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Re: Yet another one-shot thread

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:27 pm
by Scroff
^^ 100% agreed

calcifer wrote:
Tue Jul 24, 2018 3:46 pm
Well, I'll just defer to your experience then.
I didn't mean to come over as trying to convince you I was 'right', I was trying to say that what I wrote reflected my RL experiences - which of course is limited

Re: Yet another one-shot thread

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 1:47 am
by calcifer
Scroff wrote:
Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:27 pm
I didn't mean to come over as trying to convince you I was 'right'
Oh, I didn't took it that way, it was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek but I guess it didn't translate well into text :)

Walking together

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:50 pm
by Scroff
"Is there anything that needs special attention today, or shall I just do the usual?" Hisao asks, rubbing his hands together to warm the massage oil.

"Left calf, fucker's sore as hell after those practice starts," Miki groans.

"Ah yeah, there's a knot the size of a golf ball." He works on it carefully, easing the tension out of the muscle. "Is your lower back holding up?"

"Yep your magic fingers did the trick, as always."

Hisao decided to learn some sports massage to show his appreciation to Miki for taking over his training, though he only found the courage to offer his services when she limped off the track one evening. She was surprised by how effective it was and it became a part of their daily routine, soothing the aches and pains caused by her rigorous schedule. The trust and closeness they shared during these times carried over into their everyday lives and their romance blossomed. As Miki put it, "you've had your hands all over me for weeks, we might as well make it official."

Some think them a mismatched couple but they each fulfil a need in the other. Hisao's protective urges are satisfied by taking care of her physical niggles. Miki's body image issues, a remnant of the accident that took her hand, are eased by the delight he takes in pampering her.

Miki can tell that Hisao has finished the therapeutic phase of the massage because his hands have started to stray to areas unaffected by her training. She sits up and pulls him into a kiss. "Hands off the goods lover boy, we've got a movie to catch." She laughs at his disappointed groan. "We'll hole up tomorrow with plenty of food and a big bottle of lube, and if I'm not walking funny on Monday morning I'll be very disappointed!"

Hisao chuckles as he dresses. "What has Molly found for us this week?"

"She says its a classic of French experimental cinema. Its a good job I enjoy the company, her taste in movies is crap."

"And yours isn't?"

"Oi!" she says, clouting him with her stump, "Chariots of Fire is a classic. Let's go, she'll be cross if we miss the bus."


Molly looks proudly at the members of her cinema club as they disembark in the city centre. Technically speaking its not an actual club, nor is it her's. Nevertheless she is committed to searching out cinematic gems for their weekly outings, whether they like it or not.

"Any pre-film words for us this week Molly?" Hisao asks. "Any obscure symbolism or visual metaphors to look out for?"

"No, I'd rather you went into this one without any preconceptions to colour your experience," she replies airily.

Suzu looks at her in suspicion. "You haven't seen it, have you?"

"Oh, is that Ikuno over there?" Molly asks, keen to change the subject.

They look across the busy street and see a girl in Yamaku uniform accompanied by a greying man in a dark suit.

"Yeah," says Miki, waving.

Ikuno looks startled when she sees them, waves back then walks off, seemingly in a hurry. After a few moments the man gives them a shallow nod and walks after her.

"That's the first time I've ever seen her with one of her parents."

"Its the first time I've seen her outside of the classroom," Suzu adds.

"That's not saying much," Molly retorts. "She could be parading around in her underwear and you wouldn't notice, if you were concentrating on staying awake."

"Harsh but fair," Suzu agrees.

"Creepy," Rin says in her deadpan voice.

"What is?"

"Staring at my arms and your legs."

"You can't stare at what's not there." Molly replies, puzzled.


"Why was she still wearing her uniform? I always dress up when my parents take me somewhere expensive."

"Not everyone's folks can afford to take them to fancy places, princess," Miki snorts.

Suzu sticks her tongue out at Miki. "Whatever. Come on, the movie's starting soon. Can't miss the beginning!"

"That would never do," Hisao says under his breath, following them with a resigned step as they set off towards the arts picture house.


"Well at least it ended with a bang, there weren't many other laughs to be had," Miki says on the short walk from the bus stop to the dorms.

"That wasn't meant to be funny!" Molly replies in exasperation. "It was a metaphor for how indecision can have disastrous consequences."

"It was a series of beautiful paintings interspersed with meaningless narrative." Rin nods to herself, content with her analysis.

"That... actually makes sense," Suzu says in wonder.

"It's the end of season track meet next week and I'm going to the after-party with Hisao. Are you guys going to come?"

"I am, it'll give me extra time to find something special for our next trip!"

"I won't say I'll be there because that would be predicting the future."

Rolling her eyes, Miki kisses Hisao. "Go and get a good night's sleep, I'll be 'round bright and early with the supplies."

"Do you know what she means? I don't know what she means. Do I want to know what she means? I don't think I do." Suzu says to no-one in particular.

Hooking an arm around Suzu's neck Miki says, "let me explain exactly what my plans for tomorrow are, princess."

"Noooooo," Suzu shrieks, "I still haven't recovered from the last time you explained something to me!"

Hisao walks away quickly, doing his best to tune out Miki's descriptions and the girls' laughter. The last thing he hears before they disappear into their dorm is Rin asking, "is that why Emi walks funny sometimes?"


After a slow Monday, Hisao is enjoying the quiet of his room where they had retreated after post-training showers. Miki is stretched out on his bed, her skin gleaming from the massage oil. "No aches and pains today?"

She shakes her head. "I'm not pushing as hard, tapering down for Saturday." Rolling onto her side and leaning her head on her stump she sighs and says, "Hisao, I'm sad," with a quiver in her voice.

He frowns. "We can't have that. I think you need a... happy ending!"

Laughing, they pounce on each other.


The pursuit of happiness is a hungry business, so after Miki has been thoroughly comforted they head to the cafeteria.

"'Resting is training', so I'll sit here while you fetch something."

Sighing at her cheeky wink, Hisao goes to the counter and picks over the day's leavings. It takes a while to find enough acceptable food for them both.

"Did you know that Takashi and Ikuno are seeing each other?"

"Really? How do you know?"

"While you were getting this delicious meal, he came in and sat next to her. They talked for a bit and left holding hands."

"I'd never have thought those two would be together. She seems so..."

"Meek," Miki finishes for him, "and he's an asshole. Then again, plenty of people think we're a weird couple."

He snorts, "based solely on blind prejudice. I think we're a great fit."

"I certainly appreciate how well you fit me!" Grinning at the blush on his face, she changes the subject. "I'm feeling really good about Saturday. Your handiwork lets me train harder because I'm recovering so fast. I've never been in this sort of form before."

"It would be great to see you beat Emi."

"Yeah, she can stare at my arse for a change! My best chance is the hundred metres, probably the two hundred as well. She's got the better build for longer distances, but I've got the raw power you need for the sprints."

"One thing's for certain, I'll be staring at your arse on Saturday!"

Laughing she stands up. "Come on, time to turn in. I want you well rested for the weekend, I intend to be doing a lot of celebrating!"


Wednesday morning finds class 3-3 bored by one of Mutou's flights of fancy. Hisao is looking at Ikuno; speculating about what she finds attractive in Takashi is far more entertaining than what's going on at the front of the class. He is interrupted by a piece of paper landing on his desk.

[Missing your girlfriend so much you can't stop staring at her?]

[No was wondering what Ikuno sees in Takashi]

Shizune frowns as she reads Hisao's reply. [You'd be better off ignoring that troublesome girl.]

It's Hisao's turn to frown. [But she seems so quiet]

Shizune writes angrily for a while, then thrusts the paper back. [We regularly get reports of her returning to campus after curfew. We fill out a form for each incident but the Administration doesn't do anything about her delinquent behaviour. It causes us a lot of work, it's disrespectful to the school, and she's a bad example to the younger students. We would be far better off if she were expelled.]

[Harsh. You must have spoken to her, did she explain what was going on?]

[She says she has family obligations to attend to, they live in the city apparently.]

[Yeah we saw her with her father on Saturday. You should give her a break, sounds like the poor girl has enough to deal with]

Shizune reads his reply and sneers at him. [You'll never get anywhere with that weak attitude!]

Hisao shrugs and goes back to his speculation.


"No training tonight Hisao," Miki announces as they leave class on Friday afternoon. "Let's sit in the sun for a bit."

They find an unoccupied bench and settle down.

"Have you decided which events you'll enter?"

"I'm gonna ditch the four hundred and concentrate on the sprints. Ritsu's damn near as fast as I am over that distance anyway, so I'm not leaving us without a good chance to gain points. I will do the relay, but that's after the individual events so it won't be a problem."

"Do you think we'll beat Sendai Ikuei Gakuen high school?"

Miki shrugs. "Not my problem, that's for the captain to worry about. I've got enough on my plate. Their head coach is on Sendai University's sports scholarship committee, if I put on a good show he'll remember my name when it comes to handing them out."

Hisao looks at her in surprise. "That's the first time you've mentioned plans for after graduation. I was getting a bit wor-"

"Yeah let's postpone this little chat, I've got to get through tomorrow first."

Taken aback by her brusque reply, he nods. "What can I do to help you with that?"

"Honestly, the best thing you can do is leave me alone till after I've raced tomorrow."

"Sure you don't want some of that tension relieved?" he asks with a nudge and a wink.

"I told you what I want, I don't need a fucking debate!"

"OK, OK, sorry... I haven't done something to upset you have I?"

Sighing, she takes his hand. "No, I'm always foul on the day before an event, and this is the most important one so far." She pauses, searching for the right words. "I need to focus on me so I can perform properly, I can't deal with anyone else. Just... be there for me Hisao. Sitting in the bleachers, staring at my arse."

Laughing, he stands up. "Go well tomorrow Miki, not for Yamaku, not for the track club, not even for me. Do it for yourself."

She nods as he bends down to kiss her, then he leaves her to her thoughts.


Hisao sits with Suzu, waiting for the girls' two hundred metres race. The four hundred metres went well for Yamaku, Emi winning easily and Ritsu just squeezing into second place by the narrowest of margins.

"There she is!" Suzu says excitedly, tugging on his arm. "Hisao, what have you done to her? She looks magnificent!"

The comparison between Miki and the other competitors is stark. Its not just that she is powerfully built; the striations in her muscles, thrown into sharp relief by the sunlight, are testament to the intensity with which she has been training.

"She says the massages help her train harder. You really can see the difference."

As the girls are called to their mark Hisao starts to feel nervous. His heart starts to race, almost as if he was about to compete. The wait for the starting signal seems interminable; then it comes.

Miki explodes and powers round the bend, each stride a study in brutal acceleration and flowing relaxation. The result is never in doubt; half-way down the finishing straight she has started to ease off, saving herself for the next race. She acknowledges the cheers with a small smile and wave then trots off to the staging area. Emi, a distant second, follows with a dazed expression on her face.

"Her power level was way over 9000," Suzu says, an awed expression on her face.

"She was holding back. We'll have to wait until the next race to see her go super saiyan."

They wave at Molly when they spot her walking towards them. "Hey guys! I wanted to spend one race in Emi's camp and one in Miki's," she says as she draws near, "but I should have started here, they probably think I'm deserting a sinking ship."

Hisao makes room for her to sit down. "What did you think of the race?"

"I think Miki took Emi by surprise. I'm not saying she's become complacent, but she's never lost before. I bet we'll see a different side to Emi when she comes out for the hundred."

Hisao nods, "do you two want any snacks or drinks from the stall? My shout."

"You should know the answer to that by now," Suzu smirks.


Hisao has just got back to their seats, laden with gloriously unhealthy treats, when the girls' hundred metres is announced.

"What kept you? I was worrying that you'd miss the race," Suzu chides.

"Long queue. I was ready to abandon the mission, but we got the prize."

The competitors walk out; Emi is grimly determined, Miki radiates relaxed confidence. Once they take their mark both girls' faces are a mask of concentration. This time Hisao is excited rather than nervous.

The start sees Emi take a small lead, but it only lasts to the twenty metre mark. Miki is moving so smoothly by this point that she appears to be floating across the ground. There is no let up this time; she maintains full intensity to the finish line, the rest of the field in her wake.

Pumping her arms in triumph, she races over to her friends and gathers them into a group hug, jumping up and down with them. "Did you see? Did you see?!" Miki yells, laughing, tears streaming down her face. "It was perfect. From the b of the bang, Van-fucking-gelis playing in my head, to the dip at the end. Perfect!"

None of them know whether to laugh or cry so they do both, celebrating the way she ran as much as the result.

All too soon they are interrupted by the team captain. "Well done Miki, but we've still got the relay to go. You can party as much as you want after that."

Wiping her face, Miki shoots them a brilliant grin and says, "hold this mood, I'll be back before you know it."

Walking together

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:51 pm
by Scroff
Hisao looks puzzled when he sees Miki lining up to take the first leg of the relay. "Don't they put the fastest runner last?"

Molly nods, "the captain is a clever fellow though. Look at the girl lining up against her, she's quaking in her boots. They've lost before the gun goes off."

Suzu sniggers, "seems she's misplaced the 'confidence' and 'determination' from their dorky school motto!"

As Molly predicted, Miki establishes an emphatic lead in the first leg which Ritsu and Keiko extend in turn. Emi is left with a victory lap, which she takes with obvious pleasure.

"Well, I think it'll be OK to congratulate Emi now," Molly says, "are you coming Suzu?"

Nodding, Suzu replies, "Hisao's got that look on his face, I don't think it'll be safe to be around them for a while!"


The medal ceremony seems to drag on forever but Hisao and Miki are finally reunited. Walking away from the track, medals clinking around Miki's neck, they talk excitedly, reliving the races. As they draw near to the dorms Hisao sees something that stops him in his tracks. "I thought Ikuno was dating Takashi?!"

"That's what it looked like on Monday. Why?"

He points out Haruhiko, his own medal flashing in the sun and his arm firmly around Ikuno's waist. "I think they're headed to the boys' dorms."

"Huh. Do you think that's angry rebound sex or has she got herself a fan club? Good for her either way, though she could have better taste in boys." She puts on an exaggeratedly thoughtful look. "Hmm, maybe I should get into polynomials."

After racking his brain for a few seconds Hisao bursts into laughter. "I think you mean polyamory! No thanks, I don't play well with others."

"Spoilsport! Doesn't have to be another guy, I bet Misha'd be up for a bit of fun."

"Eugh! I need the mind bleach!"

Laughing she says, "come on, I need to shower and change before the party."


Hisao is making polite conversation with members of the other school's track team when Miki grabs his arm.

"Very sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but may I drag my boyfriend away?" At their nods she leads him to a quiet corner. "I was talking to Haruhiko about seeing him with Ikuno. He said that he wanted to celebrate winning a medal."

"Sounds familiar!" Hisao says, remembering how they spent the hour between leaving the medal ceremony and arriving at the party.

"Well, yeah," she admits, "but the thing is, he claims that they aren't dating and said she's anyone's girlfriend. Then he went quiet and walked off. I can't work out if he was being mean 'cos he wanted more from the hook-up than she did, or if something else is going on."

"It's not really any of our business," Hisao says uneasily, "but that does seem strange. Now that I think of it, we've seen her with three different guys in the space of a week."

"You think it wasn't her dad with her in the city?"

"I hope it was, I'm not sure what the alternative would be. I think we should ask around on Monday, see if anyone else has noticed anything odd. But let's leave it for now, you need to circulate and lord it over the losers."

"I'll have you know I'm a very humble winner!"

"Yeah yeah, go and be humble in Emi's face."


As soon as the lunch bell rings on Monday, Miki walks over to Natsume's desk.

"If it's not our new queen of the track," Natsume's eyes flicker to Hisao, who has come to stand next to Miki. "And her faithful soigneur."

"We should interview her for the next issue. Get the scoop on how she managed to beat the fastest thing on no legs," Naomi says excitedly.

"Uh yeah, an interview, great, but could we go somewhere quiet to spare my blushes?"

Natsume shoots her a knowing look and heaves herself to her feet. "The clubroom should be free, but you'll have to excuse me if I'm a little slower than you're used to."


Once they've settled into the clubroom's comfortable couches Natsume opens by saying, "Miki, in all the time I've known you, you've never once needed your blushes spared. What's this about?"

Miki smirks at Hisao. "Told you she was the right person to talk to! There's some things we find odd about Ikuno and it would be good to hear what you think, maybe we're just imagining stuff."

"The quiet girl you sit next to? What could possibly be odd about her?"

"A week ago we'd have said the same, but we've seen her walk out of the cafeteria holding hands with Takeshi, going to the boys' dorms with Haruhiko all over her, and in the city with an older man who may or may not be her father," Hisao explains.

"Rin said she got a creepy vibe from the old guy, staring at her and Molly. And when I talked to Haruhiko he said that he wasn't dating her."

"Didn't he say that she was anyone's girlfriend?" Seeing Miki nod he continues, "Shizune told me that she regularly comes back late from visits to the city, supposedly dealing with family issues. She was very indignant that the school administration lets Ikuno get away with ignoring curfew."

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking Nat?"

"Probably. Can you grab a copy of the article the Principal spiked?" Seeing Hisao and Miki share a confused look she explains, "he stopped us publishing it despite Mr Ishiguro giving us the go ahead. Apparently it's not a fitting topic for a high class academy like Yamaku."

The article on the participation of Japanese schoolgirls in compensated dating and the following discussion are a revelation to Hisao and Miki.

"That bit about Yamaku girls being particularly vulnerable because paraphiliacs can have other psychoses was extremely disturbing," Hisao says, concern in his voice.

"You better not be with me 'cos you're one of those cripple-lovers!" Miki stumps Hisao playfully.

"I love what's there, not what isn't."

As Miki blushes, Naomi chirps, "get a room you two!"

"I think I see why you were successful on Saturday," Natsume says, a twinkle in her eyes. "Emi thought she was racing Miki, but she was actually up against both of you."

"If we could find Ikuno on one of the online notice boards you mentioned in the article, we'd have our suspicions confirmed."

"We tried to get on the boards when we were doing our research, but the school blocks them," Naomi says crossly.

"I-I can s-show you how to use a p-proxy to bypass the s-security."

Miki and Hisao look around in surprise, noticing Hanako for the first time. She is working quietly at a side table, typing up an article on a laptop.

"Meet the best undercover reporter the club's ever had!" Naomi beams.

"N-not really."

"Don't put yourself down girl, I'm going to be a lot more careful about what I say from now on in case you pop up from nowhere again!"

"Where did you learn to do this Hanako?" Hisao asks, fascinated as she runs through configuration screens.

"A-at the orphanage when they b-blocked WoW. I couldn't l-let them get between me and E-Elvira, undead warlock and Mistress of the D-dark!"

Not really understanding what she is talking about, Hisao says, "it's very impressive. Naomi, can you remember any of the sites?"

"I told you, we found out they existed but never got onto any of them. Besides, I don't like using a computer for too long, might set me off."

"Don't look at me," Natsume says holding up stiff hands, "Hana's got the best google-fu."


"That's it, you found her!" Miki says excitedly, pounding Hanako on the back. "Fantastic work!"

"T-thanks," she squeaks, overcome by both the praise and the physical contact.

They inspect the picture of Ikuno looking shy in her school uniform with the tagline 'Can you love this katawa?'

"She's done her market research," Hisao mutters.

"The question is, what now?" Natsume says thoughtfully. "If we tell the Administration they're likely to expel her."

Hanako gasps, "oh, I w-wouldn't w-want her to g-get in t-trouble because I f-found h-her p-p-profile."

Hisao snorts, "Shizune might like that, but I doubt any of us would."

Seeing them shake their heads, Natsume continues, "so we've got to choose between pretending we know nothing, or trying to do something."

"I don't feel right ignoring it. Thinking about her putting herself out there for those sick fucks makes me want to throw up."

Hisao nods in agreement, "if anything happens to her on one of these 'dates' and we hadn't tried something, I'd be distraught."

"But what can we do? We don't have any leverage except for an empty threat to tell the authorities, and I think she'd see through that," Naomi counters.

"M-maybe we should just t-talk to her, hear her s-side of the story."

Natsume nods, "agreed. If we can learn a little more about what's going on, maybe we'll get a clearer idea of where to go with this. I don't think I should talk to her, my reputation for being a little... sharp might stop her opening up. Naomi of course, she can charm the pants off anyone." Naomi's chuckle brings a hint of colour to Natsume's cheeks. "Hana?"

She shakes her head. "I'm s-seeing Misaki to go through her photos from the track m-meet."

"Oh yes, I remember now. I think we'll go with Miki's straight talking then, a boy might make her clam up," she nods an apology to Hisao. "We've got some of the leaflets the lady from the BOND Project sent through after we interviewed her, you can try giving her one. Now we just need a reason to get her here."

"The 'can we interview you for an update to your yearbook profile?' routine never fails," Naomi giggles.

"I-t's an oldie b-but a goodie!"

"We'll go with that. Right, classes will end for the day soon. Naomi, pick Ikuno up from class and bring her here. Miki, wait here for them. Go and have your meeting with Misaki, Hana. Hisao and I will wait in my room; meet us there once you've spoken to Ikuno."


Ikuno is surprised to see Miki when she follows Naomi into the clubroom. "You're not in the newspaper club, why are you here?"

"I'm afraid I've brought you here under false pretences."

"What else could you possibly want with me?"

"It's about your dating site profile. We're worried about you and want to offer you the chance to talk about it. Or if you don't want to talk to us, we've got details of an organisation that will listen," Naomi holds out a leaflet to her.

A scared look flashes across Ikuno's face, but she launches into what is obviously a well practised explanation. "Oh, that. It's part of my one-woman campaign to subvert Japan's patriarchal society. Redistributing wealth from the reactionaries not only empowers me, but also funds my propaganda. I should bring some of my pamphlets in, maybe you'd write an article to help me spread my ideas."

Miki grows angry as she listens to Ikuno. "Do you expect me to believe that drivel? Are you subverting the patriarchy when some perverted old man bends you over and does you like a dog? Are you empowered when you're on your knees in front of an asshole like Takashi with his cock in your mouth?"

Ikuno is shocked into dropping her pretence. "At least they notice me when I'm with them! I might as well be invisible given how little attention people pay me the rest of the time. You sit next to me in class, when did you last speak to me?"

Miki is taken aback, "well, you don-"

"You're lucky, you've got Hisao. He doesn't care about being in your shadow, all he wants is for you to be happy. I've got no-one except when I'm on one of my dates. The rest of the time I'm so lonely I wish I was dead."

This is too much for Naomi, who tries to take Ikuno into her arms.

"No!" she shouts, "don't pretend to care just to make yourself feel better!" She turns towards the door, pausing to snatch the leaflet from Naomi's hand. She looks back at them as she is about to leave; "don't you dare speak to me again, I'll report you to the Principal for harassment if you do."

"That could've gone better," Naomi says unsteadily.

"I screwed up, I shouldn't have got angry and said that stuff."

"I think it would've ended like that however we handled it. Come on, we should report back."


Natsume sighs as the girls finish their account of the meeting. "At least she took the leaflet, maybe she'll get in touch with someone from the BOND Project. She clearly doesn't want anything from us though, there's no point poking the bear any further."

"Let's take a walk Hisao, I need to clear my head."

As soon as the door closes behind them Natsume asks, "will you give me a hug?"

"Of course! You hardly ever let me have cuddles."

Settling into Naomi's embrace she starts to speak softly. "I just had a very disturbing thought. The Principal wouldn't let us publish that article. The school won't punish Ikuno for ignoring curfew. She's confident that the Principal will take her side in a dispute with us."

Naomi goes pale. "Oh shit."


Miki and Hisao walk in silence for a while, letting the sunshine lighten their mood.

"So, 'love what's there'?"

"Truly, madly, deeply. Problem?"

Her answer is a fierce hug that threatens to mash them into a single, conjoined entity.


Surprised by her hesitant tone he disengages just far enough to see a troubled expression on her face.

"Something Ikuno said is bothering me. After she stopped spouting bollocks she said that I didn't know how lucky I was to have a man like you. Thinking about it, you've always got my back, you're always there for me. I know what I get from us being together, but what about you? Is it enough?"

He takes her hand and kisses it, wanting a little time to think so he doesn't misspeak. "Do you remember when I walked into class on my first day?"

"Not really."

Hisao laughs, "yeah, that sums it up nicely. I am going to answer you, but will you tell me why you decided to get me running with you?"

She shrugs, "that's easy. Emi was moaning on about you skipping mornings, how lazy you were, how you didn't appreciate what she was doing for you. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone: piss her off by showing her that she was the problem, and have Mutou's new BFF under my thumb so I could copy his homework. First one worked out just fine but you never did let me copy, stingy bastard."

"I did better than that, people want to copy your homework now! OK so what changed, when did I go from forgettable to dateable?"

"Hmm. Well you stopped being a scared little boy and you worked hard. I could see how difficult running was for you to begin with, but you didn't let that stop you. But I didn't realise how much you'd changed until I tweaked a hamstring and you offered to massage it. I was expecting it to do fuck all good but I was curious to see if you were brave enough to follow through; I bet you heard that I've decked boys for trying to get handsy with me."

He nods.

"But you were brave enough and it did help. I was back to full training days earlier than normal. And I'm not gonna lie, once I realised you weren't just trying to grope me, I loved the feel of your strong, warm hands on my body. Then you said that'd you'd been learning about massage because you'd hoped to be able to help me... Hisao, you don't know how long its been since someone did anything for me without wanting something in return."

"You were the catalyst for those changes, seeing how you approach life taught me to be brave again. I'm not saying that I wouldn't have got there on my own but it would have taken a lot longer. I'm a better version of me when I'm with you, Hisao 2.0. Thanks to you I've become this fine specimen of manhood who can look after his woman." He strikes a manly pose.

"I'm no man's woman!"

"I know and that's just one of the reasons why it's so amazing to be with you."

Cupping his face affectionately she says, "We need to talk about this compensated dating thing though."

"You get plenty of compensation. Awesome massages, world class science tuition..."

"I dunno Hisao, I feel like you're undervaluing all this," she gestures at her toned body and walks off towards the cafeteria.

Shaking his head and chuckling he says, "never change Miki Miura!" and falls into step with her, side by side, walking together.

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Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 3:38 pm
by PKMNthiefChris
Scroff wrote:
Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:50 pm
you've had your hands all over me for weeks, we might as well make it official."
This was great. I love your take on Miki and the relationship she and Hisao have also that line made me crack up.

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Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:16 pm
by calcifer
Another nice one Scroff! Before I go crazy with the quotes, one thing that didn't sit well with me is that this felt like two disjointed stories; one with Miki & Hisao and one with the whole Ikuno drama. In fact, if you removed all of the latter, it feels like the former wouldn't lose anything. Maybe they would work better separately?

Moving on...
The last thing he hears before they disappear into their dorm is Rin asking, "is that why Emi walks funny sometimes?"
He snorts, "based solely on blind prejudice. I think we're a great fit."

"I certainly appreciate how well you fit me!"
Oh my, the innuendos! I loved'em all but these two are my favourites.
Its not just that she is powerfully built; the striations in her muscles, thrown into sharp relief by the sunlight
I've never imagined Miki to be so muscular to have visibly striated muscles (and the VN doesn't help) but then, maybe Hisao does have a magic touch :)
"It was perfect. From the b of the bang, Van-fucking-gelis playing in my head, to the dip at the end. Perfect!"
This definitely deserves a link for those not familiar with it.
Hisao nods, "do you two want any snacks or drinks from the stall? My shout."
My shout? Are you Australian by any chance? :)
"Her power level was way over 9000," Suzu says, an awed expression on her face.
Memes? I'm going to pretend I didn't see that...
"Spoilsport! Doesn't have to be another guy, I bet Misha'd be up for a bit of fun."

"Eugh! I need the mind bleach!"
That's heresy!
"A-at the orphanage when they b-blocked WoW. I couldn't l-let them get between me and E-Elvira, undead warlock and Mistress of the D-dark!"
First the Wikipedia thing, now this. I really like how you characterize Hanako.

Finally, some very minor SPaG issues:
they each fulfil a need in the other
Its a good job I enjoy the company
It's, and "good job"? Maybe you meant good thing?

Re: Yet another one-shot thread

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:50 pm
by Hanako Fancopter
Excuse good sir I am going to have to fine you 420 yen for your use of a dank meme in your Katawa Shoujo fan fiction. We don't let that fly around these parts!

(in reality i love the memes, but i think i'm the only person who does >.>)

Also.... Hanako proclaiming her love for WoW.... LOL. You are a braver man than me. I love it though!

Re: Walking together

Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:56 am
by Scroff
Again, thanks for the lovely feedback!

Miki practically wrote herself, I was chuckling at her innuendos and banter as they appeared on the screen so I'm glad you liked them too! I agree that her being swole and cut, even after training hard all summer, isn't realistic. But it's hot so I went with it :lol: Vangelis has given us many amazing pieces of music; she implied Chariots of Fire was her favourite film so I imagined her listening to this, but the one Calcifer linked is much more epic so I'm probably wrong.

Hanako's interesting to me, I can be doing random things like grocery shopping and suddenly something about her will pop into my head. She's not a misanthrope and I could imagine her finding an MMO a safe way to interact with people, logging off being the ultimate Ivegottogodosomething. WoW's the only MMO I've played so I referenced it, despite it not really being a thing in Japan, and she would definitely play an undead 'lock!

I blame the inclusion of memes on Suzu's big brother for forcing her to watch endless Dragon Ball Z re-runs!
calcifer wrote:
Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:16 pm
Another nice one Scroff! Before I go crazy with the quotes, one thing that didn't sit well with me is that this felt like two disjointed stories; one with Miki & Hisao and one with the whole Ikuno drama. In fact, if you removed all of the latter, it feels like the former wouldn't lose anything. Maybe they would work better separately?
I love Lynch's work and one of his recurring themes is to explore what happens when regular society collides with the criminal underbelly, but the fact that you felt like the two parts of this story were disjoint means that I didn't do a good job of weaving them together. Which is fantastic feedback because it gives me something specific to work on, so many thanks!
Finally, some very minor SPaG issues:
Eagle eyed as ever! Fulfil is the preferred spelling in my neck of the woods, and "it's a good job" is indeed a Brit-ism for "it's a good thing"!

Re: Walking together

Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:15 am
by calcifer
Scroff wrote:
Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:56 am
she implied Chariots of Fire was her favourite film so I imagined her listening to this
Ah, I completely forgot about Chariots of Fire which, while less epic than Conquest of Paradise, fits much better thematically with Miki's running.
Scroff wrote:
Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:56 am
Eagle eyed as ever! Fulfil is the preferred spelling in my neck of the woods
Ha, fulfil is definitely an interesting one, can't believe I've never heard about it in all these years, especially since I'm not American.
Scroff wrote:
Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:56 am
I love Lynch's work and one of his recurring themes is to explore what happens when regular society collides with the criminal underbelly, but the fact that you felt like the two parts of this story were disjoint means that I didn't do a good job of weaving them together. Which is fantastic feedback because it gives me something specific to work on, so many thanks!
While I'm glad my feedback is well received, I just want to clarify that I did enjoy the Ikuno bits. It's the kind of darkness you don't usually see in a KS fanfic and I could feel the horror that lies beneath her facade. It just didn't feel like it's attached to Miki's story. Maybe you could explore that collision a bit further in a future fic - I'd certainly be interested in reading that.

Anyway, your writing is a delight as always :)

Re: Yet another one-shot thread

Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:17 am
by Mirage_GSM
Sendai Ikuei Gakuen high school?"
You do realize that this means "Sendai Ikuei High School High School"? :lol:
and she would definitely play an undead 'lock!
Well, certainly no Firemage... I'd see her as either a BM Hunter or some Healing class... Maybe Mistweaver...
As for the bits of story not meshing together... I think that is largely because there is no resolution to the Ikuno conflict in your story, so it feels like "just an episode" in Miki's and Hisao's daily life, but one they'll forget about the next day.

Oh, and one might question Ikuno's diabethes being enough to set off paraphiliacs...

Re: Yet another one-shot thread

Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 12:55 pm
by Scroff
Mirage_GSM wrote:
Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:17 am
You do realize that this means "Sendai Ikuei High School High School"? :lol:
Indeed! They even have a website, and a school motto that Suzu could take the piss out of.

If Hanako still played WoW I'm pretty sure she would have race changed to void elf!
Oh, and one might question Ikuno's diabethes being enough to set off paraphiliacs...
Yeah it turned out that sitting next to Miki but never speaking to her was the most important factor for choosing Ikuno. The possibility of her having visible needle marks (some people with type 2 diabetes need to inject insulin after all...) was in my mind, but not needed

I agree with you both that lack of resolution to Ikuno's story means it feels incomplete and that there's more to tell. One of the (many!) reasons I like Fractures so much is because the characters are older; I didn't see how a bunch of meddling kids could do much for Ikuno, especially if there was any substance to Natsume's disturbing thought... It's definitely something I want to come back to, but it'd need to be a full-length story and I need to improve my story-telling in order to do it justice.

Re: Walking together

Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:55 pm
by PKMNthiefChris
Scroff wrote:
Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:56 am
calcifer wrote:
Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:16 pm
Another nice one Scroff! Before I go crazy with the quotes, one thing that didn't sit well with me is that this felt like two disjointed stories; one with Miki & Hisao and one with the whole Ikuno drama. In fact, if you removed all of the latter, it feels like the former wouldn't lose anything. Maybe they would work better separately?
I love Lynch's work and one of his recurring themes is to explore what happens when regular society collides with the criminal underbelly, but the fact that you felt like the two parts of this story were disjoint means that I didn't do a good job of weaving them together. Which is fantastic feedback because it gives me something specific to work on, so many thanks!
I'm just gonna throw in my two cents here, to me it felt like they were connected just separate scenes of the same route to put it in KS/visual novel terms.

Re: Yet another one-shot thread

Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 6:00 pm
by Mirage_GSM
Scroff wrote:
Fri Aug 03, 2018 12:55 pm
Mirage_GSM wrote:
Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:17 am
You do realize that this means "Sendai Ikuei High School High School"? :lol:
Indeed! They even have a website, and a school motto that Suzu could take the piss out of.
You know I actually googled the name and found that website this afternoon (because I thought "Ikuei" was a strange name for a high school) so I was guessing this is where you got the name from.
It's still two times High School though. The school's Japanese name is "Sendai Ikuei Gakuen". They just added "High School" for the English version of the site so stupid foreigners would know it's a high school. It's not a part of the name.

Three of a perfect pair

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:36 am
by Scroff
It is a long, hot day, but not so hot that Miki skips training--or lets Hisao skip either. It is a day when hot showers are suffocating but cold showers are deceptive: minutes later you are just as warm as you ever were. It is a day for lukewarm showers, for drip-drying, for hiding in your room, curtains closed, air conditioning doing its wheezing best to keep you cool.

On this day, as the sun starts to make its reluctant departure, Miki lies on her bed wearing just a pair of lacy white hip-huggers. Hisao, less elegant in navy boxers, is working on a stiff spinal erector. Without warning the door crashes open and a grumpy Suzu stomps in.

"For fuck's sake Suzu, we're practically naked!"

"It's nothing I haven't seen before."

"Because you barged in without knocking last time too!"

"That's your fault. If you didn't want me here, you would have locked the door."

"That's not how the whole 'privacy' thing works, princess. You arrive at the door, knock firmly and wait politely. If there is no answer you wait an appropriate amount of time before knocking again. If there is still no answer, you FUCK OFF!"

"But I'm booooooored!"

"What do you expect me to do about it?"

"Nice panties by the way."

"Aren't they!" Hisao says enthusiastically. "I got her a pair in red too. I can't decide which I pref-"

"We are not discussing my intimate apparel! Suzu, what do you want?"

Suzu thinks for a moment. "What you're doing looks fun, you can let Hisao have a go on me."

"It's not fun, it's therapeutic."

"Well it is sort of fun." Feeling Miki tense under him, he hastily adds, "but mostly therapeutic. Tell you what, go and do ten laps of the track and and I'll see what I can do for you."

"Are you mad? Go outside in this weather? I don't think so."

"OK so there's nothing you want. Thanks for dropping by, lovely to see you, don't let the door hit you on the way out."

Suzu goes limp and slumps to the carpet.

"She didn't?" Miki says in disbelief.

"She did," Hisao confirms.

"That's two nights in a row!" Miki slips on a white tank-top and goes to check her. Fully aware that Hisao is watching intently, she adds an extra sway to her hips. After settling Suzu into a more comfortable position she grabs a spare pillow from the closet and puts it under her head. Seeing her care for Suzu, Hisao has a vision of an older Miki; a challenging, protective, but above all loving mother. He decides that this is not the right time to risk castration and keeps it to himself.

"Is it worth trying to wake her?"

Shaking her head, she walks back to the bed and straddles his lap. "You saw how pointless that was yesterday."

They lean into each other, foreheads touching. Miki runs her hand through his hair and slings her other arm round his neck, gently stroking his ear with her stump. He slips his hands under her tank-top and caresses her back.

"Those hands..." she whispers, eyes closing in pleasure.

"Why do you think she's being so... clingy?"

"I think she's feeling lonely. No, left out."

He frowns, "left out of what?"

Holding him close and kissing him affectionately, she says, "I was really happy when you told me that you accepted in your heart that you weren't my first."

He has learned that, although her thoughts can dart off in odd directions, she eventually gets to the point. "It took a while. My head accepted it but I was still a little insecure, especially as you were my first. Once I understood that you'll never cheat it clicked into place. It doesn't matter what happened before, we're together now."

She shudders. "Too right I'll never cheat, I've seen how fucked up that is. If I decide it's over I'll look you in the eye and tell you straight, and maybe offer you a quickie for old time's sake."

He laughs, "I'd like to say that I'd do the same for you, but I can't imagine ever wanting to end it."

"There's no point in talking about who and when 'cos it's in the past, but I'll make an exception for our sleepy friend over there."

"You and Suzu used to be an item?" Hisao asks, surprised.

She shakes her head. "Not exactly, but not just a hook-up either."

"Friends with benefits?"

"You don't have to be such a scientist all the time, not everything has to fit into a neat category. Sometimes we ended up sleeping in the same bed if she'd had one of her episodes and if we happened to wake up around the same time, well you know how I can be in the mornings." She scowls at his raised eyebrow. "It's not like she needed to be persuaded, often as not it was her waking me up."

"Would that happen a lot?"

She snorts, "do you want to know what we did between the sheets as well?"

"I'm trying to get an idea of what she had to give up."

"Hmm, I never thought of it like that. You're saying she was forced to quit Miki cold turkey."

Hisao nods. "So how long... no, instead of me firing questions at you, why don't you just tell me about it?"

"One of the things about Suzu is that even though she comes across as bubbly and outgoing, she's really jittery when she's not around people she trusts. Her first few weeks here were rough, I could see she was on edge all the time and when it got too much for her she'd seize up."

"Yeah, catalepsy is often found in narcoleptics."

Miki looks at him in amusement, "done your research then? And there was me dumbing it down for your benefit. Thanks to Nurse's meddling I ended up looking out for her, saved her from a nasty tumble down the hill one time when some idiot let off a firecracker as we were going shopping. Things were on the up after that, she relaxed around me and started to make other friends. She rarely has problems with her catalepsy these days, just with her never-ending battle to stay awake."

Hearing her voice turn angry he gives her a surprised look, to which she reacts by saying, "it's not fair Hisao, she's smart and works damn hard when she can, but she doesn't get taken seriously. Even some of the teachers treat her like she's lazy. Fuckers should know better than that."

"So you became Suzu's hero and she blossomed into a social butterfly," he prompts.

"Butterflies metamorphosize science boy! But yeah, thing settled down and it turned out that she's quite the cuddler. Which was pretty uncomfortable to be honest."

"Really?! Most of the time we're together we're touching. Was it because she's another girl?"

"That didn't bother me, it's just that I wasn't used to it. We weren't big into that sort of thing at home. And I was still getting used to this," she holds up her stump. "It's hard to be angry when there's an adorable snuggle bunny wrapped 'round you, but I wasn't ready to stop being angry. She's persistent though, wore me down in the end, ended up being the best friend I ever had. And more."

She pushes Hisao onto his back and lies next to him, both of them staring up at the ceiling, hands entwined. "I don't think I'll ever forget the first morning she woke me up with kisses. It just felt so natural, no hesitation, friends expressing their affection. That's pretty much how it's been until we got together. I had a few attempts at dating other people but when the fuckers screwed up she would be there, usually with a 'told you so', always with a warm bed."

Hisao rolls onto his side so he can look at her face. "Did she ever date anyone?" When she shakes her head he asks, "don't you think she sees you as more that a friend? Even a really close, affectionate friend?"

Miki shakes her head again. She searches for the words to clarify the nature of their relationship for what seems to be an age before she gives up. "Hisao," she groans, "why is this so easy to understand but so difficult to explain?"

"OK I trust that you know even if you can't say. I think I understand what you meant about her feeling left out now. I guess what we've got is different to the screw-ups."

"It's very similar to what me and Suzu have."

"Which means that you're not likely to be back in her bed any time soon." Hisao finds it hard to interpret the expression that appears on her face. "You really care for her, don't you?"

"Yeah, even though there's times when I want to kick her arse. I wish I knew what I should do to help with this," she gestures towards Suzu.

"Maybe we should try and find someone to help her with those Miki-withdrawal symptoms?"

She sits up straight and gives him an incredulous look. "Once you go stump, ain't no-one else you wanna hump." When he starts laughing she thumps him and says, "don't you be dissing my best line!"

"What does 'go stump' even mean?!"

Putting on a pair of joggers she replies, "help me take her to her room and if you're lucky, when we get back you just might find out..."


"I'll give her 'resting is training'," Hisao grumbles to himself as he arrives back at Yamaku, laden with Aura Mart's finest snacks. The grounds are quiet, most students hiding from the heat, allowing a head of sea-green hair to stand out. Deciding that Miki can wait he walks over to where Suzu is sitting in the sun, looking perky in a knee length, mustard yellow sundress with spaghetti straps.

"Hey Suzu, I thought you didn't like being out in the sun?"

She shakes her head, "no, well yes, but no. Sunlight helps keep the sleepies away, I feel energised!"

Hisao laughs as he sits next to her. "Who knew that narcoleptics photosynthesise?"

"I'm not a plant!" Feigning indignation she slaps him, then joins in the laughter as she hugs his arm.

"You might not be a plant, but you are a cuddler."

She pouts. "I figured you can't be that bad if Miki keeps you around."

"Suzu approves of Miki and Miki approves of Hisao, therefore Suzu approves of Hisao."

Suzu almost doubles up in laughter. "That excruciating homeroom lecture from Mutou!" She does her best to impersonate his voice. "'When you have, umm, relations with someone the law of transitivity means you are having relations with everyone they have had relations with, so use a prophylactic.' I was so confused."

He looks at her slyly, "by that logic, we've had relations."

"She told you about that? She's normally very closed mouth about her conquests." She sounds wistful.

"You're hardly a conquest! Her oldest and best friend? She didn't say a lot, but enough to know that I wouldn't be with her if it wasn't for you."

She nods ruefully. "She was angry, scary, when I first knew her. We hung out but we weren't exactly friends until the day a car backfired and I had a seizure. I thought I was on a one way trip down the hill until she saved me. She was like a super-hero, suddenly there out of nowhere. Soon as I could move again I threw my arms around her."

"Like an adorable snuggle bunny!"

She laughs, "is that what she said? I don't think she thought so at the time, she tried to push me off but I wasn't going anywhere! It was like hugging a snowman, she was so rigid and cold, though that didn't put me off. I felt safe when I was around her and safest with my arms around her. Took a long time but she loosened up, thawed, just like Nurse said she would."

Hisao looks surprised. "Miki said it was down to Nurse's meddling that she was there to catch you."

"He's a tricksy one alright!"

He puts his free hand over one of her's. "I know we're not that close so tell me if I'm being intrusive. The most important person in my life is worried about the most important person in her life, I'd like to help if I can."

She leans her head on his shoulder. "You're a good person Hisao, I feel close to you even though I don't know you so well."

"The transitive law again?" When she nods he sighs. "I don't get you two. She said that your relationship is easy to understand but hard to explain, you're saying we're close but we don't know each other."

She giggles, "science boy wants everything wrapped up neatly."

"She calls me that too! Don't answer this if it's too personal. She said that you were always there for her after she'd had a fling but you never dated anyone. Why not?"

"There's a couple of factors I suppose. Of course there are people I think are hot but I'm not comfortable being behind closed doors with anyone until I know them well enough to trust them. The downside to that is I either friend-zone them or find something about them that annoys me. Or they aren't into me."

"So it's just that things haven't work out? It's not that you're hung up on Miki?" he presses.

"You weren't lying when you said it was going to be personal! That's not the right question, not to mention that you haven't defined 'hung up'..."

"Miki told me you were smart, I should've listened to her. Sorry Suzu."

She nods. "Don't worry about it. What you want to know is, 'are you going to take Miki back?'"

"If you wanted her back I don't think there's anything I could do about it."

"Hisao, listen. No-one has Miki. I can't take her, you can't give her. Those other people wanted to keep her, she found that intolerable and came back to me. She wants to be with you right now, if I tried to get between the two of you she'd brush me out of the way without even noticing."

"Do you know why she wants to be with me? I've never understood and it makes even less sense after hearing how she talks about you."

"You're asking me instead of her? Really? I don't know. My only piece of advice when it comes to Miki is let her be herself, the second you try and push your expectations onto her you'll be dumped so fast you won't know what hit you."

"OK. I think I know what I really want to ask you. Do you have a problem with me and Miki being together? And do you want to be with her?"

"I'm not at all sad that you're together, I think you're great for each other. On the other hand I would be very sad if I never got with Miki again, but given how she is that could only happen if you two broke up. That would make me sad because I feel close to you and breaking up would hurt you. Unless..." She shakes her head. "Anyway, it's a bit of a tangle and the only thing I'm sure of is that once you go stump-" she claps her hands over her mouth and blushes fiercely.

A sudden realisation hits Hisao. "You weren't sleeping, were you?! Here's you handing down the wisdom of the ages when not twenty-four hours ago you pulled a stunt like that!"

She giggles. "I'm a teenage girl, I don't have to be consistent!"

"What possessed you to do it in the first place?"

"Miki hit the nail on the head, I'm feeling a bit left out. You two have great energy and I feel close to both of you, so of course I want us to spend time together."

"So why didn't you just say something? You could've invited us for a meal or something?"

"Like I said, I'm a teenage girl, you can't expect me to think of something obvious like that! But seriously, you've been so wrapped up in each other it's been hard to get either of you to notice that anyone else exists."

Hisao rolls his eyes. "Come on, let's go and deliver these snacks. I can hear her stomach rumbling from here."


Hisao knocks on Miki's door and calls, "snack time!"

"It's open."

"You've got a visitor."

"Oh right. Give me a second." When she opens the door she is wearing the same style dress as Suzu, though her's is in baby blue.

Suzu giggles, "that was a fun shopping trip! It took a lot of persuading to get you to buy that."

"I've hardly worn it, I knew I shouldn't have let you bully me into getting it."

"It's fine, you need to have a sundress in your wardrobe."

"Yeah I don't have a wardrobe, I have clothes that I need to get my money's worth from."

"Going by the look on Hisao's face, I'd say you've got your money's worth!"

"You have to admit she looks stunning in it."

As Miki pulls him into an affectionate hug, Suzu looks down at her own dress. "She does have a sizable pair of advantages over me. It looks good on me too, right?"

"Very cute, princess."

"As much as I'm enjoying this fashion parade ladies, snacks!"

Miki empties the bag that Hisao brought with him onto her desk. "What took you so long anyway? I practically died of starvation!"

"I bumped into Suzu and we had a chat. She's got something she wants to say to you."

"Hisao, I was working up to that!" Seeing an enquiring look from Miki she continues, "um... apologies are in order. I didn't actually fall asleep the last couple of nights, I just didn't want to be on my own."

"Apparently we've been a bit... self-absorbed recently."

Miki looks at him in amusement, "well you've resisted my attempts to wear you out. You," she points a half-eaten Pocky at Suzu for emphasis, "should know better. Since when was there anything we couldn't talk about?"

"Since I never see you!"

Miki nods guiltily. "Point taken, I've never had a distraction last this long before. We'll do some stuff, just you and me, catch up properly."

"I'm not going to say no to that, but I don't want Hisao to be left out in the cold." She walks over to him, stands on her tiptoes and kisses him on the cheek. "We've got an understanding."

He shrugs at Miki's surprised look. "Law of transitivity."

Her eyes suddenly go wide. "I wasn't going to bother taking you back to your room yesterday, you were impossible to wake the other other night, and things got pretty wild in here..."

"I wouldn't have minded!" Suzu giggles.

"Suzu!" They chorus, shocked.

"What? It's alright for you two, I'm not getting any. It would've been a better show than the usual joyless efforts you see."

"We're not your personal peepshow!"

"I don't see what's so bad about being a bit less uptight."

"You know I'm not like that."

"Yeah, serial monogamy is your middle name. But look at the three of us, any pairing would be pretty much perfect. What would be wrong in trying out a more... extended arrangement?"

"I'll tell you what happens when shit like that goes down," Miki snarls. "Your mother goes from being a beautiful, confident woman to a neurotic mess, starving herself to 'get her figure back' so he'll bother to look at her once in a while. Your father stops being the warm, loving man who is never too tired to play with you, who tells you that the cookies you burned the fuck out of are delicious. He turns into the bastard I didn't see for three days after this happened," she points at her stump. "Said he was abroad on a business trip, but in reality fucking his boyfriend in a shitty hotel was far more important than being there for me."

Suzu hugs her tightly and Hisao enfolds them both in his arms. "You should have told me, you didn't have to cope with that on your own. No wonder you were so distant when I first knew you. Don't even think about going back to being cold, scary Miki, I won't let you!"

Miki laughs through her tears and kisses Suzu on the head. "You cuddled the pain out of me, princess. But you understand where I'm coming from now, right?"

"History doesn't have to repeat itself Miki," Suzu says gently. "Our situation is completely different to your parents'. That was one person deciding to go outside the family, we would be bringing one extra into the family. It's not one person satisfying his selfish desires, it's three people choosing to share."

"Hisao, you've been very quiet. Tell her she's being crazy."

Rubbing his eyes he says, "this is going to sound selfish after what you've just told us. I'm scared that my time is running out and it'll be me having to quit Miki cold turkey. You can't tell me it's not a possibility." Her look tells him all. "That's not OK, I'm not ready for this to end--I don't think I'll ever be ready to lose you." He takes a deep breath, "but it might be OK to share you."

"You're both fucking crazy!" She stands up and paces around her room, clearly agitated. Abruptly she turns her back on them. "Get out. I can't look at either of you right now."

"Mik-" Hisao breaks off as Suzu grabs his arm and gives him a warning shake of her head. He follows her out of Miki's room and closes the door gently.


Miki runs. It is not the usual effortless, almost meditative, exercise she loves so much; she is running angry. Her anger at Hisao and Suzu has turned in on herself as she thinks of the times she has gone back to Suzu smelling of someone else's perfume, someone else's after-shave. She hates that she is becoming her father's daughter; she hates that she might be doing to Suzu what he did to her mother.

"History doesn't have to repeat itself..."

She knows that she is not strong enough to make a clean cut, the wound that will hurt Suzu and Hisao the most but will let them heal the fastest. Thinking of it made her sick to her stomach, stumbling across the track in response to the violent reaction it caused. Besides, her phantom pains have taught her that cutting something out of your life does not stop it hurting.

"... it's three people choosing to share."

She cannot understand how she can feel the same way about two different people, but knows that she does. She has a vision of rebounding between them, hurting both of them in turn, never finding satisfaction. She desperately wants to avoid this becoming reality.

"... we would be bringing one extra into the family."

She thinks of how Yamaku has redefined her understanding of family; not the accident of your birth but the people who care for you, who look out for you, who complete you. She has seen many family units emerge: Hanako and Lilly, Emi and Rin, Shizune and Misha. Her and Suzu, and now her and Hisao.

She falls to the track, exhausted at last, heedless of the concerned cries from the bleachers. History will not repeat itself. She opens her eyes and sits up, seeing, as she knew she would, Hisao and Suzu running towards her. When they are kneeling next to her, one on each side, she gathers them into a hug. "I think we have a lot to talk about..."

Re: Yet another one-shot thread

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:59 pm
by PKMNthiefChris
Personally OT3s are not my thing and I'm not sure I can see Hisao okay with sharing someone he was with but that's just my headcanon and the emotional stuff of this oneshot and Miki's past were very well done. Fearing about becoming a parent you can't stand is a very real and common fear for many and touching on that was great.