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Re: Yamaku Book Club (20190204 We, The Council)

Post by Feurox » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:46 am

We, The Council

I like this story a lot, most likely because of Misha's role. I always find it interesting to see Misha's role as an interpreter, and I find that Megumeru did a good job transforming Misha into more than just a scatter-brained voice for Shizune, who I found to be presented less favourably. Despite liking the character of Shizune a lot, I've got to echo Oddball's thoughts on how her characterisation is handled in this story however, she doesn't come across as necessarily 'unlikeable' but I don't find that it does her any favours.

The style is...interesting. Sometimes it works really well, particularly in the first part. But things fall apart, like the tense. Coupled with the sometimes odd phrasing of things, there are some odd moments. Luckily, these issues are fairly few - but it certainly detracts overall where and when it rears it's head.

This is a sad read - but I think it's one worth reading. It's got some poetic moments, which I'm a big fan of and it's overall got some beautifuly tragic moments. It was nice to re-read it that's for sure.

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Re: Yamaku Book Club (Katawa Shoujo - Pentameter style)

Post by Oddball » Sat Feb 16, 2019 2:33 pm


And now for something completely different.

I received a message specifically asking for the bookclub to cover this next one. It's not quite the stuff we normally do, but it's interesting enough that I feel we can take a look.

Katawa Shoujo - Pentameter style by Mirage_GSM.

I have to say it's a bit of a fascinating read. It feels, for lack of a better term classy . Amazing what a bit of iambic pentameter can do to a story.
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