Giving the Characters Alternative Disabilities

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Re: Giving the Characters Alternative Disabilities

Post by Triscuitable » Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:00 pm

Lurker.No9 wrote:That post of yours had a bunch of really neat ideas, WorldlyWiseman. In particular, I think it's very interesting how your "version" involves more interactions between the various girls. I can understand why, in general, that didn't happen much in KS itself - it detracts from the straightforward romance plot - but it's still something that I'd have liked to see.

I'd also like to note that a scarred male protagonist in a romance almost automatically seems a reference to "Phantom of the Opera".
Let's say that this was a play going on at Yamaku. Hisao auditioned for the lead purely out of self-hate, and continuing to blame himself. I'd assume that this Hisao would wear the mask to cover his scars. The play would be the conclusion to the major events, and would arc throughout all routes. However, depending on whether or not a good ending was achieved or not, Hisao would change his mind about the play. The girl he spends time with would pressure him every so often to express himself onstage, and wear the mask in a way to display his scars, and the good ending would have him do just that.

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