Scratch's Scratchings (A One-Shot Thread; 2-15-18)

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Scratch's Scratchings (A One-Shot Thread; 2-15-18)

Post by scratchminus » Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:55 am

Forgive the garbo formatting for now, I'll make it look better later...maybe.

In an attempt to hone my craft and finally start writing about some of the KS girls aside from Emi, I've decided to start writing one-shots! (One shots? Oneshots. Who knows.) It's unfortunate that the first of these stories to improve my character writing is still about the only character I've posted about (with the exception of Miki from my 8S).

Let's hope I update this at least relatively frequently and actually start exploring some new territory. Also forgive me if any of these are overly cheesy, shitposty, or anything in-between.


1. Motion


Author's Note: This was supposed to be posted on Valentine's Day for no particular reason, but I forgot.

A gentle gust of wind blows strands of hair across my face, obscuring my vision with a thin web of brown locks. I absentmindedly brush it back behind my ear, wondering when it began darkening to this color. Time flies, I guess.

As I gaze out towards the quiet street I take another sip of my coffee. Very few people are meandering about this part of the city as of now, although I expect that to change as lunchtime is approaching.

I sigh quietly, looking up at the clouds. Their subtle movement across the sky is captivating; before long I’ve lost myself in the vibrant canvas of white and blue. My mind wanders into an abyss of memories, leaving me in a pool of nostalgic thoughts.

I think back to my time at Yamaku. All the friends I made, the accomplishments I achieved, and of course the relationship I built.

Was it really so long ago?

Despite only being in my late 20s, I feel the pressure of time cave in on me. To escape it, I continue reminiscing.

It’s hard to tell how long I’m lost in thought for. It can’t be more than 10 minutes, but it feels like a lifetime.

A lifetime of remembering.

Remembering when we first met. Recalling the impact as I rounded that corner. The way he fell to the ground during his first run. How he cheered for me throughout my track meet.

...remembering the time I was sick and he came to visit me. How he cheered me up when I was down because I couldn’t run, even going so far as to start a pillow fight with me. That day...that was our first time together. It opened my eyes to what this goofy boy might really mean to me, and that scared me.

Reliving that time in the shed. What were we thinking? Just being stupid, adventurous kids I guess. We stuck to that promise of never going through such an experience again, and I don’t regret the decision.

My eyes become misty as I remember the day in the cemetery. Standing before the grave, this amazing boy at my side, wondering if my father would approve of him. Though I’ll never get my answer, I’m confident that my father would’ve loved him.

I stare intently at the reflection in my coffee, gazing into her eyes and soaking in the emotions. Despite the pain and struggles over the years, I see a woman who is happy with where she is in life, proud of who she’s with, and excited to grow in the future.

Before long, the reflection is smiling warmly at me, assuring me that everything is alright.


The wind flows intensely through my disheveled hair as I power walk to my destination. I’m not late, per se, but my boss didn’t exactly let me leave when he should have. That, coupled with the fact that today could be the most important day of my life, has me sweating as I weave through the streets.

As I walk, I rest my hand over my heart. The irregular thumping is there, but is surprisingly calm despite my nervousness and quick movements.

I guess my efforts over the past years haven’t been in vain.

I move my hand into my pocket for what feels like the fourth time this minute and take a deep breath. I know everything is going to be fine, but it’s impossible not to worry.

The streets are now bustling with office workers on break, all looking to snag a quick bite to eat before returning to their jobs. Fortunately, I was able to get the rest of the day off, so I’m in much less of a rush.

Well...I don’t have to be in a rush, at least.

I slow to a more relaxed walking pace, hoping that it will soothe my nerves. While it’s not quite as effective as I had hoped, at the very least I won’t show up drenched in sweat and huffing like a maniac.

Now that I’ve slowed down significantly, my eyes are able to scan the streets and take in the Friday afternoon sights. Workers eating, drinking—not alcohol, mind you—and attempting to enjoy their short breaks are everywhere. I breathe a sigh of relief, thankful that I don’t have to return to the lab until Monday.

This feeling of relief is immediately shattered as I round a corner and spot my destination. Despite the throngs of people crowding nearby restaurants and businesses, this coffee shop is relatively quiet. It’s more of a “sit down and relax” kind of place, so it’s often avoided by those in a rush. This makes it an ideal location for today.

As I approach the building, I spot a familiar head of brown hair nestled in a corner table. The woman is leaning back in her chair and slowly sipping her coffee, staring up at the sky absentmindedly. She looks extraordinarily peaceful, at ease with the world.

I couldn’t have asked for a better moment for this. Let me not screw it up.

The brown haired woman still hasn’t noticed me, even though I’m at the entrance to the coffee shop now. I reach into my pocket and take one last deep breath before pushing on, walking through the store and taking a seat across from her.

“Meiko Ibarazaki. Fancy seeing you here.”

The woman jumps a tiny bit and shoots me a cold glare before retorting.

“Oh ha ha, Hisao. Just because my hair is as dark as hers now doesn’t mean I’m my mom.”

I chuckle at this and Emi follows suit, giggling lightly. That alone manages to relieve some of my stress.

“You’ve gotta admit, you and your mom are strikingly similar in a lot of ways,” I say, leaning forward in my seat.

Emi’s eyes narrow. “I hope you’re not insinuating anything inappropriate about my mother, Hisao.”

“I think you’re misreading me.”

“And I think you’re about to give me 4 laps for every misstep in this conversation.”

I throw my hands up in mock defeat. “Alright alright, you got me.”


“Well now that you mention it…”

“Oh my god, you’re unbelievable, Hisao.”

Emi rolls her eyes in an exaggerated fashion and I can’t help but burst into laughter. The weight of the day suddenly feels like much less of a burden while we’re joking like this. We savor the silence for a few more moments before Emi launches back into the conversation.

“I’m glad you’re finally here. I thought you’d never make it with how crowded the streets were getting.”

“I would’ve been here earlier if my boss had let me go when he said he would,” I huff, still somewhat peeved about this.

Emi reaches across the table and lays her hand on mine, stroking it gently with her thumb.

“Well you’re here now, and that’s all that matters.”

I smile at her, wanting nothing more than to lose myself in her gaze and forget all my worries. I can’t do that, though. I came here with a mission, and I’m determined to complete it.

“I’m gonna go order a coffee, do you want anything?” I ask, standing up slowly.

Emi ponders this for a moment before opening her mouth to respond.

“Strawberry shortcake,” we both say in unison.

“Should’ve known,” I tease, leaning down to kiss her forehead before heading back inside to order.


Hisao leans over and lightly kisses me on the forehead before leaving to get his drink and my cake. What I’ve done to deserve a man like him is beyond my comprehension.

While he’s inside, I do a bit more people watching. Nothing really of note at this point, just the same old workers doing the same old thing. This leads my mind to wander back to Hisao.

The thought that something is off suddenly comes to me. I can’t figure out exactly why I feel this way; it’s nothing more than an instinct.

Great, now that’s gonna bother me.

Before I can think on this any more, Hisao returns with a cup in hand.

“You seem to be light one slice of cake, dude,” I joke, playfully narrowing my eyes at him.

“Uh, yeah,” Hisao stammers. “They aren’t quite ready with the cake, so they said they’d just bring it out when it’s done.”

I give him one last look before shrugging and taking a sip from my now lukewarm coffee.

Bleh, I should’ve finished this way sooner.

The sour look on my face makes Hisao burst into laughter.

“Not enjoying that coffee?”

“Don’t ask questions you already know the answer to,” I say, sliding the cup across the table.

He takes a swig with an air of confidence that immediately melts away. Our eyes lock and I see nothing but regret in his, followed by pain as he forces himself to swallow the unpleasant beverage.

“I envy and fear those who can choke down room temperature coffee,” Hisao sputters, wiping his lips of the disgraceful drink.

After a few more giggles, the table falls into silence. I’m comfortable with it at this point, but it seems to me that Hisao is anything but. He’s constantly stealing glances towards the doors that lead inside, as if he’s expecting something.

Well, the cake, duh. But that’s not something to look this frazzled over.

I reach across the table again, wrapping my hand around his. Doing this seems to calm him down significantly.

“Are you alright, Hisao?” I ask gently.

“Of course I am,” he replies, clearly feigning confusion at why I’m asking. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I don’t know, you just seem really distracted by something.”

At this statement he lowers his head. It looks like he’s thinking something over, which worries me slightly. Hisao has always been a serious guy, despite the sarcasm that he has in spades, but his current behavior is still rather uncharacteristic.

A sigh escapes his mouth and he moves over to sit in the chair right next to me. A feeling of dread washes over me, despite the fact that I have no clue what he’s about to say.

“Emi, what do you consider us to be?”

The question catches me off guard.

“W-what?” I stutter, dumbfounded by the fact that he would ask me this. “I mean, we’re a couple.”

“But beyond that.”

The look in Hisao’s eyes is much more steady now, lacking any sort of humorous tone. I attempt to think of as serious an answer as I can.

“I guess...we’re a team. A team that loves and trusts each other.”

Hisao smiles at this. “So if I were to do something that would drastically change both of our lives, hopefully for the better, how would you feel about it?”

I bite my lip, pondering a proper response to his question.

“I think…” I begin slowly. “I think that no matter what it is, if you feel like it’s the best choice I’m going to trust your judgement. Because I know you’d trust mine.”

His smile grows even wider at my answer. I can tell that what I just said made him extremely happy, which causes my worry to melt away. Whatever he’s about to say can’t be a bad thing, right?

Hisao opens his mouth to speak, but the door to the patio opening interrupts him. A woman in an apron stands at the door holding a plate of something, but before I can get a clear look Hisao jumps up in front of me. He walks towards the employee, thanks her for her help, and takes the plate out of her hand.

“Whatcha got there, Hisao?” I ask, trying to peek around him.

He expertly spins on his heels, all the while keeping the plate hidden behind him so I can’t see its contents.

“Emi,” he says confidently, though his voice does waver a tiny bit. “I want to change our lives. In a positive way, obviously, but I understand that this is a huge step that I’m trying to take. It’s not an easy decision, and it’s not a spontaneous one either. I’ve been thinking about this for years now and I...well, I feel like there’s no better time than now.”

While he speaks I feel tears slowly form in my eyes.

Please say it, Hisao.

“Emi Ibarazaki.”

As he says my name he slowly lowers himself onto one knee, the plate still hidden behind his back. I clasp my hands together, the tears starting to roll down my cheeks now.

“Will you marry me?”

Hisao pulls the plate out of hiding, revealing a beautiful slice of strawberry shortcake. Adorning the cake is a silver ring with a small gem in it, standing tall in the midst of the whipped cream and fruit.

Tears stream down my face and I cover my mouth with my hands to hold back sobs. I could tell something was off but I wasn’t expecting...anything like this, I don’t think.

After wiping the tears from my eyes, I gingerly take the plate from Hisao and place it on the table. Cupping his face with my hands, I stare into his eyes. It’s clear he’s waiting for a response and worrying that it’s going to be a bad one.

“Hisao,” I whisper, gazing lovingly at him. “Didn’t I tell you not to ask questions you already know the answer to?”

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Re: Scratch's Scratchings (A One-Shot Thread; 2-15-18)

Post by Mirage_GSM » Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:11 am

Well, that was... cute.
At first I thought the idea of waiting ten years with the proposal was a bit strange, but if it makes sense with any of the girls, it would be Emi.
A proposal in public is probably VERY unlikely- in Japan in general and for Hisao specifically.
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Re: Scratch's Scratchings (A One-Shot Thread; 2-15-18)

Post by scratchminus » Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:49 pm

Mirage_GSM wrote:
Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:11 am
Well, that was... cute.
At first I thought the idea of waiting ten years with the proposal was a bit strange, but if it makes sense with any of the girls, it would be Emi.
A proposal in public is probably VERY unlikely- in Japan in general and for Hisao specifically.
Yeah, I was thinking about that for a bit to decide if it was feasible or not. I figured for the purposes of just a quick write up it wasn't extremely unbelievable that they'd wait a while.

As for the public proposal, I didn't think to look that up beforehand. I do think that Hisao would be fine with it in this setting, specifically because they're at a less than crowded coffee shop and other people are busying themselves with their lunch break or returning to work (so it's not too "public"). Regardless, thank you for the comment!

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Re: Scratch's Scratchings (A One-Shot Thread; 2-15-18)

Post by QuietlySomething » Wed Feb 21, 2018 8:21 pm

Really cute one-shot. I really like your narrating style. I thought it was an interesting choice to frame the proposal from Emi's perspective and you managed it quite well.
Well done!

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Re: Scratch's Scratchings (A One-Shot Thread; 2-15-18)

Post by Oddball » Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:25 pm

That was a nice piece of fluff.
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Re: Scratch's Scratchings (A One-Shot Thread; 2-15-18)

Post by TravelingMaster » Thu May 31, 2018 1:55 am

Nice one-shot. Hope you write more at some point!

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