Closing the distance // A Rin Fic (Part 2)

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Closing the distance // A Rin Fic (Part 2)

Post by Bottles » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:49 am

Just finished re-reading Rin's route. I think there should be more, so I'm making some more. Rin is quite hard to write, so constructive criticism would be appreciated. Remember that it's bad luck to comment on art in progress. Maybe the risk is acceptable to you.

More parts to come.

Part 1 (This post)
Part 2


It’s strange.

Usually I’d spend my free time reading. Immersing myself in a different world. More recently I’ve taken to using my short bursts of free time to practice.

Another line here. A stroke there. A picture forms. A simple one, sure, but passable. It’s my first time using two point perspective like this.

The train rumbles slightly as it passes over a small bump. I briefly cast my eyes out of the cabin, but the sky is dark. Small pinpoints of light poke from the black, but it’s not enough to really see anything beyond dark amorphous shapes speeding by me.

Luckily the train is almost empty besides the couple sat behind me, chatting idly about what they’re going to do when we arrive. I add another line carefully. Ballpoints aren’t ideal for this kind of work, but it’s all I have with me.

I briefly worry. I’ve left Rin in the care of Miki and Suzu from my class since both Emi and I are returning home for the break. I hope nothing has gone wrong yet.

I’m only going to be home for a week or so, hopefully that’s a short enough time span that I can get back before they’re driven mad.

I shake my head, banishing the thoughts as the train pulls into the station. Bright lights shine into the carriage from the city despite the hour. It’s a good thing whoever invented curtains did that, otherwise it’d be hell living in a city like this.

I gather my bags, brace against the cold and leave the train. Luckily my destination isn’t too far from the station, so within fifteen minutes or so I’m stood on a familiar road, looking at a familiar house.

Yet it seems foreign.

Slightly foreign, anyway. Not enough to stop me from knocking, and letting myself in when nobody answers.

“I’m home.”

I call into the house. There’s no response. Walking into the front room, I see my mother, asleep and wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa, the TV still blaring to nobody.

I guess she must have tried to stay up after work to welcome me back. To be honest I’m surprised there’s no party arranged, she sounded pretty excited when I said I’d be coming back for a bit.

Sound stirs in the kitchen, and I wander over to investigate. Staring into the fridge is my father. He casts his eyes over to me, then back to the fridge, then double takes.

“Ah, Hisao.”

“Hi, dad.”

He stands up straight and closes the fridge with a thump. A few steps later and he’s wrapped his arms around me tightly. At least for a split second, before his grip loosens a little.

“Great to have you back.”

“Good to be back.”

After a few minutes, drinks have been made and mum has been woken. Predictably, she freaks out, both angry at dad for not keeping her up and excited to see me back. The next hour or so is spent chit chatting about the past few months, and everything that’s happened with me.

My seemingly random choice to join the art club. My friendship with Rin and Emi. The art exhibition. Of course I remove some of the stuff I’d rather my parents not know about; the smoking, sex and one sided shouting match I’d had with Rin.

Of course, my strange course towards art interests them. I show off some of my better works. They’re still nowhere near Rin, or really anyone else from the art club that makes an effort, but they’re still the best I can do. Two or three sheets of paper are added to the gallery on the fridge.

After I run the story of my past few months dry, we agree that it’s well past the time for bed and agree to speak more after they finish work tomorrow.

I step into my room, and feel weird. It’s exactly as I left it last I was here, as if nobody had entered this room since I last did. Yet here I stand, a completely different person. Would I put up these posters now? Would I choose this colour for the walls? These decorations?

I shrug to myself, and fall into this bed for the first time in a long while.


I swing open the door and step inside. The familiar smell of art; paints and paper fill my nose. I have some pens with me from Yamaku, but apparently all the lounging I’ve been doing the past few days has worked up an appetite for watercolours.

The small shop is arranged logically, a section dedicated to each medium, housing everything you’d need to create something. Upon taking in all the tools before me, I realise that I kind of don’t know what I need.

There’s a whole assortment of brushes, paints and papers. At Yamaku I just grabbed whatever was there, or used whatever somebody got for me. I didn’t even know paper thickness was a thing that made a difference at all, yet here I am comparing two sheets of paper to one another and trying to decide what’s better.

Eventually I decide, going for whatever seems closest to what I’ve used in the past. My total makes me wince just a little, I hadn’t realised paints could be so expensive. Either way, my stuff is placed in a bag and handed to me in exchange for a few notes, and I turn to leave the shop.

I’m stopped in my tracks when I bump into somebody as I turn.

“Ah, sorry about that.”

My apology is polite and mechanical as I’m mostly focused on my heartbeat. Sounds fine? Whoever I bumped into hasn’t responded yet. I turn my attention to the situation at hand now I’m sure I’m not going to drop dead.

Long black hair falls from underneath a cap, framing a face that I can only describe as shocked. More shocked than should be normal for bumping into someone in a cramped art store.



A second of silence passes.

“How are you?” I’m the first to speak.

“I’m… I’m okay!” She hesitates to respond. Her eyes trace my figure, as if to confirm I’m really stood in front of her.

“I didn’t recognise you.” She chuckles awkwardly, her eyes now fixed on a shelf stocked with oil paints to my left.

Another second of silence passes. This one is much more awkward.

“So what brings you to the art shop? I didn’t think you were that arty.”

“I’m not, really. My sister needed some pens.” She laughs again, but it’s not sincere.

Silence falls again. My brain automatically calls up the last time I saw Iwanako in the hospital. It’s a painful memory filled with what-if’s and if-only’s.

“Well hey, since we’re both in town, want to grab a coffee?” My brain surprises me and rushes the words past my mouth before I can really think about them. She squirms in place for a few seconds, clearly unsure about her answer.

“It’s-It’s cool if you’re busy, I just thought…” I grasp at anything to pull me out of this situation. Thanks brain, look what you did.

Surprisingly, though, she accepts. A determined nod of her head cuts through the awkwardness that was building.

“That’d be nice, I think.”


“So what did you get?” She asks, motioning to the bag of supplies sat on the table.

“Just some watercolour stuff.” I sip at my coffee.

Basic smalltalk. The path one must take to reach the more interesting points of conversation.

“What for?”

“Painting watercolour paintings?”

Her mouth pulls up into a small but strained smile.

“I didn’t know you were the kind of person to do art.”

“I wasn’t. I joined the art club at Yamaku on a whim.”

“Well it’s good that you found something that you enjoy.”

I nod. It is good.

“How about you? Still in the literature club?”

She nods. Luckily we’ve found common ground, and share some thoughts on some books we’ve both read. It’s still pretty awkward, there’s a pretty big elephant in the room.

“Did you get my letter? To be honest I wasn’t expecting one from you.”

“I did. It was good to know that you settled in okay.”

“While we’re on the topic, I guess I should apologise.”

She seems confused, but doesn’t stop me.

“Sorry about everything that happened. I know it couldn’t have been easy for you, how I acted in the hospital.”

Her face tightens as she purses her lips, an expression of sadness crossing her face.

“You don’t have to apologise for that…”

“But I want to.”

She’s stunned for a moment.

“I had a lot of time to think about it, and I like to think that I’ve changed since then. Hopefully you’ll accept my apology.”

“You have changed. I didn’t recognise you in the art store because of that, I think.”

I raise an eyebrow.

“When I last saw you… Well you’re completely different now. Like you’ve got purpose now.”

“You’ve put on a bit of weight, too.” She jokes, puffing out her cheeks.

“Well I’ve been eating Emi sized lunches.” I shake my head. The awkwardness has been dispelled, along with the elephant. The rest of our chat is much more natural. I share stories of Emi and Rin, while she shares stories of my old friends and what they’ve been up to.

She’s a little uncomfortable when I speak about the things that I’ve become accustomed to, a runner without legs, a painter with no arms, but that fact we’re talking about it at all is amazing when you think about what happened between us.

Our conversation is interrupted when Iwanako’s phone alerts her that somebody else needs her attention. We say our goodbyes and part ways, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not happy. Glad that Iwanako recovered like I did, glad that that part of my life is truly put to rest.



“Hi, Rin.”

The familiar art classroom surrounds me, the old battered desks have been pushed to the side, presumably to make more space for the chaos in the center of the room. Rin is in the center of a large circle of paints, easels and brushes. She’s covered in familiar splashes of paint.

“How was your week?”

“Adequate. Miki isn’t very good at putting bras onto other people.”

I feel like I could have done without that piece of information, but whatever. She places her brush down and faces me, her eyes scanning my figure.

“Do you wear a lot of sweater vests?” Her mouth pulls into a slight smile.

“I guess so?” I had forgotten I wasn’t wearing my uniform. She seems to find it somewhat funny that I do. “What’s wrong with sweater vests?”

She shrugs.

“Have you been painting all week?”

“Yes. And no. I slept and ate, too.”

I breath a silent sigh of relief. With nothing to add, I walk over to Rin and take a look at the painting she’s working on. Rather than the frenetic, schizophrenic abstract style she usually uses, it’s much more classical.

There are still clear signs that this is a Tezuka original, as the buildings lining the road bulge and bend, their walls coloured with harsh oranges and yellows. That said, it’s incredible that I can even tell that this is a road with buildings lining it knowing Rin’s usual style.

It’s strange that Rin would paint something so classical. I mean, it’s still very abstract, but for Rin this is much too… normal. Rin watches impassively as my brain churns up the painting in front of me.

“Why the change in style?” I already know I’m not going to be able to figure out what’s going on in her head by just thinking about it, we already did that once.

“I was wondering that too.” She tilts her head, analysing the painting.

“I think I was wondering yesterday, too. If I could do it.”

“If you could paint more normal things?”

“Yes.” Her eyes are locked on the painting.

“Well it’s definitely much more normal than your usual work. I can tell what it is.”

“That’s not good. Or maybe it is.” She frowns, her eyebrows furrowing ever so slightly.

“Well the goal was to see if you could paint in a different style. I think you accomplished it.”

Her impassive eyes pause for a moment, as though she hadn’t realised that until I said it.

“You’re right. I think. Also, bad luck.” Her mouth pulls up into a small smile.

“I was commenting on you, not the painting.”

She pauses again, surely thousands of thoughts running through her head.

“Still bad luck.”

“How come?”

“Me from yesterday is different to me now, like this painting was different yesterday. In progress.”

“I see.” This, surprisingly, makes some sense. I guess it’s a good thing that I can pull some sense out of some of the things Rin says, or maybe it just means I’m descending into madness. Either way, I’m hungry from the travelling.

“Have you eaten today?” I ask, and she pauses, giving her answer a lot of thought.

“Yes, but I can again.”

“I’d like to.”

“Great.” With that, Rin stands from her seat, slips on her sandals and follows me out of the art room. The cafeteria isn’t running over the break, so I guess we’ll have to go elsewhere. Vending machine food is an option, I’m sure Rin wouldn’t complain, but I’m feeling like having something nice.

“Is the Shanghai okay with you?”



“Welcome!” Yuuko greets us as we enter. The Shanghai is mostly deserted, only a few idle conversations can be heard.

“Hello.” “Hi, Yuuko. Table for two, please.”

We’re quickly directed to a window seat, where Rin and I seat ourselves in the light of the soon to set sun. The familiar smell of the Shanghai is nice, a reminder that I’m truly back at Yamaku. I’ve only been here once with Rin, but she didn’t seem to dislike it. Yuuko returns shortly to take our orders.

“Coffee and a sandwich for me, please.”

“Chocolate milk. And a straw, please.”

Luckily Yuuko is prepared for this request after the last time we were here, and rockets off to prepare our order. We both sit in silence for a few moments, simply staring out of the window at the orange streets. Rin is first to break the comfortable silence.

“How was home?” I’m a little startled by such a frank question from her, but more than happy to answer.

“It was good, relaxing. I met an old… friend, too.” Rin simply raises an eyebrow.

“Someone I knew before I had my accident.”

“Are they still the same?” Her eyebrow stays raised.

“No, they’ve changed since then.” Rin doesn’t respond. In fact she takes quite a while to respond.

“You’re smiling.”

“Huh?” I instantly become self conscious.

“You’re smiling.” Rin’s expression doesn’t really tell me what she means by pointing this out, but the fact she noticed must mean something.

“I guess I am.”

“That’s good. Smiles are good. Like when Emi eats lunch.” She says this with a small smile of her own.
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Re: Closing the distance // A Rin Fic

Post by Mirage_GSM » Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:55 am

Hmm... A Rin story with almost no Rin in it is certainly novel, and the Iwanako scene would probably have fit better somewhere later in the story as well. Pacing issues aside this was still a pretty solid start.
On the grammar side you used the passive "sat" and "stood" instead of the gerund "sitting" and "standing" a few times, so you should probably look out for that.
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Re: Closing the distance // A Rin Fic

Post by Bottles » Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:57 am

Mirage_GSM wrote:almost no Rin
True, I have more planned, just wanted to lay some groundwork first.
Mirage_GSM wrote:Pacing issues aside this was still a pretty solid start.

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Re: Closing the distance // A Rin Fic

Post by Bottles » Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:44 pm

“Hi guys!” Emi’s high voice rings out through the small crowd of people stepping from the bus. She rushes past everyone and skids to a stop in front of Rin and I, her large bag left on the sidewalk by the bus.

“How have you been!? Did you remember to eat? And Sleep?” She bombards Rin with questions, shifting her weight from one foot to the other impatiently.

“Good, yes and yes.” When she responds, the stress built up in Emi’s body visibly drains away.

“How about you, Hisao?”

“Hey, Emi. Same for me.” Her reaction is less elated than when she heard that from Rin, but I try not to let it affect me.

“How was the journey?”

“Ugh! It’s was awful! I hate cramped busses.” She apparently remembers that the trip was unpleasant as her smile is replaced with an over exaggerated frown.

“Well at least it’s over now.”

Emi retrieves her bag and rejoins us. Conversation flows as we begin the walk over to the dorms.

“I usually think babies are really cute, but not when they’re shouting the whole time.”

“I think that applies to most things.” Rin nods sagely with my assessment.

“Especially people.” Rin adds, and this time I nod sagely.

“Who have you been hanging around with that’s been shouting?” Emi giggles. I could name two people that shouted at Rin recently, possibly four if the week with Miki and Suzu went how I imagine it did.

“The voices in my head.” Her tone is deadpan, as usual. Emi and I are shocked for a moment.

“I’m joking.” She smiles. Emi laughs loudly, sort of reminding me of the pink half of the student council. I wonder what those two are up to?

I can’t help but break into a chuckle, both at Rin’s joke and the student council in my imagination, probably slaving away at some incredibly large task despite the fact that they’re on break. I should probably give those guys a hand every now and again.

“So how were your guys’ vacations? Have lots of fun?” Emi beams a smile towards us.

“Mine was good, it was nice to see my parents and catch up.”

“This is your first break since starting, right? Must have had a lot to talk about, I hope you only told them the good parts about me and Rin.” She chuckles. To be honest I couldn’t find much bad to say about Emi if I tried.

“I gave them a good impression, don’t worry. They’re eager to meet you guys.”

Emi’s eyebrows raise.

“Already meeting your parents? Moving a bit fast there Hisao.” She winks.

“I already met your mom.” She sticks her tongue out at me as I shut down her joke, and we share a laugh.

“I met your mom at the same time I met you.” Rin interjects, causing her to find herself at the receiving end of Emi sticking out her tongue as well.

“It doesn’t count for you, you’re a girl too!” Rin reacts to this as if this is new information to her. In what feels like no time at all, we find ourselves in front of the dormitories. Emi is quick to rush inside, leaving me and Rin stood in front of her mural.

Rin stares at me for a moment before nodding to herself, her auburn hair waving with the motion. I raise an eyebrow, but don’t bother to ask what she’s doing. Any answer I get will probably be undecipherable anyways.

“See you tomorrow, Rin.”

“See you.”


Classes hit me like a train. After the break I had almost forgotten that I have to go to school. It seems like most of my classmates are all having the same issue, as almost nobody is paying attention to Mutou’s lecture on physics.

Misha is staring at the clock so intently that I wouldn’t be surprised if it burst into flame. Even Mutou looks bored.

Five minutes and twenty nine seconds before the lunch break, Mutou stops his lecture and gathers the classes’ attention by clearing his throat.

“Now I know we all just got back from a break, but this is important.”

“As we’re all aware, this is our last trimester before you all leave Yamaku.”

This catches the focus of the few students who still weren’t paying attention. Mutou turns to his desk, and grabs a stack of papers. After a few moments, the papers are handed out.

“These are career choice forms. We did one last trimester, but these ones are the real deal.” I cast my eyes over the sheet. There’s two questions.

“Desired Career:”

“Desired University (If applicable):”

“These aren’t due in for another few weeks, so please take some time to seriously consider your options.” A few students audibly exhale, myself included. If I had to finish this now I’d have no idea what to put down.

I’ve been living day by day since my move, I haven’t really had time to consider the far future. Or the near future either. Luckily I have some time to consider it.

Mutou seems to have timed his class well for once, as the bell rings right as he finishes. The class bursts to life, clearly eager to get to lunch. Shizune and Misha invite me to lunch before they leave, but I decline. It’s at least nice to know that I have more than just two friends.

I begin to pack my things once most of the class has left, and stand up to leave.

“Nakai.” Mutou waves me over to his desk before he leaves. He opens his mouth to begin, then stops, reformulating what he’s going to say.

“Think about science.”


“I mean for you career survey. You could do with paying a little more attention in my classes, but your results have been good regardless.”

“I uh…”

“Just think about it. Science is a good field to go into.”

“I will, thank you.”

With a nod, I’m dismissed.


“I didn’t know you were that smart, Hisao!” Emi laughs, her mouth still full of lunch.

“Me either, to be honest.” I pick away at my own lunch. I’m too distracted to properly enjoy it.

“Have you picked anything?”

“Not yet.” She giggles bashfully. “But I think I have a general idea!”

“Scholarship.” Rin adds.

“Scholarship?” Emi and I ask in unison. Rin nods.

“The one Nomiya was talking about before the exhibit?”

She nods again, her face expressionless. Surely you’d be happy if you got a scholarship. Maybe it’s because it’s Nomiya who offered it. A second of silence passes before she shakes her head. I can almost see the thoughts escape from her ears and blow away in the wind.

“I’d love to get a scholarship.” Emi muses, staring at her lunch.

“Hey, I know! Why don’t we go into the city?” She explodes, the idea seemingly coming to her out of nowhere.

“Things are going to get busier and busier now we’re at the end of the year, we should go and do something before then!”

“That’s not a bad idea.” I look to Rin, who nods. I guess that’s decided then.


Emi’s eyes shimmer. It seems she doesn’t get to come to the city often with her hectic practice routine. Rin wears her usual expression, as do I. I’m no stranger to the city at this point, but the memories of my last visit here are fresh.

“What do you guys want to do first?” Emi beams.

“Art store.” I nod along with Rin.

“Looks like I’m outvoted, huh?” This doesn’t drain any of her enthusiasm though, as we’re quickly pulled into the metropolis in front of us at a pace I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rin move; Emi’s walking pace.

In short time we find ourselves outside a large art store, much bigger than the one at Yamaku. I’m told this is the one Rin and Emi always visit when they’re in town. Rin smiles idly as we make our way inside.

“I think I’m gonna go and get some pens, you guys have fun!” Emi rather abruptly waves and makes her way out of sight. My brain fails to ask why before she vanishes behind a shelf filled with paint brushes.

“I hope we’ll be able to find her again, this store is huge.”

“She can be pretty loud.”

“Good point, we’ll be fine.”

Rin begins to wander, and I decide to follow her. I’m still stocked up from my trip to the art store when I was home, so I don’t really need anything. It might be interesting to see how Rin browses.

As I’d imagined, Rin’s technique is pretty scattered. She points out a paintbrush, and it’s added to the basket I’m holding, then a tube of acrylic paint, then another brush, and some paper. While stood in front of a large shelf stocked with brushes, I open my mouth for the first time since we entered the shop.

“Say, Rin, what difference does brush size make besides the obvious?”

“Depends on what’s obvious.”

“Well, bigger brushes make bigger lines.”

“Bigger brushes are better for… swoosh.” She motions a large sweep with her head.

“But if you wanted…” She shakes her head again, this time it looks like she’s trying to shake the hair off her head.



“What about paper thickness?”

“Have you tried to paint a watercolour on thin paper?”

“I haven’t. Now that you mention it, the paper would just get too wet and fall apart.” I’m surprised I hadn’t made that connection before. Rin nods, confirming my deduction.

My questions somewhat answered, we return to browsing, each of us occasionally breaking the silence to point out something to grab or ask a question.

After what feels like walking through the whole store at least three times, Rin decides that she has everything she needs. When we get to the checkout I quickly realise that one of us is going to have to pay for all of this. Rin looks at me expectedly.

“Emi usually does this.”

“Pay for everything?”

“No. In my left pocket.”


She turns her body a little away from me.

“In my pocket.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Use your hands, Hisao.”

Given no choice, I oblige. Reaching into someone else’s pocket is pretty weird, and the expression the cashier gives us says as much. I pull a small, nondescript wallet from her pocket. At least I won’t have to foot the bill, that’d be almost all of my monthly allowance from my parents. Inside are five crisp 10,000 yen notes that cause me to shoot a look at Rin, who meets my gaze with a passive smile.

“One of the art people gave me those.”

“You sold a painting?”


“That’s great!” I almost ask “What one?” but I know Rin doesn’t name her paintings, so It’d quickly become an unwinnable game of charades.

“Yes. I think.” She hardly seems to share my enthusiasm, but she’s smiling. The small line forming behind us remind me what we’re doing, and I quickly pay, put the wallet and change back into Rin’s pocket and grab the bags of supplies.


We step out of the store, and I notice Emi sat on a nearby bench staring at her phone. She notices us too, and quickly puts her phone away before running over to meet us.

“Hey guys!”

“Have you been waiting out here that whole time?”

“Maybe, but it’s okay!” She smiles. Was she trying to give us space? Maybe she just doesn’t like art shops.

“What’s next, then?” I ask.

“Glad you asked, Hisao! I have something in mind.”

“Care to share with the class?”

“It’s a secret!”

“Lead the way, then.”

Luckily we depart at a much slower pace this time. I don’t think I could keep up with Emi now both my hands are occupied with bags.


A man’s worst nightmare. I’m stood behind Emi and Rin, who are discussing what underwear Emi should get. I feel like I should go and wait elsewhere, I’m pretty sure people are looking at me weirdly. Damn you, Emi.

Luckily we don’t hang around by the underwear for too long, and begin browsing the rest of the store.

“This is my favorite part of our city trips, Hisao.”

“Oh no.” Rin frowns.


“Not just shopping! Dress up montage!”

“Dress up… montage?”

“Yep! We all choose outfits and try them on!”

I glance at Rin, who seems as pleased by this as I am. I go over the options in my head, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get out of this easily.

“Oh, come on guys! It’ll be fun! Here, Hisao, you go and find some things for Rin to try on, and I’ll go with her to get something for you.”

“Okay, I guess.” I resign to my fate. To wander around the women's section of a clothing store looking like a weirdo.

Now that I think about it, I’ve never seen Rin in anything other than the school uniform. I don’t have a frame of reference for what’d look good on her… It’s both a blessing and a curse; I have complete freedom, yet nothing to advise my choices.

I guess I can start at what I know and go from there. I choose out a plaid shirt and some roughed up jeans that I could see her wearing. She can even tie the sleeves off like she normally does.

That seemed easy enough. I doubt Emi would be very happy with me if I came back with three variation of the same outfit though. Next up I choose a large, cozy sweater and some shorts. I briefly consider a skirt, but knowing how Rin has to sit, that might not be a fantastic idea.

I find myself devoid of ideas in a sea of dresses. Would Rin even wear a dress? No, we’d run into the same problems that the skirts have. My attention is grabbed by a worried looking store attendant who seems to have been following me for the past few minutes.

“Do you need any help?” She asks, tentatively.

“Uhh, yeah, actually. This might be a stupid question, but do you have anything like a dress, but with legs? I’m buying a gift for a friend but I don’t really have any idea what to get.”

Her worried expression breaks into a small smile.

“Ah, you’re looking for a jumpsuit! Just over there.” She points out a few racks just behind me.


“This is what you picked?”

“It is… Good choices?” Emi ponders my question for a moment, her hand on her chin in the classic thinking pose.

“I guess we’ll see, won’t we?”

Emi places me on some seats just outside the changing rooms, and rushes inside one with Rin and my outfits. This is an even weirder place for a guy to be hanging out by himself, I hope nobody notices me.

After a while, Emi emerges from the changing room followed by Rin, wearing the shirt and jeans I’d picked out. She looks a little bored by this whole thing to be honest, Emi must do it every time the two come here.

“Okay, time for grading!”


“What good would it be trying on outfits if we didn’t grade them, Hisao?” She pouts.

“Fine, fine. Go ahead, judge.”

Emi paces a few laps around Rin, carefully examining the outfit.

“This choice is quite safe, similar to her usual outfit yet distinct.” Emi puts on a silly voice as she appraises my choice.

“However the jeans restrict movement. 6/10” Rin nods in agreement.

“Just 6/10?”

“Maybe you’ll have better luck with the next one.” Emi laughs, and quickly herd Rin back into the changing room. They emerge again, this time Rin is wearing the sweater.

“Hmmmm… very artistic, I can almost see it splattered with paint!” Emi’s fake voice draws the attention of a few people nearby.

“But sweaters are super scratchy! 2/10” Rin nods again. Damn, I thought that one would be good.

“That’s hardly fair, Emi.”

“Oh! An objection! Let’s go to the tiebreaker!” She grandly gestures to Rin, who seems quite put on the spot. She stretches her legs a little, the shorts are clearly better than the jeans. Silence builds as we both wait for Rin’s judgement.

“It’s okay.”

I pump my fist in celebration. I was expecting them to hate everything I chose, so even this is a win.

“It does look good on her.” Emi concedes. “On to the next outfit!”

It seems to take them longer this time around, but eventually they return. Rin is wearing the jumpsuit I picked out. It’s essentially shorts and a girly top stitched together. Emi circles around her again, humming occasionally.

“Bold choice! Especially since there aren’t any sleeves!”

“I wasn’t sure about that, to be honest.”

The appraisal continues silently, but Rin breaks the silence before Emi does.

“I like it.”

We’re both a little surprised by this, as Rin had pretty much been a passive observer in this little game.

“Sometimes my arms get sweaty wearing shirts.”

“Ahh…” Emi and I both see how this could be a problem at the same time.

“It has been decided! You are good at choosing women’s clothing!” Emi announces loudly, handing me an imaginary trophy. I blush at the attention, I hope nobody in the store heard that, but I know they did.

For the next half an hour or so, we just try on the outfits everyone chose in various combinations and walking on the small, imaginary catwalk. Emi even picked out a relatively modern outfit for me to try.

“I don’t know about this.” I frown. Not really my style at all. Emi is elated to see me in something so modern, even Rin seems to be having fun now. So am I, to be honest. Watching Rin’s reactions to the outfits is interesting, so much so that when Emi tries on an outfit, I’m looking at Rin more than I’m looking at her.

A slight twitch in brows, minute smiles and frowns. Maybe one day I’ll know what each one means.

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Re: Closing the distance // A Rin Fic (Part 2)

Post by Mirage_GSM » Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:09 am

Okay, let's get grammar out of the way first:
She ... skids to a stop in front of Rin and I,...
Rin and me.
“So how were your guys’ vacations?
leaving me and Rin stood in front of her mural.
I notice Emi sat on a nearby bench
I’m stood behind Emi and Rin

And now on to the story itself:
“As we’re all aware, this is our last trimester before you all leave Yamaku.”
Okay, there are a couple of problems with that, mostly related to how the school system works in Japan.
First of all, if this is the start of the last trimester, then that would make the holidays they just came back from the Christmas/New Year's holiday, and so far I don't think theres been any indication that it is winter in your story. Second that would mean that this is not as Emi said Hisaos "first break since starting".
Finally by January it would be MUCH too late to consider what university to apply to, since most of them already hold their entrance exams around that time, and courses start in April!
Luckily you can get around most of that by having the break Hisao goes home for just be some long weekend around September. There are a few holidays that might be appropriate for that.
“Not yet.” She giggles bashfully. “But I think I have a general idea!”
Hmm... I don't know if you read Emi's route, but planning ahead for the future is really a big problem for her. You don't need to make it into as big a problem as it is in her route, since this is supposed to be about Rin, but a bashful giggle is definitely not what I would expect from Emi when confronted with this question.
After a while, Emi emerges from the changing room followed by Rin, wearing the shirt and jeans I’d picked out.
I'm just surprised he knew the right sizes. Personally I have enough probelms remembering my own sizes... :-)
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