TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 28/1/2017)

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TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 28/1/2017)

Post by TheDwarfLard » Thu Sep 17, 2015 10:16 am

I've been sitting on a fair amount of fan-fictions for some time now (and likely will continue writing), and I decided to post them here.


1. Breaking and Entering (this post)

2. Family Picnic

3. Understanding
Alternate and expanded scene in 'Breaking and Entering.'

4. Haneko

5. Vampire Hanako

6. Home for Christmas (Part 1)

7. Home for Christmas (Christmas Special/Part 3)

8. Home for Christmas (Part 2)

9. Hanako Gives Hisao's the Chocolate (Valentine's Day)

10. Home for Christmas (Part 4) (1/2) (2/2)
Second part's endings are NSFW.

10. At the Beach

Breaking and Entering

Hisao always likes to tell me I have too many locks on my bunker door. He never listens when I say that you can never be too careful here. I can't believe he doesn't listen, even after I told him how the feminists outnumber us! Despite that, Hisao's a good soldier and even better man, but I fear it's going to lead to his downfall.

I sometimes hear his friend with the dark hair enter his room in the evening. It's even worse that he lets her in! I try to eavesdrop on their conversations, but it's too muffled. Such is the price of my own safety…

And she rarely leaves the night she arrives. Hisao may be sleeping, but she must be planting traps to catch Hisao when she wakes up. The feminists are too smart to just kidnap him directly, they always use their goddamned traps. I have all too much experience with that... I don't know why he just doesn't listen!

Because of these recent developments, I think I might need to add another three locks to the door and replace the window glass with bulletproof glass. That'll thwart their snipers.

The door finally opens up to the bleak and desolate world. Hisao thinks the Yamaku dormitory hallway is the same as it's always been, but his vision is unclear and focused. He *thinks* he has better eyesight, but my shaman eyes have never failed me thus far. Maybe I need to break into his room at night and slap some sense into him.

Hm… the corridor looks clear.

Damn, I almost forgot my survival bag! I can't be caught without it in this world. It has enough supplies to last me several days if I'm pinned down by the enemy. I hope that doesn't happen, but one can never be too sure. Despite the urgency, I can afford a few seconds to make sure Hisao's okay.

I hastily yet skillfully lock the entrance to my safe haven. The last thing I need is a break-in and robbery. I'd be set back weeks, if not months!

As I approach Hisao's door, I put my ear up to it. There's not much, just a few faint sounds. The first one that sticks out sounds like clacking on wood. Ah, that's right, they often play games together. I wonder why that girl is helping Hisao practice his strategies… The only other sound that's clear enough is the girl giggling. Is Hisao converting her? He always seemed smarter than I gave him credit for. Maybe he can do what I couldn't… Well, I can get a status report from him later.

Survival bag in hand, I set out for the mission that's been planned for weeks now, but I can't help but feel somewhat bad now. No, I can't think like that. I can't be sure that Hanako girl is an ally and doesn't want to capture my second in command. Those feminists may be crafty, but they *always* leave behind some evidence tying them to their devious plots. If it's there, I'm going to find it. Hisao's life depends on it!

I stealthily make my way down the hallway, through the common room, and out of the building. So far so good. I have an hour until curfew is in place. As much as it restricts me, it does also limit their movement as well. I have time for an extensive search.

Going behind the feminists' dormitory building, I set down my survival bag and pull out the item conveniently placed on top of everything. This ski mask should conceal my identity at distance.

I quickly make my way over to the door, slowly opening it. Taking a peek inside, I see no one. Perfect. I make my way up the stairs, since the elevator could easily be sabotaged, which would cause me to fall to my doom. It doesn't take long to find that girl's room, especially since I pried the information from Hisao. He was confused, but it's for his own good. Once again setting down my bag, I grab my trusty lockpick and make quick work of the locked door. In mere seconds, the door opens and reveals that spy's HQ.

It's surprisingly bleak and colorless, but I shouldn't expect much more from such a mobile group. I quickly close the door behind me so no one catches me here, especially her friend. She's blind as a bat, but I know how good her hearing is. Have to keep calm and be as quiet as possible.

The first item to catch my eye is a doll on a shelf. It's probably some voodoo doll she uses for her witchcraft, but it couldn't hurt to inspect it. Hm… From what Hisao's told me, I think it looks like that girl's friend. Seems to be in good condition and of high quality… not that I would know. After all, puppets are far superior.

Otherwise, there's not much of interest on the shelves. Her desk, however, has a folded up note. Just seems like a bunch of plans for the week: what the two of them are doing tonight, a date tomorrow at that teahouse and an upcoming book both of them apparently want. At least I know *where* to go now, but I'm not much further ahead than I was yesterday. Maybe there's something of interest in her desk?

I rummage through the drawers, but only the last one has something: a small book with some surprisingly good penmanship on it. Must be a diary. Checking the clock, I have around 50 minutes left, so there's time to study this.

The early pages all sound relatively the same, but I notice that Hisao starts to come up an increasingly large amount. He's not the only topic, but at least 50% of the entries at this point have some information about him.

I begin to stop paying attention to the dates and focus entirely on the entries themselves. Must be mid July at this point in the diary. They spent the night together? They had sex…? WHAT‽ Didn't I warn him of the dangers? He's going to get himself killed, and by the looks of it, it's going to come a lot sooner than I thought.

Despite these terrible developments, I must forge ahead. Entry for the day after… Hisao wasn't affected by her feminine wiles? But how? My lifeforce was drained from me, but not him? This doesn't make any sense. And then the last few lines throw me for an even bigger loop. 'I've loved him for weeks and was finally able to show Hisao as clearly as possible. And I now know that he loves me just as much. I've never felt so happy.'

This has to be some simple trick, so I flip through the rest of the entries to confirm that. The feminists always screw up at some point. They may have the numbers, but I have the brains. Yet, the rest of the entries only confirm what this Hanako wrote to be true.

Why do I suddenly feel bad? Maybe she was an ally all along and I never released. I don't think Hisao's stupid enough to fall into such an obvious trap, especially after I warned him. I quietly put the diary back, grab my supplies, and head out the door and return to my bunker. I think what happened today requires a special meeting tomorrow…


The events of the day keep racing through my head as if they're drag racers or cougars… or drag racing cougars. All this time I thought this Hanako was after Hisao's blood to gain a significant advantage over the resistance. But that simply can't be the case anymore. Feminists aren't capable of love and they're definitely not patient creatures. If she was going to kill Hisao, she would have done so a long time ago. Furthermore, sex had brought them closer together instead of tearing them apart. He didn't have his life force drained either... what's so different for them? I'll have to conduct some research when Hisao's out with Hanako...

No, this meeting can't wait until tomorrow.

Leaving the safety of my bunker, I put my ear up to his door again. Good. They're still talking and I can hear the occasionally clack. Despite the urgency, I decide to at least give them a warning of my grand arrival.

"Hisao, man, are you in there?"

The voice is muffled, but still clear enough, "Kenji? We're in the middle of something important right now."

I can't help but grow angry, "This is more important, damnit!" My attempts to open the door are of no use. It opens a few second later, revealing a very casual and vulnerable Hisao and his girlfriend sitting on his bed, both with fairly messy hair. At least I think so.

"What do you want?" He seems aggravated.

"I'll get straight to the point: Hanako's not a feminist and I can prove it."

Hisao just looks at me blankly. "I've known that all this time. She's only shown love and kindness to me and I've done my best to return that." A pause. "Anyway, didn't I tell you that earlier?"

I adjust my glasses in what I assume is a matter-of-fact way. "Well, you never actually *proved* it. You're going to want to sit down for this. It might take a while and I don't want you getting tired, man."

After a brief recount of what happened, I finally get to the important part. "So anyway, I broke into Hanako's room--"

Hisao quickly and angrily interjects, "You what‽"

And Hanako moves to gather more information about my mission. "Did you take anything…?"

"No, I looked through some documents, but everything is where it was."

"That's a relief… but wh-what documents? You don't mean my d-diary, do you? "Her voice is filled with relief, but dread takes hold quickly.


Sitting at Hisao's desk, I can see them both of them well enough, especially Hanako throwing the covers over herself to hide. Hisao responds by putting an arm around her and slowly moves it up and down her own arm. Who knew diaries were so special to them?

I forge ahead. "I had to know. Who's to say you weren't under some feminist spell and just saying that she was trustworthy? I had to find out for myself. And I'm convinced now."

Hisao shakes his head. "Well, I guess that's something at least."

Guess it took less time than I expected, probably for the better. "So, can I expect to see my newest recruit in action next week?"

She shakes her head from underneath the covers. Hisao whispers something to her and she slowly pulls them away. I stick out a hand to confirm this agreement. Hanako slowly meets me halfway and a decent handshake is all it takes. At this distance, I'm able to get a pretty good view of her. Damn, I gotta admit that Hisao is one lucky guy and that he wasn't lying way back then. She's pretty cute. I'll have to tell him at another time, as the nightly assault is going to begin soon.

"I hope you two are prepared for the attacks tonight. Get some rest if you can." And with that, I return to the safety of my bunker.


Hanako looks at me with wide eyes and I do my best to explain the situation. "Kenji's… a little out there sometimes. He means well. Also, you don't really have to do anything his fight against the feminists, just make something up if he ever asks."

She nods. "O-Okay."

With that settled and our game of chess already completed, there's suddenly much less to do. I can't help but let out a yawn. Lying on my bed, I invite Hanako to join me for the night. She quickly and excitedly takes her place beside me and wears her cute, shy smile.

"Need something, Ha--" My words are cut off as her lips meet mine and we're both lost in a kiss.

"Sleep well, Hi--" I repeat her action and cut her off with another kiss. It's a shorter one, but no less passionate. When we break off, Hanako puts on a pout. It never fails to get to me…

I decide to quickly make vague plans to satisfy her, and myself as well. "How about we can do whatever you want tomorrow? After all, it'll be Sunday." An excited nod is the response I get, but it's all I need.

And just like most nights, we fall asleep together, holding Hanako close.
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots

Post by brythain » Thu Sep 17, 2015 10:35 am

That's a charming Kenji, let alone Hisao x Hanako. :)
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots

Post by Mirage_GSM » Thu Sep 17, 2015 11:07 am

Tbh, I expected Hanako to go ballistic on Kenji, when he told her about the break-in :-)
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots

Post by Sharp-O » Thu Sep 17, 2015 11:41 am

Mirage_GSM wrote:Tbh, I expected Hanako to go ballistic on Kenji, when he told her about the break-in :-)
Seconded, though maybe if he HAD moved shit, she would have.

For a Kenji story, this was pretty entertaining and for your first fic on here, I'd say it's a fantastic first outing. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, Dwarf. :D

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots

Post by AntonSlavik020 » Thu Sep 17, 2015 7:27 pm

What others said. Not usually a big Kenji fan, but he was done pretty well here. And yeah, if I was in Hanako's position I would be pretty upset with Kenji, but like he said, he didn't actually take anything. Overall, a decent one-shot.
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots

Post by TheDwarfLard » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:56 am

Family Picnic

I can't help but feel relieved that I'm able to sleep in today, or at least rest my eyes. The week's been particularly difficult at Yamaku, but I still enjoyed every minute of it. The space beside me is unusually empty and cold, but… I remember Hanako getting up an hour or two ago. Despite my tired state, hearing Hanako's sweet and quiet voice as well as Hanae's excited bursts of words in between mouthfuls of food never fails to set my mind at ease and soothe me.

Just as I close my eyes and get comfortable, the door to the room creaks open, and I see Hanako and Hanae walk in through my squinting eyes. Hanae's wearing a cute pink dress we bought for her a few weeks ago and her familiar amethyst hair is tied back in a ponytail. Hanako's dressed in a loose-fitting blouse and pair of black pants, her lovely hair flowing down past her shoulders.

Hanako quietly takes her place next to me, but Hanae decides to less than gracefully climb onto the bed. I feel her small hands on my side as she gives me tiny pushes in an attempt to get my attention. It's incredibly difficult to not chuckle.

"Wake up, Papa!" she tells me while Hanako begins to giggle.

Opening my eyes, I groggily respond, "Papa's tired, Hanae. Can I have another hour of sleep? Then we can play together."

My daughter shakes her head. "B-But… we're supposed to go to the park for a picnic soon."

I… I can't believe I forgot…

I look over at Hanako and she nods. "We're not late or anything, H-Hisao. Take as much time as you need." Hanae smiles and excitedly bobs her head in agreement.

After ruffling Hanae's hair, which causes her to put on a cute pout, I start to get up. "Is everything packed and ready to go?" They both nod again, this time even more enthusiastically.

The two girls leave the room and I'm left alone with my thoughts. In all honesty… I think I feel a lot better now, but a quick look at the clock tells me why. I slept for an extra three hours. Maybe our lack of very brief naps over the past week caught up to me.

I grab and put on a decent looking shirt and tie, along with a pair of tan pants. Just as I'm ready to head out, the jacket Mutou gave me when I graduated from university catches my eye.

I… forgot to grade some papers, didn't I? Ugh… I hope the girls are okay with me having to spend some of the day on that. After cursing my memory, I hastily put on the jacket and leave the bedroom and enter the relatively simple living room.

"Hey, Hanako? I… uh… might have forgotten to grade some lab reports. Would you mind if I brought them with me?"

This time, Hanako puts on her adorable pout before it melts into a bashful smile. "No, that's fine," she says while grabbing the basket filled with our lunch. Hanae, on the other hand, is fiddling with a sizable blanket. I grab the hefty stack of lab reports along with a pen. I hope I can still enjoy our little outing.

After a short walk, we arrive at the tranquil park outside of Yamaku and quickly head to the same area where Hanako and I confessed our feelings for each other. It's somewhat cloudy today, but that doesn't dampen my mood.

Hanae sets down the blanket next to a tree and flattens it out after wrestling with it. Hanako and I sit down next to each other, with our daughter beaming across from us. A set of three colorful and tasty-looking bento boxes are taken out and distributed along with chopsticks.

We share some small talk, largely consisting of complimenting and commenting on the lunch Hanako made for us.

It seems like Hanae still has a bit of extra energy, though, as she tugs on Hanako's sleeve. "Mama, can we go see the flowers?"

"S-Sure. We'll only be away for a few minutes, Hisao," Hanako says as she walks off with our daughter.

Guess I can take this chance to start grading the reports. Well, that is if I don't get distracted by nature and the two most important girls in my life.

Thankfully, the first few don't require much attention, and the next ones that do are easy to get through. Figuring that I'm making good time, I look up from the stack of papers and take in my surroundings. Despite having been here many times since our life-changing meeting, I can't help but think back on what the park used to look like.

In all honesty, it doesn't look that different, though it's received more funding and attention. It truly is a beautiful place to relax in.

I look over to where the two girls went and notice them admiring the flower bushes as well as picking smaller flowers from the ground. Each time Hanae takes one, she puts it in Hanako's hair, and before long, she has a wreath of colorful flowers around her head.

After grading a few more papers, I look up again and now Hanae has her own ring of flowers. As they walk back hand-in-hand, I hear Hanae giggling and I can't help grinning. Knowing she's happy is a feeling like no other. Hanako settles down next to me again and wraps an arm around mine, and Hanae sits down across from us.

I unfortunately still have a few more reports to get through, but I think I can afford to take a little break. "You two have fun?"

Hanae puts on an even bigger smile and nods, "It was a lot of fun smelling the flowers and picking them from the grass."

I always loved what a flower or two could do for Hanako, and Hanae seems to have the same love of them that her mother does. It makes her even cuter too.

When I break out of my little reverie, the little girl is engrossed in a short book. With her occupied, Hanako rests her head on my shoulder and lets her silky hair fan out across my arm.

With all of my work done, I interlock my fingers with hers and decide to relax as well. Despite my forgetfulness, I'm glad we picked today for our little outing.

After around half an hour of relaxation, I feel a single drop of water fall on my nose. Upon opening my eyes, I see what might best be described as a look of terror on Hanako's face as we both come to the realization of what's happening.

"Hisao! Your papers!" Hanako exclaims.

I rush over to where I piled them up and quickly yet somewhat carefully shove them into my coat, to keep them from becoming absolutely drenched. I really hope the damage isn't too bad.

We all get up and Hanae bundles the blanket into a semi-manageable ball and holds it tightly to keep it out of the rain as much as possible.

"Hanae, where's your book?" I anxiously ask.

As her hair is slowly becoming matted down, she answers, "I gave it to Mama before it started to rain."

At least something is going to stay dry…

We run as quickly as we can back to our house. By the time we reach the door, we all have widespread blots of water across our clothes.

After changing out of the wet clothes and into dry sets, it's time for a damage report. As expected, Hanae's book is fine. The picnic blanket is fairly damp, but it can just be washed and dried. I then quickly flip through the stack of lab reports.

"Are your papers okay, Papa?" Hanae asks as she looks at me with hopeful eyes.

"They should be fine, I think. They're kind of wet, but everything can still be read," I respond and reassure the two girls.

"Next time… I think we should bring an umbrella," Hanako remarks.

"Yeah… that makes sense." I'm unable to comment any more.

Well, maybe it wasn't the best of the picnics we've had, but it was definitely worth it for some time with my two favorite girls. Hanae, on the other hand, looks particularly bored.

"Maybe we could watch a movie together, and we'll let Hanae pick," the sweatered Hanako suggests. Our daughter beams at the thought and quickly looks through the selection of movies we have.

After setting it up, Hanae takes her seat on a chair far too big for her and wraps herself up in a blanket. Hanako and I settle in next to each other and enjoy both the movie and each other's presence. Without forgetting our adorable daughter, of course.

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots

Post by TheDwarfLard » Wed Sep 30, 2015 10:02 am

Sharp-O wrote:
Mirage_GSM wrote:Tbh, I expected Hanako to go ballistic on Kenji, when he told her about the break-in :-)
Seconded, though maybe if he HAD moved shit, she would have.

For a Kenji story, this was pretty entertaining and for your first fic on here, I'd say it's a fantastic first outing. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, Dwarf. :D
I had thought about doing that, at least for a bit. Though, Hanako going after Kenji, verbally or physically, would likely have damaged his trust (if you can call it that). But thanks in any case.

AntonSlavik020 wrote:What others said. Not usually a big Kenji fan, but he was done pretty well here. And yeah, if I was in Hanako's position I would be pretty upset with Kenji, but like he said, he didn't actually take anything. Overall, a decent one-shot.
Maybe an alternate ending (or near ending) would be worth looking into at some point.

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 30/9/2015)

Post by AntonSlavik020 » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:41 pm

Cute one-shot.
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 30/9/2015)

Post by Blank Mage » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:53 pm


I do have to wonder how well Hanako handles pregnancy, as it's been pointed out that her skin doesn't have as much elasticity as most.
And we're back.
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 30/9/2015)

Post by Sharp-O » Thu Oct 01, 2015 3:07 am

Blank Mage wrote: I do have to wonder how well Hanako handles pregnancy, as it's been pointed out that her skin doesn't have as much elasticity as most.
Ouch, yeah... I'll have to bear that in mind.

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 30/9/2015)

Post by Sohtak » Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:44 am

There has been quite a few documented cases of burn scarred women giving birth so I'd imagine it's more than possible, especially under hospital supervision :p

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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 30/9/2015)

Post by Steinherz » Fri Oct 02, 2015 1:51 am

Sharp-O wrote:
Blank Mage wrote: I do have to wonder how well Hanako handles pregnancy, as it's been pointed out that her skin doesn't have as much elasticity as most.
Ouch, yeah... I'll have to bear that in mind.
I write take a look, would you kindly?
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 30/9/2015)

Post by Alpacalypse » Fri Oct 02, 2015 10:39 am

I haven't commented here yet. Before I commit sudoku, I must correct my failure. :(

Breaking and Entering: Now my headcanon for Kenji post-Hanako-route. It just fits too well with his character.

Family Picnic: Nice 'n fluffy. Just what I wanted, really I just finished Higurashi no naku koro ni. Anybody who's done the same understands.I now wish that Hanae had said "Ni-paa~" at some point for extra adorable points.

I'll be watching this thread. Keep it up, Dwarf! :wink:
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Re: TheDwarfLard's One-Shots (Updated 30/9/2015)

Post by swampie2 » Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:05 pm

I very much enjoyed both of these, good job!
One Shots - My stories thread.

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