A One-Shot: Footsteps in the Dark(9S/ Secret Santa '18)

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A One-Shot: From Time (8S/ Secret Santa '17)

Post by Path » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:37 pm

Victim: FrauPerchta

Prompt: Hisao sits in the tea room with the window open, drinking tea with Lilly and Hanako. Describe his thoughts, feelings, the tea, sounds of the room, ect.

Side note: I was really tempted to use a scene from the game to see if anyone would know and take the lazy way out. Also this I cut out some ideas which I would have like to put towards the end, but time and yada yada yada.

From Time

“Here’s your tea, Hisao,” Lilly hands me the cup of tea with her trademark warm smile that I become accustom to for three months now.

“Thanks Lilly,” I take the cup with one hand and holds the saucer for support with my other hand.

“And here’s yours, Hanako.”

“T-thanks Lilly,” Hanako replies with a smile of her own.

Hanako really has come a long way from when I met her. Well she is still shy, but slowly has been opening up. Well, she still has her moments, but she is more outgoing than before. Seeing her now is almost like a new person. I guess her joining the Newspaper Club has helped her out. Kind of makes me wonder if I had ended up with her instead of Lilly. Though the idea has come to mind a few times, I’m happy with my life.

“So Hanako,” Lilly takes her seat next to me, “How are Miss Ooe and Miss Inoue doing?”

“T-they are doing great,” Hanako’s voice perks up a little. “Yesterday, Natsume was freaking out because s-she thought she lost her glasses.”

“What happened?” I ask.

“At first, she b-blamed Naomi that she stole them. Naomi s-started teasing her that she is an absentminded person, who would lose their head if it wasn’t connected to her shoulders. I told her that her glasses were in her hand. Natsumi turn b-bright red.”

“Oh my,” Lilly responds with a small laugh, follow by Hanako. It’s still foreign to hear Hanako laugh, but I would be lying to say it’s not cute.

“Is Ooe really absentminded?” I ask.

“N-no. We’ve been busy recently and Natsume gets f-flustered when there’s a deadline.”

“Oh my,” Lilly sets her tea down, “I hope she is doing okay.”

“She’s okay, she usually takes a break when she needs it.”

“The newspaper club sounds like it can be hectic,” I comment.

“S-sometimes,” Hanako’s voice trails off.

I take drink of my tea. Lilly picked Jasmine tea today. I’m really a fan of it, but Lilly makes it in a way that I can be okay with. I place the cup back on the saucer and listen to my best friends talk to each about a new restaurant in the city. Supposedly they have a karaoke setup on certain days where people can sing in public. It does sound interesting because karaoke is usually done in a private room. Hanako said she heard it was popular in other countries and that sometimes people drink before going up. I wonder why anyone would do that, but Lilly seem intrigued by the idea.

“I would only sing if Hisao sings with me,” Lilly snuggles my arm.

“Me? Sing?” I shake my head in embarrassment. “I’m not a great singer. And singing in public sounds like a nightmare.”

“Lilly said y-you had a great singing voice, H-hisao,” Hanako smiles, her face turning a slight red. Remnants of shy Hanako still there.

“Why would say such a thing?”

“You remember our trip back to Hokkaido with just the two of us?” she asked with a smile.

“I don’t remember singing.”

“You have quite the voice when you shower.”

Both Lilly and Hanako share laugh at my expense, but I look down and finish the rest of my tea. It was the only the thing I can do. “Can I have more tea Lilly?”

“Yes dear, I’m almost done myself. Would you like more tea as well, Hanako?”

“Not yet. Thank you.”

Lilly gets up from her seat, using my left arm as support. She rubs my hair playfully before she makes more tea.

Outside the open window I spot a bird building a nest on a tree branch. The bird isn’t doing a great job building the nest, with some sticks it picked up falling to the ground. I read an article one time that birds build their nest better over time. If this is true, then this bird is still a young one.

“Here’s is your tea, dear,” Lilly hands me the cup tea. I take the cup and Lilly kisses me on the cheek.

“Thank you, honey.”

“I wonder where is Hanako?” she asks while she takes a seat next to me.

“She did say she had a big test next week,” I answer. “She might be studying.”

“Oh, I forgot about that. I have been busy with my own classes.”

“Me too. I’ve been having a lot of assignments lately.”

“Maybe we should study as well?”

Before I can answer, I hear sounds coming from the front door. The sound of the door opening echoes throughout our apartment. Not long we hear our best friend speak.

“I’m home!” Hanako calls out. She enters the living room, placing her school bag on the table. “Sorry, I’m late. Work got busy towards the end.”

“No worries, we were just about to have tea,” I say.

“You came in at the right time,” Lilly adds.

Hanako takes her seat, while Lilly prepares her a cup. Hanako sighs as she stretches her arms in the air. Her work uniform has some dust on it.

“Umm, Hanako, there’s some dust on your uniform.”

“Oh,” she brushes it away. “It’s flour. I had to make a lot of cupcakes for a party today.”

“A party?” Lilly places the cup of tea in front of her.

“Yes. I had to bake four dozen cupcakes for an office party”

“That’s a lot of cupcakes.”

“But that does remind me, I have a gift for you two.”

“A gift?” we both say in unison.

Hanako nods her head with a “yes” and begins to reach for her bag. She pulls out a pink box and slides it across the table. I slowly reach for the box and spot the mascot of the bakery Hanako works at. It’s a brown bear with a yellow apron waving. It is also holding a cookie with a bite in it.

“It’s a little early, but happy anniversary!”

I slowly open the box to reveal a cake. The design of the cake has two people that look like Lilly and myself sharing a kiss. The design looks a little rough, but you can tell that Hanako put a lot of effort in making it. I describe to my girlfriend the design and her face lights up with joy. It’s infectious that me and Hanako smile as well.

“Thank very much Hanako!” Lilly says in a joyous tone.

“It looks really good. I like the detail of my hair sticking up too.”

“Thank you Hanako, it looks delicious.”

“It’s red velvet cake.”

“Hisao, could you get the plates please.”


I get up from my seat. I head towards the kitchen and over hear Hanako and Lilly chat it up. I can’t really hear what they are saying but I hear them laugh at some point. Well more like Lilly laughing. I get the plates from the cabinet and the knife and forks from the drawer and head back to the living room. I place the plates down and Hanako grabs the knife from my hand and proceed to cut us a piece of the cake.

“Here you go, Lilly.”

“Thank you Hanako.”

“And Hisao.”


Lilly is the first one to take the bite and her face shows her joy. She washes down the cake with her tea. Hanako smiles by Lilly’s expression and quietly looks at me for me to take a bite. I cut a piece with the fork and take a bite.

“Wow, Hanako,” I say, “This is some really good cake.”

“It’s delicious,” Lilly says after swallowing another bite.

“Thanks. I wasn’t too sure how the frosting would turn out. I thought it was a little bit thick.”

“It’s turned out great.”

“I’m really happy that you both like it.”

I hear a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it,” I say.

I make my way towards the front door. As I do, I pass by a mirror in our hallway I think I need to get a haircut soon. The tuft of hair that usually stands up is beginning to droop a bit. Maybe I should keep it. Enough with hairstyle decisions. I reach the front door and open it.

“Hey Hisao, long time no see.”

“Hey Akira, I guess it has been a long time. It’s been like what, six months since you last visited.”

“That long?” Akira tilts her head as she thinks.

“Oh, hi Hiro,” I greet Akira’s husband, who is walking towards us with a present.

“Hi Hisao, we’re not late, are we?” Hiro asks.

“No, we are still waiting for the birthday girl to get here,” I reassure, “Shingo said they are on their way. Lilly is inside finishing up cooking dinner and making some tea.”

“Is that Akira?” Lilly speaks up from the kitchen.

“Yo Lilly!” Akira gently pushes me aside and heads towards the kitchen.

Hiro enters, and I close the door. Me and him head to the living room where the party decorations are almost up. Floral designs are hanging around with some streamers still needing to join them. Naomi walks into the living room with tape in her hands.

“I found some more tape Hisao,” she says.

“Thanks Naomi. Hiro, you can place that gift on the table with the rest of the gifts.”

“Cool,” he makes his way to the table.

From the living room, we hear Akira and Lilly walking down the hallway. They both are smiling as they enter the room. I haven’t seen those two smile together in a long time. Not since Akira’s wedding a year ago I think. Akira even joked that she’s surprised she got marry before her sister. The two of them take a seat on the couch as I help Naomi set up the rest of the decorations. I told her that she didn’t have to help but Naomi insisted to help out, saying she doesn’t like to keep still when there’s work to be done.

“I think that’s all of the decorations. Thanks for the help Naomi.”

“Anytime Hisao,” she tapes up the last streamer. “You sure that’s enough? We still have one more we can hang up.”

“It’s fine.”

“Hanako finally got herself a boyfriend huh,” Akira speaks up.

“You can thank Hisao for hooking them up,” Lilly giggles. “He’s makes a good matchmaker.”

“Really?” Naomi takes a seat across from the sisters, “Think you can help me out Hisao? The last boy I dated was a nightmare.”

“Maybe some other time, Naomi.”

“How did you meet Shingo anyways?” Akira asks.

“He’s a classmate. We were in a study group one time and we hit it off,” I answer.

“Did he ever find a problem with…how Hanako looked?” Hiro speaks up.

I remember Hiro felt uncomfortable meeting her the first time. Hanako likes to make fun about it.

“Not at all. He told me that he grew up with his grandma and she had this big scar across her face from a farming accident when she was a kid.”

“Oh, I think dinner should be done,” Lilly begins to get up. “The tea as well.”

“I’ll take care of it Lilly. You’ll been busy since morning.”

“You sure dear?”

“Yes,” I walk towards her and give her a peck on the cheek. “Plus, I think you and Akira have some catching up to do.”

“Yeah sis. We need to have a talk about something.”

“You need any help Hisao?” Naomi gets up from her seat.

“It’s fine. Relax Naomi,” Lilly reassures her.

“…,” Naomi takes a seat almost begrudgingly.

I make my way to the kitchen just as the tea kettle begins to whistle. I quickly head towards the stove and turn it off. I get the tea cups from the cabinet and place them on the tray. I place the kettle on the tray and head back to the living room.

“Here is the tea,” I place the tray on the table.

“Thank you Hisao,” Lilly nods with a smile. Her hand searches for the tray.

“Oh,” Hanako speaks up.

“What is it Hanako?”

“Nothing. Just the baby is kicking again. Do you want to feel the baby Lilly?”

“I would love to.”

Lilly moves next to Hanako. Hanako lifts her shirt to expose her baby bump. She then guides her friend’s hand to her stomach and Lilly’s face brightens as she feels the baby moving around.

“When is the baby due again?” I ask.

“The doctor said in 9 weeks,” Shingo speaks up.

“My my, that’s not that far away.”

“I’m surprised that we are having the baby before you two,” Hanako covers her stomach.

“Well Hisao has been busy with school and I have been busy as well.”

“I feel bad for taking so long to purposed to you dear.”

“It’s okay honey. I know we agreed that once we were finish with our studies we would have our wedding.”

“I still can’t believe you went back for your masters Hisao. I couldn’t take another semester of school,” Shingo pours tea for his wife.

“It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure. I felt bad for Lilly for spending some nights alone in bed.”

“There were times Hisao pulled an all-nighter. Then there were nights where he actually study,” Lilly’s laughs heartily.

I almost spill my tea.

“When is the wedding?” Hanako quickly changes the subject.

“We haven’t set a date yet, but we agreed to have it in the summer,” I answer.

“Is that when you two became a couple?”

“Yes,” I nod. “Crazy that we have been together for almost a decade now. Feels like yesterday when I ran into Lilly trying to find the library.”

“I like to believe it was fate.”

“I think it was the same for the both of us as well,” Shingo puts his arm around his wife. Hanako returns the gesture with a kiss on the cheek.

“Has it been a decade?” Hanako places her cup down, reminiscing.

“It’s been a crazy ride, but with you two, it has made it an easy one,” I kiss Lilly.

“You two have helped me a lot as well,” Hanako says. “You two are not only my best friends, but also my family.”

“Hanako, you’ve always been my sister.”

“Momma, I can’t sleep,” Kimiko enters the tea room rubbing her eyes.

Kimiko is our daughter. She has her mother features, which over the years have become more prominent. The only two features I can say she inherited from are my brown eyes and the tuft of hair that sticks up from her head.

She’s at that the age where she’s becoming more independent and not asking for our help. But she is still young enough to not shy away from acting like a little kid. The days of her being a little kid are almost gone, but she will always be my little angel.

“Oh, Kimiko,” Lilly hugs our daughter, “I’ll make you some tea to help you fall asleep.”

“We should get going ourselves,” Shingo stands up. “We have to get up early tomorrow.”

“What time is your flight?”

“Eight o’clock.”

“So we have to leave at six,” Hanako adds, holding their son, who’s passed out.

“I’ll call Akira tomorrow to remind her to pick you up at the airport,” Lilly says.

“We’ll make sure to bring you gifts when we get back,” Shingo begins to pack up.

“Gifts?” Kimiko ears perk up. “Bring lots of gifts please.”

“I’ll try,” Shingo laughs.

“Here’s your tea dear.”

“Bye Lilly,” Hanako hugs awkwardly with her son in one arm.”

“I’ll call you when we land.”

“Okay, take care you two. And have a safe trip.”

“I’ll walk you guys out.”

I walk with Hanako and Shingo to the door.

“I’ll see guys later and have a nice trip.”

“Thanks, Hisao,” they both say.

I make my way back inside and see my wife and daughter walking down the hallway to Kimiko’s room. I quickly follow them into the room.

“Hey you two. You ready for bed Kimiko?” I ask.

“Uh huh,” she nods her head as she climbs into bed.

“I just need my goodnight kisses.”

“Well here’s one,” her mother pecks her cheek as she tucks our daughter in.

“And here’s two,” I kiss her on the other cheek. “And another one for your mother.”

“Oh, Hisao,” Lilly blushes from the unseen kiss.

“Goodnight Kimiko,” we both say.


“What is it now Kimiko?” Lilly asks.

“Can you play the music box? I want to hear it one more time.”

“Okay, but after the song is over, you have to go to bed.”



I grab the music box off the drawer. I still remember the day that I bought. It was about twenty years ago when I walked into that antique shop looking for a gift for Hanako. Spotting that music box from the assortment of antiques. Lilly’s face when she first heard that tune has always been one of my most precious memories and over the years, I have been lucky to have collected more memories with her. I wind it up. It begins to play the familiar tune. As the song plays, I hug Lilly and she is caught off guard.


“Lilly I love you.”

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Re: A One-Shot: From Time (8S/ Secret Santa '17)

Post by Craftyatom » Mon Jan 01, 2018 3:23 pm

I quite enjoyed this little Christmas story, and see what you mean when you say you almost wanted to go further. Admittedly, the first timeskip was a bit jarring, and when I first read it I felt like you should've added something to denote it, but as the story went on I found myself coming to like the rather sudden shifts: each moment flowing into the next creates a nice sense of continuity. I think readers have to be willing to live through that first jump, and then warm up to the rest over time.

Your spelling and grammar weren't very good, and it did get in the way of the story sometimes. Not a complete deal-breaker, but worth trying to fix - I'm more than willing to go through and pick out the mistakes, if you want, though you could probably catch most of them with a thorough re-reading (not that I'm in much of a position to judge).

Anyways, excellent plot and good characters, lacking a little in terms of syntax, but I found it a nice read nonetheless.
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Re: A One-Shot: From Time (8S/ Secret Santa '17)

Post by Oddball » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:05 pm

The time jump was exceptionally jarring. It really needed something to set it up.

As for the story, not bad. I liked the school parts better than the years later stuff, but I find I usually do in KS fics. I think there probably should have been a stronger tie between the old and present day stuff as well, but it worked for what it was.
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Re: A One-Shot: From Time (8S/ Secret Santa '17)

Post by Path » Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:34 am

Craftyatom wrote:
Mon Jan 01, 2018 3:23 pm
Your spelling and grammar weren't very good, and it did get in the way of the story sometimes. Not a complete deal-breaker, but worth trying to fix - I'm more than willing to go through and pick out the mistakes, if you want, though you could probably catch most of them with a thorough re-reading (not that I'm in much of a position to judge).
I asked someone if they could look it over and they didn't get back to me and I asked them again a few days later and than nothing. So I was like eff cause I had IRL things to do to wait any longer to post this cause I was going to be busy. I tried my best to iron it but its whats. I'm probably going to rewrite this down the road to what I really it to be. So maybe when I get around to that, I ask you to look it over if that comes to be.
Oddball wrote:
Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:05 pm
The time jump was exceptionally jarring. It really needed something to set it up.

As for the story, not bad. I liked the school parts better than the years later stuff, but I find I usually do in KS fics. I think there probably should have been a stronger tie between the old and present day stuff as well, but it worked for what it was.
I was going to make the bird play more of the time skip to show it from it building its first nest to having a partner to baby birds and so forth. But the second session of writing this I changed it a continuation dialogue but have a time skip occur. The first one could have been better if I made Hanako leave to return a book or something and have some Lilly and Hisao down time. Again, IRL things were happening and wanting to post this as soon as I can. Also, it's kind of hard to write the characters after they finish high school, as everyone has their own headcannon as what happens or have a fanfic that they consider be what happens after the credits. So I can of made it a short recap of a fanfic that was never written, because I have weird ideas when I get prompts. To be honest, this prompt wasn't that good to really build on based on the info and me hating one of these characters and finding one of them over rated.

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A One-Shot: Footsteps in The Dark (9S/ Secret Santa '18)

Post by Path » Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:36 am

Sorry about this late entry, but I did it none the less and I hope the story makes up for being late by a few weeks. Probably not. But overall, I really liked how this turned out and hope others enjoy it.

victim: Downix

Shizune realizes that she forgot to get Misha a holiday present at the last minute

Footsteps in The Dark

Night time fell over Yamaku. The snow had stopped falling a little while ago. The students did not roam the campus; a good chunk of them had left for winter vacation. Still, some students stayed at Yamaku. Shizune and Misha were part the group that decided to stay.

It was a quarter pass curfew when a door in the girl’s dorm room creaked open, followed by some light footsteps. The student breaking the curfew rule was the Student Council President herself, Shizune. She walked down the hallway with a sense of urgency but with caution as to not be spotted. She didn’t have to walk far but for her, it felt like a mile with her thoughts running wild like dogs chasing squirrels.

Three days ago, it was Christmas. Shizune didn’t pay much attention to the holiday season. She didn’t like Christmas, but not in the Grinch way. It was mostly because it was the time of year where her father, Jigoro, would be at his most brashness. He would cause a ruckus at the Hakamichi residence to the point where cops were called a few times over the years. This year however, Shizune decided it was best she stayed at Yamaku this Christmas.

On Christmas however, Shizune spent that day in her room to catch up on some reading she had missed due to the over abundance of Student Council work. It was nice way to spend the holiday compared to her usual Christmas. She was too occupied to notice that an envelope was slipped under her door. She picked up the envelope sometime later. The envelope was red and on the front was written “To Shizune”

Shizune opened the envelope to reveal a card inside. The card had a picture of two snowmen dressed up waving with big smiles with “Merry Christmas!” written in English. It was from Misha. She opened the card and began to read what was inside. Shizune felt her stomach turn. She had forgotten to get Misha a gift.

She finally reached her destination and looked around like a cat to see if there was another soul wondering around. But it was just her alone in the darken empty hallway. Shizune look in front of her at the wooden door. Her hand slowly clenched into a fist as she raises her hand to knock it. As she raised her hand, she felt little nausea and her head became clouded. Shizune wouldn’t admit she was nervous, but it was obvious she was, despite how calm and collected she looked on the outside.

The empty hallway was then disturbed from its silence by the sound of knocking. The knock was quickly followed by two more knocks. Shizune fist lingered on the door on the third knock. On the other side of the wooden door, a high pitch voice called out “Who is it?”. No answer at first but Shizune had been counting to ten her head before she knocked at the door again. The second time, the knocks were erratic, but to her and Misha, it was their sign to let Misha know it was Shizune.

Misha was lying in bed with her head resting on her hand. She spent her evening locked in her room after getting dinner. She told Shizune she was feeling a little under the weather and would get some rest.

In reality, she was feeling down because she was still dealing with being shut down by Shizune a couple of months after confessing to her. It was the first time she confessed to someone and her first time being rejected. It was made more difficult when she is the mouthpiece of the person she had confessed to. Despite it, Shizune still relied on her, and in some twisted way, Misha was okay with it. Because they were the last two members left of the Student Council, so in a way they were together.

Misha slowly got out of her bed when she heard the erratic knocks, telling her it was the Student Council President on the other side. Her pink haired was tied in a ponytail.

She recently dyed her haired after her birthday last month. She felt that she needed to change her look after what she felt was her worst birthday. She dyed her hair a week after she turned eighteen but was still trying to find a style that she liked.

Her steps felt heavy with each step she took. Like walking in deep muddy waters sucking you in. Misha felt her mind wonder into darkness as she slowly approached the door. She felt her left arm weighed a ton when she reached for the doorknob. She took in a deep breath when she slowly opened the door. Shizune on the other side did the same when she saw the doorknob turned and remember having the same anxious feeling the night before.


Shizune couldn’t help but frown in disapproval when her cousin opened the door. She was still upset that Lilly left the Student Council and was the final straw between them. She wanted to leave but she knew she wouldn’t come to Lilly unless it was important. Desperation can do that.

Shizune reached out for Lilly’s hand with both hands. She grabbed her cousin’s hand with her left hand to turn her palm facing up and began to write with her right hand into her palm.

[I need your help.] she wrote into Lilly’s hand.

Confusion ran on Lilly’s face, but it quickly faded to her neutral expression. She then turned her palm facing down; while Shizune flipped her right hand so she can let her cousin talk.

[Come in.] her long slender fingers signed back.

Shizune let go of Lilly’s hand and then proceeded to enter her room. The two cousins sat on the bed for a little while before Shizune reached for Lilly’s hand again. She was still feeling nervous, but it slowly faded away when she saw Lilly smile. Shizune hated that smile ever since they had their falling out over the summer. But she didn’t care about that now, she needed help and the only person to help was the devil herself, according to Shizune.

She picked up Lilly’s hand after a few moments had pass for the two cousins to sat together like old times. She hesitated to write out the words for a quick second; slowly trying to find the right words to say.

[I need your help.] she started.

[I know.] Lilly smiled.

[You’re not making this easy.] Shizune frowned.

Lilly couldn’t help but let out a quiet laugh for getting one up on her cousin. It reminded her of when they were young kids. Making subtle jabs before the became full blown shots later in their teenage years.

[I’m sorry, old habit.] she smiled. [What’s on your mind, cousin?]

Shizune hovered her hand over Lilly’s, still trying to find the right words until she decided to just do it.

[I forgot to get Shiina a Christmas gift.] she wrote with a sigh. [With the two of us just left in the Student Council, worked had been taking its toll.]

Lilly’s smiled faded to a concern expression. She knew that every member had slowly left after the summer festival. It was the last time the two cousins were happy together. It was a bittersweet memory for her.

[I don’t know if I can help you.] Lilly signed into Shizune’s right hand. She really believed she couldn’t be of help.

[Just try. You know I wouldn’t come to you unless it was serious.] She frowned. [Please.]

The moonlight invaded the darken room as the two cousins pondered over the ideal gift for the pink hair Misha. The light hit the two of them like a spotlight shining on actresses on a stage. After some minutes, the spotlight has faded away with incoming clouds; signaling that the school with be covered in fresh snow in the morning.

Shizune was thinking hard on what to give Misha. Shizune didn’t want to give her something fancy because it wouldn’t be genuine. She also feared that it would just come off as something she felt obligated to get.

Lilly, on the other hand looked calm thinking over the same thing. She knew Misha had confessed to her cousin sometime after their falling out. In fact, Misha told about her feelings about Shizune to Lilly. Lilly knew how it felt to have a girl confess to her and found the situation a little amusing and nostalgic in a weird way.

The moonlight peaked through the clouds, like a lightbulb. Lilly thought of the perfect gift. She searched for Shizune’s hands. Shizune broke from her concentration when she saw her cousin searching for her. The smile on Lilly’s face, made Shizune tilt her head to the side like a cat hearing a strange noise.

Their hands made contact again, and Lilly began to sign her gift idea. Shizune frowned at her cousin’s gift suggestion. She wasn’t excited as Lilly was.

[That’s a dumb gift.] Shizune signed. Her finger pressed hard to emphasis her disapproval. [This was a mistake to ask you for help.]

[I think it would be cute.] Lilly signed back in her gentle signing. [She’ll love it. Even if you think it’s dumb.]

[It is dumb. You know I can’t do that.]

[It’s not about you, it’s about her.]

Shizune let go of Lilly’s hand. She was right. She hated that her cousin was right. It wasn’t about her, it was about Misha. It was Shizune that came to Lilly, not the other way around. She picked up her handed again with gentle care this time.

[You’re right.] she signed with the same gentle care.

Lilly smile.

[I better get going. Thank you.] Shizune let go of her cousin’s hand.

Shizune got up from the bed and began to walk to the door. Before she could take the first step, she felt a tug on her shirt. Lilly reached out one last time for Shizune’s hand. She found them after some help.

[It was nice talking to you Shizune.] Lilly smiled. [I missed this, but I guess this is it for now.]

[I do too, but we both know where we drew the line.]

The two girls nodded in unison. It was their little secret that they could talk to each other. Their secret talks were theirs only, and they formed a bond through it. But they knew that tonight was the last time in awhile they would bond together. Tomorrow, they would enemies again, but it was nice to see the hate halted and their bond resurface, even it was for one night only.

They hugged one last time.


[Shizune! What are you doing here?] Misha signed. She was surprised to see Shizune standing at her door at this hour.

[Hello Shiina.] Shizune signed in her calm composure, hiding her nervousness behind it. [May I come in?]

“Umm…yeah…” Misha still in a small state of shock forgot to sign back to Shizune. She only managed to sign the universal language of “Come in” with her hand invited her in.

Shizune walked into her friend’s room. Misha’s room never matched her personality. There were the typical things you would expect in a girl’s room, but nothing stuck out that read Misha’s room.

Misha pulled out her chair from the desk and offer the seat to Shizune. She slowly shook her head and Misha stopped.

[I rather get to the point on why I am here Shiina.]

Shizune was never one to call people by their nicknames. She found it pointless if she already knew their names. Misha always insisted that it was normal for friends to be called by their nicknames.

[Right.] Misha signs back with sloppiness in her left hand. Misha was almost asleep before Shizune visited. [Why are you here this late anyway?]

[Well…] Shizune paused to think on how she wanted to say what she needed to say.

Her thoughts started to move in rapid speeds like a bullet train. Lots of thoughts also colliding into one crash of the basic saying of what she wanted to say. Even though Shizune had spent the last couple of hours trying to think of the right way to say it, the words just vanished in thin air. Then after the smoke had settled, Shizune found the right words.

[Where is your MP3 player?] She finally signs.

Misha cocked her head by the weird question. But after a moment, she walked towards her bed and took her music player from it. The MP3 player was colored bright pink that almost managed to match her hair colored but muted compared to her hair. She slowly handed it over to Shizune.

She grabbed the player from Misha’s hand and began to look at the screen. After some time trying to figure out the MP3 player, she managed to navigate through it to find a song based on the title. She handed over the player back to Misha.

Misha looked at the song title and back at Shizune with a puzzled look.

[What are you doing Shizune?] Misha signs back in confusion.

[Just play it.] Shizune signs back in that authority tone she does when she had to be the President.

Misha put on her earphones and began to play the song. The song started off with an upbeat and pop music vibe but also some vibes of rock.

[It’s playing. Is this what you came over for?]

Shizune shook her head and slowly raised her hand to pull one of Misha’s earphones out. She then put the earphone in her ear.

Misha stared at Shizune and her mind wondered off by the action. She thought she could have a better chance to be friends with Hanako than to see the day Shizune “listen” music with her. Her heart started to beat a little faster that almost match the beat of the drums of the song.

[I forgot your Christmas gift, so I thought I give it to you.] Shizune signs with a smile on her face. [You have been a great friend to me and I cannot thank you enough, despite how harsh I can be sometimes.]

Before Misha can raise her hands to sign anything back, they were soon are filled with the warm soft hands of Shizune. Shizune began to swing back and forth, hoping she was doing her best to dance with Misha. But trying to dance when you have no music can be challenging, especially in Shizune’s case.

Misha does her best to follow Shizune leading the dance. But the pair are off beat, with the song not matching the slow dance they are trying to attempt. A couple of times, Shizune steps on Misha’s powder blue slippers. If she wasn’t stepping on Misha’s slippers, there would be moments where the song would mess up Misha’s tempo and the two had to stop before trying to dance again.

About halfway through the song, Shizune let’s go of Misha’s hands and signed to her.

[I think I should let you lead.]

Misha nod in agreement and signed back to her with her head still fuzzy of having a dance with her crush.

[You sure?]

Shizune raised her hands and Misha thought she was going to say something, but she felt the soft hands of Shizune intertwining her hands again, and her emotions were getting the best of her.

Misha began to move her arms with Shizune’s trailing along. It wasn’t much better. Granted, Misha was still in shock of what was going on and by the fact she had this sinking feeling in her stomach. She was leading Shizune in something and not the other way around. She was always following her. And now, she was the one leading. That sinking feeling began to succumb her, but in an overjoy feeling rather than a sickening feeling. Misha felt confident that she could lead Shizune.

The song had ended, and another song came. It must have been the order of the songs, or some other worldly intervention had made its presence. The song that came was a slow song. A love song ironically, but in that moment it was perfect.

Misha began to stop thinking and feel the music. Shizune stood there as she watch Misha close her eyes and began to smile. And before Shizune had a chance to get question anything, Misha slowly closed the distance between them. She felt Misha’s warmth engulf hers.

Their auras uniting as one; their scents fusing to make a new fragrance. Souls finding each other through the dark abyss.

They were still off tempo to one another, but the more they danced, Misha became more confident in leading them. She imagined they were dancing in field of flowers. Misha saw Shizune in a white gown that matched her black gown. Her hair was done in what would be her trademark drills class 3-3 would see when their final year would begin.

Shizune followed Misha’s lead at first with some resistance, but she had to tell herself that this is Misha’s moment and not hers. Once she remembered that, she loosened up and felt the music she could faintly feel the bass to. The syncopation of the duo slowly began to synchronize as they slowly moved closer to each other until they were chest to chest. The beat of their hearts overcoming the beat of the music.

Misha view of Shizune started to become a blur as tears began to form. She let go of Shizune to wipe them away, but they refused to be defeated. Shizune stopped and motion to Misha that she was okay. She assured her with a nod. She reached out to find Shizune’s hand and found it with the help of her dance partner. Misha rested her head on Shizune’s shoulder as the song came to an end.

The next song played, but at that point they had stopped dancing and stood there in the darken room with nothing but a lamp illuminating the room. After that song had ended, they broken up from their dance turned hug.

Misha’s eyes were puffy from the tears and Shizune handed her a tissue from the nearby desk. She took the tissue with a “Thank you” nod. She wiped her eyes and smiled at Shizune.

[Thank you Shizune.] she struggled to sign as her emotions had drained her.

[I’m glad you liked it. It wasn’t much.]

Misha shook her head. Shizune eyes widen by the action.

[It was perfect. I loved it.]

Shizune was happy that Misha was happy. She was the only person she didn’t drive away. She was happy for that and to have Misha as a friend, despite knowing her feelings she had for her. But the dance had forged a stronger bond between them.

[Well I better go.It’s getting late.]

Misha nodded.

Shizune smiled a bright smile. [Merry Christmas Misha!]

Misha smiled with new tears forming. She loved her gift and one she would cherish. The only regret that she had was that it didn’t last forever.

[Merry Christmas Shizune!]

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Re: A One-Shot: Footsteps in the Dark(9S/ Secret Santa '18)

Post by Downix » Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:14 am

Damnit, stupid onion cutting ninjas....

That was beautiful.

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Re: A One-Shot: Footsteps in the Dark(9S/ Secret Santa '18)

Post by Scroff » Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:07 am

I read this, went out and did some grocery shopping then came back and read it again and my heart is breaking for poor Misha. It was bad enough that Shizune didn't even get her a card for Christmas, which made her sad enough to lock herself in her room for the evening, but when Shizune did get round to giving her something it was a taste of what she wanted the most yet was never going to have. Her feeling of loss must have been intensified many-fold after Shizune left.

What was Shizune thinking? Not much it seems. She wanted a quick fix for forgetting a present but doesn't seem to know Misha well enough to think of what to get her. There was time between visiting Lilly and delivering the "gift" to get something, and shops in Japan aren't closed around Christmas - New Year is the big holiday. I'm not saying that Shizune didn't want to do something for Misha, asking Lilly for help shows that she was desperate, its just that she didn't seem to think through how this would affect Misha.

And what of Lilly? She's dealt with her own feelings of unrequited love to have an insight into how Misha must be feeling yet she found the situation "amusing". So was she trying to be a matchmaker, trying to put Shizune in a position where she realised that she might return Misha's feelings? Does she dislike Misha enough to want to have a taste of Shizune dangled in front of her then snatched away? Did her enmity with Shizune lead her to want to cause problems between her and Misha, weakening her "enemy"? Or was she merely thoughtless and said the first thing that popped into her head?

Thank-you for a thought-provoking story, I'm now going to go out and get coffee and cake which I shall dedicate to cheering up Misha.

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Re: A One-Shot: Footsteps in the Dark(9S/ Secret Santa '18)

Post by Lap » Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:52 pm

Gotta say, I'm with Scroff on this one. Misha must have really pissed off Lilly for her to suggest something so cruel. And Shizune is emotionally tone deaf enough to not realize how sad it is.

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Re: A One-Shot: Footsteps in the Dark(9S/ Secret Santa '18)

Post by ProfAllister » Sat Jan 19, 2019 5:01 pm

Well, this is a tricky one. It's well-written, there's no issue with the characters, and it's quite sweet. But at the same time, it hurts. Painfully so.

I wouldn't see Lilly as necessarily doing this out of spite (unless it's Evil Lilly), but it certainly has the end result of twisting the knife for Misha. At the same time, it's the sort of pain I expect Misha would rather experience, as opposed to never getting her dance.

Very nicely done.
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Re: A One-Shot: Footsteps in the Dark(9S/ Secret Santa '18)

Post by Hanako Fancopter » Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:24 pm

Evil Lilly strikes again?! :lol: I enjoyed the story. I like to think that Shizune knows this isn't something most people would appreciate, but also knows Misha well enough to understand that she will appreciate it.
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