some questions over here ...

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some questions over here ...

Post by Buffler » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:58 am

Greetings... I'm Seih Tsukai and i'm new in this forum, i already played Katawa Shoujo and i'm Still playing it. I'm from Argentina and i was wondering myself if i can help with the Translation of the game to the Spanish Language. I hope i can help at least some lines ... Well ... That's all ... If i can help in another way please tell me and i do my best for help, if you want contact me, here is my Messenger:

For now, that's all... I'm new in the forum so i don't know nothing of how the people interact over here or how work ... With no more to say.

Greetings and i hope i can help and have fun a little bit.

Evilness ...

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