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Oh don't worry, I'm sure there will be more Evil Lilly eventually....

This one also involves some arousing board gaming, though a bit more explicit than the previous story. I blame the Discord for causing me to write another game story right after, we spent a whole night discussing this concept on there, for some reason. So naturally I had to bite.


An Evening Rendezvous (Naomi x Natsume x ...Hisao?) [Slight lewd warning]
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A Very Unusual Friendship (Lilly x Hanako) [Lewd warning]
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Locked In (Hisao x Hanako + bonus pairing) [Snowed In follow-up; A little lewd, only a little]
In The Moment (Rika x Saki) [Lewd warning]
The Student Council Shuffle (Multiple pairings!) [Not lewd!]
Undercover (Miki x Suzu) [Lewd warning]
Lilly's Day Off (Lilly x ???)
Overnighter (Shizune x Miki) [Not lewd]
Working Women (Akira x Yuuko) [Lewd!] [Thanks to MoashLannister for this title]
An Unusual Family (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Very Unusual Friendship follow-up; very lewd]
Operation Bedfellow (Kenji x Rin) [Non-lewd]
Flights of Fancy (Misha x Rin) [No lewd I promise]
An Unexpected Development (Lilly x Hanako x Hisao) ["Evil Lilly" story--big smut/edge warning]
An Intimate Game (Mutou x Shizune) [Not lewd... or is it?]
High Stakes (Aoi x Keiko x Misha) [Medium lewd]
A Most Unorthodox Christmas (Evil Lilly part 4--I think if there is a part 5 they may need their own thread) [Lewd with BONUS ART]
The Last Stand (Lilly x Kenji) [Lewd]
A Hearty Rivalry (Meiko vs Lilly) [Non lewd]


High Stakes

Shizune’s gaze passed slowly over the students standing at attention before her, taking a moment to consider before nodding as if to say “you’ll do.” The two second years looked mildly intimidated as Shizune began signing at them, still wearing a severe expression to convey the gravity of the situation.

“Shicchan says, she’s going to give you a chance! It’s good that you’re here, she was worried no one would try to sign up at all!… Wait, I wasn’t supposed to translate that part. Don’t tell her you heard it~! Wahaha~!”

Aoi stifled a laugh as Keiko scratched the side of her head in confusion. It was difficult for Shizune to maintain that air of authority once her translator began speaking. Determined not to let Misha ruin her initiation of the new council members, Shizune stepped forward and gripped them firmly by the shoulders, standing them back up straight like a drill sergeant showing them how to salute. Aoi’s mouth twitched as she barely held back another giggle.

“Now~!” Misha continued translating. “Are you ready to officially begin your orientation and training as official members of the Student Council?”

Not waiting for an answer to this question, Shizune turned to a cabinet and opened it, bending over to rummage through its contents. Aoi stared pointedly at the short skirt concealing the president’s pronounced posterior just a few short feet away from them. Keiko jabbed her in the side, worried about Misha noticing, only to notice for herself that Misha too seemed quite occupied by the sight, leaning back unconsciously as if searching for an angle that might give her a panty peek.

All three of them snapped back to attention as Shizune stood up and turned around. The president looked around at them suspiciously but proceeded without saying anything. It would’ve been difficult for her to speak anyways as both her hands now clutched a long, thin cardboard box, brightly colored with the word “MONOPOLY” indicating its contents. Aoi and Keiko recognized a board game easily enough though they weren’t familiar with this Western-looking one. What kind of bizarre task could Shizune have in mind for them?

Misha began to explain as Shizune set the game down on the room’s central table and began arranging its contents.

“Of course~, to test your spirit and your drive, there is no better task than a game of wits, skill and luck~!” Misha proclaimed. “Monopoly is a game that’s like the real world of business! You have to buy and sell houses, and if you mess up and run out of money—it’s straight to jail! Only people who are serious about success can succeed! Wahaha~!”

Keiko raised a hand meekly. Misha waved at her and smiled.

“Umm… skill, and… luck?” she asked. “Isn’t that… contradictory?”

“Of course not, Keicchan! Luck is a skill! Don’t be silly~! Ahaha~!”

“Wait, really?” Aoi cut in, unable to hold her silence any longer. “To join the Student Council, we have to… play this board game?”

“Well… yes~!” Misha replied. “Why, Aocchan? Don’t you want to play~?”

“I don’t mind, I just thought, maybe… I don’t know. It seems too easy? I thought Shizune would make us run a triathlon or something, honestly.”

“Wahahahaha~! No, that’s the track club! Any loser can go running, that’s what Shicchan told me! Oh, but you’re not allowed to tell anyone she said that~!”

“Don’t worry, it’s our secret,” Aoi said with a snigger, her confidence building steadily. She’d been pretty apprehensive about putting herself at the whims of the harsh and notorious Student Council president, but this was honestly turning out to be a bit of a joke. She was starting to think of Shizune as less of an authority figure and more of a chuunibyou who’d lucked into this role by virtue of no one else wanting it.

“I just hope the rules aren’t very hard,” Aoi said.

“Not at all, Aocchan. Don’t worry about that! Even I can play this game~!” Misha said cheerily.

Aoi suppressed another giggle as Keiko smiled at the lightening of the situation.

“Easy to learn, but… difficult to master, perhaps?” Keiko asked.

“Sure, Keicchan, sure! Of course~, don’t get too comfy just yet! No game is really worth playing without big stakes, so we’ll have more on the line than just fake game money.”

“Oh? And what will that be? I didn’t bring any real money,” Aoi said.

Before Misha could answer, Shizune looked up from the table, the game and its contents now arranged neatly and ready for a four-player game. She began signing at them again, occasionally gesturing to the table and the pieces as Misha translated. Misha’s communication style produced a bit of confusion but the game seemed simple enough and the two initiates felt that they had a handle on the rules in no time. There was still the matter of those “big stakes,” though… just as Aoi was about to ask, Misha spoke up one last time.

“And~! To make sure every decision really, really counts, this game has a special rule! Every time you land on other people’s properties, you have to take your clothing off. Just like in real life! Ahahahaha~!”

“Wait, what?” Aoi said, her confidence draining away as quickly as it had built up. Keiko said nothing but her blanched face spoke for her.

“Yep, yep yep~! You have to take off one piece for every housie. And~! A hotel means a piece of underwear! Wahaha~!” Misha explained, as if announcing something truly joyous and wonderful.

Aoi frowned and furrowed her brow, while Keiko looked down and tapped her feet nervously. Shizune scowled at them in turn and signed a brief question.

“Too scared to play? Don’t you want to join the council~?” Misha translated innocently.

“…Sure,” Aoi said, with a shrug that said “why not?” as an added gesture.

“Ah, alright, if Aoi’s going to play…” Keiko said.

“…We don’t have to actually win, do we?” Aoi asked.

“Of course not, Aocchan. There’s no way you can beat us anyways! But~, but, but~! The winner does get a special surprise from the losers~!”

“Uh oh. And what’s the… special surprise?” Aoi asked cautiously.

“Nuh uh uh~!” Misha tutted, waving a finger and winking. “It’s a surprise, Aocchan!”

“Yikes. Alright.”

She took a deep breath.

“Let’s just do this,” she said, taking Keiko’s hand and squeezing it for reassurance.

The game commenced, innocent and boring at first glance, with the intensity of its participants belying what was really on the line. Only Misha retained her jovial attitude, laughing and gesturing at every little event in genuine amusement. Aoi and Keiko managed to build a few properties, sweating nervously every time another player’s piece passed over them, yet never quite stopping to stay. Inevitably, it happened—Keiko landed right on Shizune’s house. She looked between the dice, her piece and the board frantically, hoping that she had somehow miscounted.

“Wahaha~! Now you have to pay up, Keicchan!”

“Ah, okay… I owe you, um…”

She counted out her bills and handed them sheepishly over to Shizune. To her relief, the president accepted them with a smile and then looked back down at the game, as if expecting it to continue without further business. It was Misha who enforced their deal.

“Yes, yes~! That’s your money, Keicchan, buut~! Now you have to trade over the real goods! Ahahaha~!”

Keiko glanced nervously at Aoi, who squeezed her hand again under the table.

“Alright… maybe I’ll just…” she started, reaching down to the top button of her shirt and carefully undoing it.

Shizune gave her an expression of utter bewilderment, then threw her hands up and started signing rapidly.

“Ahh, am I—am I not doing it fast enough?! Sorry, sorry!” Keiko apologized, her fingers now moving with reckless abandon down her chest. Shizune kept up the signing, now looking concerned if not downright angry, but Misha didn’t translate. The pink-haired girl was too busy laughing hysterically. Aoi started to speak up when they were all cut off by the shaking of Shizune’s cell phone, perched on the table in front of her.

The president looked down at it, frowned, then flipped it open and began texting. After a moment she pushed away from the table and stood up, signed again briefly, then swept out of the room with one last befuddled look at Keiko.

“Did I… did I do something wrong?” Keiko asked, sitting with her shirt fully undone and her lacy pink bra exposed.

“Aha~, no no, that was the Nurse! Emi ran into Hicchan again, so now Shicchan has to go check on him and yell at Emi-chan! That’s all~!”

“Oh. Okay. Is she coming back?” Aoi asked.

“Maybe later. She said to keep playing~! We still have to finish your initiation, of course! Oh, and you can put your shirt back now, Keicchan. I was just joking about taking your clothes off. Wahahaha~!”

A long, dead silence followed this proclamation, with Keiko making no such move. Then Aoi burst out laughing as well, prolonging Misha’s own laughter as they both cackled together. Keiko crossed her arms under her chest, pouting at her status as the butt of the joke.

“Yes, very funny, so funny…” she muttered.

“Aha, waah, wahaha~! Shicchan had no idea. She was so confused! Ahahaha~!”

“Oh, so that’s why she was doing that?” Keiko asked, brightening up again. “She wasn’t… mad at me?”

“Well~! Maybe she was, I don’t know! She was just trying to ask what you were doing. And calling you weird! Ahaha~! Don’t worry, I’ll tell her it was my prank, so she’ll only get mad at me!”

“Wow, we thought that whole deal about playing strip was dead serious. Or I mean, I did, and obviously Keiko…”

Aoi motioned to the still-undone shirt on her best friend, poking her exposed side to tease her.

“Yep, yep! Got you good, I did I did~!”

“So now we just… keep playing?” Keiko asked, not sounding overly excited by the prospect.

“I guess, Keicchan. Or we can just goof off and I’ll tell Shicchan you won. Maybe if we’re fast, we can go get parfaits~!”

“…Really?” Aoi asked. “Won’t she like… reject us, if she finds out?”

“Nope! Shicchan and me really, really need the help. She’ll just say a bunch of stuff to me and then let you in anyways,” Misha clarified.

Aoi cocked an eyebrow approvingly. Keiko, however, sighed in exasperation.

“Well, that just doesn’t seem very fair. Neither one of you had to take anything off…” she complained.

“What~, are you trying to see my boobs, Keicchan? That’s dirty, it is!” Misha said, covering her chest protectively.

“I mean, you already tricked her into showing you hers,” Aoi pointed out.

“I guess you’re right, Aocchan! I thought you guys wouldn’t want to keep stripping after I pranked you. But if you reeeally want to be naughty…” Misha said, grinning as she reached up to the buttons of her own blouse.

“Wait,” Keiko cut her off.

“What now, Keicchan?”

“Why don’t we just… keep playing?”

“I thought you didn’t want to play!” Misha said.

“No, no. With your strip rules,” Keiko clarified.

“Whuh?” Misha asked. “Really?”

“Sure. Actually, just seems fair,” Aoi chimed in, catching on to Keiko’s suggestion.

Misha frowned, feeling the tables turn on her.

“You’re going to make me do the prank on myself! Is that what you’re doing now, you newbies?” she accused.



“Wahaha~! You’re more fun than I thought! I don’t get it though, you were so embarrassed at first!”

“That was just when I was having to undress in front of Shizune,” Keiko said.

“Are you saying you don’t mind undressing for me, Keicchan?” Misha asked.

“Err…” Keiko paused.

She shared a knowing glance with Aoi, who shrugged and then nodded.

“Well… the president was just kind of intimidating, you know? And you’re just kind of… not? I don’t mean that in a bad way!”

“Aha~, not at all, Keicchan! Shicchan can be scary, I know. But she won’t bite!”

“Plus, you’re also… ahh…” Keiko hesitated.

“Gay!” Aoi finished for her.

Misha gasped.

“Aocchan, I’m not—I mean—eeep! I-I guess I am, I just—” Misha stammered, blushing furiously. “—how could you know?!”

Even Keiko raised an eyebrow now, as if to ask “really?”

“Oh come on. The way you’re always checking the prez out?” Aoi said. “You’re obviously hot on her. Not that I blame you! Her figure’s incredible!”

“Aha… ahaha… well. I guess you got me! Wahaha~!” Misha admitted, throwing up her hands. “Just, ah, please don’t tell anyone else okay!”

“Oh don’t worry, we know how it is. We’ll keep things on the quiet,” Aoi said. “I mean… why do you think we wanted to join the Student Council, Misha?” she asked.

“I don’t know! To play games and get free food?” Misha asked.

“…Actually, if we knew that was the deal, yes,” Aoi said. “But really. We, umm. May or may not have had a bet about which one of us would have a chance with you, Misha,” she admitted.

“With… me?” Misha asked.

“You’re… very pretty…” Keiko said bashfully, her cheeks growing red as well.


Aoi reached out and bounced one of her drills, then clutched her fists and did a little dance.

“Boing! Oh my gosh, I’ve really really wanted to do that!”

“Aocchan! Don’t mess up my hair! Wahaha~! Wait… you don’t want me to pick one of you now, do you?!”

“No, no!” Keiko denied as Aoi laughed. “It was just some dumb in-joke. I guess we really did want to… talk to someone else who was… like us, though.”

“Looks like now we’ll just have to play for that ‘special surprise,’” Aoi said.

“What special surprise, Aocchan?” Misha asked.

“You know. How you said the winner gets something special from the losers?” Aoi said with a waggle of her eyebrows.

“Oh, right right! Ahh, I just made that up to mess with you more!”

“So it’ll be a surprise even to you when I win!” Keiko said.

“You think you’ll win, Keicchan?! No way~! The Student Council are trained game masters. And~! Your shirt’s still off, you silly!”

Keiko gave her a challenging look, then shrugged the open shirt back off of her shoulders, removing it completely.

“Let’s see how long I’m the only one,” she said.

“You’re on, Keicchan!”


As the sun went down, so did most of the three girls’ clothes. The evening saw Keiko reduced to only her bra and skirt, Aoi stubbornly retaining her shirt but nude from the waist down, and Misha in only her underwear. Each of them was red in the face, both in concentration and in other ways. Keiko tried to maintain some semblance of poise but Aoi had long since given up on trying not to stare incessantly at Misha’s exposed, heaving chest. More than once Keiko had to smack her hand away lest it get too deep into her own bare crotch.

“One, two, and three, and… ack! A big one!” Misha said, shaking her hands as she landed on Keiko’s hotel.

“Oh darn. How unfortunate,” Aoi said sarcastically. “What’s it gonna be, sempai? Top… or bottom?”

“Well! I think I know which one you want. Wahaha~!” Misha said, reaching behind her back to unclasp her bra. “Just for you~, my new favorite kouhai!” she announced, letting her breasts finally bounce free as Aoi bit her bottom lip, nearly drooling at the sight.

“Whoops! The girls are all perked tonight. I guess it was a good boob day!” Misha said, cupping them cheerily.

A good boob day, that it was, Keiko thought. Even she couldn’t avoid a few seconds of uninterrupted staring, transfixed by their perfect curve, bounce and heft.

“Now now, newbies! We still have to finish the game~!” Misha reprimanded them.

Aoi sighed.

“Do we really have to? We’ve already been here all day!” she protested.

Keiko responded by rolling the dice, quickly counting the result, then casually tipping it over to change the number.

“Whoops,” she said, moving her piece onto a space of Misha’s with three houses. “Looks like I lose!”

Rising from her seat, she removed her own bra slowly, looking Misha in the eyes as she allowed one “girl” and then the other to pop out from it. Her assets weren’t nearly as impressive as her senior’s but they still held Misha’s gaze in how she used them.

“Keicchan! Housies are only for regular clothes, you goofer!” Misha pointed out.

“Oh, are they? Oops! Silly me!” Keiko said, reaching down to her skirt and sliding it off gracefully. Misha gulped at the sight of her slender hips, swaying sensually as Keiko strutted over to her, thumbing one side of her panties down with each step.

“You need a h-hotel for that!” Misha tried to say as the panties hit the floor.

“Well, I guess I’m just giving you everything,” Keiko said, standing behind Misha and beginning to rub her shoulders. “Cashing out, or however it’s said.”

“Yeah, all of a sudden, I’m having trouble finding my money,” Aoi said, throwing her hands up in mock despair. Misha tried to say it was right there, but stopped herself, realizing that all of a sudden it wasn’t. Aoi must have shoved it all under the board to hide it. Misha thought about pulling the board up to call her on the trick, but she was too distracted by the relaxing warmth spreading through her muscles from Keiko’s firm fingers.

“Ahh, Keicchan, you’re really g-good at that…” Misha said with a shudder.

“She’s awfully good with her hands, isn’t she?” Aoi remarked, leaning over Misha and pushing a drill back over her ear.

“I’ve had a lot of practice,” Keiko whispered into that ear.

Misha gasped in pleasant surprise as Aoi lowered herself right into Misha’s lap, straddling it, then wrapping her arms around Misha’s neck.

“I think you won, sempai. Your kouhais have to give you that special surprise now,” Aoi said.

“Wh-what’s… the surprise?” Misha whispered.

Aoi leaned forward and kissed her, hard and sure. Misha closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as Keiko’s hands moved down her sides and onto her breasts, kneading at them greedily. One of Misha’s hands went up to join with Keiko’s, their fingers intertwining, while her other hand found Aoi’s hip and held on tight. She could feel Keiko’s lips on her neck, Aoi’s tongue in her mouth, four sets of hands exploring her body with all the pent-up lust of the last couple hours finally spilling out…

“Mmm… Aocchan, K-Keicchan… I just wanted to say…”



“…I think you pass the initiation. Wahaha~!”

“But we haven’t even given you the special surprise yet!”


Aoi rose up and swept an arm across the table, clearing the game carelessly, as Keiko pulled Misha up then pushed her forward to guide her onto it.

“Keicchan, wh-what… you want me to…”

“Shhh. Just relax,” Aoi said, holding Misha’s face as Keiko gripped her thighs and pushed them gently apart.

“Aocchan, I’ve n-never really… I don’t know… ahh!”

Misha’s thighs shuddered as Keiko’s head disappeared between them.

“It’s okay, we’ll show you how. Lots of practice, remember?” Aoi reminded her, watching Misha’s golden eyes somehow go even wider than usual as Keiko went to work. She leaned in and kissed Misha again, determined to show the older student how to lose herself in these feelings.

As it turned out, Misha was a natural.


Shizune was worried about how long they’d taken to get back to the council room. She trusted Misha, of course, but her best friend’s attention span was liable to lag over the course of hours. There was no telling what sort of distractions she might eventually get caught up in. It was just that, after another untimely trip to the Nurse… well… she just had to go on a little detour with Hisao to his room. The poor guy deserved it, she figured. It definitely wasn’t anything to do with gratifying any of her own desires… she was just taking care of her boyfriend, of course.

His hand rested comfortably in hers as they made their way down the hall, still basking in the afterglow of their activities. Now her boyfriend was here and she was feeling nice and relaxed… it was the perfect time to get back to some simple Monopoly gaming, Shizune thought. Although it sure was strange what that Keiko girl had been doing with her shirt just before Nurse texted her. What had been going on with that, Shizune wondered? Was she trying to show off her chest? It’s not like it was anything special…

She got a better view of Keiko’s chest than she’d ever asked for when she pushed open the door to the council room. The second year’s body writhed and shuddered as Misha stood over her, engaged in unspeakable acts, with Aoi hugging Misha closely from behind and doing the same. A chorus of sighs, groans and yelps sounded from the table that facilitated all of this, the sorry remnants of Shizune’s Monopoly game scattered across the floor.

The council president sighed in exasperation. She was going to miss that old Monopoly set.

Hisao started to say something stupid and Shizune clapped her hand over his mouth just in time. The little lovers were so entwined that they hadn’t noticed a thing. Shizune preferred to keep it that way, in no way shape or form did she want to deal with this. She carefully closed the door and stepped back from it, as if staying too close might risk being drawn back in. Hisao was still trying to get a peek through the small rectangular window set into the door; Shizune smacked his ass and yanked him back.

[No peeping at those knockers. Only these.] she told him, giving her chest a shake.

[You seem awfully unperturbed by this.] Hisao pointed out.

[It’s probably best to take it in stride. Misha has needed to let off some stress for a long time. I really hoped she could grow close to those two, you know. I thought they might be like her… always staring at her butt. And mine!]

[As if you mind.]

[It’s important to maintain appearances, though. I guess I got what I asked for… just need to remember to wash down that table.]

[Uh oh. Am I gonna have to help with that?]

[That depends. Do you feel up to another diversion?]

[Again? Come on, it hasn’t even been an hour!]

[There’s no way you aren’t hard after seeing that.]

Not waiting for Hisao’s response, Shizune grabbed his crotch aggressively, smiling in victory as her suspicions were confirmed. Hisao sighed in defeat.

[Fine. But I’m picking the position this time, damn it!]

[If you can wrestle me into it!]

[Oh, going to challenge me to that again, are you? Let’s see how sore I can make you!]
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Hisao started to say something stupid and Shizune clapped her hand over his mouth just in time. The little lovers were so entwined that they hadn’t noticed a thing. Shizune preferred to keep it that way, in no way shape or form did she want to deal with this. She carefully closed the door and stepped back from it, as if staying too close might risk being drawn back in. Hisao was still trying to get a peek through the small rectangular window set into the door; Shizune smacked his ass and yanked him back.
Shizune is a real one for sure. Though who knows what would have happened if Hisao had said something...

Great story just like usual!
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With the New Year comes my second Secret Santa story! It is a short piece about Hanako getting waaaaay too drunk and someone having to take care of her, and I kept it free of any smut or sexual content. That's what this next story is for! I didn't plan on writing anymore Evil Lilly stories quite so soon, but sometimes, these things just happen--as Hanako and Hisao have found out the hard way. An excellent artist on the KS Discord drew Christmas-themed art of my favorite blind villainess and I knew I had no choice but to write something in tribute to it. Here's the art which I do have permission to use:


Plus an "enhanced version" which graces the following story! Lewd warning!


An Evening Rendezvous (Naomi x Natsume x ...Hisao?) [Slight lewd warning]
Mother Knows Best (Hisao x Meiko) [Lewd warning]
A Very Unusual Friendship (Lilly x Hanako) [Lewd warning]
A Friendly Competition (Misha x Shizune) [Lewd warning]
Snowed In (Hisao x Hanako) [Not lewd! For once! At least not explicitly so >.>]
Morning Stretches (Emi x Rin + special guest appearance) [Lewd! We back at it!]
Locked In (Hisao x Hanako + bonus pairing) [Snowed In follow-up; A little lewd, only a little]
In The Moment (Rika x Saki) [Lewd warning]
The Student Council Shuffle (Multiple pairings!) [Not lewd!]
Undercover (Miki x Suzu) [Lewd warning]
Lilly's Day Off (Lilly x ???)
Overnighter (Shizune x Miki) [Not lewd]
Working Women (Akira x Yuuko) [Lewd!] [Thanks to MoashLannister for this title]
An Unusual Family (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Very Unusual Friendship follow-up; very lewd]
Operation Bedfellow (Kenji x Rin) [Non-lewd]
Flights of Fancy (Misha x Rin) [No lewd I promise]
An Unexpected Development (Lilly x Hanako x Hisao) ["Evil Lilly" story--big smut/edge warning]
An Intimate Game (Mutou x Shizune) [Not lewd... or is it?]
High Stakes (Aoi x Keiko x Misha) [Medium lewd]
A Most Unorthodox Christmas (Evil Lilly part 4--I think if there is a part 5 they may need their own thread) [Lewd with BONUS ART]
The Last Stand (Lilly x Kenji) [Lewd]
A Hearty Rivalry (Meiko vs Lilly) [Non lewd]


A Most Unorthodox Christmas

Lilly knocked on the door softly three times.

“Who is it? Oh, hi Lilly-chan~!”

Misha leapt out of her room and buried Lilly in one of her over-eager hugs. Lilly grunted, barely managing to keep hold of her cane… ah yes, Misha. She’d been out of the Student Council for so long, she’d forgotten how viscerally she sometimes loathed the plump fool of a girl.

“Hello, Misha.”

“I thought you’d go back home to your family for Christmas, Lilly-chan! I’m so, so happy you’re still here~! I’ve really missed you ever since you left, you know~!”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes, yes it is~! Wahaha~!”

“And how have you been, dear Misha? I must confess, I was rather surprised to receive a note from you, as well. Is your family so far away as mine, perchance?”

“No Lilly, they’re—there’s nothing wrong, I just wanted to stay here with all my friends, wahaha~! That’s all!”

Everything Misha said sounded fake, so it was hard to tell when she was being genuine. But Lilly could hear it when she was being extra fake.

“Spending it with Shizune, then? My my, that’s so considerate of you!”

Lilly heard a tiny hitch in Misha’s throat, which she had to pause to suppress before replying.

“N-no, Shicchan went back home… I thought you’d be going with her if you didn’t fly away to England!”

Lilly knew Shizune was leaving, of course, but she had to hear that reaction for herself. Any little hint she could collect about Misha’s state of mind was useful.

“Ah yes, well, I may not be… particularly welcome, in the Hakamichi household. Though our blood is shared, most of it is bad, so to speak.”

“Whuh?? Lilly, you have a blood disorder?! I never knew! I’m so sorry~!”

“No, Misha, I meant—my, my. Never mind. Now. May I come in?”

“Of course, Lilly-chan, please~! I don’t have any tea though, I’m sorry about that! Just some chocolate, if you want any!”

“No thank you, Misha.”

Lilly stepped in, taking a deep whiff of Misha’s room… sweets, hair product, make-up, dirty laundry, and some more hair product. It was nauseating at first, though subtly alluring after a moment, in a sleazy, guilty-pleasure sort of way. Lilly always imagined that this was how the room of a well-worn hooker might smell, plus a few… other scents, if the prostitute were to work where she slept. Tapping her way onto the bed, Lilly sank into its pillowy surface, feeling her bottom disappear into its depths as Misha’s weight hopped up next to her, their thighs pressed together in the dip created by their mutual weight.

“You know~, Lilly, my note was supposed to be for Hana-chan~! Buuut~, I guess she got too embarrassed and made you come talk to me for her. I probably should have thought about that. Wahaha~!”

“Yes, well, if I’m being honest. I may have… intercepted it, before she could see it. You are right, that she is terribly self-conscious about her… condition. I didn’t want to upset her, you understand. She would prefer simply not to be seen right now.”

Misha had written a rambling note talking about the joys of motherhood and expressing her desire to help take care of Hanako in whatever way she might need, as was her duty as a member of the Student Council. She’d gotten Yuuko—the other presence at school who remained highly sympathetic to Hanako—to read it out for her. It was well-meaning, Lilly thought, but neither necessary nor desirable. At best, such a reminder that the school knew of her pregnancy would cause Hanako to withdraw into herself for a day or two. At worst, she’d take it as sarcastic mockery, and even Lilly wasn’t sure what kind of reaction that might draw.

“Aww~. I hope she knows I just want to help!” Misha insisted.

“She knows, Misha. She told me that of everyone in your class, you are the only one that still smiles at her, when you see her in the hall. She treasures that, I assure you.”

Misha made a little sound of pleasure at hearing that; Lilly could practically feel the big grin spread across her face. Always so eager to please, so happy when helping, no matter who it was or what they’d done. There was something to envy in that, Lilly thought. Life must be so much simpler for someone like Misha. But then, there were things in life that someone like Misha could never have, things that her kind and gentle ways would never allow her to reach. No one knew that better than Lilly.

“Alright~! Well, tell her I hope she’s doing good, okay Lilly?”

“I will, Misha. She is doing… as well as can be expected, given the circumstances.”

Hanako had to be taken out of regular classes soon after her situation became apparent, of course. Miki might have been the first to antagonize her over it, but she wasn’t the last, and Hanako’s emotional state deteriorated quickly. And she had finally managed to cut her counseling sessions back to once a month, before this happened… now they were biweekly, more frequent than ever. What a shame. Hisao was still in class, though now rather isolated from his classmates.

“And Hicchan? What about—oh, umm! Lilly…”

Misha’s voice dropped to a measured and respectful tone that Lilly had rarely, if ever, heard from her.

“…Hicchan… he is the father… right? I swear I wouldn’t tell anyone…”

“Of course he is, Misha.”

“…umm… how did it… how did it happen? I thought Hicchan was… well, that he was with you.”

“He was. But he was… less than faithful.”

It was the truth, too. Hisao had decided that he loved Hanako, not Lilly, even though she was his significant other, the one who gave him Hanako to begin with. She might have given him permission to take Hanako physically, but never emotionally. That was his mistake and his alone. And every mistake has consequences. As for Lilly, her reputation hadn’t been tarnished a whit by the scandal—she’d never allow such a thing. So far as the school understood things, Hisao had been lucky enough to land the biggest catch in the school, then stupid enough to cheat on her with the broken burnt-up shell of a girl that sat in his class.

Lilly, ever selfless and graceful, still spent time with her former friends, taking pity enough to help them when they were scorned by everyone else. If anything, she was more well-liked than before, while also having gained a better excuse than ever to keep a comfortable distance from the school’s various social cliques. Just as she preferred it.

“Well~, at least he is helping to take care of Hana-chan. Even if it was an accident, new life is still a wonderful thing~!”

“Again… he was. Now he’s fled back home to his parents, who he claimed never to have been close with. Thank goodness Hanako still has me to rely on,” Lilly said.

“He did?! Lilly~!! That’s…”

“Selfish of him? Yes, Misha. It is. Truly, I do not think he was ready for this burden, but… alas. Every person here at Yamaku, life has dealt us hands we weren’t ready for, all of us. Even you, Misha.”

“What do you mean, Lilly?”

“That you’ve had to deal with… unexpected developments, of your own? Haven’t you?”

“Wahaha~! Uhhh! I guess, umm, well! You know, Lilly-chan, I’m not actually disabled. Not really! Wahaha~!”

Lilly placed a comforting hand on Misha’s thigh, hearing the cracks in her façade.

“No, you aren’t. Yet you’ve suffered, all the same.”

“No, Lilly-chan, no no~! I… I’m happy at Yamaku, I—”

Lilly placed a finger to Misha’s lips.

“I was in the Student Council, Misha. It’s okay. I know.”

Silence. The girl next to her trembled.

“About you and Shizune,” Lilly continued.

Another one of those little hitches in her throat.

“She’s my cousin, Misha. I know her, and I can recognize her suitors. I’m… I feel the need to apologize. For the way that she’s treated you. You don’t deserve it.”


So refreshing, to hear her real voice, without that horrible fake lilt. Even at a moment like this.

“To be strung along, used up and discarded, then dragged back from the bin and used again, over and over… I know that feeling, Misha. The way it feels when someone that you care about takes advantage of your love.”

“Lilly!” Misha said sharply, jumping away from her a little, but Lilly’s arm had snaked around Misha’s shoulder while she spoke, holding them together. “That’s… that’s not true, Lilly! Shicchan isn’t, she isn’t l-like that! Don’t say something like that!”

Lilly tilted her head down in a knowing expression.

“I know you can’t admit it to yourself, Misha. You are too kind. That’s why I want to do it for you—to say to you what your heart can’t say to itself. It’s been long enough. It’s one reason I quit the council, you know? The way Shizune kept you hanging on by a thread, like a dog trained to its leash… I just couldn’t…”

“L-L-Lilly, I…”

Another little hitch, this time turning into a single, lone sob. Then another sob, then two, then three, then more.

“Shizune might have wanted to love you, Misha. But she couldn’t. It isn’t in her nature, Misha. She isn’t… she isn’t a good person. She can’t love anyone but herself. You know that. It’s why she insists on continuing as the president, even when the only person who will associate with her is you.”

Misha had collapsed now into full-on bawling, heaving and clutching at Lilly’s blouse, her face buried into Lilly’s shoulder. Lilly leaned in close to her ear and whispered.

“She doesn’t love you, Misha. And she never will.”


Lilly sat patiently with Misha while she cried, waited for her to get it all out. Hanako had given her much experience in holding another girl while she sobbed. She stroked Misha’s head, ran her fingers through her hair—every time holding back a grimace when she felt the tacky drills—rubbed her shoulders, held her tight. Lilly didn’t know how much time passed. It may have been ten minutes, it may have been two hours. She’d never been much good at tracking time, an inevitable drawback of her condition, but right now the time didn’t matter. It was Christmas, and so they had plenty of it to spare.

“Th-thank you… Lilly…” Misha choked out, once the faucets under her eyelids had finally run dry.

“Mmmm,” Lilly purred, scratching the back of Misha’s neck, the other girl’s head resting in her lap. It didn’t feel right to admit that she was happy in this moment, but Lilly did find purpose in these opportunities to care for others, that much she couldn’t deny.

“I guess, I mean… I think I knew… no, I knew… I knew you were right. A long time ago I knew it. Shizune doesn’t change her mind, does she? I was so stupid, thinking she would. So, so stupid… I threw myself away for her, and it all just… god, I feel so worthless…”

“Now, now,” Lilly said. “You mustn’t say such things. The first step in recovering from such dependency, is that you must take value in yourself, apart from others. You see, Shiina… may I call you Shiina?”

“Yes. I don’t think I want to be Misha anymore.”

“Good, that’s very good. We are always happier when we are free to be ourselves, not trying to fulfill some impossible ideal.”

Shiina gave a laugh that turned into a hiccup as it met the aftermath of her crying session.

“That’s easy for you to say, Lilly. You’re so beautiful, and everyone always likes you, and you just have this tall, elegant figure… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say things like that. You were smarter than me. I should have quit when you did.”

“That’s quite alright, Shiina. All of us are gifted with certain… assets. Don’t let those of others distract from your own.”

Lilly ran a hand gently around Shiina’s shoulder then along her side, down to her hip until her fingertips brushed the hem of Shiina’s skirt.

“Your body is not something to be ashamed of, Shiina. You have quite the figure yourself, you know. And such luscious hair, if only…”

Lilly’s other hand passed again through a coiffed drill, bringing a shudder from the other girl, and not one of pleasure.

“…if only you’d let it flow naturally.”

“I hate these stupid things…” Shiina said, tugging on the same drill that Lilly had just massaged. “I don’t even know why I still have them. I guess I thought, because Shizune couldn’t hear, only see, I had to really do something visual to catch her attention. Or something. I don’t know.”

“That garish pink will stay for a while, but you can repair its shape at any time. Tonight, if you wanted to,” Lilly reminded her.

“That’s… that’s a good idea. I should do that. Maybe I’ll even cut the dumb—d-damn things off!”

“My, my,” Lilly remarked, feigning shock at Shiina’s sudden vigor. “Well… the shorter your hair, the sooner it can return to its original color, I suppose.”

“That’s a good point, that’s right!” Shiina agreed, leaping up suddenly.

Lilly listened as she went over to her desk and rummaged around, presumably looking for scissors or some other sharp implement. While she had no desire to interrupt Shiina’s makeover—it was sorely needed—this was her best chance at an excuse to leave. Not that she was actually going to leave Shiina’s side tonight, but this way things would simply seem… more natural.

“I’m proud of you, Shiina. It takes a great deal of courage to recognize where one has gone astray, and to make adjustments accordingly. You may not believe it, but I have had such trials of my own this year. But I shouldn’t stay and trouble you while you work… I think I may retire to my—”

“No!!” Shiina cut her off. As expected.


“I m-mean… I don’t… Lilly, please. Can you just… stay with me? For tonight? I don’t want to be alone again…”

“Well… yes, of course, Shiina. I’d rather enjoy your company tonight, but would you mind if I change clothes?” Lilly asked, gesturing to her tear-soaked school uniform. “I have some new things I got for Christmas that I’ve been meaning to try on. Perhaps you can help me with them, if you’d like.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I should have thought about—yeah, yeah I’d love to help, just lemme finish with this hair.”

Lilly retrieved her cane and smiled to herself as she listened to the sounds of scissors snipping furiously across the room, clipping away the fake hairstyle that defined Shiina’s fake persona.

“Okay! All done!” Shiina announced happily, the first notes of happiness returning to her voice.

“If you would?” Lilly asked, holding an arm out for Shiina to take. The two of them ambled out of her room and down the deserted hallway to Lilly’s own, with Lilly closing and locking the door behind them. As she untangled her arm from Shiina’s own, her hand just so happened to brush across the other girl’s exposed ear, pausing curiously at the touch of it. Shiina truly had cut off the drills, and cut them off at the root.

“May I… ?” Lilly prompted, raising her hand further up Shiina’s head.

“Mmm hmm. Hope I did a good job. It’s probably all uneven and stuff…” Shiina said.

Lilly’s hand traced Shiina’s new hairline, so short that it wasn’t even a bob cut, probably closer to a boy’s style than anything a girl might wear. It was uneven, the cuts made with speed and anger, haphazard and slapdash. Lilly’s sensitive fingers could feel each point where the blades pulled back before coming back together. If she were honest, it probably looked quite terrible… but why should she, of all people, worry about how it looked?

“It’s uncovered more of you,” Lilly said, bringing her hand down and brushing the back of it softly against Shiina’s face, all the way to her newly exposed ear, feeling the soft skin there that likely hadn’t seen sunlight in over a year. “Mmmm. You have a beautiful face,” Lilly cooed, pressing herself briefly against Shiina as her fingers traced the girl’s full cheeks down to her round chin.

“Lilly…” Shiina whispered, covering Lilly’s hand with one of her own.

Lilly felt Shiina’s face twitch forward and she stepped back, withdrawing her hand.

“Ah, I apologize if that was too… intimate,” Lilly said. “It’s just that I so rarely get to ‘see’ people, if you understand.”

“Y-yeah, Lilly, it’s okay. It’s definitely okay! You can touch me all you like. I mean, uhh! That sort of came out wrong!”

Lilly gave a polite little laugh.

“I’ll hold you to that,” she said. “Now… to get out of this thing…” she continued, undoing the buttons on her blouse.

“Oh, do you want me to go in the, uhh? I can just…”

“No, no, it’s quite alright. You’ve already let me take a peek at you, after all. It only seems fair that I return the favor, yes?”

“Umm! Okay!” Shiina said nervously, watching from only a couple feet away as Lilly methodically stripped off every layer of clothing but for her underwear. She took her time with the process, drawing out each consecutive reveal of her form by playing it off as clumsy fiddling of the fingers, a handicap of her condition. She had no such limitation, of course, but she doubted that Shiina would mind the extended viewing time of her deep cleavage and bared hips.

“My, my. That feels so much better. Those uniforms can be rather… constricting, at times,” Lilly said, clasping her hands behind her head and stretching herself out in a way that nearly popped her breasts free of her bra. She could hear another of those little hitches in Shiina’s throat at this display, a habit of hers that Lilly was quickly growing to appreciate. The Misha personality had just been an over-exaggeration of herself—the real person underneath was still not the most adept at hiding her feelings.

“Let’s just see here…” Lilly said, stepping over to her closet and pulling it open. She bent over as she took a few moments pretending to rummage through her things, giving Shiina plenty of time to admire the perfect heart-shape of her rear before standing back up. She held a pair of slim jeans and a small t-shirt, things she’d grown out of some years back, not that Shiina would know that as she’d never actually worn them at Yamaku.

“Would you mind helping me into these?” Lilly asked, thrusting them towards her companion.

“Oh, you need—okay!” Shiina agreed. “Err! Should we do the pants first?”

“I suppose we should,” Lilly said, sitting down on the bed and stretching her legs out to receive the denim garment, spreading her thighs a bit farther apart than was really necessary. She pointed her toes as she felt Shiina fit her feet into the pants, then begin pulling them up her legs. It was rough going, as they were several sizes too small, but Shiina kept stubbornly at it.

“Are you… hrrghh… sure these fit you, Lilly?” Shiina asked. “They’re a little, umm. Tight.”

“Oh dear. Akira never can get my measurements right. I swear, she thinks all girls have her proportions! Let’s just give them one last try, yes?” Lilly asked, bracing herself against the side of the bed as Shiina tugged a few more times, as hard as she could, her hands pressing into Lilly’s buttocks as she finally managed to get them almost most of the way on. The fabric was so tight that Shiina didn’t even try pulling her hands out yet—Lilly could feel the flesh of her thighs practically spilling out over the top of the waistband.

“Lilly, I’m sorry, I just don’t think they’re going to fit! My mom’s pretty good at sewing. If you wanted, maybe she could try to do something with them!”

“No no, I couldn’t ask for that. I’ll simply have to tell Akira to return them…” Lilly said with a sigh, listening to Shiina’s grunts of effort as she forced the pants back off of Lilly. “I’m afraid this shirt may not be any better, but I do want to make sure. If you don’t mind?” she asked, raising her arms above her head.

“Sure! Let’s see, it…”

Shiina took the garment, carefully slipped the sleeves over Lilly’s wrists, then yanked it down to her chest—where it promptly stopped as if slamming into a wall.

“Uh oh. Yeah, this—isn’t gonna fit either,” Shiina said, her fingers sliding over Lilly’s breasts as she gave a couple exploratory tugs. One of these efforts caused her thumb to slip accidentally under Lilly’s bra, rubbing her nipple and causing her to let out a surprised squeak of sudden pleasure.

“Oops! Oh Lilly, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to!” Shiina said, trying to extricate her thumb from its prison, but Lilly had seized the opportunity to lean forward so that it was trapped. Instead of pulling free, Shiina’s thumb merely massaged her harder, bringing another little yelp out of Lilly. This was more than she could bear… as Shiina finally popped her finger out of Lilly’s bra and brought the shirt back up to her wrists, Lilly lowered her arms suddenly around the back of Misha’s neck, using the garment to pull their faces together in a kiss.

Shiina only resisted for the briefest of moments before Lilly’s lips made it clear that she wanted this. By the time they broke away, it was obvious that Shiina did too. They’d both been wanting it for some time now. Shiina hadn’t known that it was going to end up this way, but she was too far along to pull out now. Lilly knew that. She let the tiny shirt drop to the floor, freeing her hands to run hungrily over Misha’s hips, back, sides, and finally up to her chest, giving it a playful squeeze accompanied by a sharp inhale of satisfaction.

“Just as I always thought… you have nothing to be jealous of, Shiina,” Lilly whispered to her. “Your body is a treasure. I’ve waited so long to truly see it…” she said, continuing her efforts to explore every inch of Shiina’s skin.

“Oh… Lilly, I…”

Pulling Shiina fully into her lap, Lilly swung them around and deposited the other girl on the bed, switching their positions in an instant.

“Let me try on something else…” she said, putting a finger to Shiina’s lips as she tried to say something. “Shhhh. Close your eyes, Shiina. I’ll just be a moment.”

Lilly’s hand ran deftly up Shiina’s face to pull her eyelids down, her touch nearly imperceptible to Shiina in how light it was. Then she was up and across the room in an instant, her previous lack of dexterity gone from her movements. She had planned to show this outfit to Hisao and Hanako, back before… well. They had been naughty this year, so they would get only coal in their stockings. This good little girl would get Lilly’s present instead.

“Okay, Shiina. You can open your eyes,” Lilly said. “How do I look?”

It doesn't seem that you can put in an image in spoilers on this forum, so here's a link to it (lewd warning!):

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... wdsmol.png

Shiina gasped as she took in the sight before her.

“Merry Christmas, Shiina,” Lilly said, feeling the other girl smack into her with a surprising amount of force. It seemed that her lust had finally overcome her inhibitions. Fortunately, Lilly could take it, quickly returning Shiina’s affections as their bodies came together once more. It had been so long since Lilly felt a partner with passion like this… she shuddered with excitement as Shiina practically ripped the coat off of her, throwing her to the bed with her body bared but for the thigh-high stockings.

The two girls wrestled on the bed, Lilly looking for control, while Shiina responded to her advances with simple, raw energy, the pent-up sexual frustration of years unleashing itself upon Lilly. The feeling of it, the sensation of being so thoroughly and totally desired, it sent a wave of euphoria through Lilly’s head, a high that was quickly reinforced by physical pleasure as Shiina began making love to her in earnest. Unable to fight back any longer, Lilly laid back and let Shiina ravish her, holding on to her partner with one hand and gently massaging herself with the other.

Once again, Lilly was grateful that time was no object, as she had no idea how much of it passed. She was utterly free to lose herself in the moment, for as long as it lasted. When Shiina finally let up, it took another little bit for Lilly to realize, the pounding in her head lightening up just enough that she could think again. She could feel the other girl’s body still entwined with hers, those soft cheeks nuzzled against her neck and shoulder.

“Is this everything you wanted?” she asked Shiina, her voice drifting lazily out of her lips in the afterglow of their act.

“Mmmm… Lilly, I’m so glad you’re here.”

“Yes, well. I thought you might need some… comfort. At least for tonight. You know…”

Lilly felt Shiina perk up at the suggestive tone on those last two words.

“I may not be Shizune, but…”

She took hold of Shiina and pushed her over, taking a position atop her.

“I am her cousin, and our figures are… comparable…”

Reaching behind her head, Lilly pulled the black bow free from her ponytail and placed it over Shiina’s eyes and forehead.

“You could just… imagine… It wouldn’t be difficult for me to do a little roleplaying, given her vocal challenges…”

“Ahaha!” Shiina laughed at the absurd suggestion. It was perhaps the first time Lilly had ever heard a genuine laugh from her. It was short, but so much sweeter than the feigned cackling of Misha.

“Oh, Lilly. Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t want Shizune!” Shiina said, ripping the bow away and throwing it to the floor. “I want you.”

“Mmmm. Well, that makes my job all the easier, doesn’t it?”

Lilly leaned down and began undoing the buttons on Shiina’s blouse, her clothes having stayed on in their haste. Her golden hair fell around the other girl like a protective sheet as Lilly unwrapped her own Christmas gift. As wonderful as their lovemaking had already been, it was far from over. The sweet thing laying beneath her had much more to offer, and Lilly intended to enjoy every last drop of it.
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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (1/1/20--Secret Santa + Evil Lilly)

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More Evil Lilly? I'm here for it. I know I've asked for it for a while, but man, I kinda wanted to see Lilly suffer for her actions, but she gets off scot-free (for now?). Definitely feel bad for Hanako, because Lilly doesn't seem to recognize that it's her fault that Hanako is suffering, but hey evil is evil.

That said, I think that this story actually might show the strength of the concept. There's an argument to be made that smut is smut, and while smut isn't easy to write well (you seem to do it flawlessly tho), this entry in the Evil Lilly series doesn't heavily feature smut but still is able to show how versatile Lilly's manipulation gets. Some might see Misha as low hanging fruit, but I would argue that these people are who manipulators go after, and I think you played her perfectly in this situation.

Typically, I have tried to start leaving both positives and negatives, but I really don't find anything negative in this story. SPAG was corrected as far as I can see.

Hopefully, Lilly will not continue her reign of terror if she comes back, but somehow I have a feeling that she might not.
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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (1/1/20--Secret Santa + Evil Lilly)

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Definitely hot, and fun, but my heart aches for poor Shiina, in anticipation of when Lilly starts warping their play into something less...nice. :( If there was ever a soul who didn't deserve to be touched by Lilly's machinations, it's Shiina. Which is undoubtedly part of her attraction, for Lilly.
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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (1/1/20--Secret Santa + Evil Lilly)

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Yeah smut is often interesting or amusing to me because of the character dynamics surrounding it more so than the act itself. Alright, contest entry fic time! This one is pretty meme. I wasn't in a mood to write anything very serious--I make no apologies.


An Evening Rendezvous (Naomi x Natsume x ...Hisao?) [Slight lewd warning]
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Lilly's Day Off (Lilly x ???)
Overnighter (Shizune x Miki) [Not lewd]
Working Women (Akira x Yuuko) [Lewd!] [Thanks to MoashLannister for this title]
An Unusual Family (Lilly x Hisao x Hanako) [Very Unusual Friendship follow-up; very lewd]
Operation Bedfellow (Kenji x Rin) [Non-lewd]
Flights of Fancy (Misha x Rin) [No lewd I promise]
An Unexpected Development (Lilly x Hanako x Hisao) ["Evil Lilly" story--big smut/edge warning]
An Intimate Game (Mutou x Shizune) [Not lewd... or is it?]
High Stakes (Aoi x Keiko x Misha) [Medium lewd]
A Most Unorthodox Christmas (Evil Lilly part 4--I think if there is a part 5 they may need their own thread) [Lewd with BONUS ART]
The Last Stand (Lilly x Kenji) [Lewd]
A Hearty Rivalry (Meiko vs Lilly) [Non lewd]


Pairing: Lilly x kenji
Situation: Lost somewhere

I don't want to overplay Kenji in these contests but for this one the other pairings were either ones I had done before or that seemed boring (namely Emi x hisao). Luckily I think I managed to meme on Lilly at least as much as Kenji here, if not more.

The Last Stand

“My my… Kenji, it really is getting cold… are you sure it isn’t getting close to night?”

“No way, Satou! We’ve still got like, at least a few hours before sundown!”

“It isn’t much further, is it?”

“Nah, we’ve gotta be getting close now. I can pretty much smell that awful stuff the pink one puts in her hair?”

“Are you certain Misha and Shizune are out here somewhere? I’ve never known them to go into the woods for any particular reason…”

“Totally! I saw them sneaking here just the other day, and they came back out like an hour later with these huge grins on their faces and their clothes all messed up. Just like they’d been excavating grounds for a secret base!”

“I don’t think Shizune is the type to build a tree fort, either… wait… the other day?”

“Yeah, like a couple weeks ago?”

“A couple—Kenji.”


“Have you seen either of them today?”

“Well, no, but they went in here around that time that one day! Or like, around the time I lead you out here, yeah? We’ll totally catch them in the act, okay! Just gotta find the slippery bastards!”

“Oh dear…”

Lilly was beginning to regret her agreement to let Kenji lead her out into the woods in search of the Student Council doing something obscene and heinous. It was a bit too late now, unfortunately… he was her only guide, she had no hope of navigating back to school on her own. Despite what he said about the time of day, she hadn’t felt the kiss of the sun on her skin in… goodness, how long had it been? An hour at least? Maybe it was time to just turn around and go back home…


“Kenji… we’ve been walking for so long… please, my legs are starting to tire…”

“Don’t worry, the school’s just over this way! Trust me! My navigation skills haven’t failed me this far!”

“We’ve been out here for hours… night must’ve fallen some time ago…”

“Yeah, they’ve messed up the time continuum somehow. The mission timeline I drew up had us in and out before lunchtime. No idea how things went this FUBAR.”

“Fubar? What does that… no, never mind.”

Lilly stopped Kenji, holding tight to his arm. She was tired, hungry, freezing cold, and a little scared. It was definitely the middle of the night by now. The feel of dirt under her shoes and the crunch of leaves told her they were still in the middle of the woods. Shizune and Misha had never turned up, of course.

“Kenji. Please. Don’t lie to me. We’re completely lost,” Lilly implored him.

Kenji sighed.

“You know, I hate to admit defeat, but… you’re right, Satou. I was trying to put on a brave face for you. I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to tell you the cold hard truth.”

“That we’re lost in the woods in the middle of a winter night? I gathered that much by now, Kenji.”

“No, that we’re going to die on our own out here, miss. Caught far behind enemy lines with zero visibility and our navigation systems offline? We’ll be lucky if it snows to give us some water to persist off of for a couple more days.”

“What?!” Lilly asked, utterly aghast. “Kenji, how far… just how far away have we gone?!”

“No telling, I’m afraid. Like I said, navigation’s FUBAR. It’s a code black. Black pilled, if you know what I mean.”

“Ughh, this… Kenji, this can’t…”

Holding stubbornly to him with one arm, Lilly struck out wildly with her other, swinging her cane around to clear a path before her. She managed to stumble forward a few feet before nearly faceplanting into a tree. Instead of continuing the fruitless exercise, she slumped herself against it, burying her face in her free arm and trying to control herself. Panic had been building up in her for a while, but the truth was even worse than she’d been expecting. Kenji stood beside her, putting a comforting arm around Lilly’s shoulder.

“Gosh… g-gee… g-g-gosh darn you, Shizune…” Lilly said, shaking uncontrollably.

“Shizune?” Kenji asked.

“She’s gone too far this time… she used you, Kenji. Planted… made up this weird idea for you, this trail of crumbs for you to follow, to lead me out here and humiliate me. She always has to humiliate me! Even after I’ve quit her horrid little fan club, she just can’t let me be!”

“Ah, yeah, she got us good. Both of us. Believe me, I know better than anyone how crafty she can be. I mean, the other day she was banging on my door and I was ignoring her, so she just slipped a note under and said it counted as me being served notice of rules-breaking! What kind of dirty trick is that?!”

“I know, Kenji, I know… she’s the absolute worst… and now we’re both going to die out here, alone and freezing, because she took her absurd games a little too far…”

“Hey, hey. We’re not alone, right?”

Kenji hugged Lilly closer and brought a hand to her face, turning it up to meet his. Two pairs of eyes stared into each other, one unseeing, the other practically so. And yet tears welled up in both.

“We’ve got each other,” Kenji said. “We’ll go out together. The way true soldiers should. And with our last breaths, we’ll curse that witch of a school president!”

“Yes, we most certainly will!” Lilly agreed.

“And! I’ve got this!” Kenji declared.

Lilly heard a faint sound of liquid sloshing around inside metal as he pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to her. The shape of the flask felt familiar in her hands, Akira having shared one with her a time or two.

“Oh, Kenji. No wonder she hates you. This can’t be allowed,” Lilly said.

Then she unscrewed the flask and took a long draught from it.

“Hey, leave me a few drops!” Kenji protested.


Lilly swallowed another mouthful of stinging liquor, lamenting how little remained in the flask. There was only one or two pulls left, and then she would be denied even this smallest of comforts as she wasted away. Such a cruel fate… Kenji tapped her hand, indicating that he wanted a turn on the flask. The liquor burned in her veins, making her head swim and her thoughts slur. It was holding off the cold now, but for how long?

“Mmm… here,” Lilly said, taking another pull until her cheeks were full, then pressing her lips to Kenji’s in a powerful kiss. He was momentarily stunned by the sudden move, but happy to accept the donation of whiskey, unconventional as the delivery might be. Lilly’s lips lingered on his for a few seconds after it was all gone, almost as if she was scared to pull away. When she finally did, there was a look of heated desperation on her face.

“Kenji… it’s so cold out here, we won’t have energy for long, and…”

She leaned forward onto him.

“I don’t want to die… as a virgin…” she whispered, tears welling up at the corners of her eyes. “I always thought it would be with Hisao, but… I guess Shizune will get him after all… just like she gets everything…”

“Heh, yeah, probably would suck to go out as a virgin. Good thing I’m not one!” Kenji said proudly.

“…You’re not?” Lilly asked, astonished.

“Err, nope. I mean, I think the woman was trying to suck my soul out through my family jewels, and she nearly got it, but! I made it out in one piece. You, err… you’d never do anything like that, would you, Satou? I mean, you’re the leader of the resistance, right?”

“…No, Kenji. I am not a soul-sucking harpy like my cousin. If you know how to do it, then… would you mind… if we could maybe…”

“Maybe what?”

“Oh, there’s no time, this is stupid!”

Lilly gave him another kiss, this one shorter than the last but even more forceful, then grabbed one of his hands and pulled it up to her chest.

“Kenji Setou, I want you to f-f-fuh… to… to make a woman out of me!” she announced.

“I mean, at this point, even if you did suck my soul out… guess it kinda doesn’t matter anyways, so…” Kenji mumbled.

“Shut up and get on with it! Before I change my mind!”

“Ah! Ma’am, yes ma’am! One deflowering, coming right up!”

Lilly felt waves of excitement shoot down her spine as Kenji’s hands took full advantage of their permission to explore her body. She slid down the tree she’d stumbled into so they could sit together, get as comfortable as possible, given the circumstances. The more he groped at her figure, pressed himself against her, his lips into hers… the more intense his desire became, the more Lilly felt flames of her own rising up from deep within her loins. The biting cold air and rough scratch of the tree’s bark faded away as lust began to overtake her senses.

It was too cold to take everything off, but at some point her shirt was pulled open, and her skirt lifted up. This wasn’t how she wanted her first time to go, far from it, but part of her was ecstatic that she was simply experiencing her first time at all. At long last, after years of holding herself back, putting up the perfect façade that her parents had taught her, playing the proper lady… all the many lonesome nights spent with one hand on a romance novel and another between her legs… even if she perished in these woods, at least she would have this one last moment of satisfaction before it all fell apart.

“Ahhh!! K-Kenji, it… so b-big!!”

Kenji moaned in pleasure as he pushed into her, her panties having been discarded at some point in their wild tangle of limbs. Lilly bit her lip hard, holding back the urge to scream as his thrusts pressed deeper and deeper inside of her. It did hurt, to be sure—it felt like she was being shorn open in fact—but the raw ecstasy that Lilly felt far outweighed the throbbing ache of the penetration. Perhaps… perhaps this was a wonderful first time after all, being shamelessly ravaged alone in the woods, taken almost like an animal…

“Ohh, my, my! K-Kenji, yes, please! Oh, oh, h-harder!” she exclaimed, her self-control eroding to the steady beat of Kenji’s lovemaking. Why hold anything back? No one could hear them anyways. Why not lose herself in the moment? Lilly squealed in time with the shaking and shuddering in her hips, giving herself over completely to her basest instincts. In this state of mind she could almost imagine that the lean, relentless man assaulting her virtue was Hisao, his sheer passion giving him the strength to please her even in spite of his heart condition…

“Mmmahhh, K-Kenji, I’m going to, ahhhh, I’m almost… I’m going to—!”


“What is—aghh, I—is Misha—nnghh!!”

Lilly’s climax was ruined by the overwhelming sound of that awful, all-consuming laugh. How could she be here?! Now!? She cursed the spasms that wracked her body, wishing them to stop, that she could preserve some semblance of dignity, but it was too late. The laughter took another few seconds to finally subside after Lilly’s body had stopped twitching. She was vaguely aware that Kenji had parted with her at some point.

“Ahahaha~, Lilly-chan, you’re so dirty! Look at you go! We heard you shrieking like that and we just had to come running! Wahahaha~!”

“Wh-what…” Lilly gasped out, turning her body aside in an attempt to shield her modesty, though it was still hard to tell where Misha was.

“Yeah, we were looking for you, silly! Of course the Student Council would notice when you’re not in by curfew. If we knew you were being so naughty, we might have just let you come back tomorrow! Wahaha~!”

“H-how did you… find…” Lilly sputtered.

“Find? You’re just a tiny ways into the woods, dummy! We can still see the school from here! Gee, if you wanted to stay private, you really should gone a little farther!”

“I don’t understand…” Lilly whimpered.

“Shicchan says, do you need us to help you get dressed again?”

“What? No… n-no! Leave me alone, you… you f-fiends!” Lilly yelled, her shame converting partially into anger. “I c-can’t believe you, Shizune! I’ll have your father know about this!”

“About what? That his brother’s daughter is a horny little slut?” Misha translated. “Ahahahaha~! Don’t worry, we made sure to record it so we can show him too! All that tea must go right to your bottom, Lilly-chan. It wiggles even more than Misha’s! Waha—wait, I’m Misha!”

“You r-recorded… ?!”

“Yep, yep! Shicchan thought it would be a magical moment worth capturing. The moment her cousin became the school bicycle. Once the other boys see this, they’ll all want a turn in the woods with you! Isn’t that great, Lilly-chan? You can have as much sex as you want! Wahaha~! Don’t forget Nurse hands out free condoms, ahaha~!”

Lilly slumped down against the tree, utterly defeated, no longer even trying to salvage anything from this situation. Her lack of a response seemed to cue her mortal enemies as a good time to leave, as she heard them walk off, Misha’s laughter still booming out all the way back to the school grounds. Maybe she would just lay here and die…

“Uhh… Satou?” Kenji asked.

She’d nearly forgotten he was still here.

“…yes, Kenji?”

“Mind if I, uhh… finish?”

“You didn’t… ??”

“I mean, uhh, nah, you… you kinda, got off, like really fast…”

Lilly sighed and threw her hands up in a gesture of acceptance.

“…why not…” she grumbled, laying back as Kenji mounted her once more.

If this was to be her lot, then she might as well make the most of it, right? Now that she was stuck with this situation… maybe, just maybe… if Hisao saw that video, he’d?… no, surely not… he wasn’t that kind of boy… was he? Would Lilly really mind… if he was? Such concerns were swept away as the bliss of intercourse once again snatched away all her thoughts. Mmmm… as long as she could keep feeling like this… maybe it was all fine…
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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (2/3/20--Contest Fic "The Last Stand")

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I am amused

a number of good meme moments. lilly a cuck. lilly going "fuck it, get back on" and being all horny about it.

the image of a wahahaha interrupting a twitchy orgasm is more horrifying than anything that has ever or will ever spring forth from my mind

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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (2/3/20--Contest Fic "The Last Stand")

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Jeez man, Lilly can't catch a break.

It was an interesting concept. The video thing was a nice shock twist, but I don't know how I feel about this. I know you were writing a meme, but it was just kinda standard at this point. I feel your pain about the pairings (mine weren't great either). Technically sound writing.

Not bad overall, good work.
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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (2/3/20--Contest Fic "The Last Stand")

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Oh man, you really have it in for Lilly, huh? Although I guess Shizune is the evil one in this fic, filming her is low as hell, even with the rivalry between them.
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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (2/3/20--Contest Fic "The Last Stand")

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WTF did I just read... As a smut thing, it was really good, I have to say. Some shock value there, but a pretty good one. That being said, I wasn't accustomed to this kind of Lilly, to be honest, but I really like the idea.

Really good work for this piece, I really liked read this one. Your pairings are a bit weird for me sometimes, but overall, you did a great job.
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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (2/3/20--Contest Fic "The Last Stand")

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This is another entry for the Discord writing contest. This time the prompt is Meiko x Lilly + School Spirit Rally. It might be a little too similar to my previous one, but it was either this or another Kenji story, so meh. At least there's no sex this time--at least not during the story!


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Locked In (Hisao x Hanako + bonus pairing) [Snowed In follow-up; A little lewd, only a little]
In The Moment (Rika x Saki) [Lewd warning]
The Student Council Shuffle (Multiple pairings!) [Not lewd!]
Undercover (Miki x Suzu) [Lewd warning]
Lilly's Day Off (Lilly x ???)
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Working Women (Akira x Yuuko) [Lewd!] [Thanks to MoashLannister for this title]
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Flights of Fancy (Misha x Rin) [No lewd I promise]
An Unexpected Development (Lilly x Hanako x Hisao) ["Evil Lilly" story--big smut/edge warning]
An Intimate Game (Mutou x Shizune) [Not lewd... or is it?]
High Stakes (Aoi x Keiko x Misha) [Medium lewd]
A Most Unorthodox Christmas (Evil Lilly part 4--I think if there is a part 5 they may need their own thread) [Lewd with BONUS ART]
The Last Stand (Lilly x Kenji) [Lewd]
A Hearty Rivalry (Meiko vs Lilly) [Non lewd]


A Hearty Rivalry

“Alright, Yamaku~! Let’s all give it up for school spirit! Everyone cheer and laugh loud~, go!!”

Misha’s voice boomed throughout the gymnasium, its already-impressive volume bolstered by the mic she held as she walked out across the gym floor. Yamaku’s students were as raucous as any other high school in answering the call, giving out a thunderous dose of whoops and applause. For her part, Lilly was content to contribute nothing more than a polite clap—it would hardly befit her to raise her voice, even at a time like this. Next to her, Hisao let out a few cries, though they were fairly restrained. It was cute how she could hear him trying to be loud and energetic but also unable to stop himself from awkwardly holding back.

“Finally something Misha’s voice is really good for, huh?” Hisao remarked.

“Yes, well, every tool has its use, no matter how dull,” Lilly replied.

“That’s a bit of… one way to put it, I guess,” Hisao replied.

Lilly gave him a serene smile and practically felt his countenance melt back into comfortable acceptance. She couldn’t see him, but with their arms linked, standing side by side, she could read his body language easily. A slight shift towards her, a brush of his hand over hers, a little sigh that she could hear even through all the talking around them… Lilly could see Hisao much more clearly than he could see her, in a way.

“And now~! Please welcome our Yamaku Academy Spirit Squad! Wahahaha~!”

Misha shook with laughter amidst more cheering—and a few wolf-whistles, including one from Hisao—as this “spirit squad” presumably made its entrance. This was where Lilly’s condition troubled her in an undeniable way. She couldn’t see whatever silly antics made up this “spirit squad” nor really infer anything from the screeching of the students, though from what she’d gathered previously, it was a troupe of volunteer cheerleaders.

“Such an unrefined spectacle… must you really whoop and shout for it?” Lilly said to Hisao, a little annoyed.

“Hey, that’s what we’re here to see, right?” Hisao answered.

“Not necessarily by choice… Shizune, in her vast wisdom, decided to make attendance mandatory.”

“Well I sure don’t mind it. The girls are putting on a great show! I wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing this. I mean, ahh, I shouldn’t have really said it that way…”

“No no, it’s quite alright. There are things that I regret not being able to see, Hisao. This is… not one of them.”

“You know, there are a few guys down in there too…”

“But they’re not you, now, are they?”

Lilly squeezed Hisao’s arm and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, feeling the heat radiate off of his face afterwards. She smiled to herself, rather proud of that one.

“Perhaps you can describe it to me?” Lilly asked.

“Oh, well uhh, you know how cheerleaders bounce around and such, right?”

“I’ve heard as much. Which girls are down there? What are they wearing? Who is more impressive? These are the things I like to know, Hisao.”

“It’s pretty diverse, I guess. I kind of thought it would just be the track team but really there’s all kinds of people. They’ve even got Rin standing on one end with a flag attached to one of her arms, sort of waving it around.”

“Aha, that’s actually rather cute,” Lilly said.

“Yeah, probably Emi’s idea. She’s in the middle of the line-up doing all the moves with everyone else, you know, even with her legs being…”

“Fake? Yes, Hisao, we all know Emi is missing her legs.”

Sure enough, Lilly could hear Emi’s name among the cheers from the crowd. As if the little rat of a girl didn’t already have enough praise heaped onto her just because her disability happened to make her run a bit faster…

“Right, sorry, I just didn’t—anyways! She’s really amazing, she’s probably doing those twirls and jumps even better than the other girls!”

“Is she now? And what, pray tell, is Emi wearing today?”

“Uhh, she’s just wearing… the same cheering outfit? Like everyone else?”

“Hmph. Well, that’s a relief, that she still bothers to wear clothes at all.”

“What does that mean? Does Emi go streaking sometimes or something?”

“That wouldn’t surprise me. Hanako has told me how she likes to… stretch, before her little race routines. Always with her back to the boys, of course, since she’s got nothing to show in the front…”

“Lilly… I’m not sure what you’re getting at…”

“Now now, Hisao, don’t play dense. How many times have I had to hear about Emi’s wondrous running form over breakfast?”

“This again? Look, it’s like I said, Emi is my friend and my running partner, okay? I need to stay healthy and she helps me with that, in a way that you—I mean, in a way, err—”

“—In a way that I can’t? Is that what you were going to say, Hisao?” Lilly accused, venom in her voice.

All the warmth had fled from the boy on her arm now, tension and anxiety creeping up in its place. He even tried to pull away from Lilly’s grasp, but she clamped down on his arm, refusing to let him escape with some stupid made-up excuse. She didn’t care if it made him uncomfortable, she was sick of having to hear about that no-legged, pint-sized whore, and if she had to force it out of Hisao then—

“Oh my, I’m not interrupting, am I?” a new voice asked, its motherly warmth melting the tension in the air.

“H-hey, Meiko, I mean—Ms. Ibarazaki! I’m surprised to see you here!” Hisao said, clearly happy for the distraction.

Lilly felt him shift next to her, as if being pushed slightly from the other side.

“Well, what kind of mother would miss her daughter’s time to shine?” Meiko remarked. “I’m so proud of Emi… she’s such a talented girl.”

Judging from the position of her voice, Lilly estimated she was standing directly on the other side of Hisao. Tapping her cane gently to the side, she felt it pass over Hisao’s shoetips, then those of another person right next to him—Ms. Ibarazaki, or rather, “Meiko.” Lilly realized that her boyfriend was now sandwiched between her and Emi’s mom… at least there was no more possibility of escape for him, though Emi’s mother did seem to be standing rather… close…

“I don’t believe we’ve met, Ms. Ibarazaki,” Lilly said, “Or, is it Meiko? I had no idea that you and Hisao were on such… informal terms.”

Meiko let out a tittering little laugh, amused and joyous and suggestive all at once. Lilly hated it immediately, because it sounded exactly like her own laugh, only more mature.

“Hisao has been over for dinner a few times now, so I suppose we are a bit… familiar,” Meiko said, her words dripping with implication. “I suppose you must be the esteemed miss Satou that I’ve heard so many things about.”

“A few times now, hm?” Lilly asked rhetorically. “I don’t recall these ‘family dinners,’ Hisao. I am sure that you merely forgot to mention them to me?”

“Yeah yeah, I err, just kinda slipped my mind…” Hisao said meekly.

“I hope this isn’t an issue, miss Satou? I can’t have my daughter seeing a boy every day without getting to know him myself. A mother’s concern, you understand,” Meiko said.

“One would think that the only girl a boy sees every day is his girlfriend,” Lilly said pointedly.

“We all have our priorities in life,” Meiko responded, her tone dismissive.

“Yes, it seems we most certainly do. I assume Hisao passed your muster, since he is still running in the mornings with your daughter every day.”

“But of course. I would even say that Mr. Nakai… greatly exceeded my expectations, as it were,” Meiko said.

“It’s good to know my boyfriend is such a catch, Ms. Ibarazaki.”

“Mm, he is rather handsome, isn’t he? Very… easy on the eyes.”

Lilly let out a little gasp of shock before catching herself and regaining her composure, her face already reddening just from that little slip-up. She hadn’t expected such a low blow from this hussy… unsure of how to respond without sounding defensive, Lilly tried to tug Hisao away and make an exit, but she felt Meiko tugging back! The nerve of this woman!

“Hisao? Would you come this way, love? I’d like to have a word,” Lilly said, struggling to keep her tone even.

“Umm… can it wait, Lilly? Emi just got done, but the rally is still going on, I think Shizune’s going to give her speech next,” Hisao said.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry, miss Satou,” Meiko said. “I completely forgot about your… unfortunate condition. How insensitive of me! I hope I didn’t upset you?”

A moment passed as Lilly took in a deep, shuddering breath, determined to steady herself.

“No, Ms. Ibarazaki, that’s quite alri—”

“Hi guys!” another girl’s voice cut in, so close and loud that it stunned Lilly mid-sentence.

Adding injury to insult, whoever it was slammed into Hisao’s backside, causing him to buck forward. While he was big enough to take the impact, Lilly lost her balance and fell forward, collapsing onto the empty bleachers in front of them as her arm slipped out of Hisao’s… almost as if he’d let go of her rather than try to hold her up. The whole thing happened so fast that she had no time to really register what was happening, it was just wham, then she was sprawled on the ground and howling in pain.

The hoarse yells that came from her throat lasted only a moment before she bit them back, but even still, the embarrassment brought tears to Lilly’s eyes. Her knee and hip were both throbbing angrily, and worse than that, she could feel blood dribbling down her chin from a busted lip. Yet the sheer shame of it was by far the worst pain of all. The seconds felt like hours as they ticked by in relative silence, the background drone of the rally continuing all around, but everyone else nearby Lilly having gone quiet.

“G-gosh… d-d-darn it…” Lilly choked out, fumbling back to her feet.

“Ohmigod Lilly I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to knock you down! Are you okay?!” Emi’s voice asked. “I just kinda meant to jump on Hisao…”

“Yes, w-well… perhaps you sh-should…”

Lilly’s voice died again and she looked away, feeling small and pitiful.

“Now now, Emi, it was an accident. These things happen. Still, miss Satou looks a little banged up, don’t you dear?”

“I’m f-fine…”

“That’s very brave, but I’m afraid you’re bleeding. It’s just running all over your pretty white blouse! I really think you should go and see the nurse,” Meiko said.

“I don’t… n-need…”

“Emi, would you mind helping miss Satou along to the nurse’s office? I’ll stay here and keep Hisao company.”

“Oh! Sure thing, mom! It’s my fault, so really, I should help!”

“No!” Lilly protested firmly. “I don’t need—I don’t want your help, you little—”

“Uhh… well! I guess I am little, haha!” Emi replied, laughing awkwardly.

Lilly felt around desperately with her cane, searching for a gap by which to climb back up the bleachers, but only succeeded in thwacking Hisao’s knee.

“Ow! Lilly, careful!” Hisao protested. “Here, just let us help!” he said, clearly annoyed as he took her arm. Lilly felt another pair of hands taking her other arm—still light and feminine, but too big and strong to be Emi’s. She wriggled instinctively away from the harlot woman’s grasp, yet Meiko held on to her easily, joining Hisao in pulling her up and over the top of the bleachers and into the little walkway that lead back out of the gym.

“You sure you don’t want a buddy, Lilly? I feel really bad for pushing you down like that…” Emi insisted.

“Just—leave me be!” Lilly snapped, turning to hobble down the aisle and away from the harpies who had humiliated her in front of Hisao. She could feel his eyes bearing down on her as she retreated, knowing how sorely diminished she must be in his view. All of the respect she’d built up over weeks, permanently crushed in a single devastating moment… Lilly felt a few silent sobs pass through her. Even as she made her escape, her overly sensitive ears picked up the conversation from those she left behind.

“Well, she’s a very pretty girl, but rather… haughty. I do fear for that fragile ego of hers,” Meiko said.

“I don’t know what happened, Lilly’s usually nice, but today she just… I guess… well, she doesn’t really like you, Emi,” Hisao said.

“Can ya blame her? I’m railing her boyfriend behind her back!” Emi said, lowering her voice, but not enough to escape Lilly’s hearing.

Lilly felt her gut clench. She paused, not wanting to listen, yet unable to stop herself.

“Well she’s not—she doesn’t know that!” Hisao protested.

“As well she shouldn’t. It would be a shame for such a virile young man to lose a girl so… hungry in bed,” Meiko said.

“Hey, I never said she was…”

“Oh Hisao, you didn’t need to. I’ve seen the type. Now come along, mother and daughter can keep you company while the little missus is cleaning up.”

“Ready to do your laps, Hisao?!” Emi asked eagerly.

The conversation faded out as Lilly heard them shuffle up out of the bleachers and away down the opposite end of the walkway.

“B-bastards…” she muttered bitterly, resuming her walk of shame towards the nurse’s office. “I knew it, I knew it… at least I’ll always have… Hanako…”
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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (3/16/20--Contest Fic "A Hearty Rivalry")

Post by NuclearStudent » Tue Mar 17, 2020 5:19 am

It was a hell of a crash transition moving from Raiman's Riri to yours. Raiman's Lilly was an elegant, formal, and long worded lady. As usual, yours was a passive aggressive teenager out to cuck or be cucked. It's standard Normie fare, with most of the usual beats. You're right in that it's a little too similar to previous works. Still works as it is.

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Re: Hanako Fancopter One-Shots/Misc. Stuff (3/16/20--Contest Fic "A Hearty Rivalry")

Post by Mirage_GSM » Thu Apr 02, 2020 5:23 pm

Yandere Lilly, huh...
Well I have to say you have a knack for writing all your characters unlikeable.
Problem is usually one would try to avoid exactly that...
Emi > Misha > Hanako > Lilly > Rin > Shizune

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