Amidst Blue Fire and Black Rain

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Amidst Blue Fire and Black Rain

Post by DrShikura » Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:23 am

I lay, curled up, amidst a ring of blue fire, during a storm of black rain. The boom of thunderous voices echo around me as people continue their daily lives. They cannot see me, as the flames emit no light. The flames lick my flesh. I care not for the pain. I simply curl up more. The blue tint they contain. It brings a deeper sorrow than anything I may have felt before.

The Black Rain from this storm pierces my soul and my mind. The raindrops splash my face, and roll down my cheeks like tears. I look into the sky. It's sunny, but so dark. I am frightened as lightning flashes and something stands before me. A darkened figure. A silhouette of someone I do not know. I hear this person's voice, but it is foreign to me. This person sits next to me. Still a pitch dark figure. The flames burn this figure. This person shows no pain. They simply reach a hand out to me. A sense of caring. Something also foreign. Hesitant, I take this figure's hand. They pull me closer to them. Together, we sit. Amidst a ring of blue flames, during a storm of black rain.

So long passes. The flames still burn me. The thunderous voices echo in my mind. This person has been inching farther and farther away from me. They suddenly stand up and flee. I can't help but feel saddened by the removal of the comfort they showed me. I curl up more. As tight as I can. Hours pass by. Things could never get any worse!

Suddenly, another lightning strike. A massive glow illuminates this ring of fire. Turning the rain, not black, but white! I hear the sound of metallic plates clashing together. They sing melodic sounds. "Ka-chink! Ka-chink! Ka-chink!" As a white knight, emitting a light towards me, marches until he hovers over me menacingly.

People cease their booming voices to suddenly stop and watch me. I feel so violated by their stares. I can't help but hide myself. From them, from this knight. Why has he come before me?

Everything goes silent. The white rain makes no sound, but still rolls down my cheeks like tears. This knight, clad in iron, bearing steel. He wraps his arms around me. I am fearful, for I see not, my savior's face. He lifts me from the cold Earth, arms wrapped around my burned body, and marches out of the flames. They dance across him, clearly burning him. He does not cry out in pain. Why does he not cry? The white metal on his body turns red hot. It sears his body as he marches through the sea of blue. He does not cry out.

Who is my savior? Why is he helping me? How could I ever repay him for saving me? Did I want to be saved? No.. I could never repay him. I would never know how. When he realizes this, and perhaps, someday, he may have to save me again, will he? Will he appear during a storm of black rain again? Surely not. I am of no use to him, but why? Why does he save me? I am of no use to him. Yet, I must repay him.

Even now. While we are out of the flames... In my mind, I lay curled up, amidst a ring of blue fire, during a storm of black rain...

This is a piece of ...Fiction.. Or, Poetry, perhaps, I wanted to write up as my take on Hanako's state of mind.
She was always the most immersive of the characters, for me, at least. I could always relate to her so well.

So, correct me if I'm wrong about her. But This is my take, and I wanted to ascertain her emotions through descriptive words in stead of her own actions.
Maybe trying to describe her would help me understand the way she feels a little more.

Below, I can explain what each aspect of this literature represents, but I will put spoiler tags on it, to avoid conflict.

The fire represents her accident. How the flames burn her.

The blue tint the flames carry represents the sadness they have caused her throughout her life.

The black rain represents the hopeless tears she weeps over this condition she is in. Though, nobody takes notice to save her. She takes comfort in this fact.

The voices and people around her are everybody. More importantly, the people she hides herself from in real life. Those who would judge her by her scars.

The dark figure that sits with her would represent Lilly. A friend that, obviously, Hanako feels is burdened by her. Yet, this person still shows compassion.

The White Knight would represent Hisao. Reaching out and picking her up to save and protect her. He is pained by her condition, yet he does not cry out. This confuses her. She feels clearly useless to him. She almost wishes he wouldn't come to save her. In the end, how, in her mind, she lay in the same exact conditions she suffered before, this would represent her confusion on that matter.

Tell me what you think! Was it good? Bad? I could use some constructive criticism if it was bad. Thanks! ^^
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