard a curious voice call out in Japanese: “Misha?” She turned to the voice, which apparently had come from the next parent in line. When she turned, she was shocked. Standing before her were two friends: Hisao and Shizune. In front of them, messing with each other, were two kids, a boy and a girl. The little brown haired girl held out her hands, and the little boy put his on top. Apparently they were old enough to have learned the hand slap game.

“Hiichan! Shiichan!” she squealed excitedly as they repositioned to the side of the kids. She lightly embraced both. “How have you been? It’s been a little while since I’ve heard from you.”

“We’ve been alright. The twins are starting school soon, and we’ve been so busy at Hakamichi Industries that we’ve found less free time than we’ve liked,” Hisao said. “Sorry for going dark for so long,” he added sheepishly.

“Wahaha~ water under the bridge Hiichan!” Misha playfully shoved him. “But what are you doing here?”

[As an anniversary gift, we decided to come here to Hawaii during the winter holidays,] Shizune signed. [We’re surprised you didn’t tell us about your move! Congratulations on the promotion! Dean of Language, Linguistics and Literature? I’d never thought I would see the day that the girl who worked so hard on student council that she forgot her normal classes would become such a high official in a college.]

“Ahaha~ yeah. The University of Hawaii is so much better than Troy- same heat, but more beaches!” Misha said, giggling. “Plus, there’s a nice Japanese community here, which helps me feel like I’m back home sometimes.”

“We originally went to your office to visit, but you weren’t in. Your secretary told us you’d gone out, but didn’t know where. Luckily, we ran into one of your students, and they told us that sometimes Professor Mikado works at the winter wonderland at this mall,” Hisao explained.

[It isn’t every day that the children get to experience American culture like visiting Santa,] Shizune finished for him. She nudged the kids. [Say hi to your Aunt Misha, Akio and Akane.] The children stopped with their game and turned to her. The boy looked a bit more shy, but the girl immediately thrust her hand out.

“Hi, Aunt Misha,” Akane said, and Misha shook her small hand.

“Hello Akane. Wow, you’ve gotten so much bigger! I haven’t seen you since you were this big.” Misha estimated the length of a baby with her hands. Akane giggled.

“We were small then! Akio! Say hi!” She poked her brother in the arm.

“Um, hi,” Akio said quietly, looking at her with wide eyes. Misha held her hand up for a high five, and he hesitantly met it.

“Hi Akio! You’ve grown too! Have you brought a Christmas list for Santa?” Misha asked them. They both held up pieces of paper with some writing on it. “Great! Why don’t you go over and sit with him and tell him all about it?” Akane ran over, Akio following more reluctantly.

“I’d better go with them. Make sure Santa can understand what they tell him,” Hisao said, following. Shizune and Misha moved over to the side, even though they knew they could easily have their private conversation anywhere.

[So Misha, how are you doing?] Shizune asked, carefully and deliberately signing.

[You just asked that Shiichan!] Misha responded, smiling. Shizune shook her head.

[No. How are you really doing? The Shiina Mikado I knew wouldn’t go completely dark like you have.]

[Well, normally you wouldn’t either,] Misha responded. [I guess I’ve just been busy. Big move, then jumping right into the school year. The students aren’t advanced here. I’m just teaching introductory classes, and petitioning for higher levels.]

[I see,] Shizune said simply. [And there’s nothing else?]

[If you’re trying to ask if I’m seeing anyone, the answer is no,] Misha responded curtly. She didn’t like where this conversation was going.

[I really care about you Misha, and I worry that you aren’t having your emotional needs fulfilled,] Shizune replied. She looked over at Hisao, who was hurriedly trying to translate his kids as best he could. [I don’t know what I would do without Hisao’s support. And you deserve the same thing.] Shizune brushed Misha’s cheek. Misha leaned into it a bit, before jerking it away. ‘It’s not right to have these reactions to a married woman,especially not Shizune!’ she told herself. Shizune looked a little startled before she continued.

[I know that I messed up. I didn’t realize how much I hurt you, and I’m sorry for that. You were my best and closest friend, and I feel like I used you.] Misha wanted to cut in, say that it was ok, brush it off, but Shizune was on a roll now. [It was wrong of me to not check in with you. Wrong of me to not recognize the signs you were showing that you weren’t feeling ok. It was selfish of me. And I know I can’t make it up to you. All I can ask for is your forgiveness.] Shizune stopped signing and looked down at the ground.

Misha could feel herself tearing up despite her best efforts to restrain it. She thought about all her angst, and how every day that she looked at Shizune and knew she couldn’t be with her, every time she saw how much fun Hisao and Shizune were having made her feel worse and worse. How he slowly learned sign language and it seemed like Shizune would need her less and less.

To the point where she should no longer exist in this world.

But, her rooftop conversation with Hisao had brought her back from the brink. She was so close to, as Rin once put it, ‘destroying herself’, only physically, not metaphorically. That conversation had made her feel better, like she could make it.

But Shizune had never truly been a part of this process. And yet, here she was, apologizing. It would be an understatement to say it meant the world to Misha.

Lifting up Shizune’s head lightly she said [Oh, it’s ok Shizune. I forgive you.] She pulled Shizune into a tight embrace as tears started to roll down her cheeks.

She knew she was a messy crier and she knew she was getting tears and snot on Shizune’s shoulder, but Shizune made no attempt to back away. They stayed like this, Misha crying and Shizune holding her, until somebody cleared their throat. Misha looked up, still sniffling. A frowning mother was gesturing towards Santa. Hisao and the twins were finishing up, and clearly the mom wanted to get a move on.

“Hey,” Misha’s co-elf said as she walked over to them. She smiled at Misha. “Don’t worry. I can handle the last few.” Misha mumbled her thanks and the worker scurried off to deal with the mother.

Hisao came back over, herding the kids in front of him. “Everything ok over here?” he asked as he noticed Misha’s tear-streaked face.

“Yeah, Hiichan. Everything’s ok. Shiichan just gave me an early Christmas gift.” Hisao looked at both, then smiled.

“Why don’t you join us for dinner, Misha? We would love to have you out for a while,” Hisao suggested. Shizune nodded.

“Sure, Hiichan. Just let’s go back to my apartment so I can change first.” With that, they proceeded towards the mall exit.

‘I think this will be the best Christmas ever.’
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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (12/31/19 Update)

Post by Hanako Fancopter » Wed Jan 01, 2020 4:08 pm

I was worried for a second there that I was reading some kind of Mishadacium! Instead I see this as the introduction to a Shizune-Misha variant of Home. What would it be called I wonder? Domicile? The Hakamichi Residence? :?:
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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (12/31/19 Update)

Post by PsychicSpy » Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:37 pm

Hanako Fancopter wrote:
Wed Jan 01, 2020 4:08 pm
I was worried for a second there that I was reading some kind of Mishadacium! Instead I see this as the introduction to a Shizune-Misha variant of Home. What would it be called I wonder? Domicile? The Hakamichi Residence? :?:
Hmm, that gives me some ideas... maybe this won't be the last we hear of that Universe...

Anyways, the other day, somebody said that I came here to write serious stuff, and some people warped me into the orgy guy. While it was all in jest, it inspired me to write this. So this is dedicated to you, Feurox. I hope you like it!

Thank you for the proofreading and suggestions: Stiles Long, Craftyatom, Tetrax333

Note: this story has some sensitive content, so take that as you will


Hisao collapsed onto his side, completely spent. The beautiful woman in his bed was only huffing a little bit, as she did much more cardio than him.

“Wow, Hisao. You’ve gotten much better than when we were in school,” she said, flashing him a grin.

He poked her back playfully. “You’ve been a great teacher, Miki,” he replied. They shared one more passionate kiss, then they broke apart.

“So what are your plans for tomorrow?” she asked.

“Well, I was set up on a blind date by a colleague, so I’ll be doing that at lunch. He figured enough time had passed, since, you know,” Hisao trailed off, gesticulating.

“Yeah, I know. It’s probably been enough time, but are you ready?”

“I’m not sure. I’m honestly a little nervous. Both because it’s a blind date, and because I seem to be a failure in this area.”

“Well,” Miki laughed a little before intertwining her fingers with his. “I don’t know how much this means coming from the girl that you only fuck, but I think you’re a catch, for any girl. And that you should only do this if you really feel comfortable.”

“Thank you, Miki. I think I am ready, but I’m kind of unsure of myself, if that makes any sense,” Hisao replied before adding “And you aren’t just a girl I fuck; you’re also my friend.” Miki yawned and snuggled in closer.

“I’ll be gone in the morning probably, but good luck tomorrow. Let’s sleep.” Hisao raised no objections as they fell asleep together, locked in a warm embrace.


Sure enough, Miki and her clothes had disappeared. Hisao sighed. They might only be friends with benefits, but one day he’d at least like to get breakfast with her. No matter though. Maybe he would be able to say a short hello if he saw her on campus. He checked the bedside clock and started getting ready.

Within 30 minutes, he’d finished and started to make his way to the bus stop. Tokyo Tech was only a few stops away, and he knew he would make it on time for his first class. He pulled out his lecture notes to work on reading and completing them, but couldn’t stop fidgeting with his tie.

Maybe he was more nervous than he thought.

He attempted to stay occupied with the notes on the bus ride over, but thoughts about the blind date kept popping in his head: was it another professor? What if they had nothing in common? What if she didn’t show up and he was there looking like an idiot? He shook these thoughts out of his head as the driver announced his stop, and got off the bus as soon as the door opened. He hurried to the science building, waving hello to some of his students as he walked by them. He took a deep breath before opening the door to the building.

Just make it through the morning. Then his date awaited, and either he would succeed or fail.


He was fiddling with his tie again as he approached the cafe. It was a smaller tea house, which reminded him of the Shanghai. He walked through the old looking wooden door and looked around. It was quiet. Most of the customers were elderly couples, with a few young people scattered about. One of them really caught Hisao’s eye.

It was a brunette girl, sitting at a table alone, staring into a cup of coffee. She had curly hair, and with striking green streaks running through it. He tried getting a closer look at her face, but he felt like he couldn’t without looking like a massive creep.

He walked over and tapped her on the shoulder. “Hi, are you-” he started before seeing the girl’s face.

“Hisao?” she asked.

“Misha?” Hisao asked back, incredulous. Here was his loud but well-meaning classmate, only 8 years older. She’d aged rather well; Hisao was in shock at how attractive she had become.

“Sorry to bother you, I’m here meeting somebody for lunch,” Hisao explained. Misha looked confused.

“Oh really? Me too. Crazy coincidence right?” Misha replied.

“Yeah, I’m uh, going on a blind date,” Hisao said. Misha swept her arm across the table, narrowly missing the coffee.

“Well sit down, because, well, I’m here for a blind date too. Toshiro set you up, right?” Misha asked, catching Hisao completely by surprise. He blinked a few times, mentally pinching himself to make sure that he hadn’t accidentally fallen asleep at his desk.

“Yeah, so I guess you’re the person I’m meeting.” Hisao slipped into his chair, still feeling a bit of disbelief that they had managed to get paired up as a blind date. At least he kind of knew her. “I guess we can skip through the basic introduction stuff. So what have you been doing since Yamaku?”

“Well, let’s see,” Misha began, looking up in thought. “I went to America to the University of Hawaii. It was really warm there~! And there were a lot of nice people and a small Japanese community. Made me feel at home.” She sighed nostalgically, though Hisao didn’t necessarily feel convinced that she really felt that way. “But I couldn’t stay away forever. I came back here a few years ago. I’ve been teaching at the JSL Nippon Academy here in Tokyo, and privately tutoring in American Sign Language for those who want to learn. What about you?”

Hisao grimaced. “Well, originally I began working in a lab. I worked on satellites. Widestar stuff. Eventually I quit that life, about a year ago. I managed to get a job teaching physics at Tokyo Tech. The lectures I usually teach are ones about near-earth astrophysics. It’s a tough job, and I definitely know why Mutou always came into class tired.”

“Wahaha~! Yeah, he always looked worn out. I hope he’s doing well.” Hisao figured that some things, like Misha’s trademarked laugh, would never change.

“He is. We recently had lunch together. Can you believe that he’s still teaching over at Yamaku?”

“Wow! I guess he just can’t leave~!”

“Yeah,” Hisao said as the waitress came over. He ordered a coffee, as Misha ordered a small plate of cookies. The waitress returned with their orders astonishingly fast. Hisao took a sip of his coffee as Misha dunked a cookie into hers.

“So, no more pink hair?” Hisao questioned as Misha bit off the coffee-soaked piece. She quickly wolfed it down before answering.

“No, I decided to change it when I went to America. Pink wasn’t- well, it just wasn’t me, in a way. Plus, green is my favorite color.” She gave an awkward giggle after that last part.

“Well, I like it. I think it looks really nice.” Misha blushed at that. She leaned forward.

“Thank you, Hisao. I’m not the only one, you know,” she said slyly, eyeing Hisao up and down. Now it was Hisao’s turn to blush.

“Are you sure I don’t just look worn down and stressed?” Hisao joked. Misha shook her head.

“No, I know handsome when I see it,” Misha said. Hisao smiled. They talked about more mundane things, like you would on a blind date with any other person. Hisao found himself more and more interested in Misha. Despite sitting next to each other back in high school, the most personal they had gotten was him asking her advice about girl problems.

“My favorite food so far?” Misha paused, thinking it over. “Well, I’d have to say that parfaits are always good, but as far as savory foods go, I really like the Hawaiian plate lunch. Katsu, two scoops of white rice, and macaroni salad? So yummy, especially after a day of learning and tutoring. It was a special treat though, My metabolism has slowed down a little bit since high school~. Wahaha~!”

“Yeah, I had to find a workout routine as well,” Hisao agreed, grimacing. He left out the part where he’d stopped for a pretty long time. “The university gym tends to be useful for that at least. Even if it takes away from funding our program.” He grumbled that last part. Misha giggled.

“Aww, I know how you feel,” she said, placing her hand onto his. When she realized she had done that she quickly withdrew it. “Sorry, that was a little forward.”

“No need to apologize. It was, uh, nice,” Hisao replied. That spark of… something … that he’d felt when she did that was refreshing. He placed his hand over hers and looked into her eyes. “I liked it. It felt comforting.” He checked his watch, noting the time. “Wow, it’s already been a few hours. Would you like to go for a walk in the park? I have to get back for a late afternoon lecture later, but I’d love to keep talking.”

Misha smiled back. “I’d love to, Hisao.”


Walking through the park was rather peaceful. After a couple of hours spent in the dimly-lit restaurant talking further, a few hours out in the fresh air and sunshine made all the difference in the world.

However, things can never be that simple. There was an elephant in the room (or park rather), and Misha rode it into the conversation like an Indian general.

“So, I’ve been meaning to ask: why are you dating again? The last I saw, you and Emi were exchanging your vows, and heading for the honeymoon,” Misha asked. Hisao’s heart stopped, but only figuratively. Misha read his face. “Sorry, that was a little personal-”

“No, it’s ok,” Hisao interrupted, feeling like Misha should know the full truth. He sighed before continuing. “Emi and I… well… we drifted apart. Remember how I said I switched careers a year ago?” Misha nodded. “I switched from being a researcher to a professor because of that. My marriage with Emi, it was very good in the beginning. But after graduation, we started to run into issues.

“My work would often keep me late in the lab, and she was always training during the day. A lot of the time, she was gone when I woke up, and she was asleep when I got back. Our relationship suffered dramatically, and our drive to be the best in our fields really led to us drifting apart.” Hisao sighed “We started to fight more and more, with both of us arguing that we didn’t need to be the one to make sacrifices. Looking back, it seems so pointless now. But the damage had been done.

“She brought it up first. She felt like I wasn’t dedicated to making our marriage work, while I thought the same thing about her. We just started fighting about everything, and we eventually had to settle our divorce in court. It was hard. We didn’t even look at each other during the case. I knew that being a researcher was taking a toll on me, and I felt myself not being able to do it anymore. So I applied to teach at Tokyo Tech.

“And I finally decided that I was ready to date again. So my coworker set up a blind date, and I ended up here,” Hisao finished. Oddly enough, it actually felt like a burden had been lifted from his chest.

Misha looked at him with sorrowful eyes. “I’m sorry that happened. I suppose it’s only right to tell you why I’m here, then.

“I went to the University of Hawaii, like I said. While I was studying there, I fell in love with one of my classmates. I think that I was still struggling with- well, something. And it felt like it was a dream. Handsome, smart, and he treated me like an equal. For so long, I didn’t realize how much I felt like a subordinate to my best friend back when I was at Yamaku.

“It was just that- a dream. Everything seemed fine, but he started to manipulate me. Separating me from my friends, stuff like that. He also pressured me to have a baby. He wanted one so bad, he said, and he wanted it to be with the woman he loved. I kept saying no, that I wasn’t ready.

“One time, I caught him slipping the condom off before we had sex. We argued about that, but he reassured me that he wouldn’t do it again. I was too in love to disagree,” Misha’s voice started getting more emotional, and getting lower in volume. “The last straw was when I caught him changing my birth control for placebo pills. I snapped.

“It was a blow-up argument. He-” her voice started getting choked up “-he… said I was only good to… to fuck and that… that was all a land whale like me was g-good for.” Tears started streaking down her face. Hisao put his hand on her shoulder, but she shrugged it away. “No, Hisao, I need to finish this.” She sniffed, trying to steel herself.

“I- I tried to storm out, b-but that’s when he got really mad. He, just, he snapped even more. He beat me, beat me so hard I… I just w-went numb. He spat on m-me when he was d-done, and said he was l-lying, and that I w-wasn’t even g-good enough to f-fuck.” Misha was full-on crying now. With no prompting, Hisao threw his arms around her as she sobbed. She didn’t fight it this time, her tears soaking into his shirt. They stayed like this, Hisao holding her tightly to him as passerby stared. Neither of them cared.

After a long while, Misha sniffled a little bit, and Hisao felt her take a deep breath. She looked up at him. “Hisao,” she started, sniffling a little more. “I… I think I’m ready to finish.” Hisao slowly released her as she wiped her eyes with her hands and took a long, deep breath.

“The court case was awful. He got in trouble, but since he had no prior record of anything but a parking ticket, he got off with probation. From then on, I was a social pariah. People whispered behind my back, about how I was a liar trying to slander his name. Even people I thought were my friends stopped seeing me. I felt so lost and broken. I started sleeping with anything with a pulse; didn’t matter whether it was a guy or a girl. It never healed me.

“So I had to come back here. To run from him, and all of what I had known for four years. I haven’t felt safe, even here. I keep thinking he’ll come find me,” Misha finished, her voice as quiet as Hisao had ever heard it. She looked at him, her eyes looking into his, shining with a mix of emotions.

“I almost didn’t come today. I kept doubting myself, and whether I could truly be loved, or whether I was truly broken. But it was you. There’s something about you, Hisao, that makes me feel safe.”

She interlaced her fingers with his and smiled at him. “Hisao… I want to see you again. Like, a lot. I… um...” she stammered, looking down. Hisao lifted her chin and gently smiled at her.

“I want to see you too, Misha. I feel that feeling too. And while I might be nervous, you make me feel the same way I used to feel.”

Misha smiled, tears beginning to form at the corners of her eyes. “Oh, Hisao,” she said low, almost in a whisper. She collapsed into his arms again, and they just held each other.

That embrace in the park solidified what he had slowly come to realize.

Maybe, just maybe, two broken people can find themselves in this crazy world.
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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (1/13/19 Update)

Post by Hanako Fancopter » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:25 pm

Damn that one took a hard turn into Feuroxville. Poor Misha can never catch a break can she? First she wanders into Evil Lilly's arms and now this...
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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (1/13/19 Update)

Post by Feurox » Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:47 am

Anyways, the other day, somebody said that I came here to write serious stuff, and some people warped me into the orgy guy. While it was all in jest, it inspired me to write this. So this is dedicated to you, Feurox. I hope you like it!
I was, of course, joking, but I'm very grateful for the dedication. You have certainly thrown down the gauntlet, but I'll get to that at the end.

Anyway, onto the story itself: I am very pleased.

I went into this story with certain expectations; I knew that, if you were dedicating to me, there would likely be some sad elements. I know my reputation. That isn't what I got, however, despite the dark undertones - instead, you've written, at least in my opinion, a piece about hope. That realisation made my enjoyment of this piece two-fold. I do have a few nits to pick, and then I'll highlight my favourite parts.
PsychicSpy wrote:
Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:37 pm

“Wow, Hisao. You’ve gotten much better than when we were in school,” she said, flashing him a grin.
Didn't you state that him and Emi were together and got married shortly after school? I'm just curious as to when him and Miki starting seeing each other here.

Okay, other nit: I find the confession a bit... on the nose. I don't think that's a bad thing, but it feels a bit like two people out-sadding one another. I'm not a master of it myself, but subtlety might have been preferred for me here. That's a bit unfair, because you'd need to write considerably more I think, but it would have been very interesting to see Misha's behaviours showing her past of trauma, rather than an on the nose confession. Then again, I have some rather... depressing intentions, so I think maybe that would be a different story in it's entirety!

On to the stuff I love! I find the dynamic of friends with benefits very interesting to write about; it's very poignant to me that this story is introduced with a pep-talk from Miki. Whilst I'd have liked to see more of that relationship, it serves a wonderful purpose of making Hisao seem both adrift and tangible. It's a good balance, and one I can certainly relate too. Hisao's breakdown with Emi is also brilliantly done, and it's harrowingly real. So is the situation that Misha found herself in; but again, I think that could have been delivered differently and to better effect. Still, it's also frighteningly true to life that her kind of abuser does just get away scot-free, and so often, painfully, the criticism lands on the abused. The ending, of them just trying to give things a go for the sakes of themselves and each other, is a hopeful reminder of the game's tagline, everyone does have baggage.

To address what I said at the beginning of this comment, you've given me some ideas here. And good writing begets, (what I hope I can say about my own work without sounding too pretentious), good writing. I have something in mind from this now, so thank you very very much for writing this story! I'll just finish my addressing that this is a wonderful read, even if it lacks a few things that I think would have made it perfect.
Hanako Fancopter wrote:
Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:25 pm
Damn that one took a hard turn into Feuroxville. Poor Misha can never catch a break can she? First she wanders into Evil Lilly's arms and now this...

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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (1/13/19 Update)

Post by PsychicSpy » Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:35 pm

Feurox wrote:
Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:47 am

Didn't you state that him and Emi were together and got married shortly after school? I'm just curious as to when him and Miki starting seeing each other here.
Damn, you caught me. I guess I didn't think about that; though maybe it happens off screen. While I don't agree with the notion that Emi got with Misha during that time where they were unsure of their relationship, maybe Hisao did the same thing... but that's a story for another time.
Feurox wrote:
Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:47 am

Okay, other nit: I find the confession a bit... on the nose. I don't think that's a bad thing, but it feels a bit like two people out-sadding one another. I'm not a master of it myself, but subtlety might have been preferred for me here. That's a bit unfair, because you'd need to write considerably more I think, but it would have been very interesting to see Misha's behaviours showing her past of trauma, rather than an on the nose confession. Then again, I have some rather... depressing intentions, so I think maybe that would be a different story in it's entirety!
This was touch and go the entire process. I struggled with choosing whether to make this a multiple chapter thing, and having the confession come out later, but ultimately I went with my gut. I think this might get a continuation itself. Who knows: maybe a Misha epilogue is in store!

I'm glad you liked it! I aim to impress!
Hanako Fancopter wrote:
Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:25 pm
Damn that one took a hard turn into Feuroxville. Poor Misha can never catch a break can she? First she wanders into Evil Lilly's arms and now this...
No, I suppose recently she can't catch a break. But maybe that'll be rectified soon. :wink:
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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (1/13/19 Update)

Post by Mirage_GSM » Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:11 am

I agree that with the exception of that single paragraph this story was more hopeful than depressing.
You have a LONG way to go to reach Feurox-levels of anguish and torment. (Tip: You don't have to :wink: )
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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (1/13/19 Update)

Post by PsychicSpy » Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:57 pm

The following post was written in response to Stiles Long's writing contest. Each participant was given a list of KS character pairings and a list of locations. One of each was chosen for this fic.

There were a limited set of options available to participants in the contest and it may be that this fic resembles others. Any such resemblance is coincidental.

The pairing a location are a bit of a spoiler, so I'll put them at the end of the post. This story serves as an alternate timeline to "A Second First Date" (my last oneshot), but can also be read as a stand alone piece.


Misha shuddered. Ever since she received the news, she had felt broken all over again. But receiving the invitation from his parents in the mail? That shattered her.

She was sitting in her car in the parking lot, just steeling herself for what was coming; that was the easy part. She knew that walking into the large, traditional-looking building would be the real trial. Sitting with the family, seeing him resting in the casket.

That would be the hard part.

She took one last deep breath, and opened the car door. Minding her dress’s hem, she swung her legs out and walked towards the doors. Men in suits and women in black kimonos congregated outside the door. Inside, a mix of old and young people of both sexes mingled in the foyer of the main room.

It wasn’t like she thought that few people would show up, but he really must have made an impact on those around him. She even saw a few college aged kids; maybe some of his students.

His mother noticed her and came over. She hugged Misha tightly.

“Thank you for coming,” she said. Misha could feel her tears soak into her kimono as she tried her best to keep her.

“Of course,,” Misha replied. She released her, smiling through the sadness. “I offer my condolences,” Misha continued, bowing.

“Thank you. Will you be staying for the vigil?”

“Yes. I intend to.” Hisao’s mother nodded solemnly at that answer.

“The service with begin soon,” she told Misha. Misha nodded and watched as she went to rejoin her husband. She glanced around, searching for other familiar faces. Off in the corner, she spied a familiar redhead.

“Hi, Tezuka,” Misha greeted as she got close. Rin turned, her facial expression decidedly sad. She blinked a few times.

“Hi, it’s good to see you,” Rin said, looking at her. “Well, not good, because today is still bad.”

Misha probably would have laughed had it felt acceptable. She embraced Rin, with Rin doing her best to embrace back. “I’m glad to see you came. I wasn’t sure how many of us would come back.”

“I’m here because I’m like a fancy but familiar office chair.” When Misha looked at her strangely, she continued, “Emi says I offer good emotional support, and I was friends with both.”

At the mention of Emi’s name, Misha gulped. Of course Emi would be here. Why wouldn’t she be?

“Ah,” Misha started. “And is Emi around?” Rin nodded and gestured towards the corner of the room.

A young woman in a black kimono was dabbing at her eyes with a tissue, passersby offering condolences. An older woman was sitting next to her, gently rubbing her arm and offering more tissues. She turned back to Rin. “Thank you, Rin. I’ll make sure to give her my condolences later.”

“Misha-” Rin paused, struggling with her words. “Some paint is orange, and some is green, but that yellow makes part of both.” Misha cocked her head, but just hugged Rin again.

“Thank you Rin. I’ll remember that,” Misha whispered in her ear. She parted from her and Rin nodded sagely before turning her attention to someone else. Misha turned and walked towards the doors to where the service would be. She wasn’t ready to see Emi. Everybody and their grandmother had known about the issues that Misha and Emi had presented for the family, even if they hadn’t interacted all that much.

Misha stood around making quiet small talk until an usher poked their head out of the main memorial hall and announced that they were ready. Misha waited as others filed in. She wasn’t sure how “girlfriend” fit into the dynamic of a funeral. She watched as Emi linked one arm around Rin’s right stump and the other with her mother’s arm and slowly walked past her into the room. They didn’t make eye contact, and she was eventually lost in the small crowd moving forward.

When the last few people had trickled in, Misha tentatively walked into the room. The area around the coffin had been ringed with lavender colored flowers. Several wreaths were placed on stands on either side. The drapes behind the coffin were white, with purple water colors in a band across it. It was pretty, but felt bittersweet.

She was broken from her reverie by the usher touching her shoulder. “Miss Mikado?”

“Yes?” Misha said quietly, not wanting to attract attention.

“I offer my condolences,” he said solemnly. Misha gave an appreciative nod. “I am to show you to your seat.”

“It’s ok,” Misha started, noticing several empty chairs in the back row. “I can find a seat myself.”

“No,” the usher responded in a respectful but firm tone. “I have been asked by the family that you sit with them. There is a chair saved there for you.”

“I should respect their wishes then. Very well, I can find my way there myself.”

Misha gave him a pained smile as he gestured to the side that the seat was on. She dipped her head in appreciation and scurried up the aisle to the seat. When she got to the front row, she saw that the open seat had been left on the end of the row. She looked down at the person sitting in the chair next to her, and she met the tearful green eyes of Emi Ibarazaki.

Misha froze for a moment. Emi’s facial expression was a mix of sadness and anger and she gave her a short glare before looking away as tears fell down her cheeks. Misha silently sat and began to cry herself as the Buddhist priest started his chanting.

One by one, the whole family made their way to the altar to light incense on the coffin. As they passed by, they murmured prayers over the coffin. Misha brushed by Emi while she was going to light the incense. Emi didn’t look at her. Misha felt her heart drop; she just didn’t know how to talk to her any more.

Misha passed over the coffin with the incense stick and said the traditional prayers. She paused as she looked over Hisao’s peaceful face. His eyes were closed and there was a smile on his face. Seeing her Hisao like this was just too much.

She stumbled through the rest of the prayers, and started to cry into her hands as soon as she got back to her seat.


When the service had ended, the family was to hold a vigil over the body until he was taken to be cremated. Hisao’s mother had asked her to stay, and so she would. The rest of the guests leaked out of the room, leaving only a few people. As far as Misha could tell, it looked like Hisao’s parents, grandparents, and an aunt and a few uncles would all be staying.

Misha took an internal sigh of relief. She dabbed her eyes again with the tissue, drying the most recent bout of tears.

“No, no, Mom. You don’t have to stay,” she heard a voice say from behind her. She heard a murmured response before a firmer “it’ll be okay. I’ll be fine. I love you.” The large door could be heard closing, and Emi walked past her to the coffin.

Misha took a deep breath and walked over to the coffin. If she was going to be here awhile, she needed to make peace with Emi. She had no idea what she was going to say, but she reached out and tapped her on the shoulder anyways.

Emi turned, her eyes hardening as she took in Misha. “Um, h-hi Emi,”Misha stuttered, flinching slightly under her gaze.

“Hello, Shiina,” Emi responded coldly.

“I, uh, I didn’t-”

“Didn’t think I would be here?” Emi interrupted. “Well, I am. I was part of this family at a certain point. And I did want to say goodbye.” Her lip curled. “While you and him were, what? Dating? Fucking? I don’t know.”

Misha could feel her emotions surging. “No, we were engaged. Something you wouldn’t really remember, since it all happened basically in high school.”

“Girls!” Hisao’s mother called out. She stormed over with a disapproving look on her face. “I invited you both here because you were important to Hisao, and I’ll be da-, well, you won’t be arguing. Is that perfectly clear?” she growled, eyes flashing.

Emi flashed Misha a look, but both of them nodded their heads. Misha figured they had better just stay out of each other’s way. They did this for the most part, switching out at the coffin whenever one of them would walk away.

Misha caught herself stroking Hisao’s cheek. He was so cold.

“You know, I really cared about Hisao,” Emi said, startling her. Misha looked up at her. She was looking down at Hisao. “I really did still love him, even after our divorce.”

Misha said nothing as Emi looked up at her. “We just got caught up in such a whirlwind, where both of us were too proud to admit we were wrong. And later, we just separated. There was no contact- nothing. Then the divorce.

“We didn’t talk about what we would do with the apartment; we just let a judge decide. I threw myself into running even more. I shut out everybody in my life. Can you believe that? Emi Ibarazaki, being alone?”

“Emi, I understand. I haven’t had the best of times with relationships either,” Misha said, clasping her hand. Emi looked at her with watery eyes.

“I just thought, maybe, just maybe, I’d found somebody I could be with. Somebody I could depend on. And I guess feeling like he wasn’t around made me feel insecure. Even after the smoke cleared and I realized how much we fucked up, I was living with my mother again, and there was a judge’s order barring our communication. Then you came into the picture, and all was lost.” Emi threw herself into Misha, crying heavily now.

“And now he’s gone! And I couldn’t even tell him that I was sorry! I couldn’t say ‘I love you’ one last time!”

“It’s ok, Emi,” Misha said, rubbing her back soothingly.

“Did you at least get to say it?” Emi said softly, muffled by Misha’s kimono. Misha thought back to their last phone call.

‘I love you, Misha. I promise I’ll be home soon.’

‘I love you too, Hisao.’

“Yes. I did get to say it to him,” Misha said, her eyes starting to get misty. “Oh Emi, I loved him so much. Why do people get snatched from me every time I form a healthy relationship?” Now it was Emi’s turn to soothe her as tears began to roll down Misha’s face.

“I’m so sorry, Misha. For the death, and for my behavior towards you. Rin said something to me earlier and I think I’m just now realizing what she meant.”

“Hisao is the yellow.” Misha guessed that Rin had probably said the same thing. Emi nodded into her shoulder. They broke the embrace, and Emi smiled at her.

“I’m the orange and you’re the green. And while we might be chaotic, we aren’t opposites, as Rin might say,” Emi said, half giggling, half sniffling.

“I think-,” Misha paused, trying to find the words. “I think Hisao would have wanted this. The two women who loved him to not fight.”

The two kept vigil over the coffin until it was time to take it away for cremation. For that night, orange and green paid tribute to yellow, and the result was a somber yet peaceful painting.

Pairing: Misha x Emi
Location: Memorial Service for a Student
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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (2/4/19 Update)

Post by Hanako Fancopter » Tue Feb 04, 2020 8:02 pm

Dawww. I think the dialogue at the end was a bit awkward, it felt a little like they were talking past each other, but I can also see how that might be appropriate to the situation. Still got me some feels, having two girls crying over Hisao together is an effective one two punch.
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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (2/4/19 Update)

Post by Mirage_GSM » Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:55 pm

Personally I thought the Poingnancy of the end was the best thing about the story.
But even without that it was very good. Thank you!
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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (3/2/20 Update)

Post by PsychicSpy » Mon Mar 02, 2020 1:44 pm

Thank you both for your kind words! They are very much appreciated!

Been working on this one for a while, hopefully with no grammar errors. Dedicated to a certain someone who said there isn't enough Misha. Enjoy!


Hisao glanced up at the clock above the blackboard. The last few minutes on Saturday classes were always the longest. It wasn’t that talking about quantum numbers wasn’t interesting; just that it was something he didn’t find interesting so close to having freedom. At least it wasn’t the tangent on philately from their English teacher earlier in the week.

“And when we examine the angular quantum number-” Mutou was interrupted by the chiming of the bell. “I guess that’s all. Remember to read the section over quantum numbers for Monday,” he called out as everybody got up and started to pack up. He returned to his desk as Hisao turned to Misha and Shizune. They seemed to be in a heated debate. Hisao mentally shrugged and put his backpack on. While he would have liked to hang out with them, they seemed to have more important things to talk about.

“Ah! Hicchan~!” he heard Misha exclaim. He turned back to the two. Shizune was packing up huffily. Evidently Misha had either won their argument or she’d at least achieved a stalemate.

“What’s up, Misha?” Hisao asked. She slung her backpack over her shoulder and hurried up to him.

“How would you like-” she struck a pose with her hands on her hips- “to come to my room for a movie night?!” Hisao looked at her skeptically.

“A movie night? What’s the catch?” he asked. He’d had enough of the student council’s shenanigans to last a lifetime. Misha smiled wider.

“No catch, Hicchan! Just~ a~ nice~ movie~!” Misha said excitedly. “And don’t worry, it’ll be just us! Shicchan uh... gave me the night off!” Her strained smile and the argument he’d seen went against that.

“Well, sure, I guess,” Hisao reluctantly agreed. It’s not like he had something better to do with his Saturday night. What could go wrong?

“Yay!” Misha said excitedly, clapping her hands. “We’ll have a lot of fun! I’ll bring the movie; you bring the popcorn.” She hurried out of the classroom.

“Wait!” Hisao called after her. “Where am I supposed to get popcorn?”


Hisao rapped on Misha’s door. He had managed to buy some popcorn at the Aura Mart after Misha didn’t give him a hint of where to find some. “Come in~” Misha replied.

Hisao opened the door to reveal a small TV set up on the desk. Two beanbags were haphazardly thrown in front of it. Misha was sitting on one, with her head turned to him.

“Hi, Hicchan!” She spied the treasure he had brought. “Ooh so you managed to find some popcorn! Great~!”

“Only took a long walk,” Hisao said, pretending to be annoyed. As much apprehension he’d had about this, it seemed like it would be really nice to just relax for a night and watch something.

“Come sit down.” Misha patted the beanbag beside her. Hisao gratefully took his seat as Misha popped a disk into the TV’s DVD player. “I chose a really highly recommended anime.”

“I didn’t know Shizune was into anime,” Hisao blurted out, thinking about how Misha never seemed to meet anybody else other than to chastise them.

“Wahaha~ no, I may have slightly overheard something about it in the library! But that’s fine~ the people were talking about it excitedly, so it’s definitely the right choice!”

Hisao mentally facepalmed. He personally wouldn’t have taken advice on anime choices from strangers, but it didn’t surprise him that Misha had.

“An-y-ways~ let’s watch!” Misha said, quickly hitting the play button. Hisao reclined back into the beanbag, holding the bag of popcorn in his lap.

The anime opened up to a nature scene with several schoolgirls walking down a dirt path towards a large building in the distance.

“School on a Sunday? Ugh, Satori, why do we have to do this?” the first girl asked. The tallest of the three looked at her.

“The student council never rests in its quest to make their school better, Himari!” said the taller girl.

“Wow! This is really relatable,” Misha commented. She shoved a handful of popcorn into her mouth as they continued to watch.

“Try to keep up, Yui!” Himari called to the girl sleepy slouching after them.

“It’s too early for this,” Yui groaned.

“You’re right,” Hisao observed. “This is relatable.”

Misha elbowed him. “Not funny Hicchan! You know you love helping your student council!”

They continued to watch as the girls on the screen made it to the school and began their tedious work of the student council. They were working on some sort of paperwork.

“Yui! Stop daydreaming on the floor and help!” Satori ordered. Yui looked up blearily.

“It’s your fault I’m sleepy! Had we gotten to finish this work a few days ago then we wouldn’t have to deal with this,” Yui murmured.

“Well,” Satori started, talking through gritted teeth, “if you both do not manage to finish the work I gave to you by the end of the day, I guess I’ll have to dole out a punishment, right?”

Himari trembled for a moment. “Y-yes, I presume so, madam president.”

Yui looked up. “I guess we’ll see.” She yawned, stretching her arms. She sat down at a desk and got to work.

Hisao gave a sideways glance to Misha, who was too focused on the TV. Did somebody really highly recommend this? The plot wasn’t even that good.

The sun slowly crossed the screen until the classroom was bathed in the orange light of the sunset.

“So, did you finish the work?” Satori asked, grinning like a cat that ate the canary.

Yui sighed. “No madam president.”

“You know what that means!” Himari squealed. Yui looked at her puzzled.

“No, I don’t know. What is the punishment?” Yui asked. Satori smirked and snapped her fingers briskly and pointed in front of her. Yui stood but Satori waved her down.

“No. Crawl over here,” she ordered. Yui meekly obeyed.

“Uh, Misha,” Hisao started hesitantly. “What type of anime is this?” But Misha wasn’t listening. She was enthralled by what was playing out on screen.

“Good,” Satori licked her lips, savoring the situation at hand. She sat down on the very edge of the desk. She lifted her skirt to reveal she wasn’t wearing any panties. Yui’s eyes widened as Satori smirked. “This is the punishment of naughty girls who can’t finish their work.”

“Uhm, Misha,” Hisao trailed off as he watched Yui nervously crawl up to kneel in front of Satori. “I think, uh, I should leave…” he trailed off. Misha grabbed his hand. Her golden eyes were clouded with lust and desperation.

“Please stay and watch the movie, Hicchan,” she said hoarsely. Hisao leaned back into the beanbag as Misha turned back to the sex acts being depicted on the screen. She was squirming in her seat. She moved her hand to her breast, grasping at it slightly. Hisao could feel something stirring within him.

“Oh yes Yui-chan! You’re so good with your mouth!” Satori squealed as she interlaced her fingers in Yui’s hair.

Suddenly, he felt something squeeze his erection through his pants. Misha had reached over and was now massaging it with one hand, teasing her breast underneath her shirt with the other. Misha looked at him, biting her lip. She tilted her head as if asking ‘Do you want this?’

Hisao gave a slight nod. He unzipped his pants and shimmied out of them as Misha unbuttoned her shirt. “Help me,” she said, gesturing to her bra. Hisao reached around, and spent several awkward seconds fiddling around with the clasp. Misha sighed. “It’s a hook and eye. Just let me do it.” She shooed his hands away.

Her bra fell away to reveal her breasts. He reached out, but she slapped his hand lightly.

“No Hicchan, not there. I can do that myself.” She spread her legs and hiked up her skirt. “If I’m doing it for you, you’re doing it for me.”

Hisao gulped. Misha seemed to sense his nervousness and guided his hand down to her panties. “Just pull them aside, it’s not rocket science~”

“Ok, Misha,” Hisao said softly. He pulled aside her panties and awkwardly rubbed around. Misha let out a small moan.

“Up a-aah little bit more,” she said. He followed her advice and hit a small nub. She moaned a little louder. “Circle on that with a few fingers. Perfect. Aahhh~! Now for me.” Misha reached over into his lap and into his boxers. Hisao shivered as she grasped his erection and fished it out.

“Ooh, not too bad Hicchaaan~,” she cooed as she began to stroke it. “Now let’s watch the movie.” On the screen, Satori was screaming as Yui brought her to climax while Himari sucked on her nipples. Hisao groaned as Misha sped up her ministrations, and he rubbed a little quicker. They watched for a while, as the various girls pleasured each other in different positions. He could feel as Misha got wetter and wetter.

“Ohh Hicchan! I’m almost there!” Misha squealed, pinching her nipple.

Hisao could feel the pressure building within him. “Me too, Misha!” he panted. He moaned as the pressure threatened to overwhelm him. Misha beat him to it.

“Hicchaaan!” Misha screamed as she climaxed, her hips bucking. Hisao could only grunt in response as his vision clouded. When he came back to earth, the hentai was still playing, with Misha catching her breath in the beanbag next to him.

“Wow, Misha, that was… wow,” was all he could say.

“Yeah,” Misha said, sounding very satisfied. “That was great.” Hisao leaned over to kiss her, but found his way blocked by a finger. “No-no Hicchan!~” she said as firmly as she could. “We aren’t going out like that. This is just a friend thing~!” Misha giggled.

“Oh, I see,” Hisao said. He wasn’t sure whether he should be upset or relieved at that. Misha grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. Hisao stood awkwardly and pulled up his pants. Misha looked up at him, smiling.

“We should do this again~!” Misha said gleefully. “Now you get back to your dorm before somebody thinks we’re doing something really naughty!”

As Hisao walked back across the quiet campus, he got the feeling that he and Misha would be having a lot more movie nights in the future.
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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (3/15/20 Update)

Post by PsychicSpy » Mon Mar 16, 2020 12:31 am

The following post was written in response to Stiles Long's writing contest. Each participant was given a list of KS character pairings and a list of locations. One of each was chosen for this fic.

I chose Rika x Miki and the place as a "competition"



Rika smirked as she laid the final stone. “Count your points, loser.” The boy scowled as he counted up the white stones he had taken over the course of the game. There was no need; Rika had clearly dominated him.

“Fucking figures,” he snorted, pushing himself up from the table. Rika slowly waved him away, smirking. Saki sat down next to her, shaking her head.

“Be a good sport, baby,” Saki said, giving her a peck on the cheek. Rika cheekily glared back at her girlfriend.

“What can I say, I’m just a winner,” Rika said teasingly.

“Well, we’ll see soon. The finals are next,” Saki replied.

“Who’s going to beat me? I’ve won every Yamaku Go tournament there’s been!” Rika shot back.

Saki rolled her eyes. “There’s only been one.”

“It’ll be ok; whoever it is, bring it on!” A skinny figure plopped down in front of her.

“‘Sup, edgelord,” Miki Miura said from across the table. Rika mentally groaned at the nickname.

“Why are you here? Where’s the other finalist?” Rika asked.

“I am the other finalist,” Miki said. She crossed her arms, giving a little push up effect. “I’m not just a pair of tits and a hot ass, edgelord.”

“Hmph,” Rika grunted in reply. She grabbed two stones, one of each color and mixed them in her hand. Miki held out her hand and Rika dropped one in. It was black.

“Ha, I get to go first!” Miki crowed. Rika smirked back at her.

“Don’t worry; I prefer to play white. Do you need a handicap?” Rika said.

“That confident? No, I don’t,” Miki said, her face souring. “Game on, bitch.” She placed the first stone. Rika smiled at her and placed her first stone.

The game went on for some time in competitive, heated silence, each player slightly vowing to utterly destroy the bitch across from her.

“Ugh, good move,” Miki admitted after Rika took four stones. It took Rika back a moment before Miki placed, taking a white stone.

“Thanks, I guess,” Rika responded. She glanced at Saki, who was enthralled with the game.

The competitiveness was still there, but there was a little less heat. Every so often, one might curse and congratulate their opponent on a good move.

In the end, after a hard fought hour of Go, Rika laid her final piece. Miki looked over the board, then extended her good arm.

“Good game, edgelord,” she said. Rika grasped her hand.

“You’re a good competitor,” Rika said, “Much more than just a pair of great tits and hot ass.” Miki laughed.

“Yeah, I get that a lot,” Miki stretched before checking her watch. “I’ve got to get back to Suzu, but hit me up later. I want a rematch.”

“Ok,” Rika resisted the urge to smile widely. None of the boys ever wanted a rematch. It felt nice for a change.

“Come on Rika, they’re gonna give you a medal,” Saki tugged on her sleeve. As they gave her the medal, Rika sighed. Maybe, just maybe, she’d actually made a friend.
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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (3/15/20 Update)

Post by Mattyd » Fri Mar 27, 2020 2:57 pm

Hey, thanks for sending me the


In Emi's path when Hisao and Emi and doing it and Rin comes in to look at a cloud,
I half expected this conversation:

Emi: Rin, we're doing it! Hey, wanna paint us?

Hisao: ... wha...

Rin: (pause) Do you mean a portrait? Or are you asking me to put paint on your bodies while you do it?

Emi: Either way.

Rin: (Pause) Okay.

Hisao: HRNG!

GLAD you also had thems feelz!!

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Re: PsychicSpy's Oneshot Thread (6/8/20 Update)

Post by PsychicSpy » Mon Jun 08, 2020 3:26 am

The following post was written in response to Stiles Long's writing contest. Each participant was given a list of KS character pairings and a list of locations. One of each was chosen for this fic.

I'll tell you about the pairing post story, so that nothing is spoiled! Please enjoy.
Note: for the full experience, listen to "In Da Club" by 50 Cent on loop during this song.


‘Go shawty! It’s ya birthday! We gonna party like it’s ya birthday!’ the loud song played in English. Most people in the club could only understand the other language of the song: the beat. Lilly stumbled as Misha led her by the hand through the writhing masses.

“Misha?” Lilly asked, raising her voice from her normal, measured level to be heard over the music. Her sensitive ears were ringing and pulsing, as if they were degrading by the second. “Are you sure this is where you want to celebrate this?”

“What? I can’t-” Misha’s words were lost as a loud cheer came from the crowd. Something exciting must have happened, but it wasn’t a new song playing.

“Are you sure this is where you want the party to be?” Lilly shouted, exasperated.

“Yeah! If it’s gonna be my last night as a single woman, where would I rather spend it? A coffee shop? No! A strip club~! Wahaha~!” Misha chortled as she pulled Lilly down. Lilly landed in on a soft cushion, apparently some sort of armchair.

Lilly internally groaned. The room smelled of cigarettes, stale perfume, and sweat. It was heavy in the air, almost oppressive, as if it would sink into her clothes.

“Hey beautiful.” she heard a titillating voice say as a bare leg brushed past her leg.

“Oh! Hi~!” she heard Misha giggle.

“Want a dance?” she heard the woman whisper seductively into Misha’s ear.

“Yes and make it good~! It’s my last night as a bachelorette~! Wahaha~!” Misha squealed. Lilly could hear her throwing bills at the woman and the woman laughed.

Soon after, other women came to greet Shizune and some of the other attendees of the party. She could hear some laughter from Misha and even louder laughter from a likely intoxicated Akira.

Suddenly, an arm wraps around Lilly’s shoulder and she the chair shift as a slight weight came down on the chair.

“Hey baby,” a feminine voice crooned. “You new around here?” Lilly could feel herself blushing. The voice sounded slightly older than some of the other voices, and there was something else.

“I’ve… never been here before, so I suppose,” Lilly said, shifting slightly. ‘I'm into having sex, I ain't into making love.’ Did this song just play on a loop? The lyrics were making her feel a little… strange.

“Mm,” the woman hummed seductively. “Let me help you out then. You want a dance baby?”

“Go ahead, Lilly! It’s on Shizune!” Misha told her over the music.

“Alright then,” Lilly conceded. She leaned back and the woman swung her leg over Lilly’s legs. Lilly could feel herself getting warmer as the woman began to grind on her lap, seemingly exceptionally… gifted in terms of physicality.

“So, uh, are you new here?” Lilly asked, trying to keep her voice steady despite what she was feeling.

“Sh,” she felt the woman put a finger to her lip. Her breath brushed lightly across Lilly’s ear as she leaned in to whisper “no talking. Just let Meiko take care of you.”

Lilly shivered as Meiko moved her body feverishly, following the music. Lilly felt something soft and pillowy rub against her face making her jerk back a little. Were those her breasts? Meiko interlaced her fingers behind Lilly’s face and pulled her head into her chest. “It’s ok,” she said soothingly. You can feel them.”

It took mental strength, but Lilly beat down some of her urges until the song mercifully ended and she felt Meiko back off. She felt the chair shift again as Meiko sat on it and wrapped her slender arm around Lilly.

“Did I do good? You look a little red,” Meiko noted.

“I-it must be a trick of the light” Lilly hurriedly explained away. Suddenly she felt Meiko get closer to her, and leave a small kiss on her cheek.

“I’ll let you have this one on the house, because I can tell you’re a newbie. Plus, you’re cute,” Meiko whispers. “Just come back and visit me again.” And before any more could be said, Lilly felt the slender arm drop and the weight disappear.

Soon enough they exit the club, getting back in the taxi back to Shizune’s place. Lilly thought back to what Meiko had said as they crammed into the back. She thought about how Meiko made her feel. She made her decision; yes. She would come visit Meiko again.

Pairing: Lilly x Meiko
Setting: New to a club
My collection of oneshots
Avenues of Communication: One of the best Shizune/Hisao fics I've read, written by Lap
S10 entry (Misha oneshot)

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