TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 28/1/2017)

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 24/3/2016)

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Mirage_GSM wrote:Well...
Please take that with a grain of salt, as I'm not a fan of H-scenes in general, but the segue into this one was extremely abrupt. You did announce it at the beginning of the chapter, and I STILL reread that line twice to make sure I didn't misread that^^°

Up to that point the story was well written as usual.
I kind of figured. Tend to not do them that often or edit them out for posting (easy to do since they're almost always at the end). I wanted to try something a bit new for me, but seems like there's still some distance to go, as should be expected I suppose. Thanks for letting me know.

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 24/3/2016)

Post by cutestKoi » Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:09 am

Your fanfic is the best Dwarf. c:

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 24/3/2016)

Post by TheDwarfLard » Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:07 am

At the Beach


After Hanako said she wanted to buy a swimsuit, it wasn't much of a surprise that she suggested we go to the beach within a few days. We both have a day off from our classes and it's a warm, sunny day, so we couldn't ask for much more.

Thankfully, my old green trunks still fit well enough. I still don't know what she bought.

As I wait for Hanako to finish changing, I take a quick look in our bag for the day. A few bento boxes that Hanako made herself, a closed white and red parasol, and two white beach towels. She also brought a book.

"What d-do you think?"

I perk up at the sound of her voice, and I'm pleasantly surprised to say the least. Silky purple hair still covers the scars on her face, but the rest are on full display. Her black bikini fails to hide much, but succeeds in showing her confidence and and highlighting the curves of her body.

"You look lovely," I say.

Blood rushes to her cheeks at my compliment. I offer her my hand and we head out towards the beachfront. A few people give Hanako a quick glance, and one even stares. She pays them no mind. I don't feel like I really did much of anything, but I'm still proud of her.

We find a nice spot away from the main crowd and decide to settle down there. I don't think Hanako would mind being around so many people that much, despite her revealing outfit, but it would be nice to spend the day off in our own little world.

Hanako throws the towel out onto the sand and smooths the corners out while I stick the now open parasol into the ground to provide us some shade. She takes out her book and patiently waits for me to finish. Knowing that I won't be able to position it much better than this, I settle down next to my girlfriend and wrap an arm around her waist. We can just barely make out the sounds of people talking and playing games in the crowd. The sounds of the birds flying overhead and the waves crashing up against the shore. It's very relaxing.

We sit in each other's embrace for at least a few minutes before I spot a certain someone out of the corner of my eye. Those thick glasses are unmistakeable. I'm a bit surprised Kenji's decided to go to the beach. It would be nice to say that he's eased up on the whole feminist conspiracy thing, but that just isn't true. Thankfully, he has accepted that Hanako and her friends aren't evil feminists and isn't hounding them anymore.

His red swimming trunks adorned with black dragons can only be a result of his recent interest in any film about dragons. He even forced me to watch a few of them, though the animations were well done.

"Hey, man!" he shouts to get my attention.

I wave him over before realizing that my efforts are in vain. If there's going to be anyone with us today, I suppose he's one of the people I don't mind. He'll probably be off in his own world and leave us be for the most part.

As he approaches, I can hear the sound of plastic banging against plastic and soon spot his buckets and shovels. It's a pretty obvious connection, thinking about it now. He built a fort in his dorm-room at Yamaku, so why wouldn't he enjoy making sandcastles?

I quickly look at Hanako to check if she's okay with Kenji being here too. She nods before cracking her book open.

Kenji pours out the buckets and shovels from his bag and immediately gets to work to gather sand. Maybe I should help him out. I don't have much to do besides enjoying the weather or holding Hanako close to me. We'll probably head into the water before long.

I pick up a yellow bucket and shovel and begin packing it with sand.

"So… what are you doing at the beach today? I don't think you ever really mentioned liking the ocean or anything like that." I ask.

"It isn't my favorite thing, but you gotta make sure the coasts are watched sometimes. You get me?"

"I guess."

Kenji lays down the first miniature tower a few meters away from Hanako. He starts frantically drawing in the sand with his finger, trying to figure out what he wants to build. Inspiration seems to strike him a moment later.

"Yo, Hisao? Think you could place a tower right about… here," he says, poking a hole in the sand a considerable distance away from his tower.

He scampers off to gather more sand, and quickly returns to place down the third structure. The fourth and likely final one follows. I really doubt he's just building a normal sandcastle.

"Alright, thanks for the help. I can take it from here."

He writes down calculations in the sand, 'erasing' it multiple times before he deciding on something. I settle down next to Hanako again, and she rests her head on my shoulder. Her book is closed and beside her.

"Not in the mood?"

She shakes her head.

"I think I just want to spend this time with you," she says.

The gentle breeze brushes up against our skin as we watch the waves rhythmically hit the beach and recede. Hanako's sweet smile just makes it that much better.

As soon as I close my eyes, my girlfriend gets up and tugs on my arm.

"Let's go play in the water," she says.

Before I get on my feet, Hanako walks ahead and sticks her unscarred foot in the water. She doesn't wince or pull back. The water's up to her ankles, and her face is relaxed.

Cool water is splashed towards me, and Hanako grins at me. Someone's feeling playful. Only one way to respond…

With a flick of my wrist, I send some water right back at her. It coats her body, swimsuit, and flowing hair. Hanako gasps and gives me a faux-pout, followed by more water.

No matter how hard I try, I start to lose ground against my cute opponent. Kenji's too busy to help, and I'm being pushed deeper into the ocean… not that I'm actually far into it, of course.

"H-Hisao!" Hanako shouts.

Before she can get another word in, a large wave comes up behind me and knocks me off my feet. Hanako instantly rushes over to help me up, and her eyes are heavy with guilt. I can't help but laugh, partially to erase her fears. Her shoulders ease up, but she still isn't completely sure.

"Guess you won that round," I say, shaking the water out of my hair.

"But the wave got you…" she replies.

"This reminds me of something Kenji said once. Something like… use your surroundings to your advantage to secure victory… against the feminists."

Hanako giggles.

Kenji still might be out there at times, but he does have his moments. And he helped boost Hanako's spirits in a way, so I can't complain.

We head back after a few minutes, and Kenji waves at us from inside his sandcastle. Simple square towers at each corner, with a solid sand wall connecting them. He scans the horizon with his binoculars, alert as ever for a possible feminist invasion.

Hanako takes out a towel out of our bag and dabs herself dry. She bounces up and down a bit to put on a little show for me, and it immediately puts a smile on my face.

Kenji coughs way too loudly to be a legitimate cough, probably to break the feminist trance or whatever he'd tell me. He knows Hanako isn't evil by any stretch of the imagination, but it's probably the idea of it that matters to him. I got an earful one day because he thought if I could be seduced by my own girlfriend so easily, an 'evil feminist' might have similar luck. It was a futile effort to try to make some big argument against him, so I just assured him that I only have eyes for Hanako. Thankfully, he was as convinced as he'll ever be.

Hanako finishes up and saunters over to me. She ruffles my hair with the towel, wearing a bashful smile on her face.

"I still feel bad about before, so it's the least I can do…," she says.

She doesn't need to, but I don't really mind. Plus she's practically hugging me, her chest pressed against mine. Blood rushes to my face, and Hanako's blushing heavily too. I'll follow her lead in ignoring Kenji's attempts to put a bit of space between us. I glance over at him and he seems to accept defeat in this 'battle,' as his attention is back on the ocean.

"There, all better."

We settle back down on our towel under the parasol and Hanako reaches into the bag, handing me one of her homemade bento boxes. A heaping pile of rice, a few rolls of sushi with brightly colored fish, and a handful of raspberries. She also gives me a bottle of green tea.

"Thanks," I say, kissing her scarred cheek with extra pressure to make sure she feels it.

Hanako takes out her own boxed lunch and tea and starts daintily picking up small morsels of food with her chopsticks.

"Say… you guys wouldn't happen to have another one, would you? I'd really appreciate you helping a brother-in-arms out," Kenji asks.

Hanako nods thoughtfully and walks over to hand him a spare lunch she packed. I'm not even sure why she had it, but it did work out in the end.

"O-Okay, but please don't try to stand between Hisao and me again," Hanako responds with a bold deal.

Kenji gets a lunch if he agrees to make no further attempts to create space between us and won't tie Hanako to the 'evil feminists' again. He thinks it over, and for a second I think he's going to refuse to maintain his pride. Yet, he buckles as his stomach growls.


Kenji immediately starts digging into his meal with a surprising lack of grace, even for him. It's been well over a year now and I never found his weakness, yet she finds it just like that… I'm impressed.

Hanako settles down next to me again and gets right back to her lunch with a wide smile. She has effortlessly bested Kenji. I learn something new about her everyday, it seems.
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 28/1/2017)

Post by Mirage_GSM » Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:47 am

The biggest surprise was the "well over a year" at the end.
With the way Hanako has changed as compared to the VN, I'd expected this to be set WAY further in the future.
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 28/1/2017)

Post by pb08 » Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:27 pm

Pretty good fanfic but i saw a error on the order of the chapters from christmas first is the part 3 and after there is part 2

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