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Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (4/26/20--Contest Fic "A Lighter Touch")

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 8:41 pm
by Hanako Fancopter
Yep, it's another one of these. Fair warning that the things I will post in here are likely to be meme/crack fics (even more so than my Misha x Hanako route, for those of you who may consider that to be one). Whatever I post in here is also probably inspired by some joke or another on the Discord (this first one that I'm about to post is). Last but certainly not least, some of these may be lewd, very lewd. I'll put a warning on them of course.

table of contents i guess

An Evening Rendezvous (Naomi x Natsume x ...Hisao?) [Slight lewd warning]
Mother Knows Best (Hisao x Meiko) [Lewd warning]
A Very Unusual Friendship (Lilly x Hanako) [Lewd warning]
A Friendly Competition (Misha x Shizune) [Lewd warning]
Snowed In (Hisao x Hanako) [Not lewd! For once! At least not explicitly so >.>]
Morning Stretches (Emi x Rin + special guest appearance) [Lewd! We back at it!]
Locked In (Hisao x Hanako + bonus pairing) [Snowed In follow-up; A little lewd, only a little]
In The Moment (Rika x Saki) [Lewd warning]
The Student Council Shuffle (Multiple pairings!) [Not lewd!]
Undercover (Miki x Suzu) [Lewd warning]
Lilly's Day Off (Lilly x ???)
Overnighter (Shizune x Miki) [Not lewd]
Working Women (Akira x Yuuko) [Lewd!] [Thanks to MoashLannister for this title]
An Unusual Family (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Very Unusual Friendship follow-up; very lewd]
Operation Bedfellow (Kenji x Rin) [Non-lewd]
Flights of Fancy (Misha x Rin) [No lewd I promise]
An Unexpected Development (Lilly x Hanako x Hisao) ["Evil Lilly" story--big smut/edge warning]
An Intimate Game (Mutou x Shizune) [Not lewd... or is it?]
High Stakes (Aoi x Keiko x Misha) [Medium lewd]
A Most Unorthodox Christmas (Evil Lilly part 4--I think if there is a part 5 they may need their own thread) [Lewd with BONUS ART]
The Last Stand (Lilly x Kenji) [Lewd]
A Hearty Rivalry (Meiko vs Lilly) [Non lewd]
A Lighter Touch (Shizune & Hisao vs Lilly) [Non lewd]

also, here is a link to my secret santa story if anyone is interested

Dinner Has Been Served (Hisao x Shizune x Misha) [Slight lewd warning]
2019 Secret Santa: Christmas Confessions (Hanako + Emi + Rin) [No lewd]


An Evening Rendezvous

“Are you sure about this, Natsu?”

“Why are you asking me? You’re the one who wanted to try it.”

“Right, right! That’s why I wanna make sure you’re okay with it. I don’t want to, y’know—pressure you into doing something you’d regret, or something like that! Like peer pressure!”

Natsume let out a short, barking laugh.

“Nah, don’t you worry ‘bout that. When’s the last time you could make me do something I didn’t want to?”

“…Okay, yeah, never. Fair point. It just seems like, well, maybe it’s… it’s too crazy after all! What if we regret it?!”

Natsume shrugged.

“Some days I regret being born, when these joints are angry with me. Just gotta live and let live, I reckon. Who knows, maybe this is just what I need to loosen up these old bones.”

Naomi gave a nervous laugh.

“I guess that’s a good way of looking at it. What is it you always say? Live a little?”

“Live a little, that’s right.”

“Okay! We’re going to live a little! We’re going to—ahh! I think I hear him coming!”

Conversation ceased immediately as both girls craned their heads toward the door, listening carefully for sounds of movement out in the hall. Sure enough, the steady tap of shoes on tiles could be heard, growing louder as the source of it approached. After another moment Hisao walked in through the open door, rubbing the back of his head and looking somewhere between tired, confused and slightly curious. He looked around the newspaper club’s meeting room, as if for some kind of hint or explanation as to why he was here at night.

“Uhh, hey,” he said to the two girls. “Bit late for a club meeting, isn’t it? Curfew’s in an hour and a half or something?”

Naomi waved her hands dismissively.

“Pffff. Curfew! Who obeys that! That’s for squares. Like Shizune! You’re not a square, right, Hisao? We’re not squares in the Newspaper Club! Nope, nope, we umm! We’re really… loose! And easygoing!”

Hisao stared at her bizarre rant in utter bewilderment. Naomi could be awkward at times, even a little neurotic, but this… was something else. Natsume was her foil, just shaking her head and grinning at her best friend’s antics.

“Isn’t that right, Natsu? This club’s not for squares, it’s for… circles! We’re really round in here. No sharp edges at all! Right?!” Naomi continued, blushing as she called on Natsume for backup.

“Yep,” Natsume agreed, nodding her head sagely as if Naomi were dispensing carefully considered words of wisdom. “Don’t wanna be square. Anything but that.”

“Okay, err… well… is that why you guys asked me to meet you here? To uhh? Lecture me about… loosening up a bit?” Hisao asked, fumbling to figure out what to do in this strange situation.

“Something like that!” Naomi agreed.

Sometime during this whole ordeal, she had danced her way over to the door and put herself between it and Hisao. He jumped as she slammed it shut, harder than seemed necessary, with another nervous laugh afterwards. Then she pressed her back against it, almost as if to block him from escaping, he thought. All of a sudden he felt like a rat caught in a trap, for some reason. But why? He knew Naomi and Natsume, the nice girls who’d taken him under their wing after things went south with Shizune. They’d even managed to get Hanako to join as the fourth member of their club. Speaking of which…

“Say, shouldn’t Hanako be here?” Hisao asked.

“Oh! Right! Hanako! She is, we, that is—”

“She’s not feeling well,” Natsume said calmly, cutting Naomi off before she could blurt out some stupid, absurd lie. This was a lie as well, of course, just a simple one. A convincing one.

“Ah, right. Another of her… times. Hope she’s feeling better tomorrow. Maybe I’ll check in on her if she’s not in class,” Hisao said. “Anyways. I’m here now. What’s this special project we’re gonna be working on? It’s not anything… illicit, is it?” he asked, unable to imagine why else they were having this clandestine meeting when the building was empty and everyone else was back in the dorms. “I didn’t even know you could get into the club rooms this late.”

“Ahahaha! Well! You aren’t supposed to, buuuut!” Naomi started, giving Hisao a coy look. “This is a… special occasion!”

“Clearly. What kind of special?” Hisao asked.

“Oh. You haven’t heard?” Natsume continued. “It’s kind of a Yamaku tradition, doing… things, in the club rooms, after hours. Shizune started it, in fact. Unofficially, of course. She’d be furious if she knew people were taking after her example. Council president is the only one allowed to break the rules, and all that.”

“Jeez, this is against the rules, to even be in here? Aren’t you guys at least a little worried? If Shizune finds out, she’ll slash our funding or something,” Hisao said.

“Uh uh uh! None of that, no complaining!” Naomi reprimanded him, stepping forward and placing herself surprisingly close to him. She leaned forward and wagged a finger in front of his face. “Remember! That’s what squares do. You’re not a square, are you, Hisao?”

“Erm… I try not to be? Okay, okay. Sure. Let’s try and keep it quick, then. And keep our voices down,” he said.

“I don’t know if I can promise either of those things,” Naomi said, her voice taking a strange tone as she fluttered her eyelashes.

Just what was that supposed to mean? Hisao had to consciously repress the urge to jerk away or otherwise visibly respond, so strange were her words and behavior. Fluttering eyes… she couldn’t be leading in to an attack or seizure of some kind, could she? Real epilepsy probably wasn’t as simple as the outright flailing fits you always saw on TV…

“Are you… feeling alright, Naomi? You seem a bit…”

“A bit what, Hisao?” Naomi snapped, cutting him off before he could say anything she didn’t want to hear. “I feel fine. No, better than fine. I’m feeling… loose, even!” she said.

Hisao turned to glance over his shoulder as Natsume giggled at that last bit. The other girl quickly looked down and away, like she wanted him to stay focused on Naomi. When he turned back to face her again, he did jump back a little—her arms were arched behind her back with fingers joined, her torso leaning forward at a forty-five degree angle. The posture left her breasts hanging right below his face, nearly making contact with his chest. And did she have her top three buttons undone? No… four?! He could see most of her bra, for crying out loud! Not to mention the round things they contained!

Naomi let out a long, low groan as her spine audibly popped.

“Ahhh! That’s better. Much better! Mmmm!” she said, straightening back up and rolling her shoulders.

Neon pink. The bra was neon pink. That was all Hisao could think about. He could still see the edges of it, the stretching maneuver somehow having pulled Naomi’s blouse halfway open. How was that even possible? Or had she done it herself when he looked away? But why would she do that?

“Wish I could go that far,” Natsume said, whistling at Naomi’s flexibility. “Probably break something if I tried. ‘Course, there’s other ways to oil the old joints…”

Now Natsume took a weird tone to make cryptic statements, as well. Hisao was starting to really feel like something was wrong, like maybe this was some type of prank they’d put themselves up to, though he couldn’t imagine what the punchline might be. Naomi was still very close to him, much closer than he felt comfortable with. Her eyes had gone very wide and she was just looking up at him with sort of a blank expression, lips slightly parted, like he was supposed to know what to do or say next. She placed her hands on his shoulders and leaned her face in towards his…

…and Hisao found himself stumbling backwards out of her grasp, very confused and a little bit scared. His heart was pounding now, partly from anxiety, partly from… something else. No, no, no! Not now! He couldn’t be having those kinds of thoughts about Naomi! Not when she was acting so strange! Surely she’d missed her medications, or her epilepsy was throwing her for a loop, or something like that. Hisao felt like he was violating her, just to even briefly imagine in his mind’s eye what was hiding beneath the flimsy fabric of that blouse…

…his hips bumped into a table as he backpedaled, startling him a bit and causing him to turn around. As he put his hands on the table to get his balance back, he realized that Natsume was now laid out across it on her back, one foot planted on the table’s edge with its knee up while the other leg hung off the table’s edge. This posture left Natsume’s skirt fully upturned, giving him a complete view of her lacy black underwear, so close he could touch it if he shifted his arms a bit! And her arms were just resting behind her head while she grinned up at him, thighs spread, making no attempt to preserve her modesty! Why was this happening?!

“Hey, hey, chill out. We’re just here to hang out and have some fun, right?” Natsume said, her voice taking a low tone as if trying to reassure him. She sat up and took hold of Hisao’s tie in one hand, pulling his face in close to hers. Paralyzed by a tempest of conflicting thoughts and feeling, Hisao froze as Natsume’s cheek brushed past his and her lips touched his ear.

“You know what’s really good for my cramps, Hisao? There’s just one thing that really does it for me…” she whispered in his ear.

Hisao watched in horror as her other hand went into the waistband of her skirt, then down into the black lace beneath it, bulging out from her crotch.

“I need some relief from these aches, and I think you’re the only one who can give it to me,” she said, biting his ear gently to punctuate this revelation.

“Ahh!! Whoa, whoa! What the hell!” Hisao yelled, jumping away from Natsume and turning to flee from this nightmare. Of course, he couldn’t get very far—Naomi was on the other side of him, still so close their faces were nearly touching, like she was just waiting there to make sure he couldn’t escape from Natsume. Her blouse had been removed completely at this point, laying discarded on the floor beside her, and her chest looked ready to pop out of the bra’s confines at any moment.

“Where are you going?” she asked, her face forming a pout as her eyes somehow went wider than ever, looking genuinely hurt by Hisao’s actions. “We just wanna have a little fun… is that so wrong? Don’t you want to make us happy, Hisao? You were happy to make Shizune happy…”

Naomi unclasped her bra as she pleaded with him, making sure to arch her back when it fell off so that her boobs would literally bounce into view. This caused him to gulp very loudly as his eyes glued onto her bare bosom. That had to be a good sign, Naomi thought. Guys could never resist a good pair of tits, right? Time to go for the killing blow… she stepped forward and embraced Hisao, rubbing her chest against his, and began to kiss his neck gently.

The poor guy felt like a block of wood in her arms, he was so rigid. This wasn’t working… looking past Hisao’s shoulder, she could see Natsume mouthing a single word at her from the table.


Comfort? Naomi recalled the story Hisao had told them, about how Misha had asked him to “comfort” her, and how he had agreed to it, fucking her right then and there on his bed. That was actually the whole reason Naomi had thought he’d be down for this, since he was apparently down with random hook-ups, but maybe she’d read him completely wrong. Or maybe his heart was just acting up? Though its beat felt fine against her bare skin… enticing, even, in its steady thumping. Naomi imagined how much blood was gorging his lower head with every beat of that organ, still powerful despite its defects. The appeal of that thought convinced her to just go for it.

If this didn’t get the message through to him, nothing would.

“We’re suffering, Hisao…” she started, whispering in his ear just as Natsume had done. “Someone has to be here for us, to comfort us, you see? We want to feel comforted tonight…”

“No, we need to,” Natsume added from the table. “And you’re the one who can comfort us.”

One of Naomi’s hands made its way down to his rear, then around to the front of his pants, following the curve of his thigh inward… her fingers brushed against something long, and hard, and big… she grabbed for her prize, only to have it snatched from her grasp as Hisao nearly threw her off of him.

“Oh no! Oh no no no!” he said, sweat now visible on his face. He’d been down the whole “comforting” road before, and he’d be damned before he made that mistake again. It had not been fucking worth it. Heck, the fucking itself hadn’t been much good, either. Nope, nope, nope. Not happening! He pushed Naomi away, harder than he meant to, but he hardly cared at this point. “No comforting! No way, no how! Sorry, I just—fuck! I can’t! I’m out, I’m out, I gotta go!”

And with that he made a mad dash for the door. As he made his way out into the hall, the two girls heard him mutter to himself, “Fucking hell, Kenji was right all along…”

They looked at each other with exasperation after he had gone, both letting out a simultaneous sigh of defeat.

“Kenji? Kenji… Setou?” Naomi wondered aloud.

“That weirdo from Satou’s class? Wonder what he meant by that,” Natsume said.

“You don’t think… he’s… swinging the other way now, is he?” Naomi asked. “Man, he said Misha was bad in bed, but he didn’t make her sound that bad…”

Natsume shrugged.

“Just gotta live and let live. Not like we haven’t been there ourselves. Hell, looks like we’re gonna be there again tonight,” she said, beginning to move the fingers under her panties to go ahead and get a start on herself. Naomi growled in frustration.

“Gahh! It just doesn’t make any sense! And I was really getting into the whole seduction thing, too. It could’ve been so hot! What kind of guy would turn that down?! Doesn’t he know most boys in this school would lose an arm or a leg for a chance at something like this!? Another one, if they had to?”

“Maybe we shoulda asked one of them, then,” Natsume said.

“No, no, he was the only one that really felt okay, you know? Like, he has experience, and he’s tall, and handsome, and somehow he still has abs and arms even though he doesn’t exercise, and he felt huge down there, and I mean… fuck! It’s just not fair! I really wanted a cock tonight, damn it!”

Natsume barked her short laugh.

“Real master of romance, isn't he? Bet we’d have an easier time roping Hanako into a party pounding than that blockhead,” she remarked.

“Yeah, probably—wait!”

Naomi paused and her eyes lit up.

“Yeah. Yeah! That’s right! We probably would, wouldn’t we?!”

Natsume’s eyes widened in turn.

“Now wait a minute. You’re not really suggesting…”

Naomi nodded vigorously that she was suggesting.

“Yes! Of course! Why not?! She might not… be a boy, but it’ll still be exciting, right? Ohh, she’s so darn cute, I bet she makes the most adorable noises! You saw what was in her bag, the other day? When she forgot it in my room?”

Natsume had indeed seen it—a yuri manga, and an explicit one, judging by its cover. She hadn’t thought much of it at the time, people were into what they were into, but it was a promising sign, she supposed. Natsume rolled her eyes as she realized that they were actually gonna go through with this. What a night… she had to admit, Naomi’s idea was decent, maybe they could salvage this situation.

“Alright, alright! You text her while I’m getting my clothes back on! Say—just say to meet in my room, make up any reason!” Naomi said excitedly.

“Already on it. Hopefully we’ll get to live a little after all,” Natsume said.

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:50 am
by NoticeMeOppai
Oh Hisao, you poor foolish boy! :mrgreen:

The change of POVs there was a little confusing at times but an enjoyable crack fic anyway.

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:06 pm
by Hanako Fancopter
Yeah the perspective shifts were a bit tricky to think about. Normally I try to stay in one character's POV for a piece/chapter, or at least not switch around too quickly, but I just had to show both sides with that one.


An Evening Rendezvous (Naomi x Natsume x ...Hisao?) [Slight lewd warning]
Mother Knows Best (Hisao x Meiko) [Lewd warning]
A Very Unusual Friendship (Lilly x Hanako) [Lewd warning]
A Friendly Competition (Misha x Shizune) [Lewd warning]
Snowed In (Hisao x Hanako) [Not lewd! For once! At least not explicitly so >.>]
Morning Stretches (Emi x Rin + special guest appearance) [Lewd! We back at it!]
Locked In (Hisao x Hanako + bonus pairing) [Snowed In follow-up; A little lewd, only a little]
In The Moment (Rika x Saki) [Lewd warning]
Undercover (Miki x Suzu) [Lewd warning]
Lilly's Day Off (Lilly x ???)
Overnighter (Shizune x Miki) [Not lewd]
Working Women (Akira x Yuuko) [Lewd!]
An Unusual Family (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Very Unusual Friendship follow-up; very lewd]
Operation Bedfellow (Kenji x Rin) [Non-lewd]
Flights of Fancy (Misha x Rin) [No lewd I promise]
An Unexpected Development (Lilly x Hanako x Hisao) ["Evil Lilly" story--big smut/edge warning]
An Intimate Game (Mutou x Shizune) [Not lewd... or is it?]
High Stakes (Aoi x Keiko x Misha) [Medium lewd]
A Most Unorthodox Christmas (Evil Lilly part 4--I think if there is a part 5 they may need their own thread) [Lewd with BONUS ART]
The Last Stand (Lilly x Kenji) [Lewd]
A Hearty Rivalry (Meiko vs Lilly) [Non lewd]
A Lighter Touch (Shizune & Hisao vs Lilly) [Non lewd]


Mother Knows Best

There were a lot of things to appreciate about dating Emi Ibarazaki. Hisao had sworn the girl was trying to kill him at first, between the runs and the other workouts in the bedroom, but once he built up his stamina he really did find that he was better off for it. The benefits were many and varied: Stairs no longer winded him at all, heart flutters felt like a thing of the past, and last but not least, he was pretty much cured of his previous urges to try and sneak a peak at porn when no one else was on the library computers.

That was how things were with Emi. From her sharp personality to her strict meal plan that she enforced on him, Hisao suffered at first, then quickly came to appreciate the rewards that he reaped. Emi’s mother Meiko was an exception to this rule, but only partially: Hisao found that he slowly came to appreciate her company as well, without even needing any uncomfortable adjustment period. Unlike Emi, who could be moody if not downright mean at times, Meiko was always happy and relaxed, and for someone probably more than double his age, she felt surprisingly less like an authority figure and more like another friend.

Of course, it helped that she didn’t look twice his age, nowhere near. Hisao hadn’t ventured to find out her actual age, but Emi was nineteen… even if Meiko had her at one of the earliest reasonable times in her life, she still had to be in her late thirties, at the youngest. Hisao swore she didn’t look a day over twenty-five. He did like to chide Emi for not looking a day over twelve, so it must run in the blood, he supposed. It definitely made him look forward to his potential married life, knowing what Emi would grow into.

It was tough to resist stealing long looks when it was right in front of him, what a fully matured Emi would look like. Meiko’s penchant for flowing clothing made it difficult to get a real sense of her figure, but her dresses hugged her waist well enough to demonstrate how slim it still was, as well as how fully her curves filled out. It eluded Hisao how a girl as flat-chested as Emi could have come from those genes, given the dimensions of Meiko’s bosom. Her smile was just as bright as Emi’s, her face every bit as pretty, and even the little birthmark on her left cheek made her seem a wee bit homely without detracting from her overall features.

Hisao could still remember his and Emi’s first fight, when he’d first come over for dinner, and how deftly Meiko had helped steer him away from disaster. Looking back on it, he could only imagine the shouting match that might have ensued had he been dumb enough to actually follow Emi out of the dining room that night… That was one of his first impressions of the woman, and his impressions had only improved since. Not only did he not mind including her in his and Emi’s dates at times, he even found that he preferred it. Her experience and charm really brought something to the table.

There were times, when he was being honest with himself, when he thought that Meiko might truly be the most beautiful woman he’d ever met. It was still hard for Hisao to imagine Emi as a woman, as opposed to a “girl,” after all. It definitely felt weird to think about his girlfriend’s mom that way, but… the truth was the truth. Hisao didn’t merely appreciate Meiko for her looks, either. She’d proven easy to talk to, laid-back and understanding, often providing a grounding influence when Emi got a bit too hot in the head over this thing or that.

Yes indeed, he had really begun to feel like part of a family with the Ibarazaki women. A nagging little voice in the back of his head told him he was putting that all under complete and total risk right now, slamming himself into the older Ibarazaki over and over, harder and faster, seeing the elation it brought to her face as her bedframe rocked underneath them. Meiko’s voice drowned out that nagging one in his head, making soft little cries every time Hisao hit the back of her walls, each of those alluring sounds pushing him to try and drive himself in even deeper.

Hisao grunted and bit his lip as he felt his climax building rapidly inside him, trying to hold it back without stopping or slowing down. That was impossible, of course, but he could at least buy a few more seconds before his defenses gave out. Meiko seemed to sense what he was feeling and she looked every bit as delighted by it as Hisao was. She lifted her legs up to lock them around his waist and took hold of his arms, digging her fingers into them while Hisao’s own fingers held on tight to either side of her waist.

There was no stopping it any longer. Hisao clenched his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the first spasm run through his body, followed in rapid succession by many, many more. He held Meiko’s body in place with his hands while holding another part of him inside of her, giving a gentle, instinctive thrust with each pulse of pleasure that ran through him. Meiko responded in kind, her own body tightening up in rhythm with Hisao’s, her legs pulling on his back with each contraction.

As he finally collapsed on top of her, Hisao tried to recall just how he ended up in this position. It had started when Meiko texted Hisao to come over early in the afternoon, while Emi as still at track practice, so that they could prepare a surprise for her when she came home. He wasn’t sure of the occasion, it wasn’t like it was her birthday or anything, but what kind of guy needed a reason to surprise his girlfriend? Hisao certainly didn’t, so he readily agreed…


…When he arrived, there was still a while to go before Emi came home, giving he and Meiko some down time to pass in their house. Many boys would find it awkward to be left alone with their girlfriend’s mother for so long, but Hisao was more than happy with it. He found that Meiko had really been opening up around him lately, sharing some more personal details of her and Emi’s life that were only appropriate for trusted friends, sometimes even to an extent that Emi would protest. Not that that ever got in Meiko’s way, of course—she’d just give that wonderful grin and shut Emi up as only a mother could.

After rapping on the front door a few times, Hisao heard a distant “Come in!”, so he simply pushed the door open—unlocked, as it turned out—and did as he was bid. Meiko wasn’t in the foyer… or the living room, for that matter. She had sounded like she was more towards the back of the house…

“Mrs. Ibarazaki?” he asked the seemingly empty building.

“Oh, Hisao!” her voice came back, its location undeniable. “What have I told you about such formalities? No need, no need… just ‘Meiko’ is perfectly fine!”

“Ah, right, right!”

She had mentioned that before, using her first name instead of the family name. Still, no matter how many times it came up, Hisao could never quite get used to it. More concerning than that: Her voice had definitely come from the bedroom at the end of the hall. Now what? Was he supposed to go back there? Surely not… Hisao took a seat on the couch instead, deciding to wait for her to come out.

“Hisao, dear?” Meiko’s voice came again. “Would you mind coming here a moment? I need your help with something…”

“Oh, umm… sure. Sure!”

Hisao got up and made his way down the hall, thinking little of the request, until he arrived at the bedroom door itself. It was almost fully closed, with just a sliver left open before it touched the frame… it still just felt a bit too strange to brazenly barge into that room, his girlfriend’s mom’s bedroom… even at her beckoning, it was…

“There you are!”

The door swung wide as Meiko pulled it open, then took a step back into the room.

“Come in, come in,” she said, waving with her hand. Hisao obeyed, his movements slightly wooden, though the warm smile on Meiko’s face helped to keep him at ease. Maybe the surprise they were going to be working on was in here?

“It’s just, well…” Meiko began, her cheeks blushing ever so slightly as embarrassment crept into her voice. She clasped her hands in front of her waist, her face turning aside while her eyes still looked sideways towards Hisao, the very picture of a bashful young girl. For a moment there, the resemblance to Emi was so strong that he almost forgot himself and said something inappropriate…

“I’m really not sure which of these look better on me…” Meiko explained, her eyes finally rolling up to meet Hisao’s.

“Huh?” he asked dumbly.

“Ah, sorry, I mean! Which outfit, that is. It’s hard to find a reliable second opinion. Emi just waves me off and says everything is fine, of course. You, on the other hand…”

Meiko gave Hisao another of those warm, inviting smiles, and… did she push her chest out a little bit, perhaps? Maybe his eyes were just playing tricks on him… those two assets of hers definitely stood out well enough without needing any help…

“…I’ve always felt that you have a certain knack for fashion, Hisao.”

What? Fashion?

“The way you wear those vests of yours, it’s… well, anyways. Just let me know what you think, okay?”

“Err… okay, yeah,” Hisao agreed.

“Do I look better like this?”

Meiko put a hand on the back of her head and another on her waist, striking a brief pose to show off the curves in her current flowery dress. Hisao gulped as her rump popped out below the arch of her spine, trying not to fixate too obviously on it. Truth be told, he didn’t know the first damn thing about dresses or fashion or whatever, but his mind was still a bit too occupied to protest.


Now Meiko stepped behind a folding shade beside the bed, a wall of thin paper that kept her outline visible without revealing anything further. Even seeing her general shape was enough to get Hisao’s blood pumping as he watched that shapely silhouette shrug off the garments she’d just shown off. His heart throbbed, in his chest, in his ears, and to his slight embarrassment, even in his pants. It throbbed that much harder when Meiko walked out from behind the shade, completely nude.

“…like this?” she asked, finishing her little sales pitch.

Okay. Well then. This took a turn.


Her legs stayed pressed together as she took one slinking step forward, then another, closing the distance between them with both speed and poise. Hisao didn’t even know where to look, or where not to look, her figure fully revealed was even more well-proportioned than it seemed under those dresses… every part of her was so tantalizing, so close he could just… surely he wasn’t supposed to be here, wasn’t supposed to be seeing this, it was definitely wrong, but then at the same time…


Meiko took a hand of his and placed it over one of her plump breasts, then gave it a squeeze, her fingers pushing on the backs of Hisao’s own.

“I think this look really suits me, don’t you?” she implored.

“Well, uhh, I’d say, yeah…”

Fuck, she was right there, her full lips within breathing distance of his… he really wanted nothing more than to…

“Mmmm,” Meiko purred, her voice vibrating against his own lips as they met with hers. He initiated the kiss, an awkward, stilted movement that just jumped out of him, but once he was there, she guided him naturally into it, embracing him lightly and tasting him several times before breaking off. Instead of pulling away, Meiko’s face slid further past Hisao’s, her lips whispering into his ear.

“Maybe you’d look good this way too?” she asked.

“I think… yeah, you know,” Hisao said, his voice suddenly gaining confidence. “I think I would!”


And so that was that.

Once the dam burst, things happened fast. Hisao couldn’t really even remember it all straight in his head. One thing that definitely stuck out to him was physically throwing Meiko down onto the bed, an action which had drawn a delighted laugh from her, like she was having the time of her life. It still felt surreal to him that that could be the case, but he couldn’t deny that he’d been at about the same place, finally getting what he’d really wanted for so long now. When they fucked, it was like a bomb going off—explosive, but over in the blink of an eye.

Now that it was over, Hisao halfway expected her to push him off, chide him for coming so quickly, or something like that. Yet much the opposite happened—Meiko just pulled him tight against her, burying her face in his shoulder and breathing deep for a while before even trying to speak again. Brief as the sex had been, she seemed to draw some kind of satisfaction from it that went beyond mere physical pleasure. And it had been pretty incredible while it lasted.

“Sorry, I uhh, I swear I can usually… it’s just…” Hisao fumbled, trying to come up with some excuse or another for his short performance.

“There, there,” Meiko chided him. “We both know how this works. I’m sure Emi has shown you… that was only the warm-up.”

Oh. Well then. This took a turn. Again.

As if to back up her assertion, Meiko suddenly wrapped her arms around Hisao’s torso and rolled them over together, leaving her on top of him with thighs spread on either side of his waist, his length still buried deep inside of her. She sat up straight atop him, her hourglass figure once more making itself apparent, her eyes lidded ever so slightly as they met with his own, her hips beginning to buck gently… Hisao could already feel himself hardening again, and he could swear he saw the corners of her mouth turning up in a smile as he did so…



Those unmistakable sighs of pleasure sounded into Hisao’s ears, matched with the rhythm of Meiko’s hips as she rode him at a steady pace, her lips planting a kiss against his neck every now and then. He pushed his own hips up into hers, focused on feeling every bit of her torso as it pressed tightly against his. “There, there. Let it all out,” she breathed into his ear. “Let yourself into me…”

Hisao obliged eagerly, feeling his muscles clench as the euphoria of release washed over him.

“Mmmm…” Meiko purred, her own body tightening up in turn as dose after dose of Hisao’s seed pumped into her belly. It was a different kind of orgasm than the first go, more subdued and emotional, less… wild and unrestrained. One thing Hisao appreciated was that Meiko paid active attention to Hisao’s own enjoyment of the act, seeming to draw her pleasure in part from his, while with Emi, it was more like he was just an enabler for her to get herself off. It was definitely a nice change of pace.

If he put aside the fact that he’d just fucked his girlfriend’s mom twice in under an hour, that is. But it was pretty easy to not worry about that while it was still happening, given how utterly amazing it felt. The last of his climax finally ran its course, his organs still seizing several more times after the hose had run dry, making sure to squeeze out every last drop. Once again he expected Meiko to roll off of him or get up out of the bed, yet she did no such thing, instead resting her head against his shoulder and murmuring happily to him.

It turned out that pillow talk was another way in which Emi and her mother differed, the latter capable of it and the former not. Sex always seemed somewhat like a formality with Emi; once they’d come, that was it and it was time to get on with the day. Hisao got the sense from Meiko that she’d lay here atop him all day long if she could. He’d probably be happy to let her do it, too. Words came easily enough from this position, and once they started talking, the conversation quickly turned to subjects that should’ve been utterly taboo.

But given what they’d just done, nothing really felt off-limits anymore.

Instead, Hisao felt a close connection with Meiko, in some way even closer than with Emi—Emi always kept him at arms length, afraid to let anyone get too close, while Meiko seemed like she’d been just as desperate for this as he was, all along. He found himself telling her details about his own life—including his time with Emi—that he wouldn’t tell anyone else, not even his own parents. Yet no matter which of his thoughts he shared, she always gave that same slow, understanding nod, sympathizing completely with him. He knew that, from an outside perspective, all of this was wrong, but… she just made it seem so natural…

“So, err, yeah… that happened. I don’t think I ever wanna go in that track shed again,” Hisao said. “Just looking at it kinda bothers me now…”

Meiko gave a light, tittering laugh.

“That does sound like something my daughter would do. The silly girl… I always told her to ask me before trying anything too… adventurous, but, well. She never listens, does she?” she asked rhetorically.

“Ahaha… guess not. She’s definitely stubborn.”

“I’ve tried to drill it into her head, but she never quite got it. Mother. Knows. Best. You, on the other hand, Hisao… I have to admit, you’re… much more receptive, to the wisdom of your elders. It’s something I rather like about you.”

Hisao felt like there were a lot of things Meiko liked about him, at this point. Not that that bothered him. Much the opposite, in fact.

“Still, I can’t fault Emi too much… we all have to learn by doing, don’t we?” Meiko continued.

Hisao nodded in vigorous agreement. He was definitely learning some things today.

“It’s not as if I haven’t had my own romantic indiscretions. Even at my age, when I really should know better… I haven’t told you about my little fling with the Nurse, have I?” she said.

“No, you haven’t,” Hisao acknowledged. He had always suspected there was something there. It was interesting to find out that there actually had been, at some point. Yamaku’s head medical officer certainly had a tangled history with the Ibarazaki family.

“He was handsome, and funny, and he took such good care of Emi, but… I don’t really know how I can explain it. Even though he is a good man, it just didn’t work. He was too… safe, I suppose,” Meiko said, musing to herself as much as to her guest. That answer made sense to Hisao—as they’d just discussed, Emi certainly had a transgressive streak. And now Hisao knew where she got it from. “…He wasn’t any fun in bed, to be honest. Always asking if it was okay to touch me this way or that, if I was okay here or there… nothing kills the mood faster. The man didn’t know how to just shut up and do it. Emi’s father, on the other hand…”

Meiko’s voice trailed off wistfully for a moment. To say this was a touchy subject with Emi would be an understatement. The last thing Hisao wanted was to somehow ruin this miracle by failing to handle it properly… shit… what was he supposed to say? His mind raced for some kind of solution, but then Meiko began speaking again.

“She gets her short stature from him, you know. He was a little runt of a thing, but! He knew how to handle a woman properly! And he had such stamina! Another trait Emi must’ve taken from him,” Meiko said.

She seemed to come back from that moment of sadness just as quickly as she slipped into it, simply by looking at Hisao, as if to remind herself that he was here.

“You look just like him, you know,” Meiko said, placing a finger under Hisao’s chin and turning it up to make him look her in the eyes. “It’s no coincidence that Emi landed on you. And she’s taught you well. Made you into a fine specimen, even with your natural handicap… like mother, like daughter, as they say.”

Hisao had to admit that part was certainly true. There’s no way he could have kept this up before his experiences with Emi… even now, the beat of his heart was steady. Calm, even. Although, wait… he looked just like… Hisao gulped, the thought finally processing that all of this might be because of some coincidental resemblance. Was that all he was? Some kind of… replacement goldfish? To Emi and her mother?

His eyes narrowed for a moment and his mouth opened, intending to ask Meiko that question, but he found that it wasn’t so easy. Looking into that gorgeous face, the one that had just brought him such pleasure, that promised to continue doing so, and still seeing nothing but affection and understanding… oh hell. She placed a hand on his head and pulled it down into her ample chest, stroking his hair lovingly, and that settled it.

Maybe he was just a replacement goldfish. Maybe that was twisted and messed up. But Hisao felt pretty okay with it, considering where things stood. If this was the deal, then he could be the damn goldfish. If he could just have moments like these, then it would all be worth it. His enjoyment of said moment was rudely interrupted by a sudden question in his head.

“Wait… I thought we were getting something ready for Emi?” Hisao asked. “Did you just… make that up? To get me to…”

Meiko laughed softly at him.

“Oh no, dear. There certainly is a surprise, and we’ve already prepared it,” she explained.

“Umm. We have?”

Meiko sat up atop him once more, massaging his chest gently. Their parts were no longer joined, but he could already recognize that look in her eyes, see that they might join again in a moment here. And with that he understood the “surprise.” Hisao bucked a bit under Meiko’s weight, instinctively trying to escape from it, but it was too late. As if on cue, the front door burst open and Emi bounced into the house.

“Mom! I’m home! I—hey, where are you?”

Hisao froze under Meiko, though she didn’t seem bothered by this development. If anything, she looked amused. How could she… ? Hisao wanted to ask, but he couldn’t bring himself to utter a sound, as if he hoped to avoid Emi’s notice by staying still and quiet underneath her mother’s naked body. That didn’t work, of course. Hisao’s blood pounded in his ears as he heard those prosthetics tapping swiftly down the hall towards them.

“Are you in the—”

Emi’s voice died in her throat as she saw the two of them on the bed, her mother laid on top of her boyfriend, both bare naked, the former’s legs splayed out to take in the latter again at any moment.

Ughh!! What the hell are you doing?!” Emi yelled, throwing her gym bag at them angrily. Hisao managed to raise an arm in time to swat it away. Fucking hell, now what was he supposed to do?

“Mo-om! Again? Really!? I told you I didn’t want to share this time!” Emi yelled.

Meiko laughed in her easygoing way, utterly unperturbed. She pushed the gym bag aside and rolled off of Hisao, getting up from the bed and stretching mightily, as if this was all totally normal.

“I thought you were with the Nurse now?!” Emi demanded.

“Sorry, dear. He just lacked a certain… youthful appeal. You’ll understand when you get to be my age. Now you two go ahead and have fun, I’m going to take a shower and then put dinner on,” Meiko said, slinking off towards the bathroom.

Emi rolled her eyes and sat down on the edge of the bed, scratching Hisao’s back while tapping one prosthetic on the floor.

“Damn… these sheets are gonna need cleaning… you know you’re doing that, right?” Emi asked him.

Not exactly Hisao’s first concern, though yes, he supposed they would need to be washed.

“So uhh. You’re not… mad at me?” Hisao probed.

“I mean. She did the same damn thing with my last boyfriend… I get it, you know? Someone who’s older than you, with a higher status in life, and they still look great for their age, so you know you’re not really supposed to, but at the same time that’s what makes it hot, and… uhh… n-not that I would have any, err, personal experience with it, but! Yeah! I get it!”

That was an oddly specific denial. Emi was probably just thrown for a loop by the whole situation here, Hisao thought.

“Wow. You said it better than I could have,” he observed.

“Yep, well. The more things change, the more they stay the same, I guess,” Emi said.

“What does that mean?”

“I didn’t stop dating my last boyfriend after this happened, either. That was ‘cause I caught him with that Miura, the skank… he said she came onto him, and I was like yeah, no shit, she wanted to get at me. The bitch…”

“Miura?… Miki Miura? Huh. She did want me to help tutor her for our next test…”

And she hadn’t been wearing a bra when she asked it, either. The way her chest moved around under her shirt had made that pretty clear. Hisao had chalked that up to her just being too much of a tomboy to wear one or something, but suddenly it made a lot more sense…

“Oh! No no! You are not, got it?! No… tutoring! With her! No way, bucko!” Emi warned him.

“So…” Hisao started cautiously. He really might regret asking this, but he just had to do it. “…your mom isn’t off limits… but our classmates are?”

Emi smacked his bare back and gave a little growl of frustration.

“Yes, Hisao. Yes! That’s exactly right!” she insisted.

Well. Fair enough. Hisao figured he could probably live with that, all things considered.

“The point is! If I broke up with every guy that wanted to fuck my mom, I’d never get laid myself. No, you’re just gonna have to… make it up to me. If you want to stay welcome around here.”

Looking up at Emi for the first time since she sat down next to him, Hisao realized that she’d already taken her shirt and bra off, and was working on her prosthetics next. He knew her routine. Shorts and panties would be up last, but they’d be off too in another moment here.

“You can do that, yeah? This is where we get to see if all those runs really paid off,” Emi said.

Hisao made a mumbling sound of agreement. He really wasn’t recovered from his romp with Meiko yet, but he’d make her daughter happy, sure, and probably wash the sheets for them later, too. It was worth it.

Definitely worth it.

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:08 pm
by Oddball
An Evening Rendezvous

That was a fun energetic story. I loved how you handled Hisao's reaction at the end. Naomi and Natsume sounded a bit too much alike though, almost as if they were both the same character. You might want to work on that part.

Also, your story did contain one of my fanfic pet peeves. The "Master of romance" thing isn't amussing and hasn't been for a long time, if it ever was.

The Meiko story... not quite as fun, but okay for what it was.

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:18 am
by NoticeMeOppai
The Meiko story felt a little flat to me. I kind of get what you were going for with the "Oh by the way they've been bonking during this whole conversation" thing, but I'm not sure it worked. The other thing that bothered me is Emi apparently being fine with sharing her boyfriend with her mother. I think it could be made to work, but would need a fair bit of lead up to make it believable. The writing itself was solid though, no critical SPaG errors that I picked up.

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 2:04 pm
by Mirage_GSM
I also thought the last one did not work well - on several levels...
Most relevant while the dialogue might have fit a situation that would lead into what was happening - and very obviously too - it did not fit a situation where it was already happening at all.

On the SpaG front there were several pronoun problems.
...including her in he and Emi’s dates at times... he and Meiko some down time...
...sharing some more personal details of she and Emi’s life...
Just three examples I found again with a quick scan, there might have been two or three more.

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:30 pm
by Hanako Fancopter
Well darn! Thanks for the feedback. I did feel a bit iffy about the gimmick while I was writing it, I wanted to at least try to do it, but I guess I couldn't quite get there. Maybe I'll revise that one at a later date, reduce or eliminate that aspect of it and flesh it out a bit instead.
Oddball wrote:
Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:08 pm
Also, your story did contain one of my fanfic pet peeves. The "Master of romance" thing isn't amussing and hasn't been for a long time, if it ever was.
I actually didn't have that line at first, then it came up while we were talking about it on the Discord, as all memes inevitably do. I make no apologies. Now I just need to put a sweater vest meme in somewhere...

Anyways, here's another one I've had sitting around for a while.


An Evening Rendezvous (Naomi x Natsume x ...Hisao?) [Slight lewd warning]
Mother Knows Best (Hisao x Meiko) [Lewd warning]
A Very Unusual Friendship (Lilly x Hanako) [Lewd warning]
A Friendly Competition (Misha x Shizune) [Lewd warning]
Snowed In (Hisao x Hanako) [Not lewd! For once! At least not explicitly so >.>]
Morning Stretches (Emi x Rin + special guest appearance) [Lewd! We back at it!]
Locked In (Hisao x Hanako + bonus pairing) [Snowed In follow-up; A little lewd, only a little]
In The Moment (Rika x Saki) [Lewd warning]
The Student Council Shuffle (Multiple pairings!) [Not lewd!]
Undercover (Miki x Suzu) [Lewd warning]
Lilly's Day Off (Lilly x ???)
Overnighter (Shizune x Miki) [Not lewd]
Working Women (Akira x Yuuko) [Lewd!]
An Unusual Family (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Very Unusual Friendship follow-up; very lewd]
Operation Bedfellow (Kenji x Rin) [Non-lewd]
Flights of Fancy (Misha x Rin) [No lewd I promise]
An Unexpected Development (Lilly x Hanako x Hisao) ["Evil Lilly" story--big smut/edge warning]
An Intimate Game (Mutou x Shizune) [Not lewd... or is it?]
High Stakes (Aoi x Keiko x Misha) [Medium lewd]
A Most Unorthodox Christmas (Evil Lilly part 4--I think if there is a part 5 they may need their own thread) [Lewd with BONUS ART]
The Last Stand (Lilly x Kenji) [Lewd]
A Hearty Rivalry (Meiko vs Lilly) [Non lewd]
A Lighter Touch (Shizune & Hisao vs Lilly) [Non lewd]


A Very Unusual Friendship

It ends all too soon, with Hisao’s body going slack once it has spent its load. Lilly made an instinctive jerk towards getting off of him, now that it was done, but… she shouldn’t be too hasty about it, she thought. If she lingered, her façade would be more convincing, though truthfully she merely wanted this thing out of her now. Any hopes of escape were dashed as Hisao decided to wrap his arms around her. Cuddling probably was part of the deal, wasn’t it? Not that Lilly minded cuddling so much, she just wanted… him… out of… her… there. A minor shift of the legs had accomplished the task.

She tried not to think too much about the warmth between her legs as she laid next to Hisao on the floor, lifting one thigh over his stomach in hopes of avoiding too big a mess on the floor. The futon really would’ve been more comfortable but Lilly didn’t like the idea of staining it with this. Besides, she’d had no trouble wrangling herself on top of Hisao—the poor boy had no initiative—so it hadn’t pained her too much. He seemed to mistake her passive expression for fatigue, though.

Hardly. He hadn’t even gotten her halfway there, though he’d eaten up her acting hook, line and sinker. That wasn’t surprising after her similar success in the wheat field. Once again she thought, the poor boy. Of course he had no idea what a real orgasm would look like for her. She felt a little guilty fooling him so, leading him along like an obedient little puppy, but… only a little.

“I love you, Lilly,” he said.

Well that didn’t take long. Apparently all it took to earn a boy’s love was to spread one’s legs a single time. Fair enough, Lilly thought. It was what they ultimately wanted, at the end of the day. As long as she provided it to him, this little man would stay wrapped hopelessly around her finger. Instead of responding verbally, Lilly gave him a slight nod and rubbed his hair a bit. She let herself linger for about five minutes in his embrace, until she could feel fatigue creeping into his breath. Real fatigue, unlike her false impression of it. Perhaps this had been hard on his heart, though its beat felt steady enough under her head, or what passed for steady with his condition.

Perhaps he was merely weak. That was the more likely explanation.

“Umm, I…” Lilly started, looking at him with a slightly bashful expression. “I would like to… wash up and change. And, perhaps retire for the night, if that is alright with you? Today has taken a lot out of me…”

“Huh? Oh, uhh. Yeah, sure. Sure. Whatever you need to do,” Hisao replied, sounding a bit confused. He probably wasn’t sure what one was supposed to say or do after an unexpected declaration of love followed by unprotected sex. It did make for an awkward situation, Lilly supposed. If one worried about such things. Hisao clearly did—this was the boy who had fallen for her after she screamed “I love you!” six times in rapid succession, as if that were actually how a confession went. It was like something out of some trashy romance book Hanako might read, and he’d bought it all the way. He was hopelessly naïve.

“You’ll be alright? To sleep in here again?” she asked. “I… don’t know if it’s fair to ask Hanako to switch onto the futon so suddenly, and…”

“No, no. It’s fine. I can sleep on it, it’s comfy enough. There’s not really room for two people. Just, err. Wash up and rest, okay? We’ll… we can talk more tomorrow,” Hisao said.

“Okay. Thank you, Hisao.”

Lilly planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

“Good night. Sleep tight.”

“You too, Lilly.”

She pushed herself off of him and made her way into the bedroom, able to find it easily enough by touching the futon and following it to the nearest wall. Once she reached the door, she turned and gave one last smile in Hisao’s general direction before disappearing inside, letting out a huge sigh of relief when the door closed behind her. Free at last.

It was quiet enough to hear a pin drop… or to hear Hanako’s heavy, rapid breathing. She would have heard everything, of course. Her anxiety made her a light sleeper. Even if she wanted to sleep through it, she likely couldn’t. Lilly looked at where she imagined Hanako to be based on the sound, stepping gingerly forward with fingers outstretched to find the bed. Once she touched it, she followed its side to Hanako where she lay at its head, kneeling down next to her.

“Are you alright, Hanako? Are you having an attack?” Lilly whispered.

“N-n-no, n-no, I… I d-don’t kn-know, L-L-Lilly, b-but…”

Lilly reached up and hugged Hanako’s head close to her chest, feeling her breath steady as Lilly stroked her hair.

“Shhh. Shh. You don’t need to try and talk. I’m here now. It’s okay. You… heard, didn’t you?”

Lilly felt Hanako’s head nod against her breasts.

“I was afraid of that. I’m sorry that you had to hear it. I did worry, but you’re very brave, Hanako. I know you can handle this.”

“I d-don’t kn-kn-kn—”

“Shhh. No more of that. Everything is fine. Everything is okay. Listen. I need to take a shower, okay? Will you help me?”

Hanako lingered in Lilly’s embrace, sniffing back tears.

“Can you do that?” Lilly asked again. “I can do it without your aid, if I must, but—”

She felt another nod.

“Thank you, Hanako. Thank you.”

With trembling hands, Hanako lead Lilly into the bathroom. Lilly heard her pull back the shower curtain, a sound that also told her approximately where the tub was.

“Umm…” Hanako started, unsure what she should do next. Normally they would shower together, but, considering the circumstances… Lilly wouldn’t make Hanako wash her… there. Instead, she gave Hanako a kiss on her forehead and stepped inside the tub, drawing the curtain closed after her.

“I’ll just be a minute,” she said.

“O-okay,” Hanako acknowledged.

Lilly found the knobs, turned them, adjusted the water until it was as hot as she could possibly bear. The nearly-scalding heat felt good against her delicate skin, making her feel as though she were being cleansed by fire. Lilly breathed another long sigh as she let the water wash over her for a short time. She didn’t want to keep Hanako waiting too long, but she felt that she’d earned at least a moment’s reprieve.

Then she got down to the dirty business of… removing the evidence. Of her and Hisao’s… act. She was thorough, continuing to wash herself even after she felt clean, just to be sure. She couldn’t allow anything to linger for Hanako; she had asked enough of Hanako already. Nor did she herself wish to be left with any unpleasant reminders. Lilly wanted to be rid of this, of… him. At least for tonight.

Finally, she turned off the water and let herself out. Lilly didn’t have to reach out or ask to know that Hanako had waited dutifully for her, likely sitting on the closed toilet seat. Sure enough, she felt a towel rub against her skin, standing silently as Hanako dried her off. After that was done, Lilly took her hair and bundled it up into another towel that Hanako handed her, to be released later.

Last but not least, she stepped up to the sink, opened the medicine cabinet and felt around inside. Just where she’d left it—a little cardboard package with a single pill inside. Lilly retrieved the pill and threw it back, cupping her hand under the faucet to drink from it after. She had hoped that the experience would be more pleasurable without a condom, but it seems that had been her own naivete at work. If it was better without a condom, she sure didn’t want to know how bad it was with one. Unfortunately, it was necessary to go without them, for the time being. She couldn’t allow Hisao to be the one making that decision for her.

Lilly felt Hanako’s hands join around her waist—still shaking a bit, though calmer now.

“Are you al-alright, L-Lilly?”

“Yes, Hanako. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be okay. Shall we?”

Lilly nodded towards the door; Hanako took her hand and led her back to the bed, which Lilly laid down upon without bothering to retrieve any of her clothes. Hanako climbed over her to the other side before laying down next to her, wrapping her arms around Lilly’s waist again and holding on tight, as if she never wanted to let Lilly go. For a while they laid there in silence, just as Lilly had with Hisao in the other room. This time she wasn’t counting the seconds until it would end, though. Lilly wouldn’t mind if they simply fell asleep this way, but it would be better to at least try and talk. And perhaps do… other things.

“I know this is hard for you, Hanako. But I’m still here with you—and that won’t change,” Lilly said.

“Mmmm,” Hanako mused, sounding thoughtful. “I j-just… I d-don’t… do you, r-really… do you really have to, L-Lilly?” she asked wistfully.

Lilly sighed. It didn’t matter how many times they talked about this, it was always the same. Hanako simply couldn’t help herself, fretting over it endlessly no matter how many times Lilly quelled her fears.

“We’ve been over this, Hanako. This will protect us. People won’t… they won’t accept us, as we are. You know that. The rumors have gotten worse than ever this semester. This way we can put an end to them.”

“Ah… wh-what if… what if I don’t c-care, about st-stupid rumors?” Hanako asked stubbornly.

That was unexpected. Hanako didn’t mean it, of course; it was her petulance speaking. If she could hear the rumors, the way that Lilly could, she’d balk immediately, likely having an episode and locking herself in her room. It had happened a couple times already, when people thought she wasn’t close enough to hear. Most of the time they did avoid speaking within her earshot, though. Lilly’s ears were more difficult to avoid. Shizune had already grown suspicious, she was sure of it, and she couldn’t give her cousin that card to play against her.

“I’m thinking about more than just high school, Hanako. This will secure our future, too. You know how high his marks are, and he’s utterly, completely boring. He’s going to get a stable, high-paying career. We won’t have to worry about my father’s approval any longer.”

Hanako sighed into Lilly’s chest, her annoyance petering out and transitioning back to anxiety.

“I kn-know, Lilly, I know. I just… I don’t kn-know if I can… l-look at him, every d-day, like th-this, knowing that… that h-he…”

Her voice broke and she sniffled again. Lilly felt the wetness of fresh tears forming against her bare breasts. She laced her fingers into Hanako’s hair to rub her head, shushing her again.

“Take a couple days off of class if you need to. You know the school is lenient with you,” Lilly said.

“Y-yeah, I can do th-that, but I m-mean… what about t-tomorrow? How can I… how can w-we, even f-face him?” Hanako asked.

She made it sound like such a herculean task, to interact with such a predictable and frankly quite pathetic specimen as Hisao. It was times like this when Lilly felt truly sorry for Hanako.

“We’ve been over this. You must tell him that you are happy for us. I know it will be hard, but you can do it. I’m counting on you,” Lilly said.

“O-okay, Lilly. Okay,” Hanako said, her breathing finally calming back to a normal pace. “I… I can d-do it. For us. Just… pr-promise me. Promise me, that I won’t l-lose you?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Hanako. I’m not going anywhere. We’re not going anywhere. I promised you that we would always be together. I won’t break that promise over a stupid boy that I don’t even love. You know that.”


A stupid boy that had barely lasted a minute, Lilly wanted to add. To be fair, it had been his first time, but with that heart condition… Lilly doubted he would ever have the stamina to truly satisfy her, though she did hope to work him up to a point where it wasn’t a total waste of her time. As inconvenient as the arrythmia could be, it was also the thing that made Hisao ideal for her purposes. People with his condition often passed away in their late twenties or early thirties. Just long enough to accumulate a sizeable nest egg…

“What if… I prove it to you?” Lilly said, moving her hand from Hanako’s head down to her side. “That I would never leave you?”

“H-how would you—ahh…”

Hanako’s voice trailed off as Lilly bit gently at her earlobe, her lips moving from there to kiss Hanako’s neck. Her hand found Hanako’s rump, nicely shaped despite her slender figure, and gave it a squeeze.

“L-Lilly…” Hanako whispered. “Sh-should we really… n-now?”

“Why shouldn’t we?” Lilly countered. “You didn’t really think he could come between us so easily? No, Hanako, he… it was… not what I wanted…”

“What… what do you want, L-Lilly?”

Lilly bit Hanako’s ear again as she whispered into it.

“You know what I want.”


Lilly sat up, pulling Hanako up along with her. Her hands bunched Hanako’s nightgown, tugging it up to her shoulders.

“Come now. Let’s be rid of this. You know you don’t need to hide yourself from me.”

For a moment Hanako didn’t move, and Lilly wondered if she might really refuse. She could still hear Hanako’s breath, though. It was growing heavier again, for a different reason this time… Lilly felt her arms lift obediently over her head, and off it came. Lilly threw the thing aside, her hands going straight to Hanako’s newly bared torso, her right side in particular. Long, delicate fingers traced the pocks and ridges of the uneven scar tissue, finding all the nooks and crannies Lilly had grown so familiar with.

“Ahh, yes, there you are,” she said. “Isn’t that better?”


A bra strap… couldn’t be having that… off with it…


“I’ve been waiting all day for this, Hanako…” Lilly told her, showing it by pressing her lips gently to Hanako’s breast, her right breast. It had always been Lilly’s favored, its scarred side making for an intriguing contrast with the rest of its smooth surface. Not to mention, it tickled Hanako fiercely when Lilly ran her tongue over those scars, causing Hanako to squirm and whimper. She never tired of that, feeling the frail girl shake underneath her as she tasted every inch of them. Hanako held her head and pulled up on it feebly, trying to escape from its teasing.

Lilly let her go, only so she could kiss her on the mouth instead. It was hard to decide where Hanako tasted better, here, or on her skin… of course, Lilly knew where she tasted best, but she was getting to that. She cupped Hanako’s face and squeezed gently on her cheeks, coaxing Hanako’s lips apart so that her tongue could slip inside. The other girl moaned into Lilly’s mouth as she took the kiss deeper and deeper, pressing her body on top of Hanako’s as she tried to dive as deeply as she could.

It was difficult for Hanako to breathe with their faces joined this thoroughly—Lilly knew because it was hard for her to breathe, too. That was the point, of course. She kept going, pushing herself to hold things here as long as she could stand, excitement tingling down her spine as Hanako finally began to buck in discomfort. Hanako’s hands came up to Lilly’s face to push it away; anticipating this move, Lilly snatched her wrists, pinning them down and straddling Hanako, forcing Hanako to accept her for just a few seconds longer. Only when she felt the warning of Hanako’s teeth against her tongue did she finally relent.

“Ahh… haa… L-Lilly…” Hanako gasped, sucking the breath back into her lungs.

“Yes, my sweet?”

Hanako just pawed weakly at her arms in response. She was as pliable as putty right now, utterly at Lilly’s mercy. Lilly couldn’t see her face, but hearing her voice was just as good to the blind girl’s sensitive ears. Hanako conveyed a conflict between lust and the slight hint of fear, just a hint of uncertainty at what Lilly might do to her next. Lilly’s bosom swelled with a deep breath of her own, taking in the delicious scent of Hanako’s sweat.

What would she do to Hanako now? It was a legitimate question, she supposed. Perhaps an old standby to tide her over through the night? Lilly thought of a little twist she could put on it… should be fun. She lifted her hips just enough to take hold of Hanako’s panties and pull them down, hearing an excited little squeak from her partner at this move. Sometimes Lilly didn’t let her have this, so she had to imagine that each time they made love, Hanako was secretly hoping for it. Indeed, Hanako kicked her legs up and caught the fabric between a pair of toes, pushing it all the way down to her ankles to help speed Lilly along.

Lilly reached behind her back to pull the panties off of Hanako’s feet, discarding them before running the same hand slowly, suggestively, up Hanako’s right leg, not missing an opportunity to feel its scar tissue. She could sense the leg trembling in anticipation as she moved her hand around to the back of its thigh—and pulled up, taking Hanako’s waist with her other arm to flip the smaller girl over onto her stomach.

“L-Lilly, what are you—”

“Shhh,” Lilly hushed her, pressing a hand gently to Hanako’s mouth. She rolled off of Hanako to sit on the bed beside her, folding one calf under herself and pulling Hanako’s waist up over that knee to rest on her thigh. Then Lilly lifted her other leg up and over the backs of Hanako’s knees, pinning them in place. She felt Hanako’s head turning in her other hand, looking up at her, probably with an uneasy sense of anticipation… eyes wide, held down with her ass in the air like a child ready to be spanked, this was definitely a moment where Lilly lamented that she couldn’t see how Hanako looked.


Hanako’s attempt at speaking was cut off as Lilly gave her a firm smack on her ass, the left side of it of course. She wouldn’t deign to apply force to the scar tissue on the right. The little whimper she let out was so adorable, Lilly just couldn’t help herself, she reared back and gave Hanako another spank, harder this time. She hadn’t planned on this part of the process but it was a welcome addition nonetheless.

“L-Lilly, that h-hurts, pl-plea—aghh!!” Hanako yelped, her voice growing in volume as Lilly slapped her again, feeling the flesh give way with a satisfying jiggle under her palm.

Lilly licked her lips, trying to decide whether she would stop punishing this naughty little girl. She wanted to keep going, of course—she wanted to hit Hanako until she cried and begged for mercy, but. One did have to take their lover’s feelings into account, unfortunately. It wasn’t always clear to Lilly when Hanako enjoyed rough play or not, sometimes she certainly did, but it was always a fine line to walk. Better not to push it too—

Knock knock knock.

Hanako squealed again, a sound that Lilly immediately muffled with her hand.

“Umm? Lilly? Are you two alright in there? I thought I heard something,” Hisao’s voice came through the door.

Hanako squirmed under Lilly’s hold, grabbing the arm that held her face and gripping onto it tightly. Lilly could feel that little heart pounding against her thigh. She held Hanako firmly in place, her voice calm in its response. She had been sure to lock the door when she came in, of course. Hisao would probably walk in on them or overhear them at some point, it would be inevitable, but she’d cross that bridge when she came to it. Lilly had already thought of several scenarios for that.

“Sorry, Hisao. Hanako just had a nightmare, that’s all. We’re fine now—thank you,” Lilly said, loudly enough to be heard through the door.

“Ahh, oh, okay then. Uhh. Just let me know if you need anything.”

“Of course. Good night, Hisao.”


Lilly waited as she heard his footsteps receding back towards the futon; she was even able to hear the creak of its frame as he laid back down on it. The rising anxiety she felt in Hanako must be a kind of torture itself, she thought. The poor girl—pinned down and helpless, terrified that at any moment her deepest secret might be discovered by the person she feared the most. Perhaps Lilly would finally stop toying with her now.

“L-L-Lilly… is it…”

“Yes, Hanako. We’re safe,” Lilly whispered to her. “We’ll just… need to be careful, to keep our voices down. I… may have gotten a little excited. Sorry about that,” she said apologetically.

“It’s o-okay… I just don’t want him to h-hear…”

“I know. I know. Now…”

Lilly’s hand rubbed the roundness of Hanako’s rear, moving slowly down to the exposed area just under it.

“…Where were we?”

Giving Hanako no warning, Lilly plunged two fingers inside of her, muffling the small cry this produced with a firm hold over her mouth. She wasted no time in going to work with those fingers, digging them deeper until she felt Hanako’s core brushing their tips, then flexing them hard and fast, one at a time. The rapid, rhythmic stimulation this applied brought steady moans out of Hanako’s throat, strained sounds that Lilly could hear her trying—and failing—to suppress. It was music to her ears.

Those sounds of pleasure from Hanako, the thumping of the girl’s heart against her leg, the shivers Lilly could feel running up and down her body… this was what Lilly wanted. This was when she felt alive. She even felt herself beginning to stain the sheets beneath her, far more aroused than she ever was with Hisao. Would need to remember to wash those… her attention turned back to Hanako as the girl’s voice rose in pitch and intensity, hitting a note that was very familiar to Lilly, a sound that Lilly had learned to cultivate with expert precision. It felt like they’d barely started yet Hanako was already nearly there.

Lilly didn’t plan on letting her finish that easily. Her stroking of Hanako’s insides slowed quickly before coming to a complete stop, her fingers motionless inside the slick passage, its walls still quivering around them. Hanako’s voice died like an engine sputtering to an abrupt stop, her muscles still tense yet unfulfilled. She squirmed under Lilly’s grip, squeezed her arm and groped at one of her breasts, trying to figure out why she had stopped.

“L-L-Lilly…” she pleaded.

The fingers started to move again, slow and sensual now, just enough to give her a taste without really pushing her forward.

“Yes, Hanako?” Lilly asked innocently. “Is there something you would like?”

“Umm… I-I… I w-want…”

“What is it, Hanako?”

Lilly leaned down over her, putting her mouth close to Hanako’s ear.

“Tell me what you want, Hanako,” Lilly whispered.

“I w-want… y-you, to…”


“Go… f-faster…”

“Hmm. I don’t know,” Lilly wondered, sitting back up for a moment. “Why should I?”

“L-Lilly, please… I’ll do… wh-what do you want me, to d-do?” Hanako begged.

“I want the same thing out of you, that you want out of me,” Lilly said.

She leaned back down to Hanako’s ear, her voice dropping back to a whisper as her fingers began to speed up.

“I want you to make me scream, Hanako. If you can. That’s what I want.”

A third finger forced its way in alongside the first two.

“Uhh… o-okay… I’ll tr-try…” Hanako breathed.

“I don’t want you to try,” Lilly reprimanded her, her fingers slowing down again. “Trying isn’t good enough.”

“Ahh… y-yes, yes! I’ll… I’ll d-do it, L-Lilly!”

Hanako’s reward was swift and immediate, Lilly’s efforts resuming their initial speed and force. Her climax was so close now… Lilly could feel it in her hips, hear it in the gasp of her voice. It must be so close she could taste it. It had to be maddening, Lilly thought, to be so close and yet still to be denied.

“That’s right you will. You’ll be a good girl for me, won’t you?” Lilly asked.

“Mmm hmm! Mmmm hmm!”

“Say it for me, Hanako. Tell me you’ll be a good little girl. A naughty one, even.”

“I’ll… y-yes! L-Lilly, I’ll be a… d-d-dirty g-girl! I’ll be a g-good girl for y-you, I pr-promise! Please!! Ahh—nngghhhh!!”

Lilly tightened her hold on Hanako’s body as it began to shake, spasms running through her hips and out from there, one wave of blinding ecstasy after another. Lilly kept going inside of her, urging her on for as long as possible, moving her free hand on top of Hanako’s head to press her face down into the sheets. This wasn’t done out of any kind of sadism, at least, not primarily—if she didn’t do this, Hanako’s cries would almost certainly be audible in the other room. They might be heard even still, such was their desperate force, but Lilly would just have to hope for the best. This was far too good to stop.

Hanako tensed up one final time, her voice fading back into a faint mewling, and then she was done. She laid limp in Lilly’s grip, gasping for breath and still giving off the occasional twitch. Slowly, carefully, Lilly extricated her hand from within Hanako, bringing it immediately to her lips and suckling on its fingers with a low purr of satisfaction. Her other hand stroked Hanako’s face, then brushed against the nearby sheets to check for wetness. Sure enough, Hanako had drooled a bit there, the spot that she screamed into when she came. She always did that, and it always turned Lilly on.

“We’re—not—done—yet,” Lilly told her, punctuating each word with a slight pop of her lips as each of her three choice fingers moved in and out of mouth.

“Y-yeah…” Hanako agreed. “I kn-know… I’ll do… a-anything, for th-that, Lilly…”

“That’s right you will,” Lilly reminded her, pulling her leg up to finally let Hanako move. Not that she was going anywhere, of course. They were simply going to… re-arrange. Lilly took both pillows and stacked them together against the headboard on her side of the bed, then rolled over onto her butt, leaning back into the pillows so that she was halfway between sitting and laying down on her back.

“Come to me,” she commanded Hanako, reaching out with one hand.

Hanako leaned into the hand so it could feel her; it grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her closer, guiding Hanako on top of her. Hooking one arm around Hanako’s back to maintain control of her torso, Lilly put her other hand on top of Hanako’s head and pushed it down to the level of her breasts, one of which Hanako began to dutifully nibble on. That felt nice enough but they were far past such foreplay. Lilly was ready for the main course.

“You know what you need to do,” she said.

“Of c-course… I want you to feel g-good, too, Lilly…”

Hanako’s hand moved quickly to Lilly’s thigh, stopped just shy of its target as Lilly’s own hand intercepted it.

“Uhh uh,” Lilly tutted at her. “Not with your hand. Ladies use their hands. That’s not how a naughty little girl does it.”

“No? Uhh, wh-what do you… oh… o-okay…”

The arm around Hanako’s back came up to take hold of her hair, tugging her head further down while Lilly’s other hand pushed on Hanako’s shoulder from above. Lilly’s lips trembled when she felt her lover’s breath on her most intimate place, her thighs parting wide to welcome Hanako in. She felt a hint of hesitation from the other girl, but only a hint. This wasn’t the first time she had done this, though she never seemed to quite understand why Lilly liked it so much.

Lilly wasn’t sure, either. It wasn’t like Hanako wasn’t good with her fingers, too. It was probably the way that it emphasized their power dynamic, for Hanako to service her in this manner… when they used fingers, they could keep their faces together, their eyes level, maintain an impression that they were equals. This way, there was no doubt who was the servant and who was the master. And Lilly wouldn’t wait any longer to be served. Now working both of her hands into Hanako’s hair, she pulled the other girl’s face down and forward, guiding it right where it needed to go.

That moment when Hanako’s tongue first made contact, that was always the best, other than the finale of course. It was like the first bite into a crisp apple, the feeling still fresh and exquisite. Lilly let out a long contented hum as it traveled down her thighs and up her spine, already feeling that familiar heat building in her waist. Hanako was very eager to please tonight, and it showed in her ministrations, her mouth moving quickly yet also with purpose, each lap pressed firmly into Lilly’s flesh, all those tiny taste buds rubbing back and forth over her most sensitive point.

It was the most intimate act they could engage in, Lilly thought, and she was in love with it. She hooked her ankles together across Hanako’s back, cradling the girl’s face between her thighs while pressing on it even harder with her hands. Her sighs of pleasure prompted similar vocalizations from Hanako as well; the sensation of her voice emanating directly into Lilly’s folds only added to her enjoyment. She dug her fingers into Hanako’s scalp, massaging it gently in time with each repetition of the act, each contraction of her hips.

The first orgasm came naturally. Hanako whimpered as Lilly increased the pressure on her head further still, but that only spurred Lilly on. It took her a moment to realize Hanako had actually stopped, her mind having gotten lost in the ecstasy of the moment. The poor thing was whining and writhing around desperately, Lilly’s body simply having constricted around her on auto-pilot. She did need to breathe, Lilly supposed, and she couldn’t get off again if Hanako stopped doing her part. Her grip loosened enough to allow some air in there.

Hanako was just laying there, panting, not going back to it. Perhaps she thought they were done already? How cute. Lilly gave her another moment of rest before pressing her face back in firmly, refusing to let go this time. She was more careful to position herself so that Hanako could catch her breath between laps, but by no means was she allowed to stop or slow down. When she tried to do so, Lilly punished her by cutting off that window of air, forcing her to lick away furiously in hopes of mercy.

Lilly may have done that a few times even when Hanako hadn’t tried to get lazy. May have. For instance, when she felt the second orgasm coming, that was a useful time to squeeze some extra effort out of Hanako. And the third as well. Once she figured out the basic rule of this game—put her all into it, and she was allowed to breathe—Hanako became quite good at it, steadily churning out one climax after another. They all began to run together as Lilly felt her mind and body slipping into a pleasant haze. Her extremities were nothing but electric prickling at this point, her breath pausing for long moments before it hitched back into place, even her hearing fading out as her ears popped over and over again.

Finally, the feel of a painful smack against her torso snapped her back to reality. Another hit came in quick succession, the result of Hanako’s arms flailing against her chest. Lilly rolled her eyes in disappointment. It seemed that the game was up. Hanako hadn’t been able to make her scream, though Lilly might have let herself get there if this was a situation where she could actually let out such a sound. Hisao’s presence interfered with that, as she imagined it would interfere with many things in the days to come. Scream or no scream, she had to give Hanako credit, the girl had certainly held up her end of the deal. Lilly unlocked her legs and relaxed the muscles in her arms, letting Hanako’s head pop up for breath, which she took in with great sucking gulps.

“Lirry, pr-prease… I c-can’t anymore…” she slurred, sounding light-headed.


Lilly took a moment to untangle her fingers from Hanako’s hair—they’d gotten buried pretty deep in there—then pulled her into an embrace, kissing her forehead affectionately. This was quite a bit further than she had originally planned to go, but, one thing led to another, she supposed. It had certainly turned out well in the end.

“W-was I… was I g-good… en-enough?” Hanako asked, even now hoping to win Lilly’s approval.

“Yes, Hanako. You were. You were a very, very, very dirty girl. And that means you were very, very, very good.”

Lilly patted her on the head and sighed happily. After all the trials of this day, life was finally good again. She wanted nothing more than to pass into blissful rest with this cute little thing curled up next to her. Soon, that was exactly what she would do. As long as she could still have this, doing what she had to with Hisao would be nothing to her, Lilly thought.

“L-Lilly… I love you,” Hanako said, snuggling her head into Lilly’s breast.

This time, she said it back.

“I love you as well, Hanako. You’re the only one for me.”

“Th-that makes me… so h-happy…” Hanako said, her voice choking up a bit. “I’m s-sorry if I’m, if I’m not… not g-good enough for you, s-s-sometimes… I tr-try, I really try… I want to be b-better…”

“There, there,” Lilly reassured her. “None of that. You’re more than good enough for me, Hanako. I’ve never met anyone so faithful and devoted.”

“I’m going to tell h-him, that I’m h-h-happy for you, like you said… okay? Don’t w-worry… I can do it. I’ll be br-brave for you. For… for us.”

“I know you will, Hanako. I trust you. We’ll be together… always. I’ll never let you go. I can promise you that.”

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:54 am
by Scroff

I've got a story outline in my queue that also characterises Lilly as cynical and manipulative, but I don't need to write it now :D

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 5:44 pm
by Mirage_GSM
Okay, most people here know that I don't have a very high opinion of Lilly, but not even I think she's this evil.

I can't really decide whether this is supposed to be a crackfic or a serious explanation of an alternate character for Lilly and Hanako... It doesn't really work as either. For a story intended to be serious there are too many inconsistencies and contrievances, and for a crackfic there should be more tongue-in-cheek moments.
I only skipped over the H-scene, but even that way I can say that it was way too long and read more than a little like rape - one reason why I skipped over the rest of it.

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 8:01 pm
by Hanako Fancopter
Okay, re-worked the Meiko story. If this version is also found to be lacking, I'll probably just leave it as is and accept that it's not one of my better efforts.
Mirage_GSM wrote:
Wed Nov 21, 2018 5:44 pm
Okay, most people here know that I don't have a very high opinion of Lilly, but not even I think she's this evil.

I can't really decide whether this is supposed to be a crackfic or a serious explanation of an alternate character for Lilly and Hanako... It doesn't really work as either. For a story intended to be serious there are too many inconsistencies and contrievances, and for a crackfic there should be more tongue-in-cheek moments.
I only skipped over the H-scene, but even that way I can say that it was way too long and read more than a little like rape - one reason why I skipped over the rest of it.
Definitely a crackfic, though the evil Lilly angle sort of rubs against attempting to insert straightforward, light-hearted humor into it. I doubt it would really work if I went in and added a bunch of memes to say "hey guys look how much of a joke fic this is hahaha!" given the dark tone. Sorry that it didn't work for you, but I'm not really sure what I could do to improve your opinion of it without simply making Lilly less evil, which y'know, runs counter to the whole premise. Similarly with the H scene, I guess I could re-write it so that Lilly respects Hanako's boundaries and they have a totally healthy relationship and such, but... again, defeats the whole point of it, which was that Lilly is a terrible person who cultivates very toxic relationships.

I guess one thing I could do would be to also characterize Hanako as a self-aware manipulator who is just as eager to deceive Hisao alongside Lilly, so then they're equal in their relationship and in bed. Again, not really sure if that would be better in your eyes.
Scroff wrote:
Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:54 am

I've got a story outline in my queue that also characterises Lilly as cynical and manipulative, but I don't need to write it now :D
Hey don't dissuade yourself! You've got at least one person here who would probably like your version better than what I wrote. Glad you liked it though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:01 am
by NoticeMeOppai
This one was much better! Poor Hisao just can't seem to catch a break in your fics though.

Picked up a few rough spots for you;

Hanako Fancopter wrote:
Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:30 pm

She felt a little guilty fooling him so, leading him along like an obedient little puppy, but. Only a little.

The end of this bit looks a bit awkward, either get rid of the full stop or get rid of the but at the end of the sentence and put something else at the start of the next one so you aren't starting a sentence with a preposition.

Hanako Fancopter wrote:
Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:30 pm

Hisao clearly did—this was the boy who had fallen for her after she screamed “I love you!” six times in rapid succession, as if that were actually how a confession went.

She did what?

Hanako Fancopter wrote:
Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:30 pm

Of she and Hisao’s… act.

Her and Hisao's

Hanako Fancopter wrote:
Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:30 pm

Lilly wouldn’t mind if they simply fell asleep this way, but. It would be better to at least try and talk. And perhaps do… other things.

Ending a sentence with 'but' again.

Hanako Fancopter wrote:
Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:30 pm

her thighs spreading as far part as they could go to welcome Hanako in.
This sounds a bit awkward

Overall though a very enjoyable fic, even if Lilly is a bit more of a manipulative sociopath than I would credit her with based on the original story.

Edit: just reread the Meiko one and it works a lot better now. Still can't see Emi sharing, but that's kind of the point of the fic so...

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2018 8:53 pm
by ProfAllister
An Evening Rendezvous

This is one of those few times that lewd for the sake of lewd can run into context issues. This is post-Shizune bad end, but there's no real accounting for the fallout from that event.

The girls casually mention Shizune, which would presumably be a sore spot, unless the relationship were founded upon them talking trash about Shizune, but their comments mostly lack the edge for that approach.

More critically, you try to sell us on the idea that Hisao disclosed the whole Misha thing, with a specific enough emphasis on the significance of the "comfort" terminology, and yet the girls have a Hisao-tier cluelessness such that they don't imagine that term and context might cause a panic attack.

The seduction attempt was adorably awkward, and well-delivered, but everything kind of fell apart (in the wrong way) around the mouthing of the word "comfort".

Also, I feel it should have ended sooner. Too much logistical thinking for a simple "round two" joke.

Mother Knows Best

The emotional intimacy feels a bit too unearned and handwaved. I'd expect there to be a little more buildup, especially regarding the "first transgression" when Hisao finds himself discussing his and Emi's sexcapades with her mom.

And again, I think you went a little bit too much with the aftermath. Less so, in this case. Specifically, I wouldn't have gone so much into detail with why she broke up with #1. That may be because I think what you went for was a kind of weaksauce reason, and somewhat in conflict with what we have in canon, but meh.

A Very Unusual Friendship

Taking in mind that this was written under the premise of Lilly being an evil manipulator, it felt well done. Assuming the goal was to make her as terrible a human being as possible without explicitly contradicting canon, you did a pretty good job.

That being said, this Lilly is a bit of a monster, not only to Hisao, but also to Hanako. It would be fascinating to see this evil Lilly in other contexts - particularly her interactions with Akira and Shizune. But those would probably be that much harder to write and keep things consistent. Still a fun thought experiment.

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:21 pm
by Hanako Fancopter
NoticeMeOppai wrote:
Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:01 am
Overall though a very enjoyable fic, even if Lilly is a bit more of a manipulative sociopath than I would credit her with based on the original story.
>A bit
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thanks for the fixes. On this line:
NoticeMeOppai wrote:
Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:01 am
Hanako Fancopter wrote:
Tue Nov 20, 2018 3:30 pm

Hisao clearly did—this was the boy who had fallen for her after she screamed “I love you!” six times in rapid succession, as if that were actually how a confession went.

She did what?
This scene takes place right after the confession scene in Lilly's route, which that line is a reference to.


That scene always felt a bit cheesy to me, too melodramatic for the otherwise prim-and-proper Lilly.
ProfAllister wrote:
Thu Nov 22, 2018 8:53 pm
An Evening Rendezvous

This is one of those few times that lewd for the sake of lewd can run into context issues. This is post-Shizune bad end, but there's no real accounting for the fallout from that event.

The girls casually mention Shizune, which would presumably be a sore spot, unless the relationship were founded upon them talking trash about Shizune, but their comments mostly lack the edge for that approach.

More critically, you try to sell us on the idea that Hisao disclosed the whole Misha thing, with a specific enough emphasis on the significance of the "comfort" terminology, and yet the girls have a Hisao-tier cluelessness such that they don't imagine that term and context might cause a panic attack.

The seduction attempt was adorably awkward, and well-delivered, but everything kind of fell apart (in the wrong way) around the mouthing of the word "comfort".

Also, I feel it should have ended sooner. Too much logistical thinking for a simple "round two" joke.

And again, I think you went a little bit too much with the aftermath. Less so, in this case. Specifically, I wouldn't have gone so much into detail with why she broke up with #1. That may be because I think what you went for was a kind of weaksauce reason, and somewhat in conflict with what we have in canon, but meh.
Yeah all of this is me coming up with random stuff as I'm writing and just sort of tossing it in there. All of these details could probably be removed without affecting the meat of the stories. But I stand by my round two with Hanako joke, damn it. :p
The emotional intimacy feels a bit too unearned and handwaved. I'd expect there to be a little more buildup, especially regarding the "first transgression" when Hisao finds himself discussing his and Emi's sexcapades with her mom.
I do think I mentioned that Hisao came to feel like she was a friend and such prior to the story, but yeah, at the end of the day I don't really have space to properly illustrate something like this in a smutty one-shot. If this were a longer and more serious story I'd devote a lot of attention to trying to build that up. We are missing a proper Meiko route, now that I think about it....
That being said, this Lilly is a bit of a monster, not only to Hisao, but also to Hanako. It would be fascinating to see this evil Lilly in other contexts - particularly her interactions with Akira and Shizune. But those would probably be that much harder to write and keep things consistent. Still a fun thought experiment.
Oh I certainly thought about that. I probably thought about this evil Lilly scenario more than I should lol. This is the only other idea I've had that I seriously considered writing out as a "route-length" story, besides my Misha x Hanako: An "evil Lilly" route that casts her route in this light and goes beyond the game's timeline to show the aftermath. It does have an appeal to me, but I just don't know if people could stomach multiple chapters of this premise.


And now for the last one of these that I had sitting around. Tried to shorten the explicit content a bit.... didn't try too terribly hard, though.

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A Most Unorthodox Christmas (Evil Lilly part 4--I think if there is a part 5 they may need their own thread) [Lewd with BONUS ART]
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Should I even have lewd warnings at this point? Or just put a disclaimer that it's all smut? Probably so, except that the next thing I write is actually planned to not be smut (for once).


A Friendly Competition

Misha stood just outside of Shizune’s door, waiting to see if her friend would answer. Her friend? Misha didn’t know if they were friends anymore. The introduction of Hisao to the Student Council had made their relationship complicated. It wasn’t so bad at first, Misha even thought he was kind of cute… until she fully realized Shizune’s intentions regarding him. When they started dating, she was still able to bear it, or so she thought. But when she realized just how far Shizune had gone with him, what had happened when the two of them mysteriously disappeared for a while at her father’s house…

Misha felt her head flutter just at the memory of it, that first moment when she saw them come out of that room. That stupid, dreamy smile on his face, like he had just eaten the world’s best parfait. The slightest little hint of a limp in Shizune’s gait, too small for anyone else to notice. At first she had been furious, enraged, unable to think straight, wanting to strangle the life out of them both with her own bare hands. But then Shizune’s eyes met hers, and she knew that Shizune knew that she knew.

And Shizune just smiled at her, then looked away, walking down the hall with her hand in his. That crushed all of her anger in a single stroke, crushed her will and her spirit completely. Misha felt her head spin again and she mashed the little button outside Shizune’s room, as if pressing it hard enough might somehow suppress the panic she felt. A sound broke through the storm in her mind, a sound besides the rapid clicking of the button. The shifting of objects inside the room, then a swift succession of footsteps…

Shizune’s door flew open, the president’s eyes squinting at Misha without their glasses, her hair completely disheveled and her face enraged. It was two in the morning, Misha supposed. Somehow that only seemed important just now. The anger on Shizune’s face faded considerably at the sight of Misha, replaced by curiosity and concern, though there was still plenty of frustration simmering beneath the surface.

[Misha? What’s going on? Is there a problem?]

Misha nodded, forcing herself to keep her eyes on Shizune while wringing her hands nervously just below her neck. Shizune stared at her, annoyance quickly rising up to once again become the most prominent emotion displayed on her face.

[Well? What’s wrong?] Shizune demanded.

Misha lunged forward, pushing past her and into her room, then spun around and slammed the door shut behind her. Shizune didn’t have time to react, she only realized what had happened after it was already done. She reached for the doorknob but both of Misha’s hands had a death grip around it, holding it shut for dear life. Instead, Shizune reached up and flipped on the lights so they could talk.

[Let that go.] she told Misha, her measured demeanor contrasting with Misha’s trembling lips and shaking shoulders. Misha complied, feeling confident that she’d bought the few seconds she needed. Now came the hard part… she didn’t know if she could really do it, she didn’t know what would happen if she did, she just knew that she couldn’t go on anymore without saying it… she had to let it out.

“Shicchan, I, I—I really screwed up, with Hicchan, I, we—” she started, signing awkwardly as her voice fumbled over the words.

[You went to him, didn’t you?] Shizune said. It was phrased as a question, but it wasn’t really one.

Misha froze, her arms locking up mid-sign as her eyes went wide. Shizune’s expression never changed—annoyed, but patient, restrained. Analytical. Even without her glasses, Misha could feel those eyes studying her, taking in every detail of her behavior, looking right through her skin and into her heart. Part of her wanted to bolt and run as she felt the shame bubbling up in her throat. She couldn’t do that, though. It was too late for that. She’d slammed the door on herself so she couldn’t escape like that.

[It’s the only thing that makes sense.] Shizune said, as if that explained anything at all.

“Sh-Shicchan… h-how… you knew?” Misha managed to ask.

[I suspected. I wanted to see which one of you would be the first to confess it to me. I think I’m glad it was you, Misha.]

[Shicchan, I’m… I’m so sorry…]

Shizune’s lip curled up slightly, the beginnings of a spiteful sneer. She tamped it back down swiftly but it was impossible to miss. That look of disdain stabbed through Misha’s heart like an arrow. She sank down to her knees as the tears began to flow, trying not to sob too loudly.

[I didn’t mean to do it Shicchan but I was just hurting so much and I couldn’t go to anyone else and I didn’t think I could go to you anymore and I just needed something and I don’t know—]

Shizune stepped forward and gave Misha a hard smack across her face, nearly knocking her down to the floor. She managed to stay on her knees, stunned out of her apologetic ranting. Shizune shook her head disapprovingly. There was no sneer in her facial features this time, but Misha could see the contempt in her eyes, practically feel it dripping off of Shizune’s presence.

[Is that what you came here to do? To grovel and beg my forgiveness?]

Misha stared, feeling empty inside. She didn’t expect forgiveness, she knew she didn’t deserve it, but some part of her had still held out hope.

[I don’t forgive you, Misha. And I never will. You know I don’t deal in such nonsense.]

This night, this confession, her act of betrayal, and now hearing this… this whole twisted thing… she couldn’t do this. It all had to end. Without another word, Misha got up and grabbed the doorknob, turning it and opening it to let herself out. She was halfway out into the hall when she felt Shizune’s hand on her shoulder. If she struggled, if she fought, maybe she could’ve gotten away. But Misha didn’t fight. She let Shizune reclaim her, turning back around so they could continue speaking.

[If you run away from me right now, Misha, then we are finished. We have to settle this account tonight, now that you put it on the table. If you run from it, then we will never be friends again. We won’t be anything. You’ll be removed from the Student Council. Do you understand?]

The door remained open behind her. Misha closed it, stepping back into Shizune’s room. She felt like one of two possible paths for her life had closed with that door. Now she was stuck on this one. Whether or not she had chosen correctly, she had no idea. Misha supposed she never would. Shizune crossed her arms under breasts and tapped her foot, waiting patiently for Misha to explain herself. But what could she say?

[Shicchan, I just… I felt so alone, and I thought that I should try to be happy for you and Hicchan, that we were all just friends and that I should be happy because of that, but… I still felt sad, and I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t stop it, Shicchan. I tried, I really tried, I…]

Once again Shizune shook her head in disapproval.

[Now you’re apologizing again.] Shizune said. [Let’s try this.]

She turned and sat down on the bed, then nodded to the open spot next to her.

[Sit here. Talk to me as your equal.] Shizune ordered.

Misha eyed the bed warily, as if it might be some kind of trap waiting to spring. She knew it wasn’t, she just… the conflict between how she felt and how Shizune wanted her to feel, it was making her head spin. She walked over to the bed and sat down with stiff, wooden movements, feeling like a passenger in her own body while someone else drove it. Shizune snapped and pointed to the desk behind Misha.

[Please pass me my glasses. Thank you. Now. Tell me why you went to Hisao. I don’t need an apology. I don’t want excuses. Let yourself speak, Misha.]


Why did she sleep with Hisao? Let him “comfort” her? Throw herself at him like some desperate whore? Misha hated the part of herself that did that. It was such an ugly part of her. She never wanted to look too closely at it, yet Shizune was forcing her to stare straight at it now, no matter how distasteful it was.

[Was it for pleasure?] Shizune asked.

[No.] Misha replied immediately.

It definitely wasn’t that. Misha vaguely remembered telling him to do it quickly, even. But she’d felt very dissociated from herself while it was happening… again, like it was happening to someone else, and she was just watching passively. The memory felt hazy, like a dream.

[I thought not.] Shizune said. [I literally had to tie him down and do all the work myself. He has no idea what he’s doing.]

Misha’s mouth dropped open a little.

[He didn’t… he let you do that?] she asked.

Shizune shrugged.

[Did he look unhappy with it? He’s a boy. I just gave him what I knew he wanted.]

Misha felt her heart flutter with hope at those words.

[What he wanted… does that mean…] she tried to work out.

Shizune pursed her lips, immediately catching Misha’s drift, the suggestion that maybe Shizune hadn’t enjoyed it after all.

[You know I wouldn’t do that just for his benefit. I wanted to know… what a boy would be like.] Shizune clarified.

Not “I did it because I love him.” Not even “because I wanted to try it with Hisao.” She just wanted to try it with “a boy.” Misha honed in on that scrap of hope and clutched tightly to it.

[Enough about me. We’re talking about what you did, Misha.] Shizune reminded her.

[Is that all?] Misha asked, ignoring that. [The whole… all of it? You did everything with him just to know what it would be like? With a boy?]

Shizune looked a bit surprised at this accusatory response. Misha felt some indignation in it herself. What right would Shizune have, to toy with her and Hisao both just for the sake of “trying something out?”

[…No.] Shizune said. [I thought… I did want…]

Now it was Shizune searching for answers within herself. Misha stared, eyes narrowed, demanding those answers. Unlike Misha, Shizune didn’t shy away from the process.

[…I thought I wanted him. I’m not sure that I do. He isn’t… enough.] Shizune finally said. [And he betrayed me.]

[And I didn’t?] Misha asked.

[You’re here.] Shizune pointed out. [He isn’t. You were both cowards, but you are less of one than he is.]

Misha didn’t see how that worked. She hardly felt brave. She was here because she’d felt that it was the only way to keep her sanity, not because of some sense of honor or duty or anything like that.

[I’ll talk more about it if you want. Later. I need to hear about you now, Misha.]

Misha nodded. She didn’t exactly feel comfortable yet, but she no longer felt like she would explode at any moment. Hearing Shizune speak about her own feelings, it had made them feel a bit more like equals, made the space feel a bit more open. They both had done things that they regretted, though Misha still knew hers was far and away more egregious…

[I guess… I guess I was jealous, Shicchan.] Misha finally admitted.

Shizune didn’t look upset or surprised. If anything, she looked curious.

[Jealous? I thought you don’t like boys?] Shizune asked.

[I don’t. I was jealous of him, not of you. But I didn’t… I couldn’t face you, either. I think… maybe I thought…]

Misha hadn’t even been sure about this herself. She had certainly tried to deny this motivation, in her own mind. But now that Shizune was making her talk it out…

[I think I wanted to pull him away from you. To… push you two apart.]

Misha knew that was wrong. She knew she was supposed to feel bad for even thinking that, never mind that she had actually tried to do it. Yet Shizune looked somehow satisfied, as if Misha had finally given her the right answer. It was oddly difficult to feel ashamed when the girl she loved sat right there, so close, looking at her like that. Almost like she was… proud of Misha.

[You never wanted him for yourself, then.] Shizune clarified.

[No, Shicchan. No. You know how I feel. I don’t want some dumb boy. I want you. I always wanted you.]

“Only you,” Misha said aloud, punctuating her signs.

[And that was the only way that you knew, to break us apart.] Shizune said.

[I guess, Shicchan. It’s not like I had it planned out or anything. I just felt like… I had to do something.]

[You wanted something, and you tried to take it. You didn’t do a very good job, but you tried. There’s no shame in that, Misha.]

[There isn’t? Shicchan… I, we… I slept with your boyfriend, in his room, behind your back. How is that… ?]

[I wanted Hisao, Misha, and I took him. I did what I had to do to get him. Why can’t you do the same thing?]

[Because, Shicchan! Because you’re taken! Because it’s wrong to break people up on purpose! Because I’m supposed to be happy for you and Hicchan! That’s what a good person would do!]

Shizune looked utterly unmoved.

[Good according to who?] she asked.

Misha flailed her arms around, as if motioning to an invisible crowd.

“To… people!”

[And how happy did it leave you, Misha? To do what other people would want from you?]

“Fucking miserable!! Like I was dead inside! That’s how happy it made me feel, Shicchan! That’s how!”

Shizune nodded calmly. Then she grabbed Misha by the shoulders and threw her down on the bed, hard. Shizune didn’t follow through and fall on top of her or anything like that. She remained sitting up, simply looking down at Misha where she lay.

[Like that, Misha? Like you were being pushed down?]

Misha laid there for a moment, breathing hard, her mind racing, eyes locked with Shizune’s. She jumped up and shoved Shizune’s shoulder in turn, not as hard, but a bit harder than she meant to, her rage and her shame breaking through her self-restraint. Shizune swayed to the side before bouncing back and shoving Misha so hard she slammed into the nearest wall, causing Misha to yelp out in pain.

“Shicchan! That hurt!”

[And? Are you going to stop me?]

Shizune reached out to push Misha again. This time, Misha caught her, snatching her wrists in mid-air and holding them in place. She sat still, looking into Shizune’s eyes for some sign of what she was supposed to do now. After a moment, she released the other girl’s arms… and they immediately shoved her again.


Misha shoved Shizune back, this time with real force, sending her best friend down hard on the mattress. Shizune’s face had finally come alive with emotion, that fierce competitive glint showing clearly in her eyes. She tried to get up, obviously intending to attack again, and now Misha was ready. She threw herself on top of Shizune, straddling her and grabbing for her arms. Shizune didn’t go down without a fight, pushing and struggling against Misha, but after a brief scuffle her arms were pinned on either side of her head as Misha leaned over her, victorious for the time being.

Beneath her, Shizune’s expression was one of exhilaration, her lips open, her glasses askew, ample chest heaving with effort from the wrestling match. Misha felt that spark of hope growing brighter as she looked into those sharp blue eyes, eyes that looked back at her in a way that they hadn’t for so, so very long. Part of her said that she shouldn’t do what she was about to do, the same part that had told her to be quiet and shut up and just play along and don’t do anything and pretend to be happy and she wasn’t going to do that anymore. Misha dove down and planted her lips on Shizune’s, keeping her eyes open to look right into hers as they kissed, as if daring her to protest.

Instead of protesting, Shizune kissed her back, the heat of her breath sending a shiver through Misha’s body as it exhaled into her. She could hardly believe this was happening. Was Shizune simply toying with her? Could it be some kind of cruel game? It certainly was a game to Shizune, as all things were, but it couldn’t be a trick. Shizune’s games were always honest, never deceitful. She always laid her cards on the table, never holding them back.

Misha broke off the kiss, pulling up to get a full view of Shizune’s face again. She thought she caught the hint of a pout in Shizune’s lips. Before she could say for sure, Shizune surged up with sudden force, turning the tables to throw Misha off of her. Had Shizune changed her mind, decided that this wasn’t okay after all? She didn’t get up off of the bed, though. Much the opposite, she resumed the fight they’d had a moment before, her limbs scrabbling at Misha’s to gain control. Caught off guard, Misha soon found that she was the one pinned to the bed underneath Shizune.

They couldn’t talk like this, not with their hands, and Misha wanted to use her mouth for other things. The inability to speak was probably part of the rush for Shizune, she realized. They couldn’t talk their feelings out anymore, they had to try and read each other through body language alone. Misha was feeling more sure of how Shizune felt by the second, a feeling that was confirmed as Shizune leaned in to kiss her again, laying down atop her and hooking one leg around her own.

Their joining went deeper this time, with Misha no longer holding herself back. She tried to press her tongue into Shizune’s mouth, feeling stubborn resistance and a slight retreat from her partner… Misha pushed her head forward to support her advance, only for Shizune to lift up out of the kiss entirely. The smirk on her face clearly said that she was teasing Misha, giving her a taste of what she could have just so she could snatch it away. Misha tried to push herself up only to feel Shizune’s body constrict around hers, pinning her arms around her sides to keep her in place.

She whimpered at her partner, unsure what else she could do with her limbs so thoroughly bound. The pleading look that came along with this seemed to placate Shizune, leading to another kiss and a releasing of the hold. The two of them allowed their bodies to mix more naturally now, each one embracing the other around the back with thighs intermingling below. All of Misha’s anxiety and fear had faded into a frantic feeling of ecstasy, a soaring disbelief that she was really here doing the things she had so often dreamed about. She couldn’t imagine what the consequences might be, but…

…rather than worry about that, Misha acted on the things she did have in mind, moving a hand down to Shizune’s waist and then up under her shirt. She felt Shizune’s mouth jerk slightly in hers as her fingers found the girl’s sizeable breasts… she was soon so occupied with them that almost didn’t notice Shizune fondling her in a similar manner. They quickly came to a silent agreement that shirts were too cumbersome for this endeavor. Seeing Shizune’s bosom bounce as it fell free of that constraint motivated Misha to go after the bra as well, which Shizune was more than willing to relinquish.

Shizune wasn’t so willing to let her have the prizes waiting beneath, though. She smacked away one hand and then the other as they reached greedily up for the bounty that now laid bare before them, dangling in the air right above Misha’s face, so close and yet so far away… Misha whimpered again as Shizune pulled them away entirely, sitting up straight while straddling her. It seemed like she wanted to take a break? Even though she was clearly just as aroused as Misha was…

[Is this it, Misha?] Shizune signed.


[Is this what you wanted? When you went to him?]


Misha nodded emphatically. She felt Shizune begin to grind her hips slowly against Misha’s own. Their parts weren’t quite in the right places for that to be as stimulating as it could, but it was tantalizing nonetheless.

[Isn’t this better? Than when you were with him?]


Shizune spread her thighs and arched her back, pushing the bottom of her torso down into Misha’s groin. She bit her lower lip as the act sent a jolt of pleasure through her waist.

[It is always better to take what you really want, Misha.]

“Mmm! Shicchan~!”

[Like this.]

Shizune leaned down onto Misha again, unclasping her bra and tossing it aside with no hesitation. She took Misha’s breasts and kneaded them rhythmically, working them in time with the thrusting of her hips across Misha’s waist, then moved one hand up to Misha’s face and inserted a thumb into her mouth to feel the sounds beginning to slip out of it. Misha’s mouth hung open with the thumb hooked around her lower lip, ragged gasps drawn out of it by Shizune’s movements.

Even through their pajama pants, this act sent jolts of electricity through Misha’s nerves with every repetition, each shock feeling better than the last. She closed her eyes, feeling them roll up inside their lids as it got harder and harder to control her breathing. Shizune’s thumb pushed further into her mouth and Misha closed her lips around it, sucking on with a satisfied moan… at this rate, if they kept this up, she was going to…

Shizune rolled suddenly off of Misha, leaving her to collect herself as her body wound back down from the climax it had nearly built up.

[What if we have a contest? To see if you can… win me over?] Shizune asked.

Misha felt that flame of hope burning brighter than ever, but she also felt some confusion at this.

[What do you mean, Shicchan? Like another game?]

[Exactly like a game. If you win, I’ll leave him for you.]

Misha’s heart jumped into her throat. If it were anyone else but Shizune saying it, she’d take this as some kind of awful joke. This being Shizune, she knew it was dead serious.

[I thought about leaving him already, if he wouldn’t tell me about what he did with you. Maybe you can help me make up my mind. The rules are simple…]

Misha hardly dared to breath.

[It’s like a race, but in reverse. The loser is… the first one to finish.]

[A race, but you have to finish last? That doesn’t make any sense, Shicchan. And where are we gonna go running with our clothes already off? Are we—]

Misha stopped herself as comprehension dawned on her, prompting a wicked grin to from on Shizune’s face.

Misha felt dizzy at this newest prospect. How were they going to even… the implication was obvious, but it just seemed so… Misha gave Shizune a nervous look, tendrils of shame creeping back in through the haze of arousal clouding her thoughts. The excitement drained visibly from Shizune’s face upon seeing Misha’s hesitation.

[Do you want me? Or not?] Shizune challenged her.

“Yes! Shicchan, yes, of course, I just—”

Shizune made a big X with her arms and shook her head.

[No excuses, Misha.]

That was right. Misha remembered what Shizune had said. She had to do what it took to take what she wanted. And it wasn’t like she hadn’t always wanted to do this, anyways. She could do this, she could definitely do this… in her dreams, she could always draw sounds out of the silent Shizune… now that the girl was here in real life, it was do or die. This was her chance to prove herself, probably the only one she would ever get. Misha smacked her cheeks a couple of times to keep herself sharp. There was only one question left now.

[When do we start, Shicchan?]

“Now!” Shizune suddenly exclaimed, pouncing on Misha like a predator lying in wait.

“Ah—ahh! Shicchan~! That’s—”

Misha’s voice hitched in her throat as Shizune kissed one of her nipples, then suckled shamelessly on it, one hand holding it in place while the other went straight between Misha’s legs, rubbing her through the fabric of her pants. She was taken totally off guard by the surprise assault, allowing Shizune to have her way for the next few moments, until she remembered that this was a contest. Tempting as it was to just lay back and let this happen, she would definitely lose if she did that.

Shizune pulled up for a moment, ripping her glasses off and discarding them before diving back in. It was just the opening Misha needed. Pushing herself up from the mattress, she tackled Shizune, using her weight to pin her opponent under her. Raising one arm up to fend Shizune’s off, Misha slid back and used the other to pull Shizune’s pants down to her knees in a single strong jerk, working them off entirely with a couple follow-up tugs. The panties were still an issue, but maybe if she—

Suddenly Shizune made a big “T” symbol with her arms. That meant… time out?

[Truce!] Shizune motioned. […I really like these panties, I don’t want to rip them, okay? Pants truce! Let’s get all the clothes off… peacefully!] Shizune declared.

Unexpected, but not unreasonable. Instead of pulling her own garment off, though, Shizune leaned up to reach for Misha’s own. So she wanted to do it that way… all the better as far as Misha was concerned… she allowed Shizune’s hands to hook into the waistband of her pajama bottoms, crawling out of them panties and all while her friend held onto them, then she returned the favor, leaving the both of them completely nude. Misha ran her hand back up Shizune’s bare thighs, marveling at their smooth texture, shivering in anticipation of what she would find between them—

“Ahh! Nnnghhhh!!”

Shizune had beat her to the punch, sending two fingers went straight into Misha with no warning and no time to adjust before they began their work. In focusing on her partner, Misha had forgotten that Shizune’s hands were just as ready to attack her, and they didn’t waste any time in doing so.

“Shicchaaan~!” Misha cried out, falling back onto her rear and squirming at the stimulation. Shizune was ready, moving right in time with her and never stopping, hovering over Misha as her fingers continued to pump away like pistons. Misha’s own hands grabbed the sheets to steady herself and her eyes rolled up, totally on the back foot and nearly out of the game. Shizune was showing her no mercy, and at this rate things would be over in another minute or two, if even that.

But if she did that, then Shizune would win. It would all be over. As much as her body wanted to just give up and let this happen, she couldn’t. Not yet. Shizune wasn’t going to beat her this time, Misha thought. Not this time. Just this once, she was going to win. Just this once!

“Ahaha~… Shicchan, you, mrrmm…” Misha breathed, suppressing moans between her words, “…you… you just did that to, haah, to sneak attack me!” she accused.

Shizune just gave her another devious smile before plunging back into her. Instead of laying back and accepting that fate, Misha pushed herself up to sit alongside Shizune, growling with effort. Her hands sought Shizune’s thighs once more, meeting a bit of resistance once they got there, but not much. Misha pressed her torso up tight against Shizune’s, a requirement so that they could both reach their goals, and finally matched her friend on the field of battle.

The smallest of sighs escaped Shizune’s lips as Misha penetrated her, a sound that she immediately bit back with a look of embarrassment, but it was enough. It told Misha that she wasn’t invulnerable after all, that she could be affected and she could be beaten. Misha’s fingers quickly sped up to match the pace of Shizune’s; in no time at all, both of them were breathing heavily, their skin hot and flushed, sweat and breath intermingling as their bodies ground against each other.

Misha wasn’t sure who had the upper hand now, but it was getting harder by the second for her to keep this up. The constant jolts of pleasure kept lulling her mind into complacency, pulling a fog over her thoughts before she jerked herself back out of it and into the fight. Any moment now, if she just laid back and let go, it could be over… but not yet… she could see that same haze slowly taking over Shizune’s eyes, as she stared into them from only inches away… not yet… Misha felt her gut clench so hard it hurt, yet still she forced her climax not to come, squealing as she squeezed out just a few more seconds…

“Ahh… ahhhnn!”

The sound came not from her, but from Shizune. And not a second too soon, as her own voice rose almost immediately after.


Misha’s free hand dug into Shizune’s back as their bodies pressed together tight, every muscle convulsing in tandem; she buried her face into Shizune’s shoulder to muffle her moans, hearing Shizune’s cries in her ears, the sounds of her lover’s ecstasy making her own all the sweeter. When it was done, Shizune’s body gave out and Misha collapsed on top of her, victorious at last. What a hard-fought battle it had been. Misha could still feel her insides quivering stubbornly around Shizune’s fingers, trying to hold on to them for as long as possible.

Misha withdrew her hand from the breach, placing it on Shizune’s shoulder to push herself up as Shizune’s fingers slid out of her in turn.

“I won, Shicchan,” Misha breathed, looking down at her vanquished opponent’s flushed face. Shizune let out a couple faint whimpers as she nodded in agreement. Misha levered herself up on her other hand and placed the first one over Shizune’s face, the one she’d used on her just now.

“I won!” Misha repeated, rubbing those fingers against Shizune’s lips. “You’re mine now, Shicchan. You get that? Mine, mine, mine~!” Misha repeated, pushing Shizune’s head down into the mattress with each repetition of the word.

They were still too close to make signing practical, but Shizune’s understanding was made clear as she took Misha’s index and middle finger into her mouth, sucking greedily on them while grabbing her wrist. Misha nodded in satisfaction, allowing Shizune’s tongue to wipe them clean. It occurred to her that she was the one in control now. She could do to Shizune what she wanted. Misha no longer felt any need to hold back or ask for permission.

So she leaned down again and did what she’d always wanted to do so, so very badly. She kissed Shizune’s breast, opened her mouth to takes in its nipple, still raised and hardened from their contest. Her voice purred into Shizune’s skin as she tasted her prize, sending the vibrations of her vocal chords directly onto that sensitive surface. It was the closest Shizune could get to hearing Misha’s voice. The fingers in Shizune’s mouth felt her respond in kind, a moan coming up from deep within her throat.

That was good, Misha thought. She was the one who could make Shizune react now, not the other way around. She felt powerful, confident and self-assured. She knew what she wanted, and she knew she was going to get it. Misha withdrew herself from Shizune and got off of her, allowing her to move and speak once more, with the implied understanding that those privileges might be revoked at any time.

“So,” Misha began.

[You’ll break up with him? For me?] she demanded.

Shizune sat up slowly, licking her lips as Misha’s fingers pulled out from between them.

[Of course. The rules are the rules. You beat me… fair and square.] Shizune admitted.

[You can tell him what we did, if you want. I don’t care. I hope he knows, even. I hope he knows I never really wanted him.]

Shizune shrugged, as if those were irrelevant details.

[If you want. I was thinking I’d make it sound like it was all my fault, leave him none the wiser. It will be easier that way. If he finds out everything, there will be a scandal. The whole school will talk.]

Misha considered for a moment.

[I thought we weren’t supposed to bend to other people’s wills?] she asked.

[We aren’t. But as a large group, with a herd mentality, people can still be a pain in the ass. No reason to make it easier for them than it has to be. Things just didn’t work out with Hisao, and then I was lonely and depressed after the break-up, so I needed a good friend to… comfort me. That’s how it happened. That’ll be how we got together.]

[I guess that makes sense, Shicchan. So now what do we do? I don’t want to go back to my room.]

[I don’t want you to either.]

Shizune laid back down on the mattress with her arms spread out at her sides. Her eyes followed Misha’s expectantly but no other part of her moved. Misha knew what she wanted. Shizune wanted to be taken. Misha was finally ready to take her. She gave Shizune a devilish grin as she dived on top of her.


Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 6:17 am
by Lap
Head canon accepted. This is what should have happened in the game after Hisao comforted Misha. Nicely done! So very consistent with Shizune's competitiveness. I'm glad you didn't work too hard to cut the explicit content—this is one story where the sex is very integral to the plot, and it's needed.

Also, it's hot.

And also, damn it—I'm ~14,000 words into a Shizune story that I now feel like I need to completely revise, if not scrap altogether. You've given me too much food for thought on Shizune's nature...

Ah, well. Such is the writer's life. :roll:

Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 8:37 am
by Razoredge
Nicely done, really nicely done.
That was a great thing.