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Oh don't worry, I'm sure there will be more Evil Lilly eventually....

This one also involves some arousing board gaming, though a bit more explicit than the previous story. I blame the Discord for causing me to write another game story right after, we spent a whole night discussing this concept on there, for some reason. So naturally I had to bite.


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Morning Stretches (Emi x Rin + special guest appearance) [Lewd! We back at it!]
Locked In (Hisao x Hanako + bonus pairing) [Snowed In follow-up; A little lewd, only a little]
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The Student Council Shuffle (Multiple pairings!) [Not lewd!]
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Working Women (Akira x Yuuko) [Lewd!] [Thanks to MoashLannister for this title]
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An Intimate Game (Mutou x Shizune) [Not lewd... or is it?]
High Stakes (Aoi x Keiko x Misha) [Medium lewd]


High Stakes

Shizune’s gaze passed slowly over the students standing at attention before her, taking a moment to consider before nodding as if to say “you’ll do.” The two second years looked mildly intimidated as Shizune began signing at them, still wearing a severe expression to convey the gravity of the situation.

“Shicchan says, she’s going to give you a chance! It’s good that you’re here, she was worried no one would try to sign up at all!… Wait, I wasn’t supposed to translate that part. Don’t tell her you heard it~! Wahaha~!”

Aoi stifled a laugh as Keiko scratched the side of her head in confusion. It was difficult for Shizune to maintain that air of authority once her translator began speaking. Determined not to let Misha ruin her initiation of the new council members, Shizune stepped forward and gripped them firmly by the shoulders, standing them back up straight like a drill sergeant showing them how to salute. Aoi’s mouth twitched as she barely held back another giggle.

“Now~!” Misha continued translating. “Are you ready to officially begin your orientation and training as official members of the Student Council?”

Not waiting for an answer to this question, Shizune turned to a cabinet and opened it, bending over to rummage through its contents. Aoi stared pointedly at the short skirt concealing the president’s pronounced posterior just a few short feet away from them. Keiko jabbed her in the side, worried about Misha noticing, only to notice for herself that Misha too seemed quite occupied by the sight, leaning back unconsciously as if searching for an angle that might give her a panty peek.

All three of them snapped back to attention as Shizune stood up and turned around. The president looked around at them suspiciously but proceeded without saying anything. It would’ve been difficult for her to speak anyways as both her hands now clutched a long, thin cardboard box, brightly colored with the word “MONOPOLY” indicating its contents. Aoi and Keiko recognized a board game easily enough though they weren’t familiar with this Western-looking one. What kind of bizarre task could Shizune have in mind for them?

Misha began to explain as Shizune set the game down on the room’s central table and began arranging its contents.

“Of course~, to test your spirit and your drive, there is no better task than a game of wits, skill and luck~!” Misha proclaimed. “Monopoly is a game that’s like the real world of business! You have to buy and sell houses, and if you mess up and run out of money—it’s straight to jail! Only people who are serious about success can succeed! Wahaha~!”

Keiko raised a hand meekly. Misha waved at her and smiled.

“Umm… skill, and… luck?” she asked. “Isn’t that… contradictory?”

“Of course not, Keicchan! Luck is a skill! Don’t be silly~! Ahaha~!”

“Wait, really?” Aoi cut in, unable to hold her silence any longer. “To join the Student Council, we have to… play this board game?”

“Well… yes~!” Misha replied. “Why, Aocchan? Don’t you want to play~?”

“I don’t mind, I just thought, maybe… I don’t know. It seems too easy? I thought Shizune would make us run a triathlon or something, honestly.”

“Wahahahaha~! No, that’s the track club! Any loser can go running, that’s what Shicchan told me! Oh, but you’re not allowed to tell anyone she said that~!”

“Don’t worry, it’s our secret,” Aoi said with a snigger, her confidence building steadily. She’d been pretty apprehensive about putting herself at the whims of the harsh and notorious Student Council president, but this was honestly turning out to be a bit of a joke. She was starting to think of Shizune as less of an authority figure and more of a chuunibyou who’d lucked into this role by virtue of no one else wanting it.

“I just hope the rules aren’t very hard,” Aoi said.

“Not at all, Aocchan. Don’t worry about that! Even I can play this game~!” Misha said cheerily.

Aoi suppressed another giggle as Keiko smiled at the lightening of the situation.

“Easy to learn, but… difficult to master, perhaps?” Keiko asked.

“Sure, Keicchan, sure! Of course~, don’t get too comfy just yet! No game is really worth playing without big stakes, so we’ll have more on the line than just fake game money.”

“Oh? And what will that be? I didn’t bring any real money,” Aoi said.

Before Misha could answer, Shizune looked up from the table, the game and its contents now arranged neatly and ready for a four-player game. She began signing at them again, occasionally gesturing to the table and the pieces as Misha translated. Misha’s communication style produced a bit of confusion but the game seemed simple enough and the two initiates felt that they had a handle on the rules in no time. There was still the matter of those “big stakes,” though… just as Aoi was about to ask, Misha spoke up one last time.

“And~! To make sure every decision really, really counts, this game has a special rule! Every time you land on other people’s properties, you have to take your clothing off. Just like in real life! Ahahahaha~!”

“Wait, what?” Aoi said, her confidence draining away as quickly as it had built up. Keiko said nothing but her blanched face spoke for her.

“Yep, yep yep~! You have to take off one piece for every housie. And~! A hotel means a piece of underwear! Wahaha~!” Misha explained, as if announcing something truly joyous and wonderful.

Aoi frowned and furrowed her brow, while Keiko looked down and tapped her feet nervously. Shizune scowled at them in turn and signed a brief question.

“Too scared to play? Don’t you want to join the council~?” Misha translated innocently.

“…Sure,” Aoi said, with a shrug that said “why not?” as an added gesture.

“Ah, alright, if Aoi’s going to play…” Keiko said.

“…We don’t have to actually win, do we?” Aoi asked.

“Of course not, Aocchan. There’s no way you can beat us anyways! But~, but, but~! The winner does get a special surprise from the losers~!”

“Uh oh. And what’s the… special surprise?” Aoi asked cautiously.

“Nuh uh uh~!” Misha tutted, waving a finger and winking. “It’s a surprise, Aocchan!”

“Yikes. Alright.”

She took a deep breath.

“Let’s just do this,” she said, taking Keiko’s hand and squeezing it for reassurance.

The game commenced, innocent and boring at first glance, with the intensity of its participants belying what was really on the line. Only Misha retained her jovial attitude, laughing and gesturing at every little event in genuine amusement. Aoi and Keiko managed to build a few properties, sweating nervously every time another player’s piece passed over them, yet never quite stopping to stay. Inevitably, it happened—Keiko landed right on Shizune’s house. She looked between the dice, her piece and the board frantically, hoping that she had somehow miscounted.

“Wahaha~! Now you have to pay up, Keicchan!”

“Ah, okay… I owe you, um…”

She counted out her bills and handed them sheepishly over to Shizune. To her relief, the president accepted them with a smile and then looked back down at the game, as if expecting it to continue without further business. It was Misha who enforced their deal.

“Yes, yes~! That’s your money, Keicchan, buut~! Now you have to trade over the real goods! Ahahaha~!”

Keiko glanced nervously at Aoi, who squeezed her hand again under the table.

“Alright… maybe I’ll just…” she started, reaching down to the top button of her shirt and carefully undoing it.

Shizune gave her an expression of utter bewilderment, then threw her hands up and started signing rapidly.

“Ahh, am I—am I not doing it fast enough?! Sorry, sorry!” Keiko apologized, her fingers now moving with reckless abandon down her chest. Shizune kept up the signing, now looking concerned if not downright angry, but Misha didn’t translate. The pink-haired girl was too busy laughing hysterically. Aoi started to speak up when they were all cut off by the shaking of Shizune’s cell phone, perched on the table in front of her.

The president looked down at it, frowned, then flipped it open and began texting. After a moment she pushed away from the table and stood up, signed again briefly, then swept out of the room with one last befuddled look at Keiko.

“Did I… did I do something wrong?” Keiko asked, sitting with her shirt fully undone and her lacy pink bra exposed.

“Aha~, no no, that was the Nurse! Emi ran into Hicchan again, so now Shicchan has to go check on him and yell at Emi-chan! That’s all~!”

“Oh. Okay. Is she coming back?” Aoi asked.

“Maybe later. She said to keep playing~! We still have to finish your initiation, of course! Oh, and you can put your shirt back now, Keicchan. I was just joking about taking your clothes off. Wahahaha~!”

A long, dead silence followed this proclamation, with Keiko making no such move. Then Aoi burst out laughing as well, prolonging Misha’s own laughter as they both cackled together. Keiko crossed her arms under her chest, pouting at her status as the butt of the joke.

“Yes, very funny, so funny…” she muttered.

“Aha, waah, wahaha~! Shicchan had no idea. She was so confused! Ahahaha~!”

“Oh, so that’s why she was doing that?” Keiko asked, brightening up again. “She wasn’t… mad at me?”

“Well~! Maybe she was, I don’t know! She was just trying to ask what you were doing. And calling you weird! Ahaha~! Don’t worry, I’ll tell her it was my prank, so she’ll only get mad at me!”

“Wow, we thought that whole deal about playing strip was dead serious. Or I mean, I did, and obviously Keiko…”

Aoi motioned to the still-undone shirt on her best friend, poking her exposed side to tease her.

“Yep, yep! Got you good, I did I did~!”

“So now we just… keep playing?” Keiko asked, not sounding overly excited by the prospect.

“I guess, Keicchan. Or we can just goof off and I’ll tell Shicchan you won. Maybe if we’re fast, we can go get parfaits~!”

“…Really?” Aoi asked. “Won’t she like… reject us, if she finds out?”

“Nope! Shicchan and me really, really need the help. She’ll just say a bunch of stuff to me and then let you in anyways,” Misha clarified.

Aoi cocked an eyebrow approvingly. Keiko, however, sighed in exasperation.

“Well, that just doesn’t seem very fair. Neither one of you had to take anything off…” she complained.

“What~, are you trying to see my boobs, Keicchan? That’s dirty, it is!” Misha said, covering her chest protectively.

“I mean, you already tricked her into showing you hers,” Aoi pointed out.

“I guess you’re right, Aocchan! I thought you guys wouldn’t want to keep stripping after I pranked you. But if you reeeally want to be naughty…” Misha said, grinning as she reached up to the buttons of her own blouse.

“Wait,” Keiko cut her off.

“What now, Keicchan?”

“Why don’t we just… keep playing?”

“I thought you didn’t want to play!” Misha said.

“No, no. With your strip rules,” Keiko clarified.

“Whuh?” Misha asked. “Really?”

“Sure. Actually, just seems fair,” Aoi chimed in, catching on to Keiko’s suggestion.

Misha frowned, feeling the tables turn on her.

“You’re going to make me do the prank on myself! Is that what you’re doing now, you newbies?” she accused.



“Wahaha~! You’re more fun than I thought! I don’t get it though, you were so embarrassed at first!”

“That was just when I was having to undress in front of Shizune,” Keiko said.

“Are you saying you don’t mind undressing for me, Keicchan?” Misha asked.

“Err…” Keiko paused.

She shared a knowing glance with Aoi, who shrugged and then nodded.

“Well… the president was just kind of intimidating, you know? And you’re just kind of… not? I don’t mean that in a bad way!”

“Aha~, not at all, Keicchan! Shicchan can be scary, I know. But she won’t bite!”

“Plus, you’re also… ahh…” Keiko hesitated.

“Gay!” Aoi finished for her.

Misha gasped.

“Aocchan, I’m not—I mean—eeep! I-I guess I am, I just—” Misha stammered, blushing furiously. “—how could you know?!”

Even Keiko raised an eyebrow now, as if to ask “really?”

“Oh come on. The way you’re always checking the prez out?” Aoi said. “You’re obviously hot on her. Not that I blame you! Her figure’s incredible!”

“Aha… ahaha… well. I guess you got me! Wahaha~!” Misha admitted, throwing up her hands. “Just, ah, please don’t tell anyone else okay!”

“Oh don’t worry, we know how it is. We’ll keep things on the quiet,” Aoi said. “I mean… why do you think we wanted to join the Student Council, Misha?” she asked.

“I don’t know! To play games and get free food?” Misha asked.

“…Actually, if we knew that was the deal, yes,” Aoi said. “But really. We, umm. May or may not have had a bet about which one of us would have a chance with you, Misha,” she admitted.

“With… me?” Misha asked.

“You’re… very pretty…” Keiko said bashfully, her cheeks growing red as well.


Aoi reached out and bounced one of her drills, then clutched her fists and did a little dance.

“Boing! Oh my gosh, I’ve really really wanted to do that!”

“Aocchan! Don’t mess up my hair! Wahaha~! Wait… you don’t want me to pick one of you now, do you?!”

“No, no!” Keiko denied as Aoi laughed. “It was just some dumb in-joke. I guess we really did want to… talk to someone else who was… like us, though.”

“Looks like now we’ll just have to play for that ‘special surprise,’” Aoi said.

“What special surprise, Aocchan?” Misha asked.

“You know. How you said the winner gets something special from the losers?” Aoi said with a waggle of her eyebrows.

“Oh, right right! Ahh, I just made that up to mess with you more!”

“So it’ll be a surprise even to you when I win!” Keiko said.

“You think you’ll win, Keicchan?! No way~! The Student Council are trained game masters. And~! Your shirt’s still off, you silly!”

Keiko gave her a challenging look, then shrugged the open shirt back off of her shoulders, removing it completely.

“Let’s see how long I’m the only one,” she said.

“You’re on, Keicchan!”


As the sun went down, so did most of the three girls’ clothes. The evening saw Keiko reduced to only her bra and skirt, Aoi stubbornly retaining her shirt but nude from the waist down, and Misha in only her underwear. Each of them was red in the face, both in concentration and in other ways. Keiko tried to maintain some semblance of poise but Aoi had long since given up on trying not to stare incessantly at Misha’s exposed, heaving chest. More than once Keiko had to smack her hand away lest it get too deep into her own bare crotch.

“One, two, and three, and… ack! A big one!” Misha said, shaking her hands as she landed on Keiko’s hotel.

“Oh darn. How unfortunate,” Aoi said sarcastically. “What’s it gonna be, sempai? Top… or bottom?”

“Well! I think I know which one you want. Wahaha~!” Misha said, reaching behind her back to unclasp her bra. “Just for you~, my new favorite kouhai!” she announced, letting her breasts finally bounce free as Aoi bit her bottom lip, nearly drooling at the sight.

“Whoops! The girls are all perked tonight. I guess it was a good boob day!” Misha said, cupping them cheerily.

A good boob day, that it was, Keiko thought. Even she couldn’t avoid a few seconds of uninterrupted staring, transfixed by their perfect curve, bounce and heft.

“Now now, newbies! We still have to finish the game~!” Misha reprimanded them.

Aoi sighed.

“Do we really have to? We’ve already been here all day!” she protested.

Keiko responded by rolling the dice, quickly counting the result, then casually tipping it over to change the number.

“Whoops,” she said, moving her piece onto a space of Misha’s with three houses. “Looks like I lose!”

Rising from her seat, she removed her own bra slowly, looking Misha in the eyes as she allowed one “girl” and then the other to pop out from it. Her assets weren’t nearly as impressive as her senior’s but they still held Misha’s gaze in how she used them.

“Keicchan! Housies are only for regular clothes, you goofer!” Misha pointed out.

“Oh, are they? Oops! Silly me!” Keiko said, reaching down to her skirt and sliding it off gracefully. Misha gulped at the sight of her slender hips, swaying sensually as Keiko strutted over to her, thumbing one side of her panties down with each step.

“You need a h-hotel for that!” Misha tried to say as the panties hit the floor.

“Well, I guess I’m just giving you everything,” Keiko said, standing behind Misha and beginning to rub her shoulders. “Cashing out, or however it’s said.”

“Yeah, all of a sudden, I’m having trouble finding my money,” Aoi said, throwing her hands up in mock despair. Misha tried to say it was right there, but stopped herself, realizing that all of a sudden it wasn’t. Aoi must have shoved it all under the board to hide it. Misha thought about pulling the board up to call her on the trick, but she was too distracted by the relaxing warmth spreading through her muscles from Keiko’s firm fingers.

“Ahh, Keicchan, you’re really g-good at that…” Misha said with a shudder.

“She’s awfully good with her hands, isn’t she?” Aoi remarked, leaning over Misha and pushing a drill back over her ear.

“I’ve had a lot of practice,” Keiko whispered into that ear.

Misha gasped in pleasant surprise as Aoi lowered herself right into Misha’s lap, straddling it, then wrapping her arms around Misha’s neck.

“I think you won, sempai. Your kouhais have to give you that special surprise now,” Aoi said.

“Wh-what’s… the surprise?” Misha whispered.

Aoi leaned forward and kissed her, hard and sure. Misha closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as Keiko’s hands moved down her sides and onto her breasts, kneading at them greedily. One of Misha’s hands went up to join with Keiko’s, their fingers intertwining, while her other hand found Aoi’s hip and held on tight. She could feel Keiko’s lips on her neck, Aoi’s tongue in her mouth, four sets of hands exploring her body with all the pent-up lust of the last couple hours finally spilling out…

“Mmm… Aocchan, K-Keicchan… I just wanted to say…”



“…I think you pass the initiation. Wahaha~!”

“But we haven’t even given you the special surprise yet!”


Aoi rose up and swept an arm across the table, clearing the game carelessly, as Keiko pulled Misha up then pushed her forward to guide her onto it.

“Keicchan, wh-what… you want me to…”

“Shhh. Just relax,” Aoi said, holding Misha’s face as Keiko gripped her thighs and pushed them gently apart.

“Aocchan, I’ve n-never really… I don’t know… ahh!”

Misha’s thighs shuddered as Keiko’s head disappeared between them.

“It’s okay, we’ll show you how. Lots of practice, remember?” Aoi reminded her, watching Misha’s golden eyes somehow go even wider than usual as Keiko went to work. She leaned in and kissed Misha again, determined to show the older student how to lose herself in these feelings.

As it turned out, Misha was a natural.


Shizune was worried about how long they’d taken to get back to the council room. She trusted Misha, of course, but her best friend’s attention span was liable to lag over the course of hours. There was no telling what sort of distractions she might eventually get caught up in. It was just that, after another untimely trip to the Nurse… well… she just had to go on a little detour with Hisao to his room. The poor guy deserved it, she figured. It definitely wasn’t anything to do with gratifying any of her own desires… she was just taking care of her boyfriend, of course.

His hand rested comfortably in hers as they made their way down the hall, still basking in the afterglow of their activities. Now her boyfriend was here and she was feeling nice and relaxed… it was the perfect time to get back to some simple Monopoly gaming, Shizune thought. Although it sure was strange what that Keiko girl had been doing with her shirt just before Nurse texted her. What had been going on with that, Shizune wondered? Was she trying to show off her chest? It’s not like it was anything special…

She got a better view of Keiko’s chest than she’d ever asked for when she pushed open the door to the council room. The second year’s body writhed and shuddered as Misha stood over her, engaged in unspeakable acts, with Aoi hugging Misha closely from behind and doing the same. A chorus of sighs, groans and yelps sounded from the table that facilitated all of this, the sorry remnants of Shizune’s Monopoly game scattered across the floor.

The council president sighed in exasperation. She was going to miss that old Monopoly set.

Hisao started to say something stupid and Shizune clapped her hand over his mouth just in time. The little lovers were so entwined that they hadn’t noticed a thing. Shizune preferred to keep it that way, in no way shape or form did she want to deal with this. She carefully closed the door and stepped back from it, as if staying too close might risk being drawn back in. Hisao was still trying to get a peek through the small rectangular window set into the door; Shizune smacked his ass and yanked him back.

[No peeping at those knockers. Only these.] she told him, giving her chest a shake.

[You seem awfully unperturbed by this.] Hisao pointed out.

[It’s probably best to take it in stride. Misha has needed to let off some stress for a long time. I really hoped she could grow close to those two, you know. I thought they might be like her… always staring at her butt. And mine!]

[As if you mind.]

[It’s important to maintain appearances, though. I guess I got what I asked for… just need to remember to wash down that table.]

[Uh oh. Am I gonna have to help with that?]

[That depends. Do you feel up to another diversion?]

[Again? Come on, it hasn’t even been an hour!]

[There’s no way you aren’t hard after seeing that.]

Not waiting for Hisao’s response, Shizune grabbed his crotch aggressively, smiling in victory as her suspicions were confirmed. Hisao sighed in defeat.

[Fine. But I’m picking the position this time, damn it!]

[If you can wrestle me into it!]

[Oh, going to challenge me to that again, are you? Let’s see how sore I can make you!]
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Hisao started to say something stupid and Shizune clapped her hand over his mouth just in time. The little lovers were so entwined that they hadn’t noticed a thing. Shizune preferred to keep it that way, in no way shape or form did she want to deal with this. She carefully closed the door and stepped back from it, as if staying too close might risk being drawn back in. Hisao was still trying to get a peek through the small rectangular window set into the door; Shizune smacked his ass and yanked him back.
Shizune is a real one for sure. Though who knows what would have happened if Hisao had said something...

Great story just like usual!
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