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[Ria's Oneshot Hell] 12/24/18

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 11:37 pm
by Riakai
  • What's New?
    An untraditional holiday, in an untraditional sense. Naomi and Natsume spend a short break together.
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    Sixteen in Ten
    A short venture into the past of Naomi Inoue, in ten drabbles.

    S8; Unlikely Shopping
    Lilly and Misha, despite their differences, go shopping for Hanako and Shizune.

    A Different Kind of Tension
    An unfamiliar character in the place of Hisao during Rin's "Proof of Existence" as something of an epilogue, written for SapphicYumi.


What's New?
An untraditional holiday, in an untraditional sense. Naomi and Natsume spend a short break together.

The house smells of turkey, and dressing, and gravy… and potatoes! It’s great. I sit down on the couch, out in the middle of the living room: My uncle’s house is… extremely western. But it’s so nice! The furniture is all so comfy, I could fall asleep in this fluffy wonderland.

Natsume slowly lowers herself into the couch next to me, in a fresh change of clothes. We came together, to my uncle’s house for my family’s dinner. We ended up finding a really cheap train ticket, but it was for last night… So we came early, and stayed the night! She’s wearing a long skirt, with a vertical stripe up and down the sides. I told her it looked like a racing stripe, and she slapped me across the side.

It still looks like a racing stripe, but… Well, I’ll pretend. Sure.

She’s also got a really baggy sweater on, so it’s pretty casual. I’ve got a pair of jeans and a button up shirt on, and glasses. Oh! And Natsume has her glasses on. We usually don't both wear them, but she didn't want to play around with contacts today.

"Why are you so-" She starts.

I interrupt, poking her in the side, "I'm just thinking, Natsume, sheesh."

"Well there's no need to zone out so early in the morning, you'll fall right back to sleep, Naomi."

I shrug, plucking a strand of hair from my face. I should really get it cut soon, but I'll live for now, "You know I don't fall asleep so easy, you get… Medicated for your sleep!" I stick my tongue out, and she slowly sighs.

"Right, right, fine." She leans back into the couch, "So, this happens yearly?"

"Oh, yeah, it's a tradition back in America. Uncle Minoru does this because he and his family, the American half, did it from the time he was a baby till the time he came to Japan. It's pretty fun! We've done it for a few years now, he and Aunt Aneko do all the cooking, the rest of us just handle the cleaning and organizing."

As if on cue, Minoru steps through the doorway, apron draped across his shoulder. He flips the spatula towards us, and raises his meek voice, "I require AID!" His theatre voice comes into play, for mere moments, before dropping back to its normal tone, "I, ah, I forgot the cheddar. You two mind running to go grab a bag for me?" he looks towards us with pleading eyes, and then lowers his gaze to the table. He sees a fleck of potato, sitting on the edge of the table, and he slowly drops down to the floor to pick up the potato, a low, solid groan rolling out, followed by, assumedly, English muttering. Probably cursing!

"Well, I'm dead! Stupid potato! How does that even happen!" He pulls it from the side, putting it atop the spatula and standing back up, "As for money...Well, I've got... Enough! It's out on the table next to the door, just take it and buy some cheddar! Shredded or blocked, preferably a block!" He floats back into the kitchen, looking dead as a ghost.

Natsume slowly shifts her stare to me, "He does realize..."

"It's good for you! Come on~!" I reach a hand down to her, "We did bring your crutches for a reason, you know."

"But I don't wanna." She crosses her arms and winces, "I don't wanna~..."

"Well, too bad!" I hook her under the arm, and lift up slowly. She eventually caves in, a low groan reverberating throughout the room.

She stands up, slapping me weakly on the arm, "You suck."

"I know I do~!" I stick my tongue out, picking up her crutches from the corner by the door. She slumps over, attaching them around her arms and tapping them against the wood flooring a few times to test them.

"I still hate these things so much."

"But they're helpful~!"

"Unlike some people I know." She slowly wobbles her way to the door, "Let's get going, I don't wanna be out all morning."

I pull on my flats, looking at the little ribbon over the toes and smiling; I look good today. So does Natsume, and I suppose Minoru. But I look... gooooooooood. I turn to Natsume, popping my back, "I'm coming!" I open the door for Natsume, holding it until she slowly lumbers her way down the small, but oh so cumbersome steps, and out onto the sidewalk leading off of the estate and out into the road leading into town.

I pull my phone from my pocket, unlocking it and slowly making my way through the interface to find my music. I turn it on, and slowly turn it up, Natsume's head turning ever so slightly as I do.

"You're not."

"I am~!" I hit the volume button one more time, and turn on "What's New Pussycat," also known as the song that literally kills Natsume to the core. Because she actually likes it. And it's terrible. Absolutely terrible. It's some really old song, in English, and she absolutely loves it.


"I can't stop~!" I bubble forth in a fit of laughter, almost having to hunch over to stop myself from falling over. I stop, and Natsume meekly turns herself around on her crutches, staring at me with the eyes of death incarnate.


"You love it, and it's so, so, so bad!"

"But it's so catchy!" She turns on her crutches, stepping back up the road until she reaches the gate, "Open it! Let's just get the stupid cheese and get back for dinner."

"Not just ANY cheese, Natsume... Cheeeddar. It's not just normal cheese."

"Cheddar is basically the default cheese, you jackass." She rolls her eyes and turns back up the road, stilt walking her way to victory with the crutches.

"Well, I'm no cheese master, sheesh. Tell me more, Maestro of Munster, Connoisseur of Colby, Grandmaster of Gouda!" I prod her in the side, nearly tripping her up.

She continues hobbling to the pace of "What's New Pussycat," all the way to the city center.

We make it to the store at around noon. I step inside first, letting Natsume step inside.

We find the cheddar at the edge of one of the aisles, and toss it into a basket, then turning to each other and slowly nodding.

Stepping to the farthest right aisle, we both pick out a small tub of ice cream and find a plastic pouch of spoons. We buy all of our stuff, and leave the store at fifteen after. Outside of the store, we immediately sit down on a bench and crack open the tubs of ice cream and rip open the spoon package.

"Best decision of my life." Natsume sighs wistfully, tossing the lid of her rocky road ice cream into the trashcan "Splendid."

I rip into the ice cream without a word, I ended up picking mint chocolate. Halfway through the top of the small tub, I swipe over to Natsume's tub and pull out a bite of the rocky road from under her nose. She turns to me very slowly and groans, "You know I hate mint chocolate, you ass."

"Well, I don't~!" I giggle, scarfing down more of the ice cream, "It's great stuff!"

"To you, maybe. To me it tastes like gritty chocolate and dried out toothpaste."

I toss the empty tub of ice cream into the plastic bag, "But it tastes like... Greatness!"

"To you." She taps the spoon against the bottom of the tub and groans again, tossing the tub into the wastebasket with a strained movement.

I help her stand up, and we make our way back to Uncle Minoru's house. Even if she doesn't notice, she's still hobbling to the pace of "What's New Pussycat."

Which still has me in pain from stifling such intense laughter.

The door is ajar when we arrive, and the house is filled with even more intense scents, and the raucous sounds of tableware shifting and being moved about, "Minoru! We're home! With the cheddar!"

We make our way into the kitchen, and the entire room smells absolutely great; turkey, potatoes, gravy, all sorts of western cuisine line the counters, filling my nostrils with the intense scents.

My mouth watering, I sit the large container of plastic down on the table and glance up to Minoru, who is hunched over the sink with a whisk, "Hello?"

He jolts upright, "Oh! So you got it, then?"

I nod my head, "Yep! Natsume and I did indeed!"

"That's great, great, hand it here~!" He bounces on the balls of his feet, almost like people say I do, and I hand him the cheddar, "Thanks a ton, I'll toss these in the potatoes and we'll be golden. And they'll be yellow. It'll be great! By the way, Ooe, was it?"

"Ah, just Natsume is fine."

"Well, Natsume, Ooe, same things. How are you liking it here?"

"I like it here, very much." She nods, giving her normal, formal bow to him, "I think the dinner smells great, as well. I don't have much western food, so this should be a trip, I'd say." She chuckles slightly, a much different laugh than her real one.

"That's good, then. I hope you enjoy your time here." He turns on his heel to the counter behind him, dumping the cheese on it and pulling a grater from the wall. He hums rhythmically as he rubs the blade against the cheese, and the conversation is, naturally, over.

I tug Natsume by the shoulder out of the back door, and onto the patio. Overlooking a substantial pond, with one of those fancy little fountains in the middle, as well as complete with intricate landscaping and bushes; all sorts of... bourgeois! Lots of it! It's really neat.

Natsume pops out of the back door and immediately seeks the first chair she can find.

Plopping down into it, she unhooks the crutches from her arms and slides into it casually, overlooking the whole complex, "Nice."

"Isn't it, though? I love the place."

"Must be nice, having all these weird family members to hop along with."

"Not really. It's nice sometimes, but a lot of the time it makes me feel really small." I shrug into my chair as well, across from Natsume, "But it's still nice to come around."

"It makes me feel small too.” She slips her arms behind her head, leaning back and glancing to her left, “It’s just… All this, all this stuff. It’s so… Foreign, and not in the sense that it’s all English. It’s just weird.” She fidgets in the chair, tenting her hands in her lap.

“Yeah, but it’s nice, a lot different than the stuff at school, a lot different. Intriguing.”

“I guess it’s all just a big metaphor.” She glances over to me, laughing under her breath, “Weird, I know. But we’re the people who explain what it means, what’s happening around the school. Sure, it’s not all that serious, but I can take it seriously. This house basically is how everyone else feels before we explain the situation.”

“So our news is a rich Japanese American man’s house?” I smirk, receiving a glare at me over the frame of her glasses.

“You know what I mean, sheesh.” She rolls her eyes, “Seriously though, think about it.”

“I know what you mean, I know what you mean, don’t get violent on me.” I giggle under my breath, turning my head to the sky. The back door slides open, and Minoru slips out of it.

“The food’s all done, you two~.” He steps back in, leaving the door open: A suggestion to hurry up.

I stand up, and walk over to Natsume, “Here, let’s head on in.” I tug her up from the chair, drawing out a pained grunt as her feet make contact with the floor again.

“I don’t wanna.” She slowly sighs, wobbling over to the door and making her way in. I follow behind, tugging the buttons of the shirt away at the top and fluffing it up.

I take a seat at the table, and pat the chair next to me, “Here, table’s set~.” She slowly unhinges the crutches, sliding into the chair with a grin.

The table is set with sooooo much food. It’s great. There’s a massive, stuffed, turkey, practically a dozen different kinds of potatoes, salad… And, the gem, the rolls. Oh my god the rolls. The hidden gem is the apple butter though. The things I’d do for that apple butter and the rolls. I would kill. Blood would be spilled.

My plate is lined with all the food I can muster onto it. Natsume’s is the same, but somehow she managed to fit more. Cheater.

“So, everyone, I’d just like to thank you all for coming to share in this tradition with me once more this year; as they call it in America, this Thanksgiving means a good bit to me. I suppose I’m just giving thanks for all that I have in life, which is great!”

Aunt Aneko sits on Minoru’s knee, patting him on the back, “Eh, we all know you’re just here for the food, so dig in!” She cackles, sliding off of Minoru and into her own chair, stabbing at the turkey on her plate with a carnivorous glare.

I take the cue and start pulling into my own food, combining my least favorite and most, so I can choke some of the weird stuff down. I peel off the ham from my plate, and put it on top of a roll, slapping a bit of potato on top, humming to myself as I make my delicatessen.

When I peer over to Natsume, half her plate is already gone. She has a normal pace, but… It’s already half gone.

How. Cheater.

I toss the ham-roll-potato amalgamation down my throat, grinning happily as it goes. I move onto the coleslaw and slowly cringe at it. Uncle Minoru loves the stuff, but… Well. I slide a piece of turkey under it, and toss it down the back of my throat. The worst of it is over. I have to remind myself of this.

I give Uncle Minoru a grin and a thumb’s up, and he smiles from underneath a stack of ham and turkey. When I look over to Natsume, another half of her plate is gone. She smirks, pulling the piece of turkey forwards, slicing it with the edge of her fork and pulling it in her maw.


I finish off my plate before Minoru goes back in for seconds, and before Natsume goes in for ungodly thirds, settling on just nabbing all the rolls I can ethically nab. And apple butter. All of that. Unethically.

We all finish, and move onto the deserts. Minoru and Aneko sit back, as my parents casually stand up and clear the table for him. Mom grabs all the side dishes, and dad grabs the ham and turkey, weaving around the furniture into the kitchen.

The pair of them have left me alone, honestly. I think they’re coming to grips with my independence or something. Or they just don’t feel like it today. It’s a fine change from their normal, constantly doting behavior, never leaving me be. Checking in constantly. Never leaving me to live, sheesh.

Natsume dips back in the chair, laying her hands across her stomach and slowly sighing, content, “Thanks for having me along for this, I haven’t eaten so much since I started going to Yamaku. It’s great, all of it.” She grins, glancing across to Minoru, Aneko, and myself.

Minoru returns the smile, and Aneko laughs warmly. Minoru leans forwards in his chair, “Any friend of Naomi’s is a friend of ours, we’re glad to have you around.” Aneko nods, facing mom and dad as they bring in the deserts on a little cart thingy. Minoru helps them unload all the deserts across the table, working with a smile.

When they’re all down, Natsume slowly leans forwards in anticipation. Natsume attempts to hide her opinion under a casually flitting gaze. But, well. This is the same stare she gives me when she’s waiting for me to finish something. As if the crack of a starting gun, Natsume fires into action when Minoru and Aneko finish making their plate. She loads her plate with a fine hand, and then leans back to her formal position and cracks down onto the assorted plate. I pull off more of the bread and pull a piece of pie from the pan. I also grab a scoop of the assorted chocolate candies. Yes. This is why I love this dinner. Deserts and bread.

And, uh. Family. But the desserts and breads. Yes.

When we all finish our food, the table is silent save for one, low, groan. I glance to my left, and Natsume is leaned on her elbows, letting out her “leave me alone and let me die” groan.

My parents laugh, in that high class stoic way, more a guffaw than anything. Standing with a few nods and thanks to Minoru and Aneko, they step over to me.

“Be good, Naomi, we’ll be checking in on you, alright?” My mom places a hand on my shoulder, drooping down from her tall frame to give me a hug, I return it with a slow, internal, sigh.

“Right, mom.” I pull away and she smiles her thousand-meaning-smile, turning to dad and waving towards the door.

They courteously exit the house, driving off to their house, their world.

I turn to Natsume, who is smiling, a pity smile more than anything, and then to Minoru, “They mean well, in honesty dear.” Aneko begins gathering up the last of the leftovers, facing Minoru.

He has his arms crossed, “Well, they gave their thanks, that’s what matters.” He frowns slightly, picking up Natsume’s plate from next to her, his mouth zeroing out, “When do you two leave? I know you took the rest of the week off, but are you staying another day, night?”

“Well, our train tickets were cheaper for tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll just be going then~.” I help Natsume from her chair; she’s still letting out the “leave me alone and let me die” groan, but she can’t die on the kitchen table. Picking up her crutches from the side of the table, I strap them on to her wrists so we can make the way to the guest room.

She leans on me, even when she’s using the crutches, tripping her way alongside me so we can lie down in the room. Before I fully turn, Minoru smiles wistfully.

I drag her to the guest bedroom, and she slumps off of me and on the front of the bed, across it. She simply blurts out, “The piiiils~,” before dropping her face against the side of the bed. She laughs under her breath, as I hand her a pill from the container.

She uses a few different medications at night, usually, so she can sleep. Her arthritis doesn’t help sleep very much, considering it affects most of her body. But it’s really up and down, some days she’s able to flit around and enjoy life, where she could dance. And then there are the days where she barely wants to move, barely can move, and she feels like the weight of the world is upon her entire body.

She uses the crutches to get around when it gets bad, it distributes the weight of movement to her arms and her legs. Her arms are the least affected area of her arthritis, but she still has a massive amount of pain if she does anything crazy.

Natsume stays in her weird “n” position on the bed. I suppose she already knows she’ll be feeling like ass in the morning. I pull off the quilt from the top of the bed, throw it over Natsume, and then pull a blanket from the corner and slide into the bed diagonally so I don’t disturb the beauty of weird sleep positions. Before I fully get in the bed, I undo the buttons of my shirt and sit it next to me.

The sun pierces through the room, and I burrow into my blanket more, slithering under the pillow. The blanket is ripped from my frame, and my pillow is flung at the wall. I bury my face into the comforter, and groan. I attempted my own rendition of the “leave me alone and let me die” groan. It ends up coming out like a dying warble. I slowly slink upwards, and sigh, “Whyyyyy.”

“Because our train is coming in an hour, you dip.”


“And Minoru has breakfast in the dining room.”


Natsume flings my change of clothes for the day at me, and steps out of the room, slowly making her way out with the crutches.

In the attached bathroom, I get changed. I pull off the shirt and pants from yesterday, swapping for a striped t-shirt, cardigan, and scarf, as well as a pair of gray tights. Oh! And the flats. I love the flats. The little bow always gets me.

I run some water through my hair. I hate showering in other people’s places, it always feels weird. So I wash out my hair with the water, and brush it flat with the comb, and find my contact case. I hold my eye open, and slide the contact lens into place, then hold open my right eye and repeat the process, same as ever.

My attire finished, I step out to the dining room and take a seat next to Natsume, who already has a full course set in front of her, eating casually.

Since we had that massive meal last night, the Thanksgiving feast and all, we’re eating an early lunch for breakfast. I pull a piece of ham from the center, and slide it onto a piece of toast with some butter. I load it with a bit of the mashed potatoes from last night, and top it with another piece of buttered toast.

Aneko and Minoru are both sipping on their glasses, reading from different newspapers as they eat a totally normal breakfast of rolls and apple butter (which I am plotting to steal the second it’s not in use) alongside… cheesy potatoes. Perfectly normal.

Minoru slowly slides the tin of apple butter across the table. My mouth slowly droops, “This is the moment you, ah, give me your thanks.” He sticks his tongue out, as I reach out for the apple butter. Natsume has a hand covering her mouth in laughter.

“Why are you so tripped out over apple butter, Naomi?”

“Because it’s the nectar of the gods.” I say, straight faced.

She slowly nods her head, “…Right.”

I finish off my plate of assorted dinner foods, and pick up all the plates around the table; last person to finish always does dishes in this house.

Natsume follows me into the kitchen as I carry in the plates and glasses, hobbling behind.

I start the hot water and pump soap into the sink, the soap sliding against the lines of the granite lazily until it hits the torrential water and bubbles up.

I sit the plates down in the water and tap my hand against the counter as the dishes float under. Natsume hands me a rag, and sits on the edge of the island in the middle of the kitchen, tapping her hand to the same beat as mine, “What song is that?”

“Oh, only your absolute favorite.”

She stops drumming her hands, “You wouldn’t.”

“What’s new…”



“You suck. A lot. Die.”

“Ow. That hurts. I just wanted to know what’s new, my favorite kitten.”

“Stop.” She glares at the back of my head, I can see it even if I’m not actually seeing it.

I hum the tune of the song, “But I can never stop, my dear.”


I start slowly increasing the volume of my hum, “Sweet…”


“Pussycat.” She holds out the “ooooppp” until I say those words.

“You suck.”

I drag a few of the dishes under the water, washing them thoroughly, before sliding them on the opposite side of the sink and letting them soak in the clean water. I’ll dry them later.

Natsume taps her feet lazily against the counter, holding the same beat even though she so obviously hates the song. Right.

By the time I finish, she’s went through about ten runs of “What’s New Pussycat” with just her legs and her hands.

“So your medicine still keeping you under it’s reigns?”

“Juuust enough to hate life casually.” She drops off after the final run of “What’s New Pussycat,” and droops against the island, “Why.”

“It’s because I love you, sheesh.”


“It’s because you have such glooooooooriious taste in music.”

“Right,” she pushes off of the counter and cringes as her back pops, “...Bad omen.”

“It doesn’t happen every time your back cracks.”

“Damn near.” She taps at the floor with her crutches, feeling at the texture, before popping over past me and to the door, “Come on, we don’t want to miss the train.”

“Thankfully it passes near, at least.” I follow behind her, facing towards Minoru, “Thank you so much for having us, but we have to go, so we can catch the train back. I didn’t have time to dry the dishes, either, so I’ll just follow up on that… Next time we visit!” I wrap him in a hug, pushing off.

“It was a pleasure, Naomi. Make sure to keep in touch, I don’t want the next time we talk to be another one of my little feasts~!” He laughs, turning to the kitchen and whipping a rag out to dry the dishes.

Natsume and I hail a taxi on the road to town. The driver smiles cordially, and helps me load the two bags into the back of the car. I help Natsume get in, and he crawls into the front seat, taking off up the street.

“To the train station, please.” I say, surveying the prices of the taxi. I count out another bill for each time the meter up front increases, ready to hand them over and leave for the train.

Natsume remains quiet, legs crossed as she stares out of her window.

When we reach the station, I hand the driver the money, and tug Natsume from the car and grab the two bags from the trunk, laying them down on the ground as the driver counts the money. He gives a thumbs up, and drives off, leaving us to wait the short period of time for our train to come.

Natsume sits down, stretching out on the bench and staring at the platform, lazily tapping her foot. Not to the beat of our favorite song, either. Just a one second tap.

Until the sound of the train screeches into our ears, I can hear nothing but that.

The train rolls up, and we both get on, slowly. We get on last to avoid any problems. Mostly myself falling, or Natsume getting trampled. Both of which being terrible things.

The train ride, thankfully, is uneventful. I read a section of my book for Japanese, and Natsume sleeps. She regretted it, though. Since all she felt for the next hour was her bones and joints wanting to go back to that position, that rigid ninety degree sleep.

When we make it back home, to Yamaku, we head on inside and decide to just head to our dorm, or, well, my dorm. Natsume ended up coming over and watching a movie with me.

All in all, it was a good end to a long week.

This Thanksgiving thing has always made me feel good. I don’t really know why it came to be, Uncle Minoru never bothered with that. But it’s nice. Nice to be with friends, family. Those friends who you’ve come to see as family.

“Naomi?” I turn to address her, and she clears her throat, “You look like you were about to fall asleep.”

“Just thinking, that’s all.”

“What about?” She pulls off her glasses, rubbing at her temples as she leans into the corner of the wall.

“Nothing much, just… Giving my thanks, I guess.” I smiles, leaning back next to her and turning up the volume of the movie. I turn to her, and close my eyes, head tapping the wall, "Thanks."

Re: [Newspaper Club Short] What's New?

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:34 am
by Silentcook
...Foreign countries' holiday fics closely resemble Mary Sue self-inserts. This one really piles on the self-indulgence, though.

Re: [Newspaper Club Short] What's New?

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 12:49 pm
by Mirage_GSM
What got me even more than the notion of celebrating Thanksgiving in Japan, was the ease with wich they were able to acquire Cheddar. Most Japanese think eating coagulated milk is gross, and the only kind of cheese I was able to find in all the time I was there was the processed slices you need to make Hamburgers.

BTW, is "Ankeno" really supposed to be a Japanese name? I know "Akeno" is, but that's a boy's name. I first thought it was a typo, but you use the writing consistently...

Re: [Newspaper Club Short] What's New?

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 3:13 pm
by Riakai
Mirage_GSM wrote:What got me even more than the notion of celebrating Thanksgiving in Japan, was the ease with wich they were able to acquire Cheddar. Most Japanese think eating coagulated milk is gross, and the only kind of cheese I was able to find in all the time I was there was the processed slices you need to make Hamburgers.

BTW, is "Ankeno" really supposed to be a Japanese name? I know "Akeno" is, but that's a boy's name. I first thought it was a typo, but you use the writing consistently...
The only reason I did cheese is so I could get that absolutely terrible line with the different cheeses. I don't really think it's that intense of an issue, though? I mean, I've never really read anywhere about the intricacies of the Japanese culture and cheese.

As for that, I meant for Aneko to be the name (I pulled that name from a baby name site), I'll edit the name when I'm back to a laptop.

Re: [Newspaper Club Short] What's New?

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 6:18 pm
by Mirage_GSM
No, it's probably not something you'd know about Japan unless you've spent some time living there :-)

Re: [Newspaper Club Short] What's New?

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:00 pm
by Riakai
Edited the name and tweaked some of the formatting a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bit.

Re: [Newspaper Club Short] What's New?

Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:11 pm
by brythain
Mirage_GSM wrote:No, it's probably not something you'd know about Japan unless you've spent some time living there :-)
This was a really funny point because it was so real to me. Let alone the kinds with green and blue stuff and interesting smells. :D

Re: [Newspaper Club Short] What's New?

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:05 pm
by Sharp-O
Thanksgiving weirdness aside, I really liked this. It was really cute and it's going to be hard reading about these two from that schmuck Hisao's perspective but if they're as fun as they are here, I'm sure it'll be enjoyable.

Re: [Newspaper Club Short] What's New?

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:40 pm
by Riakai
Sharp-O wrote:Thanksgiving weirdness aside, I really liked this. It was really cute and it's going to be hard reading about these two from that schmuck Hisao's perspective but if they're as fun as they are here, I'm sure it'll be enjoyable.

I was back and forth in the planning phase, on whether or not I'd write this from Hisao's PoV, or Naomi's. I ended up deciding on Hisao, as I figured I could go back when I finished the Naomi Route & write a Natsume Route. There's other reasons, such as the fact I can explore the rising from depression & shit with Hisao (which is a thing I've dealt with before) & explore the numerous character changes he'll eventually undertake, over time.

Re: [Ria's Oneshot Hell] Sixteen in Ten (Reposted) 1/1/18

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:32 am
by Riakai
  • Sixteen in Ten
A short venture into the past of Naomi Inoue, in ten drabbles.

Naomi sits alone in the back corner of her classroom, dangling her feet from the short counter. She had another one. None of the children in the room dare look at her the same way after it. They look at her like a monster, some sort of freak.

“It’ll be alright, honey, I promise. We’ll just have to take you to the doctor and have you checked out…” Her teacher consoles her, as her parents drive furiously to the school, with a pointed purpose. To fix her. Make her right. Figure out what went wrong with their little baby girl.

Naomi sits in an office, her feet pressed against her chest. A doctor asks her mother and father questions, while a nurse asks her questions. Naomi doesn’t talk, though. She’s afraid she’ll mess it all up again.

They all keep talking about an EEG. Naomi doesn’t know what that is, but it doesn’t sound good. Little disks attached to her head, and sharp jolts. Then comes the sighs, and the pain. Electric acts of violence against her broken little head.

“We’re sorry, Naomi. We’ll do all we can to make it better for you. We promise,” all the doctors say.

Naomi is sitting on the edge of her bed, body layered under blankets upon blankets. Her aunt and uncle are sitting on the desk, talking to her quietly.

She hadn’t talked for a month; she had refused. The last time she talked, was when it happened. Talking to a friend, when she simply went limp. Talking was bad.

“Naomi, please. We’re here for you, promise.”


The first words to leave her mouth ever since that third seizure. ‘No.’


Naomi’s voice came back to her the same way it left, “Nobody can make any more promises. They don’t work."

Naomi is lying down on the carpet, face to the ceiling. Catatonic was the only word to describe her.

“We can’t help you if you keep refusing us! Naomi, we promise! It’s going to work out!”

But they can’t understand the looks, the pain. It was impossible to go back to that place. She would rather die. She went back to not talking.

She never did have to go back to school. Her family sacrificed.

She learned about the outside world in inverse; she experienced the outside from inside, the intricacies of life lost to a scared pair of parents.

Naomi’s sitting at a table, head in her lap. A cake was laid out across the table, candles lit and balloons flying. Mother and father are sitting on the counter, faces buried in hands. Aunt Ankeno and Uncle Minoru standing at Naomi’s side, hands on shoulders, calm, but sad, smiles lining their faces.

She sent invites. They were a prod into darkness. She didn’t really expect anyone to show up. She had hopes, but not promises.

The doorbell rang. Uncle Minoru ran from her side, opening the door with a happy face. In walked a girl, much like Naomi. Broken.

Naomi was happy, a grin crossing her face for the first time in many days. Weeks, even. Months. The girl’s name was Natsume. She walked funny, and had adorable little eyes, an eye of olive and an eye of amber.

Naomi and Natsume were quick friends. Both of them were home schooled from a young age. They understood each other. They liked the same things. Did the same things.

“I’ll be with you forever, Naomi! I promise!”

Maybe promises could work. Maybe things could work. Maybe life could move on from that stand still, that broken tick in life’s clock.

Naomi is sitting, cross legged on her bed. Natsume is across from her, with a flashlight and a stack of books.

They’re supposed to be asleep. It’s too dark, and the late nights are ‘bad.’

But Naomi wanted to have fun. She flicked off the light, kissed her mom and dad good night, and then Natsume bounced up and down on the bed with joy, flicking open the first book. Naomi sat down and got to reading.

Hours into the night, Naomi went rigid. Natsume laughed at first, but broke into screams soon after. Mother and father sigh and scold.

Naomi is sitting in the corner of her room, knees dragged to her chest. Natsume hasn’t been around, but she doesn’t know why. Naomi thinks it’s because of the seizure.

Working up the courage, she remembers that promise; that Natsume will be with her forever.

She walks downstairs, eyes red and puffy, and says that she’s going out, bold faced and prepared. Naomi had only been to Natsume’s once. She knew how to get there though.

When she stepped up the stairs to the house, her parents still shouting in the background, Natsume answered, arms and legs wrapped in casts.

Naomi is sitting on the couch, a pair of glasses across her dainty nose. A blue tint staining her eyes, she was experiencing something she wasn’t really supposed to. She thought, at least. The glasses made it possible. Something just as simple as the news was a wonder.

Natsume was sat next to her, watching her promise unfold, grinning madly. When Naomi’s parents walked through the door, they stared at the television, then to Naomi, confused.

Bouncing the couch, Naomi watched the news like your average child would watch the Sunday morning cartoons, utterly enthralled by the idea of television.

Naomi was standing, on the solid pavement. A hill. Leading up to the massive gates of that school. A smile across her face, but sweat beading her forehead. Her hand is gripping tightly to Natsume’s, stepping slowly up the hill. Natsume struts along, her crutches tapping against the pavement alongside Naomi..

They had come to terms with it. Naomi’s epilepsy, Natsume’s arthritis. They seemed mundane. Just something to mark down. Twitching, weakness.

“Naomi.” Natsume stops.

Naomi turns, facing her. “What?”

“We’ll still be together forever. Promise?”

“I… promise.” Those words stuttered out, hard to leave, but perfect across the tongue.

Re: [Ria's Oneshot Hell] S8 Update 1/1(ish)/18

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:32 am
by Riakai

S8; Unlikely Shopping
Lilly and Misha, despite their differences, go shopping for Hanako and Shizune.

I tug at the edges of my coat, my gloves not doing nearly enough to help with the biting cold. The snow's been falling for a week straight! And it just won't stop. It feels like it’s been falling for years~.

The shopping center is filled with the shoppers trying to get their gifts out of the way, a whole lot of chatter and footsteps give the whole square a painful background noise. I spot Lilly from the corner of my eye, she's dressed in a long, flowing skirt, and a buttoned jacket—pink so faded it's nearly white. And a scarf tucked into it all! Her hair is up in a long ponytail, a bow holding it in place.

She's standing under a pavilion, her cane propped up to her side as she stands at watch...not literally. She looks like one of those British guards with the really tall hats. Just, without the hat. Or anything besides the blank stare. Which makes perfect sense, everything considered…

I cough awkwardly, knowing that I've been standing and staring at a girl who can't necessarily stare back...And realize I'm thinking too hard. I wrap a lock of hair around my finger and twiddle with it as I walk towards Lilly and call out her name.

"Hi Liccha—" I cut myself off, seeing as Licchan would never work as a nickname. Uhh, Lilly. Liilly... This won’t work. Her name is un-nickname-able. Even Taro can get a nickname...I let out a loud groan and start over, "Err, right. Hi Lilly!"

She holds a hand to her mouth as she lets out a soft giggle, "Hi, Miss Mikado. Sorry my name doesn't lend to nicknames like most of your friends'." She lowers her hand, a smile remaining as she palms the top of her cane.

I force a smile, "It's no problem! And just call me Misha, everyone does!" I shudder a bit and recompose my thoughts. Okay! So. We both need to shop. I ran out of ideas, and Lilly needs someone to help her shop, and since Hanako can't help like usual, since, well...the gift is for her, I'm helping. For someone so popular she doesn't really have that many people she's comfortable with, I guess. So we're both downtown. In the snow. It’s really cold.

A weird idea, but I didn't come up with it, Lilly did. So I guess it works. We both head into the shop directly ahead of us, the one that Lilly'd been standing in front of for an indiscriminate amount of time.

"Misha, if you don't mind, can I borrow your arm so we don't lose track in here?" Lilly says, completely unabashed in her prim and proper way.

I stifle a cough and chirp "Oh, sure!" The shop is comparably less busy than the others outside, and probably makes a good start seeing as I'm not really sure of how to go about this whole...well, thing. I let her hook her arm around mine, suddenly becoming rather aware of how this probably looks. Hopefully, the cane gives it away. If not I'll just pretend people aren't staring.

We start down the first aisle of the store, lined to the brim with clothes and knick-knacks—I didn't bother looking at the signage before we walked in. Must be a second-hand store. I glance along the shelf and start to call out some of the items on the shelf.

"There's a lot of snow globes! A tiny ceramic teddy bear..." I pick it up and nearly drop it immediately from how pointy it is. Why is a teddy bear pointy? That defeats the point of a teddy bear, even if it's ceramic.. "Oh! There're some books over here."

Lilly perks up. Hanako pretty obviously loves books, so that's a go-to gift I'd think. I read off each individual title to Lilly, each one getting a quiet denial until we reach the end.

I started to read off an unopened box of diapers, which was propping up a majority of the books...but caught the fact that it was a box of diapers, thankfully.

Lilly lets out a quick sigh, smiling again, "She reads too much, really, hard to find things she hasn't read." She lets out a small laugh. "Books are one of the things we talk about quite often, and I recognize those titles. Would be nice to get her a book if we can't figure something else out, don't you think?"

"Books are a good gift, yeah! I don't really read much, but I could see someone like Hanako appreciating them quite a bit." I realize how rude that sounds after the fact, but Lilly continues on unabashed.

"Oh well, let's keep—well, checking the store." I stop myself from making the obvious faux pas before beginning to press on through the store, sifting through half broken knick-knacks and weird clothes. I don't even know what Hanako would really wear outside of her uniform. So clothes are a no-go. Stupid that it took this long for that to click. I wince and stare at the clock on the wall. Not much time has passed, thankfully. But the crowds are still going strong outside the store.

"Hmph." Lilly huffs, "Well, this didn't work, did it?" She lets out a defeated laugh, and I force out a laugh in response.

"Well, we've got all afternoon to walk around, right?" I smile, knowing that makes my tone sound a lot more optimistic. "We can do this!" Probably. The few people near us shoot a quick glance and turn back to shuffling through the shelves.

Lilly beams, "My, how optimistic. Well, lead the way then."

We start out of the store when I spot something out of the corner of my eye—a dark blue...cobalt! Cobalt blue purse, big enough to fit a textbook but still stylish. This screams Shicchan! Not literally, obviously. But it's nice. The material is, what's the word? Matte? Yeah! Matte. A simple blue 'leather,' with some unassuming gold looking buttons and zippers...probably not gold, since the price is so reasonable. It even has some little charms hanging off it, but I don't think Shicchan'd like those.

"Something the matter, Misha?" Lilly stands behind me as I'm ogling this purse.

"Oh, sorry~! I think I found a gift for Shicchan. It's a purse, it matches her hair!" I smile, grabbing the purse and tucking it into my arms to get a feel for it. I love it, and I'm pretty sure Shicchan will love it too! I let out a relieved sigh. "Sorry we couldn't find anything here for Hanako! Better luck at the next store."

Lilly stands to my side as I buy the bag, our arms not locked anymore. The cashier has a questioning stare but doesn't say anything aside from a half-hearted 'Have a good day,' before the next customer steps up and the scanning starts all over again. Lilly slides her arm back into mine, but I don't wince as much this time. Still wince a little bit though. Just a tiny bit! She doesn't notice. Or she did notice and didn't feel like saying anything because it'd be even more awkward. Okay!

"Isn't there a bakery nearby, Misha?" Lilly speaks up as we exit the shop into the cold. I hang the purse off of the shoulder opposite of her.

"Uh..." I think really hard, but I can't really remember a bakery in the square, period. Let alone one nearby.

"I think there is, it's a tiny place. I took Hanako once. We were just in the second-hand shop...So it should be around the block to the left? I have an idea for her there."

We start walking, and I keep an eye on all the buildings we walk by. Following a blind girl's directions usually wouldn't work out, I think.

But, about ten minutes later—and one wrong street—we make it to the bakery in question. Complete with a big neon baguette hanging in the window and everything. Smells like bread, coffee, and chocolate.

"Here we are! I told you it was real." She lets out a laugh as I open the door and we step through. A man at the counter waves as we step in. I take a seat as Lilly maneuvers through the cafe with her cane. She reaches the counter and quickly begins placing an order. The man across from her has a smile similar to Shicchan’s, reserved but bright and happy now that it’s out there.

He hands her the payment and he hands her a box, which she takes and turns around towards the door. It’s all quite, well, mechanical.

“I’ve got Hanako’s gift, Misha! We can head out.” She smiles brightly and steps out the door to the cafe just as quickly as we’d entered it.

I hop up from my chair and wave to the cashier who served Lilly, who gives me some weird stare I can’t really process as I leave.

“That was fast~!” I lilt as I step out of the door, behind Lilly.

“Sorry for that,” Lilly laughs, hooking her arm around mine again, “I know my way around that place if you couldn’t tell.”

“Oh! It’s no problem!” I glance up and down the street, looking for any shops that might work. Nothing! I let out a slight laugh and start down the street, tugging Lilly along without any protest. We round a few corners and I start to think I’m getting us myself—er, us—lost in the random streets, but I spot another shop that seems nice! There’s a bunch of teapots and kettles in the window, from plain white to weird greens, some red...all sorts of colors. And designs!

“Hey, Lilly, should we stop in this shop? They’ve got tea...stuff...on sale! And other things. But a lot of tea!”

“Oh, that sounds great. Besides, the cold was getting to be a bit much.” She stifles a laugh.

We step through the doors and start the same routine we were running at the second-hand store, shuffling through shelves and displays with fervor. Lilly makes it a point to over analyze the heck out of each teapot and teacup, testing how they feel in her hands and how much they weigh. I just have to tell her what they look like, which runs a bit slower than it did when I was reading off the titles of the books...But we find a great set of teacups and a nice teapot. I don’t have a chance to look at the price tag, but I’m guessing “expensive."

Bright blue, with gold (this time it could be real gold, knowing Lilly) lining the rims. There’s also a purple “swish” running through the middle of the otherwise solid blue pattern—it’s that sort of purple that almost blends into the blue. Four tea cups, saucers, and a teapot; all of them in this same color combo that works really well together.

I walk Lilly up to the counter and watch the cashier check out the items, piece by piece. I don’t even dare to look at the price because I’d probably have a fit just thinking about that much money… Lilly pays, and I grab the now boxed tea set, seeing as Lilly has one arm around mine—still having to adjust to that fact a little bit—and a cane in the other. Now I’m carrying a box of fine china and a fairly large purse. If I slip and fall I might die. Great!

We step out the door in unison and I start to head around the corner to begin yet another meaningless walk for shops to look in…but I spot something in the corner of the window as if someone had stashed it away in hiding. I tug Lilly back into the store, which elicits a quiet grunt and a near fall. But she didn’t fall so it’s fine. It’s fine!

Lilly let’s go of my arm as she stands by, which I’m thankful for as I quickly reach around the corner of the window sill, feeling for the wooden...thing, I don’t even know what it is, but it’s weird and I like it.

I pull it out, nearly falling into the entire display of precious china and glass but keeping stable, thankfully. The box has a little baggie tied to it, clinking with...Oh! Marbles! Pretty, too. I set those on the window sill and flip the thing open. It’s a bunch of inlaid holes, sorta looks like an ice tray but uh...wood. I know this! It’s...uh. It starts with an M.

“Hey, Lilly! What’s the game where you put the marbles in the holes? And move ‘em around all the board…?” I sound stupid.

“Mancala is what you’re thinking of, I believe. I’m assuming a mancala board is why we ran back inside?” Lilly smiles.

“Mancala! Yes!” I hug the board to my chest, which shoots up a bit of dust, and leaves an outline on my jacket. “Sorry, ahaha.” I pick the bag of marbles back up again and step up to the cashier. The board is, well...expensive. Ow.

But it’s probably not as expensive as the tea set!

“So we both have our gifts now, Lilly?”

She slides her arm back around mine as we step out of the door. “I would hope so, unless you want to run around the square for another few hours?” Lilly grins.

That grin reminds me wayyy too much of Shicchan… Which makes sense since they’re both related. And we all used to be friends.

“I think we’re both cold enough to say no to that!” I put on a smile and pull out my phone, calling for a cab seeing as we’re done here today. “Cab is on its way!”


It’s the day before Winter Break, and I’ve not talked to Lilly since we decided to go shopping. The cab ride was awkward enough to say the day was, well. A day, and that was it. Which is fair!

Shicchan and I decided to give our gifts to each other over tea at the Shanghai since it’s our last day seeing each other for a few weeks, but we’re still super busy. I’ve got the mancala board wrapped inside of the purse, and the purse wrapped up in a box with tiny snowflakes patterned across a blue field.

When I walk in the door, the bell chiming as I step through, I notice Shicchan out of the corner of my eye; she sees me just as quickly so I hurry over and sit down across from her and set my box on the booth next to me.

[Hi Shicchan!] I sign, settling into the booth and unzipping my puffy jacket as I think of what I’ll order. It’s too cold for my usual parfait…

[Hi Misha, should we get something to eat first, or just go about our gifting—] I hear the bell of the door chime again and shoot a quick glance over at—what I’m hoping is—the end of Shicchan’s signing. I can’t see who it is, so I turn back to Shicchan who has a confused stare on her face. [What was that?]

[The door opened, was just checking who it was, sorry!] I beam. [Oh, and we should order food. Something hot, I might actually drink tea for once!] I let out a laugh.

[I’ll think of a tea you would like.] Shicchan smiles and tents her fingers on the table as Yuuko comes over to take our order.

“We’ll take the...roasted green tea?” I sign it back to Shicchan, and she nods, “Two cups, please. Oh! And I’ll take the soup of the day, ah...whatever it is.”

Yuuko smiles and walks away—nearly tripping as she does so—and comes back shortly afterward with a tray, our cups on it as well as my soup. Little chunks of vegetable and...beef I think...float about the top. I take a quick sip of my tea and give a thumbs up to Shicchan, who also takes a drink from hers.

[I’m guessing the soup is yours?]

[Yep!] I pull the soup off of the tray, pushing it to the side to cool off. [What’s your holiday looking like, Shicchan?]

[Pretty average, sadly.] She purses her lips, pausing to take a drink. [Yours?]

[About the same.] As I sign this, I hear the sound of the door chime again. I take a glance and spot the top of a blonde, curly head of hair.

[You’re awfully skittish today, Misha. Is something wrong?] Shicchan signs to me. She doesn’t wait for a response and turns to look for herself, and turns back just as quickly. [Ah, okay.]

Clinging—not literally—to Lilly is Hanako, who catches our glances and mutters something to her before they both head our direction.

[Why are they heading towards us?]

[It’s fine Shicchan, Lilly and I went shopping. It was weird but I think she’s okay. Christmas spirit! Be nice!]

Shicchan crosses her arms but doesn’t protest. As soon as Lilly gets to the table, she uncrosses her arms and readies her hands to fire off in sign… like she usually does whenever she sees her.

“Hi Misha, hi Shizune. Hope you’re both having a good day, saying your goodbyes before the holidays?” Lilly smiles. Hanako remains relatively silent, but cautiously waves to us both from behind her.

[Tell her ‘yes, we are, thank you for asking.’] Shizune snaps to attention, and Hanako subtly backs away a bit.

“Shicchan says ‘yes, thank you for asking,’ but have you two given each other gifts yet?” I crack a small smile and sign the second half back to Shicchan, who gives me a slight cock of the eyebrow.

“We didn't come here to do that, but...” Hanako pipes up, “Did you two?” She glances at the boxes on both sides of us.

Lilly’s eyebrows cock up at that, “Well, if we’re both here, and have our gifts, we may as well. It only makes sense to. Besides, I’d venture to say it may even be fun.”

As I’m signing to Shicchan she leans back in her booth and slides over, making room for another person. [We may as well, a Christmas ceasefire. If they can do it in a World War, we can do it here.] Shicchan crosses her arms as a smile starts to curl in the corner of her mouth.


Hey ho hey, I got Path for my victim. Emphasis on victim. I'm slow as shit at writing, hence the post "sorta" on New Years. (AKA 2:30 am on 1/2/18)

Prompt was "Misha and Lilly go together to shop for gifts for Shizune and Hanako."
Decided to write from Misha's POV, since 1st person POV is my specialty, and my style is too...visual? for Lilly. Hope y'all enjoy, or at least don't die reading it.

Re: [Ria's Oneshot Hell] S8 Update 1/1(ish)/18

Posted: Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:46 am
by Mirage_GSM
The beginning felt a bit strange - as if Lilly and Misha really didn't know each other that well, but you acknowledged the connection towards the end, so it's probbaly just me.
This is the kind of story I expected there to be more prompts for: Christmas shopping, choosing of gifts and giving thereof.So far there weren't as many as I've been expecting.

Also very nice story about Naomi! I liked it even more than the S8 one.

Re: [Ria's Oneshot Hell] S8 Update 1/1(ish)/18

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:22 am
by Riakai
Mirage_GSM wrote:
Tue Jan 02, 2018 8:46 am
The beginning felt a bit strange - as if Lilly and Misha really didn't know each other that well, but you acknowledged the connection towards the end, so it's probbaly just me.
This is the kind of story I expected there to be more prompts for: Christmas shopping, choosing of gifts and giving thereof.So far there weren't as many as I've been expecting.

Also very nice story about Naomi! I liked it even more than the S8 one.
I intended to write Misha as like, not particularly knowing Lilly as well as Shizune likely does due to all the tension and stuff that I'd guess would have been present off and on throughout the friendship before the blowup & stuff. Plus, personally speaking, it's always weird being friends with a "friend's friend," if that makes sense.

Also, thanks (for the comment on the piece I snuck in before my S8) :lol:
I decided kinda last minute that I'd make the "Thanksgiving One-shot" into my one-shot thread since it was already here, so I had to move that piece over from it's own thread. Two birds with one stone, since the drabbles piece never did get as much attention as I'd hoped, lmao.

Re: [Ria's Oneshot Hell] S8 Update 1/1(ish)/18

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:41 am
by Path
I like this story, despite me hating Lilly and using her as a prompt idea. But I do like the dynamic of her with Misha because of how they have history and where they drew their lines. To see them interact is cool because it's not really a weird pairing, just a head tilt one. It's interesting to see what others interpret how they interact. The moments Misha feeling awkward guiding Lilly is cute and Misha finding the gift for Hanako was neat. The ending was kind of weird because I'm not sure if Misha and Lilly bought gifts for Hanako and Shizune respectfully. But it's probably me thinking that would have happen based on the final moments of the duo shopping.

Re: [Ria's Oneshot Hell] S8 Update 1/1(ish)/18

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:24 pm
by Oddball
I loved the characterization in the Misha/Lilly story. it was just full of energy and a lot of fun.