Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Lost & Found" 16/5/16

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Re: Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Laughter in The Dark" - 11/7/15 Up

Post by Silentcook » Sat Jul 11, 2015 6:15 am

Yeah, but first-person POV means that narration and internal monologue are one and the same. So, still not seeing any reason for it anywhere.
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Re: Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Laughter in The Dark" - 11/7/15 Up

Post by Decadent Albatros » Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:58 am

Oh my god the ending was adorable! The story as a whole was pretty nice, I enjoyed how Akio acted in Hisao's place during Hana's birthday. One thing that had me laughing for a lot of minutes was the first scene of the ribbon, well thought both you and Akio! Hahahaha
Anyway, I hope that after this Akio starts to make some moves towards Hana! With that being said, I once again say 'well done' and I'm looking forwards to what you do next!

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Re: Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Laughter in The Dark" - 11/7/15 Up

Post by swampie2 » Sat Jul 11, 2015 10:33 am

I actually like the idea of coloured text to indicate observations and inner monologue, though I prefer it more as a planning tool. It's an easy way to keep everything in order when you're writing, at least for me. It doesn't make it any harder to read by a long shot, so I don't see why you shouldn't use colours in the actual post. :D
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Re: Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Laughter in The Dark" - 11/7/15 Up

Post by AntonSlavik020 » Sat Jul 11, 2015 11:18 am

This whole chapter was fun to read, but Akio's "present" was hilarious. Regardless, it seems like Hanakio is definitely going to be a thing. No complaints here.
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Re: Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Laughter in The Dark" - 11/7/15 Up

Post by Sharp-O » Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:31 pm

I'll be honest, that part came up naturally in the story. I came to the present part and thought "Shit, Akio doesn't have a gift." so I quickly thought of something he could do on the fly, in Lilly's room no less, that could bring a smile to Hanako's face. :lol:

All worked out in the end!

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Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Ambiguous" - 12/7/15 Update

Post by Sharp-O » Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:03 am

The title and one of the lines in the story were inspired by this English cover of Ambiguous by GARNiDELiA which I felt were in line with this Hanako's feelings. (also not using the colour-coded thoughts in this one. Hope it doesn't cause too much confusion for you all.)


[Won’t be in class today. Got some personal stuff to take care of.] I text to Taro, hoping he won’t ask too many questions.

[Sure you’re not playing hooky? Ritsu saw you leaving the girls’ dorms last night looking rather pleased with yourself.] Son of a bitch…

[She can judge me when she stops breaking into your room in the morning. It’s nothing bad, just important. Please don’t rat me out, man.] I know he won’t but it doesn’t hurt to say it just to be sure. He replies positively and I feel confident I’m in the clear. I collect the few supplies I have left in my room and grab the rest of the ‘medicine’ from the vending machines on the way over to the girls’ dorms.

I give a few soft knocks on Hanako’s door and here a groan inside. I slide the door open a crack and announce myself.

“Hana? It’s Akio. You decent?”

“Define decent…” She groans pitifully.

“Are you at least dressed?” She was last time I saw her but drinking has a nasty habit making your clothes disappear. I hear some rustling of bed sheets and a quiet “…Gimme a second.”

“I’ll quickly check on Lilly and be right back.” I laugh and I hear a mumbled ‘Okay’ as I slide the door closed. I repeat the soft rapping on Lilly’s door but get a much cheerier answer. Well, relatively.


“Hey Lilly, it’s Akio. You decent?” I wait patiently until given permission to enter.

“Good morning, Akio.” Lilly attempts to put on her usual stoic façade but is failing miserably. She’s sitting up in bed, hair dishelleved and looking a little worse for wear.

“Mornin’. Thought I’d bring you some hangover supplies.”

“You really didn’t nee--” She starts as she feels a twinge of pain in her temple. Heh, I know that feeling.

“Sorry to tell you but you’ve got a terrible poker face, princess.” I softly chuckle and reach into my bag, setting out a small medicinal bottle, a bottle of water, a bottle of sports drink and a warm can of coffee. I reach over and touch her hand, making her flinch.

“Sorry, just wanted to show you where the stuff is.” She nods and allows me to guide her hand to each item. “This is a can of coffee, here’s a sports drink and this is still water. This medicine bottle has Alka-Seltzer and Borocca inside.”

“You’re quite prepared for this eventuality, aren’t you?” Lilly offers a small smile.

“I’ve had practice. When you’re feeling up to it, I suggest eating something greasy too.”

“I’ll bear that in mind.” You better, doctor’s orders.

“If you’ll excuse me, I promised Hana that I’d go back with her half of the supplies when she got dressed.” I pat Lilly’s hand and ease myself up.

“Thank you for your concern, Akio. We both appreciate it.” She nods politely.

“Get some rest and I’ll see you soon.” I close the door and hobble over to Hanako’s door.

“C-come in…” The meekest little voice answers to my knocking. I walk in and close the door behind me.

“Good morning, wallflower!” I cheerily announce, causing her to wince a little. I set about placing the other half of my hangover cures on her bedside table. She’s hastily thrown her nightgown on and brushed her hair, errant strands poofing out at the back.

“Thought I’d bring you two my personal hangover cures. Use them sparingly though, this is the last of my stash.” I smile, rattling an identical medicinal container to the one I gave to Lilly. She winces again.

“…Loud…” She pouts, her knees tucking up to her chest. “You’re so mean…”

“Sorry, Hana…” I sit in the exact spot I took last night and passing her glass of the still water and medicine. “I’ve been where you are so I can’t help but make fun a little.”

“In that case, you should be more sympathetic…” She grumpily glares and snatches the glass out of my hand.

“Maybe, but I’m already playing hooky to nurse you two delinquents back to health so my compassion quota is filled for the day.” I raise a brow with a smirk and get a little smile in return.

“Thanks, Akio. You’re a pretty nice guy when you‘re not teasing me…”

“I’m really not.” I shake my head chuckling before Hanako raises her right hand. The black ribbon remains entwined around her wrist. I can’t believe she kept it on.

“You really are.”

I can’t say anything against that. My mind goes blank as my cheeks become crimson.

“Y-yeah, w-well…” I’ve got nothing. Hanako’s in control right now and, frankly, I’m feeling kinda defenceless.

“You stopped me from doing something s-silly last night. Something that, while I might not have r-regretted, could have been… Weird. A lesser man might have taken advantage…” She quietly speaks with a soft smile, turning her hand to look at the ribbon.

“I c-couldn’t do that! It wouldn’t be right…” I frown at the very idea of it until I repeat her words just now and her actions last night in my head. She wouldn’t have regretted kissing me?

“I know and it just proves my point further. As much of a sardonic prick you can be, you can also be a really nice guy.” She lets out a laugh and instantly regrets it, wincing as her head throbs. She sips at her glass of fizzing water as I quietly drink from my can of warm coffee.

“That’s… That’s really nice of you to say, Hana. I honestly can’t think of anything to say other than that.” I close my eyes and smile a little. I sense her shift on the bed and slide onto the floor next to me.

“When’s your b-birthday, Akio?…” Hanako confidently offers up her hand and I tentatively pull at the ribbon. I wonder what she’s thinking.


I have to do this. He’s obviously not going to take the lead after last night and I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss this opportunity. Just try not to freak out that he’s touching your hand. Like he did last night. I feel a reflexive shiver up my spine as the ribbon is slowly unwound from my wrist by the boy in front of me.

You’ve done some amazing things for me, Akio, and I can’t thank you enough but I can show you how I feel.

“It’s, um, April 1st…” Akio announces and I giggle. Of course it is… Akio finishes unwinding the ribbon and holds it, looking confused and a little frightened. I flex my fingers before stroking the hair out of my face, revealing my facial scars fully. He doesn’t even flinch. Atta, boy. Now steel yourself, Hanako. Don’t stutter.

“Well, since you were so nice to bring me a present last night… Consider this a late birthday present from me.” I lean in with a smile, taking his cheeks in my hands and planting a soft, tender kiss on his lips. It’s quick but perfect. I leave his lips and remove my hands, smiling at the dumb-founded boy in front of me. What do you have to say to that, funny guy?


“I-I-I-I…” Round of applause, Akio. Those will be your last words before Lilly kills you. If Taro and Miki don’t do it first.

“I just blew your mind, didn’t I?” Hanako smiles coyly and all I can do is nod, slack-jawed. She laughs. I really like her laugh.

“Ooookay…” I breath slowly, “Still processing…” I offer, looking between Hanako and the floor.

“Take your time.” Hanako tilts her head, a slight look of concern on her face.

“Right, I think I’m good now…” I offer before she gives me another peck on the lips. Oh, god damn it.

She bursts into laughter as I shoot her a look that’s equal parts shock and scorn.

“That… That was just mean.” I say meekly and she holds her sides.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I c-couldn’t h-help it!” She stutters as she giggles.

“Seriously, not even I would do that! Who does that!?” I can’t help but chuckle, her laugh is infectious.

“I’m sorry… I was just teasing…” She gives another coy smile and I can’t be mad at her.

“Heh, I guess I had that coming. I… Wow… I just can’t believe you kissed me. You do realise it’s me, right?” I have to ask, just to be sure.

“I know. That’s why I did it. I… like you, Akio.”

“WHYYYYY?” I ask, a little incredulously.

“Because you’re the funniest, kindest, most infuriating asshole I’ve ever met!” She laughs. Kinda harsh but okay… “You never handled me with kid gloves. Pushed me, encouraged the me inside, buried behind the nerves and anxiety. You make me laugh and you piss me off in equal measure. You… You were more than willing to break my guard and set the fire free.”

“Huh. …You’re welcome?” I say the only thing I can even think to say after processing what she said. She smiles sweetly and embraces me tightly around the shoulders.

“Do… Do y-you l-like me back?” She says, a slight quiver in her voice. A chink in this new confidence. It’s the million yen question. Of course I like her. I wouldn’t hang around her otherwise but romantically? The shy Hanako most people see, I wouldn’t have even considered it but this one? She’s beautiful, smart, a wicked sense of humour and has shown me something that no one here has ever seen. The Real Hanako. And that girl… is someone I like a lot.

I wrap my arms tight around her torso, holding her tight. “I like you too, Hana.”

We lean back and a beautiful, genuine smile creeps across her face. It makes my heart skip a beat as I gaze affectionately at the girl in front of me. I gulp hard and lean in, our lips meet again but it feels like just the beginning of something wonderful.
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Re: Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Ambiguous" - 12/7/15 Update

Post by swampie2 » Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:35 am

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Re: Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Ambiguous" - 12/7/15 Update

Post by AntonSlavik020 » Sun Jul 12, 2015 12:18 pm

That was sweet. Had me smiling the whole time. Akio could really use a positive romantic relationship after the shit he's been through in that department.
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Re: Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Ambiguous" - 12/7/15 Update

Post by Decadent Albatros » Sun Jul 12, 2015 12:34 pm

Dammit Sharp, why you must make this couple so awesome? >_> It's in my top 10 of KS ships, that's for sure!
Anyway, finally they made the big step! Apart from the adorable Hana-Pout (all glory to that expression), I like how you managed to evolve Hana's character in this story. Akio, unlike Hisao, handled her MUCH better, so I'm not surprised that she became confident faster then with Hisao. How still this progress? Idk, but damn I'm curious! I've grown a liking to Akio, that's for sure. Good job Sharp, continue to bring us the glory of Hisakio!

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Re: Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Ambiguous" - 12/7/15 Update

Post by Alpacalypse » Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:04 pm

I had no idea how much I missed the Kill la Kill soundtrack until I listened to that cover. 'Scuse me a minute *listens to the cover about 50 times more*

Okay, onto the fic - so cuuuuuuuuuute!!!!! :D
Is this canon to Monomyth? Please tell me it's canon to Monomyth and just behind the scenes, because I now ship Hanakio so hard.

Okay, enough of the fangirling! you've made me do that twice today now, you sly bastard :roll: Very, very, very good story! :wink:

You were more than willing to break my guard and set the fire free.
I see what you did there 8)
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Re: Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Ambiguous" - 12/7/15 Update

Post by Sharp-O » Sun Jul 12, 2015 3:48 pm

First off, WOW. I am so happy with the outpouring of love for the latest part. I'm glad you've all enjoyed Hanakio's journey so far. There will no doubt be more adventures with these two (c'mon, there's got to be something these guys can do) but that's it for now. But just as a nice little send-off, he's a little piece of art I did for the pair :wink:

Alpacalypse wrote:Is this canon to Monomyth? Please tell me it's canon to Monomyth and just behind the scenes, because I now ship Hanakio so hard.)
Yes, it is! These four parts take place within the time-jump between between Three of a Kind and En Garde. When I continue, there may well be a story about their trip to Akio's grandparents or during the rest of the year (I'm thinking Halloween shenangians). Glad you enjoyed the Kill La Kill music too, Al!

Thanks again for all the love and I hope my next few stand-alones and ongoing chapters of Monomyth don't disappoint!

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Re: Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Ambiguous" - 12/7/15 Update

Post by Mirage_GSM » Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:46 am

Okay, it's official: I like this spin-off more than the main story now :-)
They swap POV to Misha and she's going into town with Shizune. She hears a car coming, then has a whole monologue about how she could move, but it'd be better if she just stood there and died since she "ruined everything" Pretty sad ending.
There is no such ending in the beta version.
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Re: Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Ambiguous" - 12/7/15 Update

Post by Sharp-O » Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:53 am

Mirage_GSM wrote:Okay, it's official: I like this spin-off more than the main story now :-)
Y'know what? I'm inclined to agree. Monomyth helped set up the pieces but their individual stories might be more interesting than the ongoing. :lol:

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Sharp-O's One-Shots! "Winter’s Lover" - 15/7/15 Update

Post by Sharp-O » Tue Jul 14, 2015 7:40 pm

I know some people were interested once I fully revealed the extent of Taro and Miki's past so I figured there's at least a one-shot in that story. This is set during the winter of their first year at Yamaku (so that's 2005, right?) and the title is an obvious nod to Summer's Clover and thus, is from Miki's perspective. Enjoy!

Winter’s Lover

“I don’t know what you’re complaining about, it’s not that cold.”

“That’s ‘cause you’re built like a god damn bear, Taro! I’m freezing my ass off!” I growl as we trudge through the snow, every step accompanied by a soft crunch. I look back slightly to the human yeti.

“That wasn’t an invitation to stare at my ass!” I half-scold, half-laugh.

“S-sorry, Miki…” He rubs the back of his head sheepishly and concentrates on the snow as we walk to town. Was he actually…?

“Why’d you even drag me out here anyway?” Every breath I take hangs in the air like smoke. Looks pretty cool.

“Because it’s a snow day! I thought a trip to the Shanghai for some hot chocolate would be fun. You like hot chocolate, right?” He beams with childlike glee.

“We could have had hot chocolate back at school.” I sigh, knowing full well what his argument will be.

“Classes may have been cancelled but you can’t spend a snow day at school. That’s just… WRONG!” He’s right, of course but still… It’s really fucking cold.

“Okay, okay, you win. But you’re buying the drinks. And the cake.”

“Whatever you want!” He grins and I can’t help but smile.

If you told me eight months ago that I’d be hanging out with this goofball nerd, I’d have laughed in your face. We’re completely different people! He’s all daydreams and chunk and I’m mostly attitude and legs. The real kicker is that even the one thing we have in common is opposite. He can’t use his right hand and I lost my left… I remember the first time I met him too.

He turned a little too quickly and his right hand swung out and tapped me right on the ass. So I knocked him flat on his fat ass while he held one arm in the air pleading innocence. It’s only when he lifted his right arm and let it flop uselessly back down to his side that I unclenched my fist. I think I laughed but I definitely remember helping him up. In hindsight, it’s a funny story but at the time… Well, at least his black-eye healed up real nice.

“What’s so funny?” He asks as I realise I’ve been chuckling to myself.

“Your face.” I snort with amusement and he just narrows his eyes.

“Just for that, you can buy your own cake.”


Hate to admit it, but the big guy was right. The Shanghai was warm and toasty and the hot chocolate was gorgeous. He did buy me some cake eventually. He’s a real soft touch sometimes.

“Man, that really was worth the trip.” I grin as we exit the Shanghai and take a slow walk back up the hill to Yamaku.

“Glad to hear it. You’ve been in kind of a bad mood lately so I thought this would be a nice gesture.” He openly admits. He did this for me?

“Why would you think I was in a bad mood?” I ask, raising an eyebrow.

“Because you’re always brutally honest,” He chuckles a little. “And lately you’ve been more… melancholic.”

“Speak Japanese, man, I didn’t understand that last part.”

“Okay. You’ve been less you and more me when I first got here. Remember how I wouldn’t speak to anyone in class and hang out by myself?”

I do, it was really pathetic. Compared to what he’s like now, that guy back then is like a different person. Have I been like that?

“Well I’ve noticed that you’ve been less… Aggressive with people. Not that it’s a bad thing but it’s not like you. I just thought something might be wrong…” He casts his eyes down to the snow and I think about what he said.

I guess I haven’t been spending as much time in OCS recently. Less punchy. Huh. But I haven’t been less social. I’ve been hanging out with Taro a lotAnd that sleepy chick, Suzu. Even joined the Track Club.

“I don’t think I’m melon-cowlick or whatever the fuck you said, I think I’m just… adjusting to life here. We both have when you think about it! I mean, you’ve obviously come out of your shell. You’re not as grumpy any more and hell, you even took a girl on a date today!” I laugh as Taro’s cheeks go beet red. He’s kinda cute when he’s embarrassed.

“D-d-date? This wasn’t--” He protests, accidentally slipping and falling face first into the snow.

“Fuck! You okay, man?” I kneel down beside the gentle giant. He lifts himself onto his knees and sighs.

“Yeah, just bruised my ego a little…” He winces as he gets to his feet. “Think I landed on my keys too.”

“Sorry, buddy. I was only playing.” I feel a little bad about my joke now.

“I know…” He gives a sad smile as he brushes himself off. “C’mon, let’s keep going.”

The rest of the walk is silent. I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings. Did he really think this was a date? Add to the fact that he only did it to cheer me up, even when I didn’t really need it. He really is a big softie… My train of thought derails as I eat shit into the snow just like Taro did.

“Fuck it!” I curse as I slip trying to get up. Taro kneels and offers his hand. “I’m good, I can do it!” I stubbornly attempt again only to slip once more.

“I know you can, but there’s no shame in accepting a {helping hand} from a fellow one-hander.” He smiles warmly and I take his hand, easing myself up.

“What does that mean?” I ask, dusting the powdery snow off my jacket.

“A little play on words. Us one-handers gotta stick together right?” His expression doesn’t change.

“You can be a real charming guy when you want to be, you know that?” I chuckle as we make it through the school gates.

“Heh, I try…” He blushes again.


We made some more hot chocolate in the girls’ dorm common room and take it up to my room. I can hear all the kids outside enjoying the snow and the free day in the middle of the week. I open my door and walk inside, Taro following with some caution.

“Why do you look so nervous?” I give him an incredulous look as I place my mug down and start unbuttoning my jacket, throwing my gloves and hat onto the floor.

“Sorry, this is just the first time I’ve been in the girls’ dorm, let alone in a girl’s room here…”

“I don’t bite, Taro! Just make yourself comfortable, dude.”

He nods sheepishly and puts his mug on my desk, removing his winter gear but arranging them with much more care than I did. I jump on my bed and stretch out as he sits on my desk chair.

“I like your room. Never would have pegged you as a fan of green…” I sit up and lean against the one wall I painted a deep green.

“It’s a nice colour. Reminds me of home.”

“Country girl, eh?” He smirks.

“Born and bred. Just me and my Dad. Well, after my Mom left anyway.” I shrug when I can see Taro’s face change to something a little sadder. “Ancient history now though, not going to waste my time hating someone who’s not here to know what I think of them.”

“Surprisingly mature of you. I should do the same and let go of the issues with my Father.” He admits, nodding. Wait

“What do you mean ‘surprisingly mature’?” I give him the stink-eye. “I’m plenty mature! I mean, have you SEEN this body?” I hold my arms out, as if to display myself better. Taro goes the deepest shade of red I’ve seen so far. You silly dork.

“Yeah… I’ve seen. I take it back.” He says quietly, not quite making eye contact.

Bless him, he’s not too good with girls is he? Which surprises me because he’s a really sweet guy and can be suave as hell when he wants to be. I guess his weight might give him some body issues but he’s not unfit. I’ve seen him carry stuff like a pack-mule. One-handed, no less!

I look at the heavy-set guy in front of me with fresh eyes. He’s strong and broad but he’s gentle and genuinely caring. He might be a little shy and be a massive nerd but he’s a cool guy. Just needs some confidence. I can help with that.

“Why don’t you come sit over here? It’s much comfier than that chair.” I chuckle as I pat a spot on the bed next to me with my stump. He complies after a little hesitation and I take a sip of my hot chocolate. I scrunch my face up a little.

“Not as good as the Shanghai?” He chuckles, folding one leg under his other and resting against the wall like me. He takes a sip of his own drink and winces. “Oh yeah, that’s fucking terrible. Is that cocoa powder out of date?”

I laugh and put my mug on the nightstand, along with Taro’s when he passes it to me. I rest back and my stump ‘accidentally’ falls into his right hand. A little teasing won’t hurt.

“Trying to hold my hand, big guy?” I laugh and he just looks down to his right hand with sadness.

“I’m left-handed, remember?” He raises his left hand before looking at his right again. “Believe me, if I could move that hand, I would…” Well done, Miki. You’ve made him self-conscious.

“Give me your left, big guy.” I turn a little and hold out my right hand. He turns and holds out his left. I slide my fingers in between his and hold his hand tightly. He tenses a little, looking between our hands and my face with a mix of confusion and embarrassment.

“W-what are you doing, Miki?” He smiles nervously as I squeeze his hand. It’s so big and warm. Like him. I smile a little and lean in close, his face is a picture as he realises what’s coming.

“Miki, what are yoMmmmph.” His protests are silenced as my lips meet his. I put the pressure on and he ends up on his back with me on top of him, our hands never leaving each others’ grip. He relaxes and squeezes my hand as our kiss becomes more passionate, my stump resting on his chest.

“You’re not a bad kisser, big guy.” I breathe, breaking away from him. “You some sort of secret Casanova?” I raise an eyebrow with a smirk and he laughs, shaking both our bodies.

“Hell no,” He chuckles. “ But I’ve done this kinda thing before. Junior High girlfriend, y’know?”

“Just the one?” I ask leaning on his chest as I straddle him.

“Yeah, but we made out a lot… Some other stuff too.” He looks away, as if remembering the experience. I tap his chest with my stump.

“Eyes on me, lover boy. Don’t want you thinking about your ex when I’m on top of you.”

“Believe me, I struggling to think of anything but you right now…” He blushes. Good save.

“So what kind of stuff did you do?” I smile, sitting up, placing my hand and stump on his belly and feeling a very noticeable bulge pressing against my inner thigh.

“Um…” He cautiously places his hand on my thigh, stroking it through the material of my jeans. He gradually makes his way to my stomach, sliding his hand under my shirt before stopping and looking me in the eyes with trepidation.

“It’s okay. Just show me.” I slowly unbutton my shirt from the top as he starts at the bottom. Our hands meet in the middle and, as my shirt opens, I guide his hand to my chest.

“You’re skin’s soft… Didn’t expect that…” He says quietly and I laugh.

“I’m not literally tough as old boots, doofus.”

He smiles and traces his fingers across my chest and collar, like he’s almost avoiding the things that are staring him in the face. He edges closer, pressing the softer flesh with gentle strokes.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were teasing me…” I let out a little sigh and he smirks, not taking his eyes off my chest.

“You don’t know any better because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.”

“Don’t sass me, Ta-haaaa~” He cut me off mid-sentence with a boob-squeeze. “You tricky bastard!”

“Hmmm.” He runs his hand across my bra and finds one part particularly interesting. “Front clasp? The back ones too tough?” He looks at me quizzically.

“Have you ever tried doing a bra clasp one-handed?” I pout and, with a flick of his wrist and a gentle tug, he’s undone the clasp. The cups separate and reveal my tits.

“As a matter of fact…” He smirks. He’s toying with me now? Son of a

“Okay, Taro!” I snarl, shrugging off my shirt and bra. “I was going to go easy on you but if you’re going to act like a smug prick, I’m not going to hold back.” I toss my shirt and bra to the side as Taro pulls himself up and wraps his arm around my waist.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I giggle as he starts planting kisses across my chest.

“Well if you’re not going to hold back, I won’t either.” He grins before attacking my nipples with his tongue. A shiver runs up my spine, as if being chased by the fingers tracing a line up my back. I sigh and cross my arms around his shoulders, his mouth taking good care of the girls in equal measure. I wrap my legs around his back and gently rock my hips. He’s got moves, I’ll give him that

“Your ex was a lucky girl…” I moan a little as I compliment his technique. Unfortunately, he stops to talk but he uses his hand to keep playing with me.

“Guess I wasn’t lucky enough though. She ended up cheating on me.” Ouch. What a bitch!

“Take it from me, she lost out! From what I’m feeling, you’re more than enough.” I grind a little to encourage him and he blushes. I lean in and kiss him again for good measure. Whoever this girl was, she obviously didn’t get who he is and she certainly didn’t appreciate him. Her loss, my gain. He slides his hand round to my butt and squeezes as his lips leave mine and kiss my neck.

This is fun… Really fun… But I’m only getting hornier and I want to see what else this boy has in his bag of tricks. I place my hand and stump either side of his shoulders and force him onto his back again.

“Taro, I want you to be honest with me… ” I look him dead in the eyes and he stares back at mine with lust. “How far do you want to go with this?” I know what I want but I have to ask. He looks away from my eyes and down my body, clearly thinking. He meets my eyes with that warm smile of his.

“As far as your comfortable with.” The perfect response from a perfect gentleman.

“Good answer.”

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