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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 4/1/19)

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Another good one! Though I'm a little worried about Lilly's arc, before we know it she'll be conspiring with Kenji to eliminate everyone who stands in her way of becoming Queen of Yamaku. And I'm sure we know how that'll go...

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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 4/1/19)

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Evil Lilly is best Lilly. One of these days I might give her a proper route.
An Unusual Friendship (Misha x Hanako Route)
Riposte (Rika Mini-Route)
One-Shots Thread (Random Smut/Meme Stories)

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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 4/1/19)

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Here's something I wrote for a Discord contest. The prompt I chose was "Shizune and Miki -- Locked in the Library." It's not lewd! Unfortunately!


An Evening Rendezvous (Naomi x Natsume x ...Hisao?) [Slight lewd warning]
Mother Knows Best (Hisao x Meiko) [Lewd warning]
A Very Unusual Friendship (Lilly x Hanako) [Lewd warning]
A Friendly Competition (Misha x Shizune) [Lewd warning]
Snowed In (Hisao x Hanako) [Not lewd! For once! At least not explicitly so >.>]
Morning Stretches (Emi x Rin + special guest appearance) [Lewd! We back at it!]
Locked In (Hisao x Hanako + bonus pairing) [Snowed In follow-up; A little lewd, only a little]
In The Moment (Rika x Saki) [Lewd warning]
The Student Council Shuffle (Multiple pairings!) [Not lewd!]
Undercover (Miki x Suzu) [Lewd warning]
Lilly's Day Off (Lilly x ???)
Overnighter (Shizune x Miki) [Not lewd]
Working Women (Akira x Yuuko) [Lewd!]
An Unusual Family (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Very Unusual Friendship follow-up; very lewd]
Operation Bedfellow (Kenji x Rin) [Non-lewd]
Flights of Fancy (Misha x Rin) [No lewd I promise]
An Unexpected Development (Lilly x Hanako x Hisao) ["Evil Lilly" story--big smut/edge warning]
An Intimate Game (Mutou x Shizune) [Not lewd... or is it?]
High Stakes (Aoi x Keiko x Misha) [Medium lewd]
A Most Unorthodox Christmas (Evil Lilly part 4--I think if there is a part 5 they may need their own thread) [Lewd with BONUS ART]
The Last Stand (Lilly x Kenji) [Lewd]
A Hearty Rivalry (Meiko vs Lilly) [Non lewd]
A Lighter Touch (Shizune & Hisao vs Lilly) [Non lewd]
Prying Eyes (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Lewd]
Bitter Spirits (Hanako x Hisao w/ mystery guest appearance) [Very lewd]
All in the Family (Hisao x everyone) [Not smut though I promise]
Wet Dreams (Hisao x Suzu) [Lewd]



Miki wiped the sweat from her brow as she finished stacking the last book back onto its shelf, its surface now dusted and tidy. She hadn’t expecting wiping down the library to be this rough… probably because she didn’t realize just how big the damn place was, on account of pretty much never spending any time inside of it. It also hadn’t helped that she had the taskmaster from hell on her ass the whole time. Miki had to admit, she probably wouldn’t have finished in one night if Shizune hadn’t worked her at such a pace.

She flinched as the class president’s hand thwacked her on top of the head for the fifteen millionth time tonight.

“Ouch! If you’re gonna smack me, you could at least do it on my ass!”

Shizune pointed to a stray book off to the side, which Miki had missed. She snatched the wayward thing up and shoved it in place.

“There! Last one! Am I free to go yet?”

Shizune glowered down at Miki, as if considering whether or not to release her from her torment. Even on her knees Miki wasn’t that much shorter than Shizune, but it still felt like the class president towered over her when she got that imperious look. Finally, she made up her mind and started writing on the pad she’d brought along to communicate. It had only come out for absolute necessities—explaining that Misha wasn’t here because she was sick, allowing a bathroom break, and such. Miki had tried half a dozen times to chatter but Shizune always refused to reply, even though she could tell at this point that the other girl was able to lip-read her.

The pad presented its judgment to Miki.

I hope this lesson serves to remind you that there are consequences for possession of illicit substances at Yamaku. Next time I will have no choice but to report you to the principal. Remember that your actions reflect not only on yourself, but on the academy as a whole.

“Yeah, real merciful, you are…” Miki grumbled.

Shizune smacked her on the head.

“Ow! Alright, you’re right… it probably would be pretty bad if I got expelled… thanks for only making me clean the library. Every inch of it. For hours. Until my arms feel like they’re gonna fall off and I want to—uhh, yeah, I’ll just shut up now.”

Shizune nodded that this was a wise decision. Then she scribbled onto the pad as an afterthought:

You are free to go.

Miki whooped with joy and leapt to her feet, bounding towards the door at full tilt.

“Hell yeah! Woohoo! C’mon, Hana, it’s gotta be closing time. Let’s blow this joint!” she exclaimed, bounding past Hanako’s bean bag.

She went past it in such a rush that Miki did not notice it was empty. Nor did she notice that Yuuko was missing from behind the counter. She first realized something was wrong when she reached the library doors and found them closed, rather than propped open as they usually were. Closed—and locked.

“The hell?”

Miki yanked stubbornly on the double doors in momentary denial.

“Open up, you sons of bitches! What gives! Hey, Yuuko, what’s with—”

Turning to face the counter, Miki’s voice died in her throat as she saw that no one stood behind it. What was going on? By now Shizune was striding up in her wake, scowling like Miki had somehow caused this. Miki tugged on the doors a couple more times to show Shizune the problem, confirming in the process that they were, indeed, not going to budge. There was no apparent mechanism for changing that, no handle or button or switch, just a keyhole for a key that they didn’t have.

“We’re fucking locked in!” Miki said incredulously.

Shizune smacked her on the side and wagged a finger at her.

“Yeah, yeah, language, I know! Is that really your first concern right now?”

As if in answer to that, Shizune shoved Miki aside and took hold of the door handles herself. She tugged at them several times, just as stubbornly as Miki had, with no difference in the results. Miki watched with arms crossed, wondering how long it would take for the president to accept the reality of their situation. Glancing back at the clock behind the counter, Miki saw that it was half past eleven. The place must close at eleven, and she wasn’t surprised at all that Yuuko had forgotten they were in here.

Now Shizune was inspecting the door handles carefully, one hand holding her glasses steady, as if she could find some sort of weak point in them if she only glared hard enough. Miki grabbed her by the shoulder to get her attention.

“Yep, they’re doors, alright. You figured it out! You’re not gonna be able to just pout at them until you get your way, okay?” Miki said. “We’re. Locked. In!” she emphasized.

Already visibly displeased with her inability to get the doors open, Shizune’s frown deepened even further at Miki’s treatment of her. She swatted Miki’s arm away from her shoulder and shoved her again, hard, so much so that Miki only barely kept her balance. She couldn’t speak, but the expression on her face said it loud and clear: Shizune blamed Miki for this. Somehow, some way, this was her damn fault. Like everything else, according to Shizune.

Angered in turn by this, Miki decided to shove her back, also hard. Shizune reeled in disbelief for a moment before rearing back and slapping Miki right across the face, the smack of the blow ringing off the library’s walls.

“Oh no you didn’t—!”

Miki backhanded Shizune with her left arm, the tip of the stump knocking the other girl’s glasses askew. No one laid hands on her and just got away with it. Shizune apparently had the same policy, trying to hit Miki again. Ready for it this time, she knocked the incoming slap away, only to have Shizune follow up by kicking her in the shin. As she fell to her knees in pain, Shizune smacked her on the head yet again, a low grunt of anger sounding audibly from the president’s throat.

“You little bitch!” Miki growled, lunging up and forward in a tackle that sent both girls sprawling onto the carpet. She saw nothing but red, fueled by all the night’s pent-up frustration as she hit Shizune wherever and however she could. The other girl fought back with equal ferocity, as if she’d been wanting this all along; every punch that Miki landed was matched by a well-aimed kick or a vicious clawing of the nails, the two of them brawling in a tangled heap of limbs.

Eventually Miki managed to land a solid hit right on Shizune’s temple, stunning her for just a moment, but long enough. Miki clambered atop her enemy and planted a knee into her chest, grinding it down to stop her from fighting back. As Shizune grabbed desperately at her, looking for a way out, Miki leaned in hard on the knee, stilling the other girl’s struggles as the air was forced out of her lungs. Miki could seriously hurt her now if she wanted to, and Shizune knew it.

Miki’s one hand balled into a fist and raised into the air as she got ready to pummel that stupid, arrogant face into a bloody pulp. She wanted this more badly than she’d wanted anything in recent memory—and when she saw genuine fear finally flash in Shizune’s eyes, she sighed in defeat, letting the fist drop as she fell back off of her victim.

“You’re not worth it,” Miki grumbled, looking aside as Shizune coughed the air back into her chest.

She stared pointedly down at the floor, spending a moment to get hold of her emotions. She had been that close to hitting Shizune again… too close… all of her anger was gone now, but in its place came anxiety.

When Miki looked up again, Shizune was sitting up, glaring back at her. No… not glaring. Not anymore. Her anger was gone, too. In its place was… Miki didn’t know. It occurred to her that she had never really seen Shizune in any state of being other than some variant of upset or dissatisfied, with that negative energy almost always directed at her.

“Well. I did a number on you, huh?” Miki blurted out, looking over the damage she’d inflicted. Bruise on one side of her face, glasses wouldn’t sit straight, holding her right arm with the left like her shoulder was twisted… there was a fair bit of it.

Shizune’s lips pursed into a thin line. She nodded pointedly at Miki, as if to return the sentiment. Miki laughed, realizing that Shizune was right. Her shirt was nearly ripped open, she could feel blood trickling from a few cuts on her shoulder, and a bit of her hair decorated the floor where Shizune had pulled it out. They were both good and beaten up. Miki couldn’t deny that part of her felt good to get into a decent scrap, though she should have probably picked a better target than the class president.

Pushing that thought aside, she got up and then held her hand down to Shizune. The president stared up at her, her expression inscrutable, before taking it and letting Miki pull her to her feet. As soon as she was up, Shizune strode past Miki and over to the counter, where she’d apparently left her notepad. She leaned down over it and scribbled hurriedly. Miki followed, looking over her shoulder just in time to see her finish writing.

You’re right. We’re stuck with each other.

“Uhh. Yep.”

Shizune stared at Miki, as if the ball was in her court now.

“So… you’re not gonna get me expelled for beating your a—ahem, err, fighting? With you?”

Shizune turned back to the pad, answering without hesitation.

I fought too. I’d have to expel myself as well.

“Heh. Fair enough.”

I’m sorry I got you locked in here. I should’ve been more aware.

“Well, at least I’ve got company. Even if we did try to murder each other.”

Shizune’s eyes narrowed as she considered something, then she wrote again.

You only won because you’re bigger than me.

“Wait… now wait a minute! Seriously?! I beat you fair and square! Fair and flippin’ square!”

Shizune made a big X with her arms and shook her head emphatically.

Your arms are too long. I couldn’t reach you!

“That… that has nothing to do with it! I’m obviously stronger! Look at these guns, damn it!”

Shizune made an exaggerated yawning gesture, expressing her opinion of Miki’s “guns.”

“You—fine! We can settle it, if you want. Let’s arm wrestle!”

Shizune tapped her pen as she considered this proposition.

What are the stakes?

“Stakes? Showing who’s stronger. Duh!”

No no. If there’s a contest there have to be stakes.

“Alright, have it your way. Loser has to—strip out of her shirt for the rest of the night!”

Shizune scowled at that.

Are you sure? You’d embarrass yourself.

“Excuse me? What’s that supposed to mean?”

Shizune stepped back from the counter and puffed out her chest, holding her arms behind her back. The pose made her meaning quite clear.

“Oh, pfft! They’re probably just stuffed. Mine are all natural! We can just compare that right now, lemme—”

Shizune flinched back from Miki’s outstretched arm, covering her chest protectively, but Miki could see a competitive smirk on her face now.

We’re not taking our shirts off.
Shizune wrote.

Damn. Was worth a try… Miki had always wanted to see if they were really as big as they looked…

The winner can ask the loser any question, and they must answer.

Shizune wrote that as if the decision was final. Still, if naughty options were off the table… then it was as good as anything else, Miki figured. She shrugged her agreement, then hopped over the counter to stand on the other side of it, leaning down and positioning her right elbow on its surface. Shizune matched her positioning and clasped hands with her, not quite as familiar with the activity, but determined all the same.

Then it was on.

The sudden surge of effort from Shizune put Miki on the back foot—the other girl went all in right away and it caught her off guard. Yet she recovered before being pinned and once she did, her larger muscle mass allowed her to push Shizune steadily back. Miki’s opponent grit her teeth and even leaned in a bit (cheating, but Miki allowed it, since it wasn’t enough), her whole body going rigid as she gave it everything she had.

Miki admired her tenacity. But, sheer effort didn’t count for much in this contest. Miki was just stronger than her; ultimately that was all that mattered. She couldn’t stop herself from smirking a bit as Shizune yanked her pinned hand out from under Miki’s, pouting mightily at having been bested yet again. Shizune crossed her arms under her breasts, waiting for Miki to claim her prize.

What’s your cup size?

Miki almost blurted that out. Almost. Much as she did want to know, she only had one question… better spend it wisely.

“Why do you hate me so much?”

This could go really, really wrong, Miki thought, but fuck it. They’d already had it out on each other at this point. Shizune gave another expression Miki had never seen on her before: Surprise. It was only there for a moment before she pulled her face back into its defensive pout, but it was unmistakable. Shizune truly hadn’t expected to be asked something like this. She took a long pause before penning her answer.

I don’t hate you.

“Well that’s not an answer,” Miki said. “C’mon, what’s your beef? Every single time I run into you, you’re on my ass about this thing or that, always scowling and scolding and trying to write me up. Don’t run in the halls, don’t use curse words, don’t look at other girls’ butts… You even tried to make me stuff myself into the girls’ uniform, for crying out loud!” Miki accused, pulling at the boys’ shirt that she wore loosely over her torso.

Girls should dress like girls!

“Stop dodging, damn it!”

Shizune looked away from her before writing again. Miki realized that was yet another thing she’d never seen Shizune do: break eye contact before she did.

You’re obnoxious, you’re rude, you’re lazy, you’re crass, you don’t follow any rules, you don’t respect authority, and you’re too big.


Happy? Shizune added as an afterthought.

“Oh yeah? Is that so?”

Shizune nodded, staring straight into Miki’s eyes again, as if daring Miki to deny any of it.

She couldn’t.

“Yeah, well, you’re… you’re… you’re a prissy little bitch! So there! You wanna go? Again?!”

Shizune shook her head slowly. Miki’s anger faded as quickly as it came. Shizune’s expression didn’t match her harsh words. She looked conflicted, like there was some kind of unwritten “but” to her answer. She turned back to her pad and wrote again after absorbing Miki’s reaction.

And you’re true to yourself. So no, I don’t hate you.

“True to myself?”

Shizune nodded firmly.

Honest. Not fake.

Miki couldn’t deny that, either.

“So I just get on your nerves, huh?”

Shizune nodded again.

“Heh. Well, you piss me off too, y’know. You’re full of yourself, you’re a busybody, you’ve got a huge stick up your ass, and those knockers can’t be r—”

Shizune put a finger to her lips in a shushing motion, frowning at Miki to shut up. That twinkle was back in her eyes, though. Miki could call her about a thousand more nasty things without breaking a sweat. All of a sudden, she didn’t really care to. True to herself… for all the shitty qualities Shizune had, they had that one in common, Miki thought. Not many girls would have the balls to square up with her like this. Or boys, for that matter.

I’m sorry I hit you.

“Yeah, well. I probably deserved it.”

Shizune allowed herself a wry smile at that. Miki looked at the clock again. Shit… not even one in the morning yet. What time would this place open up again, anyways?

“Welp. We’re still stuck in here together, for a good few more hours. How are we gonna do this, huh? Draw a line down the middle of the place, you get your half, I get mine?”

That seems boring. Can’t you think of anything else for us to do?

“Oh, I can think of a few things…” Miki said, tugging suggestively at the rip in her shirt. Shizune made a retching impression at this.

“Hey! Rude! Besides… since we’re being honest with each other here… you and Misha? Yeah?”

Shizune gave her a questioning look.

“Oh, don’t play dumb. I don’t know how to do my hair all up into drills, but I can be just as loud as her, if that’s what you’re into! Do you like, feel the vibrations or something?”

Shizune made another big X with her arms and even wrote down her disapproval of this notion.

Me and Misha are friends. Just friends! Nothing more!

Suddenly Miki got the feeling that Shizune was seriously upset again. Maybe she had touched a nerve? Well, it wasn’t really her business one way or the other.

“Alright, alright, sorry! Maybe we should just get some rest? It’s probably past both our bedtimes and those beanbags look mighty comfy…”


“Shicchan~!!! There you are! Oh, I was so, so worried! Were you in here all night?! Time to get up, sleepy-head! Yuuko, you sillyball, you—”

“Um, Misha, Shizune, you should uhh…”

“Oh!! Shicchan, where’d your skirt go? Everyone can see your undies! Wahahaha~! I never knew you wore pink. Just like me~! What’s that written on them? ‘Dunce?’ Ahahahahaha~!!”

“Misha, you probably shouldn’t l-laugh so much, she looks very… angry…”

“Micchan? Oh yeah, Miki was here just a minute ago. She ran away really fast as soon as she saw us! She was laughing really hard, too. What do you think she was doing in here?… Shicchan? Where are you going? Shicchan, wait up! I can give you my skirt to wear if you want, just… Shicchan, wait! Waahh~!”
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An Unusual Friendship (Misha x Hanako Route)
Riposte (Rika Mini-Route)
One-Shots Thread (Random Smut/Meme Stories)

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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 5/16/19)

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Two characters I knew I wanted stories for but never seemed to get around to were Akira and Yuuko. The problem was I just wasn't sure who to pair these ladies with. Then the obvious solution presented itself.


An Evening Rendezvous (Naomi x Natsume x ...Hisao?) [Slight lewd warning]
Mother Knows Best (Hisao x Meiko) [Lewd warning]
A Very Unusual Friendship (Lilly x Hanako) [Lewd warning]
A Friendly Competition (Misha x Shizune) [Lewd warning]
Snowed In (Hisao x Hanako) [Not lewd! For once! At least not explicitly so >.>]
Morning Stretches (Emi x Rin + special guest appearance) [Lewd! We back at it!]
Locked In (Hisao x Hanako + bonus pairing) [Snowed In follow-up; A little lewd, only a little]
In The Moment (Rika x Saki) [Lewd warning]
The Student Council Shuffle (Multiple pairings!) [Not lewd!]
Undercover (Miki x Suzu) [Lewd warning]
Lilly's Day Off (Lilly x ???)
Overnighter (Shizune x Miki) [Not lewd]
Working Women (Akira x Yuuko) [Lewd!] [Thanks to MoashLannister for this title]
An Unusual Family (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Very Unusual Friendship follow-up; very lewd]
Operation Bedfellow (Kenji x Rin) [Non-lewd]
Flights of Fancy (Misha x Rin) [No lewd I promise]
An Unexpected Development (Lilly x Hanako x Hisao) ["Evil Lilly" story--big smut/edge warning]
An Intimate Game (Mutou x Shizune) [Not lewd... or is it?]
High Stakes (Aoi x Keiko x Misha) [Medium lewd]
A Most Unorthodox Christmas (Evil Lilly part 4--I think if there is a part 5 they may need their own thread) [Lewd with BONUS ART]
The Last Stand (Lilly x Kenji) [Lewd]
A Hearty Rivalry (Meiko vs Lilly) [Non lewd]
A Lighter Touch (Shizune & Hisao vs Lilly) [Non lewd]
Prying Eyes (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Lewd]
Bitter Spirits (Hanako x Hisao w/ mystery guest appearance) [Very lewd]
All in the Family (Hisao x everyone) [Not smut though I promise]
Wet Dreams (Hisao x Suzu) [Lewd]


Working Women

Yuuko took a hurried sip of her coffee as she went about checking that everything was in order.

“Returns… cabinets, keys… computer…”

Six in the evening wasn’t coffee time for most people but she still had a half-shift at the Shanghai coming up. She’d need the energy to get through it.

“New arrivals… orders… waiting list…”

Yuuko stopped as she realized what was still under her desk, halfway open as if to tempt her. Hanako and Lilly would walk back this way any minute… she needed to be quick, or they might see it as she put it away… she normally stowed it at least half an hour before closing time… stupid, stupid, stupid…


Already flustered, the librarian jumped out of her skin as someone rapped loudly on the counter. Her arms flailed as she plucked the forbidden object out from its hiding place, sending it flying high into the air. She watched it fall in slow motion to land on the other side of the counter, right at the person’s feet and opened fully for them to see. Spilt coffee dribbled idly off the counter’s edge as time seemed to stop for a moment. Yuuko lifted her eyes slowly to face her shame, needing to see which student or teacher was going to have her fired for this…

“Sorry I startled—Huh.”

Akira stopped her apology cold as she took in what she was seeing. The manga pages at her feet depicted two women, one tall and buxom, the other petite and slight, the former holding the latter slightly aloft with their faces pressed together. Their naked bodies were penned in exquisite detail, one hand on a partner’s cheek, another on a breast, and the remaining two below the waist, engaging in lewder actions still. The image was the only panel displayed, blown up across both pages, with shaky lines outlining the two lovers to emphasize the intensity of their coupling.

“I-I-I-I—” Yuuko stammered

“Hush,” Akira said.

Without missing a beat, Akira flipped the manga closed with the toe of her shoe, slid it halfway under the counter, then stood on top of the half that remained sticking out. Not a moment too soon, as Yuuko could hear Lilly’s cane tapping steadily towards them. She choked back tears as she and Hanako joined them at the counter, her expression holding but wobbling on the edge of collapse.

“Oh, h-hi Akira…” Hanako mumbled.

Fortunately, the elder Satou’s presence seemed to distract her.

“Akira? You’re a bit early,” Lilly remarked.

“Yeah, work cut me a break,” Akira said. “For once.”

“What a pleasant surprise. Good evening, Yuuko,” Lilly said, beginning to tap on past her to the door. “We’ll see you again shortly,” she added.

“B-bye…” Hanako added.

What did that mean? Did she know? Did she know?!

“I’m taking these two out for a treat at your place,” Akira said.

“Sh-shouldn’t we… give her a ride?” Hanako suggested, looking at Akira. “To w-work?”

“Oh, nononono! That’s okay that’s okay! I couldn’t!” Yuuko burst out. “I, umm! I take up too much space! I would never fit! I’msorryI’msorryI’msorry!”

Lilly laughed lightly at this justification.

“My my, Yuuko. You must allow us to help you every once in a while. I’m sure we wouldn’t mind offering you a lift… right, Akira?”

“Erm,” Akira started, clearing her throat to gain a few extra seconds of response time. “Actually. Yuuko’s right, sort of. I kinda don’t have room… I have, y’know… work stuff all over the place.”

Akira gave Yuuko a knowing look.

“Yesyesyes, I need to walk. It’s my exercise! That’s it! So I walk!” Yuuko said.

“I th-thought you usually got a taxi…” Hanako said, sounding confused.

“New thing! Emi inspired me! Lots of walking!” Yuuko said, realizing that her arm had been waving goodbye frantically this whole time.

“O-okay… see you…” Hanako said.

“You’re setting such a good example. Making sure to exercise on top of college studies and two jobs! You never cease to amaze, Yuuko,” Lilly said, laughing to herself again as she finally, mercifully, led Hanako out the double doors.

“Uhhh, you go on ahead to the car, I’m just gonna help her clean this up. I kinda caused it,” Akira said, pointing to the river of spilt coffee.

Lilly waved a hand over her shoulder from the hallway as Hanako mentioned the spill to her. Akira stood frozen in place, watching the two younger girls like a hawk until they disappeared around a corner. Yuuko was petrified as well, both looking and feeling like a deer in headlights. Slowly, cautiously, Akira pulled the shameful comic back out from its hiding place and laid it on the counter, carefully smoothing out its pages with the sleeves of her shirt.

“I can… ex-explain…” Yuuko started, though she had no idea how. “I swear I’m not a, a… p-p-p-p—”

She couldn’t even say it. Akira was still staring down at the manga, and even flipping through some of its pages, no doubt taking it in as evidence for when she went to the principal about Yuuko’s employment.

“This isn’t half bad. Where’d you find it?” Akira asked.


“The art here. It’s really well dr—aww, come on now,” Akira said, changing her statement as she saw the first couple of tears roll down Yuuko’s cheeks. “Look, I’m really sorry I scared you, okay? I… I always thought it was kind of funny when you jumped. That was wrong of me. I won’t do it again, alright?” she said, reaching across the counter and brushing the tears from Yuuko’s cheeks.

“I d-don’t understand…”

“Don’t understand… ?”

Yuuko forced herself to point at the open manga. This page involved one of the two women strip-teasing for the other, ending with a close-up of them making out. She suddenly snatched it up and closed it, then threw it onto the floor behind her, unable to keep it within Akira’s sight any longer.

“That?” Akira asked, looking confused.

Yuuko nodded shamefully.

“Uhh…” Akira’s voice lowered and took on a conspiratorial tone as she leaned in, “… that is, ahem… yours, right? This library doesn’t like… actually stock those?”

“Yes, it’s mine!” Yuuko said, her voice rising in pitch so high that it nearly broke. “It’s mine okay it’s mine don’t tell please I’m begging you!!”

Akira raised an eyebrow quizzically.

“Why would I tell?”

“Pornogra—lewd materials are strictly forbidden!” Yuuko declared. “Ohh!! I knew I shouldn’t bring them to work but you don’t understand I work so many hours and it gets so lonely it’s only Hanako here and she never talks so I just need to distract—”

“Hush,” Akira said again. “It’s alright. You think you’re the first person to look at porn during work? Ha!”

Akira gave her a cheeky grin.

“Since you showed me yours…”

She pulled a small manga of her own out from inside of her suit, laying it open on the counter before Yuuko. It was a different publisher but the contents were much the same, if perhaps a bit more… experimental. Yuuko saw ropes and handcuffs as Akira flipped briefly through the pages, but all the characters were still most definitely women. She gulped, trying not to think all the things those brief glimpses of the comic were already making her think.

“You like?” Akira asked, noticing Yuuko’s immediate reaction. “I usually look at ‘em on my lunch break or something.”

“N-n-no!!” Yuuko protested.

“…Oh. I guess it is a bit… kinky, huh?” Akira said, looking away as her own face turned red. A spark of excitement had flared in her red eyes a moment ago, but now Yuuko saw her own insecurities mirrored in the other woman, that exact same crippling fear of judgment and ridicule.

“I m-m-mean…” Yuuko stammered on, struggling to fix her mistake. “It’s uhh… it l-looks… it looks n-nice, it’s just…”

She took hold of Akira’s comic and flipped through it herself. “It looks nice” was actually quite an understatement. The bondage bits seemed light and consensual from what she was seeing… she’d looked at things more intense than this plenty of times. She’d just made such a habit of not letting herself think about that while interacting with other people, now it was hard for her to talk about, even when it seemed she’d finally met someone who might understand…

Yuuko jumped in fright as Akira placed a hand over hers, stilling her from flipping through the comic.

“Hey, you don’t have to pretend to be into it, if you’re not. Maybe I shouldn’t have—”

“N-no, you should!” Yuuko blurted out. “I… I…”

Akira waited expectantly. Yuuko forced herself to look Akira right in the eyes.

“I… I really like looking at this stuff!” she said, finally letting it out. Her face would’ve turned redder, were it not already at its deepest possible shade. “I just… I’ve never told anyone…” she added as an afterthought.

“You mean that?” Akira asked hopefully.

“Mean wh-what?”

“You’re into, y’know… girls?” Akira clarified, her voice dropping again, as if Lilly might still be listening in somehow.

Yuuko nodded. She saw that spark of excitement flare back up in Akira’s eyes, along with something else, a softening of her normally sharp features. Suddenly she noticed that Akira’s face had turned nearly as red as her eyes, matching Yuuko’s own hue.

“Well,” Akira said, trying to break the awkward moment. “I’ll keep your secret… if you keep mine… deal?”

“Mmhmm!!” Yuuko agreed emphatically. “Please, don’t tell anyone! About my…”

“…about how you linger on Lilly’s ass every time she walks out?” Akira said with a quick smirk.

“Ahh!!! Yes, that, don’t tell anyone that!”

“Don’t worry. I might have stolen a few glances at Hanako’s,” Akira said, her voice dropping to a comedic whisper before following up with a hushing motion and a wink.

Yuuko managed a smile at that. Hanako did have a nice figure as well… no! She shouldn’t think about the students that way! Even if the school blouses did somehow hug onto their chests like they were vacuum sealed!

“Look, uhh, I need to be going. Lilly’s probably almost at the car by now,” Akira said, taking her “reading material” and returning it to its hiding place. “But, say… what time do you get off? From work, that is?”

Yuuko told her, feeling in a bit of a daze as Akira walked out and she was finally left to collect her thoughts. If only there was time for her to really do that… she would be late for her shift now… especially since the spilt coffee was still right there, she still needed to wipe it up!



By the time Yuuko got to the Shanghai and finished changing, Akira, Lilly and Hanako were done eating, having been served as the previous shift’s last customers. She recited a prayer of thanks in her head as she cleaned up their dishes, trying not to obsess over the lingering wave Akira gave her on the way out the door. The rest of the evening was quite busy, which in this case was a blessing, as it stopped Yuuko from giving herself a panic attack by thinking too much about the day’s events.

Rationally she knew why Akira had asked what time she got off, but she still managed to jump in shock when she walked out the front door and there she was. It had been a few hours since Akira left with Lilly and Hanako… she hadn’t been leaning against the wall this whole time, had she? Where had she been waiting?

“G’night, Yuukers,” Akira said, the slight slur in her voice answering that question.

“Ah, hi, A-Akira…”

“So, you feelin’ tired after pullin’ that double?”

“Oh yes, quite tired, my legs really need to r—”

“Perfect! Then you’re ready to party!” Akira announced, throwing her arm around Yuuko’s shoulder like they were old friends.

“—p-party? After work?” Yuuko asked in confusion.

“Yeah!” Akira emphasized. “I mean, that’s always when I party! Can’t exactly do it at the office!”

She withdrew a can of beer from her jacket and popped it open, taking a long swig ending with a satisfied sigh.

“So… umm… what are we doing?” Yuuko asked timidly.

“Hanging out, of course!” Akira said happily. “I told ‘em to save me two seats at the bar!”

“I don’t really like bars…”

“…Shit, really? Well, do you have booze in there?” Akira asked, motioning behind her to the Shanghai.

“No, but there’s an old vending machine in the alley out back that sells beer…”

“Good enough for me!”

Akira steered them both back inside the now-empty café. They really weren’t supposed to just sit around in the café after it had closed… were they? Yuuko couldn’t actually think of a clear rule against it… still, maybe she should have just gone to the bar…

“Hey there! Earth to Yuuko!”


Yuuko jumped as Akira waved a hand in front of her face.

“You’re awfully uptight, you know that?” Akira said.

“I umm! I guess I just—”

“Y’know what’ll fix that?!” Akira continued, pressing the beer can into Yuuko’s chest to answer her own question. “You need it more than I do!”

“I ahh, suppose I could…”

Yuuko took the can and brought it to her lips, trying to match Akira’s large swig from outside. She didn’t mind beer but she neither did she love it as her companion seemed to, so she couldn’t quite get there… yet when she swallowed and tried to put the can down, she felt something holding it insistently in place, even tipping it slightly further forward into her mouth.


“C’mon, drink! Drink!” Akira cheered.

It didn’t occur to Yuuko not to obey. After a bit of beer dribbled down her chin at the initial shock of it, she managed to get a hold on the beverage, surprising herself at how steadily she found her throat chugging it down. The next thing she knew, the can was empty on a table at her side and Akira was slapping her knees with laughter.

“That’s more like it! Knew you had it in you!” Akira said. “Guess we got more than one thing in common, huh?” she added playfully. Yuuko found herself laughing at the other woman’s antics.

“Now! Where’s that vending machine!” Akira demanded.

The short trip outside gave Yuuko a moment to observe her unexpected new friend as she fiddled with the vending machine. Akira was clearly drunk, her personality and mannerisms exaggerated, but she still carried herself well somehow. It was like she had taken on all the positives of drinking without any of the negatives. Yuuko wished she could do that. She had enjoyed alcohol in the past, finding that it helped with her anxiety, but she always ended up going overboard…

Back inside, Akira shoved a second can of beer towards Yuuko while popping her new one open with another long swig.

“So what do we do now?” Yuuko asked. “I don’t… I never really have time to just, erm, ‘hang out.’”

“Tell me about it. Any time I can get away from work, I usually end up coming down this way.”

“What about your…”

Yuuko’s voice died as she thought about what she was about to ask. This definitely didn’t add up. How to ask it without offending Akira… she took another drink to brace herself.

“…Lilly s-said you had a, had a… a b-boyfriend?” Yuuko asked.

“Oh! Right! The boyfriend! Ahem, yeah. You wanna see him?”

“Ah, sure, I suppose!”

“Okay. Lemme show you what he looks like. You ready?”

“Yes,” Yuuko answered, expecting Akira to pull out a photograph or something. Instead, she gestured dramatically to the empty air at her side, as if someone had suddenly appeared there. No one had.

“Ta-da!” Akira proclaimed.

“He’s… invisible?”

“No, you dope. He isn’t real! I made him up. You know, to… shut people up.”

Yuuko saw a tinge of red creep into Akira’s cheeks again.

“God, it feels nice to say that aloud,” she added.

“Ahh, I thought you might… you know… like both sexes?”

“Nah, not really. You?”

The casual reversal of the question caught Yuuko off guard, causing her to shrivel for a moment.

“Don’t have to answer if you don’t want. It’s no problem,” Akira said with a shrug.

Yuuko could tell that she meant it. Still, if Akira was opening up to her… Yuuko was suddenly very aware that this was quite possibly the only place, with the only person, that she herself might ever be able to open up. She drank some more to help herself with that.

“I think… some boys are pretty. Maybe if I met someone I really liked, but when I just want to think about… being with someone, in… in bed…”

“…it’s always a girl,” Akira finished for her.

Yuuko nodded in confirmation. She went for another drink and realized her can was already empty. Akira smiled at her confusion, motioning for them to sit at a nearby table. Once there, she pushed her own can into the middle of it so they could share.

“It’s a real pain, isn’t it?” Akira asked.

“Liking girls?”


“Yeah… is that why you… gave yourself a boyfriend?”

“You mean you haven’t?”

“What? No, all my crushes were girls!”

“Mine too. Shame life isn’t that simple. I guess it wouldn’t be as much a problem for someone like you as it is me.”

“What does that mean?”

“Well, the way I dress, the way I look, my job… the fact I always turn guys down when they try… sooner or later, people start to talk. Start to get suspicious. But you, you’re a waitress and a librarian. If you turn a guy down, he’ll think it’s because of how anxious you are. And you look, well… ahem…”

Akira looked away and blushed again, harder this time. Yuuko had never seen her at a loss for words like that. She wanted desperately to ask what she looked like, but she was too terrified of the answer to do so.

“…you look really… nice,” Akira finished flatly, giving off the distinct feeling that she wanted to say more.

“Ahh, th-thank you, Akira. You look nice too!” Yuuko stammered back at her.

“…no kidding?”

Now it was Yuuko’s turn to blush, once again faced with a question she wasn’t ready to answer. She wasn’t kidding, of course, it was just hard to put her feelings into words at the best of times, never mind at a time like this.

“Of-of course! You look… you’re very… sharp!” Yuuko said.

“…Sharp, huh?” Akira echoed, looking down and around at herself as if to confirm that she did, in fact, look sharp.

“So is it hard to, uhh…” Yuuko started, trying to distract Akira back towards something resembling a normal conversation. Nothing about this was normal, but she had to stay as close as she could get, for the sake of her nerves. “…is it hard… keeping a secret, like that? Ahh, sorry if I’m getting too personal!”

Akira laughed heartily at that.

“You’re good. You already know the big one. No point holding anything else back. Is it hard having an imaginary boyfriend? I mean… not any harder than being this way already was. I got plenty used to lying, a long time ago. By the time I made up the boyfriend thing, nah, it wasn’t hard.”

“I could never pull that off. I’m a terrible liar…” Yuuko said.

“You are. Except about this. Unless I’m reading things wrong, people ahh, don’t know about your preferences, either?”

“No, they don’t, but… no one ever asks! And thank god they don’t!”

“Yeah, that’s what I was getting at. Me… people ask about me.”

“Oh goodness! I’d have a heart attack!”

“I almost did, the first few times. Especially when the folks started getting nosy. But I managed.”


Akira tapped the beer can with a wry smile.


“Yeah, half the guys at the office want me gone already. They don’t appreciate being shown up by a woman. Or maybe they’re just pissed I wouldn’t go out with them… who knows. My dad, though… well. If he found out, let’s just say all those guys who want me gone would get what they want. In a big hurry.”

“That’s terrible… so it really is that bad…”

Akira shrugged.

“Might not be for you. Yamaku’s a pretty understanding place.”

“Still, I just… I could never, I don’t think I ever could.”

“Then it’s a damn good thing no one asks you, huh?”

“Aha, haha… yes!”

“What about your folks? You ever run into trouble with them?”

“Oh, umm, no… what I mean is… it’s like I said. No one has ever asked. Not even them. My mom was worried for a while because I never had any boyfriends, but she never thought… she always just said I’d find someone when I was ready.”

“I’m sure you will,” Akira said.

“Ah… so… Lilly? Does she know?”

“Oh, Lilly… well…”

Akira polished off the beer and took a long pause to consider, her sudden reticence surprising Yuuko.

“Lilly’s… she’s another story.”

“I see.”

The conversation died, its aftermath hanging heavy in the air. Yuuko kept her eyes locked with Akira’s, musing that Akira now knew her better than anyone else on the planet, better than even her own parents. And yet Yuuko couldn’t think of a single further thing to say in her presence. It was a very strange feeling.

“So!” Akira exclaimed, jumping to her feet to break the silence. “Wanna give me the grand tour?” she asked, looking around the empty café. “Maybe you can show me how to make one of those giant parfaits Misha likes!”

“Oh! Umm! Sure!”

Yuuko jumped to her feet as well, less gracefully than Akira despite having consumed exponentially less alcohol. She yelped in pain as she banged her knee on the corner of the table, leaning over and holding it.

“Yikes! You okay?” Akira asked, at her side immediately.

“Mmm… yeah… I’m used to hurting myself, so it’s okay,” Yuuko said, allowing herself a laugh at her own clumsiness. The alcohol was starting to kick in a bit. She felt Akira’s hands, one on her back and the other on her shoulder, gingerly helping her to straighten up.

“Haha… I know it’s painful, but you gotta admit, it’s also kinda cute,” Akira said.

Yuuko regained her stature just as Akira finished saying that, their eyes meeting on the word “cute.” The buzz of the beer mixed with something else as she looked into the other woman’s face, only inches away… then she hopped back into action, breaking the trance as she remembered what she was supposed to be doing.

“Well! You already saw all around in here—the dining area!” Yuuko said, stepping away from Akira to motion at their surroundings. “Let’s check out the kitchen! Ohh, I’m really not supposed to let people back there if they aren’t employees…”

Akira laughed as she said that thought out loud.

“Are you supposed to let anyone in after hours?”

“…Probably not… let’s not think about that! Parfaits! Let’s think about parfaits! Come on, this way!” Yuuko said, leading Akira behind the counter and then down a short hallway into the kitchen at the back of the building. It was small for a restaurant, but so was the Shanghai. It suited the café’s needs, with most of its limited space dedicated to refrigeration and the various implements needed to prepare desserts. The tea, while technically the Shanghai’s specialty, didn’t actually require much to make in the way of special tools or machines.

“Man, you actually know how to use all this stuff?” Akira asked with a whistle.

“More or less!”

“It’s a real shame you don’t stock any drinks… definitely could with all these fridges.”

“We probably would if more customers were like you.”


“…Ahh, did I say something funny?”

“I didn’t really expect such a good jab from you, Yuuko.”

“Eeek!! Sorry sorry, I didn’t mean it like that! It’s totally okay that you like to drink. Alcohol is… perfectly good and safe! In moderate amounts!”

This attempt at an apology only seemed to amplify Akira’s amusement. Yuuko sighed in exasperation at her own antics.

“What I mean is… well, if we just had more customers your age, really. Maybe ones that worked a lot and wanted to cool off after, like you do. Everyone that comes in here is either retired or goes to Yamaku,” Yuuko explained.

Akira nodded thoughtfully.

“So they’re all either too old or too young. Makes sense. Probably for the best after all… I bet Misha could really pack some drinks away if she had the chance,” Akira said.

“I know, she has such an appetite. It’s incredible! Parfaits are too expensive for her to buy very often, so this way, she has just enough weight to fill out her curves and not a pound more. Ohh, I wish I had hips like hers…”

“You pay close attention to Misha’s hips, do you?”

Yuuko perked up and began to protest, then suppressed the automatic response, deciding instead to just nod bashfully.

“Well, don’t sweat it. Yours aren’t half bad, unless that apron is lyin’ to me,” Akira said. “Speaking of Misha… is it hard to make those giant parfaits for her?”

“Actually, not at all! I mean, the first couple times, it was. I couldn’t follow the recipe at all and I completely messed it up!”

Akira raised an eyebrow.

“What’s the catch?”

“I was terrified when I served them to her, but she ate them anyways and said she loved them. So the next time I watched her eat one and I saw what she does. She just mashes them all up into paste anyways! So nothing really matters except which ingredients you throw together. She’s my favorite customer because she’s so easy to please!”

“Haha, that does sound like Misha. Does she have a favorite ingredient, or does she literally not care?”

“Oh yes. Strawberries! That’s the magic ingredient. She always asks for them!” Yuuko explained, opening one of the refrigerators and pulling out a tray of the small red fruits.

“Mmm. I can see why. Those look damn good right now… you gonna get onto me if I have one?” Akira asked.

“Eeehh… I should, but… I really want one too…” Yuuko admitted.

“I think we deserve to get what we want every once in a while.”

Yuuko reached a hand out towards the juicy treats but stopped short, her fingers trembling in midair. She knew that it didn’t matter… she knew that she could have one… but it was just…

“Here, lemme help ya with that,” Akira said, snatching one and holding it up to Yuuko’s face. When her mouth opened a bit in surprise, Akira popped the strawberry right in with an amused giggle. Yuuko let it sit between her lips, still hesitating to actually bite into it. Akira just waited, grinning and confident, clearly enjoying the moment.

Then she leaned forward and pressed her lips to Yuuko’s, kissing her forcefully with the fruit stuck between them. Yuuko only froze up for a second before leaning into it, inhaling deeply with pleasure as their mouths mingled. The heady rush of the act blocked out all conscious thought; Yuuko didn’t quite know what she was doing, but she knew this was what she wanted. Sensing the acceptance in Yuuko’s body language, Akira ran her hands down the other woman’s sides to cradle her hips, then pressed her up against the row of fridges before redoubling her efforts.

By the time it was over the strawberry was gone. Yuuko had no idea which one of them had eaten how much of it.

“You looked like you needed some help eating it, too,” Akira said into her ear, her chin resting on Yuuko’s shoulder as they stood together, bodies still close.

Her heart pounded and her whole body burned, alive and excited. She realized that she’d just been holding her hands up in the air like an idiot this whole time—she started moving them down to grasp Akira’s waist as well, her nerves flashing with fresh arousal as she felt Akira trembling slightly at her touch. She wanted to hold Akira, to feel her hips, feel her back, feel her—feel her everywhere, but Yuuko’s hands froze, refusing to obey her desires. Understanding her hesitance, Akira put a hand over one of hers and moved it firmly down to take a hip, forcing her past her reservations.

“A-Akira… I’ve never…” Yuuko breathed.

“S’okay. Me neither,” Akira reassured her.


Akira leaned back enough that they could look at each other again, licking her lips clean of the strawberry’s remnants. Her face was just as red as Yuuko’s, her eyes conveying the same mixture of barely suppressed emotions that Yuuko herself was feeling. Was this right? What were they doing? Where would it go? When would it end?

Right now none of that seemed to matter.

“You never kissed… anyone?” Yuuko asked breathlessly.

Akira ran a hand through her hair and looked away.

“Well, yeah, I mean… never met anyone else who… felt the same way as me,” she explained sheepishly.

“Mmmm,” Yuuko agreed.

“Hope it wasn’t too terrible.”

“N-no, not at—it was—I really, really liked it!” Yuuko said.

“Oh?” Akira perked up, her smile returning. “Well, umm. We probably shouldn’t stay in here all night, should we?”

“No… probably not… we, err… I don’t know if my roommates…”

“I know where we can go. I’ve got something to show you, if you’re interested.”

“Really? Okay. Okay! Where are we going?”

“Back to the school.”

“Back to… Yamaku? But how?”

Akira leaned in and gave Yuuko another kiss for reassurance, this one shorter but no less enjoyable.

“You’ll see. Just trust me.”

Yuuko would never do anything this questionable under ordinary circumstances. Tonight had been anything but ordinary.


The walk back to the school was made mostly in silence. Akira made a few offhand comments and Yuuko responded. She couldn’t remember what they had been. While everything before the kiss had felt anxious, nervous and uncertain, now everything felt calm and familiar. Akira’s presence no longer intimidated Yuuko, no longer caused one nagging question after another to run through her head in an endless train of worry. That was all drowned out by the pleasant afterbuzz of what they’d done in the kitchen together, the comforting warmth of Akira’s hand clasped in hers.

Her nerves came back in full force as they approached the girls’ dorm—the school security guard came around the side of the building just as they got close, spotting them immediately. He gave them a puzzled look before walking over, flashlight shining at their feet. Maybe if they were lucky, they could just turn around and leave without any trouble…

“What’s this, Satou? Made a friend?” the guard asked.

“Ayep,” Akira said. “You got anything for me tonight?”

“You know it. Can’t survive these night shifts without it!”

The guard took a flask out of his pocket and handed it to Akira, who unscrewed its cap and took a hearty drink. She then pressed it into Yuuko’s chest, just as she had done with the beer earlier. Unsure of what was going on but sensing that they were safe after all, Yuuko accepted the offering and took her own swig. She’d had liquor before, but usually in cocktails—whatever this was, it burned her throat all the way down, giving her a coughing fit after she managed to finish swallowing it.

“Hey, not many people can handle this stuff. Look at you go!” the guard said with a laugh, while Akira slapped Yuuko on the back to help her work through the coughs.

“Haha, yeah, sorry… probably shoulda warned you first. Hiro’s a whiskey guy,” Akira said.

“Is that what that was?” Yuuko croaked out. “Yes, I think maybe I’ll just… get some water…”

“So, the usual?” Hiro asked Akira. “Long night out?”

“As always. And yes, tonight I had a… wingman. Wingwoman? Is that a word?” Akira asked rhetorically, helping Yuuko straighten up with an arm around her shoulders. “Anyhow. We’ve had a bit much to be driving, so I figured this would be the best place to end up. This is Yuuko. You two ever met?”

“Maybe in passing? You work in the library, right?” Hiro asked.

“Ah, yes, that’s my job. That’s me!” Yuuko said nervously. She had seen the guard before but wouldn’t have been able to remember his name. He gave her easygoing smile, apparently unconcerned with whatever she and Akira were up to. Yuuko supposed curfew only applied to students. She gave him a smile back as she and Akira continued walking.

“You ladies take care,” he said, giving them a wave goodbye as he continued his rounds.

When they reached the dorm’s side door, Akira took out a key and unlocked it, letting them inside.

“I got a set from Lilly so I could crash here if I needed to, or just if she ever needs help or something,” Akira explained.

That made sense, but…

“We’re staying in here?” Yuuko asked.

“If you want to. I know a place,” Akira said.

“Alright,” Yuuko agreed, following Akira through the small common room and into the hallway beyond. Luckily the place was deserted, with all the girls in their rooms for the night, at least on this wing of the ground floor. Though even if they were seen, Yuuko now doubted whether they would actually get into any trouble, after the encounter with the security guard. It seemed like the rules at Yamaku really weren’t as strict as she had thought…

Akira stopped at one of the doors and put another key into the lock, letting them into it. When she flipped on the lights, Yuuko’s first thought was that it was an empty room, unoccupied and unused. The walls and desk were so sparse, free of any apparent decorations. Then she began to notice what few signs of life the room had—a small trash can in one corner, a box of tissues on the desk, and such. Most notable was an antique doll resting on a shelf, clad in a blue dress and topped with golden hair flowing out from underneath a wide hat. It was the only item in the whole room that was decorative rather than functional.

“Where are we?” Yuuko asked.

“Hanako’s room.”

“Wh-what? Where is she? Is she okay?”

“Let’s see for ourselves. Or, ahem, hear.”

Akira flopped down on the bed and motioned for Yuuko to do the same. She didn’t understand but followed along, laying on the bed next to Akira. Akira then indicated the wall which the bed was pushed up against and pressed one ear to it, listening to the room next door. Yuuko followed her example, still rather confused.

“Akira, umm, what are we doing?” Yuuko asked.

“Shhh. Listen… ayep, there it is. You hear that?”

Yuuko closed her eyes and focused for a moment before it finally came through. There was a sound, albeit very faint.

“It’s… someone breathing?” Yuuko guessed.

“That’s one way of putting it.”

“No, that’s…”

The sound rose just enough in volume that Yuuko could make it out more clearly. It wasn’t just heavy breaths, it was… moaning. Light and muffled through the wall, but distinct.

“Goodness, who is that? Are they okay?”

“Hanako? I bet she’s more than okay right about now.”

“Hanako?! Why would she sound like this? Is she…”

Yuuko’s voice trailed off as she realized what she was hearing. She had only ever heard people make sounds like that when they were in pain, but… she knew there was another thing that could cause it. Akira gave her a knowing smile upon seeing the comprehension dawn on her face.

“That’s Lilly’s room next door,” Akira explained.

“So Lilly and Hanako… they… ?”

Yuuko’s kneejerk reaction was disbelief. Yet the idea quickly became plausible when she thought about it… Lilly was beautiful and well-liked, yet never had any boyfriends… the two of them had such a close relationship, and they were always touching each other while together… Yuuko suddenly pulled back from the wall, feeling guilty for listening in on their intimate activities.

“Should we really be in here then? Where we can… hear?” Yuuko asked as Akira turned over to lay next to her, working an arm under her back and around one shoulder.

“If it bothers them, they shouldn’t have given me the room,” Akira said with a shrug.

“So you stay here often?”

“I dunno if I’d say often, but whenever I need to, yeah. No telling when the last time was that Hanako actually slept in here. It’s basically their guest bedroom.”

Yuuko had noticed that the sheets were unnaturally tidy for a lived-in room, another detail that caused her to think it was empty at first.

“And do you… listen? Often?” Yuuko asked.

“Oh, wouldn’t you like to know?” Akira shot back, kissing her on the cheek. Her heart fluttered at the affection, but she was feeling a bit bolder around Akira now, enough to push back on her a bit.

“Don’t try to distract,” Yuuko said, turning her head to face Akira with a slight pout. “We’re sharing, right?”

Akira leaned back with an expression of mock disbelief before her features softened as she recognized Yuuko’s point.

“Yeah, yeah… well… I might’ve heard ‘em a few times…” she said sheepishly. “…sometimes I swear Lilly wants me to hear… I mean, why the hell else are the beds pushed right up on the wall?”

“So you and Lilly are both… and you both know, about the other?”

“We’ve got a few things that run in the family, yeah. As for us knowing? I dunno, it’s kinda weird. We really don’t talk about it, even though yeah, she definitely knows that I know about her, and I’m pretty sure she knows about me. But I think if we do our best to ignore it, then… it just makes it easier to deal with our family.”

“But she has someone, someone to be with,” Yuuko pointed out. “You don’t.”

“Don’t I?” Akira retorted, giving her another kiss to drive home the point, this time right on the lips. The kiss quickly deepened into something more; now they were inside and in bed, away from prying eyes, bodies squeezed together and alcohol still recent in their blood. Yuuko felt her arms moving across Akira’s body seemingly of their own will, her head too fuzzy and loud to think about giving her limbs proper conscious orders. All she could think was that she wanted to get closer to Akira, as close as she could and then closer still, to find a way inside…

Those thoughts only broke when Akira forced their faces apart. The blonde woman was now sitting atop Yuuko, straddling her as she laid on her back. Yuuko didn’t remember them rolling into that position. Her breaths were heavy and her body burned with a tangible desire; Akira only amplified that feeling as she undid the buttons on her top, then shrugged it off entirely and threw it aside.

“If we’re gonna do it, I probably shouldn’t wear this,” Akira remarked.

Yuuko just nodded dumbly, staring at Akira’s chest. It wasn’t bare but it wasn’t adorned with a bra, either. Instead, Akira wore an expertly wrapped sarashi bandage around it, compressing it down such that the bulge of her breasts was barely noticeable. If her breasts were really as small as they’d always looked… then she wouldn’t need to bandage them… Yuuko’s eyes stayed glued to them, her mouth agape, as Akira unwrapped herself.

A sigh of relief escaped Akira’s mouth as her breasts finally bounced free from their prison. She rubbed them with a series of low groans, as if massaging a sore muscle. Yuuko had no doubt that they were sore, but Akira’s treatment of them sent fresh shivers of arousal up her spine. They were at least as large as her own… maybe larger… finally seeming to notice her ogling of them, Akira covered them with a coy grin and a blush.

“You like?”

Yuuko nodded with a gulp. Akira leaned down into her, pressing herself against Yuuko’s own chest as she whispered into Yuuko’s ear.

“You’re a lucky girl. You’re the first person to ever see them. I told you a few things seem to run in our family.”

Unable to resist with the prize literally dangled before her, Yuuko sat up just enough to give herself some leverage, then pressed Akira’s topless body against the wall, beginning to kiss every inch of those perfectly shaped breasts. She worried momentarily about being too forceful, but she was too far gone to let that stop her, and even that nagging concern evaporated as Akira began to sigh and groan in response to her affections. The sound only fueled Yuuko to go further, taking one of Akira’s tender nipples into her mouth and beginning to suckle gently at it.

Akira cradled Yuuko’s head as she did this, occasionally stroking her hair or running a hand down her side. Eventually her longings escalated as well and she moved a hand from Yuuko’s side over onto her own chest, groping and squeezing at it.

“Mmmmppff…” Yuuko whimpered, jerking slightly at the assault yet determined to keep her mouth planted firmly where it was. This had always been one of her most consistent fantasies, and to finally experience it in real life… she’d never thought…

“Let’s get you out of those,” Akira said suddenly, tugging at the strings on Yuuko’s apron. She felt a bit absurd, realizing how intimate she’d gotten in her waitress outfit. Akira was right, of course. They were at a point where clothes were just getting in the way. Even without any prior experience, Yuuko could feel that.

The Shanghai waitress uniform had always been a stubborn enemy, her fingers fumbling over its various ties and clasps, yet tonight she managed to get it off in record time. In spite of everything, as soon as she stood naked before Akira, she still found herself clutching her arms over her chest and pressing her knees together. It only took one smug look from Akira before both of them laughed at this.

“Well… no one’s ever seen me before, either…” Yuuko said, slowly forcing herself to stand with arms at her side, fully bared. Akira’s eyes swept up and down over her figure… several times. Then she jumped up and pressed herself to Yuuko, nearly sweeping her off her feet with a sudden and aggressive kiss. She was only kept standing because Akira caught her backside before her knees could give, clutching her rear in both hands and giving it a squeeze followed by a mumbled approval of its softness.

“You’re beautiful, Yuuko,” Akira said, taking a step back and holding her own arms at her sides. She hooked one thumb into the waist of her pants and glanced down at them. “How ‘bout you give me a hand with these?”

“Ah!! Of, of course…”

Yuuko’s lips trembled with anticipation as she obliged Akira, fully revealing her partner’s body. Her fingers passed over a shapely pair of hips as she did so, showing her that the elder Satou had a surprisingly full figure hidden under the cut of that suit. She was slender while still packing proportions in the right places, her sides curving inward at the waist before going back out at her thighs. Yet another thing that ran in the family after all, Yuuko thought. She must have gotten lost admiring it, because Akira tapped her on the head to get her attention.

“Paging miss Shirakawa! Having fun down there?”

“Eep!!” Yuuko squeaked, hopping back up to face Akira. “I-I was just, ermm…”

She couldn’t even think of any excuses, the naked woman before her beating away that pesky need to apologize and justify.

“…you’re beautiful too, Akira,” she said.

Akira stepped out of the pants bunched at her ankles, wrapped her arms around Yuuko’s waist, then swung her suddenly around and dropped her on top of the bed, leaning over her with their faces inches apart. In the silence that followed she could hear more moaning from the adjacent room, louder this time, faint but unmistakable.

“Sounds like they’re really getting to it now,” Akira said, her hand rubbing hungrily at Yuuko’s inner thigh. “Tell me. What do you want me to do with this?” she asked, her voice dropping as she gave Yuuko’s thigh a hard squeeze.

Yuuko leaned up so she could whisper her answer into Akira’s ear.

“I want you to fuck me. Hard.”

“You know something? That’s what I’ve wanted to do from the moment I first saw you,” Akira replied, rubbing Yuuko only once before going in.

“Aahhh!!” Yuuko yelped at the penetration, strong and sudden, but exactly what she asked for. Exactly what she wanted. Her body tensed at the first hit, then shuddered on the second. By the third, her legs had parted fully, instinctively inviting Akira to go deeper. She accepted the invitation with gusto, her fingers bottoming out inside of Yuuko before pulling back with a slight curl, hard enough to make her squeal and squirm.

“Mmmm!! Yes, like that!” Yuuko breathed, her eyes widening and her heart pounding with each repetition. “H-harder!”

Akira grunted with effort, already working about as hard as she could, but she found a bit of extra strength when she saw the effect she was having on Yuuko. Just being here and doing this with Akira already made it incredible, but Yuuko also realized now that a partner could be a lot rougher with her than she was capable of being with herself, and it felt so good that she soon found herself suppressing the urge to scream. Each thrust rocked the bed a bit, its frame bumping the wall rhythmically as Yuuko’s voice rose to match the sounds coming from Lilly’s room.

Determined to finish the job with a bang, Akira shoved Yuuko further up on the bed and gripped one of her breasts for leverage, pressing her ear right up against the wall in the process. This gave her a clear listen on the other room just as she felt the waves of pleasure in her hips blurring together into a familiar feeling, a wonderful, thrumming heat filling up every corner of her mind, threatening to brim over at any second…

“L-L-Lilly! I l-love y—Agghhh!!”

“A-Akiraaaahh!!” Yuuko cried out, the sound of the other couple’s climax matching her own. She jolted upright and held onto Akira for dear life as everything faded to euphoria…

…Then she was on her back, sweaty and heavy and heaving, exhausted but ecstatic. She knew it hadn’t been more than a minute, yet it felt like she’d passed out for an hour after the orgasm came. Akira knelt at her side, still rubbing the occasional twitch out of her as she came down from the high.

“I can’t… feel my f-fingers…” Yuuko said, laughing happily.

“Mmmm,” Akira purred, kissing one of her breasts before looking back up at her. “Glad I didn’t disappoint. You have no idea how bad I’ve wanted to do that.”

“Oh… I think I can maybe guess…” Yuuko replied, gripping Akira’s own thigh for a moment. “Do you think they… heard us?” she asked, tilting her head at the wall.

“Do you care?” Akira shot back.

Yuuko didn’t even need to think about her reply.

“Mm-nmm,” she sounded with a shake of her head. She didn’t care, not one whit.

“Well then,” Akira said, rolling off of Yuuko and onto her back, “if you’ve been waiting to try it yourself… I’m right here,” she invited, putting her arms behind her head and parting her legs.

Yuuko gave her a confident smile as she sat up and began to crawl on top of her. That nagging little voice in the back of her head suddenly asked, what if Akira had to work tomorrow? Now, for the first time, another voice answered it. Tomorrow didn’t matter. All that mattered was the alluring woman laid out in front of her, at her mercy and waiting for her to perform. Yuuko wouldn’t disappoint, either.
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This is the story I wrote for the latest Discord writing contest. I rolled "Hisao and Lilly in the girls' dorm" as a pairing so I decided to write a little sequel to the "Evil Lilly" story. Meme/smut ratios are high here, be forewarned.


An Evening Rendezvous (Naomi x Natsume x ...Hisao?) [Slight lewd warning]
Mother Knows Best (Hisao x Meiko) [Lewd warning]
A Very Unusual Friendship (Lilly x Hanako) [Lewd warning]
A Friendly Competition (Misha x Shizune) [Lewd warning]
Snowed In (Hisao x Hanako) [Not lewd! For once! At least not explicitly so >.>]
Morning Stretches (Emi x Rin + special guest appearance) [Lewd! We back at it!]
Locked In (Hisao x Hanako + bonus pairing) [Snowed In follow-up; A little lewd, only a little]
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The Student Council Shuffle (Multiple pairings!) [Not lewd!]
Undercover (Miki x Suzu) [Lewd warning]
Lilly's Day Off (Lilly x ???)
Overnighter (Shizune x Miki) [Not lewd]
Working Women (Akira x Yuuko) [Lewd!] [Thanks to MoashLannister for this title]
An Unusual Family (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Very Unusual Friendship follow-up; very lewd]
Operation Bedfellow (Kenji x Rin) [Non-lewd]
Flights of Fancy (Misha x Rin) [No lewd I promise]
An Unexpected Development (Lilly x Hanako x Hisao) ["Evil Lilly" story--big smut/edge warning]
An Intimate Game (Mutou x Shizune) [Not lewd... or is it?]
High Stakes (Aoi x Keiko x Misha) [Medium lewd]
A Most Unorthodox Christmas (Evil Lilly part 4--I think if there is a part 5 they may need their own thread) [Lewd with BONUS ART]
The Last Stand (Lilly x Kenji) [Lewd]
A Hearty Rivalry (Meiko vs Lilly) [Non lewd]
A Lighter Touch (Shizune & Hisao vs Lilly) [Non lewd]
Prying Eyes (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Lewd]
Bitter Spirits (Hanako x Hisao w/ mystery guest appearance) [Very lewd]
All in the Family (Hisao x everyone) [Not smut though I promise]


An Unusual Family

A lot had happened in the past week. After Hisao collapsed in the airport, Lilly tried to spend as much time with Hanako as she could, though it was expected of a faithful and doting girlfriend to remain at his bedside while he recovered. She had expected the poor fool to come after her—she hadn’t expected him to have another heart attack. That was a bonus. Idling away in the hospital all day waiting for him to wake up, that was tiresome, but it was only a short term burden. She felt confident that, in the long term, this had worked out better than she could’ve hoped for.

If he wasn’t hers before, he surely was now. Completely and wholly hers.

She had never really been “leaving for Scotland,” of course. Had Hisao missed her expectations and simply accepted this supposed fate, she still would’ve had a sudden and stunning change of heart. That was why she pulled the entire stunt to begin with, to gauge just how he’d react to it, just how badly he was (or wasn’t) hers. Lilly’s little man hadn’t let her down. Now there were real possibilities laid out before her, a plethora of different opportunities for her to carefully weigh and consider.

Lilly wasn’t thinking about any of that right now. Right now she was focused on the beautiful specimen writhing in her grasp. One hand held Hanako tightly around her midsection as she squirmed and whimpered to the tune played by Lilly’s other hand. Lilly had propped her pillows up against the wall, making a cushion for them while they made love, both of them fully nude with Hanako leaning back into Lilly’s bosom. She continually slipped down as her muscles clenched and slackened in turn, only held up by Lilly’s grip on her torso.

Normally Lilly would let her go, feeling her slowly fall until she was splayed out in Lilly’s lap. Tonight she held Hanako upright to make sure she was on full display—her supple breasts swaying rhythmically above her thin waist and shapely hips, her slender thighs trembling visibly as she got closer and closer to the edge. Though she could never experience it herself, she had to imagine Hanako made for quite the appetizing sight right now. Lilly needed to make sure he saw that.

Hanako was far too busy to notice the door opening but Lilly’s ears didn’t miss the turning of its knob. As she heard it Lilly pushed into Hanako hard and deep, who gave a small shriek as she immediately hit climax. Lilly drew her into a deep kiss to keep her unaware of the intrusion, sliding her free hand up to Hanako’s chest and massaging one breast gently as her hips bucked and shivered with waves of intense pleasure. The entire process was laid out for Hisao to observe and enjoy. Once again things worked in Lilly’s favor, set in motion with a simple text message.

Tonight Hanako and I will take tea in my room around eight o’clock. We would love for you to join us. I’ll leave the door unlocked—feel free to walk right in!

It was mostly accurate. She and Hanako had taken tea, around seven thirty instead. Then they’d gone on to their usual post-tea activities. Had Lilly really sent the message saying eight instead of seven? Oops! She’d just forgotten and gotten carried away! What an unfortunate mishap! Which one of them would say something first, Lilly wondered? It turned out to be Hanako, even though Hisao had undoubtedly been watching her before she noticed him. She let out a small squeal of panic and tried to pull free of Lilly’s grasp.

“Aah, L-L-Lilly… it-it’s…” she stuttered frantically.

“Hanako? What is it?” Lilly asked innocently, holding Hanako fast against her increasingly frantic attempts to move out from this thoroughly compromised position.

“Lilly… what is this?” Hisao said from the doorway.

Lilly was loathe to let Hanako slip away from her. Alas, now that Hisao had finally spoken, she could no longer feign ignorance. She allowed Hanako to throw the covers frantically over their bare bodies as she frowned in silent contemplation of the situation.

“Oh dear,” Lilly finally said, shaking her head a bit. “My, my. Well. This is rather unfortunate, isn’t it?”

“Un… unfortunate?” Hisao echoed in disbelief.

She could feel Hanako’s body still quaking next to hers, no doubt terrified of what this meant for their relationship. Lilly had always told Hanako that she wouldn’t allow Hisao to come between them. She had told a lot of lies about a lot of things but that was not one of them. Giving Hanako’s side a reassuring squeeze, Lilly leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“Go along now, Hanako. Take the sheet to cover yourself. I need to speak with Hisao,” Lilly said, indicating the door to the bathroom.

“But y-you’re still…” Hanako protested.

“Don’t worry about me. Just go. I’ll come see you in a minute.”

Lilly felt Hanako nod into her neck, then the open air swished back onto her skin as the covers were lifted up and off of her. Aside from Hanako padding out of the room, silence lingered. After a moment Lilly felt the bed rock gently as Hisao sat down on it. It was an open mattress now, her naked body still aroused and on full display. Was he ogling her even now, Lilly wondered, after what he’d just seen? Perhaps he was doing so because of what he’d just seen. She crawled over to his side and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Hisao shoved her back, causing Lilly to huff in frustration.

“Can’t I touch you?” she protested.

“Lilly, I can’t—you and Hanako—what was that?” Hisao finally managed to ask.

Lilly tried to suppress a grin at that question. She wasn’t entirely successful, so she looked away and covered her face for a moment, as though bashful and ashamed.

“Hanako and I—yes. We’re—together, Hisao. Just like you and me.”

“No, no. No!” Hisao objected again. “Not like me and you. I—I told you how I feel, I’m open with you. I don’t hide anything! I don’t—you’re cheating on me with our best friend!”

This anger, Lilly had to admit she hadn’t fully expected it. Part of her thought that Hisao would just hang his head and accept this without question. This attempt to fight was more fun but also more complicated… Lilly supposed she’d just have to convince him. She was up to the challenge. She’d spent months working her way under his skin. He wouldn’t be able to push her back out for very long.

“Hisao, I’m truly sorry that you had to find out this way. I had planned for us to tell you together… when it was time,” she said, now facing down at her thighs.

“When it was time? What does that mean, Lilly? When was it going to be time?!”

“I don’t know… perhaps not just after you’ve had another… incident…” Lilly suggested, turning to the events at the airport. Hisao had only been out of the hospital for a few days, after all.

“God damn it, Lilly,” Hisao said, his voice cracking. “I nearly killed myself for you! It can’t be… was it all just a lie? Did you really just stay here for… Hanako?” he asked in disbelief. “How long?”

“Hanako and I have always been together, Hisao.”

“Then why lie to me?!” he shouted desperately.

“I never lied to you, Hisao. Hanako is very special to me. You’ve always known that,” she said calmly, finally allowing herself to lift her head again.

“I love Hanako, Hisao. Just like I love you. You’re both mine,” she said, facing directly at him.

“I just d-don’t understand…” he whispered.

Now Lilly could hear the tremor in his voice. He was almost there. Any moment now he’d break… she had only to place a final straw upon the camel’s back.

“Oh, Hisao!” she burst out, throwing herself suddenly around him. “I love you, I love you, I love you!” she repeated, recalling that first confession back in the wheat field. “What I have with Hanako, it doesn’t change what I feel for you. You must believe it, I beg of you!” Lilly continued, burying her face into Hisao’s shoulder and beginning to weep quietly.

“Ahh… Lilly…”

That was all Hisao managed to get out before he too began to sob. Then she was in his arms, both of them crying together, comforting and consoling each other. Lilly allowed herself to become lost in the drama of the moment. If Hisao was to believe it, then she had to as well. She clutched herself tightly to his side as if hanging onto him for dear life, occasionally running a hand through his hair. For his part he stroked her own hair gently, an affection which she did find rather endearing.

“Hisao…” Lilly said after they’d had a moment together. “I can’t lose you. I nearly lost you again, and if I did, I don’t know what would happen to me. Do you understand that? I can’t lose you. I can’t,” she insisted, tracing the scar on his chest that served as a constant reminder of how limited their time together might be.

“I know, Lilly,” Hisao agreed, his voice growing more stable again. “I… I feel the same way. Even if you love Hanako too… no… because you love Hanako too. You just couldn’t force yourself to choose one of us, could you?”

“I’m so happy you understand,” Lilly said, her face beaming in a genuine smile as she looked up fondly at her boyfriend. He had talked himself right into it without her having to do any further justifying—she was almost proud of him.

“I love both of you, Hisao. And I want you to love both of us,” Lilly said, feeling the last vestiges of his resistance melt away as she sat back and began to rub his shoulders. “I’ve always wanted for us to be a family together. It just isn’t fair any other way.”

“I… I love both of you too, Lilly. Not just you, but Hanako as well… err, like a d-daugh—or, or like a sister, I mean. Hanako is… she’s like a sister to me,” Hisao said, trying to work through his feelings.

He wasn’t doing a very good job. Lilly couldn’t have him thinking of Hanako as a sister if this was going to work. She’d have to take over from here. Moving her hands down from his shoulders, Lilly took hold of Hisao’s shirt and pulled it up over his head. He allowed her to remove the garment in a familiar process. Lilly then leaned into his back, letting him feel the warmth of her bare chest against his skin as she hugged him around his midsection.

“She’s more than that, Hisao. You know she is. She always has been,” Lilly whispered, moving one hand down to his pants and slipping it inside.

He was still hard as a rock down there—men truly couldn’t help themselves, Lilly thought.

“N-no, Lilly, I would never think about H-Hanako like that…” Hisao breathed, clearly trying to convince himself more than Lilly.

She stroked him slowly and kissed him on the neck, hearing him sigh in pleasure.

“It’s okay, Hisao. You don’t have to deny it. Hanako is beautiful… no one knows that better than me. We’ve grown so close to each other, and after you saw us together, it’s only natural that you might feel… certain urges…” Lilly continued.

“Ah… Lilly, I’m s-sorry, I… I didn’t mean to see th-that…”

“Yes, well, it’s as I said… we always meant to tell you, to show you… how we really feel. Not just about each other, but also about you…”

“About… me?”

“Of course, Hisao. Just as you’ve seen Hanako… don’t you think she’s seen you? That she’s felt what you feel?”

“I… I don’t know…”

Lilly withdrew her hand from Hisao and pulled his pants down to his knees, then over them to his ankles. She swung her legs around and clambered onto him, her bare body now seated atop his. His breath felt hot and heavy against her neck as he took her hips in a tight hold, barely able to contain his lust. Lilly pulled his face up to hers as she lowered herself onto him.

“She wants to feel this too, Hisao,” Lilly whispered to him.

“Mmm… L-Lilly… you don’t mean… ?”

Lilly continued to move steadily atop him, not allowing him to stop and think.

“You don’t have to pretend anymore, Hisao… we can be honest with each other now. It’s been so long, and I’m so happy that we don’t have to hold back any longer…”

Speaking of holding back, Lilly raised herself back off of Hisao, giving him only a taste and nothing more. She put a finger to his lips as she stood up.

“Just relax, Hisao. You shouldn’t stress yourself any further… just close your eyes and let us take care of you.”

“Close… my eyes?”

Lilly leaned down and withdrew the blindfold from its hiding spot beneath her bed, bringing it to Hisao’s face and wrapping it around his eyes. They’d done this several times in the past, so he made no motion to stop her, simply nodding in acceptance of her suggestions.

“Good. Good,” Lilly said, pushing him to lay back down on the bed before stepping away from it. “I’ll just be a moment.”

She crossed to the bathroom and went inside, where Hanako waited with the blankets still draped around her.

“L-Lilly… is everything okay?” Hanako asked in a concerned whisper.

“More than okay,” Lilly reassured her. “It’s time, Hanako.”

“Ahh… n-now?”

“If you want to. He’s ready.”

“B-b-but we were going to… tell h-him together…”

Lilly sighed in regret.

“I know, Hanako, I know. We didn’t know it would happen this way, but it is. Are you ready?”

Hanako trembled for a moment, considering that question. Lilly could pressure her into it, if she wanted to… but she wouldn’t. Hanako would obey her if push came to shove. But if Hanako wasn’t doing it for herself, then it wouldn’t be real. It wouldn’t accomplish anything, it would only build resentment and doubt. Lilly couldn’t have that. They needed to be hers… both of them… completely and wholly. They both had to want it.

Hanako looked up at Lilly and nodded.

“Are you sure?” Lilly asked.

“I’m… I’m s-sure,” Hanako said, her eyes hardening with resolve. “It’s like you said… we have to be a family…”

Lilly beamed at her.

“Yes, Hanako. Just like we talked about. I’ll be with you the whole time.”

Lilly bent down to give her a kiss before leading her back out into the bedroom. Hanako gasped and shrunk back instinctively at the sight of a naked Hisao laid out on the bed, already primed for her. Fortunately she recovered as she realized that he couldn’t actually see her.

“Lilly? Is everything alright?” Hisao asked.

Hanako remained a bit hesitant to let the covers drop from her body, though she relented easily enough with a tug from Lilly.

“Yes, dear. You don’t need to worry about a thing. Just relax…” Lilly reassured him, leading Hanako to his waiting form.

The poor girl still had her legs locked together and her arms clutched protectively around her chest. She just couldn’t help herself despite the many precautions Lilly had taken. It was adorable… but it wasn’t going to work. Lilly was patient with her, guiding one limb at a time: one hand onto the bed beside Hisao, then the other; the first leg over Hisao’s waist, then the next, until she was in position. Hisao waited for her with bated breath.

Hanako looked back to Lilly one last time. Lilly nodded, taking hold of her trembling hips and guiding them slowly but firmly down onto Hisao. Both partners gasped together as their bodies finally became one. Hanako continued to shake with anxiety, not knowing what to do, so Lilly kept hold of her waist to show her. She gyrated Hanako, slowly at first, then more quickly, pulling her up slightly off of Hisao before dropping her back onto him. She gave a cute little yelp at the sensation every time she came down, music to Lilly’s ears. Lilly kept her head planted on Hanako’s shoulder, whispering reassurance into her ear.

“There… that’s it, that’s it… my, my…” Lilly cooed, feeling her own arousal heighten as her two charges began to work more naturally together.

“H-Hanako…” Hisao breathed, reaching up to take hold of her thighs.

“Ahh… y-yes, Hisao… it’s, mmm, it’s m-me…”

Lilly reached one hand around Hanako to cup her right breast, while snaking the other one down to clasp with Hisao’s.

“See, Hisao… we both care for you,” Lilly said.

“You’re both here…” Hisao repeated, squeezing Lilly’s hand as he started lifting his hips in time with Hanako’s movements.

“H-Hisao, do I… do I f-feel… g-g-good?” Hanako asked.

“You feel… nnghh… amazing, Hanako… don’t stop…”

“Good… I want to make you happy, H-Hisao…” Hanako said, leaning forward over Hisao and redoubling her efforts.

Lilly’s two charges were now fully occupied with each other—though she stayed in contact with both of them, purring her approval all along, she was no longer the focus of their attention. To her own surprise, she was okay with that. Watching them go at it this way, really go at it, it was more than she’d expected out of them. It was like they’d both been on a metaphorical leash that had now been taken off. They had been leashed, Lilly realized—leashed by her, her demands, her desires and her needs. This was the first interaction Hanako and Hisao had that wasn’t about her.

And that was good. They needed it. Hanako needed an opportunity to be in control, and Hisao needed a girl who was more vulnerable than Lilly, someone who could make him feel sexually adequate. Hanako was rather easy to please in bed, possessing a resilient naïvete that Lilly occasionally envied, by comparison to Lilly’s own… rather more substantial appetites. She’d done her fair share of acting for Hisao but fakery could only do so much, and much as she hated to admit it, her condition did mean that she wasn’t very well-equipped to analyze and replicate convincing facial expressions. Hisao’s own inexperience and innocence was likely the only reason she’d been able to get away with it.

Regardless, both Hanako and Hisao could give the other what Lilly couldn’t. Hanako had never experienced a sexual encounter that she was in control of… and Hisao had never truly pleased a woman. Thanks to Lilly’s efforts at improving his stamina he was about to do so here. He’d never be up to her standards but she was pleased to see that he was capable of attending properly to Hanako, even if she was the one doing most of the work. Lilly pressed herself into Hanako’s back, rubbing her scars lovingly as she noticed the telltale signs of Hanako’s limit approaching.

“H-Hisao, L-L-Lilly, I’m… I’m a-a-about to…” she breathed, riding Hisao at full gallop now.

“That’s a good girl…” Lilly whispered in her ear. “Yes, just like this, you’re doing great… you deserve this… let yourself have it…”

“L-L-Lilly… I l-l-love—agghhh!!”

Lilly snatched Hanako’s face and pulled it to the side, kissing her deeply as Hisao grunted and jerked underneath her, doing her best to feel the moment along with them. She’d grown warm and wet during this experience, the genuine arousal of the other two lovers spreading vicariously to her; Hanako’s apparent ecstasy almost made her want Hisao’s cock for herself. Almost. She had managed, after numerous attempts, to make him serviceable with his fingers… perhaps he could finish her off next.

That would have to wait a bit until he recovered. Hanako now laid limp atop Hisao, his length still buried within her, a blissful smile on her face in the aftermath of her climax. Lilly wrapped her arms around them both and cuddled up next to them from the side, bringing one hand up to stroke Hanako’s hair.

“See? Aren’t you glad we did this?” Lilly asked her.

“Y-yes, Lilly, yes… you were right… I’m so h-happy we’re all together now.”

“Me too,” Hisao agreed. “That was… that was incredible, Hanako.”

“Lilly… can I… can we k-kiss?” Hanako asked.

Lilly considered for a moment before smiling that same proud smile at Hanako. She’d earned at least this much, Lilly decided.

“Of course,” Lilly said, pecking Hanako on the cheek to grant her permission.


Lilly nuzzled her head into Hanako’s neck as she felt and heard her making out with Hisao—it was fairly light from what Lilly could tell, but it was more than just a surface kiss. They had a real sexual connection that still surprised Lilly with its intensity. In addition to what she’d already realized about this pairing, there was also the obvious utility of allowing Hanako to please Hisao in her stead. It would free her from something that, in all honesty, often became a chore. She would just have to be careful that these two didn’t get too close.

Either way, the charade was gone. For better or for worse… now they were a little family of three, Lilly thought. Once again things had gone better than she could have possibly hoped for.

“Umm… can I take the blindfold off now?” Hisao asked.

Lilly sighed in exasperation. Didn’t he realize they were having a moment? And to think, he’d been so good today…

“Perhaps after you’ve earned it,” she said.

“…Earned it?”

“Your girlfriend is right here, and she’s still very… ahem… inflamed by all of this.”

“Oh… oh! Of course, Lilly, I didn’t—we weren’t trying to leave you out of it! It’s just, things sort of… hold on, give me a minute to get it back!”

“L-Lilly, let me! I want to make you h-happy too!” Hanako pleaded.

Now this was more like it, Lilly thought, grinning inwardly as they fought over which one would have the privilege of pleasing her.
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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 7/8/19)

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Could this be Evil Lilly's first mistake? Seeing her hoist by her own petard would be glorious...

Thank-you, I enjoyed this immensely!

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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 7/8/19)

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Meme/smut ratios are high here, be forewarned.
Thanks for the warning!
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Scroff wrote:
Mon Jul 08, 2019 2:31 am
Could this be Evil Lilly's first mistake? Seeing her hoist by her own petard would be glorious...

Thank-you, I enjoyed this immensely!
So did Lilly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

If her story continues, going on to regret this move would certainly be a potential plot thread.... hmm.....

Alright, it seems like it's that time again, so here's my latest story for the Discord writing contest. For this one I tried to make something light-hearted and goofy without using memes, edginess or smut. I had fun with it. The prompt I chose was "Kenji x Rin + Rooftop"


An Evening Rendezvous (Naomi x Natsume x ...Hisao?) [Slight lewd warning]
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Morning Stretches (Emi x Rin + special guest appearance) [Lewd! We back at it!]
Locked In (Hisao x Hanako + bonus pairing) [Snowed In follow-up; A little lewd, only a little]
In The Moment (Rika x Saki) [Lewd warning]
The Student Council Shuffle (Multiple pairings!) [Not lewd!]
Undercover (Miki x Suzu) [Lewd warning]
Lilly's Day Off (Lilly x ???)
Overnighter (Shizune x Miki) [Not lewd]
Working Women (Akira x Yuuko) [Lewd!] [Thanks to MoashLannister for this title]
An Unusual Family (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Very Unusual Friendship follow-up; very lewd]
Operation Bedfellow (Kenji x Rin) [Non-lewd]
Flights of Fancy (Misha x Rin) [No lewd I promise]
An Unexpected Development (Lilly x Hanako x Hisao) ["Evil Lilly" story--big smut/edge warning]
An Intimate Game (Mutou x Shizune) [Not lewd... or is it?]
High Stakes (Aoi x Keiko x Misha) [Medium lewd]
A Most Unorthodox Christmas (Evil Lilly part 4--I think if there is a part 5 they may need their own thread) [Lewd with BONUS ART]
The Last Stand (Lilly x Kenji) [Lewd]
A Hearty Rivalry (Meiko vs Lilly) [Non lewd]
A Lighter Touch (Shizune & Hisao vs Lilly) [Non lewd]
Prying Eyes (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Lewd]
Bitter Spirits (Hanako x Hisao w/ mystery guest appearance) [Very lewd]
All in the Family (Hisao x everyone) [Not smut though I promise]
Wet Dreams (Hisao x Suzu) [Lewd]


Operation Bedfellow

It’s been a rough couple months.

The enemy has been making gains on all fronts. The Student Council left another noise complaint under my door. Don’t get how a deaf president is allowed to leave noise complaints. The complaints aren’t real, of course. It’s harassment, intimidation. Anyone who knows me knows I’m quiet as a mouse. My stealth training is perfect.

The blonde Amazon managed to trip me again yesterday with her beat-stick. Nearly took me out this time… fortunately I was able to duck and combat-roll onto my shoulder, getting away with nothing more than a bruise instead of a potentially lethal head injury. She kept apologizing, trying to play it cool, using her blindness to her advantage. But I’ve seen that movie about the blind guy who fights crime. Her acting’s good, but it can’t fool me.

Then there’s the short one… the smallest one and yet also the most dangerous. When I caught Nakai running with her, I congratulated him on literally running a deep-cover op. I told him it was a brilliant scheme. I mean, it was a brilliant scheme, but it was also risky. Too risky. He’s too green. I don’t think he can handle it. I tried to deny the truth, but the more I see of them, the more sure I am. He’s gone in too deep… literally.

There’s nothing for it.

I’ve dug myself out of deeper holes than this.

I’ve managed to escape from the daily routine of indoctrination propaganda in order to conduct some routine reconnaissance. Even my room doesn’t feel safe after the evil empress’s latest implied threat, but the roof… not even she will come up here. It’s my fortress of solitude, my one port of calm in this storm of madness. Ah yes, up here I can post up with whiskey and pretzels, carefully observing—

—my foot stops in mid-air, inches away from stomping on a person’s face as they lay flat on their back, facing skyward.

“Eeekk!!” I howl, jumping back from the sudden threat.

A bystander might mistake my actions for those of a startled coward. In truth it’s an advanced form of self-defense I’ve taught myself; a high-pitched screech to stun the foe while making a tactical retreat, keeping every option open.

This person doesn’t seem to be a threat, though. They don’t react at all to my combat maneuvers. At least it’s a boy. I don’t know what I would have done if the feminists found me even here… I lean down over him, inspecting his thin figure and messy red hair. Oh god…

“S-soldier…” I stutter, kneeling down next to my fallen comrade. “I can’t believe… they did this to you… it’s beyond words, the cruelty… even by their despicable standards…”

I run my hands carefully over the nubs just below the boy’s shoulders, the only evidence left that he might have once had arms. They must have cut them off and left him up here to die. My blood starts boiling, just imagining the torture he must have endured for the cause…

“What did they do to me?” the maimed man gasps with his dying breath.

Wait, no. He didn’t gasp it. Somehow he doesn’t seem to be in pain at all. That part of his brain must have simply shut down from the shock. Still, his voice seems off somehow…

“Your arms!” I point out, rubbing the stumps harder for emphasis.

“Don’t do that. It tickles,” the boy says.

I can’t quite put my finger on it…

“Oh! Right, of course, touching those must be incredibly painful for you! I don’t get how they managed to cauterize the wounds so perfectly, it’s like there were just never any arms there at all!”

“There weren’t.”

And in that moment I realize it. I’ve been had. There’s only one way to be sure. I reach out and press into the bulges on the boy’s chest… I’d assumed his pecks were just that large from extensive training, but… no. They’re too soft, too squishy. Too tempting.

“Umm. I don’t think you’re supposed to be rubbing those,” the girl says.

“Oh my god!!” I scream, engaging my reactive defense once more and jumping back to a safe distance. “You’re… you’re a girl!” I exclaim, preparing for battle. “Gah!! I knew I’d be found out sooner or later… I just can’t believe that disguise managed to fool me! Wearing the boy’s uniform… I have to admit, it was a stroke of genius!”

“Are you okay?” the feminist spy asks me.

“What?! No, no I’m not okay! My one bastion of safety has been invaded by you feminist harpies, god damn it!”

“What’s a feminist?”

My brain shuts down for a moment. How can…

“…Don’t play dumb!” I accuse her. “You can’t trick me with your womanly wiles!”

“…What are womanly wiles?”

This doesn’t make sense. She’s not making any attempt to engage me or escape, she’s still just laying there. It’s probably some kind of ploy, but I need to find out what… stepping carefully back towards my foe, I examine her face thoroughly, leaning over her so closely that our noses brush together. I get a whiff of her hair while I’m down there. No sign of makeup or perfume… that passive expression, those vacant eyes… it shouldn’t be possible, but my gut is never wrong.

And it’s telling me that she’s serious.

“Can you move over a bit? Your face is blocking the clouds,” the girl asks.

“You’re… you really don’t know what a feminist is?” I ask.

The boys’ uniform… her condition… the lack of cosmetics… it’s all starting to make sense…

“No,” she replies flatly.

In that moment I can see that she’s being truthful. Thinking her useless due to her lack of limbs, the feminists have shunned her, forcing her to wear boys’ clothing as a sign of shame, never teaching her how to apply seduction materials like eyeliner or lipstick… that’s why she’s up here on the roof where no one else is, because she’s a loner, a reject, just like me… the only sane woman in an insane world. I can’t believe my fortune. But in hindsight, I always knew a meeting like this was destined to happen. Fate couldn’t keep true love away from me forever.

They think she’s useless. Helpless. I don’t see someone who is either of those things. I see someone who is going to help me win this war, and re-populate humanity once we’ve won.

“I’m Kenji Setou,” I say, sitting down next to her and popping open my flask.

“Rin Tezuka.”

“Well met, Tezuka. Now brace yourself. I’m gonna catch you up to speed, ‘kay? Let you know what’s really been going on around here. It’s not gonna be pleasant, but it’s the truth, and you need to hear it. Drink this, it’ll help you steel yourself,” I say, offering her my whiskey.

She stares at it for a moment before giving the smallest of nods. I put the flask to her lips and tilt it up, pouring a hearty dose into her waiting mouth. The fiery liquid passes those unblemished lips without a hiccup, my newest companion downing it like she was born to. In this moment I know that we were meant to be.

“That burns a little,” she remarks.

“It burns the body, but it’s good for the soul,” I say. “Alright, now listen closely. If I’m gonna win this war I’m gonna need your help. I’m going to need a man on the inside, see? Or rather, a woman on the inside, as it were.”

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about,” Tezuka says.

“I’m getting to that, I’m getting there. So the feminists, that’s the cabal that all women belong to normally, their goals are the complete subjugation of mankind and the creation of a new world order in which they wield absolute power. In order to do this, they’ve put in place a number of cover operations, the one here at Yamaku being the biggest. I’ve been infiltrating it for years now, and I have reason to believe it may even be their central command. You see, I first learned about the conspiracy when…”


Tezuka eats it all up, again, like she was born for this. I guess in a way… she was. She doesn’t move one muscle or utter a single sound as I go on and on and on, laying out every exquisite detail of the past few years, telling her about every single op I’ve run, sparing no expense in her training. She barely even blinks, she’s so focused on the task at hand. I’ve never seen anyone so dedicated!

Our time on the roof together quickly turns into a routine, a daily strategy meeting and planning session. Tezuka’s words are distant, but always wise. They require interpretation and careful consideration. It’s fortunate that I’m so brilliant, as no man with a lesser intelligence could possibly hope to converse on her level. When the subject of Nakai comes up, Tezuka all but confirms my worst fears.

They’re “dating.”

We immediately put together a mission to rescue him before it’s too late. I mean, I do nearly all of the talking, but I can see in Tezuka’s eyes that she’s on board. It’s like we’re on the same wavelength. There’s no time to waste—we head straight downstairs and over to the feminist compound, preparing to infiltrate enemy territory. I can tell by all the strange looks I’m getting as I shimmy and dance through the halls that my obfuscation techniques are working. These feminists are so thrown off, they don’t even try to stop us from getting close to the small one’s room! They don’t know what hit ‘em!

As soon as we’re outside the door I press my ear to its surface, trying to determine what manner of torture the mad temptress may be inflicting on my poor comrade in arms. Tezuka follows suit and listens in as well.

They’re talking about… making each other blush… that’s it, Nakai! She’ll blush first! You can do this… but…

The confrontation just ends, as abruptly as it began. After a few moments of silence I hear a new sound. It’s the feminist’s voice again… it’s not words though… it’s a soft, low, rhythmic moan, almost like she’s in pain, or…

“Tezuka!!” I hiss. “She’s doing it! She’s sucking his soul out through his manhood! You’ve got to go in there and put a stop to it, right now! I’ll be damned if I lose another brother like this!”

“Who was the last one you lost?” she asks.

“That’s beside the point! Nakai needs us! He could give in at any moment now. Once you’re sucked in, it’s impossible to resist for very long!”

“I don’t think I should go in there. I’m pretty sure he likes being sucked in. Or on.”

“No, you don’t get it, he’s not ready! You’re right, he’s tough, but he just can’t handle this. It’s too soon!”

Tezuka pauses to consider my point, then nods in agreement.

“What should I do?”

“Uhh! I don’t know, anything! Just go in there and say something. You’ll think of something!”

Refusing to wait a moment longer, I yank the door open and shove her inside. The sounds stop as soon as Tezuka enters the room. Ha! That’s right, you weren’t expecting this!

“I need to use your window,” I hear Tezuka say. “There was a cloud.”

“A cloud?” the little one asks.

“I was watching it from my window, but it didn’t stay in my window. So I need to use your window.”

Brilliant cover story! And she came up with it on the fly! I’d expect no less! I take a peek while she has them distracted… and immediately regret it. Even from this distance, the sight of the naked female in there causes me to go rigid, my own body betraying me despite years of rigorous training. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for Nakai! I catch myself trying to imagine what it was like, then push that thought away, shrugging off the feminist mind control. You know that they say; fool me once!

After another few moments of quibbling, Tezuka’s back on the outside. That was a harrowing run, but she just barely escaped in time. I’m sure Nakai can handle the rest on his own, now that we broke him free of the seduction. He didn’t look very happy from what I saw, that’s for sure! He’s probably gonna give it to that harpy now. I’ll make sure to save some whiskey for his triumphant return. For now I just grab Tezuka and rush down the hallway with her.

“Where are we going now?” she asks.

“Anywhere but here! We can’t be seen after a raid like that one!”

“I’m pretty sure everyone sees us.”

“No, they only think they do! That’s part of the movement patterns, Tezuka! I’ll train you in it tonight!”

“You’ll train me in… movement patterns?” Tezuka asks, stopping me as we emerge into the lobby.

“Of course! It’s only what any good CO would do for his junior officers!”

“Can we train in the movements Hisao and Emi were practicing just now?”

“You mean, simulating counter-sexual maneuvers? Like how to get a feminist off of you once she’s latched on?”

Tezuka pauses for a long moment, thinking hard about her response. No doubt considering whether or not she’s ready for full-contact training, whether or not she can really handle it. There’s no doubt in my mind. Still, I wait for her to come to the obvious conclusion.

“…Yes,” she finally answers.

“Thank goodness, I thought you’d never ask! I’ve been waiting years for a sparring partner who can test my limits!”


Me and Tezuka continue to make good progress, both on the fighting feminism front, and in our personal training exercises. Even without arms, she manages to keep me on my toes. I like that. We’ve just been going over the basics for now, the little things the feminists will try to rope you in with. Long smiles with eye contact, hugging, cuddling, arm-around-the-shoulder type of stuff. Even a few kisses. She wanted to take my shirt off yesterday but I had to stop her. She’s not ready to handle me full-force just yet.

When we’re not training, we’ve been keeping a close eye on Nakai and the short one. He seems to have a better handle on things after our precision intervention the other day. At least, she hasn’t gone after his soul again… so far as we can tell. I assigned Tezuka to watch them overnight and she informed me in the morning that she fell asleep instead. However, she also informed me that the short one is loud enough to wake her up if there was any funny business going on, so I trust her.

“What do you see?” I ask Tezuka, peering around a tree near the track, a favorite haunt of this particular feminist.

“I see Hisao. And Emi.”

“Right, right, but what are they doing?!”

“Nothing. Now they’re going towards… the track shed, I think. You can’t see them?”

“No, the feminists took my eyesight years ago. That’s why I wear these protective goggles.”

“If you’re blind why do you still need eye protection?”

“Is the feminist in… what is that… has Nakai got her in some kind of restraining device?”

“Emi’s in a wheelchair.”

“Aha! He cut her legs right off, did he? That’s the soldier I know! There’s no escape for her now!”

“She does need him to wheel her around. I can’t exactly do it. I wonder if her thighs got chafed because of…”

“Quick, Tezuka, quick! We have to get eyes on that shed! They just went inside!”

“What do you think they’re doing in there?”

“Nakai’s lured her into a trap. Either that or she’s lured him into one! There’s only one way to find out!”

“By asking them?”

“…What? No, we need to spy on them! Obviously! Come on, hurry, let’s get in there!”

“We probably shouldn’t go in there if they’re having sex again. They might not believe me this time if I say I was looking for a cloud.”

“Hmm… drat, you’re right! There’s no windows in there! Let’s see…”

As we approach the track shed I examine it closely for structural weaknesses, looking for any false panels or hidden trap doors that the feminists might have installed. As per her sharp mind and keen wit, Tezuka quickly identifies a solution to our problem.

“Look here. There’s a hole,” she says, pointing to a spot on the shack’s wall with her toe.


She removes her toe to reveal a perfectly round peephole drilled into the shack at eye level.

“Aha! We must have found the feminists’ hidden spyhole! We’ll use their own weapon against them!”

“Miki told me about it. She said she likes to watch.”

“Insider information gathered through deep cover ops… excellent work as always, agent Tezuka!”

I move into position to peer through the hole, carefully observing the activities within. It’s a dangerous situation, to be sure. The clothes are off again and it looks like they’re about to engage in battle! I tense up immediately, worried for Nakai’s safety. I’m tempted to break in right now and rescue him. Tezuka is right, though… we can’t intervene again without blowing our cover. It’s a last resort. I decide to watch a little longer… come on, Nakai, you can do this…

As the combat commences, I can tell that something’s different about it right from the start. Nakai’s movements are considered, deliberate. He doesn’t have that stupid grin this time, the trademark of feminist mind control. He’s clearly not enjoying this the same way that he did before. He’s got the short one bent over a table, her cybernetic limbs still ripped off and nowhere in sight… she’s at his mercy… as he starts to focus and intensify his blows, her expression changes from one of anxiety to outright concern, then discomfort and even pain…

“Yes! He’s doing it!” I say excitedly.

“Let me see.”

“No, Agent Tezuka, I need to… ahh!!”

My fellow agent leans into me with surprising force, causing me to stumble away from the peephole as she takes my place peering through it. I’m left to wait in tense anticipation as she stands motionless at our viewing point, only able to hear the pained groans emanating from the shed. It seems like Nakai’s got her on the ropes in there! I don’t know how he did it, but he’s taken the feminist’s greatest weapon and turned it against her! Somehow he’s using sex to punish her!

“Touch me,” Tezuka says suddenly.


“I want to be touched. Like before. But more.”

“Tezuka, I don’t…”

“Hurry! Before they’re finished!” she barks with sudden urgency.

“Ahh! Okay!”

I don’t know what she’s really asking for, so I assume she needs me to support her while she’s watching the struggle inside. I wrap my arms around her waist and rest my head on her shoulder, holding her tight to keep her steady. I hear her sigh in relief, clearly comforted by my presence.

“Lower,” she says.


“Move your hands down.”

“Where do you want them?”


Still unsure of her requests, I move my hands slowly down her stomach, then over her hips…

“In,” she orders.


“In to the middle.”


I move my hands carefully over her thighs and onto her groin… all of a sudden my face is flushed and I’m feeling a bit dizzy… my pants feel very tight… I recognize all the symptoms of feminist influence, but it’s different… it feels okay somehow… Tezuka lets out another sigh, deeper this time, as my hands press into her pants, searching for a way inside… then a final loud cry goes up from the shed before the couple inside goes silent.

Tezuka lets out a groan of annoyance.

“They’re done,” she relays.

“Did Nakai win?”

“I think so. He looks pleased with himself.”

She leans back away from the peephole and turns around, suddenly kissing me right on the lips. The gesture is so abrupt and forceful that I just accept it, unable to react for a few seconds. Eventually I manage to tear myself away from her, though only with considerable effort. I can feel the power of her feminine seduction clouding my mind. I may only have a narrow window of time left to resist it… I’ve been careful with my exposure during our training sessions, but this is different somehow, it’s so much stronger…

“You won’t kiss me?” Tezuka asks, sounding disappointed.

“No, it’s not that, it’s just—it’s dangerous, Tezuka! I have to be careful with this!”

“Careful with… me?”

“Yes, of course!”

“I’m not a feminist. Remember? I don’t want your soul.”

“That’s right. You’re not, but… well… with you, then… maybe it will be okay… promise me one thing?”


Promise you won’t suck my soul out through my manhood?”

“I want to suck something out of you. But not that. I promise.”

“Alright then. Alright! I think you’re ready for the final test, Tezuka! I need to practice the techniques I observed from Nakai just then, whatever new form of sexual strategy he devised, it looked highly effective!”

“That means you need a girl to practice on.”

“Exactly! It’s like you’re in my head, Tezuka! Are you sure you can handle it? It looked like he really put the hurt on that little one just now.”

“I want to hurt like that.”

“Okay, Tezuka. I want to hurt you like that, too! Let’s hurt together!”

“…Now can I kiss you?”

“Ahh!! Uhh, let’s get inside first… wait for them to clear the shed, then we’ll take our turn!”

We sit down and lean against the shed’s back wall as we listen to Nakai shuffle the small one back into her confinement device and wheel her out. I make up my mind here and now to start punishing feminists the way he punished her just now… I won’t be shown up by some newbie to the struggle. With Tezuka to practice on, I should be able to surpass his prowess in no time flat. None of this would be possible without her, I think.

“Hey, Rin?” I say.


“Thanks for understanding me,” I say. “You’re the first person who… really gets it, you know? Even Nakai…”

“You’re welcome,” she says. “It’s hard when no one understands you.”

“Yeah… sounds like they’re gone! Okay, quick! Do you have the sparring gear we discussed?”

“Back pocket,” she says.

As we enter the shed, I reach down onto her buttocks and pull out not just one, but several condoms. She came prepared! This is splendid!

Time to get to work!
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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 7/8/19)

Post by PKMNthiefChris » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:58 pm

Ah yes this masterpiece! I love this bizarre pairing so much.

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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 7/8/19)

Post by Lap » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:06 am

Ahh, Rin and Kenji. A classic pairing. Like a jellyfish in the desert, or a goldfish swimming in vodka. Just made for each other. :lol:

I'm not normally a big fan of Kenji, but this made me laugh. Well done.

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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 7/8/19)

Post by NuclearStudent » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:51 pm

I also tend to like this pairing.

There are a handful of lines I really quite enjoy, such as "counter-sexual maneuvers." Clever.
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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 7/8/19)

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I agree, this one was hilarious :-)
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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 7/8/19)

Post by sgtpepper » Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:05 pm

I can't believe we live in a world where Kenji practices safer sex than Hisao does.

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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 7/8/19)

Post by PKMNthiefChris » Thu Aug 15, 2019 6:58 pm

sgtpepper wrote:
Thu Aug 15, 2019 5:05 pm
I can't believe we live in a world where Kenji practices safer sex than Hisao does.
I mean he fears women, is it really that surprising?

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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (Latest 7/8/19)

Post by Feurox » Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:31 pm

This was utterly hilarious in every single way. Your Kenji comes off amazingly... like... too amazingly.

Anyway, brilliant work HF, that had me laughing out loud more times than I care to admit.

And yes, I think I'll leave this kinda thing to you.
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