Перевод ВН Katawa Shoujo на русский язык

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Re: Перевод ВН Katawa Shoujo на русский язык

Post by BlackJack » Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:14 am

wazuzu wrote:Это хорошо, что исправили. А то некрасиво вышло.

Алсо, ну что же вы, релизёры. Или вы договариваетесь о статусе вашего перевода?
Russian translation patch is out, but right now we're fixing bugs reported by players. There's also a new guy in our team helping us with punctuation issues, so it's unlikely that we'll send our sctipts to developers during this month. However, you may download it from http://ns.camra.ru/blogs/post/10 for Windows or from http://ns.camra.ru/blogs/post/11 for Linux/Mac OS. Then again, this is not the ultimate version, there will be couple more releases, but all in all, content is readable, as players say.

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