An Unusual Friendship (Misha x Hanako; Complete)

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Re: An Unusual Friendship (Misha x Hanako)

Post by Lap » Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:05 am

A lovely coda to a sweet story. I really like the notion of Kenji finally getting his shit together & growing up. Nice little lagniappe.

Thanks for the fun ride! An unlikely pairing, but you made it work.

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Re: An Unusual Friendship (Misha x Hanako; Complete)

Post by NelNinja » Fri Feb 15, 2019 12:07 am

That was really good! Got a little teary eyed during the epilogue when Kenji mentioned how far he had come and being involved with Hisao's death.

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Re: An Unusual Friendship (Misha x Hanako; Complete)

Post by Deselp0 » Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:13 pm

This is kinda wierd since it’s my first post on this site plus reviving this thread after a long down time. I wanted to thank you so much for this story! I enjoyed every moment of reading this tbh.

Maybe this is just my opinion but I really enjoyed the heavier use of group scenes. It really gave the sense of community at Yamaku which in turn gives the whole story a stronger heart, one of the best scenes for me was misha and hanako asking for advice about the uh... thing with lily :) . It was fun reading everyone’s reaction to this really wierd turn of events. Speaking of which while a few complained about some of the more... anime-like plot points... laden in this story. I felt that you handled it well by allowing the reaction of the main characters to be a reflection of who they are. Using strange and out there circumstances are odd but I think they’re great when abused to further the development of everyone’s arc.

The mains were fantastically written. Hanako was brilliantly written. She gets quite angry often and while she isn’t vocal about what she wants, she seems vocal about her frustrations with certain scenarios. I have fairly serious anxiety and I feel one of the traits that isn’t represented as well is the swings of anger when you are trying to push someone away and I felt it was wonderfully well handled *slow clap intensifies*. Misha was fantastic, I always felt that her character had serious potential to do more and it just seemed to click here. My main worry throughout the series that having a primarily comedic character as a main character would mean through a long term story eventually her personality would go a little flat. That never happened.The story kept its energy from start to finish.

I really appreciated my time with this story. It got to the point that I really didn’t want it to end because I was having so much fun spending time with this wacky tale with a heart of gold. Thank you for the time and effort you put into it. It really shows, have a nice day!

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Re: An Unusual Friendship (Misha x Hanako; Complete)

Post by Hanako Fancopter » Tue Sep 24, 2019 8:55 pm

What an excellent comment to get! Seeing a response like that, nearly a year after completion, really makes me happy I actually sat down and did this thing. I'm glad you liked the use of group scenes, I've probably said it a bunch by now, but I felt there was so much untapped potential there from the game. I also felt for a time that I didn't really want to stop writing it either, but nothing lasts forever. And of course my thanks as well to everyone else who commented!
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Re: An Unusual Friendship (Misha x Hanako; Complete)

Post by Monsto » Mon Jul 26, 2021 12:29 am

I was intending on making this post a year ago but the forums really don't seem to like certain email addresses.

This fanfic oddly means a lot to me. Sure, it's not the greatest fanfic of all time, but it still does a great job of giving us insight into how some of our favorite characters might react. Perhaps dying in Act 1 truly is the best route if this is the outcome...

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