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Hey y'all! For those of you that know me, I'm the one currently in the process of writing Sweetest Requiem, a Saki route spiritually inspired by Learning to Fly. However, that's not all the KS-related writing that I've done, nor is it all that I plan to do once it's finished. It's entirely possible that I'll write other things between now and finishing Sweetest Requiem, especially since I can be long-winded and don't know exactly how long it will be. So, I've decided to make this thread here to post links to all of my various stories that I've written. If people would prefer that I post things here and just make in-thread links to my various things, let me know, but I'll be doing this this way for now.

Sweestest Requiem
- Saki Pseudo-Route
Worth the Wait - A Miki Smut One-Shot - This Post
Indulgences - Saki/Hisao/Miki Threesome Oneshot
The Morning After - Lilly/Hisao with referenced Lilly/Hisao/Akira
Cardio - Emi Smut Oneshot
Falling in 3/4 - Miki Fluff Oneshot
Movie Night - Suzu Smut Oneshot
Perennials - Lilly Fluff Oneshot
Sunday Game Night - Miki Smut Oneshot

“Oh, come on!” Miki bemoans, flopping her back down on my lap. “Everyone knows The Miura,” she gestures to whole body at this. “Is the sexiest thing on campus.”

Seated on a couch in the Girl’s Dorm common room, I’m actually surprised to find that Miki and I are the only ones here. Granted, we are supposed to be in class, but I’d figured Miki couldn’t possibly be the only delinquent this time of day.

I give her a shrug in response, trying my best to seem like I don’t agree with her.

“I don’t know, Miki. Lilly’s got that whole ‘bombshell blonde’ thing going on, and I have to admit I’ve seen Emi’s ass a lot more than yours. You’ve definitely got the best legs though, that’s for sure.”

She sticks her tongue out at me indignantly, swatting me in the arm with her stump. “Asshole.”

“Gaylord.” I shoot back, which earns me a chuckle.

She reaches up with her good hand, giving my cheek a slightly condescending pat. “Look at you, you’re learning.” She leaves her hand there, before slowly curling her fingers along my jaw.

“So, you wanna see some more then, huh?” Miki’s tone is low and sultry, radiating in her chest; I can even feel it in my legs.

Ever one to push my buttons, she bites her tongue in a devilish grin as my face turns bright red. Slowly, she trails her fingers down to my tie, before grabbing it firmly and sliding off me in one fluid motion. She doesn’t say anything, merely turning around and starting to walk.

“Miki, wh-” I’m cut off as I stumble forward, dragged by my neck tie. Miki sets a rather brisk pace as she makes for the stairs, turning around to face me as she turns. Her brown eyes are half-lidded, staring at me intensely.

“Shut up, Hisao.”

She releases my tie, but grabs my hand and leads me up the stairs to her floor. I’m still not sure where this is going. I...can’t say I was expecting this, but then again...this is Miki we’re talking about. Who knows how far she’s willing to take a joke? Then again, if she is serious…

I would be very far from upset.

Miki has been nothing but a constant figure in my life, in one way or another, for the past month since I arrived here at Yamaku. She helped me get accustomed to being here, helped me find new friends and new ways to spend my time besides reading and sulking.

But for all the good she’s done, she’s also made my life a living hell. Every other sentence seems to be some innuendo or flirtation or just overt sexual comment at my expense. Not to say I don’t often appreciate the attention, she’s always pushing buttons and then never taking things further once she gets a reaction out of me.

I see a glint in Miki’s eye as she leads me down the hall. She releases my hand and pounds on a door twice as she walks by, continuing on towards her own. She makes a show of fumbling with her keys until I hear a door behind us open. I turn, and see Emi standing there. She looks at me, then to my left, her head tilted in confusion.

That's when Miki grabs my tie once more and practically throws me inside her room, slamming the door behind her as she enters as well.

She locks the door, and it clicks in my head just as the bolt does.

“About fucking time, you tease.”

Miki just smirks at me she strides forward. “I said shut up.” Without warning, she wraps her forearm around my back and snakes her fingers into my hair, mashing her lips against mine. I can feel myself stumbling backwards as she keeps on moving, eventually shoving me up against her wall.

This is a lot to process all at once. So many different sources of information all at once. The feeling of Miki’s tongue prodding into my mouth, her body pressed against me. My heart pounding in my chest, but not painfully, thank God. I’d probably kill myself if my heart didn’t take me out if something happened right now.

The smell of her hair against my face. Her deep, steady breathing through her nose.

After the first few moments of shock, I return her affections in earnest. I let my tongue dance with hers, arms wrapping around her. She melts into my touch, a wave of tension I hadn’t even realized she’d been holding releasing all at once.

She breaks away from me, moving her hand from my hair to my chest. She turns, moving me with her before shoving me backwards to sit onto her bed.

Miki stares at me, mouth cocked in a confidant, sultry smirk. She has me exactly where she wants me. Right now, this is where she would start laughing if she were the cruelest woman on Earth.

She undoes the top button of her shirt, taking slow, stalking paces towards me. As she gets halfway down, it’s clear she’s not wearing a bra. She was planning this, wasn’t she? Or does she just usually not where one? Either is fine with me. Thinking is not exactly one of my strong suits at the moment.

Her arms fall back as she climbs into my lap, the shirt slipping from her body to reveal her lithe, slender form. My hands instinctively come to her hips, and she gives a small sigh as my hands move upward along her waist. My thumbs trace her abs, toned but not rigid.

“Like what you see?” She asks breathily, and I’m vaguely aware of her hands pulling off my tie and working on unbuttoning my shirt. I move to help her, and she grabs my hand and presses it to one of her breasts. They aren’t particularly large, but more than a handful, and absolutely perfect. My other hand mirrors my first, and she gives a soft whimper as I gently squeeze them.

“This is my show here, Hisao. You just follow my lead, got it?”

I open my mouth to speak, then shut it. I nod instead, and her grin turns dark again. Grabbing either side of my half-open shirt, she rips it open the rest of the way, popping a few buttons off in the process.

She swats my upper arms, silently directing me to raise them. I comply, and she yanks my undershirt off with just as much haste. She gives a small gasp of surprise at my scar. She braces her missing hand against my shoulder, her hand gently tracing the length of my scar.

Leaning in, she presses her lips to the jagged line of flesh. I lean back, using my arms to support my weight. My mind is hazy, filled only with thoughts of Miki. The room around her is out of focus, but she’s clear as day. Every line of her body, the small beads of sweat starting to form on her brow.

I could get used to this.

She envelopes me in a deep kiss again, using her hand to shimmy her way out of her skirt and confirming my suspicions: not a single undergarment underneath. She slowly slides off of me, hand trailing down my chest and firmly palming over my crotch as she settles onto her knees.

Rather deftly, she manages to get my belt off in one fluid motion, followed shortly after by my button and zipper. I start pushing myself out of them, and she tugs them the rest of the way off.

She takes my shaft in her hand, starting to circle her thumb around the head. “Hey there, big guy.” She purrs, reaching into the inside pocket of her skirt before standing up, silver foil square in her hand. She tears it open with her teeth, removing the condom and spitting the wrapper aside.

She places it against my tip and climbs back into my lap, rolling the latex over my length with a twist and lines my length up with her entrance. My hands go to her waist, and her left arm slinks around my neck, pressing our foreheads together. There’s lust in her eyes, deep carnal desire shining in her brown eyes like a fire. But, there’s a twinge to it as well. She doesn’t just want a blind fuck.

She wants me. And that drives me wilder than anything she’s done to me since I met her.

“Think you’re ready to ride The Miura, lover boy?” She whispers against my lips, pulling at my upper lip with her teeth as she asks.

This time, it’s my turn. I tighten my grip on her hips.

“Shut up.” I growl, and pull her down as I mash my lips against hers. She moans into my mouth as she takes me, immediately rolling her hips against me until I’m fully inside her. She’s tight, and hot, almost uncomfortably so. It feels like fire spreads through my body from our joining.

Her other arm wraps around my neck as well, deepening our kiss as she begins to rock her hips forward and back without drawing me out of her at all.

This time, it’s my turn, and Miki breaks our kiss and smiles against my lips as I let out a deep groan of pleasure.

“You just let Miki go to work and enjoy yourself, gaylord, and we’ll both be more than satisfied.”

I almost object at her moniker, but decide it better to just kiss her again. Miki’s pace slowly starts to increase until she begins dragging herself up my length and letting herself teasingly slide back down. Every movement sends waves of pleasure tingling up my spine and curling my toes. My fingers grab her ass, firm with just the right amount of give. Now able to appreciate it outside of her skirt, it’s much better than Emi’s.

She might have her beat in speed, but Miki’s got her in spades where it counts.

Miki never stays in one rhythm for long, constantly switching her style, speed, and intensity. It’s almost like she’s toying with me. She’s brought me close more than once, only to slow down or stop altogether. She becomes less and less playful as time passes, though. I can feel her growing desperate, coming close to her own orgasm. Her movements aren’t as fluid as before, faster and harder.

I’m glad she’s on top and not wanting me to fuck her like this. I don’t think my heart could handle that much work.

“Hisao…” She moans against my neck, breath hot as she pants against my skin. I start rolling my hips to meet her movements.

“M-Me too…” I stammer out, my own breathing shaky and ragged. Both of us are wet with sweat, and both of our thighs splattered with Miki’s juices.

“Hisao!” She cries out a few moments later, biting down hard on my neck. Her hips spasm and her legs twitch, walls convulsing and clamping down on me like a vice. It’s enough to send me over the edge as well, my vision flashing white as I cum inside her.

My back gives out it’s support, leaving us laying on the bed as we ride out our orgasms. The few moments of bliss pass quickly, but still feel like an eternity. We’re left laying there together, Miki limp on top of me, both of us breathing heavily.

After a minute or so, Miki cups my cheek in her hand, pressing a gentle, sweet kiss to my jaw.

“Worth the wait?” She asks breathily, her lips curling up in a smile.

I look down at her, shaking my head in disbelief. “More than worth it.” I kiss her, wrapping my arms around her back. She lifts her hips as she adjusts herself to better lay on top of me, sliding my rapidly-deflating length out of her. Just as practiced, she carefully slides the condom off without spilling the contents, and cleanly deposits it in a beside trash can.

I shift to properly lay down on the bed, and she cuddles up alongside me, head resting on my chest. Her finger slowly traces along my scar, though she looks up at me.

“I suppose you’ve earned yourself about 20 minutes of this lovey-dovey, cuddly bullshit before I take you for Round Two.”

“Just two?” I ask, flashing her a weak smirk.

Miki smiles coyly. “We’ll see.”
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Re: Worth the Wait - A Miki Smut One Shot (18+)

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As far as random smut goes it's pretty good. Not exceptional but enjoyable--continue down this path and you may go far, young padawan. Prepare for potential negative comments over using the gaylord meme though. Doesn't bother me from the "memes automatically bad" viewpoint, but I will say that Miki saying gaylord as she's fucking Hisao kinda breaks the mood, a random goofy moment interspersed with a section otherwise focused on the sexuality. Also a bit jarring how fast Miki and Hisao both push past and ignore the reveal of his scar, given how big a complex Hisao has over it in the game, but it's a random smutshot so meh.

I do like how Miki gives herself a new nickname in this story. Maybe every author should have a different version of Big Sexy that she calls herself!
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I’ve never been to a high school party before, and I have to admit, I regret that being the case now.

Sure, it’s a bit more difficult to throw a ‘party’ in a single dorm room as opposed to someone’s house when their parents are away. If I’d been more social in my previous school, my place would have been the perfect spot to do just such a thing on an almost-daily basis.

Still, Miki’s managed to pull it off. Tonight was very fun, only made better by the celebration of the end of exams. Tomorrow marks a three-day weekend, and I can’t think of a better way to kick things off.

The festivities ended up crawling well past normal curfew. People had started filtering out shortly before then, and in the end only three of us were left: Miki, Saki, and myself.

It’s a bit strange to me how much these two girls have come to be such large presences in my life since I’ve come to Yamaku. In only a few months time, they’ve gone from little more than acquaintances to easily my two best friends.

One who became a bit more than just a friend, the other the easygoing tomboy who introduced me to her.

I’m incredibly thankful to have them both in my life. I don’t want to think of where I would be without their influence since coming to Yamaku. Not only am I much happier now than I was two months ago, I think I’m happier now than I really ever have been.

I’m brought back to reality by the sound of the door locking. I shake my head as I snap out of my thoughts, looking at Miki and Saki. The former is standing at the door, the latter seated in my lap on Miki’s bed. For a moment, the two of them share a look, before both turning their attention towards me.

Miki smirks at me, leaning against the door with her arms crossed under her chest. Saki places a gentle hand on my chest, turning her position to half-face towards me. Leaning in, she presses her lips against mine, shifting again in my lap to put her knees between my legs, chest against mine.

This whole situation is confusing. What the hell is going on? Try as I might to attempt to process what’s happening right now, Saki’s lips on mine have always had the effect of making the rest of the world melt away.

It isn’t until she’s halfway done that I realize she’s been slowly working the buttons of my shirt. My eyes shoot open, and over Saki’s shoulder, I see Miki still standing where she was.

Only now she’s topless.

My eyes widen in surprise. My body must stiffen as well, as Saki chuckles against my lips. She pulls away only enough to speak, lips brushing against mine as she does.

“Miki wants a piece of you as well, Hisao.” She whispers, bringing a hand up to cup my cheek. “You’re heart is all mine, Hisao, but I can share some of what makes you special. I made her a deal that she can have all the fun she wants as long as I’m there.”

She kisses me again, but slowly shifts out of my lap and pulls away, moving around to sit behind me. Wrapping her arms around me, she continues working on my shirt as Miki takes her place. Unlike Saki, she straddles my legs, her thighs on either side of me.

She crosses her arms behind her head, puffing her chest out for extra emphasis. Where Saki’s body is soft and almost dainty, Miki is much more well-endowed and her body is toned.

“Like what you see, Nakai?” She purrs, ever-so cocky in everything she does.

I take in her curves, the gentle rise and fall of her chest from her steady, expectant breathing. I’m sure Saki can sense my hesitation, as she leans in to speak into my ear.

“Go on. I know you’ve thought about it before, sweetie. Don’t worry, nothing you do is going to make me upset.” As if to prove her point, she begins peppering my neck and jawline with kisses, nuzzling into me.

Slowly, I bring my hands towards Miki. She gives a content sigh as my fingers trail along her thighs and up to her waist. Miki leans in to my touch as my hands move along her curves, coming up to cup her breasts. Her eyes close and her lips curl up into a sultry grin, pushing her chest into my hands.

Saki pulls my shirt open before turning my head by my chin, pulling me into a deep kiss. One arm at a time, Miki guides my shirt off of me, pulling my hands from her body in the process. Saki pulls away as they both pull my undershirt off together.

Miki has much the same reaction to seeing my scar for the first time as Saki did. She gives a small noise of surprise at first, before reaching out to run her hand along the dark jagged line that juts across my chest. Saki’s hands trail down my body, undoing my belt with practiced ease as she reaches my waist.

After satisfying her curiosity, Miki snakes her hand into my hair and leans in, kissing me. It’s strange how different it feels compared to Saki, but not in a bad way. Saki is tender and soft even when she’s passionate. With Miki, there’s a hunger to her actions that I haven’t seen even when Saki and I are together like this.

It’s a more than welcome difference, however.

A shiver runs through my body at just how intense she is. Settling herself down against me, she slowly drags herself down my body, planting kisses along my skin as she goes. Saki quickly takes her place on my lips, the sweetness I’d fallen for a stark contrast to Miki’s style.

My mind feels hazy, totally overcome with the moment. Ten minutes ago I’d been making plans on whether or not to try and read before going to bed. This is a much better end to the night.

I feel a tugging at my waist, and instinctively lift my hips as my pants are slid off of me. My boxers follow as Saki shifts into Miki’s former position. Her arms wrap around my neck, crossing and draping over my back. She leans her forehead against mine, pulling just far away enough to speak.

“I love you.” She whispers against my lips, gorgeous golden eyes staring into mine. Every time I hear her say those words, my entire body just feels warm, and this time is no different.

“I love you t-aaaahh.” My reply is stolen from me by a shaky moan that I can’t stop from slipping from my lips as something warm and wet slowly runs the length of my shaft. Saki just giggles and occupies my now-open mouth with her own, slipping her tongue inside to dance with mine.

For her part, Miki begins swirling her tongue around my head, slowly stroking my length as she does. I feel my legs tensing and toes curling in response. As cheesy as it sounds, Saki and I do lean more towards making love than fucking, so the feeling of a tongue on my cock is an entirely new one.

“Enjoying yourself?” Saki teases me, stifling any reply with a kiss. She giggles in response to another moan. I can feel Miki bobbing along my length, a feeling I’m intently trying to burn into my memory in case Saki never replicates it.

This rhythm of Saki engulfing me in her loving embrace while Miki fellates me. It’s obvious she’s had quite a bit of practice, and I’m more than thankful for whatever time she’s spent perfecting her abilities. Even without me being able to warn her, Miki seems more than aware of when I’m reaching my limit. She pulls off slowly, giving an audible pop as she does, at the same time tightly squeezing the base of my shaft with her hand.

“Ah, ah, ah~.” She scolds me, releasing my length to reaching into her nightstand. “Not just yet, lover boy.”

It’s only now that the two of them fully undress.Saki makes a show of slowly undressing in my lap, smacking my hands away when I reach up to do it myself.

“Tonight is just as much a gift to you as it is to her, Hisao.” Saki whispers, teasingly nibbling on my earlobe as she pulls away. “You just sit there and enjoy yourself, sweetheart.”

Miki, for her part, is much less ceremonious with baring herself to me. She stands, uncinching her skirt and letting it crumple around her legs, revealing not a stitch of clothing underneath. She holds a foil square in her teeth, a wide smirk on her pink-dusted face. After a moment, she takes the square from her mouth, and three more drop down to hang from the first.

Her smile only grows bigger as she sees my eyes widen as I realize her implication.

“What, you thought you were sleeping tonight?”

She tears into the top one with her teeth and tosses the rest aside to her desk, settling back onto her knees and disappearing from my view. Saki wraps her arms around me again, kissing and nipping at my neck. She even softly bites me a few times, smiling against me at my small hisses of pain.

I feel Miki roll the condom over my head. Holding her fingers around the end, she elicits a deep groan as she slowly rolls it the rest of the way down with her mouth, taking me all the way to the base and popping back off in one fluid motion.

Miki flicks my head as she stands up, Saki once more moving behind me. “Hope you’re ready for the night of your life, Hisao.”

“Definitely top five.” I retort, trying to at least seem somewhat less than completely overwhelmed. Miki just gives a snort as she pushes me onto my back, climbing into my lap as she does. She pins my length against my stomach, grinding herself along the underside of my shaft.

She settles into a rhythm with her hips, parting her lips with my shaft and doing a magnificent job of making me want to throw her down on the mattress.

Having finally decided to give in, Miki leans forward as she reaches back, taking my length in her hand and guiding me to her entrance. She opens her eyes and looks at me, biting her bottom lip. She takes her hand away and sinks down all at once, slamming her hips down against mine.

Her eyes flutter and cross for a moment, a sight stolen from me a moment later as Saki slides herself over my face, firmly planting her slit against my lips. I look up at her and she tangles her fingers in my hair, pressing herself down against me further to coax my tongue from my lips.

I’m rewarded with a content sigh that rumbles through Saki’s body to my lips as I comply, reaching into her with my tongue. Her knees shake and tense for a moment before her entire body relaxes on top of me, pressing down even further against me, tilting her head to look down at me.

Saki stares down at me, eyes barely open as her mouth hangs almost limp, tongue pressed up against her bottom lip to keep from slipping free. I’d swear I could see hearts in her eyes if it was actually possible. As much as I try to focus on just how gorgeous Saki looks above me, Miki is making that quite difficult with how she’s grinding against me.

Rolling her hips without lifting her body away from mine, I get no reprieve from her heat and tightness wrapped around my length, and by God does she feel amazing. Before now, Saki was the only person I’d had sex with. Now, that number grew to two, and it’s exhilarating just how different the two experiences are. My first time with Saki had been slow and methodical, though it had been just like practically everything between us: Saki taking the lead, guiding me along to whatever she had in store for me to experience with her.

Now, I felt like less of a partner and more the center of attention. I was being used, sure, but this wouldn’t have happened for just any other guy. I was special, and knowing that felt almost as good as that thing Miki did with her tongue.

Finally she lifts herself from against me, dragging herself up my shaft before sinking back down, each movement of Miki’s hips sending waves of pleasure through my body. I must react in more than moaning into Saki’s lips, as I can feel a laugh rattle through Miki’s body.

“Pretty sure he’s gotten over his nerves now.” She teases, gently caressing my stomach with her hand while she rides me.

“Mmm.” Saki just groans her assent, giving herself one good stroke against my lips before pulling away to let me breathe. “I did pick a good one this time around, didn’t I? So much sweeter than most other guys, isn’t he?”

She slowly slides down my body, pressing herself against me all the way down. I plant kisses along her skin until she joins our lips, hands moving to hold my face instead of my hair. My eyes open as she gives a nose of surprise. Her eyes are wide for a moment before crossing and fluttering half-shut, a purring moan rumbling out of her as Miki grins from behind her.

“Hope you don’t mind sharing her too.” Miki says, though doesn’t give me a chance to respond as she increases her pace, bouncing along my length even faster. Not that any response I would give her would be any more coherent than anything Saki could come up with right now. It’s my turn to cradle her against me as her body practically gives out under her and she slumps against me.

Just as always, I support her, wrapping one arm around her to keep her upright, the other moving between her legs to join Miki’s fingers. While Miki pumps inside her, I tease my fingers around her clit. Saki moans, mewling against my neck before biting down softly to stifle herself.

“Don’t.” I whisper, turning to speak directly into her ear. My voice comes through shallow and breathy, fighting back my own moaning just to get through. “I want to hear you. You sound so beautiful.”

My prayers are answered as I feel Miki slip off of me, and tug Saki down to take her place. A moan erupts from her lips as I fill her, her hands twitching against my chest.

“She’s close. Finish her off, lover boy.” Miki growls into my other ear, teeth running along the outer edge of my ear. “Then we can finish having our fun.”

I’ve never needed much more encouragement than hearing the word ‘close’ when it comes to sex, the small handful of times it has been for me. It almost feels like a natural switch in my head, the way it just turns on something primal in me. I adjust Saki to better situate her against me, Miki helps by sliding in above my head and holding Saki’s shoulders to keep her from sliding off of me.

I kiss her and start thrust, driving myself up into her with a steady rhythm. As fast as we go together in life, there’s never any rush between us in bed. No rush is even close to needed, though, as within just a few moments of having me all to herself she starts babbling, trying her best to form coherent words and moans but her lips just don’t cooperate with her as her lower body seizes and ripples around me.

Her legs shake and her hips convulse, giving her a last few bounces along my cock as pleasure rolls through her body. I just hold her and smile as she rides out her orgasm, giving her a bright-red, smiling face to come back to. Her hair is plastered to her face with sweat by now, and she smiles up at me lazily through mostly-lidded eyes.

I could spend all day staring into her eyes, but Miki has other ideas.

“You two are adorable, but fuck that.” Miki purrs in my ear, this time biting my earlobe and pulling at it with her teeth. “Finish what you started, lover boy. Give me the fucking I’ve been thinking about for weeks now.”

Sometimes, I’m glad Saki got her claws into me first. I think Miki would have probably fucked me to death by now.

She wraps her arms around Saki and gently pulls her off of me and settles back into the chair. “Sorry, sweetheart, but Hisao’s got a job to finish.” Saki tries to protest, but just slumps back into the seat, too spent for the moment to really fight Miki stealing me away for herself. For her part, Miki grabs me by the chin as she slinks back to the bed, sliding onto her back. She doesn’t release me, instead guiding me over her. “Come on, lover boy.” She growls up at me, flashing me a daring wink. “No love, no warmth. Just fuck me.”

There’s a moment of silence before Saki lets out a weak giggle, body lolled into one side of the chair. “Can’t.” She says between shallow breaths.

“Sweetheart just can’t help himself.”

Miki grabs my chin again, pulling me in a deep, sultry kiss. There’s a ferocity to it that Saki doesn’t have. There’s still passion, sure, but...not nearly as gentle. It’s hard to describe just how different it is, but it just feels more...primal.

She purrs against my lips, and I go on autopilot. My had pushes her away and guides her to flip over, which she complies to with a satisfied grin. Putting my forearm across her shoulders, I lean my weight into pinning her down as I slam my hips forward. Her back arches like a cat’s and a shiver works up through her body.

I eventually settle into a rhythm that satisfies both Miki’s desire for me to be rough with her and my worries about overworking myself. Saki’s managed to drill that into my head so deeply that no matter how filled with lust I am, I always keep my heart in mind. Miki seems more than happy with my intensity, though, so I’m not particularly worried about not giving her exactly what she was looking for.

At least, if the intensity of her moaning is to be believed. It always makes me feel a special pride when Saki moans my name, and Miki is no different.

If the jerkiness of my hips starting to throw off my rhythm doesn’t give away how close I am, my panting does. Miki pushes me off of her and flips over onto her back, wrapping her powerful legs around my waist and pulling me back into her. Her arms cross around my neck and she tugs me down into another deep kiss, moaning open-mouthed against me.

“Hisao…” She whines into my ear as she breaks the kiss, and I pull back to look at her. Just like Saki, her hair sticks to her skin from sweat, a soft glistening to her skin as it beads along her body. For the first time since I met her, she looks soft and vulnerable. For as much as she proclaimed her desire for “No love, no warmth”, the only other time I’ve ever seen that expression on a person’s face is the first time Saki told me she loved me.

It’s not a look of lust, but of ecstasy, and it’s more than enough to send me over the edge.

“Hisao~!” Miki cries out as I slam myself deep inside her, my whole body shuddering as my eyes go white. Miki’s body reacts much the same, waves of shaking running through her. I’m vaguely aware of her clamping her teeth down on my neck, something I’m sure is going to hurt in a few moments when the high wears off.

Before I can collapse on top of her, I’m gently shoved sideways onto my back. Saki snuggles herself in between myself and the wall, with Miki curling up and nuzzling into me from the other side. Miki deftly removes the condom and places it in the bedside trash, before laying her head on my chest with a huff. It’s a bit funny how the two of them mirror each other now, as compared to how different their particular ‘styles’ were.

Minutes pass in silence as the three of us simply enjoy the proximity, sharing each other’s bodies with each other and basking in our afterglow. I’m sure these sheets need a serious cleaning, but that can wait until the morning.

“We should do this again sometime.” I finally speak up, earning me a pair of tired giggles.

“Definitely.” Miki purrs, dragging a finger along my chin.

“Behave yourself and we’ll see.” Saki retorts, though I’m not sure which of us she’s talking to at that point.

Pressed between two lovely women in the afterglow of having sex with both of them, coupled with just how late it is by this point, it doesn’t take long before lethargy overtakes me and I begin slipping off. I put an arm around both of them and pull them close, and both shift to lay pressed against me. We don’t need anymore words tonight.

"Ten minutes, lover boy. Then we're on for Round Two."

Or maybe we do.
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The Morning After

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My brain pounds angrily against the inside of my skull as light begins to filter through my eyelids. A ray of sunlight stabs me directly in the eye from a partially-open curtain. I’m certainly regretting a good amount of my decisions on what to put into my body last night. I try to reach out and shut the curtain, only to find myself practically pinned down to the bed.

Taking a moment to clear my head a bit, I’m finally aware of two different masses weighing me down. One is laying on my arm and curled up next to me, long blonde locks cascading around her head and shoulders. Lilly. Easy enough to identify my wife, I would hope. The other, laying across my chest and waist…

Blond hair. Straighter than Lilly’s, but unmistakably the same shade. My hungover brain turns a few times before a though finally fires, and my eyes snap open.

There’s no way. There’s just no way I did that.

A groan from the elder Satou shatters that thought as she stirs a bit. After a moment, crimson eyes look blearily back at mine. They take a moment to focus, but a grin quickly spreads across her lips as she focuses on me. A moment later, her face twinges in pain as the headache surely sets in.

Akira doesn’t say anything else, just slowly disentangles herself from the bed and heads out of the bedroom. Whatever noises she ends up making seem to be enough to rouse Lilly as well, who nuzzles into me and shakes her head, as if trying to block out the world in my shoulder.

I wrap my arms around her, and her whole body practically melts into my touch. She gives a content hum almost like a cat’s purr before rolling to lay across my chest. Her expression tightens as she does, steadying herself as if the world spun as she moved.

“How much did we drink last night?” I ask, giving a small chuckle that earns me a weak smile.

“Far too much, I believe.” Lilly answers, her eyes slowly falling open and gazing towards me. Even now, it still feels special to meet her eyes. Even if she could never truly see the way I look at her, it doesn’t make it feel any less perfect every time I see those beautiful blue eyes looking up at me.

“You could certainly say that.” A third voice cuts in, breaking the peaceful silence. “You know, you two are actually really cute when you do that little staring thing.”

Akira stands in the doorway, wearing what seems to be one of Lilly’s panties and one of my T-Shirts, the latter being far too large for her rather-lithe frame. It just makes her look even more girlish, despite being nearly 30. She holds a steaming cup in her hands, looking at the two of us with a bemused smile.

Lilly turns and looks back at Akira with a pout on her lips, looking not nearly as playful as her older sister. “Akira, I have the good graces to share that which is most precious to me, and you thank me by teasing me over the way I look at my husband?”

Ah, so that’s my terrifying suspicions at least partially confirmed.

Wait, this was Lilly’s idea?

“Wait. What?”

I can’t help but led incredulity slip into my voice. Akira just meets my gaze with a smirk, bringing the cup closer to her lips.

“You were definitely all-for it last night, big guy. Might’ve just been the whiskey and the wine talking, though.”

As if to demonstrate some point, Akira does a small twirl where she stands, before coming to face Lilly and I again. “Don’t think you’d want a piece of this Satou again?”

I try to open my mouth to protest, but the words don’t come out. She’s not wrong; she has all the right curves in all the same places Lilly does, just not as pronounced as her younger sister’s.

“I’m sure he would, dear sister.” Lilly finally speaks up. “He is also, however, a happily married man with enough grace not to answer that question in either way.” Lilly shifts to lay on top of me a bit more, almost...possessively? Not that I have any qualms about it. I’ve always enjoyed her touch.

Akira just laughs before taking another drag of what I can only assume is coffee from the smell. “Oh, don’t you worry your pretty little head, little sis. Not like I’m gonna try to play Homewrecker with my own sister’s heart.”

Akira finishes her coffee before looking back at the two of us. “Alright, I think it’s about time I get outta here. Still have to make myself presentable for the office.” She disappears from our bedroom again, and I can hear the sound of a dish being placed in the sink and a short burst of running water. “Don’t have too much fun, lovebirds!” She calls out, before I hear the front door shut behind her.

I’m left utterly bewildered by her actions. I can vaguely remember parts of last night, but the last thing I remember is Akira pouring me another shot of whiskey during a card game, and blackness after that.

It seems last night is finally starting to get to Lilly as well, who makes a groaning noise as her face scrunches up. I chuckle and tap on her shoulder to get her attention. “Here, let me out, sweetheart. Much as I’m definitely going to cuddle all morning, let me get us something for our headaches first.”

I’m rewarded with a grateful smile as Lilly pulls back just enough to let me out before settling back down into the pillows. I hear a muffled “thank you” from within the covers as I make for the kitchen.

A few minutes later, I’m coming back with two glasses of water and a bottle of aspirin. Lilly sits up as she hears me approach, an appreciative smile on her lips as I settle the glass into her outstretched hands. I pop the bottle open as she begins to drink, closing her fingers around a small number of the pills and settling in alongside her.

I follow the same ritual, though mine includes about another dozen pills or so. I don’t have to take as many as I did in high school, but it’s still a sizable fistful in the mornings.

Even just the glass of water seems to have done wonders for Lilly’s hangover, to say nothing of mine. She wears a content smile as she snuggles up against me again, laying her head on my shoulder. “Much better. Thank you, dear.”

I settle back against the headboard and loop an arm around her, loosely holding her close to me. The pounding in my head is slowly subsiding, though the light coming in through the window is still less than welcome.

“So…” I finally speak up, breaking the comfortable silence that often settles between the two of us. “What, uh, exactly…”

Lilly giggles slightly as she understands where I’m going. “Yes, Hisao. Akira joined us last night. I had mentioned it as a fleeting idea to her a few weeks ago and she seemed interested. You were quite interested in it as well last night.” She says the last a bit coyly, turning her head to prod me with her nose. “It seems you really do have a preference for the Satou women, hmm? Perhaps I’ll have to keep my mother from you after all.”

I scoff as I give her a nudge, finally breaking her veneer and causing her to giggle into her hand. “I only tease, Hisao. Though, you cannot say that I’m incorrect.”

Well, if she’s going to play like that…

“I don’t know, Emi was always pretty cute.” And I know just the right buttons to push. “And I was pretty sure Shizune had a crush on me for a while.”

That gets just the reaction I was looking for. Lilly puffs her cheeks out indignantly, her brow furrowing and looking rather adorable over all.

“Hmph.” She seemingly-unamused huff, though her expression shifts quickly. She takes the glass from my hands and sets them both aside on the nightstand before sliding her leg over mine and shifting into my lap. Her arms wrap around my neck as she leans back. The blanket shifts off of her and falls away, revealing the beautiful curves of her body that have only grown more perfect in the years since high school.

I’d always considered Lilly beautiful, but she’s truly stunning now. In the first few weeks of practically every job I’ve had, my coworkers were thoroughly surprised that I was the lucky man whose arm she hung on.

“Mmm. It is certainly fair to say that you did have quite a few girls interested in you when you first came into our lives.” She leans in, nuzzling into my neck and gently trailing her lips along my skin. “Perhaps you need a reminder as to why you chose me?”

I’m very glad she’s been listening to me when I tell her how much I enjoy her playful side.

“I don’t need to be reminded of anything, Lilly.” Taking her chin in my hand, I turn to press our lips together, being rewarded with a pleased hum as she settles against me. “But…” I whisper against her lips, pulling away only enough to speak. “It’s always a good idea to take refresher courses.”
She gives another purr, but this one is deeper and longer, sultry even. She slowly trails her lips along my chin and down to my neck, her dexterous fingers trailing along the muscles of my back and shoulders.

She knows well that it doesn’t take much from her to get me ready, something she’s taken advantage of more than once just to get a rise out of me. After just a few moments of caressing my skin, she shifts herself upwards to slowly sink herself down on me.

I can feel her toes flex and curl against my legs as she goes, her head buried in the crook of my neck to stifle the noises she makes. Even now, she’s still a bit self conscious about how loud she can be. Granted, occasionally Hanako is around to hear anything and quiet is a necessity, but if my vague recollection of time is right she should be off at her book club.

“Oh, Hisao…” Lilly sighs, letting her hips sit against my lap for a few moments before she begins to move. I’m very comfortable when it comes to not taking the lead, as much as I love the way she screams when I get the rhythm just right. Taking things slower and with her in the lead is safer, and it’s few and far between when either of us even wants things that rough.

I don’t say anything back, only bring her in towards me for another kiss. This one ends up deeper, with her tongue parting my lips and intertwining with my own. Occasionally a vibration travels through her tongue and into me, a humm or moan stifled by the joining of our lips, but no less audible when carried directly into my skull.

Her fingers lace together behind my head and she leans back, giving me a full view of her as she slowly grinds up and down my length, her hips rolling in alternating patterns at her constant rhythm.

“Do you like what you see, my love?” She sighs, though it actually stings a bit. For a moment...it seems like a genuine question, rather than just something sultry to say in the moment.

“Lilly, there’s not a thing in the world I’d rather look at than you.” I pull her back into me and kiss her, feeling tension leave her body as she presses against me, both hands moving to rest on my chest. Her lips pull up into a smile against mine. I pull away, only enough to whisper into her ear as I began to thrust my hips up to meet her movements.

“My only regret is that you can’t see how beautiful I think you are.”

Hisao…” Lilly replies in a breathy moan, the increased tightness and occasional spasming around me indicating she’s getting close. Perfectly timed, as I’m nearing my tipping point as well.

With us in this position, Lilly is practically hugging me as she rides me, a frantic urgency starting to creep into her even, measured movements. It’s been long enough and I’ve already taken my meds this morning…

Without warning her, I push off from the headboard and wrap my arms around her waist, carrying her back onto the bed. She gives a noise of surprise as I do, but the sound is quickly buried by loud moans as I take over. I can’t always give her this, but I’ll be damned if I don’t when I can.

“Ah, H-Hisao!” Lilly manages out between pleasured squeaks and moans. “I want it...inside…”

For a moment, confusion takes over, though I very quickly realize what she’s saying.

“Ask and you shall receive.”

A corny reply, for sure, but I don’t think she has the presence of mind right now to tease me about my choice of words. Neither of us have too much longer to think either way, as Lilly wraps her long, slender legs around me and pulls me in as her walls clamp around me like a vice.

Her entire body shudders and twitches, her feet flexing around the small of my back. The intense pressure is enough to send me overboard as well, one final thrust to the hilt burying me inside my beautiful wife as I orgasm.

This time is so much more intense than others, so much more pleasurable. I don’t know if it’s something about her desire to ensure my affections or just from the difference of cumming inside her, but I almost don’t want to end things any other way again.

After a minute or two of labored breathing between the two of us, I slowly hoist her into my lap again, letting her pull herself up and off of me before settling back into my lap.

“A good reminder then, I take it?” Lilly teases, her head already taking its regular residence on my shoulder.

“I couldn’t ask for a better one.” I retort, leaning into her. “Though, now I can’t help but think that the day can wait a few more hours.”

She just giggles as she seems to try to dig into me a little further, snuggling up into my lap and wrapping her arms around me. “Well, I could certainly never deny a request to feel myself in your arms.”

The tender moment is interrupted by a timid cough. Both of our heads immediately snap to the door, where I see Hanako standing. Mostly hidden by the doorframe, though her head still peaks out around it.

“U-um, not to b-be forward or anything, b-but…”

“No, Hanako, it’s okay. We’re sorry, we should have been qui-”

I’m interrupted again, this time by Hanako shaking her head. “I...I d-don’t mind…”

This response only makes me confused, and I can see a similar look on Lilly’s face as well.

“I-I just...next t-time you t-two…”

Hanako’s voice trails off into silence. She knows what she wants to ask, but she’s far too timid to actually get the words out. I have no idea where she’s trying to go with this, but Lilly seems to have gotten the gist, as she replies with a giggle.

“Hanako dear, you are more than welcome to join us any time you like.”

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I slam my fist down on my alarm moments after it jarringly rouses me from sleep. I’m still not quite used to these morning runs, even after a few weeks the routine hasn’t quite settled into my body as much as it has my brain. I let out a groan as my hand slides off of the offending clock to hang limply off the side of my bed. Two weeks in, and I still have to forcibly drag my own body out of bed.

It’s good for me, though. In just the short time I’ve been going on morning runs with Emi, I feel better in general. I don’t get winded as easily, climbing stairs is easier. I’m glad at least something is going right in my life.

I go through my routine, downing medication on my way to the bathroom to save time. I’m headed downstairs a few minutes later, but I’m stopped in my tracks as I exit the building. Instead of beating me to the track, Emi is standing outside the boy’s dorm. Hands behind her back, bouncing lightly on her legs. Her cheeks are puffed out in annoyance, though her expression markedly brightens when she notices me.

Emi bounds over to me, an extra bounce to her step beyond that required by her running legs. She comes to a stop in front of me, and I can already see sweat on her forehead and a quickened pace to her breathing.

“Morning, sleepyhead!” She greets me, leaning her body forward and lacing her hands behind her back. She tends to do that a lot, though I’m not complaining. It’s actually pretty adorable.

“Morning. You go running already?”

She nods as a reply, straightening up as she does. “Mhm! I figured we could do something else for you today!”

I cock my head at her, and she just giggles and takes my hand. “Come on! You can’t just work the muscle the same way over and over again when it comes to keeping healthy, right? I can just keep running because I’m training to run, but you have to run to keep your heart healthy.”

She’s leading me towards the girl’s dorm, though I’m more focused on what she’s saying than where she’s leading me.

“I mean, I guess? That sounds like it makes sense, but it’s coming out of you.” I can’t help the jab, and I get what I asked for when she wheels around and punches me in the shoulder. “Ow!”

“Jerk!” She shoots back, sticking her tongue out at me.

I rub my shoulder as she leads me through the doors into the building, heading for the stairs and eventually towards her room.

“Uh, what exactly did you have in mind, Emi?”

“You’ll see!” She says, with all of the clarity I expected from her. She unlocks her door and lets it open, then starts down the hall. “Go ahead and wait inside, I’m gonna shower first.”

I look at her incredulously as she skips off to the bathroom and disappears, before shaking my head and entering her room. She is the ‘personal trainer’ after all. Who am I to question her?

At least, that’s what I was thinking until I see her door open again a few minutes later.

“So, Emi, what did you have in mi-”

Wearing only a towel with a wide smirk on her face, she steps forward into her room and pushes her door shut behind her, letting the towel drop as it clicks. Stark nude in all her glory, Emi just looks at me almost expectantly. For my part, I turn red as a beet and freeze in my place, eyes widening in surprise.

“Oh. Oh.”

Emi breaks into a prideful smirk as she strides forward, kicking the door shut behind her before turning to lock it, giving me a perfect view of her other half. I’m not particularly sure which view I like more. After a moment, Emi spins back around, looking much like a lioness eyeing up a meal as she struts towards me.

She settles into my lap with her knees on either side of my legs. Emi kisses me; sweetly at first, though it’s not long before her tongue is parting my lips. Her hands dip under the hem of my shirt and slowly move up along my chest, dragging my shirt with them. Her hands slow as she reaches my scar, tentatively tracing the jagged line across my chest. She doesn’t linger long, breaking the kiss to pull my shirt up and over my head to toss aside.

Just a moment later, she’s back on me, this time mashing her lips against mine with a fiery hunger that makes my skin start to heat up. Her body presses against mine as she leans back, pulling our lips apart as she works to remove her legs.

My hands go to her waist, both to support her and hold her in my hands. This is far more of Emi than I ever thought I’d see, and I can’t help as my hands begin to explore her body. She gives an almost-purring sound of content as my hands slowly move up the curve of her waist and sides, trailing up her body.

She leans back, bracing herself on my knees and arching her back, giving me a perfect view of her. Even still, I find my gaze drifting to her face instead. She’s just as red as I am, though not from embarrassment. Her lips are drawn up in a warm smile that quickly fades away into a prideful smirk.

I open my mouth to speak, but she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls herself back in towards me.

“Shut up and fuck me, Hisao.”

I hear a slight tearing sound behind my back as she wraps her legs around me and rolls, pulling me with her and ending up on top of her while she looks up at me. Her green eyes look into mine for a moment before she looks down and starts to tug my shorts down.

“I didn’t make you have to worry about undressing me, the least you could do is do the same, Hisao.” She teases me, but I do as she requests and remove the last of my clothing, letting it join my shirt somewhere on the floor of her room.

My body tenses as she grabs my member, slowly moving her hand down its length and rolling a condom over it. She trails her finger up along the underside before shifting her hand to caress my chest. Her arms snake up and around my neck and her legs wrap around my waist as she pulls me towards her.

Emi’s head lolls back as she sinks down on me, one of her eyes twitching on its own as she does so. “Fuck…” She sighs breathily, an almost-drunk expression on her face as she adjusts to me inside of her.

It’s an almost overwhelming feeling, the heat and tightness wrapped around my member. Her walls ripple around me, contracting almost like a slowly-rolling wave from the base up past the head.

“Emi…” I groan, though I’m quickly silenced by her lips mashing against mine again. Hungrier this time, lustful urgency spurring her movements. She places a hand on my chest, pushing me back against the bed to break us apart. She smirks down at me mischievously, looking impish even as her face is slowly painting itself red.

“I said, shut up and fuck me, Hisao.”

She lays down on top of me and starts to roll, guiding me to finish and end up on top of her. She wraps her legs around my waist and one arm around my neck, the other holding my cheek, her thumb pressed up underneath my jawline.

“Just like this. Don’t be afraid to stop if your chest gets tight, but you’re not leaving this room until I cum too, you hear me?”

I just nod. All of this has happened rather quickly, and for my first time? Not that I’m complaining, of course. Who would complain about having sex with Emi Ibarazaki?

Not quite knowing what to do, I just go with what feels right, letting my body go on autopilot and follow instinct. It’s either doing the trick or I’m hitting a particularly sensitive spot, as the cocky look on Emi’s face quickly fades away into a lax o-face. Her eyebrows raised, eyes half-lidded and occasionally crossing.

And beyond that, the noises she’s making are driving me crazy. Every squeak and whimper makes me want to go harder, faster, to make her louder and please her more. She places a firm but shaking hand on my chest as I pick up the pace even further.

“E-Easy, there, cowboy.” She sputters between heavy breaths. “Don’t overdo yourself. You’re doing fucking great so far.”

Taking her advice, I change to a slower, more gentle rhythm, interspersing it with bouts of faster movements. As I continue, Emi’s face contorts and she stiffens for a moment, the stumps of her calves twitching against my back. She tightens around me, her contractions totally losing their rhythm for a few moments before her body relaxes again. The fact that she’s completely silent as she does this is a little disconcerting, and I find myself starting to slow to a stop.

“Emi, are yo-”

I don’t get to finish the sentence as she grabs my face with both hands, staring me straight in the eyes.

“Don’t you dare stop now, motherfucker. You’re giving me more than just that one.”

She pulls me into a deep kiss, moaning directly into my mouth as I start to move again, faster again this time.

Try as I might to continue on as long as Emi would want me to, after two more bouts of her orgasming around my shaft, I feel like a coiled spring ready to explode from tension.

“Emi…” I groan. She places both her hands on my chest and rolls forward, shoving me back and pinning me down beneath her. Now she takes charge, slamming her hips down against mine with an almost furious lust.

“Yes! Yes! Hisao, yes!” Far from bashful, she makes no attempt to stifle her voice. If I was capable of thinking of anything besides Emi right now, I would probably be worrying about the walk back to my dorm, but my mind blanks out as the slapping of our skin fills the room.

I gasp deeply as Emi finally takes me over the edge. I spasm inside her and she whimpers, surely feeling me twitching inside her. She doesn’t stop though, riding me throughout my orgasm and prolonging it. It isn’t until she can tell I’m a bit uncomfortable from overstimulation that she finally stops, collapsing against my chest.

Both of us are breathing heavily, and for the first time I think Emi is just as tired as I am after a workout. She reaches off to the side and grabs one of her stuffed animals and chucks it at the light switch. As if it were a practiced motion, it switches off on impact. After another few moments, Emi disengages herself from me and delicately peels the condom off, depositing it in her trash can before sliding back into bed.

“Shouldn’t...we…” I start, still getting control of my breathing.

“Mm-mm.” Emi disagrees, already urging me towards her with a crooked finger. I comply, crawling up alongside her. She nuzzles herself into me, resting her head on my chest and shoulder. “Fuck class today. I don’t think I’d walk straight after that anyways.” She smirks again, raising a finger to poke my nose. “You’re pretty good...for a first timer.”

I look down at her a bit sheepishly, one arm wrapped around her shoulders. “You could tell?”

“Of course I could tell. You looked completely dumbfounded when I came back, and you were practically shaking with excitement the moment I let you touch me.”

I open my mouth to retort, but she silences me with a peck on the lips.

“We’re definitely doing this again.” She states, more of a command than a suggestion. “Keep fucking me like that, might just be your new routine.”

“I can certainly think of worse things.”

She gives me one last smile before she shuts her eyes and cuddles into me. I can’t think of a much better way to start a day than this.

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Re: DackFayded Story Archive, AKA "I Swear I Write More Than Just Smut" - Updated 11/19/2019

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I like your smut. So much so that I've been pacing myself through the stories. I also appreciate the fact that you do post it, because it does give me confidence to write and post smut. It's much appreciated, and I'm to see what you do next.
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Re: DackFayded Story Archive, AKA "I Swear I Write More Than Just Smut" - Updated 11/19/2019

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A lot less cringy than many other h-scenes out there but neither one was very much in character. Especially Emi in the second one was hardly recognizable. Might have worked if you replaced her with Miki.
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Falling in 3/4

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“Is the blindfold really necessary? It’s almost sundown, it’ll be dark soon anyways.” I ask, pulling at the fabric covering my eyes

“Yes, it is!” Miki retorts, tightening the blindfold even more around my face. “Now shut up and keep walking!”

I’m not exactly sure why I agreed when Miki said she wanted to ‘show me something’ and refused to tell me what exactly it was she was being so secretive about. She’d even blindfolded me to keep me from knowing where she was leading me, but we were clearly outside. The ground was uneven and occasionally I could feel a twig snap underfoot. One of the small wooded patches around the school, perhaps?

These past few months with Miki have been...interesting, to say the least. She’s certainly rather energetic, and her boundless enthusiasm for everything that isn’t schoolwork, while a bit grating sometimes, has done wonders for dragging me out of my room to experience the world. So strange to think this romance came out of a mutual need for exercise.

After what feels like forever, I finally feel Miki stop dragging me along. She lets go of my hand, slipping away from my grasp and leaving me completely in the dark for a moment.

“Okay, you can take it off now.”

I reach behind my head and untie the offending cloth, letting it fall free from my face. The sight I’m greeted with is...the absolute last thing I was expecting from this.

Miki stands sheepishly before me, rubbing her arm with her hand. She’s wearing a long, form-fitting black dress that flares out just past her knees and ends short of her ankles. I’d noticed it in her closet once and had off-handedly mentioned how great she would look in it. Seeing her now, I was most certainly right.

Around us are a series of unlit candles and a bulky disc radio. A few sheets of plywood have been loosely cobbled together in a sort of pseudo-floor in this small wooded clearing.

“Miki…” I sigh, looking all around me and taking in everything. How long did all of this take? She must have worked for hours to put all of this together, especially hauling everything this far from school.

“We haven’t really had time for each other recently.” She starts, looking down at the ground while she drags the toe of her shoes in the dirt. It’s been amazing, seeing how different Miki acts when we’re alone. She’s still her usual sarcastic self, but much more toned down. Her tough girl act is gone when she’s with me, and I get to see the sensitive girl who’d fallen asleep on me so many times after coming to my door in the middle of the night, clutching the stump where her left arm ended.

“Now that exams are over, I wanted to do something to get our minds off of school. That, and…”

She trails off, looking away from me even more for a moment. Even now, it still takes a lot from Miki to be this open with me. It took weeks before I even started seeing the cracks in her mask, and then one night it shattered when she broke down in my arms, fighting through waves of pain from a part of her body that her brain wouldn’t believe wasn’t there anymore, no matter what her eyes told her.

“And I missed you.”

She finally finishes her though, turning her head up to look at me. She’s smiling softly at me, but even now there’s a bit of apprehension in her eyes, like at any moment this could all turn out to be some elaborate prank pulled on her. Miki’s certainly not had things easy in her life, but I’ll be damned if I’m something that makes it harder.

I take a step forward, and then another, and suddenly Miki practically throws herself at me as I keep coming. Her arms wrap around my neck as she kisses me, all the tension leaving her body a moment later. She gives a contented sigh against my lips before she pulls away, resting her forehead against mine.

“I take it you missed me too?” She teases me, pressing a peck to my nose before pushing me away. “Come on, lover boy, your slow dance under the stars can wait. Dinner first.”

“Oh?” I reply, tilting my head a bit. “Since when do you cook? Last I remember, ‘The Miura’ survives on instant noodles like any proper student does.”

She puffs her cheeks out indignantly at me as she produces a basket from behind a sizable tree, a blanket neatly folded on top of it. A picnic and a dance in the woods? Hardly what anyone would call a ‘conventional’ date, but this is more than I could really ask for.
“I’m a perfectly competent cook when I want to be!” She counters. “I haven’t set anything on fire in at least a year.” She says this with a fair amount of pride, forgetting that most don’t set anything on fire ever.

“And you’re going to learn to like my cooking, or you’re going to hate the rest of your life.”

The words seem to slip out of her mouth without her realizing, as she turns red in the face the moment she realizes what she’s said. She looks at me, and seeing that I haven’t had the same realization she has, quickly calms herself with a cough and begins spreading out the blanket.

Despite the fact that there’s more than enough room for us to sit across from one another as we eat, Miki firmly plants herself between my legs instead, leaning back against me while she sets into a bowl of meat and rice. Her cooking is fairly simple, but it’s tasty. Neither of us are rich blood with refined palates, so something simple like this is just what both of us like.

We pass our meal mostly in silence, every so often breaking the quiet with small talk. How things were in our lives outside of each other, planning for the future (an activity I had finally convinced Miki to give some proper thought to). Miki finishes before I do, which seems to be on purpose as she scrambles away from me and sets to work on lighting some of the candles.

It takes a few tries on some of them, but by the time I’m finished with my own meal, the candles are lit and the sun has begun to dip below the horizon. This clearing is near a cliff that overlooks the town below and the landscape around it. As Miki turns to face me, she is silhouetted by the setting sun behind her, hair blowing softly in the late-summer breeze.

I’ve always considered Miki attractive. Since the day she plopped herself down on my desk and forced her way into my life, I’ve known that. In this moment though, I know I’ve never seen her look more beautiful.

A moment later, the music begins. Soft and lilting, a classical melody with an easy to pick up beat. Three-step, with an emphasised downbeat.

A waltz.

“I don’t really know much about Western Classical music, but Saki said this one should be nice enough.”

I step out towards her, hand outstretched, and she takes it. She gives a small noise of surprise as I pull her in towards me, my other arm looping around her waist.

“It’s perfect.”

She smiles at me before letting her head come to rest in the crook of my neck. The two of us pressed together, we sway and step to whatever rhythm feels right in the moment. I certainly have no training in anything approaching formal dance, and I doubt Miki does either from the way she moves, but I don’t think either of us really cares. All that matters right now is each other.

Our shadows grow longer as the sun sets further and further beyond the horizon, it’s light slowly replaced by the flickering candlelight around us. It’s dim, but more than enough to let me see the beautiful girl in my arms.

This sweet, beautiful girl who has been through so much. Whose mother left her to be raised by an alcoholic deadbeat until her grandparents took her in. Who spent her middle school years without friends because she came from a poor family. Used for her body by a boy who said he loved her, then wouldn’t even acknowledge her existence the next day. Looking at her as the music begins to fade, so many feelings well up inside of me at once, but I know which is the strongest.

“I love you, Miki.”

The words come out before I even have the chance to think them. The moment they come out, I know that they’re true. I do love her, with every part of me.

She pulls back from me, and so many different emotions flicker across her features at a rapid pace, so quickly I can’t identify them one-by-one. She turns bright red before the widest smile I’ve ever seen her wear slowly breaks across her face.

“I love you too, Hisao.” She whispers her response, mumbles it into the skin of my neck instead of letting me hear her.

“What was that?” I ask, fully aware of what she just said.

Try as she might with her puffed out cheeks, Miki can’t stop the laugh that bubbles out from her chest. It’s rare, the fleeting moments where I see Miki truly happy, completely unburdened by all the pain she’s had to live through in her life.

“I love you, Hisao. Now shut up and kiss me, dork.”

I can’t think of anything I’d rather do more.

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Re: DackFayded Story Archive, AKA "I Swear I Write More Than Just Smut" - Updated 12/4/2019

Post by Mirage_GSM » Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:28 pm

Nice and sweet story!
One small comment:
The words seem to slip out of her mouth without her realizing, as she turns red in the face the moment she realizes what she’s said. She looks at me, and seeing that I haven’t had the same realization she has, quickly calms herself with a cough and begins spreading out the blanket.
That's something you can't do in first-person-present tense narration. If Hisao didn't realize what she said at this time, he cannot comment on not having realized it in the narration. If this were a past tense narration, he could have realized it later or if the narrator were an omniscient third person it would work, but not as it is here.
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Movie Night

Post by DackFayded » Wed Dec 11, 2019 2:59 am

I can’t suppress the yawn that forces its way out of my mouth as I make my way up the steps to my apartment. As much as I hate stairs, the extra bit of exercise every down going up and down two flights is good for me, even beyond my daily runs with Miki.

The door swings open as I enter, letting the door shut behind me. I’m taking off my shoes and just about to call out when I feel something warm wrap around my midsection. Arms, I realized after a moment.

‘Wlfmm hmm’ is all I can make out of the greeting mumbled into my back. She always manages to be as adorable as she was when I met her even as a full-grown woman.

“Hi, Suzu.” I turn, not breaking the embrace and return it, wrapping my arms around her neck and holding her against me. She must have gotten out of the shower recently, as her head is still a little damp and smells rather strongly of her shampoo; lavender and honey, a scent I’ve come to love over the years since Yamaku.

“How’ve you been today, sweetie?” I ask her, feeling her body weight leaning into me. She must be getting tired. I guide both of us over to the couch and fall into it, letting Suzu settle herself half on top of me.

“Alright. I managed to get a bit more writing done…” She pauses, a yawn forcing her mouth open before she snuggles into me even further. “Hopefully I can finish this chapter soon. My publisher’s been hounding me, telling me people are hungry for more of ‘The Adventures of Captain Katawa’.

“I still don’t know why you decided to go with that name. You know how offensive it is to people.”

“It’s our word, Hisao. We get to use it.” Suzu replies flatly, before turning her face into my chest. Her words are muffled, but I can still make her out.

“Urgh. No think. Just boyfriend.”

“I’m all yours.” I coo, running my hand through.

“In five minutes. Let me at least change into something a bit more suited to cuddling you, okay?”

She just makes an annoyed groan and tightens her grip on me, but after a few moments she relaxes and pulls away. “You have two minutes.”

“Three-and-a-half.” I counter with, slipping away and to the bedroom. As comfortable as I make my teaching attire, it’s nothing compared to a t-shirt and sweatpants. Suzu taught me proper loungewear a long time ago, and I don’t think I could ever go back to relaxing in slacks ever again.

By the time I come back, far past the three-and-a-half minute mark, the TV is on and Suzu has planted herself in her usual position, leaving about a foot of space behind herself for me to slide in. I take my own place, and I can smell the bowl of popcorn she’s prepared before it even enters my vision. I’m glad I found a girl who knows how to snack right.

“What’s on the lineup tonight?”

“Star Wars.” She replies simply, pressing herself back against me as I settle into my place. “In the correct order.” An elbow into my ribs reminds me why that particular franchise was chosen for tonight.

“Because someone let slip they hadn’t seen them before.”

“I was never as big a movie buff as you, you know that. I prefer books.”

“Well, stuff it. Star Wars is required viewing, like Lord of the Rings.”

I roll my eyes at that one. While the series was actually quite good, what wasn’t enjoyable was watching them for 10 hours straight.

“I still don’t understand why you thought watching them back-to-back-to back was really necessary.”

“It parses the strong from the weak, Hisao. And we are strong because of it.”

Based on the way she’s talking, I’m not sure how far she’s going to make it through this movie, and I’m not sure how much I’ll pay attention once she falls asleep on me.

“Oh, two suns. That’s pretty cool.”

Almost as soon as I realize the small detail, my mind starts racing. How would that affect the solar system on a large scale? Would it shift the habitable range of the system as a whole, or would each star provide its own zone? Suzu seems to have noticed my attention drifting from the screen, as my vision is suddenly filled with blue as Suzu turns her head to kiss me.

“If you’re not going to pay attention,” she starts, before kissing me again. “You could at least keep me awake.” To emphasize her point, she pushes herself back against me even more, giving a sultry wiggle with her hips to grind herself against me.

It’s been a while since she was forward like this, and it’s always a welcome change. Neither of us have particularly high libidos due to our medications, but that doesn’t mean one of us doesn’t find ourselves in the mood often enough.

And Suzu knows it doesn’t take much more than her interest to get me going.

“What kind of boyfriend would I be if I just let my girlfriend fall asleep instead of giving her what she wants?”

I whisper into her ear as my hands begin to snake around her underneath the blanket covering us, fingers trailing along her skin. She must have discarded her shirt while I was changing, as only a bra meets my fingers as I tease her.

“A shitty one.” She cuts back, though her statement is punctuated with a pleased sigh as I kiss a spot in the crook of her neck.

“I would loathe to be.”

If it wasn’t obvious enough to me that she’d been planning this since well-before I walked in through the door, the moment my hand dips past the hem of her pajama bottoms, my suspicions are confirmed. Besides her bra and these pants, she’s not wearing anything else, making my job all the easier as I brush my fingers along the sensitive bud of nerves and down to her folds.

Her hand comes to mine, holding it as best she can without restricting my ministrations on her. The shaky moan I draw from her lips ripples through my body like a fire, a wave of warmth spreading through me. As much as sex is enjoyable for the act itself, I’ve always found a special sense of satisfaction in hearing how much Suzu is enjoying herself.

She seems to have turned her attention to my other hand, leaning her head down to gently take my finger into her mouth. It’s a habit she’s had since we first got together, and one I’ve made no attempt to stop whatsoever, since it is incredibly sexy to me.

Her tongue slowly curls around my digit as he hook my fingers inside her, eliciting a gasp from her that is followed by what I can only describe as a purr. As if I needed any more reasons to tell her she’s practically feline.

“Hishao…” Suzu moans softly, gently biting down on my finger to stifle another moan.

Neither of us are paying any attention to the movie on the screen at this point. I’m barely being contained by these sweatpants at the moment, something I’m sure Suzu is more than aware of, given how closely she’s pressed to me.

I hook my fingers further, keeping up my rhythm as I search for just the spot…

A loud gasp from Suzu means I’ve found it, and I don’t let up once I do. I drag my fingers along that spot with each motion, and it almost sounds as though Suzu is charging up some sort of super move with how the muffled squeal she’s giving slowly raises in pitch until she cries out and bites down hard on my finger.

Her lower body spasms and twitches as she clamps down around my fingers. Her grip on my wrist tightens and relaxes in time with her contractions, tight like a vice before she finally releases me as the tension leaves her body, replaced with a euphoric afterglow.

I can’t stop the smile that comes to my lips as I draw my fingers out of her, switching one hand with the other to let her clean my fingers herself, something she’s asked me to let her down quite a few times. I’m almost beginning to think she has some sort of fixation with her mouth, but all the times she’s gone down on me have taught me not to complain about my girlfriend liking to feel with her tongue.

Suzu flips over and snuggled into my chest, now not even pretending to pay attention to the movie. She gives a content hum as I wrap my arms around her again, nuzzling her head into me.

“Your turn later…” She cooes tiredly, one hand gently caressing my chest. “Sleep now.”

I chuckle at her and run a hand through her hair, which earns me another pleased sigh.

“Prince Charming will be waiting for you, Sleeping Beauty.”

“Better than Snoozu.” And with that, she finally gives herself over to the sleep that’s been trying to claim her for some time now.

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Re: DackFayded Story Archive, AKA "I Swear I Write More Than Just Smut" - Updated 12/11/2019

Post by PsychicSpy » Wed Dec 11, 2019 4:12 pm

Cute and kinky. Greatly enjoyed!
“Hopefully I can finish this chapter soon. My publisher’s been hounding me, telling me people are hungry for more of ‘The Adventures of Captain Katawa’.
Glad to see a little "cameo" for Captain Katawa. I actually had enjoyed Downix's route for her and so I'm glad to see she gets a little love.

I hope to see maybe a little bit more of this Suzu. Maybe that's just my smutty mind talking though.

There's a few small mistakes, I can DM you on Discord if you need :)

Overall, I think it was great!
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Re: DackFayded Story Archive, AKA "I Swear I Write More Than Just Smut" - Updated 12/11/2019

Post by JoesAlot » Thu Dec 12, 2019 7:14 pm

DackFayded wrote:
Wed Dec 11, 2019 2:59 am
I drag my fingers along that spot with each motion, and it almost sounds as though Suzu is charging up some sort of super move with how the muffled squeal she’s giving slowly raises in pitch until she cries out and bites down hard on my finger.
I'd just like you to know that hearing the words "super move" in the middle of a smut scene caused me to launch into a bout of hysterical giggling. It's the most hilarious thing to me for some reason. The rest of the story is super cute, Suzu comes off as a very fluffy person, chemistry is great, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for writing this.

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Post by DackFayded » Tue Dec 17, 2019 12:11 am

My thumb trails along the edge of the small box resting in my pocket. Despite the cool temperatures inside this coffeeshop, it almost feels like the object is burning a hole in my pocket. It’s the fruit of something that’s been on my mind the past few months. It nearly cost me an arm and a leg, but I think it’s about as perfect as I could possibly make it.


A familiar voice breaks me out of my mind. It’s a habit I still fall into now and again, Blond hair sways in front of me and red eyes stare back at me. I invited Akira here to discuss my plan, though I was rather vague in my invitation. I’m just glad she was able to take time out of her business schedule to see me. Lilly and I haven’t seen her much since she moved to Scotland, but she still makes time for us when she can.

“Good to see you, Akira.”

“Same to you.” She flags down a waitress and orders a coffee for herself, which I mimic. The waitress hurries off, and Akira turns her attention back to me.

“So, what’s this about, kid? You sounded pretty shifty on the phone.”

Suddenly, she narrows her eyes at me, leaning forward in her seat a bit.

“You didn’t fuck up with Lilly, did you?”

“What? No, no no.”

Akira settles back as our drinks are brought to us. She tastes hers as I start to pour in sugar and creamer.

“It’s nothing like that, Akira. I just...wanted to ask you about something.”

She quirks her eyebrow at me over her mug.

I reach back into my pocket, my fingers wrapping around a small box. After a moment’s hesitation, I pull it out and set it in front of her, my hand covering it.

“I really love your sister, Akira.”

With that, I uncover the box. It’s a bright white box small enough to easily fit into the palm of my hand. She tilts her head in confusion as she looks down at it, before her eyes widen in realization. Akira snatches up the box and opens it to look closer. I watch her trail her fingers along the object inside, and a smile slowly widens across her lips.

“Oh, she’s definitely gonna love this, Hisao.”

She closes the box and returns it to me, and I stuff it back into my pocket.

“So, what? You said you wanted to ask me about something. Spit it out, kid.”

My expression turns a bit sheepish and I look away from her. This whole thing is rather stupid in hindsight. Here I am, 23 years old, asking a 30 year old…

“May I have your blessing to ask Lilly to marry me?”

I bow my head as I ask, hands planted on the table. The question hangs in the air for a moment before I hear Akira laugh and I feel a hand ruffling my hair.

“See? I always knew you were a good kid.” She takes another long drag from her cup, finishing it off before setting it aside. “‘Sides, you’ve had it since day one, Hisao. I wouldn’t have let you date her if I hadn’t been okay with the idea of you two being together a long time.”

I lift my head from the table and meet Akira’s gaze to find her smiling at me.

“Pops might not feel the same, but you remember what I told you last time he tried pulling her away from you, right?”

I feel my lips starting to curl up at her words. I remember her advice well.

“Fuck your dad.”

“Damn right.” Akira nods at me, and the rest of our little meeting proceeds smoothly. When Akira finally decides she’s used all of the time she can spare for catching up, she goes to make her exit.

“Akira! One last thing.”

She turns to face me, her eyebrow quirked inquisitively.

“I’m gonna need a best man.”

She breaks out into a short laugh, turning towards the door and raising her hand behind her.

“We’ll see, kid.” She calls out.


“Hisao, dear, have you seen my book? I seem to have misplaced it and can’t find it.”

No, you didn’t. In hindsight I feel incredibly bad about moving around something that Lilly had specifically placed somewhere, but I feel that using her blindness to my benefit just this once is worth it.

“Yeah, I think I saw it on the kitchen counter, just a bit to the right of the refrigerator.” I call back, getting up from my seat on the couch to head towards the kitchen myself. Of course, her book isn’t there either. I’ve had it sitting next to me, but there is certainly something else sitting there.

A small strip of paper taped to the counter top, with a simple message printed in braille.

“Turn around and hold out your hand.”

I watch as Lilly’s finger’s glide over the raised bumps. A confused look crosses over her face before she puffs her cheeks out indignantly, pouting at me as she turns around.

“Hisao, is this meant to be some sort of joke at my expense?”

“No, of course not Lilly. Just do it, trust me.”

After a moment, her cute pout fades into her usual serene look, though she gives what I’ve come to understand is her version of rolling her eyes: she tilts her head slightly to the side and raises her eyebrows before slightly shaking her head.

“Oh, alright. I suppose I can indulge you this once, Hisao.”

She cups her hands together and holds them out expectantly, and I gingerly place the small, white box into her palms. Lilly seems a little confused as her hands close around the object, taking it in her left palm and inspecting it with her right hand. She eventually feels out the seam of the box, and a coy smile comes to her lips.

“My my, Hisao, it seems you have a theme when it comes to surprise gifts, hmm?”

“Not quite.” I reply, a grin already drawing up my lips.

Lilly struggles with the lid for a moment, apparently not expecting the resistance on her first try. She trails her finger along the top shell, stopping when she reaches another set of raised lettering. As she does, I begin.

“Lilly, words cannot express how happy you’ve made me ever since I met you. Not a day goes by that I’m not reminded of how special you are to me. I found you as a boy, broken and without a place in the world. You grounded me, gave me a sense of peace and something to strive for. You helped me find my purpose, and have been there every step of the way in my life after Yamaku.”

She’s pulled her hand back from the lid a bit, looking at me with a mixture of confusion and surprise.


“I love you, Lilly. With every part of who I am, I love you. You’ve become an integral part of my life, and I don’t ever want that to stop being the case.”

Lilly’s face is red as she finally feels out the message spelled out inside the box, her hand flying to cover her mouth as tears well in her eyes. She doesn’t say anything. Lilly simply nods as she begins to cry, a single sob racking her before she breaks out into laughter through her tears.

“Of course I will, Hisao! Of course! Nothing would make me happier…”

I reach out and take the box from her now-shaking hands, removing the ring and gently sliding it onto her slender finger. She wraps her arms around me and buries her head in my shoulder, holding me tightly against her. I can feel a steadily-growing spot of wet warmth on my shoulder, but I’m far from caring about that right now.


“You know, I knew ever since that day you came by in the middle of the night that you’d end up here one day.”

Hideaki leans against the wall next to the door of my dressing room, hands stuffed in the pockets of his rather sharp-looking ensemble. He’s changed a lot since that night in question. Gone is the effeminate Hakamichi I met in high school. In his place stands a six-foot beast of a man like his father, though with much shorter hair and far less aggressiveness about him.

“You taught me a lot that day Hisao, know it or not.”

I look back at him in the mirror as I finish my tie. It's been a journey planning this over the past few months, and I'm glad Hideaki was gracious enough to accept my offer to be my best man. As much as I would have loved the visual of Akira on my side of the altar, Lilly had decided on both Hanako and her sister for the role.

“What could I have possibly taught you that night besides how to almost fail at the last second?”

He shakes his head, giving an amused smile as he pushed off from the wall. “You showed me not to give up if you truly want something.” Hideaki approaches me, clapping a hand on my shoulder. “You showed me what it means to be in love with someone.”

I smile back at him and pull him into a short hug. As he pulls back, he holds me at arms length, brushing some errant dust off of my suit. “Ready?”

I nod.

“Never been readier for anything.”

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Re: DackFayded Story Archive, AKA "I Swear I Write More Than Just Smut" - Updated 12/16/2019

Post by Feurox » Tue Dec 17, 2019 4:32 am

A lovely story! Nothing wrong with a nice fluffy story, and you’re certainly great at evocative and romantic language. No major issues, but two things did jump out to me.

1. You can’t have a singular sob. That’s not what sobbing is.

2. Your last line reads a bit poorly, which somewhat removes the punch. I’d recommend changing it to “I’ve never been more ready.” Readier is an awful word, if it’s even a word at all.

Anyway, good story. Well done!

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Re: DackFayded Story Archive, AKA "I Swear I Write More Than Just Smut" - Updated 12/16/2019

Post by PsychicSpy » Tue Dec 17, 2019 2:06 pm

Aww this was cute. I love to see Lilly get some appreciation!

I loved the inclusion of Akira and that being part of the focus, and the part where Lilly is finding the notes so Hisao can propose is sweet.

I will say that I agree with Feurox on the use of 'readier', but otherwise it looks good to me!
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