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Miraimyth: The Miniseries - 22/10/15

Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:32 pm
by Sharp-O
Chapter 07: Progession


“Remind… Me… Whose… Idea… This… Was…” I heave between pulling strokes of my arms, the muscles across my shoulders, lower back and arms burning white hot as we reach the top of Yamaku hill.

“It was yours, Hikari…” Natsuki grimly accuses as she slides off my lap and onto her feet, holding my discarded hooded vest. I lean forward and rest my forearms on my knees.

“Oh good…” I say between deep breaths. “Just making sure I don’t wrongly cuss you out.” I offer her a weak grin and she frowns at me.

“I told you I could walk! Hell, I even offered to push!” The tiny brunette rightly chastises with an almost motherly glare.

“What kind of gentleman would I be if I let you do that?” I joke, wiping the beads of sweat from my brow and tossing the moisture to the ground with a disgusted flick.

“A much less sweaty one?” She sighs with a raised eyebrow. I look down at my sweat-soaked t-shirt before giving her a goofy grin and a shrug.

“I’m sure Kyoko would be impressed with my chivalrous behaviour.”

“HA! You’d have been giving her a different kind of ride if she had her way.” Natsuki smirks and I hold my face in my hands.

“Urgh, I shouldn’t have set you up for that… I’m going to need to shower my brain as well as my body.” I groan, before holding out my hand for my hooded vest.

Natsuki tosses the dark garment to me and I pull it over my head. We take a leisurely stroll-slash-roll into the main grounds, passing many of our fellow students on our way to the dorms.



“Ah, small problem.” Mono comments, precariously clinging to the sill of the tiny, rectangular window on the backside of the Theatre Club room while I support her weight in clasped hands.

“They’re in there, aren’t th-they?” I ask, trying to find the best way to view her face and not stare up her loose t-shirt. It’s not working out great if I’m honest with myself.

“Yup. Lemme down.” I ease her down and, with a firm hold of my shoulders, she hops to the ground under her own power. I dust my hands off while she strokes her chin thoughtfully.

“Thanks for the boost, Nomura. Yeah, there’s four people in there. Not familiar with the club so I couldn’t tell you who they are.” She says with a disappointed pout.

“Don’t w-w-worry about it, I figured this m-might be a little harder than sneaking into the Newspaper Club.” I look up at the window and then back to my sleuthing partner. Funny how easily I’ve slipped into this Urban Legends Club of hers and the altogether unethical club activities I’ve been party to today.

And Natsuki worried I wouldn’t find a club to be in…

“Got it. We’ll pull the fire alarm. Classic diversionary tactic.” Mono declares with a snap of her fingers and I unconsciously flick her forehead, regretting the quick motion as soon as I see her wince.


“Owww…” She whines, holding her forehead with a hurt expression. Somehow the guilt is worse with a one-eyed person. “Fine, we’ll just come back after dar--”

“We’re n-n-not breaking and en-entering. I think sk-skating the line of l-legality once today is p-plenty.” I scowl at the girl, a mild threat of another flicking silencing any argument against it.

“You think of something then, brain-box.” She glares, still rubbing her head.

“We c-can always j-just ask.” I offer and it’s the exact answer Mono didn’t want to hear. She mutters several nonsense curse words under her breath before finally conceding to the logic of my suggestion.

“Fine… We’ll do it the boring way.”



The trip through the boys’ dorms was a little weird for a change. Normally, with Akira, no one pays me any mind but as Hikari leads me to his ground floor room, I’ve noticed a couple people giving me a sideways glance.

“Is it just me, or are people staring?” I wonder aloud and Hikari laughs as he comes to a halt in front of the door I presume is his.

“My neighbours have caught more than one girl attempting to slip love-notes under my door apparently so maybe they’re surprised to actually see me with a girl for once.” He shakes his head with a sly smile.

“Hasn’t Mono ever been in your room?” I ask, wondering if she felt the same scrutinizing gaze.

“Of course, though she prefers to use the Mono Door.” He says, fishing a key out of his dark grey slacks and unlocking his door.

“The what?” I imagine some kind of secret tunnel leading from the girls’ dorm to Hikari’s room. I imagine there’s plenty of girls who’d kill to find that.

“The window.” He responds and I mentally kick myself. Of course she’d use the window.

“Mono’s an odd duck, isn’t she?” I state, following Hikari into his room. He closes the door behind me and I move to the side to give him space to move.

“Yeah, but that’s what I like about her.” He says as I watch his practised motions as he sidles up to his bed, unbuckling the previously unseen belt around his waist and hand-walks sideways onto his bed.

“You make that look so easy!” I exclaim, still standing off to the side, almost on the other side of the room. Given the nature of it’s occupant, Hikari’s room doesn’t have another chair for me to sit on.

“You should see the set-up I have at home. Dad installed a bunch of rings on ropes around the house so I can move from the chair to a couch or into the bath or whatever.” He smiles, fishing the two drinks we bought at the Aura Mart out of the pouch on the back of his chair. He offers a bottle of still water to me and I finally approach his bed.

“No wonder you lifted me like I was nothing! Thanks.” I offer as I take the bottle from his outstretched hand.

“I wouldn’t say nothing, but yeah, it helped build up my muscles.” He flexes his free arm and I glare, not letting his toned arm distract me from his comment.

“Are you saying I’m heavy?”

“Well, yeah! You do get how gravity effects the human body, right?” He asks with an incredulous expression and my avenue of attack is completely cut-off.

“Don’t get smart with me, slick!” I laugh, “Most guys would back-peddle super hard after I said that.”

“You won’t find me peddling in any direction, Nat, now are you going to sit down or what?” He offers his hand and I shake my head with a smirk.

“I can get up on my own, thanks.” I hand him my unopened drink to hold instead and place both hands on the edge of his bed. I hop with all my might and my mid-riff bounces off the springy mattress comically, my arms doing little to help me get purchase. “Damn it.”

“You can do it, Nat.” Hikari encourages, shuffling closer toward me as I try again. I hop again and while I’m flailing my legs like a dumbass, fighting both the height of the bed and the pull of gravity, Hikari gives one strong tug on the back of my belt.

“I had it...” I grumble into his mattress, my pride taking a knock for having been hauled onto the bed like a fish onto an Aio trawler.

“You didn’t have it.” He laughs as I push myself off my front and onto my butt. “But you gave it your best.”

“Do you make a habit of dragging girls onto your bed?” I deflect with a sarcastic barb and he tosses the bottle to me suddenly with a wicked grin. I fumble with the bottle, clumsily trying to catch it and tipping further back than I expect. Shit, I’m falling!


The blur of ceiling and wall I was tumbling through comes to a dead stop with a pair of strong hands pinning my legs down. Blood rushes to my face, both from half-dangling upside down off the bed and the embarrassment of such a firm grip on my thighs.

“Gimme your hand!” He demands and I flail my arm towards him, one of his hands grasping it tightly and pulling me upright. I blow a steady stream of air from lungs as my head pulses…

“Oof, I feel woozy…” I whisper, my heart and head pounding in counter-rhythm to my slowly heaving chest.

“I’m sorry, Nat. Are you okay?” Hikari asks, his voice slightly panicked as he brushes stray bangs from my face. I smile weakly, feeling more than a little dizzy.

“Sure thing, slick. Guess we can call it even now, huh?” I attempt to laugh but the best I can manage is a crooked grin that makes him laugh. He reaches behind his back for one of his pillows and props it lengthways against his wall, guiding me to rest my back against it.

“Special treatment? I’ll have to fall more often…” I snark before closing my eyes, hoping it’ll ease the dull throbbing in my head some.

“Don’t make a habit of it. I’m not in the business of rescuing damsels.”

You’re a damsel.” I open one eye to glare at him.

“Come at me when you’re feeling less woozy, short-round.” He laughs, and I glare harder. “That comeback was weak sauce.”

You’re weak sauce…” I grumble, closing my eyes again. I only meant to do it for a minute or two but I quickly lose the energy to open my eyes again as I drift off…



[Natsuki’s going to be jealous! You’re being dragged around by another girl, a younger model no less!] Touka signs with a teasing smile and I roll my eyes at her.

[I dragged her here actually. Wipe that look off your face too, smutty. We’re just friends.] I respond, my hand gestures making my classmate silently shake with mirth. I watch Mono wander around, completely ignoring the three other club members who are running lines. Touka clicks her fingers twice in my face to catch my attention.

[Did you come to hang out or wondering if the new guy died yet so you can get in?] She signs with a wicked grin.

[Neither, I came to ask about a mask I saw in here a couple weeks ago. Half-painted laughing mask, crescent moon on the ri-, I mean left side.] I explain, gesturing to the side of the face I meant as if I were wearing the mask. Touka casts her gaze sideways with a quizzical expression. While she thinks, I notice Mono peeking into a trunk full of costumes. She holds up a heavy cloak that looks similar to the one in the picture.

Again, Touka catches my attention, but by moving past me to a series of drawers behind me. She opens and closes most of them in quick succession before pulling the mask from the bottom drawer. “Mono! G-got it!” I call backwards to my partner.

I hear the excited patter of Mono skittering across the wooden floor from behind me as Touka holds out the mask. Before I can take possession of it, a greedy hand snatches it out of Touka’s hand and Mono squeals with delight, holding it to her face as she looks at me.

“This is so awesome, Nomura. You have to try it!”

Touka, meanwhile, has launched into a tirade of abusive sign and I hold my hands out to calm her.

[She is so rude!] Touka glances to my new friend and then back to me.

[Sorry. Sorry. She’s a little bit…] I glance over my shoulder at Mono, who is gyrating her body for some odd reason and I look back to Touka with an apologetic smile. [Okay, she’s a lot weird. What’s the deal with that mask?]

[Don’t know. I’ve seen it around but I don’t know what it’s for.] Touka replies with a shrug.

[Does the theatre club have any pyrotechnics? Air squibs, foggers, that kind of thing?] I ask.

[Well, yeah. But only the Club Supervisor and Shijima know how to use them. They’re locked up to stop people from playing with them.]

[Fair enough. Do you mind if I borrow the mask?] I ask and Touka eyes me, and then Mono, suspiciously. [It’s not for anything kinky, before you even start. It’s for a Club Activity.]

[And like that, you’ve lost my interest. Go ahead, doubt anyone’s going to miss it.] She silently laughs before offering another shrug. I smile warmly and sign a thank you.

“Are we done?” Mono enquires, now wearing the mask properly.

“Yup, we even g-get to b-borrow the mask for now.” I nod. “Might h-have another lead too but I th-think I’m done for the d-day.”



A maelstrom of emotions churns inside as Akira and I walk back to the dorms together, a hard day’s investigating done. The ultimately ordinary, plastic mask I hold in my hands is my first piece of tangible proof of an urban legend and I’m unsure how to feel about it.

On the one hand, being so close to the truth is exhilarating. Each step has captured my imagination and has even drawn another into my world, a new friend. A partner.

On the other, all the evidence is pointing to a very human answer to a supernatural occurrence. I can’t help but feel this is building to one big anti-climax and that I’ll have wasted Akira’s time on something altogether un-extraordinary.

And then there’s the matter of Akira himself. I’ve enjoyed our time together immensely. As much as I like Hikari and am thankful for his friendship, he never really engaged in this stuff. If anything, it feels like he’s humouring me. But Akira has been interested, accepting and downright insightful. I hope, after all this is wrapped up…

“Oh, s-s-s-sorry, Mono.” Akira stammers behind me and it’s only then I realise I’d stopped dead and he’d bumped into me. “Y-you okay?” He asks and I turn to face him, mask still in hand.

“I’m fine, Nomura. Just went a bit introspective there for a second.” I admit with an almost wistful sigh.

“You don’t sound fine.” He leans in close and looks at my expression, as if trying to decipher it. It’s just my face, Akira, not a Rubiks Cube. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just weird how much progress I’ve made on this project. This is the closest I’ve ever been to actually solving a mystery…” I mutter, my eye not quite meeting his pair. “And I have you to thank for that.”

“I d-d-didn’t do much… Besides, I’m only h-helping. You d-did all groundwork.” Akira smiles warmly and I follow suit, albeit hesitantly.

“Well, thanks anyway Nomura. You’ve been a fantastic partner in this.” I admit, a soft smile creeping across my lips at the boy.

“Hey, wh-what are friends for?” He chuckles, almost all of his face exposed now. Unhidden by his protective scarf.

“You’re quite cute when you laugh, Nomura.” I giggle slightly before watching his face suddenly turn from mirth to concern at my honest assessment of his looks. His hand reaches for his scarf instinctively and I grab his wrist to stop him.

“You don’t need to do that, Nomura.” I blurt out suddenly. “Not with me. I like the way you look.”

“Th-thanks b-b-but…” I cut off his stammering with a soft squeeze of his wrist.


The world around us seems to stand still as we look at each other. The air around me seems to become oppressive, unseen pressure building against my entire body, as if gravity were trying to slowly crush me where I stood.

“Sure, Mono…” Akira finally sighs, closing his eyes for the briefest of moments before looking back at me. “B-B-But there’s s-s-something I sh-should tell yo--”

♪~Monster! Monster! Mon, Mon, Mon, Mon, Monster!~♪

“Crapcrapcrapcrap!” I curse repeatedly as I release both Akira’s wrist and the plastic mask as I scramble to answer my phone, mostly to silence the embarrassing ringtone.

“H-Hello? Oh, Hikari… Yes, he’s still here. What did you do to her? A likely story… I’ll send him your way now. Sure, I’ll talk to you later. Bye!”

“D-D-Does Hikari need m-me for something?” Akira asks, looking rightly confused.

“It appears Takeda fell asleep in Endo’s room and he has no idea what to do with her.” I explain with an amused lilt. “Do you think you could assist him?”

“S-Sure. I’ll head over th-there now. Talk to you tomorrow?” He asks, his scarf being rest to cloak his face once more.

“Of course. See you soon, Nomura.” I smile and wave as he jogs towards the boys’ dorms. I crouch to retrieve the mask before heading home for the day for some well-earned research and relaxation.

Re: Miraimyth: The Miniseries - 22/10/15

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:39 am
by AntonSlavik020
Hmmm. Wonder what Akira was going to tell Mono. Considering the fact that he was more nervous than usual and it was right after Mono called him cute, I'm suspecting that he might be gay. I know there are other possible explanations, but that's the first thing that comes to mind.

Re: Miraimyth: The Miniseries - 22/10/15

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:55 pm
by Alpacalypse
Well, I'm still enjoying this. These are some nice little dynamic duos we got goin' on here. Mono is still my favourite, though. Akira x Mono is totally OTP, don't you fookin' ruin this for me! *shakes fist*/sarcasm
AntonSlavik020 wrote:Considering the fact that he was more nervous than usual and it was right after Mono called him cute, I'm suspecting that he might be gay.
Personally, I was thinking more along the lines of him being nervous because he's not used to dealing with that kind of thing - let's remember that he does spend his whole life trying to hide his scars, presumably because he's self-conscious about how they make him look, so I doubt that he'd be used to being told that he looked cute. Either way, speculation is speculation and I wouldn't put anything past Sharp at this point - he turned a potential love-triangle into a lesbian relationship without breaking the story, and that wasn't even the most unexpected thing he did in Monomyth, so I'd assume anything goes

Re: Miraimyth: The Miniseries - 22/10/15

Posted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 3:11 pm
by Sharp-O
It's good to know that after hundreds of thousands of mediocre words, I can still elicit doubt and speculation into a story's path :lol: You guys will have to wait and see how things turn out. Humbled by the continued support!

Re: Miraimyth: The Miniseries - 22/10/15

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:00 am
by HoneyBakedHam
My theory is Akira is a hermaphordite and was burned with acid by some cruel bullies. Let's see what Sharp could do with that possible route. :twisted:

Re: Miraimyth: The Miniseries - 22/10/15

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 12:16 pm
by Sharp-O
HoneyBakedHam wrote:My theory is Akira is a hermaphordite and was burned with acid by some cruel bullies. Let's see what Sharp could do with that possible route. :twisted:
Interestingly, a hermaphrodite is actually one of the people I considered to fill out the roster of students, I mean, it's technically a birth defect and therefore a disability, right?
Amongst others were a set of conjoined twins (one male, one female for maximum drama effect) and a Yakuza's daughter with a prosthetic jaw. They may get used or may be referenced, I haven't decided yet.

Miraimyth: The Miniseries - 24/10/15

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 8:27 pm
by Sharp-O
Chapter 08: Chance


Miss Ibarazaki certainly has Hikari on a short leash. He’s been at the track every morning since Monday, busting his ass. Heh. Thankfully, his training makes him tardy so he’s missed the several attempts of Eiji to confront him about the weekend. Word travels fast through these halls, especially if it involves teenage drama and the promise of a fight.

“He’s going to be late again, Whosits. You’re wasting your time.” I say as I approach Class 1-1, the slender boy lurking with intent near the door at the front of the class. He tutts bitterly, mutters something about his name and slinks back to his own classroom. I don’t know what he hopes to accomplish but I’m sure it’ll be entertaining to watch him try regardless.

Some of my fellow classmates have begun to notice his continued presence too, especially Yusuke, who rubs his hands together as I pass. I give him a knowing nod and he giggles, shaking his head.

The class mills about until the youthful Mr Masayoshi arrives. A minute later, and seconds before the bell rings, Hikari rolls into class.

“Another photo finish, Hikari. Keep it up and I won’t have to give you detention.” Mr Hazama smiles in earnest, eliciting a chorus of laughs and giggles from the class.

“Thank you, sir. I’ll try not to let you down.” Hikari says with a sheepish grin as he rolls towards me. I give him a smile and a wave and he returns the gesture before parking himself at his desk in front of him.

“Good morning, everyone!” Mr Hazama gives his daily rallying cry, accompanied by a fist pump in the air. “Let’s begin with roll call.”


“I mean, she’s pretty cool to hang around with…” Hikari rationalises, his mouth full as he talks about Natsuki.

“It’s okay to admit you like her, Endo. I’m not going to get jealous.” I smirk as I take a bite of my barbecue beef.

“Nothing gets past you, huh?” He scoffs, leaning on one elbow as he adopts a more teasing tone of voice. “And what about you and Akira, eh? You guys are getting pretty chummy.”

“Nomura has been a great help for my club. I appreciate having him around.” I admit, but not fully, that I’ve grown fond of our new friend.

“You guys are close to finishing up this case, right? Any thoughts on what you’ll do next?” I honestly don’t. The school has a somewhat limited selection of mysteries to solve and with the end in sight, I can’t say I’ve got anything more to look into. Well… One thing. Maybe. We’ll see.

“I have a few ideas but you know me, I like to lay the groundwork first.” I smile to myself as I prod at my lunch.

“Is that asshole here?” An annoyed whine calls out from the doorway. We both look to see Eiji standing there with his cane in hand and a shorter brown-haired classmate. Murmurs ebb and flow around the room but it’s Yusuke who speaks up.

“Yeah man, he’s here! Hikari, your fan boy wants you.” Yusuke laughs and Eiji glowers in his direction.

“Endo, you slimy little toad! I want a word with you!” Eiji growls as he takes slow, measured steps towards us.

“Mono? Any idea why this guy is pissed at me?” Hikari conspiratorially leans closer to me. I do the same and whisper one single name.


Hikari groans, rubbing his face before turning his chair. “Look, man, I lost my temper and I’ve been mea--”

“Shut the hell up! Do you know what you’ve done? You’ve shattered that poor girl’s heart!” Eiji declares, a couple muffled snorts of derision emanating from the peanut gallery, a little more than half the class. I thought there were a few more people in here for lunch than usual.

“Really?” Hikari asks incredulously before shaking his head. “Whatever, look, I want to say sorry to her but I haven’t had the chance to yet!”

“Oh, so you’re sorry you were an asshole but not sorry enough to go look for her? You’re a real scumbag, Endo.” Eiji sneers and I spot Yusuke grinning on the other side of the room, perched on his desk like an impish goblin.

“Yooooo! Shit’s on now!” Yusuke announces excitedly, just loud enough for us to hear as a small crowd gathers around the doors to the class room too. Nearby occupied desks scooch over a little to allow for more room. Hikari looks around confused for a second before returning his attention to the fuming Eiji.

“Dude, I get that I hurt her feelings and I am going to apologise but I think you need to back off.” I see Hikari’s shoulders tense under his shirt as Eiji’s hand grips his cane firmly.

“It’s happening! It’s really happening!” Yusuke giddily announces and Hikari calls out to him.

“Alright, why are you so happy about this, Yusuke?” He asks and I over my desk towards his back.


“It’s Eiji Kagura, you dumb b--”

Whatsisname has been hanging around, waiting for you in the mornings.” I explain, raising my voice a little to cover Eiji’s rude interruption.

“And a whole bunch of peeps have been betting on the inevitable fight!” Yusuke continues. “The whole class is behind you, bud! Well, except for your girl…” Hikari follows Yusuke's hand wave, tilting his head towards me with an incredulous looks.

“You bet against me?”

“Everyone loves an underdog, Endo.” I shrug before leaning into his ear. “Besides, if you throw the fight, I’ll get a big payout.” I whisper suggestively.

Hikari simply laughs, shaking his head as he takes a quick look at the stewing Eiji and then back to me.

“How much are we talking? Split it 50-50?” He offers with a smirk.

“60-40, in your favour. You’ll be the one taking the beating after all.” I smile coyly.

“Stop. Ignoring. ME!” Eiji shrieks and Hikari’s face turns serious.

“Alright, Eiji. I’ve had just about enough of your tantrum. I’m not going to fight you so just go away.” He sternly explains, dismissively waving Eiji off.

“Screw you, Endo! The crap you said to Kyoko was unfa--”

I know and I’ll apologise but I can’t do that after I’ve slapped the shit out of you, can I?”

Eiji grimaces while his friend shrugs with a sort of ‘he’s got a point’ expression.

“And seriously, I don’t want the reputation of a guy who punches blind people and you certainly don’t want the stigma of getting your ass kicked by a guy who can’t use his legs.” The crowd bursts into laughter and Eiji turns a deep scarlet.

Eiji's classmate grabs his arm and drags him away with little resistance while the half-full classroom responds with disappointment, many jeering both Eiji and Hikari. They soon grow disinterested and go back to their own business, Yusuke sulking over to us, hands in his pockets. He stands close, nodding his head a few times in a resigned admittance of defeat.

“I can’t believe I’m about to do this…” He sighs heavily, fishing out a small roll of money and thumbing ¥4,000 out in various notes. He thrusts it towards me and I take it courteously, smiling in appreciation.

“Thank you, Taiga. It was a pleasure doing business with you.” I smirk and he pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Just so you know, I’m cutting you off. You taking outside shots like that is bad for business…” Yusuke laments and I giggle, Hikari looking on confused as Yusuke slinks back to his desk.

“What did you…?” Hikari asks, gesturing wildly.

“I also bet that you’d disarm the fight before it even began.” I smile as I pluck ¥1,500 out of the wad of cash and slide it across the desk to him. He frowns for a second before reluctantly taking it.

“I thought you loved an underdog?” He asks sarcastically and I slip the rest of the money into my purse.

“I also believe in my friends.” I smile sincerely. Hikari tucks the money into his pants, giving me a warm smile before I finish my sentence.

“And long odds.”



Classes over for the day, our little quartet met up like usual in front of the main building. After I said I needed to speak with Miss Kapur, Mono decided to head down to the track with Natsuki and Hikari. It’ll be good for her to hang out with them a little more, it feels like I’ve been monopolising her time recently.

As I reach out to knock on the door to Miss Kapur’s office, it swings open inwards. I’m greeted by the head and shoulders of Miss Kapur, holding the door open for her patient. I should have noticed the sign saying she was busy. Damn.

Kyoko moves towards the door, wiping her face in between pushes. I graciously move out of her way, offering a small, apologetic bow as she turns the opposite direction to me.


“S’okay, Akira…” She sniffs, barely looking over her shoulder as she continues down the hallway and out of sight.

“Is she o-okay?” I enquire as Miss Kapur ushers me into her office. As she walks to her seat at her desk, her neatly braided black hair bobbing behind her, she tries to hide her troubled expression. For a psychologist, her emotions are astonishingly easy to read sometimes.

“You know I can’t discuss that with you, Akira. How can I help?” Her face softens, her lips curving into pretty smile.

I rub the back of my head, standing somewhat foolishly in the middle of her office. The soft beige walls, the slick metal and leather furniture, the assortment of books and trinkets on a bookcase behind her… It’s all familiar to me. I finally take a seat on the other side of her desk and sigh, pulling the scarf fully from my face.

“I th-think…” I clear my throat with a curt cough and begin again. “I think my new friend, Mono, might be attracted to me.”

“And that troubles you?” Miss Kapur leans on her elbows on her oak desk as she begins her routine.

“Not… Necessarily. Though I imagine she would be rather disappointed in my answer.” I explain, Miss Kapur understanding completely.

“Ah. Sooooo… You wanted some advice? How to let her down gently?”

“I guess but… I think she’d understand though. She seems like a pretty good person.” I smile a little, looking off to the side.

“Well, that’s good then. Being honest with your friends, especially your new friends, would be a big step for you.” Her words and smile are very encouraging.

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.” I assure her and she leans back in her chair.

“I remember my time here…” She begins with a wistful sigh. “It was peaceful but awfully boring. Then I met this guy, I knew him from class but we never really hung out. One summer, we kind of fell into each others’ orbit and we bonded over some geeky things and I ended up becoming part of an amazing group of people.”

“Where are you going with this, Miss Kapur?”

“I’m just saying, Akira… This place has a habit of forming strong bonds with unlikely people. All it takes is one chance meeting.” She says with a twinkle in her cunning eyes.


As I’m walking towards the library, reflecting on Miss Kapur’s words, I pass by a certain room. An old classroom with a blank plaque, a place I called a refuge from the pressures of school. Until recently, I’d hid in there when the pressure got a little too much but that changed when two people came crashing through the door.

A handsome auburn-haired man with a cane and his equally beautiful scarred wife. Students of days long past, possibly looking to rekindle some old passion. They were nice. Gave me something to think about.

I have to wonder how many ‘chance meetings’ this room has seen. How many stories began here? I wonder…

I open the door slowly, the sound of the room filtering outwards at me. A soft sobbing emanates from a girl, slumped over the table, her face buried in her arms. I follow the form of her body, from her brunette ponytail, down her spine to her chair. A wheelchair.

“K-Kyoko?” I ask softly, hoping not to startle her.

“Hm? Oh, it’s you, Akira. Sorry, I’ll get out of your way…” She whispers, reversing away from the table.

“N-No! I’m s-sorry! I didn’t realise a-anyone was in here. T-Truth be told, I always w-wondered if anyone else c-comes in here when it all g-gets a b-bit too much.” I admit.

“I’m in your special spot, huh?” She enquires, a slight look of guilt on her face.

“A-Actually… My spot is o-over there.” I point towards a vacant chair by the window and Kyoko snorts a little in reaction then titters quietly.

Funny.” She smirks up at me, pale pathways of spent tears running down her cheeks.

“I t-try. W-Would you l-like s-some company?” I ask tentatively and she sniffs loudly, clearing her nose.

“That would be nice. Thanks.”

I nod with a warm smile and close the door behind me.

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Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2015 12:11 am
by swampie2
"You’ve shattered that poor girl’s heart!"
Oh dear. This is not where I expected this to go at all.
“I know and I’ll apologise but I can’t do that after I’ve slapped the shit out of you, can I?”
This line put a huge smile on my face and I don't even know why. :lol:
"...W-Would you l-like s-some company?”
The last thing I expected was Akira X Kyoko, you weren't kidding about expectations.

?Mono x Eiji?

This chapter makes me wonder about Akira's stutter though. Hanako's stutter was because of her anxiety, though Akira seems to suffer a lot less from that, if at all. Either way, keep it coming and I'll keep enjoying!

Re: Miraimyth: The Miniseries - 24/10/15

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2015 6:08 am
by Alpacalypse
I don’t want the reputation of a guy who punches blind people and you certainly don’t want the stigma of getting your ass kicked by a guy who can’t use his legs
Nice one :lol:

Also: Akira x Kyoko?! :shock:
All these ship teases, man. Pray that a Tumblr fandom doesn't start for your work.
You sunk my ship. We's a comin', Sharp. We's a comin'!/sarcasm again

Re: Miraimyth: The Miniseries - 24/10/15

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2015 8:52 am
by Sharp-O
Noooo, there'll be no Akira x Kyoko :lol: That would be silly (just as silly as Mono x Eiji)
swampie2 wrote: This chapter makes me wonder about Akira's stutter though. Hanako's stutter was because of her anxiety, though Akira seems to suffer a lot less from that, if at all.
Akira doesn't suffer from anxiety, no. Well, no more than any normal teenager does anyway. :roll:
Alpacalypse wrote:All these ship teases, man. Pray that a Tumblr fandom doesn't start for your work.
Would I be playing my hand if I said I was aiming for a TV Tropes page like Euro? :lol: Nah but if the tumblr fans got behind Monomyth, that'd be awesome. Some of the Hanakio stuff I've posted on there has been well-received so maybe I'll make up a new cover piece for Monomyth and see if they'd be interested.

Glad you guys liked Hikari's jokes and thanks for commenting!

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Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2015 4:34 pm
by AntonSlavik020
Glad to see Kyoko might be getting a friend. She could probably use someone more mild mannered like Akira to talk to.

Re: Miraimyth: The Miniseries - 24/10/15

Posted: Sat Oct 24, 2015 9:04 pm
by Sharp-O
AntonSlavik020 wrote:Glad to see Kyoko might be getting a friend. She could probably use someone more mild mannered like Akira to talk to.
I hope you'll dig the next chapter then. :D

Miraimyth: The Miniseries - 25/10/15

Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2015 12:53 pm
by Sharp-O
Chapter 09: Masquerade


Fresh coffee mixes with the scent of newly laid pine while the old and frayed cushioned seats have been replaced by brand new leather that groans when you move. The Shanghai is packed for it’s grand reopening, both by the aging townspeople and Yamaku students, all sharing a sense of relief that the beloved teahouse is up and running again.

“Is it always this busy?” Mono asks, looking out from the back of mine and Akira’s usual booth near the front.

“Nope, I’ve never seen this place full before.” I reply with no small amount of surprise. “I guess this is what happens when you close for refurbishment for months on end.”

“I gotta say, this place is pretty nice. Thanks for inviting us!” Hikari grins, leaning back in his wheelchair next to me.

“It’s like a rite of passage! Everyone has to come to the Shanghai at least once, you’re not a real Yamaku student until you do!” I wink at Hikari and he smirks in response.

“I guess this makes us official.” He chuckles, his eyes lingering on mine a second longer than should be normal.

Anyway,” Mono chimes in, seemingly attuned to the vibe between me and Hikari and determined not to become the third wheel, “Did Nomura say how long he was going to be?”

I whip out my phone and check the town with a frown. Akira said he was going to be running late but there’s late and then there’s late-late. As if on cue, the door chimes as it’s opened and Akira stands in the doorway. He scans the room with surprise before looking over at us and smiling. He waves as he holds the door open and I see the reason why he was late come rolling in behind him.

“Curiouser and curiouser… I wonder what Nomura is doing with Nozama.” Mono tilts her head with a curious look in her eye.

“Are they friends?” Hikari looks to me, slyly pointing at the approaching pair and all I can muster is a shrug. Your guesses are as good as mine, guys.

“H-Hey everyone, sorry I’m l-late…” Akira begins with an apologetic smile. “I h-hope you d-don’t mind b-but I brought a f-friend.” He smiles earnestly and the three of us could not look more dumbfounded.

I don’t think they’re buying it…” Kyoko leans to her right to whisper to Akira as he rubs the back of his head. Just what is he playing at.

“It’s c-cool, right? I m-mean…” He struggles to say what he wants, which is a first but to mine and Hikari’s and Kyoko’s surprise, Mono speaks up.

“Hey, Nozama. How are you?” She smiles sweetly, Kyoko looking taken aback for a second before returning the gesture.

“Hi, Mono! I’m good thank you, how are you?”

Parched. Now that Nomura’s here, we can finally order!” Mono gently chides at Akira, crossing her arms at him.


“Just for that, you’re buying.” She pouts, making both Akira and Kyoko laugh. Myself and Hikari are still struggling to understand why she’s here. Akira slides into the booth next to Mono and Kyoko parks her chair next to him, mirroring Hikari’s spot beside me. They look at each other warily, still no doubt sore from their last meeting.

“Listen, I…

“I know it’s weird but…”

“Good afternoon! Welcome to the Shanghai! Are you ready to order?” A sprightly and chipper waitress with neat black bangs interrupts Kyoko and Hikari beginning to speak at the same time.

We list off our beverages in a semicircular order; Kyoko orders a cappuccino, Akira wanted a ‘Molly Tea’ and the waitress surprisingly knew what that meant. Mono ordered the same, curious what it was and Hikari and I order lattes. I also order a slice of the lemon cheesecake I saw in the glass cabinet on the counter.

As the waitress leaves with a courteous bow, we’re left with a slightly awkward atmosphere. Hikari finally has enough of it and breathes an annoyed sigh, drawing everyone’s attention to him.

“Kyoko, I want to apologise for being such a dick last week. It was really uncool of me to go off on you like that.” He admits with a guilty expression. Kyoko mulls his apology over, her mouth making a weird side-to-side motion as she does. A sighing breath blows out her nose as a soft half-smile spreads across her face.

“Thank you for that, Hikari. I know I’m not the most popular girl in school but I hope…” She stops mid-sentence to look at Akira, who nods as if to encourage her. “I hope you’ll hear me out and that maybe we can be friends?” She offers her hand out and Hikari takes it, shaking her hand firmly.


The mood of the group lifts at the tentative steps of new friendship. Then Mono goes for the jugular as she focuses on Akira and Kyoko.

“So how long have you two been dating?”


If I’d had been drinking, I’d have spat it out so thank god for small mercies. Still, I should have expected this from Mono.

“W-W-We’re n-not…”

“No-no, we’re just friends.” Kyoko laughs nervously, waving her hands in front of her defensively.

“Okay then. Just wondered.” Mono shrugs, seemingly satisfied with the answer. “Are you still going to run that interview with Endo? I didn’t notice it in today’s paper.”

Kyoko blushes slightly, casting her gaze sideways as she scratches her cheek. “I was, but it lacked a certain punchiness to it… And since Hikari gave me a verbal ass-kicking, I kind of scrapped the idea of doing another…”

“Sorry, again…” Hikari offers, looking sheepish.

“It’s okay, Hikari, really! It’s what I get for being the alpha-bitch all the time” She giggles. “And believe me, I’ve been called far worse. You wouldn’t know because you weren’t here last year but the previous student council prez and I were at each other’s throats…”

“I… Actually heard about that from Nat…”

“Ah, should’ve figured since you’re hanging out with second-years. But yeah, Izumi had lots of choice words for me, her favourite being monster. Bitch, I could handle. Even the c-word but monster…” She mutters the finally words with a glum expression. “I guess I should have toned down my enthusiasm when I first got here, probably would have made me less of a target.”

As I listen to Kyoko’s tale again, I watch my friends’ reactions. The scuttlebutt around school is only partially true. While Kyoko does or did have BIID, she certainly didn’t cripple herself, not that the rumour mill didn’t run with that horrific idea.

“It was just an accident, really. Didn’t pay attention while crossing the road and BAM, I became who I felt I was meant to be.” She looks around, gauging the group’s reactions and continues.

“I’m not stupid, I know I’m abnormal for wanting this but… I can’t control it. It‘s just something in this dumb brain of mine that kept telling me I was meant to be in a wheelchair. I never wanted others to feel like I was making fun of them or make light of their situations… Believe me, after two years, I’m all too aware how hard this is but…” She takes a moment to look at Hikari with a tangible aura of guilt. “Most people don’t ask for this. No one would, no one should, but I did and I guess that means, on some level, I am a monster.”

The group stays silent in contrast to the ambience of the busy Shanghai. The waitress returns with our order on a trolley, handing our drinks out to each of us. We thank her and then return to silence.


“I’ve been called a monster. I embraced it.” I offer, as I mix two sugar cubes into my tea as Akira suggested. The group look at me like I’m crazy and maybe I am. Just a tad though. I just want this unbearable silence to end.

“Mitsu the Monster. Not the most original moniker but hey, children are stupid. I was taunted on a daily basis. They would run and scream and I would be left standing there, knowing my place in the world.” I calmly explain. Natsuki and Kyoko look the most perturbed by this revelation but Hikari and Akira… They’re angry.

“If I was to be a monster then I would be one of my own choosing. Haven’t any of you wondered why I chose the pseudonym ‘Mono’? It’s short for monocular. One-eyed. I am a cyclops after all.” I snicker, mostly to myself. Kyoko smirks a little, probably appreciating the wordplay. Akira, meanwhile, begins to unwrap his face, pulling and tugging at his scarf.

“Neither of y-you g-g-girls are m-monsters…” He starts, pulling the scarf from his shoulders and folding it neatly on the table. He raises a fist to his mouth and clears his throat.

“I’ve met monsters, one did this to me.” He raises his chin to allow us a good look at his scarring, all along his jaw line and down his neck, disappearing under his shirt. “So trust me when I say that you are not monsters.” He says with a warm smile, reaching out and placing a hand on both mine and Kyoko’s.

“Akira? What happened… Why did your stammer go away when you took off your scarf?” Kyoko looks curiously at the crimson scarf on the table and Akira himself, who smirks confidently.

“{We wear the mask that grins and lies, it hides our cheeks and shades our eyes.}” He says in English, before switching back to Japanese after seeing Kyoko and Hikari’s dumbfounded expressions.

“It’s a defence mechanism… A mask of meekness to make myself less threatening.” He admits, his cheeks becoming burning red slightly. “I guess I should explain… In Junior High, I made a social faux pas, I kissed someone in a very public confession and I ended up having acid thrown at me for my trouble.”

What the fuck…” Hikari whispers, eyes wide in horror, an expression mirrored by Kyoko. Natsuki seems to know the story but still looks off to the side with a look of pure disdain and anger.

“The burning… It didn’t sting nearly as much as the betrayal. My best friend, who I thought felt the same as me, threw acid in my face. He called me a freak and laughed that now I looked like a freak too…” Akira’s voice grows steadily angrier as he recounts the story.

“That piece of shit is in jail now… Got well over ten years… I was offered a place here by the Principal himself, and I gladly accepted. Yamaku is renowned for being a place of acceptance but… I felt I couldn’t be myself. Not at that time. My figurative scars hadn’t healed yet. So I donned the scarf and the stutter.”

“I didn’t learn this until about six months after we became friends.” Natsuki says with a shake of her head. “Dumbass was trying to perfect his craft…”

“And you’ve been a wonderful accomplice, Nat. But yeah, Miss Kapur urged me to be honest with my friends and since you girls were so forthcoming… I felt it was time to end my little masquerade.”

We fall silent for a minute as we process what’s just occurred. An onslaught of deeply personal stories that has drained us of energy for the moment. I don’t mind telling my story but it must have been hard for Kyoko and Akira. Speaking of, I guess I should address the titbit that the others didn’t seem to pick up on.

“You said ‘he’, Nomura. I take it that means you’re gay?” I ask and he looks to me with sympathetic eyes. Now I realise why he was acting so strangely. He wasn’t ready to tell me the truth yet.

“Yeah. I’m gay.” He pats the back of my hand and I can’t help but laugh. “Sorry, Mono.”

“It’s always the cute ones…” I say with mock bitterness, earning me a laugh from Akira.

“Wait, I’m not cute?” Hikari enquires and I shake my head, making Kyoko and Natsuki laugh.

“Not in the least.”



“What a day…” I sigh heavily into the cool evening air, Natsuki yawning loudly at my side. Mono, Akira and Kyoko stayed a little longer at the Shanghai.

“You’re telling me. The Shanghai reopened, we got a new addition to the gang and there were stunning revelations… We’re one murder and a love confession away from a typical soap opera episode…” Natsuki laughs.

“Akira showing just how good an actor he is trumps Kyoko being surprisingly cool… Man, this day is just too weird, I just can’t deal.” I admit with a weak grin, rubbing my face as we come to a stop at the crossroads between the dorms.

“It wouldn’t quite be Yamaku without a healthy dose of ‘what the fuck’! I heard about a love triangle a few years ago that involved a deaf guy and a brother/sister set of conjoined twins.”

“You’re kidding…” I ask, astonished that such a thing could be possible.

“I swear, it’s what I heard!”

We laugh and our eyes meet once more, just like at the Shanghai. It’s been happening a lot recently. There’s definitely something here… And as my dad always says, fortune favours the bold.

“Nat, would you like to head into the city tomorrow?” I ask, adrenaline pumping round my body, prepared for whatever her answer will be. She shifts in place, her cheeks becoming flush.

“You mean, like a date?” She responds coyly. That’s exactly what I mean and you know it!

Exactly like a date, yes.” I smirk and she beams, taking a few steps closer and planting a kiss on my cheek.

“I’d love to, slick.”

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Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2015 1:31 pm
by Alpacalypse
Sharp-O wrote:“So how long have you two been dating?”
Dammit, Mono! :lol:
Akira was faking
:shock: Did not see that coming. Although, throwing acid at someone for confessing in public seems just a little extreme, doncha think? Furthermore, where were they that it was so readily accessible? Did the confession take place at a chemical factory?
Akira's gay
I am now disappointed. Shit, I've devolved into actively supporting character ships. I am now disappointed in myself, too.
Natsuki x Hikari
It wouldn't be a sequel to Monomyth if we didn't have this happen eventually.

Re: Miraimyth: The Miniseries - 25/10/15

Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2015 2:53 pm
by Sharp-O
Alpacalypse wrote::shock: Did not see that coming. Although, throwing acid at someone for confessing in public seems just a little extreme, doncha think? Furthermore, where were they that it was so readily accessible? Did the confession take place at a chemical factory?
It wasn't an immediate reaction! :lol: It wasn't kiss, acid-face. It was the next day, the guy was angry/embarrassed/evil and where do any of the perpetrators of those horrific attacks get their acid? Good money would be on the science lab.
Alpacalypse wrote:
Akira's gay
I am now disappointed. Shit, I've devolved into actively supporting character ships. I am now disappointed in myself, too.
You're shipping trash, Al and I love you for it :D There's still plenty of Mono/Akira cuteness to come in the final part, don't worry :wink:
Alpacalypse wrote:
Natsuki x Hikari
It wouldn't be a sequel to Monomyth if we didn't have this happen eventually.
Someone has to be actually bone in this fic, god dammit! :P