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Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 23/8/15]

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:02 pm
by Sharp-O
Chapter Forty-Five: Voices


Bugger me, it’s getting nippy… I got so used to being in a t-shirt and skirt for the majority of the summer, I forgot that this place gets just as cold as home. Less rainy though.

“How do you think you did on Mid-Terms, Molly?” Taro asks from across the table. Mid-Terms only finished a couple days ago. The curriculum here also gets some getting used to. I don’t remember ever having to take exams in October back home.

“I think I did alright. History was the biggest ball-ache but Suzy was a massive help.” I pat the head of the sleeping girl next to me and smile. Taro and Ritsu are canoodling on the other side of the booth in the Shanghai. Kinda wish Miki was here, both to carry Suzu and to make this not look like a double-date.

“You lot don’t really do Halloween do you?” I ask, trying to change the subject mentally.

“Not really, no… We didn’t do anything on the previous years here anyway.” Ritsu says, her expression becoming curious. “Why? Do you want to do something?”

“Obviously I’m not suggesting we go trick or treating in town or around the dorms…” I mutter and the duo laugh. “But I’m thinking a movie night might be fun!” I smile and they nod in agreement.

“That sounds like fun…” Suzu mumbles quietly as she raises her head from the table. Cool, I guess a horror movie marathon it is!



“Thanks, Misaki! I’ll pass these along to Hana when she gets back from the city.” I smile as Misaki hands a couple of photographs to me.

“Aren’t you guys supposed to be joined at the hip these days?” She smirks and I turn crimson. I really wish Hana hadn’t confided in Natsume and Naomi. Just because they didn’t put it in the paper doesn’t mean the info wasn’t disseminated amongst the entire student body within a day.

“I’m joking, Red. I thought you were supposed to be the funny one in ‘Hanakio’.”

“Molly got to you too, huh? That name’s spread like wildfire…” I smirk, shaking my head a little. “Hana went to the city with Miki. Sisterly bonding or some such.”

“Fair enough. Flying solo today then?” She asks as we turn towards the dorms.

“Why? Wanna hang out?” I ask and she laughs. “Harsh.”

“No, not the idea, the fact that you’d ask me. Are you that hard up for friends today?” She chuckles and I furrow my brow.

“If I said yes, will you slap me?”

“Probably.” She narrows her eyes with a smirk.

“Then no, I think you’re very interesting.” I say with a wry smile and she punches my arm lightly.

“See? That’s more like you. I’d like to but I have plans…” She blushes slightly.

“Oh-hoooo! Hot date, Kawana?” I grin, nudging her with my elbow.

“Doubt it. Shin is more into video games than what I have to offer.” She groans.

“Spooky? Wow, I’m surprised you even noticed him” I chuckle. Shin’s a nice enough guy but he’s kind of anti-social. I forget he’s even there most of the time.

“He noticed me, actually. He’s sweet but he has no clue how to woo a girl.”

“The guy probably just needs some encouragement. Take it from me, just try bringing him out of his shell a little. If it’s meant to be, it’ll work out.” I offer a reassuring smile that puts her at ease.

“I guess you did write the book on dating the socially awkward.” She chuckles and I laugh a little. I guess I did.



I barely hear my phone go off over the hum of the bus engine and flick open the old workhorse. It’s screen is cracked a little and the battery is on it’s last legs but it works and that’s enough for me.

“Oh! Looks like we’re doing a horror movie marathon next Wednesday.” I say idly and Hana peeks at my phone screen from the seat beside me.

“Really? Who’s idea w-was that?” She asks, looking a little concerned.

“Molly’s. Why? Don’t you like horror movies?” I ask and she casts her gaze downwards.

“I like the idea of us all hanging out but…” She takes a deep breath and looks at me with sad eyes. “I was t-teased a lot because I look like that ghost girl.”

Don’t laugh, Miki. It’s not funny, even if she does look a little like her.

“We’ll skip that movie!” I give the poor girl a goofy grin, throwing my arm around her shoulder. “Maybe Molly has a bunch of Western horror movies… Oh! She can bring Army of Darkness! She’s the one who lent it to me.” I smile.

“Is it scary?”

“Maybe a little but it’s mostly a comedy. She said the first one was a straight-up horror though!”

“Okay, we should ask her when we get back.”



We made our way back to Yamaku once I was finished getting some necessities from the Aura Mart. Me and Molly headed into the girls’ dorm while Taro and Ritsu head to the boys’ dorm.

“Don’t even say it, Molls. You always say it.” I shake my head at her as she opens her mouth. She has this weird fascination about pointing out when people are going off to bang, even when they’re not.

“You can be a real spoilsport, y’know that?” She frowns, before giggling. Just as we reach the door, a shout from behind us attracts our attention.

“Oh, hey guys! Did you enjoy your date?” I ask with a teasing smile and Hanako blushes, side-stepping a little away from Miki who pulls her closer.

“Damn straight! Though this nerd spent an hour in the bookstore…” She smirks a little at Hanako, who frowns in return.

“Who sp-spent twenty-five minutes trying to d-decide between two identical f-flannel shirts?” She snorts derisively and Miki laughs.

“Thems fightin’ words.”

“Get a room!” Molly chides, leaning against the rail that runs up the ramp to the dorm.

“What about your double-date with Taro and Ritsu? This one give you any trouble, Molls?” Miki asks, gesturing to me. I fold my arms in huff and Molly laughs.

“She’s no trouble.” She smiles warmly.


At Hanako’s request, we head into Molly’s room and dig through her surprisingly extensive DVD library.

“Did you really need all of these for a two-year stay?” I ask incredulously and Molly narrows her eyes.

“Hey, I had a lot of time to kill when I first got here! Before I joined up with you lot, the most exciting thing that happened to me was a rumour about me fancying Misaki.” She chuckles a little as she removes her prosthetics.

“You make it sound like we’re trouble magnets!” I smile and she throws me a look. “Okay, we are but tell me that it isn’t fun?”

“I guess you’re right. Ahhh…” She nods and breathes a sigh of relief as she slots her legs in the space between her bed and bedside table. “Found anything you wanna watch?”

I look back at the veritable library of titles and trace my finger along the spines. She has a lot of sci-fi stuff but also some other genres. Some are in English, obviously brought from home while others are in Japanese and one title in particular springs out at me. I pull it out and look at the cover.

“Holy crap, this looks dated…” I mutter and she leans forward, looking at the very 90’s looking movie.

“Hey! I liked that movie as a kid!” She protests, a slight whine in her voice as she snatches it out of my hand when I offer it to her.

“I thought you didn’t like Bollywood movies?” I ask with a wry smile.

“I like one, okay?”

“What does the title say?” I ask, genuinely curious and she looks nervous.

“{Kuch Kuch Hota Hai}. It means… Something Happens.” She purses her lips a little, probably knowing what my reaction will be.

“You’re shitting me.”

“It loses something in the translation…” She admits.

“You mean an actual meaning?” I raise an eyebrow with a smirk and she tosses the case back to me.

“Just put it back, {kutiyā}.” She giggles. I bet that was an insult of some manner. I laugh as I put the DVD back. I find the one movie I do know here and take Army of Darkness out of it’s place in the line-up.

“Gonna need some help here, Molls. I only know one movie here.” I admit and she hops off her bed and scoots up next to me.

“Okay… Event Horizon… Final Destination… Oh, and Shaun of The Dead!” She easily picks out three titles, all of them with Japanese spines so they must have subtitles at least.

“Not adding Something Happens to the pile? It sounds like a horror movie. Ooooooh, Something Happens!” I put on a mocking ghostly voice and wave my arms, earning me a playful shove.

“Shut up, {tuma gāya}.” She’s probably calling me all manner of unseemly things.

“You have such a beautiful language.” I snark, plucking the titles she suggested out of the line-up and adding them to the pile.

“Suzu.” Molly taps my shoulder and I tilt my head to look at her.


“{Tuma pyārē hō aura āpa rasabharī kī taraha gandha}.” She says in Hindi with a soft smile. Okay, either she’s messing with me or that was actually a nice thing she just said. Roll with it.

“Ummm… Thank you, Molly.” I smile nervously and her smile gets wider as she strokes her right braid.

“{Āpa bhī unakī taraha svāda hai}?” She… asks? That sounded like a question. You’re already rolling, Suzu.

“Yes?” I say cautiously and she bursts into a fit of giggles. Okay she was probably messing with me after all. I playfully shove her with a mock expression of anger.


“What the hell did I just agree to? Did I just sign over my first-born to you, she-devil?” Suzu jabs and it makes me laugh harder.

Not even close…

“I said…” I wheeze, with a huge grin on my face. “I said that I really like that we’re friends and then I asked if you’d hold my hand if I got scared during the movies.” I say and she looks at me warily.

“You’re not messing with me, are you?”

“Not at all.” I smile reassuringly.

“Okay. I like being friends with you too, Molls.” She smiles and I twirl my right braid. “And I’ll hold your hand if you hold mine.”


Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 23/8/15]

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:32 pm
by Yukarin
“Hey, I had a lot of time to kill when I first got here! Before I joined up with you lot, the most exciting thing that happened to me was a rumour about me fancying Misaki.”
Ohohoho is this perhaps a reference of one of your oneshots?

Because I like it.

Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 23/8/15]

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:33 pm
by Hesmiyu
Sharp-O wrote:“That sounds like fun…” Suzu mumbles quietly as she raises her head from the table. "Cool, I guess a horror movie marathon it is!”
Found a little error

I quite like this one as everyone is bonding and surprisingly no one got hurt or laid :P.

Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 23/8/15]

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:10 am
by Sharp-O
Yukarin wrote:Ohohoho is this perhaps a reference of one of your oneshots?

Because I like it
I like doing little bits like that. :lol:
Hesmiyu wrote:I quite like this one as everyone is bonding and surprisingly no one got hurt or laid :P.
Because the best ship is friendship :wink:

Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 23/8/15]

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 10:59 am
by swampie2
I wanted to google translate that so hard, I bet that's not what she said at all. :lol:

Unfortunately I can't get it to work :x


After some research, I've found some discrepancies. I'm assuming you don't speak Hindi, Sharp, so I translated what molly "said" in google translate

Maiṁ vāstava mēṁ hama dōsta haiṁ ki pasanda hai. Maiṁ philmōṁ kē daurāna ḍara lagatā hai ki agara āpa mērā hātha pakaṛa hōgā?
Is not the same as:
Tuma pyārē hō aura āpa rasabharī kī taraha gandha. Āpa bhī unakī taraha svāda hai?

I could be wrong, but as of yet, I can't translate what molly actually said, I only know that she was lying to Suzu or that my Google translate works differently that whatever sharp used :wink:

Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 23/8/15]

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 11:47 am
by Sharp-O
swampie2 wrote:I wanted to google translate that so hard, I bet that's not what she said at all. :lol:
I used google translate but I see the problem. Because I used the 'English' script instead of the actual Hindi, it doesn't translate back. Here's what she said:

Tuma pyārē hō aura āpa rasabharī kī taraha gandha You're cute and you smell like raspberries.

Āpa bhī unakī taraha svāda hai Do you also taste like them?

Make of that what you will. :lol:

Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 23/8/15]

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 12:09 pm
by swampie2
Sharp-O wrote:Make of that what you will. :lol:
Mhmm, it's the same trying to translate romanised Japanese back to English too.

Awhh, now that is adorable and lewd all at the same time. :lol:

I enjoyed this chapter a lot, looking forward to the rest!

that was actually a nice thingshe just said.
thing she < Missed a space.

Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 23/8/15]

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 12:56 pm
by Silentcook
...And this, people, is a picture-perfect example of why you should never, ever mess around with foreign languages in your writing unless you have a fluent speaker on hand.

Putting brackets around something actually written in a foreign language when you shouldn't is just the cherry on top.

Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 23/8/15]

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 9:34 pm
by AntonSlavik020
Well this was really cute. Molly and Suzu are already absolutely adorable, and if/when they become a couple, I think I may melt into a puddle on my couch. I was gonna say floor, but I'm sitting on a couch, so that would be more accurate.

Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 27/8/15]

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:26 pm
by Sharp-O
Chapter Forty-Six: Phantoms


“Just let me draw on your face!” I demand with a laugh, pinning the chuckling Akio beneath me on his bed, my hands with a firm grip on his wrists.

“Go to hell! I’m not going to show up to movie night looking like a chump!” He retorts, barely putting up any resistance.

“We can’t dress up properly but we have to do something. It’s Halloween!” I insist.

“It’s dumb!”

You’re dumb!”

He pushes against me and we end up trading places, Akio now pinning me to the bed. I can feel my cheeks warm as he leans in to give me a tender kiss on the lips.

“Don’t g-get any ideas, mister…” I narrow my eyes and he smirks.

“But I’ve got so many good ones!”

“I know, that’s the problem…” I squirm a little underneath him, more to get comfortable than suggesting anything though I know that’s what he’s thinking because I’m thinking it too.

“Seriously, Akio, it’s just a little mascara. It’ll come off!” I get back on topic and he sighs, relenting.

“Okay, but don’t go overboard, alright? And don’t draw a dick on my face!” He chuckles, holding my hands and pulling me up into a seated position.

Spoilsport…” I say coyly before nuzzling his nose.


Now I remember why no one hangs out with the theatre club… They’re anal-retentive, pretentious dickwads… The amount of grief we just had to go through is unreal. We just want to dig around in the costume boxes! What’s the big deal? Then again, why am I the one to do this with Taro? Shouldn’t his girlfriend be here making sure they match? Heh.

“Yo, Miki. Gimme a hand!” Taro calls out from the storage space below the stage. I’ll give you a hand all right, big guy.

I slowly clap my right hand against my stump, a sly smirk creeping across lips. His unimpressed face emerges from the darkness to give me a dirty look, making me laugh.

“You are such a bitch…” He mutters as I scoot closer towards the small opening under the stage in the Arts wing.

“Just pass me the box, fat ass.” I grin, holding out my arms and he slips a large box out of the storage area.

“At least I’m not a huge pussy. It’s only a little dark down here.” He jabs, going back to look for the other box marked ‘Halloween’ that we were told is down there.

“I’m surprised you even fit down there.” I snipe back, sliding the box to the side and opening it.

“That’s what she said.” Taro calls out before a filthy laugh erupts from the storage space. Son of a… Set myself up for that one, didn’t I? I pick up a cute, black, cat-ear headband and slip it onto my head. I creep over to the cupboard sized door and poke my head into the darkness.

“You were saying something about me being a puss-GAH!” I feel a deep burning within my left hand and end up falling into the storage space. I didn’t realise the drop was so deep in here. I tumble onto a box with a dull thud and cradle my… hand that isn't there. Taro drops the box he was handling and kneels at my side.

“Son of a fucking whore!” I scowl at my stump. Phantom pain. Why now? I haven’t had it happen in well over a year! Taro looks at me concerned but immediately begins unwrapping my stump with his good hand.

“It’s okay, Miki. I’m here.” He smiles as he unwraps the bandage. He’s done this before but that was a long time ago. “Focus on me if you can.”

“You do remember what happened last time you said that, right?” I grimace but try my best to smirk. I ended up using my hand on him while he massaged my stump. Doubt that’s going to happ--

“Whatever you need to do.” He says calmly with the same smile as he begins to massage my stump. I wince at his touch but he’s done this a couple times before, I trust hi--

“D-did you just give me the go ahead to touch you up? What the fuck, man?” I ask belligerently.

“If it’ll help you, yes.” Again, his expression doesn’t change. Did I hit my head too? He can’t mean that.

“You can’t be seeee~rious!” Man, he’s still the best at this. Firm and gentle. He remembers the pressure points I like too.

“When it comes to this, to you being in pain, I’m always serious.” He looks me dead in the eyes and I shiver. He’s dating someone. He’s not a cheat. He’s a good guy. He’s… made the pain stop.

Holy shit…” My eyes drift to my stump where his thumb is pressed into my flesh, rubbing in circles. “I’m good now, Taro.”

“That’s a relief. I thought you might take me up on the offer for a second…” He breathes a sigh of relief before guffawing, his belly jiggling rapidly.

“I knew you weren’t serious, you fucker!” I punch him with my free hand as he retrieves the discarded bandage.

“It distracted you, didn’t it?” He gives me a knowing smirk and I realise what he did.

“You’re too clever for your own good, you know that?” I sneer but I can’t help but smile.

“And would you look at that.” He looks under my butt at the box I landed on. I follow his gaze and see the word Halloween upside down from my vantage point. I look up at Taro who beams, patting the spot on my head between the cat ears.

“Who says black cats are unlucky?”



“{Velcome, mortal}!” Molly announces in heavily accented English with a flair of her trash bag cloak. “Awww, Suuuuzy! You didn’t dress up!” Her shoulders slump a little.

I look around the room at the guests present. Molly, as a vampire, I guess… Taro wearing a children’s sized Kamen Rider on the side of his head, Ritsu with a crude ninja headband, Akio has stitch marks drawn on his face and Hanako’s wearing a small witch hat. I look up at Miki who came to fetch me wearing cat ears and mascara whiskers on her face.

“You’re all nerds…” I say with a smirk, stepping into the room and clambering over everyone to reach Molly’s bed. I hop up and take a seat beside the legless girl. They’ve set up her TV and DVD player on her dresser in front of the duvets people brought with them. It’s quite the comfy atmosphere, with drinks and snacks everywhere.

“So what’s first, Molls?” Ritsu asks, craning her neck back.

“Event Horizon! A super awesome, super gross sci-fi horror movie.” She beams and, once Miki has taken her spot next to me on the bed, presses play on her remote control.


“Nooo! Why is Dr Grant the bad guy?” Hanako asks and Akio chuckles holding her a little closer.

“Because he’s British. Every British person is evil in movies.” He chuckles and receives a playful tap on his head from Molly.


“And in real life too.” He looks back to snark Molly and everyone laughs.

“She’s lured us all here for some nefarious plot, no doubt.” Taro chimes in and Molly’s eyes go wide but she raises her fingers to her ear.

“They’re on to me! Call off the ninjas and get me an exit, ASAP!” She says, pretending to talk into a collar mic. I titter at her cute little display but a harsh scream erupts from the TV, gaining everyone’s attention.

“I thought it was funny.” I smile at her and she smiles back, taking off her trash bag cloak and placing it around my shoulders.

“Now you’re out of costume.” I say and she shakes her head, reaching down the side of her bed and swapping her glasses for a pair of gag glasses with a nose and moustache on it.

“That’s so lame!” I laugh and she glares at me.

“Everything else was taken, okay?!” She jabs my side with her elbow before looking back at the TV with a smile.



Sometime during Final Destination, both Suzu and Hanako fell asleep. I stroke Suzu’s hair idly as she rests the back of her head on my lap, her legs across Miki’s thighs. Miki looks over to me and taps my shoulder.

“You want me to take her?” She whispers and I shake my head.

“Nah, that’s okay. You always look after her, I don’t mind doing it tonight.” I answer sincerely. Miki nods and rubs her stump a little, her attention not on the screen at all but on the back of Taro’s head.

“You okay?” I whisper to Miki and she flinches a little, clearly thinking I wasn’t paying attention to her.

“Yeah… Just had a little bit of phantom pain earlier. Taro helped me with it.” She looks at her stump with a small smile. “Have you ever had it?” She looks over and I lean closer, trying not to disturb Suzu as I do.

“Once or twice, but nowhere near as bad as what I’ve heard of people getting. Are you okay?” I keep my voice to a small whisper and Miki follows my lead.

“Yeah, Taro massaged it and distracted me until the burning subsided.”

“You get burning? Shit, I feel bad for just getting a pins and needles sensation…” I say and Miki laughs.

“Don’t be, Molls. We get what we get, you shouldn’t feel bad about something like that.”

“I know but I can’t help but feel a little guilty. We’re all in this together, no matter what our thing is. Share the burden, y’know?”

“You’re sounding like Taro now.” She raises an eyebrow at me with a half-smile and I giggle.

“Says the protective older sister of our group. If anyone is going to be like Taro, it’s you.” I snipe back and she blushes a little before dismissing me with a wave.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” She snorts with a smile before turning her attention back to the screen.


By the time curfew rolls around, we don’t have time for Army of Darkness and Shaun Of The Dead, much to my chagrin.

“C’mon, Hana. Time for bed…” Akio gently jostles his sleeping girlfriend and she lazily raises her head.

“Oh… Okay…” She gulps hard and wipes sleep from her eye.

Ritsuro manage to get up with less fuss, Taro folding Ritsu’s duvet over his arm. They say their goodbyes and Hanakio gets to their feet. Akio tosses Hana’s cover over his shoulder and gives me a nod, leading the sleepy Hana to her room.

“Yo. Suzu.” Miki gently prods the cerulean haired girl and she stirs.

“God, what time is it?” She glowers at Miki before flopping an arm across her face.

“Bed-time, me thinks.” I smile down at her and she throws me a scowl as well.

“I was already asleep though!” She sighs grumpily.

“You can’t sleep here…” Miki chimes in.

“Like hell I can’t. Molly, tell her.” She rolls onto her side and brings her legs off Miki.

“I… Guess she can stay the night?” I chuckle nervously and Miki shrugs with a smirk.

“Be careful, she gets handsy!” She flexes her hand menacingly as she makes her way to the door.

“G’night, Miki! Thanks for coming!” I call out and Miki waves before closing the door, leaving me and Suzu alone in my room, her head on my lap.

“You might be better off with a pillow, Suzy.” I pat her shoulder and she nestles into my thigh and mattress further.

“But you’re comfy…” She whines in response.

“Yeah but I can’t feel my legs.” I smirk at the back of her head and, as I expected, she sits up to look at me with shocked eyes.

“That’s not funny.” She says in a deadpan voice and I laugh.

“It’s a little funny! Now come on; if you’re going to stay the night, pick a side and a pillow.” I say, sliding to the edge of the bed. “Could you pass me my legs, please?”

Suzu dutifully hands me my legs and I quickly strap them on, standing and stretching.

“Man, I think my butt’s asleep too…” I groan and Suzu laughs.

“Considering the ass crease you left, I’m not surprised!”

“Oi! I couldn’t move because someone decided to use me as a body pillow!” I retort as I step unsteadily towards the TV to turn it off.

“You haven’t even begun to be used yet. Miki wasn’t kidding, I get cuddly sometimes.” Suzu giggles and a shiver runs up my spine. Like someone walked on my grave.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to that. Cuddling is nice.” I throw her a smile over my shoulder and Suzu straightens up.

“Molly… Do you like me?” She asks and I feel my knees buckle ever so slightly or, at least, the muscles that would usually cause it. Enough to make me brace myself against my dresser regardless. You’ve prepared for this, Molly.

“If I said yes, would it freak you out?” I ask, turning and leaning against the dresser.

“Not really. I’ve kinda suspected…” She shyly smiles, rubbing her hands together.

“Not been too subtle, have I?” I look at her and she shakes her head with a giggle.


I look down at the floor and take a breath to collect my thoughts.

“If you don’t feel the same way, there’s absolutely no pressure. I’m more than happy to be just friends. I really like hanging out you.” Okay, all my preparation just in case this happened has evaporated out of my brain. “Yeah, no pressure to reciprocate.” I look up and she looks at me quizzically.

“I don’t think I’m into girls, Molly…” She says and I nod slowly. Figured as much, this was mostly curiosity on my part anyway. Testing the waters as it were.

“But then, I’ve never been with a girl so I can’t say for certain.” She smiles coyly at me and I realise she’s just used my own line against me. She’s a clever one.

“Is that so…” I say with a small smile, unsure how to proceed from here. It’s hardly a whirlwind romance but I think there’s enough affection here to at least try something. We’re both curious to see what happens at the very least.

She hops up off my bed and stands with her arms behind her back. I take a couple tentative steps towards her. My heart pounds in my chest as I place a hand on her cheek. Since I kinda initiated this, I guess I should take the lead. I lean in and plant a kiss on Suzu’s lips.

“Huh.” Suzu opens her eyes to look at me as my hand moves from her face.

“What? Feel weird?” I ask, worried that this has all been a huge mistake.

“Jury’s still out. This may require further testing.” Her lips form a demure smile and she leans in to plant a similar kiss on me.

Yeah, we may need to try this a few times, I think.

Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 27/8/15]

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:52 pm
by swampie2
“Yeah but I can’t feel my legs.”
That one caught me of guard, think I scared my cousin next to me when I burst out laughing.
I feel my knees buckle ever so slightly.
Prosthetics that sense feels? :lol:

Great chapter! Shame they didn't get to watch shaun of the dead. :cry:

Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 27/8/15]

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:59 pm
by Sharp-O
swampie2 wrote:
“Yeah but I can’t feel my legs.”
That one caught me of guard, think I scared my cousin next to me when I burst out laughing.
Yeah, thought it might be a funny gag.
swampie2 wrote:
I feel my knees buckle ever so slightly.
Prosthetics that sense feels? :lol:
I cleared that up a little so it makes sense :lol:

Thanks, I know I've been lax with Monomyth (my own bloody fault for getting too invested in Fixers without finishing my first project, well, first) but I'll definitely get back on track. I have ideas on how to end the series PLUS an extra special surprise. Hint: Mirai

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Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 12:02 am
by Yukarin
Oh jesus SuzuxMolly is way cuter than I imagined it to be.

oh my gooooooooooooooood i want more

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Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:00 am
by AntonSlavik020
As if Hanakio wasn't already cute enough, now we have, um, Sully I guess? Still not big on how that sounds.

Anyways, yeah, Suzu and Molly are adorable. Can't wait for more of them.

Re: Monomyth: Taro Arai's Story [Update: 27/8/15]

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:13 am
by Decadent Albatros
Well, I guess in the end we'll have the epic battle for the cutest couple: Hanakio vs Sully!
Dreams will be shattered, worlds will be destroyed, friendships shall be ruined but we must have a winner!

GJ Sharp, you might have created a battle for the ages