Lottie's Secret Santa~

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Re: Lottie's Secret Santa~

Post by Anonymous22 » Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:58 pm

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hurr durr

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Re: Lottie's Secret Santa~

Post by Raide » Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:11 pm

Request: Entire cast rollerblading with Lilly and her dog on a skateboard.

Kinda complicated. Rollerblade are actually brand name that becomes generic word like kleenex and xerox, and they produce other things than inline skates. Entire cast? KS has loads of characters if you count those who won't have sprites (like around 30+). Her guide dog Niji, the golden retriever has been long banished from the plot. And who's on a skateboard? The entire cast? Her dog? XD
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So yeah, I play around with Paint tool SAI and Photoshop CS2 using various layer effects until the image are way different from the original. But there I present you my SS work. :D

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Re: Lottie's Secret Santa~

Post by Peorth » Tue Dec 23, 2008 3:22 am

ram wrote:muto x nomiya

Even if the author is silenced, the performance is stopped, the story will not end.

Whether it's a comedy or a tragedy, if there is cheering, the story will continue on.
Just like the many lives.
For the us who are still in it and still in the journey, send warm blessings.

---We will continue to walk down this path until eternity.

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Re: Lottie's Secret Santa~

Post by Aura » Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:35 am

A Shopping Trip
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Re: Lottie's Secret Santa~

Post by Kagami » Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:39 am

To start with: I have no excuses other than that I am a failure.

I did not draw this, but rather, a friend of mine named Pygmalion graciously did so at my request when I finally cracked and realized I was not going to be able to do this justice. He can draw, whereas I ... cannot do as well; not NEARLY as well, and sure as hell not as well in only a day/day and a half.

I owe him my dignity and my undying gratitude for bailing my sorry stupid ass out of the mess I'd gotten myself into.

Whoever asked simply for "Lingerie," here you go.
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Re: Lottie's Secret Santa~

Post by TheHivemind » Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:18 am

Short. Sweet(?) Written after reading far too much Douglas Adams.

On Being Temporarily Misplaced

A young boy of no more than six or seven crawled heedlessly through a series of colorful plastic tunnels that seemed to have been created for unusually large rodents, giggling and whooping in the manner of his kind. The sound of his knees on the plastic floor of the tunnel echoed noisily throughout the complex, waves of noise which were quickly lost in the sounds of other children in other tunnels, which bounced about in a rather loud fashion. These sounds, by some quirk of design, all seemed to echo into the ball pit, where a pair of rather unusual figures attempted not to notice.

The two girls (for girls they were, aged at approximately seventeen or eighteen, depending on the laws of your country) were not only unusual in the fact that one does not generally expect to discover two almost-adult females in a ball pit, but also in a rather jarring lack of arms on the taller one and the somewhat vexed glare of the shorter one. The shorter one, dressed in long cargo pants and an olive top, flicked blonde hair irritably out of her eyes and once again attempted to engage the taller, armless one in conversation.

“Are you sure you've got no idea of where we are? I thought you were the one in charge of directions!”

The armless one shrugged, shaking her head slowly, empty sleeves flapping uselessly. A short crop of red hair followed the motion lazily, peeking out from under a floppy newsboy's cap. “Direction is relative. My direction happened to be facing this way, but it's not now.”

“We could reverse directions, then. That seems fairly obvious.”

The armless one frowns, worried. “But I've changed direction an awful lot since we got here. There were a lot of things to look at.”

“Rin...” The shorter one's voice took on a tone of voice that could charitably pass for terse. “Are you saying that you don't know where we are?”

“No, I know exactly where we are.” Rin said. “We're in the ball pit. You know that, Emi.”

Emi reflected that really, she should have known better than to ask a simple question of Rin. “Do you know where we are in relation to the school? Or even to say, a bus stop?”

“I know we aren't at school, and we aren't at a bus stop...” Rin said, thinking for a moment. “And I know that we're probably closer to a bus stop than we are to the school...” A frown. “But I don't know how to get from here to there.”

Emi had started to pace in the ball pit on the off chance that moving around gave her an idea that didn't involve frightening kids with tales of the ball pit shark that had stolen one of her legs; a joke that had gone over rather well once, but carried the rather large risk of being thrown out. If the two found themselves out on the street, their chances of becoming more lost than they already were increased significantly—especially when there were so many things in the city that could catch Rin's attention—and her own attention as well; it had been her idea to duck inside the children's play center in the first place. After all, being lost is bad. Being lost in the rain is worse. Being lost in a children's play center? A significant improvement.

At least there was a ball pit here. The only problem was that Emi had originally hoped to spend some time romping in the ball pit and getting into miniature wars with Rin, but Rin's inability to return fire (and lack of interest) scrapped that idea. She'd considered trying to get some of the children to play with her instead, but a general distrust of adults had already been firmly ingrained into their minds—and anyway, Emi was pretty sure that she'd get in trouble for pegging children a good ten years younger than she with plastic balls regardless of whether or not they'd asked her to. The situation was, while not completely helpless, fairly close to it.

Rin, for her part, was perfectly content to stay exactly where she was until such a time as she moved somewhere else. The constant noise of children overhead was somewhat bothersome, but if she didn't think about it too much the noise became a background drone that was easier to deal with. This allowed her mind to wander down various paths dealing with various topics, none of them having the slightest bit to do with the current situation. So lost in thought was she that it barely registered when Emi seized one of her empty sleeves and declared “I've got a plan!”

“What kind of plan?”

“To find out where we are, of course!” Emi had that sort of manic grin that tended to show up when she was about to do something that would either solve a problem or make it worse—despite her rather relaxed attitude, Rin found herself hoping that it wouldn't be the latter—and talked excitedly as the two made their way out of the ball pit and through the tunnel that led there. “It's simple! We just need to find a phone book! They've got maps in the back, and we can use that to find our way back!”

Rin nodded, more out of habit than anything else, and followed as Emi did her level best not to break into an outright sprint. A rather curious thought flitted across her mind, and Rin frowned as she debated the merits of giving such a thought voice. On the one hand, it was a silly question and Emi had probably already thought it through. On the other, if Emi hadn't thought it through, then it might be discouraging, and Rin generally tried to be supportive of her friend's ideas. Still...probably best to play it safe, in this case. “Where are we supposed to find a phone book?”

“Oh, that's easy!” Emi said carelessly over her shoulder. “We just need to find a phone booth!”

“Ah.” Rin digested this information and shrugged inwardly. “We could also ask the guy at the counter.”

“Rin, that's brilliant!” Emi clapped excitedly, no doubt drawing a few odd looks from sets of parents who were already watching the two suspiciously. “We'll just ask for directions from him!” Neither of them felt that it was especially odd that this simplest of solutions hadn't come up earlier, as neither of them had felt particularly inconvenienced by being lost in the first place. Admittedly, Emi had become bored eventually, but her own unwillingness to ever let an opportunity for...well, anything slip by had nearly forced her to enjoy herself. Granted, she'd gotten a few strange looks from parents and children whilst careening around the tunnels, but it had been worth the trip.

Rin felt that the trip had been worth as much as anything else, and that was as good as it got.

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Re: Lottie's Secret Santa~

Post by Ismuth » Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:02 pm

I don’t have the sheer verbosity of the rest of the crew, but I’ll give it a shot, since I don’t think I could do anything artistic or photoshoppy.

A Hisako centric theme.

Eh. More open than I’d like but…

Also herp derp Kenjiko monologue.

I open my eyes. The sun’s shining brightly. Perhaps a bit TOO brightly. Perhaps I shouldn’t have stayed up as late as I did. It’s amazing really. This school has a lot of bandwidth available, but I don’t think anybody really uses it. Except for me, of course.

I climb out of bed, squinting at the bright light streaming into my room as I feel for my glasses, finding them on my alarm clock, like usual. I step out of bed and close the curtains, returning the room to an acceptable artificially lit twilight. A quick glance at my calendar shows that today is just another regular school day. I might even attend today. There’s a new student, just across the hall from me. I don’t think she even knows that the bell is going to ring in like 20 minutes


I quickly get dressed and leave my room to knock(or pound, depending on your perspective), looking both ways for members of the student council, although the two guys I really have to look out for shouldn’t be here this early in the morning anyway. But that’s beside the point. Actually, is it possible? THEY could have planted her here to spy on me. It would explain why she’s here in the middle of the year, but why now, just before the festival? Is it to prevent me from repeating last year’s incident? I wasn’t even the guilty party that time!

Her door opens as she sticks her head out the door, bleary eyed. She greets me with a faint “Morning… Kenjiko, wassit?”

I wasn’t expecting her to answer her door. Being a plant of the villainous Student Council, she’d clearly be in class like one of those proper students under their sway. I stammer.

“M-m-morning. I don’t think you’ve b-been here long, b-b-but the first bell is going to ring in twent-“ I quickly glance at a nearby clock. “Fifteen minutes. You sh-should probably hurry.”

She responds by turning red and closing her door, saying that she’ll be right out. Clearly setting up a trap. I won’t be here for it. This requires planning. I return to my room and quietly close the door behind me. I’ll need to plot. She could be an enemy. Or maybe I can turn her over to my side against the enemies. She’s the only one who could be a plant. I take my blanket off my bed and wrap it around myself as I bring my computer out of standby. The Student Council’s tyranny is soon to be finished.
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Re: Lottie's Secret Santa~

Post by Lacan » Wed Dec 24, 2008 7:15 pm

This is OscarGoldman here and this is my Secret Santa thing. I have not done prose in many years so bare with me. I hope whoever I got gets some enjoyment out of it.

"Something involving broken Christmas ornaments. The glass balls you hang up on trees, see. And Emi."

The coldest December I remember from the coldest year I remember. They call Christmas the most wonderful time of the year but to me it was just another day. People don't change at all even during Christmas. Nobody has life changing epiphanies on Christmas after being visited by ectoplasmic beings and none of the things I was taught as a child ever happen. I never had a Christmas tree or any of that garbage and honestly what need is there for one? The tree doesn't serve its purpose by being cut, planted in the living room, and being dressed up like Liberace. If I sound like a bitter man then maybe you should make like a tree and fuck off.

I apologize for that last bit, it was uncalled for. I guess I am just a bit annoyed I have to spend a Christmas eve decorating a tree with some snot nosed punks who just happen to be special or go to a special school or something. That's how Elle described them that damn hustler. I should have known better when a woman challenged me to a game of Madden 95 on the Sega Genesis and bet she could beat me. I mean women don't play videogames right? In any event the loss was a blow to my ego on many levels and to make matters worse I had to help her with these kids. Well today's the day and what a day it is. 22 degrees and a windchill at -4 but I am a man of my word so there aint nothin to it but to do it at this point.

I arrive at the time she requested and instead of being greeted by her I was met by one of the kids. Didn't seem like anything was wrong with him but looks can be deceiving SON OF A BITCH. WHO RUNS A PLAY ACTION ON 4th AND 18? Well this guy seems deaf as he does say anything and just motions to me to follow him. Walking through the doors and down the corridors littered with snapshots of the kids on nice looking boats and in club rooms it reminded me of my own school days. How did I fall so quickly from grace? I couldn't allow my emotions to consume me because before I knew it there I stood in front of this rather modest tree. It was maybe 4 feet at best and looked diseased. Man it was a depressing site and it would probably be even more depressing to decorate this thing. The boy who brought me here walked out the room so I assumed he had business elsewhere but before he left the room he gave me a box that jangled and jingled. "Why did he give me a box of glass?", was my first thought but when I opened red, green, white, blue, and other combination of colors vibrantly littered the inside this box. Decent looking Christmas ornaments for a not so decent tree. I closed the box and put it inside my jacket after looking at the shiny glass balls when I heard some kind of metallic clanking coming toward me. Suddenly the door sprung open and a short brown haired girl ran into the room and right into me. The crash was violent and we both fell on our sides with a loud smash.

My first thought was that this bitch is crazy and my next thought was her safety. She seemed alright but I asked if she was anyway. "I'm sorry.", was repeated over and over again by this petite girl and she asked if I was ok. I nodded and thats when I got a good look at her body and noticed the prosthesis. A girl this young a double amputee? What a cruel fate. "So what's your name kid?" "Emi and again mister I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry they. Tell me I shouldn't run inside the school but I still do it. Are you ok mister?" Deciding to play it cool I got up and brushed myself off before answering. "Yeah. I came to help with the tree is that what you were running here for?" She nodded and gave a bubbly smile surprising upbeat considering we could have been killed moments prior. "I just love the ornaments and the tree. Its not that tall so even I can decorate almost all of it." At that point I realized tragedy had already struck and I reached into my jacket pocket pulled out the box and opened it. Sure enough most of the ornaments were shattered. Pieces of glass desperately clung together and even fewer clung to the hook. Emi looked at me rather blankly at first but then that bubbly smile returned to her face. "I guess I caused a real mess here but there still good." Was she insane? These were clearly ruined ornaments. Broken and useless. She grabbed the box out of my hand and sifted through the debris happily picking out ornaments that still had hooks and a piece of a color. "They may be broke but it still Christmas and these are still my balls. This may not be the best tree but it is a tree and it is ours." Just as I was about open my mouth and lay down some shit about how Christmas doesn't mean anything she pulled a fucking pristine white ornament out of the box. Beautiful sounds echoed in my mind as I gazed at this angel. They should have sent a poet.

There stood this girl upbeat and cheerful despite circumstances. It suddenly became clear that what I was wrong this whole time. A withered tree with broken ornaments is still a tree and can still warm people's hearts and minds. "Emi...thank you." I put my hands on her shoulders and smiled. Soon some kids came in to see what was all the commotion. I turned my body toward them in such a way that my left hand trailed down her chest and slid across her delicious mounds. Shocked by the unintentional grope Emi roundhouse kicked me in the temple killing me instantly. Death was painless and swift.


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