Flutter - Level Twenty One: Footsies [25/3/17]

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Re: Flutter - Level Nineteen: Lovers Arcana [14/7/16]

Post by Sharp-O » Thu Jul 14, 2016 9:36 pm

Alpacalypse wrote:I mean, we've got to have at least one more instance of cockblocking, right?
*sinister giggling*

Nice to see you comment, Al and you hit the nail on the head. Thanks everyone and I'm glad y'all enjoyed the chapter! :D

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Re: Flutter - Level Nineteen: Lovers Arcana [14/7/16]

Post by HoneyBakedHam » Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:44 am

Why am I not surprised by the video in the link? 😑

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Re: Flutter - Level Nineteen: Lovers Arcana [14/7/16]

Post by Hesmiyu » Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:53 am

Why do I have a feeling someone's heart is going to do the blocking?
The line below is false.
The line above is true.

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Flutter - Level Twenty: Grinding [4/8/16]

Post by Sharp-O » Wed Aug 03, 2016 9:19 pm


Mmmm. I stretch out my limbs, pushing the covers off me with my legs. I sit up, resting back on my hands. I lick my dry lips and look to my side to find the bed surprisingly empty.

“Hisao?” I call out as my eyes dart around the room and down to the loose shirt that he must have put on me but why don’t I remember him doing that? I remember us coming upstairs… We got on the bed… We were fooling around…

My body warms as the memories flood back into my mind. I can’t help but smile giddily at the thought of us laying on our sides and pleasuring each other… It felt so different to doing it on my own and the strange sensation of someone else’s fingers inside… The way my hand warmed around his… And just as I… That’s where everything goes blank.

Crapbaskets… I must have fainted. Heart condition plus haemophilia times excitement equals syncope. The most embarrassing equation ever, ugh!

A rapid beat of thuds coming up the stairs draws my attention to Hisao’s bedroom door, which opens to reveal my boyfriend; his face becoming more relieved as he rushes across the room, phone in hand.

“Oh, you’re awake! Are you alright?” He asks, fussing like I’m injured or something.

“Hisao, get off! I’m fine! Geez…” I grimace, pulling away from his meddling fingers. He perches on the edge of the bed and I adjust my position to look at him, his bed sheet covering what his shirt doesn’t.

“I think you passed out after you, um… Y’know.” He gestures at me strangely before I click onto what he means. I can’t decide whether he should be proud of that or not… I’ve never passed out doing it myself sooooo… I turn crimson before Hisao continues.

“At first you just went limp and I thought you had another flutter. I didn’t know what the hell to do but your pulse and breathing were fine so I thought it could have been cataplexy; a classmate has narcolepsy, y’see, so I sent a text her to-”

“Hold up! I pass out and your first instinct was to text your classmate?!”

“Well, no… I called your mom first.” He responds with a nervous smile.

“WHAT!?” I shriek, mortified that he would do such a thing.

“Kidding! Kidding! I’d only just gone downstairs and sent the message when you called out. I’m sorry I wasn’t here when you woke-up.” Hisao places a hand on mine in a supportive way and I feel a mild urge to slap him for that awful trick.

I breath a heavy sigh; half relieved he didn’t call my mom and half annoyed that he still went and blabbed to someone.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t specify anything; I just wanted to know what can cause a cataplexy attack. I know what to look for with heart stuff but this… worried me.” He looks at me with a slightly worried expression.

Congrats, Rika, your first orgasm from a boy and you not only pass out like a pansy-ass damsel but you also made your boyfriend worried… Craaaaap! What the hell is wrong with me? That isn’t how it was supposed to go!

“Sorry, Hisao…” My palm meets my face with a soft slap. “Pretty sure we can chalk that up as an unsuccessful beta test…”

“Was it at least… good before you passed out?” He asks, no doubt worried but I offer a small but devilish smile to him.

“Oh yeah.”

He blushes deeply, our hands intertwining on the bed after I pull up my sleeve — which reminds me…

“So when did you put your shirt on me?”

“Just before I went to get my phone. I figured you should have some clothes on if I had to call someone in…” He explains, his cheeks becoming more flush as he looks away. I lift his bed sheet to check then frown up at him.

“You didn’t think to put my underwear back on?”

“I was in a rush!” He protests but again, I cut him off but with a peck on his lips. You silly dork…

“I’m sorry for making you worry, Hisao.”


Hisao watches me like a hawk for the next hour or so, even though I feel fine. I swear he was even waiting outside the bathroom while I showered… I just fainted! It’s not like it was a flutter! He checked my vitals and they were fine.

Once I freshen up, he takes a quick turn in the bathroom but takes less time than for me to go downstairs and make a drink for both of us. Once there, he proves to be more of a hindrance than a help…

“Hisao, I swear, if you don’t get out from under my feet; I will end you.” I throw a threatening glare at him as he almost leans over me to pick up our mugs.

“Backing up!” He holds his hands in the air as I turn with the mugs in hand and go into the living room. The TV is still on and our unfinished desserts are still there. Score!

Sitting on the couch — my legs across Hisao’s lap and happily eating the last of my blueberry cheesecake — we sit mostly in silence; barring the cute glances at each other before looking back at the TV with sly smiles.

That was fun… I don’t know how Hisao feels but it was waaaaay better than my solo efforts. Just the intimacy of it, trusting someone else to do it for you. I wonder though… I look at Hisao and gently rub my calf back and forth across his lap. He looks down at my leg and then at me.

“I forgot to ask… Was it good for you?” His reaction is everything I could have dreamed of as Hisao chokes and splutters while looking at me wide-eyed. I can’t help but laugh at his adorably flustered face trying to decide on an emotion.

“It was -kaff- good, yeah.” His face is the purest red, both from embarrassment and because I caught him off-guard. My cheeks warm and I nod.

“I’m glad.”

We smile at each other before turning our attention back to the TV, his hands soon free and rubbing my legs gently.


After an incredibly restful night’s sleep, the morning is a rushed affair as Hisao is quick to get us out of the door and on the way to Shibuya. I can’t help but be pulled along by his enthusiasm though.

“I’m just saying; you’ve had to hold my hand this entire time while we’ve been here and that’s not what I wanted so today is all about you. Us. Date day!” He grins excitedly as the bus trundles on.

“Not that I don’t appreciate it but wouldn’t you rather sort things out with your friends?” I ask sincerely but Hisao dismisses it with a shake of his head.

“I’ll figure something out,” He shrugs before taking hold of my hands. “But I want at least one day with none of that drama. You, me, and everything I wanted to do with you on this trip.”

“It would be nice…” I mutter with a smile, staring at our conjoined hands. Making memories with him before August starts was always top of my priority so I agree to his plan.

Once in Shibuya proper, Hisao all but drags me towards the Taito Station arcade again and lets me pick what we play. I skip the fighting games since he’s bad enough with a controller — he’d have no clue what to do with an arcade stick — so we head over to a light gun game. I remember him being pretty good at these.

Hisao kicking my butt super-easily after two round cements his superiority. He blows the muzzle of the plastic gun cockily before replacing it. I do the same and shake my hands out, rubbing my wrists.

“Man, those things are super-heavy…” I lament while Hisao chuckles.

“Sounds like salt to me.”

“I’m starting to regret teaching you that term.” I pout before hooking my arm around his and taking a slow stroll around the arcade, commenting on different genres and other players.


We stop at a intersection between the photo booths and the rhythm games, facing a line of UFO catchers when something catches my eye.

“Holy crap! Look at these cuties!” I practically squeal as I plant my face firmly against the glass of a UFO catcher full of Pokémon plushes. One in particular catches my eye and I rush to fish some coins out of my pocket.

“Aren’t these things all rigged?” Hisao asks and he’s not wrong but…

“But this one has Mismagius! I haven’t seen her in any of the Sendai arcades and she’s always part of my team!” I grin manically as the claw machine whirrs into life. My eyes narrow as the arm moves into position and lowers slowly. “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’moBALLS!”

I’m already fishing more coins out of my pocket before the crane can even return home. Hisao purses his lips, trying his best to hide a smile and failing. I’m not gonna fail though. I’ve got this. That plushie is “-Rigged! Seriously! How did I not get it that time?” I exclaim as the prongs of the crane graze my prize but doesn’t pick it up.

“They say, snrk, third time’s the charm!” Hisao’s face creases up in barely contained laughter while mine scowls in indignant rage at the machine before me. One more time. The crane arm moves into position and lowers, getting a firm grip of my prize. Yessssss, that’s it… Almost… The prize drops but I am once again denied as it hits the sticky bar over the prize hole.

“Fuck!” I curse, raising my clenched fist to hammer on the glass and Hisao finally allows himself to laugh, making me pause. My forehead clonks against the glass instead as I let out a sigh. Well, I guess that’s that.

“You almost had it, Rika.” Hisao says as his arms wrap around my shoulders from behind. “Do you want me to take a shot?”

“Nah, let’s try something else…” I move to look around, Hisao still firmly attached to me so we look like a ridiculous turret. Dance game? Ehhhh, might be a little too much exercise for the both of us… My eyes drift to the photo booths and stop. Never put much stock in them before but then, I’ve never been in an arcade with my boyfriend before…

“How about we get some pictures taken?” I ask, tilting my head back to look at Hisao. He looks in the direction and nods.

“Yeah, that sounds like a neat idea.” He barely has time to finish his sentence before I’m dragging him to the four booths in front of us. We make a full circle of the booths, looking at the features of each before Hisao points at a sign on one of them.

“I don’t think we’re going to be able to. Why would it be no couples?”

“I assume to stop any hanky-panky going on inside. Though I can’t imagine who would want to do that kinda stuff in front of a camera.” I frown at the sign while Hisao smirks a little.

“Something tells me Fuuka probably would…” He chuckles dryly and I join in. Yeah, that sounds like something her perverted mind would enjoy. She certainly wouldn’t care what a little sign said. Not one bit.

“Hisao…” I whisper while tugging at his hand, taking a cursory glance around. I step backwards towards the booth the most out of sight of the main pathways, Hisao craning his neck this way and that.

“What are you doing?” He whispers back in a panic.

“Having fun! Now come on!” I tug him a little harder and he follows me through the curtains. I pull him close to me and we wait a few seconds to see if any alarms or something go off. We begin to snicker as we turn to the camera and insert some coins.

“Let’s just take one and get out of here before a staff member shows up.” Hisao urges. I hit the button and we stand ready as the flash goes off. Our image shows up on the screen in front of us and I immediately begin cycling through the add-ons.

“What are you doing?” My scaredy-cat boyfriend asks and I throw a wink back at him.

“I want something a little more than us against a green background, silly!” I giggle, adding a love heart background and saving the image before going for more cute additions, since we can have up to four.

I can feel Hisao squirming uncomfortably at the thought of being caught in here while I quickly work my magic. I save two goofy images but I add one of the pre-written messages over the last one before saving and choosing to print.

“Alright, all done!” I smile and we step back out of the machine and wait for the pictures to be printed. Hisao is still looking around while I hang around his arm, giddy about breaking rules with my boyfriend. A soft click-thunk sounds the arrival of our pictures.

“See? Wasn’t that worth it?” I ask, offering the photos up to Hisao. His lips curl into a smile as he looks at the assortment of silly pictures.

“Yeah… Totally.”


For the next few hours, Hisao took me to all the places he had planned out and I have to say, it was perfect. We went back Meguro and had a lovely walk along the river, amidst other couples and sprawling sakura trees before he led me along many winding side-streets to a little Italian place; Seirinkan.

He said he wanted to be a little more adventurous after being kinda bland in his choice back in Sendai. Over our meal, I finally admitted that I only tried Italian once before we dined out with Mom. We paid, like hell was I letting him pay for me, and left to grab dessert.

As we walk hand-in-hand towards a now familiar part of town to me, a thought occurs; today has been great and the greatest part of it was that is was… Normal. Just me and my boyfriend, enjoying the summer break and each others company. For the first time ever; I feel like a normal high school girl.

“What’s got you smiling?” Hisao asks, an earnest grin on his handsome face.

“N-Nothing! I’m just really happy to be with you.” I answer, blushing super-hard. “Today has been amazing.”

“Really?” Hisao rubs the back of his neck sheepishly with his free hand. “I couldn’t tell if I was trying too hard or not hard enough.”

“Are you kidding? You S-Ranked the hell out of that date, senpai!” I laugh, jabbing his arm playfully. “I think I’ll leave all our dates to you. If I planned something it’d either go wrong or go weird.”

“I like weird. I like you, don’t I?” He playfully smirks.

“I’m not weird!” I pout defensively. “I’m eccentric!”

Hisao chuckles but squeezes my hand, nudging his shoulder against mine to get a smile out of me. He succeeds. I couldn’t stay mad at him if I tried.

We’re nearing a small playground when I hear shouting in that direction. As we walk past the walled entrance, I get a good look at the source of the noise and my heart sinks. Hisao’s hand flexes before letting go of mine and he rushes toward commotion being caused by Mai and Iwanako.

“-eave me alone, you psycho!” Iwanako yells, shoving Mai back only for her to come back aggressively.

“I’m the psycho? You almost killed one of my friends!”

“It was a fucking accident, Mai! How many more times does it have to be drilled into that stupid head of yours!?” Iwanako growls back, wrestling to get some space but is saved by Hisao, who puts his hands between them and pushes them apart with a mighty shove. The shock on their faces is only matched by the disgust on his.

“Mai; back off!” Hisao commands sternly before turning to Iwanako. “You okay?”

“I’ve h-had worse… Thanks though, Hisao.” She nods meekly.

“Good. This is going to be the end of this crap, you hear me?” Hisao turns his attention back to Mai, who is quick to argue back. Big mistake.

“But, Hisa-”

“No. Shut up and listen to me for once, Mai. I know you can be stubborn as hell sometimes but this again? Seriously?” He gestures to Iwanako before stepping in front of her like a human shield. “I don’t blame ‘Nako for what happened to me and neither should you!”

Mai expression is a sorrowful mixture of guilt and confusion. I can kinda see her view, protecting one of her friends but bullying ‘Nako is a shitty thing to do.

“Now I want you to promise me, Mai… No more.” His expression softens to a pleading look. “I don’t expect you two to be friends but I do expect one of my best friends to act better than this, Mai. So please… For me.”

The air around us is so thick with tension that you’d need a broadsword to cut through it. Mai’s eyes are planted firmly on the ground.

“Always the peace-keeper, aren’t ya?” She mutters, her voice low and strained. Her right fist clenches tight, snorting loudly as she wipes her face with it. “I’m sorry, Hisao…”

“It’s al-”

“No, I’m sorry but I can’t… She… I don’t think I can not hate her. Even if it’s what you want, I just…” She looks up at Hisao for a split second before turning away. “Sorry, Hisao. I’ll see you around.”

“Mai, wait!” Hisao moves to stop her but she just breaks into a sprint. No way Hisao could catch her. On her way out of the gates she bolts past Shin, who takes a moment to watch her go before jogging over to us. Before he can even get a word out, Iwanako has moved away from Hisao towards Shin.

“Hey, what’s goin-” He begind but ‘Nako cuts him off.

“No time, tell you later, go after her!” She grabs Shin’s sleeve and pulls him away, pointing at the gate. “Go on, I’ll be f-fine! She needs a friend, Shin. GO!”

He looks at her like she’s speaking a foreign language and glancing at both me and Hisao before doing as he’s told. He takes one last look at the three of us before chasing after Mai.

“What was that about?” I ask, utterly confused. Iwanako smirks, perching herself against a thigh-high rail.

“As much as I don’t like her… She needs Shin way more than I do right now.”

“That was a nice thing to do, Iwanako.” Hisao approves sitting down on a bench opposite her.

“A friend showed me the power of forgiveness recently. Thought it would improve my karma a little to pass that along.” She smiles softly at Hisao who gets her meaning and returns the gesture. “What are you guys up to anyway?”

“We were actually on our way back from a date…” I explain as I sit next to Hisao.

“Oh…” Iwanako’s eyebrow rise in surprise before laughing awkwardly. “Geez, well I better leave you two lovebirds to it then!”

“Are you going to be alright?” I ask and she nods, blushing a little.

“Yup! I don’t want to get in the way or anything… Enjoy your evening, guys. See you soon!” She says in a really forced chipper way.

She trots off with a wave and Hisao collapses backwards against the bench, letting out a long sigh.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah… Just wished I could have gone one day with no drama.”

I hug him tightly around the neck and nuzzle him affectionately.

“I still had a wonderful time, Hisao; even with the drama.” I whisper, pulling back to look him in the face. He smiles and we kiss tenderly before pressing our foreheads together.

“Let’s go home, Rika.” He sighs with a smile. We gather ourselves and walk out of the park, continuing along our path to Hisao’s house.

Author's notes: Not entirely happy with this chapter but I've been working on it as best I can for almost a month so I figured I'd post it. You know what kills creativity faster than arthritis-riddled hands? Depression. Fuck depression. Hopefully the next few chapters won't take as long but I'm finding it hard to be motivated right now. The story will continue but I don't know when it'll be finished. Please bear with me.
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Re: Flutter - Level Twenty: Grinding [4/8/16]

Post by AlexFDSR » Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:11 pm

I achieved faster than light travel when I got the notification that this thread was updated. I also spotted 3 grammar mistakes, but I'll let our resident experts point them out.
If Iwanako had a route, would the tagline be "Can you find it in your heart?"

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Re: Flutter - Level Twenty: Grinding [4/8/16]

Post by HoneyBakedHam » Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:19 pm

Boy, Mai is so damn hotheaded, isn't she?

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Re: Flutter - Level Twenty: Grinding [4/8/16]

Post by Texaboose » Wed Aug 03, 2016 11:43 pm

A cute slice of life chapter that I liked :)
Also like to make a special note that I really enjoyed the artwork for this chapter. The animated one was fun and all, but it was actually the opening one that caught my eye. Did you photoshop the scar in? if so, it's really well done.

Couple of possible corrections to consider:
Sharp-O wrote:I places a hand on mine in a supportive way and I feel a mild urge to slap him for that awful trick.
Someone's placing a hand incorrectly. Guessing it's meant to be Hisao.
Sharp-O wrote: “Don’t worry, I didn’t specify anything; I just wanted to know what can cause a cataplexy attack. I know what to look for with heart stuff but this… worried me.” He looks at me with a slightly worried expression.

Congrats, Rika, your first orgasm from a boy and you not only pass out like a pansy-ass damsel but you also made your boyfriend worried…
There's a lot of worrying going on here. Maybe some concern or something else is in order.
Sharp-O wrote: Fuck depression.
And yes, fuck depression. I don't get it, but my wife does, so I can sympathize. My best of wishes to you and hope you can power through it.
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Re: Flutter - Level Twenty: Grinding [4/8/16]

Post by Mirage_GSM » Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:28 am

Mai expression is a sorrowful mixture of guilt and confusion.
Needs a genitive "s"...

The Japanese sentence translates to something like "Is it okay for me to like you?"
Is that what you were going for?
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Re: Flutter - Level Twenty: Grinding [4/8/16]

Post by Sharp-O » Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:11 am

Texaboose wrote:Also like to make a special note that I really enjoyed the artwork for this chapter. The animated one was fun and all, but it was actually the opening one that caught my eye. Did you photoshop the scar in? if so, it's really well done.
The scar was easy because it's the same scar I used on the original Flutter title card but you know what the hardest part of editing shit for Rika is? The haaaaaair. Hard enough to find characters with flat fringes but getting white-ish hair from dark is harder than you think so most of the edits I have have her with grey hair rather than white. :?
Mirage_GSM wrote:The Japanese sentence translates to something like "Is it okay for me to like you?"
Is that what you were going for?
I was actually using this particular phrase.

I'll tidy up the grammar mistakes as well. Thanks for reading, everyone!

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Re: Flutter - Level Twenty: Grinding [4/8/16]

Post by Yukarin » Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:11 am

yessssssssss a new chapter yesssssss this makes me happy a lot

Yeah fuck depression.

With a nuclear bomb.

Hang in there, and if you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to pm me about it. I might not be able to help much, but I can listen.

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Re: Flutter - Level Twenty: Grinding [4/8/16]

Post by Bottles » Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:01 am

We paid, like hell was I letting pay for me, and left to grab dessert.
Like hell I was letting him pay for me?

Loving this story, keep it up!

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Re: Flutter - Level Twenty: Grinding [4/8/16]

Post by Hoitash » Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:12 pm

Sharp-O wrote:Fuck depression.
Preach it! Preach to the weary endorphin's who fight the greatest battle man can know!


That was adorable. I know what it's like to fiddle with a chapter to the point where you just say "frak it, it's go time" and while you can tell it's a bit rough and maybe even rushed, it's still adorable and sweet :)

Poor 'Nako needs a hug, and Mai needs to get laid.
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Re: Flutter - Level Twenty: Grinding [4/8/16]

Post by Feurox » Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:46 am

Well I just read all these Sharp and now it's 5:40 in the morning. Thank you for that you magnificent bastard. I'm ngl I adore this fic, it's a little eccentric itself. I love the short fulfilling snaps, it's definitely a gentler read but you do it justice. Love Rika and love your little gang of characters it's just all very sweet. I think the tone comes off a bit too comedic sometimes, like I don't find myself truly worrying for Rika or any of the characters so far but then I don't think that's your goal either. :lol: You'll pay for keeping me up though mark my words :twisted:

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Re: Flutter - Level Twenty: Grinding [4/8/16]

Post by Zerebos » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:55 am

I love this story so much. Definitely my new favorite KS fic! The way you depict Rika is my favorite among all portrayals of her. I think the story's timeline went a little quick for what I was expecting, especially with the chapters seeming to be on the shorter side (for most). That being said, I do like the pacing that was done for the relationship between Hisao and Rika. Your writing is fantastic by the way, the humour you throw in there gets me everytime. The albino/albania bit made me fall out of my chair, so thank you for that. Awesome job, Sharp! (Also, right there with ya man, fuck depression)

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