Destination: Yokohama [9S-OC]

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Destination: Yokohama [9S-OC]

Post by StilesLong » Sat Dec 22, 2018 2:51 am

My victim this year was Mirage_GSM.

The prompt:
A group of Yamaku students visit the Yokohama Christmas market while on a weekend trip to Tokyo. (Writing OCs is not required but encouraged.) Link for reference: ... 46876b5b72[sic]
An unbroken link.

I'm only part of the way through telling this story but I trust we'll get to Yokohama before long. Apologies for making you wait for the pay-off, Mirage, but they say the trip is half the fun.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Reserved for an index


Part One: The Pitch

“What do you think, Mutou?” Morihiro Zekozawa, the Student Council’s rotund first-year Vice-President is elated as he finishes his sales pitch. Mutou flinches at his noise, then again when Morihiro throws down the pamphlet he’s been waving about enthusiastically this whole meeting.

“A German Christmas market, you said?” Mutou leans forward to look at the pamphlet tentatively, as though fearing another outburst. Morihiro nods eagerly and – blessedly - silently. “Where was it again?”

Atsuko Ichisada, President of the Student Council, sighs quietly when he asks that. He was saying exactly what she’d warned her VP he would say. She would know; Mutou is her homeroom teacher.

“It’s in Yokohama, near Tokyo.” Atsuko speaks for the first time, careful to keep her own disapproval for Morihiro’s plan from her voice. Publicly, they are a team.

Mutou’s suit – characteristically dark and ill-fitting – shifts as he sits back in his chair to scratch thoughtfully at his chin.

“It’s quite a distance to travel…”

Atsuko thought he’d say that too and now she plays her trump card to get Morihiro’s ambitious and budget-slaying trip shut down.

“It’s only a few hours by train. We’d have to spend the night to make it worthwhile and I think the total cost would come out to around” she pauses to “check” her notebook “-20000 yen.”

That has the intended effect; Mutou’s eyes widen noticeably. As the Assistant Principle, he’s largely responsible for Yamaku’s flagging finances. In Atsuko’s opinion, they couldn’t have picked a worse man for the job but Mutou was by far the most senior person left on the teaching staff so the additional responsibilities had fallen to him.

“We’ll raise funds to cover part of the cost, of course,” Morihiro says quickly.

Atsuko nods her outward agreement. Secretly, she’s annoyed that her VP is trying to salvage the situation after she’d told him she would handle the financial side of things. “Morihiro and I had picked the 18th as the best time to go. That-”

“Any closer to Christmas, the market’s last day, and it’ll be too busy,” the vice-president irritatingly explains.

Atsuko pauses a beat before continuing. “Leaves us with less than three weeks to fundraise. Considering the short notice and that holidays start soon, I don’t think we get much more than 5000, maybe 7000 yen…”

Mutou inhales sharply. Morihiro, who’s been bouncing up and down in his seat next to Atsuko’s wheelchair, is suddenly still, like prey that realizes it’s being stalked.

“Morihiro,” Mutou begins with a frown. Before he can continue, however, the Vice-Principal’s survival instincts kick in.

“With all due respect to the President, I am sure that we can do better than that,” Morihiro says with more than a touch of asperity. “There is already considerable interest in this trip and it’s barely out of the planning stage.”

“A couple of enquiries from friends can't be called ‘considerable’, Vice-President Morihiro,” Atsuko replies, calling him out on his bold-faced lie and surprising herself with her venom. She glances at her teacher, worried she may have offended him.

Mutou slouches heavily in his chair, looking like he wanted this whole conversation to end. Atsuko is suddenly painfully aware of the greying hair that hangs limp around his pinched face, of the suit that fits more loosely than it did when the school year began.

Even the setting for the meeting is unusual. Instead of using his assigned office, Mutou had asked the Student Council members to join him in class 3-3. He’d told Atsuko that he just couldn’t spare the five minutes to walk over to the admin building.

She feels a wave of guilt. Atsuko shouldn’t be torturing Mutou with a disagreement she and Morihiro were having. He’s having a hard enough time between teaching and his added responsibilities without her barging into his “office" (“Try to keep the meeting short please,” he’d asked), airing her own irritations.

Nor should she be torturing herself. Atsuko had started another round of chemo just last week and was off her prosthetic and stuck in this damned wheelchair (her PT had sympathized) until the chemicals were done ravaging her body and weakening her immune system. She has enough to deal with.

“It’s a good start and we can build on that, but we’d need to put the word out to the student population on the whole.” Atsuko makes herself sound as conciliatory as she can and is relieved by the gratitude on Mutou’s haggard face.

For a moment, Morihiro is silent, trying to detect the trap Atsuko’s words contain. When he detects none, his usual ebullience returns. “We can get some posters made up and have them all over the campus by tomorrow evening!”

The President stifles a groan. Morihiro’s fingers are misshapen by syndactyl, which means she’ll have to be there to help him and the job will take hours. She didn’t want to spend any more time with him but Mutou looks thrilled to not have a Student Council spat unfolding in his office. Good manners have their price.

“What do you think, Mutou?” Atsuko asks.

“If you can raise thirty percent of the cost for this trip, I think the school can cover forty. Hang on.” Mutou rolls his chair to one of the filing cabinets behind his desk and pulls out a piece of paper thick with numbers. “Yes, forty. The remainder will have to come from the parents, I think. Will that work for you?”

The Student Council members fall silent as each worked through the figures. Morihiro gets there first.

“That’s only 6000 yen per student. That’s not much.” Atsuko wants to wince, barely suppressing the urge. It might not be much for him, but she knew other students would struggle. Besides, as members of the Student Council, they wouldn’t have to pay; that would come out of the council’s budget.

“We’ll do our best. Thank you for this opportunity, Mutou.” Atsuko writes down the costing scheme, privately pessimistic about the trip’s prospects.

“You’ll need chaperones, too. I want one staff member for every five students you bring,” Mutou continues. Atsuko nods and writes that down too. “Let me know how you’re doing with fundraising. If you can’t make it, we’ll have to do something else with the money.”

He tails off abruptly, peering at Morihiro and Atsuko in turn. It takes the latter a moment to realize Mutou was ending the meeting and another to pack her notebook and to get Morihiro’s attention.

“We’ll do our best, Mutou,” Atsuko says again. The Vice-President echoes her sentiments and they leave, closing the classroom door tight behind them.

As soon as they round the corner, Morihiro lets out a great whoop. “We did it!”

Apparently he’s already forgiven Atsuko her betrayal. He claps her on the back, almost crashing her elevated foot -knee- into the elevator doors.

“We have done nothing yet.” Annoyance, exhaustion, and a sudden wave of gut-clenching nausea all combine to make her voice harsh again. “Mutou has asked us to raise - in two short weeks- a lot of money, more money than any council has ever raised in that timeframe! Not many students here have jobs so we’re not raising thirty percent from the students and forty from parents; we’re asking parents to pay seventy percent-14000 yen- which most will balk at.”

She pauses, too irritated for the moment to continue. At times, Morihiro reminds her of a puppy, an energetic, over-eager puppy that’s always demanding attention. This is overwhelmingly one of those times and she just wants to give him a swift kick.

Astuko can’t do that so she does the next best thing. “I don’t think we’ll be able to make this trip to Yokohama happen and you know what? I would be happier if it didn’t.”

She falls silent, not for lack of things to say but because she’s too frustrated to put them into words. Morihiro doesn’t fill the void because even from where she sits, her rage has got him on the retreat. It isn’t until the elevator dings and the doors sweep open that he finds his tongue.

“You don’t actually mean that, Atsu-”

“You’re right; I probably don’t,” the President says. “I would probably support this trip if we weren’t planning it two weeks ahead of it actually happening!”

To that, Morihiro says nothing. He makes no attempt to follow when Atsuko wheels herself into the generously sized elevator.

“Tomorrow, we have work to do so get to bed early tonight,” she tells him.

“I thought you didn’t want to go on this trip?” Morihiro asks.

“I don’t, but we told Mutou we’d try so we have to put in an effort. I won’t let this council lose face, especially not for your stupid German market,” Atsuko replies. The doors close slowly enough for her to get a last look of Morihiro’s face, mournful for once. Yep, definitely like a puppy, she thinks guiltily.

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Re: Destination: Yokohama [9S-OC]

Post by Mirage_GSM » Sat Dec 22, 2018 6:54 pm

Wow, a multi-part story! Thanks a bunch :-)

Looking forward to the continuation!

One thing I was wondering... Do you commonly call your teachers by their last name without any honorifics?
When I still went to school there were a few teachers we were on first name basis with by the end of high school, but last name without honorific would have been unthinkable...
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Re: Destination: Yokohama [9S-OC]

Post by StilesLong » Sun Dec 23, 2018 1:13 am

The honorific thing came about because I can't say I know enough about them to not mess it up.

I hope you've enjoyed it so far. I'll try to get our characters to Yokohama at some point in the near future.

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Re: Destination: Yokohama [9S-OC]

Post by Mirage_GSM » Sun Dec 23, 2018 6:51 am

Why don't you just use "Mr." as honorific? That's how you'd address your teachers, isn't it?
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Re: Destination: Yokohama [9S-OC]

Post by Oddball » Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:56 pm

It's an interesting set-up. I look forward to seeing where you're going with this.

Mutou as Assistant Principal alone is an idea worth reading about, although I've always heard the term as Vice Principal before.
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Re: Destination: Yokohama [9S-OC]

Post by StilesLong » Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:06 pm

Part 2: Preparation

Contrary to the advice she gave Morihiro, Atsuko doesn’t go to her room when she gets back to the dorms. Instead, she wheels past her own door and up to her hallmate’s.

“You’re early!” is the only answer that Atsuko gets to her knock. Moments later, she hears the familiar sound of crutches and the door opens up a crack. A blue eye peers out.

“I thought I told you not to knock- oh!” The eye and door open wider. Atsuko is treated to a full view of Misumi’s curvy, scantily-clad body. The only thing out of place are the metal braces on her long legs, and the crutch that’s keeping her upright. “I wasn’t expecting you!”

The line sounds like it’s from a bad porno, which is undoubtedly what Misumi was going for. Quick thinking, Atsuko remarks to herself.

“No, you weren’t,” Atsuko says. “Who were you waiting for? Sachie? Yasue? You’d better tell her you’re busy; I need your help.”

“Only if you promise to take Yasue’s place tonight.” Misumi says it as seductively as she can. Atsuko just glares at her hallmate for a few seconds until the latter finally wavers. “Fuck, fine!”

Misumi turns awkwardly and moves back to her bed, wrapping herself in a silk robe on the way. “What did you need help with, anyways?”

It was a simple question but it opens up a torrent of frustrated curses as Atsuko tells the story of how her Vice-President had committed them to planning a trip to Yokohama.

Misumi didn't interrupt once; like a good friend, she lets Atsuko's anger play itself out. “What a fucking ass-hat,” she says in good English when it had.

Atsuko doesn't understand what was said but gets the tone. “Right? Like, what the hell? We can't make this happen in time!”

“You really fucking can't,” Misumi agrees. “Is that what you needed my talents for?”

Atsuko ignores Misumi's wide, writhing hips. “What else?”

“And here I thought you were to see me.” She says it with a pout, brushing aside a lock of pink-and-blue dyed hair. Atsuko ignores that too.

“I do, but I need posters and English lessons and I needed them last week,” Atsuko says firmly.

“But you'll come visit me for fun and not for work, right?”

Gotta throw her a bone, but not now. “You keep asking but I haven't done that yet.”

That draws more pouts, but the girls get to work. Atsuko starts a list of things she wants featured on the posters while Misumi shuts down her computer games and clears out a space on her desk for her tablet.

“Don't you ever clean your room?” Atsuko asks, wrinkling her nose in distaste. Of the two chairs in Misumi's room, only one could be used; the other was piled high with dirty clothes.

“Only when you come over,” Misumi replies, sweeping some candy-bar wrappers into an already-overflowing garbage can.

“No, you just wait for me to clean for you,” the dark-haired girl says. “Where are your garbage bags?”

For the next hour or so, Atsuko rolls around cleaning, answering Misumi's occasional question about the poster's design. Misumi draws and tweaks the posters until she declares them perfect. They were, too.

“Thanks, Misumi.”

“No problem,” she replies. “Did you want them on a USB key or should I email them to you?”

“Last time you gave me a USB, it had porn on it,” Atsuko says dryly.

“I'm always hopeful…” Misumi turns, sees the look on her hallmate's face. “I'll email it to you.”

“Please. I also had one more thing I wanted you to help me with-”

“I know you're having trouble finding a boyfriend, Atsuko,” Misumi interrupts, turning around in her chair. “I would be happy to help you…”

Atsuko swats Misumi's hand away from her crotch. “I need to practice my English.”

“We'll have to do that one-on-one, you know.” The seductive voice is back and Misumi's down had slipped open at some point in the past hour.

On some it might work, but not on Atsuko. “We will, but not right now. I've got to get up early tomorrow.”

“I could help you sleep better,” Misumi offers.

“You probably could, but I'll be fine, thank you.” Atsuko backs her chair up. “Thanks again, Misumi.”

“You're welcome, and thanks for cleaning up my room again. Let me know when you want to meet for the English practice.”

"It'll be soon and I'll need a lot of help to get ready," Atsuko warns.

Misumi gives her friend a nakedly appreciative look. "That's fine by me. I'm very good at what I do." Once more, Atsukos ignores the comment. "What do need English practice for anyways? You had that class last semester."

"I need chaperones," Atsuko says with a shurg. "Anyways, I'm off. See you tomorrow."

"See you."

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