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Fate/Shattered Wish (Discontinued, for now)

Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:17 am
by Tetrax333
This story is discontinued for the time being. I plan to rewrite many aspects of the story to make it a lot better and much more involved with Katawa Shoujo. Thank you all for the replies and hopefully, I'll get back into it soon.

If you are interested, do check out my other story A Mundane Story , I plan to make that into a set of One-shots in the future.

Fate/Shattered Wish
Note : all rights to Katawa Shoujo and the Fate series belong to it’s rightful owner (obviously) and this is only a fanwork and made for fun.

Also another thing is that this fic will be mostly based on fate/extra ccc and not any of the mainline fate series (i have been playing them a lot recently, so i have been having ideas :D )

But first of all, hello everyone, i have recently delved into the wonderful world of Katawa Shoujo and i have been a fan ever since and more recently i have discovered this wonderful forum. Unfortunately, the forum isn't as active as it used to be it seems, but i was overjoyed to see the large collection of people who have written fanfics for this lovely game and who are still doing it today. So about this story, i have always loved crossover fics, there's something about imagining interactions from people that come from completely different situations that intrigue me, and since i have been playing a lot of fate/extra and ccc recently, i just got this itching idea to make a crossover fic of sorts for it.

This story will mostly be based on ccc but with katawa shoujo casts and a new story but uses the same concepts from it (including a BB-esque villain).

Any feedback is appreciated, i have been writing casually for years now, but i never exactly went public so any feedback to help me and this story improve is greatly appreciated. I feel like the pacing for this prologue is a tad too fast at times but i don't want the story to drag on with unnecessary filler monologues and i want to start pouring ideas into the meat of the story. I hope you guys like it, and if it gets a good reception, i'll probably dedicate quite some time into just making this story for a while, thank you :)

Another note i want to add is that there's some concern regarding the story i'm working on, i understand that crossover series is hard to get into, and extra is a niche game and CCC being and even more niche section of that. My purpose for this fic is to challenge myself to write a compelling crossover story that doesn't involve any knowledge of fate, and many of the scenes here will not be focusing on combat but dialogue and character development, thank you again.


Everyone has a wish,

Sometimes that wish can be small, large or even otherworldly, And yet, a wish is still a wish. Any man may dream whatever they desire, fulfilling said dream however, is another story.

Some people’s wishes are small but numerous, and they would spend their life fulfilling those wishes one at a time.

Some have a large and grand wish, and they would spend their entire life chasing and fulfilling said dream.

And some give up on their dream, succumbing to their weaknesses.

But there are those whose wish are so small and insignificant compared to others. What about them?

Some say that these are the people whose wish should be granted, cripples who only want to walk on their own two legs again, or mutes who wish to hear their own voice.

Fools, the lot of them.

A wish should not be granted to the weak, namely to those who can only rely on dreams and charity. If a cripple wants to walk, then they must fight with whatever they have so they can walk again, if mutes wants to sing then they must find other ways to express their voice.

Do you understand? The people who deserve to have their wish granted are those who endure and those with their own strength have risen above others. And right here, right now, these people you are facing, some of them are rather desperate to get what they want.

Now...tell me mongrel, what do you wish for?

And make sure you dont give me any boring answers.

My name is Hanako Ikezawa, i’m a third year student at Yamaku High, and in a few months, i will be graduating from high school and make my way to college. I have to admit, the prospect of graduating high school is both exciting and depressing at the same time.

I’ve spent three years of my life here at the Yamaku dormitory, chipping away bit by bit at my studies. I wouldn’t say i have a hard time here at Yamaku, the teachers and students are nice but the education standards is quite strict here, i would lie if i say i haven’t failed a few tests here and there, namely math and english, but overall my education has been going perfectly fine.

But more importantly, i’ll miss the friends that i have made here.

I look into the mirror that’s hanging on the walls of my room, and i see my rather plain looking face. Lily told me that my face is beautiful, but personally speaking, hearing that from a half scottish girl whose face can be mistaken for a super model feels rather disingenuous.

I know Lily’s words are probably genuine, she’s not exactly the type to lie about things like that, but still can’t help but feel like it is most of the time...but...why? Why would i need to doubt Lily’s words? She’s been my friend, my best friend for almost 3 years now.

I shrugged it off, i have been in a rather self criticizing mood lately, i wonder if its because of the tests?

Anyway, if there is one thing i’m proud of, it’s my hair, hence why im currently brushing them right now before coming to class. It woudn’t say it was easy to maintain this hair, but the end result was worth it.

After i’m done brushing my hair, i pick up my school bag that was sitting on my bed, and head off to class, today is a Monday so it should be homeroom first. I considered slowing my pace a little bit just to enjoy the scenery since Mutou doesn’t exactly have a good track record in punctuality, but decided against it after some thought.

I don’t exactly want Mutou, or more importantly, my classmates to think of me as tardy so close to graduation, and besides, the earlier i get to class the sooner i get to meet him.

“I wonder what Hisao is”

My speech grinds to a halt.

Who’s Hisao?

That’s the first thing that pops into my mind. Who was i talking about just now?

Hisao, Hisao. I repeat the name in my head, hoping that the repetition will cause me to suddenly remember. But it didn’t help, i can’t seem to remember who that is.

I know that there’s probably someone with the name Hisao in this school, but i can’t remember who the person is specifically.

This thought bothers me to no end for some reason, as if me forgetting who this Hisao person is means something extremely serious. Perhaps i should ask Lily about it later.

I ponder the issue for a while, and before i knew it, i was already in front of class 3-3...wait, did i just black out on the way here? I know for a fact that the walk from the dorms to the classroom should at least take 5 to 10 minutes, but i feel like i only walked for less than a minute. Strange, maybe i did just blacked out, it’s not like it was the first time i suppose.

I entered my classroom to find the usual group of students i always see, the most notable ones being Shizune and Misha who’s currently chatting away, probably about student council business. I look around to see nothing unusual, Miki is there, sitting around, Naomi and Natsume is talking as always.

Nothing unusual.

As i’m walking to my seat, Misha calls out to me, “Hey there Hanako, you seem like you sleep okay.”

An odd greeting, but not unexpected i suppose, i did heard from Lily yesterday that the student council had to stay up quite late for something, but i didn’t ask why.

“You didn’t sleep very well Misha?” I asked her.

“Wahaha~ Nope, unfortunately, i really didn’t,” Her face, almost hillariously, turns from amusement to frustration in a single sentence, “Seriously Hanako, you should tell Lily that last minute reports aren’t okay!”

I sigh, so this is what it's about, as much as i love Lily, that girl does need to make sure things get submitted on time, i don’t think she has a procrastinating habit though, but with her condition i suppose it's expected, but still she...

I stopped my trail of thought for a moment, wondering about what i just said.

Condition? What condition? And why does these random thoughts keep popping into my head as if i just got amnesia or something.

“I’m sorry about that Misha, i swear i already tried telling her to submit things like that early for, well, years now.” I said apologetically to Misha.

“It’s okay Hanako, the responsibility should be put on Lily and Lily alone, not you.” Shizune suddenly spoke with her usual direct manner.

“Still, Shizune, don’t be so hard on Li- AH!” A sharp pain courses through my head as i was speaking.
The pain was sharp, as if a needle was inserted into my skull and started digging into it. I clutched my head reflexively to the pain,causing Misha and Shizune to react in worry.

“Hanako! Are you alright? Should i take you to the nurse?” Shizune responds to my pain, clearly worried about what’s happening to me right now.

I tried to endure the pain, hoping it’ll just go away after some time, which thankfully, it did. Still that was quite a shock, maybe i should go to the nurse and check if something’s up, it’ll be bad if suddenly i develop brain tumours or something, though i don’t think that’s likely.

“It’s alright Shizune, i think i’ll head to the nurse by myself though, no need to accompany me, but thank you.” I said to her.

“Okaaay then Hanachan, i’ll tell Mutou that you’re not feeling well and you’ll be late.” Misha said with a worried tone.

I nod my head, and walked out of the classroom to see the nurse.

Great, i guess i should’ve just taken the scenic route earlier if i knew i was gonna be late regardless.
I chuckled at my own thoughts, and shook them off, nothing to be done right now i suppose. I should just head to the nurse, get some check up, and come back as fast as i can just in case Mutou miraculously say something that’s actually worth listening to in homeroom for once.

I chuckled to myself again, i really should stop with these sarcastic thoughts, Lily would deem them rather “inappropriate”.

But, as if some cosmic force heard my thoughts, i see Lily walking down the hallway, alongside who seem to be Rin and Emi, all three of them holding a set of canvases in their hands.

I was about to call out to them, but then remember that it was now class time and didn't want to cause a ruckus, so i simply fast walk to their location to greet them.

“Hi Lily, Rin, Emi, what are you three doing here during class hour?” I asked the trio.

“Hanging up these paintings, Nomiya wanted me to do it.” Rin answered with the usual blunt and almost emotionless voice.

“Hello Hanako,” Lily brightly smiles as she greets me, “as Rin said, we’re hanging these paintings along the wall, me and Emi decided we should help her out, i mean can you believe she was carrying 9 of these by herself? Why didn’t you ask for help?”

Rin simply shrugged, “thought i could do it.”

The stack of canvases is quite thick but should be light on it's own, however i would imagine their weight would add up after you stack 9 of them, i guess it’s good that these two found her and helped her out, since Rin would probably have a particularly hard time carrying them around let alone hanging them up.

I looked at Rins arms and hands, for a painter they’re rather skinny, i would imagine that all those paintings would thicken her arm a bit, maybe they’re all concentrated on the fingers?

Hands...yes....Rin’s hands, wait a minute...something is wrong here, i can’t put a finger on it but something is definitely wrong here.

“Seriously Rin, you know you could’ve just asked Nomiya if you could do it later when you have some help or something.” Emi said in an aggresive tone.

“He insisted, told me something about...letting the art be seen sooner, but like, if they’re gonna see it anyway, why does it matter if i hang them up now or later?” Rin answered Emi’s statement in a way that almost makes it seem like she’s distressed...or maybe not, it's hard to tell with her.

“That’s why you should’ve insisted back then to do it after school or something, i swear Rin, sometimes you make me want to kick you, and then kick that weird art teacher twice as hard!” Emi, shouted her words on the empty hallway, as she energetically kick her legs to the air, barely missing the canvas.

Legs...Emi’s...legs? Why...why does she...

“Now Emi be polite, i’m sure mister Nomiya wanted what’s best for Rin, and besides,” Lily looked at the painting she’s currently holding,”these are magnificent work, although i don’t quite understand them myself, the composition is spectacular.”

Wait...wait! wait! wait! wait! How did Lily see...she’s...she’s blind! That’s it, Rin shouldn’t have arms, Emi shouldn’t have legs, and Shizune should be deaf, and Lily...wait, what about me?

As the realization hits me, the headache suddenly returned to me, the pain becoming more intense than before, to the point where i couldn’t even stand anymore.

I screamed in pain as my legs gave out, clutching my head in a desperate attempt to mend the pain, but to no avail.

“Hanako!” Lily screamed in worry. She put down the stack of canvas she was holding to the ground and approaches me, “Hanako, are you alright? Come on, i’ll take you to the nurse.”

The nurse, that’s right, i was supposed to go to him, i need to find out what this headache is, but...i need an answer, i need to ask Lily something important first before i do.

I forced myself to stand up, even amidst the pain that’s coursing through me right now, i look at Lily and asked her, “Lily,” the words that came out was shaky as i was fighting the pain, “where...where is Hisao?”

Silence...the three didn’t even seem to react.

“Hanako...who’s Hisao?” She answered

My heart felt like it just stopped, at that moment, i felt a sense of dread that i’ve never felt before, as memories starts flowing back to me.

That’s right...Hisao, he’s my boyfriend, how did i forget him? Why did i? Why do they forget? Lily, she was the one actively supporting me at that did...

As these thoughts raced through my head, another form of pain suddenly crept on the to the right side of my body, it was burning, it felt like i was burning all the way down from the right half of my face to my right leg.

Lily touched my shoulders, most likely an attempt to comfort me. Her sudden touch made me flinch and i swatted her hands away as if a bug landed on my shoulders. My sudden action surprising both Lily and Emi, but i didn’t care, not right now.

I started running away, from them, from whatever this is.

I need to run...i need to get out, they’re not real, she’s not Lily!

as i ran down the hallway, a female robotic voice i don’t recognize sudddenly spoke through the school intercom, “subject 012, has reached the final stage, beginning termination of perfect reality and transferring subject to the evaluation phase.”

When the voice cuts off, the hallway i was in suddenly turned pitch black, allowing me to see nothing but black all around me. I froze on the spot, the burning sensation that’s coursing through my body suddenly stopped, as every other senses i have, hearing, touch, smell, sight, nothing, i feel nothing.

“Subject 012, Hanako Ikezawa, burn victim and severe social anxiety,” The voice rang again.

“Subject 012 have been living in perfect reality for approximately...3 years. Subject is noted to be the last one to wake up from perfect reality, beginning master evaluation...”

Master evaluation...what is that...the’s fuzzy, i can barely make it out, everything feels fuzzy as if my limbs and my senses are dissapearing.

“Subject 012, Hanako Ikezawa has been deemed..."

The voice continues as my mind slowly fades away, i can barely make out what the voice is saying, although, i don't really want to at the moment, i feel tired, extremely tired.

"...UNQUALIFIED to participate in the holy grail war. Beginning termination. Subject 012, Hanako Ikezawa, i’m sorry, and goodbye.”

I think...i'll just take a small rest.

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (A Katawa Shoujo/Fate crossover fic)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:52 am
by Mirage_GSM
Okay, first of I've seen nothing of the Fate franchise except for the original series and Zero, so I have no idea what is going on there.
Generally the problem with crossovers is that the target audience is usually restricted to those who know both stories being crossed...

On the technical side the biggest problem of this story is the tenses flipping back and forth between past and present - which shouldn't happen even in a dream sequence...

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (A Katawa Shoujo/Fate crossover fic)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:48 am
by Tetrax333
I see, i'm not a native english speaker myself, so some of the grammar may be a little jank. I'll try to fix it in due time, but as for the other problem. I completely understand that it is indeed a problem of interest considering fate extra itself is a pretty niche game, but i mainly just want to pour my ideas in here.

The main focus of the story will still be the main characters of the series, though i have to admit that posting this prologue section was a bad move on my part. Thank you for the feedback though, i'll see what i can do to rectify the issue.

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (A Katawa Shoujo/Fate crossover fic)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:59 am
by Silentcook

Be advised that, crossover question aside, the Katawa Shoujo forums are just that. It's not entirely clear what your intentions regarding plot are, but if your fanfic is supposed to be mostly Fate franchise with a few elements from KS thrown in and not the reverse, you'd best look elsewhere.

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (A Katawa Shoujo/Fate crossover fic)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 10:11 am
by Tetrax333
Hey there Silentcook, it's really nice that you replied :o . Regarding your concerns, i already have a plan for what this story is going to be, and i can assure you that it will definitely be focusing on Katawa Shoujo characters, with fate characters being used only as a tool to explore sort of the hidden ( and fanmade :D ) depths of the characters. I appreciate your concern, but i sincerely hope the next chapter will bring more clarity to the story i'm trying to tell.

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (A Katawa Shoujo/Fate crossover fic)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 10:48 am
by Feurox
Cook has already said the point I was going to make about the relevance to KS, so I'll leave that. I have no idea what Fate is and KS is the only fandom I'm a part of, so I highly doubt I'm the target audience. Despite that, I'm willing to give your story a chance to impress me. What I would stress, is that if this is a KS story, certain themes should be stressed, and presumably 'fate' will be used to supplement the characters of KS, to take the themes of acceptance, mortality, optimism and perseverance to heightened levels. I look forward to seeing what you'll do with it. Anyway, on to the story:
Tetrax333 wrote:
Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:17 am
Everyone has a wish, [.]

Sometimes that wish can be small
This first sentence should end with a full stop and not a comma. As always, I recommend finding a proof-reader, especially If you're a non-native English speaker. (It's very good considering that fact, so well done!)
Tetrax333 wrote:
Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:17 am
I know Lily’s words are probably genuine, she’s not exactly the type to lie about things like that, but still can’t help but feel like it is most of the time...but...why? Why would i need to doubt Lily’s words? She’s been my friend, my best friend for almost 3 years now.
Should read:
I know Lilly’s words are probably genuine, she’s not exactly the type to lie about things like that. Still, I can’t help but feel like she's being dishonest about my looks but...why? Why would I need to doubt Lilly’s words? She’s been my best friend for almost 3 years now, but I just can't trust her on this subect.

Or something along these lines. I actually don't really understand what's going on here, because it's not clear. Is this a faltering of Hanako's memory? Or is it just her insecurity? I'd normally assume the latter, but given the story, it could be either.

Also, Lilly. Not Lily.

Anyway, Mirage addressed most of my other concerns for the story so I won't repeat them, but I think you have a good start here. It's interesting to see Hanako struggling with her memories, with what's real and what's a fabrication. Good start, and don't lose faith - but consider getting a proof-reader and focusing the direction of this story. As Cook said, if this story isn't KS, that's fine, but find somewhere else for it. If it is KS, then make sure you're ready to show us why it has to be a KS story and not a 'fate' story etc.

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (A Katawa Shoujo/Fate crossover fic)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 11:10 am
by Tetrax333
Thank you so much for the encouraging words, your suggestions are wonderful and i will ammend them to make my sentences more clear down the line. The direction of the series should be pretty well set by the time the next chapter is done (though i'll need some time to re-read them and make sure things go okay first :) ) and my plan for this crossover is to challenge myself to make a crossover that anyone can understand, so hopefuly i will be able to.

And for those who are worried, this story will have very minimal combat even though it is a cross of fate, because first i really want to focus on the characters of KS and the development they will be having, and second, i'm really bad at writing combat :(

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (A Katawa Shoujo/Fate crossover fic)

Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 12:07 pm
by Mirage_GSM
If you are looking for a proofreader drop me a PM - though I probably won't be able to give more than rudimentary input on the Fate side of things.

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (A Katawa Shoujo/Fate crossover fic)

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 1:07 pm
by Tetrax333
Chapter 1

Second Chances


When i opened my eyes again, i can see distant twinkles of stars, and even what seems to be a red planet, perhaps mars.

My body still feels fuzzy, but the numbness i felt have subsided. I weakly move my right arm to look at them and see my scarred hand, but at the same time i also noticed a red mark that wasn’t there before, forming some sort of symbol i don’t recognize. I tried remembering where and when i could have gotten it, but i remember nothing.

My eyelids feel heavy, incredibly so, i just really want to sleep right now.

“Hmm, it seems a bug have managed to be stranded here,” A voice echos, snapping me back from my tiredness, “no matter, it will dissolve into nothingness soon enough i suppose.”

Dissolve? Nothingness? What is he talking about? Is he saying that i will die soon? I immediately flinched at the thought, prompting my body to weakly flail about while i was floating in what i assume to be space.

“The bug seem to have heard me, and what an utterly ugly bug it is too, though it is quite the amusing sight to behold.”

The voice continues mocking what i assume to be my scars, it frustrates me, but more importantly, another feeling has started welling up inside of me ever since the voice mentioned that i will dissolve soon, and it’s fear, fear of dying.

That fear has woken me up, and i now realize how dire and abnormal my current situation is. I’m currently floating in space, and by all logic, i should be freezing to death right now or have my insides rupture due to the difference of pressure, but it didn’t.

But where? Where am i? Am i going to die? Oh my god, i need to get out, i need to get out, i need to-

“ seems to have now found the will to live too, or rather survive, interesting, I've seen other bugs who have intruded here but you’re the first to actually have mustered the will to live, how amusing.”

The voice continues to mock me, seemingly delighted at my panic-induced flailing. I feel somewhat humiliated but i really can’t care about that at the moment since my mind is currently racing to find some way to escape my current predicament.

But as i’m doing so, a man clad in golden armor suddenly appeared before my eyes, “Well then bug, i assume you want to live, no? Then go ahead, try as hard as you can, your struggle will be good distraction for a while,” the man, who i recognize as the origin of the voice i’ve been hearing, ordered me as if I'm a part of some twisted game he’s currently playing.

I look at him again, trying to examine as many features about him as i can. He sports a majestic golden armor, with a matching spiked back golden hair and crimson eyes. It’s hard to describe him, with the only other word i can think of to describe him being majestic. But i can't concern myself with that right now. The presence of a normal person will usually make me timid and reel back in anxiety, however, he’s no normal person, and his sheer presence alone is making me feel a level of anxiety i never thought i will ever reach, but still, at this moment he’s my only hope.

Holding back my fear with all my remaining willpower, i finally speak, “p-please, h-help me.”


No response, only a smile appears on the man’s face, as if my request was somehow humorous to him.

“I see, a bug’s only chance of survival can only truly be to seek the protection of a being that is higher than them. Fine, i will let you amuse me with your struggle, but i’m going to name a price.”

A price...that’s right, i suppose it’s only fair that i give him something in exchange for my life, but i currently have nothing, could he want...

“You don’t have to worry about me wanting your body bug, look at your right hand,” As he says so, i looked at it and see the red mark that’s on it, “those are your command seals, it binds a servant like myself to you and gives you three absolute commands i cannot disobey, relinquish them and i’ll consider helping you survive.”

So they’re called command seals, and he says that he’s a servant, furthermore if i want him to save me...i have to give these up.

With my mind still racing, i was about to just thoughtlessly give it up, but a sudden idea emerged from my head. If these command seals can truly compel someone like him to follow the commands of someone like me, then the best way to use up the three command seals that i have would be to...force him to be my servant, right?

My heart skipped a beat, thinking that doing so would tantamount to suicide, but...i can’t just stay idly by. Hisao and Lilly has thought me the value of initiative, to be brave and to speak my mind to others, this isn’t exactly comparable to me joining a high school club or just opening up to people, but at the moment, my choices are either death by his hand or death by whatever else is going to happen to me if i don’t escape.

I take a deep breath in a desperate attempt to calm my nerves

“M-my Hanako I-ikezawa, and using my c-command seals, i c-compel you, t-to B-BE MY S-SERVANT! O-OBEY MY COMMANDS! AND H-HELP ME ESCAPE THIS P-PLACE!” i shouted, trying to silence the tempest of thoughts whirling inside of me, telling me to not do what i just did.

As i said that, the mark on my right hand disappears, leaving only traces of where my command seals used to be. I look in fear at the man whom i just used my command seals on, thinking that he’s currently preparing to kill me. But instead, the man laughs, he laughs and laughs as if what i just did was the funniest thing he has ever seen.

“Well well, it seems the bug is a lot braver than she lets on. congratulations bug, no...mongrel! You have actually managed to not only twist my expectations but exceeded it as well, fine, i shall be your servant. But make no mistake, what i shall be doing is merely observing your struggles, your battles shall be your own. Now, etch my name into your heart mongrel and remember them well, i am known as Gilgamesh, the King of Heroes, a hero above heroes. Now mongrel, with the pact sealed, i shall await for your awakening, make sure to amuse me more in the future.

As he says that, a bright light engulfs me. I close my eyes reflexively and soon enough, i felt the same feeling when i was brought here, with my mind going fuzzy and my limps slowly giving out on me.

*Knock* *knock* *knock* “Hanako! Hanako! Are you awake? Please open up if you are!” A loud noise blared into my ears while i’m still sleeping, i immediately recognize the voice as Lilly’s and slowly open my eyes.

“It’s too early for-“ My eyelids snaps open, interrupting my morning mumblings, “Lilly, Lilly! Oh my god!.”

I jump out of my bed, run towards my door and quickly unlock it. There i see Lilly, with her curly blonde hair and her beautiful face, and most importantly, her clouded eyes. I resist an urge to immediately just hug here right then and there since i still need to confirm something for myself.

“L-lilly, i’m really s-sorry, b-but,” i stretch out three fingers and hold it up to her face, “Lilly, how m-many numbers am i holding up?” I close my eyes in embarrassment, thinking about how rude it is to ask a blind person something like this, but to my surprise, Lilly isn’t mad, just mildly surprised.

“O-okay? Um...” Lilly clumsily navigates her fingers to my hands, slowly feeling her way up from my arms to my hand and then finally to the fingers that im currently holding up, she feels my fingers for a moment before answering, “Three?”.

“Y-yes! T-that’s right, you can’t s-see right Lilly?” I asked the obvious.

“Well...of course i can’t” She answers my question, confused at my sudden ignorance.

I’m glad, i’m so very glad right now, the person in front of me is Lilly in the flesh, not a dream or some illusion, it is her. Before long, i hug her tightly, probably tighter than i have ever hugged her before.

“Lilly...I-i was s-so s-scared...” i say, stammering my words while holding back my tears.

“Oh Hanako, Hanako, i’m so glad you’re alright, Hisao and i had thought the worst when you won’t wake up for three days straight.” Lilly says as she hugs me back.

Her words catch me off guard to the point where i immediately break my hug with her. She had said something quite ridiculous, that i have been sleeping for three days. I thought she’s exaggerating or making some kind of joke for a moment until i see her face, full of the genuine worry that i have seen from her so many times before.

Fear rushes back into me, i had thought that everything i have felt just now was just a dream, a really really bad and vivid dream. But...could they have been real all this time? Or at least some part of it was? The idea that it was all somehow real makes me shudder, but, i need to confirm it first.

“L-lilly, w-what’s going on?” I ask with fear clearly leaking through my voice.

She becomes silent, most likely trying to think of a way to tell me about the current situation without causing me to panic.

“Hanako, i want you to stay calm and listen to me, okay?” i nod and affirms my understanding to her, although in my experience, whenever somebody told me to stay calm and listen, it means that something definitely, seriously, absolutely wrong is happening.

Lilly takes a deep breath, “Hanako, two days ago, all the students at Yamaku have suddenly found themselves trapped inside the campus grounds. Many were panicking, but the student council and the rest of the class representatives managed to keep it under control, until suddenly a voice rang from what i assume to be intercom, and it told us that...” she takes another deep breath, “only one of us can get out of here, and to achieve that...we all have...have to k-kill each other until one remains, and that whoever wins will get their wish granted to them.”

My heart feels like it just stops right then and there. I keep thinking to myself about this situation i’m in right now, a situation plucked right of some horror movie can’t possibly happen in real life. But just as i recognize Lilly as real, i have to accept that the situation i’m in right now is also just as real.

My legs suddenly give out and i fall on to the floor.

“Hanako?” Lilly calls out my name.

I didn’t respond, i’m simply clutching my head right now, unable to handle the intense mix of emotions that is spinning inside of me. I want to cry but no tears flow out, i want to scream but my voice fails me, at this moment i truly don’t know what to do. I just want to go back, to go back to my room and shut myself in.

Lilly crouched down and clumsily grabs my shoulders, “Hanako... i know this is hard to take in but i need you to stay calm and please listen to me for a moment.”

Responding to her voice, i look at her, and see a face that is somehow calm and distraught at the same time. She always does this, Lilly is the type to always try and be level-headed at any given moment, but even then, this situation is far from normal, and it’s clear that the sense of despair is setting in even for her.

Lilly once again takes a deep breath before speaking, “for the past two days, Misha, Shizune, Hisao, and i have been working non-stop to find some sort of escape, and just last night, we might have just found something,” she grabbed my hand, clutching it tightly,”Hanako, there’s still hope for an escape, so can you please accompany me to the student council room to meet up with Shizune and Hisao?”

Hearing Hisao's name makes me a tiny bit calmer, because at the very least now i know that he's safe.

If Hisao is here, then i can still be alright...that's right, i need to keep my hopes up

Hope...that’s right, hope. If Lilly and Hisao is confident that there’s some kind of escape, then there is still a chance that we can get out of this situation and return to our normal lives. But even still, i can’t help but feel skeptical, both about this predicament and myself. Even if there’s a sure fire way to escape, what are the chances of me, of all people being able to escape in the first place?

“O-okay, i need to change first t-though.” I say to her.

“Ah right, i would imagine you’re still in your pajamas.” She says as she smiles, perhaps holding back a laugh.

The thought of Lilly laughing at me is embarrassing but i can’t help but feel ever so slightly calmer when i see her smiling face.

I get up on my feet and walk back towards my dorm room, i close the door to give me some privacy, but more importantly, i do so to give myself a room to breathe. I tried really hard to remain calm or tried to be at least, while i was talking to Lilly, but immediately cup my hands to my face and nearly hyperventilate while holding back tears. I’m shaking because i’m really scared, but at least Lilly’s words just now gave me some semblance of hope.

I go and see my wardrobe, trying to find my school uniform but what i see surprises me. My regular clothes are still there, and so are my uniform, but i’m sure i don’t have 10 sets of school uniforms in my wardrobe. Either way, i really didn't have time to think about it so i grab of my school uniform and quickly wears them so that Lilly doesn’t have to wait for too long.

I get out of my room and apologize for keeping her, then i lock my arms around Lilly’s. I can feel my body still slightly trembling from fear, but i slowly but surely walk towards the student council room.

As i’m walking, i see the other students who are lining up the girl’s dorm hallway, many of them bearing the face of confusion and anxiety, but many are also huddling around in groups, encouraging each other in order to stay calm.

“L-lily...has there been...i-incidents?” I ask nervously, preparing for the worst.

She shakes her head, “Thankfully no, for once, Shizune’s iron grip has managed to work in our favor this time. She and Misha worked extremely fast to ensure that each class representatives understand that they need to keep each of their class under control. But...i can’t say that things will go on like that if we stay here for too long.”

I nod at her statement, she can’t see me but my nodding is really a way to keep me stay calm, but i did notice that there’s something Lilly didn’t mention, and so i ask her, “W-what about t-the t-teachers? Or the s-staff?”

“Gone, we can’t seem to find a single one of them.” She frowns while answering my question.

So the students are somehow trapped inside the school, while the teachers had just disapeared. I honestly had thought that things could not get any worse, but it just did. In any case, i suppose i’m glad that everyone seems to be alright, relatively speaking.

We walk in silence, and not a comfortable one either, a silence that’s full of anxiety and uncertainty. Lilly would usually start a conversation when i’m quiet, but right now she’s just as quiet as i am, which is completely understandable. Now is not exactly a good time to catch up on anything, even though i want to tell her about my dream and about that golden figure i saw.

After we exit the dorms, i immediately notice what’s trapping us inside of the campus. A giant light blue dome is currently encapsulating the entire campus grounds. The barrier is so gigantic that it escapes my horizon, the sight scares me, i don’t want to imagine how it feels like for the other students who have been trapped here for three whole days. I clutch Lilly’s arms even tighter, but she seems to not have a reaction to it.

A thought suddenly flashes before me, remembering about that dream, about my command seals and about that man who called himself my servant. I check Lilly’s right hand, and sure enough, i see it, a red mark similar to what i used to have but with a different pattern drawn onto it. So that means what i saw wasn’t a dream, that man, Gilgamesh is also real.

“L-lilly...we’re c-close to the s-student council room, b-but,” I take a deep breath, “d-do you have a s-servant? b-because y-you have a-a command seal, and all,” I take another breath, my voice suddenly grew tired due to sheer nervousness.

Lilly stops and goes quiet for a moment. She closes her eyes, and calls out, “Assassin, please show yourself!”

All of the sudden a tall old man materializes right behind Lilly. My eyesight focuses on his face first, there i see a clearly aged man, sporting a distinctly gray, almost silver hair and round sunglasses, he wore a long red changshan which possibly suggest that he’s chinese with posture that is perfectly straight and upright as if age has failed to affect it.

If there’s an impression to make of him is that he exudes an aura of a soldier, or perhaps more accurately, a warrior.

“Young mistress, is it really wise to reveal an assassin servant to a potential enemy? And an old man like myself at that.” The man complains.

“Please, you shouldn’t sell yourself short, you’ve done a great job at protecting me, and Hanako is not an enemy, she’s a trusted friend, so can you please introduce yourself to her?” Lilly asks.

“As you wish. Young lady, or Hanako was it? My name is Li Shuwen, i am a servant of the assassin class, serving under miss Lilly here, i hope you and her can work together.” He says as he bows to me.

Li Shuwen, as in...THE Li Shuwen? One of the greatest martial artist of the modern era? To the point where he has been known as the “God Spear?” in China? I remember that i have read a book about him before, but i don’t remember much of his story aside from his greatest accomplishments. Still, does this mean that every servant here is some sort of great historical figure, the servant that appeared in my dream calls himself Gilgamesh, so can i assume that he is THE Gilgamesh?

We continue to walk in silence, the only difference being that Lilly’s servant is now walking alongside us, but not for long though.

“Young mistress, it appears we have arrived.” Li Shuwen says as he once again dematerializes out of existence, quickly fading as fast as he had arrived.

Can a servant just dissapear like that on command?

“Right, thank you, Hanako can you open the door? Hisao and the others should be inside right now.” She asks me.

I comply and open the door to the student council, indeed revealing Hisao, Misha and of course Shizune. But as soon as i see Hisao i immediately run towards him, aiming to hug him, but i slow down just before hitting him because i suddenly remembers his heart problem, either way, the end result was the same, i hug him very tightly.

“Hanako!” He hugs me back, “oh my god Hanako! Lilly and i have been knocking on your door for three days straight, and after i saw the...i thought you were, oh God, i’m really glad you’re alright.”

I hear a sigh of relief, and i can hear his erratically beating heart start slowing down to calm pace as he hugs me pulls me tighter.

“Hi-hisao, i-i’m really sorry for m-making you all w-worry so much.” I apologize while shivering in relief.

He rubs my back, trying to soothe me, “it’s okay Hanako, you’re safe, we’re safe.”

“Okay Hicchan! I don’t want to break up a couple’s reunion but we need to brief Hanako on something urgent, no?” An iconically loud voice interrupts our act intimacy.

I break away from Hisao and look in the direction of the voice, and sure enough, it’s Misha, who’s standing right besides Shizune who’s focus is glued on a laptop. She looks serious, much more serious than she usually is, it’s clear that this situation has put her on edge too, or rather i suppose it makes sense that she’s the most on edge out of everyone in this room right now.

Shizune breaks her focus to look at me, she nods to Misha, most likely signaling her to do something. Misha nods back, and begins explaining something to me, “Okay, since Hanako is now here, i should explain a few things to you, have Lilly told you about what we’re expected to do here?” She asks me

She is still keeping her unusually cheery voice, but even i can tell that it’s different from how she usually speak. She’s clearly serious here, she’s a lot more direct and doesn’t make any jokes. Something about hearing someone who’s always so cheerful being so serious is making me rather unnerved.

“L-lilly told me that w-we...we have to...k-kill each o-other.” I nervously answer.

“That’s right Hanako, aside from that, each of us is also given a servant to fight each other with. Obviously we’re not going to do that!” She exclaims, again with an almost uncharacteristically serious tone.

“Misha, Shizune, i think it’ll be better if we just show the video,” Hisao suggests.

Misha signs what Hisao just said to Shizune and she nods in affirmation. She begins typing on her keyboard and suddenly an image is projected on the back wall of the student council room, i try to look around for the source of the projection but finds nothing, another piece of oddity i’m forced to just accept.

I look at the projection, thinking that whatever it is will hopefully shed some light on my situation. But what i see simply made my stomach churn even more.

A girl, no older than any of us, wearing the Yamaku school uniform with an odd black coat over it, suddenly speaks with an incredibly ill-fittingly cheerful voice as if she’s making fun of our predicament.

“Heee~~llooooo~~~ Students of Yamaku! I really hope you all have a great morning today, i’m sure you all have a wonderful dream last night, how do i know? Well because i was the one who gave you all that dream <3.” The girl said cheerfully as she winks to what is presumably a camera.

The sight is an utter surprise, while everyone in this school is currently under extreme distress, here’s a girl who is currently twirling around while explaining our current situation. I try observing the girls features, she has light brown hair and brown eyes, aside from her coat, she wears nothing particularly odd, and looks perfectly normal other than the fact that her skirt is black instead of green.

“Without further ado~~, let’s start our show for today shall we, i’m your announcer and your cute host for today, Saki~ Enomoto~,” fake claps and cheers suddenly accompanies her introduction, “our special show for today will have all~ the students of Yamaku as it’s participants, i call it, Saki’s Special Holy Grail War!" The fake cheers continue as she introduces us to the "game" we're currently playing.

But one sentence stuck out, she mentioned that this is a holy grail war. I suppose that is what you would call an event where people try and kill each other, but what's with the holy grail?

My thoughts is cut short by Saki Enomoto's announcement, "Now i will assume that each and every one of you has gotten a servant and command seals yes? Well, let me explain what you all have to do in order to win, it’s really easy don’t worry, all you have to do~ is~ kill each other until there’s only one! And once you do, you will be able to go back to your normal lives, plus~ you will get one wish of your choosing, any wish too, no restrictions no taxes no nothing!”

Her explanation is pretty much the same as Lilly’s but delivered in a much more sickening tone that i can’t help but to cover my mouth with my hand as if resisting the urge to puke. I wonder for a moment about what kind of twisted person would be delighted to see bunch of high schoolers killing each other, but she continues.

“Now, Saki-chan isn’t cruel you know~ i’m not going to starve you or anything, any supply, medication, and whatever apparatus you need will be stocked by yours truly. You all can take all the time you want to prepare, i’m very~patient. There’s only one rule though~ just make sure you don’t try anything funny okay? I know where you all sleep~ ehehehe, that was really creepy just now, but seriously, don’t do it okay? It’ll really hurt my feelings.” She cries crocodile tears after she finishes her little speech.

“Well that’s all the time i have left for today, i’ll leave a recording of this video lying around for the people who will wake up a bit later in the day, but for now, My name is the adoo~rable Saki-chan, and i’ll see you all next time, bye bye~.” The video cuts off immediately after she says her goodbyes.

I’m stunned, i genuinely don’t know how to react to that. Am i supposed to be angry, sad, panicked? I clutch my hands together, trying to clear up my thoughts, but nothing comes out of the act.

Hisao sighs before speaking, clearly what he just saw still disturbs him, “Yeah so there’s that, aside from that she has also conveniently given us a list on this electronic tablet, telling us who is currently awake, at the moment, everybody already woke up, except for one person,” he turns and looks at me, “Hanako, according to this list, you have been terminated, but, well, you’re still here, so that means that Enomoto girl must have made some sort of mistake.”

I look at the list to confirm the fact for myself, and sure enough there it is, my name is highlighted red with the words “terminated” beside it. I look around the list some more and found that few other names have also been highlighted red but i find none who i recognize. I morbidly feel thankful that no one i know is currently highlighted, but the sight of it still disturbs me.

Shizune snaps her fingers, getting my attention and signs something i don’t understand, but Misha thankfully manages to translate what she’s trying to say.

“The other day, we were looking all around the campus grounds trying to find some kind of an exit, and we found something. There’s a big cherry tree in the edge of the school, near the barrier, which i know for a fact wasn’t there before and when me and my servant touched the tree i was transported to some kind of bright room but i was forcefully ejected, presumably by Enomoto.” Misha explains, translating Shizune’s words.

I nod to confirm my understanding to Shizune, but her stare is making me nervous though, more than usual anyway.

Before long, Lilly continues Shizune’s explanation, “Me, Hisao and Misha both tried to enter the place again, but all of us were ejected immediately after entering, Shizune concludes that we went to a place where Saki Enomoto doesn’t want us to be in and somewhere in there must be an exit of sorts, but we can’t go in, presumably because that girl knows exactly where we are and what we’re doing.”

“Yep! But Shizune came up with an idea, what if a person that isn’t tracked by Saki, aka, a person that’s considered dead comes inside that room and do the exploring for us.” Misha continues.

Her explanation makes me think for a moment, about how would you fake the system into thinking that one of us is dead.

Wait...they can’t possibly mean-

“Shizune and i were planning to experiment on what constitutes a person as dead, we were planning to do all sorts of things like-“ Shizune taps Misha in the back, “Right, sorry Shicchan, focus, but now that Hanako is here with her circumstances, we don’t have to do that~.”

Oh God please don’t tell me that they’re actually going to say it.

“Hanako! We the student council, ask you to please explore the exit in our stead!” Misha bows, with Shizune following suit.

The fact that they’re bowing to me right now is impressive and terrifying. I only know Shizune from just being in her vicinity and bits and pieces of information that Hisao shared with me, which he admits is mostly speculation, but he told me once that Shizune hates losing and with Shizune bowing to me like this most likely indicates she is currently admitting defeat and that this is a genuine request, something i can never picture her doing, not that i know her that well.

I reflexively cover the right side of my face with my right hand in response to the sudden pressure that has been mounted on to me, not knowing what to say at this moment.

I really thought that this situation can’t get any worse, but i’m wrong, so very wrong

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (A Katawa Shoujo/Fate crossover fic) UPDATED 21/9/2019

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 9:30 am
by Mirage_GSM
Well, I'm not really a fan of Highlander plots, and I was very much hoping you wouldn't take this in that direction...

From what I know about the Fate universe, a scenario like this one is... not really likely. There are several quite difficult steps to be taken to acquire a servant, and I don't think there is any entity in that universe with the power to just hand out a few hundred for free.

Finally I still recommend you find a proofreader. The first half of this chapter was quite hard to read.

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (A Katawa Shoujo/Fate crossover fic) UPDATED 21/9/2019

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 9:40 am
by Tetrax333
Such is the problem with adapting an obscure game i suppose. The concept is quite vague and even i myself isn't very clear since the game doesn't explain it too well, but it isn't exactly traditional fate story.

Speaking of which, if you are still up for it i'll take you up on your offer as a proofreader. Aside from this story, i want to improve my general english skills in general. Do i just dm you?

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (Discontinued)

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 11:17 pm
by Tetrax333
Hello to everyone reading or following this post. I have decided to discontinue this story and rewrite most of it including the drafts i have since the current state of the story no longer reflects both the quality and the message im trying to achieve by writing this story.

This story is made on a whim one day, something ive rarely done. After thinking about it for some time i decided that the story as it is, isnt on par with what i want it to be.

I made this story as a love letter to both KS and fate, and i should treat it as such. I want my eventual message about regrets and self-acceptance to be as well made as it can be, not rushed.

Once again, thank you all for the support and hopefuly this story will have a return at some point in the future, with a better quality too :D .

P. S how do i delete my post?

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (Discontinued)

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 1:08 pm
by Mirage_GSM
Well, you could edit your poss and delete the text from them...
There's no real reason to, though. It's not as if it's so bad you'd need to be embarrassd for it.
Just put a notice up in the OP that the story is discontinued so people who would be turned away by that know what they are getting into.

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (Discontinued)

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 7:04 pm
by Tetrax333
Right, it's not even that it's bad, i'm just very critical of myself and i'm not happy with how it currently is. I'll just make an announcement in the opening post and update the actual story when it's fully rewritten into a satisfactory state.

Re: Fate/Shattered Wish (Discontinued, for now)

Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2020 10:35 am
by Oddball
I know this was discontinued, but that's no reason why you can't get some feedback anyway.

The first thing that stands out to me is that you misspell Lilly's name more often that not and usually seem to forget to capitalize you Is.

You do a good job at hinting something is wrong briefly before the reveal that the cast members aren't disabled.

I actually really liked the first part. other than some errors, the mood of the story itself read really well and there was a nice mystery going on. (Of course I freely admit that it might have only been a mystery because I don't know Fate.)

The stuff with Gilgamesh I was completely lost on and it really felt out of place given what had come before.

Once you put Hanako back in the school though, the story took on life again. Really though, form somebody that doesn't know Fate, the problem is none of this is explained in a reasonable way and feels completely at odds with the KS setting and characters. The two don't seem to mesh well.