TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 28/1/2017)

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 28/11/2015)

Post by brythain » Sun Nov 29, 2015 9:01 am

swampie2 wrote:This Hanako reminds me of Bakemonogatari's Shinobu Oshino, I'm half surprised you didn't throw a janky neck angle in there for that Shaft authenticity.

Makes me want to write a crossover. :lol:

Nice little piece, but it makes me wonder who she was feeding off before and if her bites have any consequences.
Yeah! I want to write an 'After The Dream' x 'Vampanako' crossover. I'll call it 'After The Bite'. :D
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 28/11/2015)

Post by TheDwarfLard » Sun Nov 29, 2015 1:02 pm

swampie2 wrote:This Hanako reminds me of Bakemonogatari's Shinobu Oshino, I'm half surprised you didn't throw a janky neck angle in there for that Shaft authenticity.

Makes me want to write a crossover. :lol:

Nice little piece, but it makes me wonder who she was feeding off before and if her bites have any consequences.
My thought was that it was a curse that really didn't manifest itself fully until now. She's had the fangs, but not much of a lust or need for blood. And she's also a relatively weak vampire, so the negatives of that (sunlight being harmful as the main one) aren't as extreme. For the time being, it just irritates her during longer exposures. Though, the more she feeds on Hisao's blood, the effects, both positive and negative, would become more pronounced.

Might not necessarily be incredibly realistic (but Hanako being a vampire isn't either), but she hasn't had to feed off of anyone before, and Hisao can safely supply enough blood that she doesn't need anyone else. Her bites wouldn't have any consequences at first, but they may slowly start to transform Hisao into a vampire (could take decades). Neither of them know that until it happens.
brythain wrote:
swampie2 wrote:This Hanako reminds me of Bakemonogatari's Shinobu Oshino, I'm half surprised you didn't throw a janky neck angle in there for that Shaft authenticity.

Makes me want to write a crossover. :lol:

Nice little piece, but it makes me wonder who she was feeding off before and if her bites have any consequences.
Yeah! I want to write an 'After The Dream' x 'Vampanako' crossover. I'll call it 'After The Bite'. :D
Oh you. :p

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 28/11/2015)

Post by Sharp-O » Sun Nov 29, 2015 1:23 pm

swampie2 wrote:Nice little piece, but it makes me wonder who she was feeding off before and if her bites have any consequences.
Hanako says she's never felt the thirst before but who else is she close to apart from Hisao? :roll:

Fun little piece, Dwarf. Definitely seeing an overall Hanako theme though.

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 19/12/2015)

Post by TheDwarfLard » Sat Dec 19, 2015 2:47 am

Home for Christmas (Part 1)


As I approach Yamaku's gate, I spot my parents waiting for me. Dad's dressed in his standard white button-up shirt, black pants, and a very bland blue tie. Mom is wearing a frilly blouse and a multicolored skirt. Just about every color of the rainbow present in some way, but I suppose it reflects her personality, at the very least.

I look up momentarily a let out a deep breath. It's cold enough to see it, and the somewhat dense cloud coverage isn't helping. Despite the slightly dreary weather, my spirits are still quite high.

"It's great to see you again, Hicchan."

Oh no. No matter how often Mom called me that growing up, hearing it now I can only think of Misha. That is not a good thing!

As my mother goes in for a hug, though, I quickly shake the feeling off. Not only do I get to spend the next two weeks with Mom and Dad, Hanako will be with me as well; we'll all spend Christmas miles and miles away from here, without a student council member in sight.

I toss my gray bags into the trunk and lean against the side of the car. Dad looks around aimlessly while Mom leans against the car with me. It's an older model with a dark green paint job, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. He's always had a thing for vehicles that are "experienced" as he'd say.

"What do you think of Yamaku so far? When we were considering it for you, it seemed like a really nice place."

"It is. A few things are still kind of weird and I can't say I'm exactly used to have medical staff so closely available all the time, but…"

Mom gets up, puts on a pained frown, and looks at me face to face.

"I still really hope you're not angry with us for making that decision for you. We just wanted what was best for you. We've heard you've been doing well in your classes, so…"

I knew this would come up, but I think I have a clearer idea after several months. Things worked out surprisingly well and there's no way I'd change how it happened. There's still a few small specks of anger in me over the whole situation, but it's quickly fading away.

I shake my head. "No, I'm not. Things are going pretty well at Yamaku. I guess I just felt trapped when such an important decision was being made for me. It's a complicated feeling."

Mom puts a hand on my shoulder as if to tell me she understands and that I don't need to continue.

Without turning around, Dad clears his throat and asks, "How about your heart? That's been okay?"

I nod before realizing the fruitlessness in doing so. "No major problems. All of those pills are working well enough. Though, Nurse wants me to exercise, but I haven't really gotten ar--" I've said too much.

Dad turns around very quickly and has such a stern face on that it can only mean one thing: he's going to lecture me.

"Hisao, your health is very important. If the trained staff says you should, you'd do well to listen to them. We were all terrified when you had that attack back in February. We don't want that to happen again. Do I make myself clear?"


"Good. Also, didn't you use to play soccer with your friends? Why not pick that up?"

I thought about it for a little while, but it just brings up memories I think I'd rather not relive. It's not like I even really liked the sport that much back then anyway. There's probably some other thing I could be doing, but I’ve been occupied by other things.

"I think I'd rather find something else, something new," I respond, hoping they’ll drop the subject.

"Well, don't delay for too long. Also, what's this girlfriend of yours look like again?"

Hanako said she had some extra things to take care of first before leaving, so I let her take care of that and went out to see my parents.

"Her name is Hanako, and she has long, dark purple hair. She's probably wearing a black cap and navy blue coat. I imagine she'll be here soon," I say.

She bought it not too long ago during one of our trips into the city. A high, false fur collar, big buttons, and a neat bow tied to the side. It's a nice look on her.

"That must be her. I can't wait to meet her," Mom states.

Just as I thought, she's wearing her standard outfit with that simple coat. Hanako has her luggage in each hand, a small pink bag in her right hand and a much larger half purple and half indigo one in the other.

Dad nods and we walk through the courtyard, and I give her a wave.

"You must be Hana--" Dad lurches backwards just enough for me to notice, though Mom doesn't really react. Hanako instinctively covers the scars with her hand.

I can't help but sigh. Hanako's hair is somewhat brushed away from her face. Not to the degree what she's comfortable with around me, but more than she would have been comfortable with in public a few months ago.

"Sorry. You must be Hanako. We're Hisao's parents; it's a pleasure to meet you," Dad says.

Hanako nods. He thinks for a second and then takes a step back.

Mom smiles and bobs her head in agreement. "Hisao hasn't really told us much about you over the past few months, so it's really nice to finally be able to meet you. Hicchan sometimes likes keeping to himself, so we understand."

Dad checks his watch. "Well, we should probably get going. Here, let me help you with your bags."

It looks like Hanako isn't having any trouble, but she surrenders one of the bags to my dad and we all head to the car. Her luggage is neatly placed next to mine in the trunk and then we get into the back seats, while Dad takes his spot at the wheel.

As soon as he starts driving, I already know it's going to be uneventful trip to the house. All of his focus is going to be put on the road and car, as if everyone else ceases to exist. Mom takes out a book to occupy herself, and I expect Hanako to do the same. I look over at her and she extends a hand, palm up. Following her lead, I place a hand on top of hers. She then starts to admire the flora outside, occasionally glancing at our hands and me. Maybe it's not the most entertaining way to spend the drive there, but it's more than enough for me.

My mind starts to wander, but any potential daydream is interrupted by the car stopping and the sound of the doors opening. Guess we're here. The trunk swings open and we each grab a bag or two, enter the house, and place them off to the side for now. It's not like unpacking is the most important thing right now.

The living room is still quite modest with a futon and a few other seats, complete with a television. Mom's decoration still neatly infuse more life into the space. Some things don't change, I suppose.

"Hanako dear? Could you join me in the kitchen? It's just about lunch time and we should get started," Mom says.

"Okay," Hanako responds while nodding.

My mom and Hanako head into the other room to start our meal, leaving my dad and I alone. It feels awkward being around him like this, even though it probably shouldn't. I don't know what to talk about with him and the way he scratches his head suggests he's thinking of something.

He finally speaks up in a grave tone, "Hisao, there was one other thing I wanted to ask you about."

This probably isn't good…

"I asked you about your health earlier because that was one of the reasons we thought Yamaku would be a good fit for you. Though, I'm not really sure there's much I can do for that," he laughs, and it sounds really out of place.

"I'll just be blunt about it. Have you gave your future any thought, plans for university or what to pursue after you graduate?"

I rub my arm nervously. Hanako's habits might be rubbing off on me. "My homeroom teacher, Mutou, reminded me to think about it back in the summer and still gives me reminders, but… I've been kind of caught up in more immediate things." I flinch in anticipation.

My dad clears his throat and says, "I doubt lecturing you on this is going to do any good. Hisao, you know this is a very important decision, but we all have to go through this. So… do you have any ideas?"

I shake my head. "Not really. I've considered science, but don't know where to go with it from there."

He chuckles at this. "My son, a scientist. For some reason, I always imagined you with a ball in your hands, not a test tu--"

I frown at the mention of sports, which causes Dad to pause mid-sentence. "But I guess life had different plans for you, huh?" he adds with a rueful smile.

"So... science, huh? Are you any good at it?"

"Yeah, it just seems to come naturally to me."

"Have you done anything with it beyond classes?"

Thinking for a moment, I say, "I started the science club at Yamaku with Mutou's help. A friend joined before long, along with a few other students. Maybe it's not the most coherent club around, but… there's still quite a lot to do. Sometimes they struggle with the lessons or concepts, but like I said, it comes naturally to me. So I often busy myself with tutoring and helping them out. Honestly, it's a pretty nice feeling when they completely understand the topic."

My dad puts on a wide grin. "Maybe it's not going to be as hard as I thought. Why not consider teaching science? It sounds like you already have experience doing that and enjoy it."

Huh, maybe it was a lot more obvious than I thought and just never realized it. It's worth thinking about, at least.

"That could work."

The expression fades from his face and I can tell he's going to be serious again. "Hisao, people are going to depend on you in some way before long, so I just want you to be prepared. It's your decision and your battle, of course, but doesn't mean people can't help too."

I nod and say, "I appreciate it. Thanks."

"Oh, there's one more th--"

"Lunch is ready," my mom announces from the kitchen.

Instead of finishing his thought, he walks over to help with the final preparations. My dad comes out with a large bowl filled with yakisoba. It smells delicious, but seems a bit different from what Mom usually makes. We take our seats and absorb the sight of the meal. Everyone takes their portion and wastes no time in taking a bit, except Hanako, who watches everyone else take their first bit.

Mom puts on a sincere smile and nods after taking a bite, Dad thinks for a bit and then takes several more bites in rapid succession. I eat a mouthful and take in the taste. It's different than what my Mom usually made, but it's still quite good. It has the usual noodles, pork, carrots, cabbage, and sauce that I'm used to, but also has onions, peppers, peas, and a few spices that are still beyond my understanding.

"It tastes great, but did you do something different to it, Mom?" I ask.

"No, no. Hanako asked if she could add some spices and a few extra ingredients. I still don't know what she added, but… it's certainly tasty," she responds, eager to move the praise towards Hanako.

"I doubt I can point out everything in this, but all the flavors really blend together well. The spices add a little kick and make it quite interesting," I add with a grin.

"R-Really? I've read about adding some of those things online, but… never actually tried it before," Hanako says while rubbing her arm.

"Then I think you should experiment more. Might be able to learn a thing or two from you!" Mom is as cheerful as ever.

"Thanks, and I will."

Once that conversation ends, we all focus on the meal in front of us. None of us talk again until we're satisfied, with a sizable amount of food remaining.

Dad looks at the bowl in front of him and mutters, "Wish I could fit a bit more, but there's always later."

My mom shoots him a clearly fake hurt look. "You never like my cooking this much!"

He doesn't notice and quickly apologizes, "I still love your cooking! It's just that we have a guest and she did a really good--"

"I'm joking," she chuckles.

"Oh… er… I knew that."

Dad clears his throat. "I know it's not exactly any of our business, but if you don't mind us asking, what are your plans for after graduation, Hanako?"

He briefly looks at me as and smirks. I suppose if my dad could work out an idea with me, he might be able to do the same for Hanako, though I think I already know what the result is going to be. Still, it's nice to see how he's interested in her.

Hanako is caught off guard by the question and her eyes dart downwards. "I haven't thought about it too much. I know I need to, but… it's kind of s-scary."

My dad nods in agreement. "It definitely can be, but it doesn't have to be. I asked Hisao these same questions and he got an idea, so maybe it'll help you too."

"Okay," she responds.

"Are there any subjects or clubs you excel at or really enjoy?"

"I really like the journalism club at Yamaku. It's a lot of fun and being able to contribute to something that so many people will see is…," she thinks for a second,"exciting. When I do a good job, it makes me f-feel proud."

"I know it's a pretty versatile field and holding up well. Could you see yourself pursuing journalism in university and afterwards?" he asks.

"M-Maybe, but I'd have to think about it," she answers.

"Indeed. Best not to rush into these kinds of things. If I remember correctly, the exams and university applications are either going on or finished, but… it doesn't mean every university is inaccessible. It's probably a bit of disappointment that both of your winter holidays are still going to be filled with school work in some way, but… maybe it's a good time to really think about it together."

"Doesn't Hasaki University offer programs for journalism? Also, I remember hearing that they didn't reach their expected amount of applications, so they decided to keep them open for a little while longer. " Mom chimes in.

"Pretty sure it does. Likely has courses for teaching science as well. It is kind of strange they're keeping it open like that, but I think it'd be a wise decision to take the opportunity. It's been a while since I checked, but they probably have tours available or something like that. And it's also pretty close to our house. What do you two think?" Dad responds.

Hanako nods and I say, "Sure, we'll give it a look over the next few days."

Mom starts to pick up the leftovers to stow away and the bowls to be cleaned. As she walks by my dad, she taps his shoulder and says, "I could use help with cleaning up, if you don't mind." He grumbles a bit as he gets up, leaving Hanako and me by ourselves.

Without much else to do besides wait, we sit down on the futon. As much as I'd like to know what they're talking about, it seems like Hanako wants to say something to me. Her eyes are fixed on me and she shuffles around.

I place my hand on top of hers and ask, "Something on your mind?"

Hanako thinks for a second, as if considering whether or not it's worth bringing up at all. "I just wanted to say your p-parents seem pretty nice. I know you told me they weren't around too much, but… it'll be good to get to know them. Actually… no, nevermind."

"I won't force you to tell me, but I'm always willing to listen."

Looking directly at Hanako, I notice a single tear running down her cheek. I slowly move my hand towards it and brush it away, causing her smile, even if somewhat painfully.

"They remind me of my… p-parents."

I don't think I can even begin to imagine what she's feeling right now. It seems like she's happy to have been able to meet them, but… does it hurt more than that?

"Sorry…" I don't know what else to say.

Hanako forcefully shakes her head. "No, it's okay. It's just… little things."

The conversation dries up, but thankfully my parents return before long. My dad stretches a bit, while my mom takes a seat across from the two of us.

"Hicchan, your father and I talked about where Hanako could stay over the holiday. It took us longer than I wanted, because a certain someone kept pitching ideas," Mom says, and smirks towards my dad.

"Some of the ideas were pretty good. At least give me that." He sounds slightly offended.

My dad clears his throat and continues, "After a lot of disagreement… and remembering that we don't exactly have spare rooms… and realizing our guest can't just sleep on the futon, we thought she could stay in your room, Hisao. We should be able to make arrangements from that. Is that acceptable?"

Hanako's eyes go wide and she blushes. "Y-Yes, that sounds good." I nod in agreement.

Dad starts up again, "I know you agreed to handle it later, but we'll have to keep in mind tuition costs. I'm fairly certain Hasaki is affordable, but I think we can make things work regardless if it's an excellent fit. Don't worry about it now, we can discuss it after you take a look at the university."

"Do you know when we can check it out?" I ask.

He scratches his chin and looks up momentarily to think. "They should have something later this week? Maybe on Thursday?" He sprints over to his laptop, fervently types away, and then announces, "Thursday."

Mom looks over at our bags and says, "Might be a good time to unpack. We'll both be getting some time off soon, so we can start planning what to do later."

"Okay," Hanako and I respond.

We grab our bags, head to my room, and I get hit by a wave of memories. Not many significant ones, just everyday things. Shaking my head to return to reality, I notice that my room seems more or less the same, though perhaps more barren. The walls are painted a medium green, which reminds me when my parents suggested it years ago to promote balance or something. I didn't really buy into it, but it looked good enough, so I just agreed. Across from the bed, there's that familiar cheap but surprisingly sturdy wooden desk. It used to be covered in papers I forgot about and the occasional book, but now it's practically spotless. The curtains are drawn, so I pull them back and let the sunlight in.

Hanako sits down on my bed and looks around. For now, I'm content to join her. Our luggage can wait a few more minutes.
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 19/12/2015)

Post by Mirage_GSM » Sat Dec 19, 2015 7:39 am

"Good. Also, didn't you used to play soccer with your friends? Why not pick that up?"
"didn't you USE to" - Didn't is already past tense.
I can't help but sigh, despite knowing this would probably happen.
Giving them a hint beforehand might have helped with that if he already expected it to happen...
The two girls head into the other room
I just tried and failed to picture myself referring to my mom and my GF as "the two girls" :-)
If I remember correctly, the exams and university applications haven't happened quite yet,
If that is set on Christmas they should have - or at least the applications should have been sent out already. Maybe better set this in the summer holidays if choice of university is going to be the big topic...
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griffon8 wrote:Kosher, just because sex is your answer to everything doesn't mean that sex is the answer to everything.
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 19/12/2015)

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Mirage_GSM wrote:
"Good. Also, didn't you used to play soccer with your friends? Why not pick that up?"
"didn't you USE to" - Didn't is already past tense.
I can't help but sigh, despite knowing this would probably happen.
Giving them a hint beforehand might have helped with that if he already expected it to happen...
The two girls head into the other room
I just tried and failed to picture myself referring to my mom and my GF as "the two girls" :-)
If I remember correctly, the exams and university applications haven't happened quite yet,
If that is set on Christmas they should have - or at least the applications should have been sent out already. Maybe better set this in the summer holidays if choice of university is going to be the big topic...
I changed the first three things, though I'm not sure about changing the dates (not that it'd be very hard). My intention isn't to create the most culturally accurate piece, but hopefully something that's of at least decent quality. I'd prefer to tie in more things at, but if you insist otherwise.

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 19/12/2015)

Post by Mirage_GSM » Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:32 pm

I'd never insist on something like that. It's your story to tell.
I'm just pointing out a problem and suggesting a way to fix it. whether you DO fix it (or find another way to fix it) is up to you.
In this case the problem is that university entrance exams are held mid-January in Japan, so if someone hasn't even sent in an application by christmas, they'll probably be forced to wait a year before getting a new chance. ... Admissions
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griffon8 wrote:Kosher, just because sex is your answer to everything doesn't mean that sex is the answer to everything.
Sore wa himitsu desu.

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 19/12/2015)

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Mirage_GSM wrote:In this case the problem is that university entrance exams are held mid-January in Japan, so if someone hasn't even sent in an application by christmas, they'll probably be forced to wait a year before getting a new chance.
For 2007-08 specifically, they are January 19 and 20, 2008. Also, unlike the SATs, they are given once. Strangely, the students don't get their scores. They do get to take everything but the final answer sheet home with them and figure out their scores for themselves, however. (This includes the audio playback devices used for the English test.)
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 24/12/2015)

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Home for Christmas (Christmas Special/Part 3)


The light peeking through the curtains shines right in my face, and no matter how hard I try, I can't get back to sleep. Guess it's time to get up.

I rub my eyes while getting out of bed. It's Christmas day, but it doesn't really feel any different. Introducing Hanako to my parents, touring and being quite impressed with Hasaki University, and just spending time together with my girlfriend… it's been a busy vacation so far. We did have to rush our applications in to meet their extended deadline, but that should be taken care of now. Mutou would be happy. Of course he'd waste no time in reminding us of the quickly approaching exams. My dad made sure to remind us and even encouraged some studying while we're here.

"Good morning, Hisao," Hanako whispers while dragging a chair across the floor.

I look up and notice the two chairs side by side, facing the window. She's dressed in her cute pink nightgown. I wonder why she's sitting in front of the window, but as the sleepiness wears off and I get closer, I take in the sight. A light snowstorm slowly coats the roads, trees, and houses in a thin film of snow. It's… peaceful and calming. A weight on my shoulder gets my attention. Hanako's resting her head on me and sweetly smiling. Her hair is a bit of a mess and it seems like she has no intention of brushing it any time soon.

I throw an arm around her and ask, "Ready to get breakfast and start celebrating Christmas?"

She doesn't respond and continues to stare at the snowfall. Just as I'm about to ask again, she shakes her head and says, "Not yet."



"I was thinking about today, how my past Christmases were at the orphanage."

Hanako takes her time to get all of her thoughts together and I patiently wait.

"They were one of the few days I could feel like someone c-cared even a little bit about me back then. The other children still excluded me, but at least I could tell myself they did that because they were occupied with what they received, despite knowing that wasn't the reason."

"What about the staff and helpers?" She said it felt like someone cared even just a little, and if the kids didn't really change, maybe the adults tried harder.

"They still usually left me alone for the most part, because it… was just better for everyone. But s-sometimes one of them would give me a small gift. It wasn't much, but it made me feel happier."

I pull her closer to me and whisper, "This one's going to be different, it's going to be better, I promise you that."

Hanako looks directly into my eyes, and I can't tell what she's thinking. Her analytical eyes are taking everything in, but I'm lost. She leans closer and plants a kiss on my cheek, causing blood to rush to my face.

"It already is."

Three simple words, but it's astounding how much they really mean for her to say. Before I can think about it any more, she gets up from her seat and tugs on my sleeve. Okay, we'll head out.

I follow her lead and move my chair next to the wooden desk that's now covered in university documents and information. We have delved deeply into the applications, but still have a lot of work to do. Once again, my dad is constantly making sure we don't forget.

As soon as we open the door and enter the living room, Mom announces, "Good morning, Hicchan and Hanako! Merry Christmas!"

We return her holiday greeting in unison.

"Your mother made miso soup if you'd like some," Dad says while pointing towards the kitchen.

"That s-sounds good," Hanako responds as we go to grab our small breakfast.

We notice a small pot on the stove that's still steaming, and there's a pair of bowls off to the side. Just as with Mom's decorating, she must have insisted on bowls with floral designs. Hanako and I pour out some soup and each grab a pair of chopsticks. I sit down on the futon and Hanako follows my lead. As my parents finish off their servings and we start ours, a small Christmas display catches my eye. Mom hasn't quite caught onto Christmas yet, so it's just a miniature tree with wrapped gifts surrounding it. I take a large gulp of the soup. No ingredient sticks out to me, but it blends together well enough, and it's filling if nothing else.

As we finish off our breakfast, Mom claps her hands together and announces, "I think it's time to start unwrapping the gifts!" We all nod in agreement.

My mom gets up, grabs two gifts, and places them in front of Dad. He decides which one to unwrap first and quickly tears away the paper while thanking us for the gift. Inside it, a very unassuming box, but his eyes go wide when he opens it. My dad pulls out a small katana and wastes no time in unsheathing it. It seems to be a letter opener, and I think we all know what he's going to do next. This time, he uses his new gift to unwrap, well, slice through, the paper of his other present. He puts on a smile as he pulls out a painting of The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

"This will look good in my office," he thinks out loud to himself.

Dad returns the favor by finding Mom's two presents and handing them to her. Unlike my dad, she's a lot more careful with unwrapping the gift. It takes her longer to do, but it wouldn't surprise me if it could be reused later on. She takes out a folded fan and slowly pulls the sides apart, revealing a technicolor design. I can't make much sense of the it, but it's very colorful and eye-catching. Mom gently closes the fan, thanks us, and begins opening up her other present. This time, she pulls out a high quality painting set, complete with brushes of all sizes and sizable samples of paint.

My mom chuckles and remarks, "We both got paint-related gifts, huh? Maybe it'll be a cute little theme today."

This time, both of my parents walk over to the quickly shrinking pile of presents, and take out three, leaving two. Mom hands me two fairly small packages wrapped very similarly, so I imagine they're from them. Dad settles the other box from Hanako next to me. Starting with the smaller one, I eagerly unwrap the present, and within a sturdy container I find a beaker.

As I hold it up, my mom chimes in. "It's a tea infuser. You told us you drank quite a lot of tea while at Yamaku, and from the time I've spent with Hanako, I think that habit of hers has rubbed off on you. When I saw it while shopping, I couldn't help but think of you."

"Thanks, Mom." It really is a neat gift.

Shifting my attention to what must be my dad's present, I tear the paper away just as fervently. Before looking inside, I notice the small mess of wrapping paper I made. Each piece crumpled up and tossed into the trash off to the side. Back to the gift, I take off the container's lid and take out the neatly folded tie. Unraveling it reveals a well designed periodic table. It looks a bit different, but… everything's there and fits on the tie.

Dad clears his throat very loudly, as if only to get my attention. "I thought you could use a tie to wear if you ever need to dress formally. Of course that doesn't mean you can't have some fun with it. Bet it'll be handy if you ever need to double check an element."

I hadn't thought of that, but it's a pretty good point, not that Mutou would allow me to make use of it during an exam. He might like it otherwise.

My dad looks like he forgot something before suddenly speaking up again, "If you need it, I can teach you a few tricks when tieing it."

I nod and respond, "Thanks, I appreciate it."

The last gift is a much bigger gift than the other two, and just as before, I rip the paper aside and toss it in the trash. Eager to see what Hanako's present is, I take off the box's lid and see a folded up… something. I hold it up in front of my parents and realize what it is. A forest green and lavender sweater-vest divided into diamonds. In each purple section, there's a black chess piece, with the king and queen next to each other in the middle. It's well-made and very personalized. I wonder…

I check inside the box again for any clues left behind. The only thing in there is a small note I missed. It says:


After a lot of thought and scrapped ideas, nothing seemed good enough, nothing seemed to be appropriate. I never told you before, but the staff at the orphanage taught me how to knit when they had spare time. It was something for me to do and distract me from… other things. Yet, this time wasn't like that. Making it for you was a lot of fun and I thought you might like a handmade and personalized gift.'

It's time likes these that I hate not knowing what to say. Quickly putting it on and giving Hanako a sweet smile, I hope the message is clear. She returns it, and my dad puts on a big grin.

"Not a bad look on you, Hisao, not bad at all," he chuckles.

I take the remaining two gifts and pass them to Hanako and settle down next to her. She intently stares at both of them, and decides to open mine first. I hope she likes it.

Hanako slowly pulls back the festive wrapping paper and removes the container's lid. Her eyes light up instantly as she removes the small necklace, adorned with a miniature queen chess piece and a blue-covered book.

"What do you th--"

My words are cut short as Hanako presses her lips against mine. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Mom and Dad beaming. He whispers something in her ear, and she bobs her head in response.

Hanako ends the kiss, and her cheeks start to become rosy and her face is blushed. Before she becomes any more embarrassed, her attention is diverted to the final gift. She goes through the same process, up until she takes out a note. Hanako quickly reads it over, and tears start to well up in her eyes.

I ask her what it says, but she's in no condition to be talking clearly, so the note is passed to me. It's written in my dad's distinctive handwriting.


Both my wife and I have really enjoyed the time we've been able to spend with you thus far. We both thought about it earlier, but it's clear you've made an impact on our son. He's probably done the same for you. We'd like to thank you for that.

Over the past few days, Hisao has informed us of small pieces of your past. Nothing extensive, just enough to at least begin to understand. We have no intention of forcing either of you to let more information out regarding this. If you feel that you want to, we'll listen. If not, that's perfectly fine as well.

However, this did give us an idea, though I fear we may be treading on uncomfortable territory by even asking this. If that is the case, we're both sincerely sorry. You're clearly a very strong woman, and we'd be fools to think otherwise, but this isn't an easy topic.

Because of our experience and interactions with you so far, the quickly approaching graduation and start of university, and your past, we'd be honored if you would like to live with us during these upcoming years. I don't want to even attempt to influence you any more; it's your choice and yours alone. We'll understand if you choose to decline the offer.


Mr. and Mrs. Nakai'

I glance over at Hanako, who's deep in thought. After a few minutes, she suddenly rises and slowly walks over to my parents, who are standing side by side. She looks at both of them briefly behind her torrent of tears. It seems like they're both trying to hold back tears themselves.

Hanako suddenly pulls both of them into the best hug she can manage. She slowly nods her head up against them. Dad motions for me to come over as well and join them.

It's a massive milestone for Hanako, and no one wants to rush it. When she's ready, my girlfriend breaks off and wraps her arms around me. Her sobs begin to slow down. Even if it was already clear, she stammers out a 'Yes.'

It's all we needed to hear, and we couldn't be happier to hear it.

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 24/3/2016)

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Home for Christmas (Part 2)


The blaring alarm signals the start of our eventful day. Ever since my parents mentioned touring Hasaki University a few days ago, we've focused on our futures more than ever before.

Hanako and I both get out of bed and don the same clothes we deferred to at Yamaku. Dark and light blue sweater-vest and a nice pair of navy pants. Hanako grabs her pink blouse, black pants, denim jacket, and cute hat.

As the smell of breakfast seeps into our room, we nod to each other and head out, still half-asleep.

We're greeted by my parents in the living room. Dad is busy tapping away on his laptop, while Mom is bringing out two small bowls of miso soup.

"Good morning, Hicchan and Hanako," Mom excitedly says. "I hope you have a good time at Hasaki University."

"Thanks, we'll try to," I respond.

We settle down on the futon and start on the bowls of soup. Tofu, large peas, the occasional piece of shrimp, chives, finely-cut seaweed, and what is likely too much onion all make up the dish. It's definitely filling, but… the flavor isn't as vivid as usual. Maybe I'm just nervous about today, but it's difficult to focus on much besides the upcoming tour and Hanako. I know she's done so much since July, but she's probably pretty anxious herself.

As soon as we finish off our breakfasts and set down the bowls, Dad hands me a set of directions to follow. It's a lot closer than I thought, probably a fifteen minute walk at most. If anything, this list is far more complex than it needs to be, complete with distances for each step and occasionally notable 'landmarks.'

With a small breakfast down, directions, and potential questions and ideas in mind for the tour, we set out on the trail.

The park near my parents' house is strangely unfamiliar, and it hasn't even been a year. Guess that was next on the city's renovation queue. Hanako turns her head as we pass, taking in the sight.

"Maybe we c-could visit the park later… it looks really nice," Hanako says.

"Sounds like a plan."

I take another look and it really reminds me of the park outside of Yamaku. Then again, a lot of parks are going to look similar. I certainly wouldn't mind settling down for an hour or so later on some other day, just taking into the sights, noises, and aroma of nature.

Finally reaching the gates of Hasaki University, the simplicity is startling. Compared to Yamaku's elaborate gates that say much more than they should, these seem a lot more appropriate, almost welcoming. Despite that, I can't help but think back to my first day there. It was a step that couldn't be retracted. We haven't made a decision yet, but it feels similar. Then again, every life-changing event is probably like this.

I take a quick look at the list of instructions my dad gave us. Apparently he called ahead.

"Looks like we have to head into the administration building and go to the front desk," I say while folding the paper up.

Hanako nods and instantly starts looking around. She points out what could very well be our destination, and we starting walking over to begin our tour. A small sign next to the door indicates that this is indeed the administration building. I give Hanako a brief smile before walking through.

We see a woman looking over a small stack of documents, occasionally marking the papers with her pen. She seems to be of average height and is wearing dark gray suit. Hanako moves closer to me, practically attaching herself to my arm. One look at her face says everything. She's anxious just like me, but also seems determined to keep going.

As we get closer, she looks up and squints at both of us, spending more time on Hanako. The woman tilts her head and opens her mouth, but she doesn't say anything. She quickly shakes her head slightly and puts on a smile.

"Can I help you two?" she asks in a calm and professional-sounding voice.

"Yes, we're uh… here for a tour of the university. Nakai and Ikezawa," I say.

"Nakai and Ikezawa, Nakai and Ikezawa…" The woman trails off as she rummages through more papers.

"Here we are. If you'll excuse me, I need to make a quick phone call to get you two started."

We back away so as to not interrupt her. However, the receptionist continually steals glances at Hanako, and we both know why. As soon as Hanako catches on, she makes herself as small as possible beside, and then behind, me. As I check to make sure everything's alright, or as alright as it can be, I notice Hanako has her hands in resolute fists, stands up as straight as she can, and pushes back her fears.

We hear someone descending the nearby stairs, and see a tall and muscular man, dressed in a relatively similar suit. His presence, combined with the unfamiliarity of everything here, is frightening. I hope I'm just getting worked up over nothing, though.
Just as the receptionist looked us over, this man does the same. He spends considerably less time on Hanako, but it's clear he's at least slightly surprised by her scars.

"Good morning, Mr. Nakai and Ms. Ikezawa. I am Youta Fujimura, the Director of Admissions. Shall we begin your tour?" He states with a bow, which we instinctively return.

We nod in unison, and then he briefly whispers something in the receptionist's ear. Her attention instantly switches to something on her computer. When he returns, Mr. Fujimura apologizes for the wait, and we finally begin our tour.


We step out of Hasaki University's computer lab, signaling the end of the tour. It's been a tiring few hours, but Hanako and I learned a lot.

It's certainly not as large as I expected, but the only way I can think to describe it generally is serious. The stops at the facilities and rooms designated for relaxation and leisure did help in any case. The mentions of alumni who have achieved great things, and of the school's own success, have worked in the other direction. I'm feeling a burden of expectation, and I suspect Hanako feels it even more.

"Well, that concludes the tour. Do you have any questions?" Mr. Fujimura casually leans against the wall, giving us time to think.

The tour was quite comprehensive, and seemed to address everything Hanako and I were wondering about. Program and degree contents, schedules, and even ways the university helps its students with job opportunities. We haven't asked my parents yet about living quarters for Hanako later, but… hopefully we can make that work.

A quick shake of my head shifts his attention over to Hanako. She tenses up a bit, but doesn't break her train of thought.

"I don't think so…," Hanako says.

"Very well. I hope you found the tour both enjoyable and informative. We await your decision."

He gives us a deep bow that we return without hesitation. Thankfully, we're back where we started, so it's easy to get back to my parents' house. Hanako still seems slightly on-edge. There weren't too many people around, but it was a completely new environment, complete with a lot of important information to take in. Maybe she'd like stopping at the park for a little while?

She wraps her arm around my own and gets as close to me as physically possible.


No response, but she does turn her head towards me.

"Do you want to head into the park? It's not far."

I catch a glance at her face, and it looks… pained. She probably felt the same way I did.

We settle down on the bench in the park. I wish it was under better circumstances. As I slowly rub her back, Hanako starts to shake slightly. My mind instantly goes back to all those months ago when we didn't understand each other at all. She does occasionally regress, but not like this. I trust and believe in her, but I'm still afraid.

I pull her closer to me, and she seems to relax a bit.

"H-Hisao? I liked the university, but… I'm scared," she mumbles. "I don't want to give up, but it's all so overwhelming, and I don't know if I can adapt quickly enough. And I'll probably just slow you down…"

"I should be used to the stares, but they hurt more than usual this time," Hanako continues, still looking downwards. "It felt like I was going to be judged just as much or… even more than usual there by the s-staff. What about my classmates?" She puts her head in her hands.

"If anything, you've helped me get through a lot and encouraged me to go as fast as I could. It is a big change for both of us, but we can support each other, right? My parents are there for us too," I say to reassure her.

"And our guide didn't seem to pay much attention your scars after the initial sight. It's not really the same kind of school Yamaku is, but they also work on a more professional level. I don't think they'd pay much mind after they meet and get to know you." I probably sound like someone advertising for them…

"Our classmates aren't the same as the people we encountered today, but you became friends Lilly and I. And later Miki, Naomi, and Natsume. You joined the newspaper club because you wanted to, not because anyone forced you. Everyone new to us might stare at first, but they'll see how much you can do and who you are. If they don't… well, I don't think they're worth your time."

Hanako nods, and seems even less tense.

"You told me earlier that your dream was to be a journalist. Do you think the university might help you get there?" It's a big subject change, but hopefully it'll boost her spirits.

Hanako stares at the ground, deep in thought. Just as I'm about ready to drop the topic, she speaks up.

"Yes. Their computer lab was nice, and I'm g-glad he said that they had a small book club. Maybe I could do that and see if I can use what I learn?"

"Sounds like a plan. Ready to head back?"

She quickly shakes her head and settles in even closer to me, her head resting on my shoulder.

"A f-few more minutes."

As Hanako continues to get more comfortable, I take in our surroundings. Oddly enough, it still hasn't snowed around here yet, but the sky's a lot more cloudy than it was a few hours ago. The dark gray color makes me think they're storm clouds, yet the weather reports were clear of any rain or snow.

A gentle breeze suddenly starts and causes Hanako to shiver a bit, closing the near non-existent distance between us even more. I can't help but smile.

This place should feel lifeless, as the trees and shrubbery lost their leaves over a month ago, yet it doesn't. Maybe it's Hanako's warmth.

The pressure on my side disappears and I turn to face her. I'm lost in her thoughtful, purple eyes for a moment. The pained look is gone, and she seems considerably happier.

"I'm ready now," Hanako says without breaking eye contact.

I get up and extend my hand towards her. She takes it with her distinctive smile. We gather our things and start heading back to my parents' house. They'll likely want to know our thoughts and if the tour helped us make a decision.


With a deep breath, I open the door. I shouldn't be this apprehensive; everything went well enough in the end and we both found Hasaki University to be a good choice. Hanako is still a bit anxious about such an important decision, but she feels more comfortable and confident than before.

My dad is nowhere to be seen, but Mom is watching something on TV. She turns down the volume significantly after noticing us, and then decides to turn it off.

"How'd the tour go?" she asks.

"Pretty well, I think. It was a lot to take in at once, but we both learned a lot," I respond, trying to capture our feelings after we left without drawing too much attention to it at the same time.

"If your dad was around right now, I know he'd ask this--he can be pretty predictable--enough to make a decision?" My mom suppresses a minuscule laugh.


Mom's attention turns to Hanako.

"It's not exactly our business, but I'm interested in what you thought and if you decided on anything, Hanako," Mom says in a careful tone.

"It was nice and kind of scary at the same time. I wasn't so sure before if I was ready, but I think I am now," Hanako states.

My mom smiles widely.

"I think just about everyone is at least a bit afraid of making such a big change in their lives, I know I was. However, I'm glad to hear that both of you are getting through this. Why don't you two take some time to relax? You've definitely earned it. The applications and everything else can be done later today. Your dad is out with some friends, and since he knows more about this than I do..."

We both nod and settle down next to each other on the futon. My mom turns on the TV, increases the volume, and flips through a few channels before finding a show we can all enjoy.

There is little trace of Hanako's anxiety at this point. Still quite a journey ahead of us, but I think we'll get through it all.

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 24/3/2016)

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Hanako Gives Hisao the Chocolate (Valentine's Day)


I hope I have everything needed for Hisao's gift. It's my first time too…

I let out a heavy sigh.

"I can do this," I whisper to reassure myself.

Milk chocolate, heart-shaped foil moulds, almonds, a pack of white chocolate for "icing", heavy cream, and fresh raspberries. It's a lot to work with, but this recipe says it's easy to do.

Breaking apart the chocolate into smaller and more manageable pieces, I place them into a heat resistant bowl. The heavy cream goes into a separate pan and quickly begins to bubble up after the heat is turned on. My attention doesn't move from the saucepan, and I stir it continuously so it doesn't begin to boil.

Just as my arm begins to get sore, the cream seems to be heated enough for what the recipe calls for. I hastily remove the pan from the stove and turn it off. Pouring the heated cream over the chocolate starts to melt it instantly. Everything's going well so far.

While it continues to melt, I grab a knife from the limited selection in the dorm kitchen and take a cutting board. It doesn't say how finely to chop the almonds…

Staying on the safer side, I decide to take my time on each one, ensuring there aren't bigger chunks left. I start getting into a rhythm, and before I know it, all of the nuts are chopped up.

Before the cream cools too much, I take a whisk from the neatly arranged kitchen utensils. It doesn't take long to blend the cream and chocolate together, resulting in a smooth mixture. The chopped-up almonds go in next, and I combine them to ensure a relatively even spread.

With the foil moulds neatly arranged on a plate, and paper towels below them to catch any spillover, each heart is filled with the chocolatey concoction. After heating the white chocolate, I cut a small hole in the bag to act as a the "icing" tip. I do my best to draw miniature chess pieces in them, but after one failure, the symbols seem like a better choice. I subconsciously make the majority of them bishops, one of Hisao's favorite pieces. Thankfully, I break the pattern and adorn the final piece with the symbol for the king. Finally, an upside down raspberry is placed on each.

Huh, I think I actually did it. I just hope Hisao likes them.

Finally, the chocolates have to be in the fridge for eight hours until they're ready. Guess I can start on the packaging.

After a quick trip to my room, I find the pink heart-shaped box I bought earlier, along with a simple purple ribbon.


With the chocolates cooled, I neatly arrange them in the box and place the one with the king piece in the middle. After a few failed attempts at extravagant bow designs, I settle for a very simple design and pull it off the first time. That's everything, I think.

I really hope he likes them.


Taking a deep breath, I give a distinctive knock on Hisao's door while holding the chocolates behind my back. He slowly opens the door, rubs his eyes, then steps out of the way to let me in. We both settle down on his bed and relax, or at least try to, for a minute.

Before I can become any more anxious, I thrust the heart-shaped box towards him and say, "Happy Valentine's Day, H-Hisao."

His eyes open wide as he begins to undo the ribbon. The lid is placed on the nightstand and he pulls out one of the chocolates, the one with the king piece. It only takes him two bites to get through it, but his lack of a reaction is making me even more nervous.

"These are great, Hanako! Did you make them yourself?"

I let out a sigh of relief.

"It was my first time trying to make chocolates… I'm glad you like them," I respond, despite glad being an understatement.

Hisao quickly makes his way through another piece. "These are really good, and I love the little designs."

He sets the box down on top of the lid and puts an arm around me. "Don't know if I can really make it up to you next month."

I must be blushing heavily, judging by his smile.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Hanako."
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Home for Christmas (Part 4) (1 of 2)

The endings to this fanfic are NSFW. A friend and editor suggested I try both of the available endings and couldn't pick between them, so might as well let people "pick" whichever.



A hand gently pressed against my side wakes me from my deep sleep.

"G-Good morning, Hisao," Hanako softly says.

"Good morning," I respond.

After giving myself a minute to rub the sleep out of my eyes, I sit up, still under the warm covers. The morning sun peeks through the barely open curtains, causing the room to glow ever so slightly. Hanako must have been up for a little while, or she at least looks much more awake than I am. She's looks even cuter than usual when she's just gotten up. Maybe it's her messy and unruly hair not yet neatly brushed or looking into her thoughtful and alluring purple eyes as they open and take in the morning light.

I steal a glance past Hanako and notice what must be the book she started while letting me sleep in. It doesn't seem very long and she is a quick reader, but her bookmark is well past the halfway point. The small alarm clock next to that says it's 1000.

"Couldn't sleep?"

"I did, it's just that… I was excited for today, having the house to ourselves for a while."

"Even if we have a bunch of chores to do?" I say with a chuckle.

Hanako excitedly nods.

Guess I shouldn't expect anything less of her. Maybe it was hard to tell at first, but she really does try to make the most out of any situation. Some of the tasks we have are practically unbearable for me, or at least they were a while back. Yet, her enthusiasm is contagious. It'll probably be a lot more enjoyable doing the chores with Hanako. And hey, having the house to ourselves until my parents get back isn't a bad trade.

We both get out of bed at the same time, and Hanako quickly rushes into the kitchen, asking me to settle down for a bit. To pass the time, I turn on the television and decide to stick with a documentary on the Fushimi Inari Shrine. It's interesting enough and it passes the time.

The smell of miso soup permeates the air, and Hanako comes back carrying two bowls. When she places them on the table, it reminds me of my mom's recipe, just with less onion. Plenty of tofu, peas, shrimp, chives, and seaweed float around in the bowls. Hanako heads back into the kitchen and returns with a plate of rice for us to share.

I give her an appreciative smile before starting on our breakfast. It tastes fairly similar to my mom's recipe, but still fairly different. Maybe Hanako asked her a few days ago? I swirl it around a bit and notice the occasional mushroom. Spoonfuls of soup are interchanged with mouthfuls of rice. It's a very simple breakfast, but a delicious one no less.

As we both finish, the bowls are stacked up on top of the empty plate. Hanako picks the dishes up and heads into the kitchen to quickly wash them before I can even offer.

When she comes back again, I express my appreciation, "That was lovely. Thank you, Hanako."

She stops in her tracks and starts to blush. "You really l-liked it?"

"Of course!"

Hanako gives me a deep bow before taking out what must be the list of chores we have to get done before my parents return. As she reads, her expression doesn't change. Just as I'm about to ask what we have ahead of us, she hands it over. Let's see…

A brief sweeping and dusting of the house.

Do the small pile of laundry built up over the past two days.

Wash any dishes we use during the day. Hanako seems to have that covered already.

Water the plants, meaning the bonsai trees and various flowers.

Clean the curtains over the windows.

And take out the trash.

Doesn't seem too bad. Depending how long the sweeping and dusting takes, I think we would be done by 1400 at the latest. That leaves us at least 3 hours to spend together. Hard to fight the feeling that my parents are just going easy on us right now, though.

"Well, shall we get started?" I ask.

"Okay. Maybe we should get the laundry going first."

Makes sense. I nod in agreement, and Hanako moves to gather all of the dirty clothes in a basket. Leaving the note on the living room table, I decide to take out the trash and get that out of the way. Should probably get my jacket to stave off the cold, even if it's only a very short walk. Garbage bag in hand, I nearly sprint out the door and head into the nearby garage. It's difficult to see, and the tiny windows aren't helping me at all. That definitely isn't what I'm looking for. If I had to guess, and I'm not sure I want to, it's probably the hedge clippers. The next thing thankfully seems like the garbage bin.

I head back into the house, drop off my jacket and look over the list again to see what we should do next. As I'm doing so, Hanako returns with a simple-looking cup filled with water. Her smile makes it more than obvious that something's on her mind, but I can wait until she wants to tell me.

"Guess you'll take care of the plants?"

"I-If you don't mind. Once the laundry is cleaned and dried, do you want to do that together?" Hanako asks, shuffling her feet while making sure to not spill any water.

"Ironing and folding clothes was always my least favorite chore, but alright," I respond while absent-mindedly looking for something to do next.

Sweeping and dusting just seems like something we should do at the same time. Pretty much leaves cleaning the curtains. We part ways again and I start rummaging through the tool closet for the miniature vacuum. Despite how tidy the rest of the house is, this tiny space was always a mess. I guess it can be difficult to neatly arrange a bunch of various tools in such a small space. A broom starts to tilt over and nearly lands straight on my head before I catch it. Might as well leave it out for later. And there's the crimson feather duster on the top shelf.

Aha, there's the little handheld vacuum cleaner! I grab it before anything else can fall on top of me and head over to the first set of windows. As soon as it's turned on, a low rumble can be heard from the vacuum. I start from the top of each curtain and make my way down to the frilled bottoms. Thankfully, the device isn't powerful enough to really pull on the drapes forcefully.

Making my way to the my parents' bedroom, I see Hanako carefully pouring water into the plant pots and taking in the fragrance of the flowers, spending a particularly lengthy amount of time on the white lilies. She has called Lilly a few times and the journalism club girls once during our vacation; I know she doesn't exactly like being separated from her friends. A quick shake of her head and she moves on.

After briefly vacuuming the curtains in this room, I head back into the living room. That should have been all of them, and in any case, Hanako seems to be ready to move onto the next task. A quick peek at the clock tells me it's already 1030. The laundry will likely be done cleaning soon, and then it needs to dry. Might be able to get the sweeping and dusting done in that time.

"Is the washing machine almost done, Hanako?" I ask.

"A few more minutes, I think," she says, confirming that my plan should work.

"Alright, want to get started on the sweeping and dusting after you put the clothes in the dryer?"

"Okay. C-Can I do the dusting?" She rubs her arm nervously, like she thinks she's asking for too much.

"Sure. The feather duster is against the closet door once you're ready."

Hanako snatches it and begins daintily dusting what turns out to be a surprising amount of dust on top of the television. As more dust is kicked up into the air, she sneezes and rubs her face to get any more of it away from her.

I head off towards the kitchen first, broom in hand. By getting into the hard to reach places, especially behind the stove, I soon have a sizable pile of junk in front of me. Might as well see how big the mound is going to get. Working my way through the others rooms fortunately yields very little in comparison. What I did gather ends up fitting in the dustpan quite easily. Well, except for the annoying line of garbage that refuses to be swept up. I lost count after what was likely the tenth attempt...

Another peek at the clock reveals that it's already noon. Can't say I'm not surprised at how long that took. After putting the broom back in the tool closet, hopefully in a way that it won't fall on any of us again, Hanako comes back from the laundry room with a basket full of clean yet unruly heap of clothes.

"There's something I wanted to tell you earlier… and I might need help with the ironing," Hanako says.

"Okay, I'll go grab the iron and ironing board," I respond. I think she's done more than her fair share of the chores so far, so I don't really mind if she just folds the clothes once all the wrinkles and folds are taken out.

After rummaging through the closet for what I hope is the last time today, I locate the iron quite quickly and put it aside. The board, however, seems like it's going to be a lot more difficult. I slowly and carefully tug on it, a method that seems to work incredibly well until the legs get caught on something. It makes a horrible scraping sound for only a second, but it was a second too long, judging by Hanako's tightly shut eyes.


I flip the cover on the handle open and pour some hot water in from the kitchen sink. Once it's plugged in, I let it sit for a little while and then shoot a few puffs of steam away from the two of us. Hanako pulls out a shirt at random, one of my loose-fitting shirts that's pretty much hers at this point, and lays it over the ironing board. An old, gray tee-shirt that I practically forgot about in my closet at Yamaku. She took a liking to it, so at least it's seeing use again.

I slowly run the iron over the body of the shirt until all the wrinkles are lifted out of the shirt, then go through the same process on each of the sleeves. Hanako takes it off the board and begins to neatly fold it into a square. Next up, a pair of my dad's work pants. Starting on the front side, I make a few passes with the iron and hopefully do a decent job. Hanako folds the black pants up and places it on the chat. She hesitates to hand the next piece of clothing over, fiddling with her pink blouse.

"Something wrong?" I ask.

"No, just thinking about today… and after that," Hanako mumbles her carefully chosen, vague words.

"Do you remember how I was excited for today?" She adds.

"How could I forget you feeling that way despite the chores we had to do?"

She breaks eye contact with me and instead stares into the sea of colorful fabric and clothing in front of her. I can tell she's embarrassed about this. Probably wouldn't hurt to leave the iron for a minute or two.

Sitting down next to her and taking her scarred hand in my own, I look Hanako directly in her eyes. At first, she tries to evade perfect eye contact, but meets my gaze after I feel her grip tighten slightly.

"It's probably kind of s-silly, but I was thinking of today as… us having our own house or even apartment together like… like a real c-couple."

Before I can react, Hanako turns an even deeper shade of red and continues, "N-not that I don’t think we’re a r-real couple! I, um…"

I can’t help but laugh, causing her to pout in response. "Oh, you know what I meant."

"Heh, I do. I actually hadn't thought of it like that, but… I think I can see it. Just the two of us by ourselves, doing housework and enjoying each other's company," I utter what comes to my mind.

"Have you ever thought of this before, Hanako?"

"I've tried, but the feeling was never this strong until a few days ago."

Makes sense. There's always been pretty big reminders that we were at Yamaku and not by ourselves. Something as simple as seeing other people, hearing Kenji's ramblings while we're trying sleep, or the sudden dull noise of sound machines in nearby rooms.
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 24/3/2016)

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Home for Christmas (Part 4) (2 of 2)

Endings to this part are NSFW.

"Hisao? I know we have a lot ahead of us, but I really want share that with you." Hanako's voice breaks my train of thought.

"I do too. It's still hard to know where I'm heading sometimes. No matter where that is, I want to go there with you," I sincerely answer, causing Hanako to blush heavily.

"Th-Thanks, Hisao."

With that settled, we get back to the pile of cleaned and dried laundry in silence, now that our thoughts are out in the open. I steal a quick glance at her every now and again, and each time her distinctive and sweet smile boosts my own spirits. Doing laundry has always been one of my least favorite chores, but this makes it much more bearable.

Before I know it, the mound of clothes is reduced to just one of my dad's handkerchiefs. A pass or two over it signals the end of our tasks.

"It's already 1300?" I mutter.

Hanako leaves her pile of neatly arranged clothes, separated by person, in a hurry and says, "I'll start getting lunch ready."

"Need any help?"

There's no response for a few seconds before a barely audible 'No, I'll be fine' comes from the kitchen, followed by the sound of the refrigerator and then cabinets opening.

Flipping through the television channels like before crosses my mind, but I suddenly feel kind of tired. Didn't I get enough sleep last night? And it's not like the chores should have been that exhausting. No matter how hard I try to suppress it, a loud yawn escapes. Even if Hanako didn't say anything, I bet she heard me. Can't hurt to close my eyes for a few minutes…


"Hisao? Lunch is ready," Hanako says as she gently wakes me up from my unintentional slumber.

I smile at her while stretching, and almost accidentally kick the table in front of me. The sleep slowly leaves my eyes and reveals two plates of tonkatsu, complete with side dishes of finely shredded cabbage and rice. It smells wonderful.

Taking a mouthful of the side dishes, both seem to be cooked well, even if they are very plain. The main dish of pork, however, is lightly fried with a crispy coating. The pinches of seasoning provide for a nice kick that isn't too distracting or overpowering.

By the time I'm a third of the way through my meal, I notice Hanako has been slowly chipping away at hers. Right, I forgot that she likes to hear my thoughts on her cooking. Of course this is right in the middle of my biggest bite yet.

"The tonkatsu is really good. Your skill with spices really shows. Though, I think the rice and cabbage are a bit… boring compared to the main dish. Not really sure if anything can be done about that," I ramble my thoughts off.

Hanako slowly nods and smiles. "I have a few ideas for next time, but thanks for telling me," she responds.

We finish the rest of our filling lunches without another word. As soon as I set down my plate, Hanako whisks it up and quickly washes everything we used in the kitchen. The sudden stop of flowing water followed by the clattering of plates comes from the other room. She returns while rolling down the sleeves of her pink nightgown.

"Do your p-parents have any films we could watch?" She asks.

"Check the dark wood cabinet near the television. I don't think there's a lot to pick from, but hopefully something you'll like."

Hanako pulls out a box, looks it over, and excitedly puts it in the DVD player. I make some room on the futon and she settles down next to me. It's a fairly standard romance with a few twists here and there, but my tiredness is coming back. No matter how hard I try to fight it, it's a losing battle. My eyes involuntary start to close. Hope she won't be mad at me…


My legs suddenly start to feel cold, but the feeling is replaced by a new warmth within seconds. Maybe Hanako was adjusting a blanket or something.

It's definitely not that.

I open my eyes slowly, not really sure what to expect. Hanako is on her knees right in front of me, staring intently as she slowly runs her fingers up and down my member. Her pace quickens as her delicate fingers wrap around me. I attempt to suppress a subdued moan as she continues to speed up and show no signs of stopping. She pays me no mind as she opens her mouth and sends me further into ecstasy.

Another dull moan and Hanako looks up without stopping, her messy bangs brushed out of her face. Her eyes are wide in surprise, but I can just imagine the smile that'd be on her face if she wasn't… occupied. I reach out with my hand as the pleasure overwhelms me, and she takes it in her own, interlocking our fingers. Hanako pulls back and resumes the rhythmic motions of her hand to not lose momentum.

"Tell me when you're c-close," she seductively whispers.


With that out of the way, she makes full use of her tongue and mouth again to make me feel as good as possible. It's times like these that I'm beyond grateful that I picked up light exercise and strengthened my heart. I know she'd understand, but it would be heartbreaking to have to tell her stop because I was in terrible shape, especially when she's constantly becoming more confident and outgoing.

A loud grunt involuntarily leaves my lips, and Hanako looks up at me while maintaining her movements. The spontaneity of all this, her enthusiasm, her alluring eyes… it's all too much!

"H-H-Hanako… s-stop, please…," I stammer out.

She moves back immediately with a curious look.

"I got really close… and it felt amazing," I say between breaths.

The compliment puts a shining smile on her face. She settles down next to me again, wrapping her arms around my own. It's easy to notice my excitement settle down after a minutes as I have nothing covering my legs. Hanako suddenly releases my arm and jumps up, gathering my pants and underwear in one hand, and gently tugging at my sleeve with the other. She leads me into our room, places my clothes on a nearby chair, and sits on the bed. Finally, an invitation to join her, not that I think I could have waited much longer.

Compared to the very… crude removal of the remainder of my clothes, Hanako gingerly removes her nightgown and reveals her lacy purple and black bra and panties. I instinctively smile as her bra comes off and falls onto the bed. She starts to blush as she slips off her last piece of clothing, probably because I'm grinning like an idiot.

I begin to carefully trace the rough line where her scars end on her back, and she tenses up slightly. When Hanako relaxes, her breasts become as irresistible as ever. Each cupped by my hands, I gently knead them and quickly earn a gasp in response. She starts to lean into me, giving me a cue that I can keep moving on. Nodding to… myself, my fingers find their way down her body and reach the soft skin of her inner thighs. I inch upwards and finally into her most private area. Hanako bites her lip and starts to squirm under my touch, suppressing moans, or at least attempting to.

When I pull my hands back, she takes a moment to catch her breath. Hanako puts on a smile that I've never seen before with eyes to match. It's seductive and inviting, but also kind of… brave and adventurous?

"Choice 1"

She edges me towards the end of the bed and spreads her legs open to me. I know exactly what she's thinking and have no problem reciprocating the favor. I lower myself until I'm at the same level as her body. She's already a bit wet. Was she…? Bah, it doesn't really matter right now.

I start to feel the warmth emanating from her body rush towards my face, the feeling only intensifying as my mouth makes contact with her most intimate area. At first, there's only a slight gasp in response. But then, I let out a gasp of my own as her feet wrap around my back and pull me in closer. Her toes curve, looking for something to gain leverage on. They give up their search and flatten out over my back, but her legs still have me trapped, not that I mind.

I waste no time in making slow, circular motions that cover as much as possible -- what she told me makes her feel the best. Her stifled, and sometimes surprisingly loud, moans only confirm that she's enjoying herself greatly. Hanako's body begins to quiver in ecstasy as I increase my pace. It only becomes more obvious as I wrap my lips around her most sensitive area and gently tug.

Her slender legs relax their hold on me. "H-Hisao… wait…," she says between heavy breaths." I distance myself from her body as much as she allows me to.

"C-Can you lie down on the bed?" She sincerely asks, and I can't even think of objecting.

As soon as I do, she repositions herself… with her head near my legs and my head near her legs… on top of me? Guess her expression should have been a very obvious sign to me. Just as before, her legs wrap around me, this time my head, and pull me towards her body.

I resume my rhythmic motions, but let out a blast of warm air as she once again wraps her lips around my manhood and continues where she left off. I know she was close, but… I didn't have much time to calm down from before; we won't last long at all. Hanako makes use of everything she possibly can to make me feel as good as possible, so I attempt to follow her lead. Her body begins to quiver again as I do the same. Our paces continue to increase as we approach our limits.

A moment later, it becomes too much, and I feel Hanako's orgasm as I hit my own. Everything else feels incredibly dull in comparison. We both distance ourselves from the other's privates, both of us gasping for air. We're covered in sweat and surrounded by our love for each other, further strengthened by the events of today.

Both of us are content to stay like this for a few more minutes until exhaustion starts to take hold. Hanako moves to my side and I throw the covers over us. Think I'm looking forward to more days like this.

"Choice 2"

She gets on her hands and knees with her most intimate areas pointed straight at my own. I notice Hanako bobbing her head for me to continue. With a bit of fine-tuned movement, I connect the two of us, earning another gasp from Hanako. Her body tumbles forward in surprise, but she regains her posture and leans back into me. It's the same warm feeling that I've loved from the very first time, yet her body's response to me is slightly different.

She quickly begins pushing up against me and then pulling back rhythmically. Can't blame her for being a bit impatient and wanting to continue. As soon as I see the opportunity, I attempt to match her thrusts. Hanako attempts to suppress another moan as we speed up, but it still manages to escape her lips and encourages me. It all feels absolutely incredible, and Hanako is much more vigorous than usual. I catch a glimpse of her face, and the only way to describe it is pure ecstasy. This is probably even better for her.

I lose all sense of time as all of my attention is focused on the two of us. Sweat is building up on both of our bodies, yet neither of us pay that any mind. Hanako's sea of purple hair is clinging to her face and back. Her thrusts grow even faster and it's almost difficult to keep up. Hanako sinks further into the bed and her gasps and moans become more frequent and much louder. I don't think I can hold on much longer.

"H-Hana…?" I barely manage to stammer out.

"Mm… Ah… I'm… ready…"

With one final thrust, I reach my limit. Just as the sensation begins to overwhelm me, I feel Hanako reach hers as well. Everything else feels dull in comparison right now. She falls forward on the bed and I unintentionally follow her lead. Both of us are gasping for air, covered in sweat and surrounded by our love for each other, further strengthened by the events of today.

Both of us are content to stay like this for a few more minutes until she feels ready to clean herself up quickly. With the few tissues disposed of, Hanako crawls up next to me and I throw the covers over us. Think I'm looking forward to more days like this.

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 24/3/2016)

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Please take that with a grain of salt, as I'm not a fan of H-scenes in general, but the segue into this one was extremely abrupt. You did announce it at the beginning of the chapter, and I STILL reread that line twice to make sure I didn't misread that^^°

Up to that point the story was well written as usual.
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