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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 4/1/19)

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Another good one! Though I'm a little worried about Lilly's arc, before we know it she'll be conspiring with Kenji to eliminate everyone who stands in her way of becoming Queen of Yamaku. And I'm sure we know how that'll go...

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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 4/1/19)

Post by Hanako Fancopter » Wed Apr 03, 2019 11:37 am

Evil Lilly is best Lilly. One of these days I might give her a proper route.

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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 4/1/19)

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Here's something I wrote for a Discord contest. The prompt I chose was "Shizune and Miki -- Locked in the Library." It's not lewd! Unfortunately!


An Evening Rendezvous (Naomi x Natsume x ...Hisao?) [Slight lewd warning]
Mother Knows Best (Hisao x Meiko) [Lewd warning]
A Very Unusual Friendship (Lilly x Hanako) [Lewd warning]
A Friendly Competition (Misha x Shizune) [Lewd warning]
Snowed In (Hisao x Hanako) [Not lewd! For once! At least not explicitly so >.>]
Morning Stretches (Emi x Rin + special guest appearance) [Lewd! We back at it!]
Locked In (Hisao x Hanako + bonus pairing) [Snowed In follow-up; A little lewd, only a little]
In The Moment (Rika x Saki) [Lewd warning]
The Student Council Shuffle (Multiple pairings!) [Not lewd!]
Undercover (Miki x Suzu) [Lewd warning]
Lilly's Day Off (Lilly x ???)
Overnighter (Shizune x Miki) [Not lewd]



Miki wiped the sweat from her brow as she finished stacking the last book back onto its shelf, its surface now dusted and tidy. She hadn’t expecting wiping down the library to be this rough… probably because she didn’t realize just how big the damn place was, on account of pretty much never spending any time inside of it. It also hadn’t helped that she had the taskmaster from hell on her ass the whole time. Miki had to admit, she probably wouldn’t have finished in one night if Shizune hadn’t worked her at such a pace.

She flinched as the class president’s hand thwacked her on top of the head for the fifteen millionth time tonight.

“Ouch! If you’re gonna smack me, you could at least do it on my ass!”

Shizune pointed to a stray book off to the side, which Miki had missed. She snatched the wayward thing up and shoved it in place.

“There! Last one! Am I free to go yet?”

Shizune glowered down at Miki, as if considering whether or not to release her from her torment. Even on her knees Miki wasn’t that much shorter than Shizune, but it still felt like the class president towered over her when she got that imperious look. Finally, she made up her mind and started writing on the pad she’d brought along to communicate. It had only come out for absolute necessities—explaining that Misha wasn’t here because she was sick, allowing a bathroom break, and such. Miki had tried half a dozen times to chatter but Shizune always refused to reply, even though she could tell at this point that the other girl was able to lip-read her.

The pad presented its judgment to Miki.

I hope this lesson serves to remind you that there are consequences for possession of illicit substances at Yamaku. Next time I will have no choice but to report you to the principal. Remember that your actions reflect not only on yourself, but on the academy as a whole.

“Yeah, real merciful, you are…” Miki grumbled.

Shizune smacked her on the head.

“Ow! Alright, you’re right… it probably would be pretty bad if I got expelled… thanks for only making me clean the library. Every inch of it. For hours. Until my arms feel like they’re gonna fall off and I want to—uhh, yeah, I’ll just shut up now.”

Shizune nodded that this was a wise decision. Then she scribbled onto the pad as an afterthought:

You are free to go.

Miki whooped with joy and leapt to her feet, bounding towards the door at full tilt.

“Hell yeah! Woohoo! C’mon, Hana, it’s gotta be closing time. Let’s blow this joint!” she exclaimed, bounding past Hanako’s bean bag.

She went past it in such a rush that Miki did not notice it was empty. Nor did she notice that Yuuko was missing from behind the counter. She first realized something was wrong when she reached the library doors and found them closed, rather than propped open as they usually were. Closed—and locked.

“The hell?”

Miki yanked stubbornly on the double doors in momentary denial.

“Open up, you sons of bitches! What gives! Hey, Yuuko, what’s with—”

Turning to face the counter, Miki’s voice died in her throat as she saw that no one stood behind it. What was going on? By now Shizune was striding up in her wake, scowling like Miki had somehow caused this. Miki tugged on the doors a couple more times to show Shizune the problem, confirming in the process that they were, indeed, not going to budge. There was no apparent mechanism for changing that, no handle or button or switch, just a keyhole for a key that they didn’t have.

“We’re fucking locked in!” Miki said incredulously.

Shizune smacked her on the side and wagged a finger at her.

“Yeah, yeah, language, I know! Is that really your first concern right now?”

As if in answer to that, Shizune shoved Miki aside and took hold of the door handles herself. She tugged at them several times, just as stubbornly as Miki had, with no difference in the results. Miki watched with arms crossed, wondering how long it would take for the president to accept the reality of their situation. Glancing back at the clock behind the counter, Miki saw that it was half past eleven. The place must close at eleven, and she wasn’t surprised at all that Yuuko had forgotten they were in here.

Now Shizune was inspecting the door handles carefully, one hand holding her glasses steady, as if she could find some sort of weak point in them if she only glared hard enough. Miki grabbed her by the shoulder to get her attention.

“Yep, they’re doors, alright. You figured it out! You’re not gonna be able to just pout at them until you get your way, okay?” Miki said. “We’re. Locked. In!” she emphasized.

Already visibly displeased with her inability to get the doors open, Shizune’s frown deepened even further at Miki’s treatment of her. She swatted Miki’s arm away from her shoulder and shoved her again, hard, so much so that Miki only barely kept her balance. She couldn’t speak, but the expression on her face said it loud and clear: Shizune blamed Miki for this. Somehow, some way, this was her damn fault. Like everything else, according to Shizune.

Angered in turn by this, Miki decided to shove her back, also hard. Shizune reeled in disbelief for a moment before rearing back and slapping Miki right across the face, the smack of the blow ringing off the library’s walls.

“Oh no you didn’t—!”

Miki backhanded Shizune with her left arm, the tip of the stump knocking the other girl’s glasses askew. No one laid hands on her and just got away with it. Shizune apparently had the same policy, trying to hit Miki again. Ready for it this time, she knocked the incoming slap away, only to have Shizune follow up by kicking her in the shin. As she fell to her knees in pain, Shizune smacked her on the head yet again, a low grunt of anger sounding audibly from the president’s throat.

“You little bitch!” Miki growled, lunging up and forward in a tackle that sent both girls sprawling onto the carpet. She saw nothing but red, fueled by all the night’s pent-up frustration as she hit Shizune wherever and however she could. The other girl fought back with equal ferocity, as if she’d been wanting this all along; every punch that Miki landed was matched by a well-aimed kick or a vicious clawing of the nails, the two of them brawling in a tangled heap of limbs.

Eventually Miki managed to land a solid hit right on Shizune’s temple, stunning her for just a moment, but long enough. Miki clambered atop her enemy and planted a knee into her chest, grinding it down to stop her from fighting back. As Shizune grabbed desperately at her, looking for a way out, Miki leaned in hard on the knee, stilling the other girl’s struggles as the air was forced out of her lungs. Miki could seriously hurt her now if she wanted to, and Shizune knew it.

Miki’s one hand balled into a fist and raised into the air as she got ready to pummel that stupid, arrogant face into a bloody pulp. She wanted this more badly than she’d wanted anything in recent memory—and when she saw genuine fear finally flash in Shizune’s eyes, she sighed in defeat, letting the fist drop as she fell back off of her victim.

“You’re not worth it,” Miki grumbled, looking aside as Shizune coughed the air back into her chest.

She stared pointedly down at the floor, spending a moment to get hold of her emotions. She had been that close to hitting Shizune again… too close… all of her anger was gone now, but in its place came anxiety.

When Miki looked up again, Shizune was sitting up, glaring back at her. No… not glaring. Not anymore. Her anger was gone, too. In its place was… Miki didn’t know. It occurred to her that she had never really seen Shizune in any state of being other than some variant of upset or dissatisfied, with that negative energy almost always directed at her.

“Well. I did a number on you, huh?” Miki blurted out, looking over the damage she’d inflicted. Bruise on one side of her face, glasses wouldn’t sit straight, holding her right arm with the left like her shoulder was twisted… there was a fair bit of it.

Shizune’s lips pursed into a thin line. She nodded pointedly at Miki, as if to return the sentiment. Miki laughed, realizing that Shizune was right. Her shirt was nearly ripped open, she could feel blood trickling from a few cuts on her shoulder, and a bit of her hair decorated the floor where Shizune had pulled it out. They were both good and beaten up. Miki couldn’t deny that part of her felt good to get into a decent scrap, though she should have probably picked a better target than the class president.

Pushing that thought aside, she got up and then held her hand down to Shizune. The president stared up at her, her expression inscrutable, before taking it and letting Miki pull her to her feet. As soon as she was up, Shizune strode past Miki and over to the counter, where she’d apparently left her notepad. She leaned down over it and scribbled hurriedly. Miki followed, looking over her shoulder just in time to see her finish writing.

You’re right. We’re stuck with each other.

“Uhh. Yep.”

Shizune stared at Miki, as if the ball was in her court now.

“So… you’re not gonna get me expelled for beating your a—ahem, err, fighting? With you?”

Shizune turned back to the pad, answering without hesitation.

I fought too. I’d have to expel myself as well.

“Heh. Fair enough.”

I’m sorry I got you locked in here. I should’ve been more aware.

“Well, at least I’ve got company. Even if we did try to murder each other.”

Shizune’s eyes narrowed as she considered something, then she wrote again.

You only won because you’re bigger than me.

“Wait… now wait a minute! Seriously?! I beat you fair and square! Fair and flippin’ square!”

Shizune made a big X with her arms and shook her head emphatically.

Your arms are too long. I couldn’t reach you!

“That… that has nothing to do with it! I’m obviously stronger! Look at these guns, damn it!”

Shizune made an exaggerated yawning gesture, expressing her opinion of Miki’s “guns.”

“You—fine! We can settle it, if you want. Let’s arm wrestle!”

Shizune tapped her pen as she considered this proposition.

What are the stakes?

“Stakes? Showing who’s stronger. Duh!”

No no. If there’s a contest there have to be stakes.

“Alright, have it your way. Loser has to—strip out of her shirt for the rest of the night!”

Shizune scowled at that.

Are you sure? You’d embarrass yourself.

“Excuse me? What’s that supposed to mean?”

Shizune stepped back from the counter and puffed out her chest, holding her arms behind her back. The pose made her meaning quite clear.

“Oh, pfft! They’re probably just stuffed. Mine are all natural! We can just compare that right now, lemme—”

Shizune flinched back from Miki’s outstretched arm, covering her chest protectively, but Miki could see a competitive smirk on her face now.

We’re not taking our shirts off.
Shizune wrote.

Damn. Was worth a try… Miki had always wanted to see if they were really as big as they looked…

The winner can ask the loser any question, and they must answer.

Shizune wrote that as if the decision was final. Still, if naughty options were off the table… then it was as good as anything else, Miki figured. She shrugged her agreement, then hopped over the counter to stand on the other side of it, leaning down and positioning her right elbow on its surface. Shizune matched her positioning and clasped hands with her, not quite as familiar with the activity, but determined all the same.

Then it was on.

The sudden surge of effort from Shizune put Miki on the back foot—the other girl went all in right away and it caught her off guard. Yet she recovered before being pinned and once she did, her larger muscle mass allowed her to push Shizune steadily back. Miki’s opponent grit her teeth and even leaned in a bit (cheating, but Miki allowed it, since it wasn’t enough), her whole body going rigid as she gave it everything she had.

Miki admired her tenacity. But, sheer effort didn’t count for much in this contest. Miki was just stronger than her; ultimately that was all that mattered. She couldn’t stop herself from smirking a bit as Shizune yanked her pinned hand out from under Miki’s, pouting mightily at having been bested yet again. Shizune crossed her arms under her breasts, waiting for Miki to claim her prize.

What’s your cup size?

Miki almost blurted that out. Almost. Much as she did want to know, she only had one question… better spend it wisely.

“Why do you hate me so much?”

This could go really, really wrong, Miki thought, but fuck it. They’d already had it out on each other at this point. Shizune gave another expression Miki had never seen on her before: Surprise. It was only there for a moment before she pulled her face back into its defensive pout, but it was unmistakable. Shizune truly hadn’t expected to be asked something like this. She took a long pause before penning her answer.

I don’t hate you.

“Well that’s not an answer,” Miki said. “C’mon, what’s your beef? Every single time I run into you, you’re on my ass about this thing or that, always scowling and scolding and trying to write me up. Don’t run in the halls, don’t use curse words, don’t look at other girls’ butts… You even tried to make me stuff myself into the girls’ uniform, for crying out loud!” Miki accused, pulling at the boys’ shirt that she wore loosely over her torso.

Girls should dress like girls!

“Stop dodging, damn it!”

Shizune looked away from her before writing again. Miki realized that was yet another thing she’d never seen Shizune do: break eye contact before she did.

You’re obnoxious, you’re rude, you’re lazy, you’re crass, you don’t follow any rules, you don’t respect authority, and you’re too big.


Happy? Shizune added as an afterthought.

“Oh yeah? Is that so?”

Shizune nodded, staring straight into Miki’s eyes again, as if daring Miki to deny any of it.

She couldn’t.

“Yeah, well, you’re… you’re… you’re a prissy little bitch! So there! You wanna go? Again?!”

Shizune shook her head slowly. Miki’s anger faded as quickly as it came. Shizune’s expression didn’t match her harsh words. She looked conflicted, like there was some kind of unwritten “but” to her answer. She turned back to her pad and wrote again after absorbing Miki’s reaction.

And you’re true to yourself. So no, I don’t hate you.

“True to myself?”

Shizune nodded firmly.

Honest. Not fake.

Miki couldn’t deny that, either.

“So I just get on your nerves, huh?”

Shizune nodded again.

“Heh. Well, you piss me off too, y’know. You’re full of yourself, you’re a busybody, you’ve got a huge stick up your ass, and those knockers can’t be r—”

Shizune put a finger to her lips in a shushing motion, frowning at Miki to shut up. That twinkle was back in her eyes, though. Miki could call her about a thousand more nasty things without breaking a sweat. All of a sudden, she didn’t really care to. True to herself… for all the shitty qualities Shizune had, they had that one in common, Miki thought. Not many girls would have the balls to square up with her like this. Or boys, for that matter.

I’m sorry I hit you.

“Yeah, well. I probably deserved it.”

Shizune allowed herself a wry smile at that. Miki looked at the clock again. Shit… not even one in the morning yet. What time would this place open up again, anyways?

“Welp. We’re still stuck in here together, for a good few more hours. How are we gonna do this, huh? Draw a line down the middle of the place, you get your half, I get mine?”

That seems boring. Can’t you think of anything else for us to do?

“Oh, I can think of a few things…” Miki said, tugging suggestively at the rip in her shirt. Shizune made a retching impression at this.

“Hey! Rude! Besides… since we’re being honest with each other here… you and Misha? Yeah?”

Shizune gave her a questioning look.

“Oh, don’t play dumb. I don’t know how to do my hair all up into drills, but I can be just as loud as her, if that’s what you’re into! Do you like, feel the vibrations or something?”

Shizune made another big X with her arms and even wrote down her disapproval of this notion.

Me and Misha are friends. Just friends! Nothing more!

Suddenly Miki got the feeling that Shizune was seriously upset again. Maybe she had touched a nerve? Well, it wasn’t really her business one way or the other.

“Alright, alright, sorry! Maybe we should just get some rest? It’s probably past both our bedtimes and those beanbags look mighty comfy…”


“Shicchan~!!! There you are! Oh, I was so, so worried! Were you in here all night?! Time to get up, sleepy-head! Yuuko, you sillyball, you—”

“Um, Misha, Shizune, you should uhh…”

“Oh!! Shicchan, where’d your skirt go? Everyone can see your undies! Wahahaha~! I never knew you wore pink. Just like me~! What’s that written on them? ‘Dunce?’ Ahahahahaha~!!”

“Misha, you probably shouldn’t l-laugh so much, she looks very… angry…”

“Micchan? Oh yeah, Miki was here just a minute ago. She ran away really fast as soon as she saw us! She was laughing really hard, too. What do you think she was doing in here?… Shicchan? Where are you going? Shicchan, wait up! I can give you my skirt to wear if you want, just… Shicchan, wait! Waahh~!”

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