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A Christmas Sketch

When I first came to Yamaku, I never would have guessed that I'd become an artist.

No, I’m not an artist. Not really. But I’ve definitely found that I have a love for the craft. It seems like every moment of my free time I have my sketchbook in hand, forever capturing random, almost trivial moments. But if anyone knew the value of time, it would be me.

Mr. Nomiya - no, he insists that I call him Shinichi now - has been thrilled with my improvement over just a few short months. He says that I may have a talent for this. No ‘spark of genius,’ but having seen what that does to someone, I think I’m okay with that.

“Hisao? Are you okay? You stopped drawing.”

I look up from my sketch and toward the subject of it, reflexively smiling. It’s funny that such a simple action used to be so difficult, but now comes naturally. This has been a hell of a year.

Looking at who I’m drawing, I concede that it’s pretty hard to not smile at such a beauty - her long dark hair, soft eyes, full lips, even little things she gets self-conscious about, like the way her teeth peek out between slightly parted lips.

“I’m fine. Just… thinking.”

She giggles, her hand reflexively covering her mouth in an oh-so-proper way. “You’re always thinking, Hisao. Honestly, I can’t take you anywhere.”

“Then it’s a good thing I can walk on my own, now isn’t it?”

She shoves me playfully, and I allow myself to fall backwards onto the picnic blanket. Right next to the bucket of fried chicken we just shared.

We’re not far from this year’s illuminations - at a popular retreat for couples in the summer. Not nearly as popular in the winter, it seems. But today wasn’t terribly cold. And no snow, unlike the last time we were here.

It feels like so long ago, even if it was just earlier this year. We barely feel like the same people. High school is effectively over for us - she’s going to take the standard route of entrance exams, aiming for Tokyo University, just like anyone else. As for me - Shinichi put in a good word for me at a pretty significant art school. They care more about my portfolio than my academics, so I have an interview scheduled in a couple weeks. Shinichi insists that it’s as good as done, and, given his connections, I don’t doubt it. But I’ll feel a lot more comfortable when it’s official.

I feel the nearby movement as she elects to lie down next to me.

“What are you thinking, Hisao?”

What am I thinking? How to put it into words?

“I’m not really sure. I guess I’m thinking about how life is a journey, and you really have no way of guessing what comes next.”

“Getting philosophical again?” she asks, her tone full of mock annoyance.

“That would imply I ever stopped.”

Another light shove.

“Merry Christmas, you big dork.”

“Merry Christmas to you, too, Iwanako.”


Okay, Story Time.

After posting this year's S9 announcement and linking back to the S8 announcement, I decided I needed to clean up the links so that people could read everything that was submitted last year. In doing so, I realised something terrible - one of the participants never had his prompt fulfilled.

monkeywitha6pack requested "a Christmas date with Hisao and Iwanako"

I figured that someone should step in and try to make things right. It's not much, and late by a year, but Merry Christmas, monkey.
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