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Re: Design your character!

Post by SwimmingInCloudland » Fri Mar 23, 2012 4:22 pm

Name: Sebastian "Seb" Akimoto
Sex: Male
Height: 1.8 metres, or 6'1"
Birthday: 8th March
Age: 17
Zodiac: Pisces
Hair: Brown, mid-length, spiky back (duck-butt)
Eyes: Amber
Disability: Mute, but not deaf, due to damaged lobe

Background: Born and raised just outside Yamaku, Seb has always known the area pretty well. His father an attorney , his mother an artist, and an only child, he was brought up to understand business and the arts equally. Until the age of 5, Seb was perfectly normal, even surprisingly eloquent for his age, until he foolishly wandered onto a main road, and was hit by a (thankfully quite slow-moving) bike. He broke his left arm and leg, and sustained significant damage to the speech centre of his brain. The doctors were surprised more of his brain hadn't been affected, and that he was lucky to be alive. However, Seb had completely lost his ability to speak, and no amount of therapy could solve it. He learnt to write speedily and neatly, in an effort to communicate. Up until he was 13, he cost his parents a fortune in paper and pens to communicate with, until they bought him a customised graphics tablet to jot down his speech and thoughts. He never really could understand or grasp sign language, so this was the only way forward. He now attends Yamaku, and has few close friends, and is in the art club.

Personality: As he doesn't really need to practise speaking much, he turned his talents to music and drawing, his two most practised hobbies. Despite the accident, he is not bitter towards those with the ability to speak, and is kind and considerate by nature if slightly too apologetic at times. However, he is often frustrated by the slow speed at which he can communicate at times, and his inability to master sign language. His art covers much of his house, and is very particular about nobody touching it. He tends to dress stylishly, with the slight influence of rock/emo culture, which is his secret passion. He values honesty and honour in people, and musical ability will draw him to people. He plays piano and cello, and a decent piece of music can completely distract him from anything at all.

Miscellaneous: Despite his interesting-good looks, he has never been in a serious relationship that lasted more than 2 weeks, so he's pretty inexperienced with the whole dealio. His interests also include watching anime and, for some reason, old Disney movies. Apart from that, Seb is a normal 17 year-old, and wishes to be treated as such.

(Ok, I definitely think an RP board would be a great idea for this forum :D )
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Re: Design your character!

Post by Sin of my sins » Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:52 pm

Sin of my sins wrote:Name: Kazegawa Haru
Birthday: 13th of August
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 171cm
Weight: 60kg
City: Kyoto
Hair: White/Silver, delicately messy look
Hobbies: Tennis, detective stories, chess
Eyes: Red
Disability: Lost his left eye at a young age, slight traumas

That's that :D I might doodle a picture of the character later.
Shameless bump.
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Re: Design your character!

Post by WhiteFlash » Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:57 pm

I guess I'll reuse a Katawa Shoujo OC I used in a fanfiction.

Name: Nara Hishikawa
Birthday: July 4
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Silver, short.
Eyes: Right one is brown, left one (fake) is red.
Disability: Loss of left eye in an accident.

An outgoing and fun-loving person, Nara transferred to Yamaku after supposedly losing his left eye in a motor vehicle accident when he was 12. He often hangs out with the Student Council Duo, but rarely does any work with them. By chance, he was in Hisao Nakai's class when Hisao first transferred to Yamaku.

Nara tends to be very easy-going, and always tries to spread cheer to the people around him by being over the top and dramatic. This often results in him appearing goofy and annoying to others, but Hisao notes that Nara does everything in good faith. Occasionally, Nara shows a wiser and more serious side, especially when something concerns the well-being of the people around him. Nara is dedicated to his friends, and is often willing to go out of his way to try and help them. He does not like to speak about his past, especially about how he lost his eye, and will usually avoid the subject if someone brings it up.

On school days, Nara wears the Yamaku school uniform. On other days, Nara wears a white dress shirt and black jeans. His wardrobe rarely changes from that. He also wears a black headband and tilts it down slightly to cover his fake left eye, to create an impression of Kakashi Hatake.

Despite the loss of his left eye, Nara is still proficient at driving, and also has good hand eye coordination.


Re: Design your character!

Post by Sins » Thu Apr 05, 2012 8:36 am

WhiteFlash wrote:He also wears a black headband and tilts it down slightly to cover his fake left eye, to create an impression of Kakashi Hatake.
Another custom character inspired by Kakashi! :D

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Re: Design your character!

Post by Aspirin » Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:22 pm

I love the idea! :)
My character is... myself! I'm Hisao's lolicon teacher (yeah, they pay me to teach lolicon! :mrgreen: )


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Re: Design your character!

Post by Hadokant » Sat May 05, 2012 8:12 pm

I'll try this but i'm not good at details lol

Name: Vincent Marquise
Nationality: Asain
Launguage: Vietnameese
Height: 169cm
Weight: 100 pounds
Age: 18
Hair: black
Eye color: Blue but is never seen because he closes his eyes at all times
Backstory: Vincent has had asthma ever since he was born. It was thought he had transfered because he was blind but just likes to close his eyes because of his love for hazama and gin. He had transferred to Yamaku after suffering an asthma attack at his old school. He is calm, quiet and shy but shows wisdom in his school and advice about life. He would be willing to listen all your probelms and would never be ashamed of you in anyway. He is friends with Hanako and Lilly but he is often not seen because of his medical probelms. He has a crush on Hanako but is too shy to admit it.
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Re: Design your character!

Post by Oddball » Sun May 06, 2012 10:18 am

There's a few original characters I'm working on for other stories. I might as well share one.

Details are likely to change as I actually write it out.

Name: Ken Hama
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Hair: orange and very closely shaved)
Eyes: crimson
Disability: Blind
Appearance: Tall and thin but in very good physical shape

Ken lost his sight due to an illness when he was 10. He's gotten used to it, but it's starting to bother him that he's starting to forget what things looked like. While doesn't mention his issues often, he's very open with his lack of sight. He tends to enjoy making others feel awkward about his lack of vision and frequently dresses in horribly mismatched patterns and colors that "make him look like a blind person dressed him.) He actually gets close friends to help him decide what looks worse. He's a very laid back friendly person that enjoys joking around with others.

He enjoys physical activity and frequently hangs around with various sports teams and clubs on campus. While he can't actually play any team sports, they often let him kick the soccer ball around a bit, let him shoot baskets, and other such activities.

He's currently a member of the track team, and does laps and sprints. Before he runs, he takes off hi shoes and socks, wrapping the middle of his feet and leaving his toes and heels bare. He runs with one foot off the track and one foot on, the difference between the pavement and the grass helps him keep track of where he is. As an additional measure he runs wearing a small hands free phone secured on his ear and turned on. Another friend of his watches for him and if there's anything he needs to know while running, he speaks up.

He's also written "BLIND" in big letters on the front and back of his gym shirts. If asked about this he'll either say that it's to let people know to get out of his way when they see him because he can't see them or will joke that he thought it said something else, like "awesome" or "sexy".

His opinions on other characters

Emi: I hear she's a good runner, but I can't race with her. he clanking sounds always mess me up.
Rin: Weirdo and a slacker. I don't see why Emi puts up with her.
Lilly: My class rep. She's nice, but a bit too prissy for my tastes and tends to butt in in problems I can handle myself. Nothing against her, but she's just not my kind of people.
Hanako: Lilly's friend, right? I don't really know her. She seems like she can't talk good from the few times we've met. Probably something wrong with her voice.
Kenji: I act like I'm deaf as well as blind and keep moving. I've got no time for that geek.
Miki: One of my best buds. We hang out together. I openly flirt with her and she openly shuts me down. Neither of us mean anything by it. It's a little game we play.
Misha: God, she's annoying. It hurts me ears just thinking about her, however she is extremely easy to confuse, so that can be fun.
Shizune: Who?

Unlike other people in this topic,if you ever have any need for a character for your stories, I have no problem letting you borrow mine.
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Re: Design your character!

Post by The Hero Hartmut » Mon May 07, 2012 12:11 pm

Hey, everyone. I'm new here, but can't seem to locate any thread for welcoming new users like there would be on other forums, so I guess this will be my first post. Hope this idea's okay:
Name: Yamado Kazuya (山土 和也)

Birthday: November 4th
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 181cm
Weight: 90kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Condition: Narcolepsy

Theme: Sleepytime Blues (not the actual name of the track in the link)

A giant of a young man; though only slightly overweight for his height, Kazuya always seemed to dwarf his peers no matter where he was. In spite of fears by the faculty of his previous schools that he would bully the other children, he turned out to be relatively peaceful by nature. As such, since none of his classmates were willing to put his good nature to the test (for fear of accidentally discovering what the limits of his tolerance would be), he got along with the majority of people, even if he was rarely one to start a conversation. He enjoyed singing more than anything, and was a bass in his previous school's choir.

He was one of a rare few to develop narcolepsy as a result of a slight internal mutation following an innoculation for the last great health scare (which his parents insisted that he avail of at the time). Upon learning of his condition and its origin, his once amiable nature degraded over time, rendering him much quicker to anger than he used to be (though losing his temper outright is one of the triggers that would send him to sleep), further souring his increasingly haggard appearance (coming about as a result of irregular sleeping patterns) with a near-perpetual scowl.

He finished out the remainder of his first year of high school (which, mercifully, was drawing to a close at the time of the emergence of his condition), and was sent to Yamaku for the remainder of his continued education by his guilt-ridden parents. Kazuya came to resent them for his predicament, as he was not overly enthusiastic about the notion of getting the innoculation in the first place (but knows that they couldn't have predicted this outcome, and so hates himself for feeling that way). He now lives on the same floor as Kenji, and, until Hisao arrives, acts reluctantly as Kenji's sole confidant, attributing anytime he nods off during Kenji's inane rants to his condition (though sometimes he isn't lying; even if he doesn't fall outright asleep, his condition has an effect on his short-term memory, as well). He often engages a form of 'auto pilot mode,' as well, in which he will continue as he was, but not really paying much attention to anything, and forgetting anything he might have done while in this mode.

As he looks around at his new classmates, he becomes more and more embittered (though rarely, if ever, outright hostile) about the fact that, as an ailment, narcolepsy is widely seen as the punchline of a joke, and, as such, he believes that he would never again be taken seriously. He is also plagued with doubt regarding his own ability to contribute to society, or to find a girl who would ever accept him for him, in light of his narcolepsy. He acts less friendly than he used to, though only as a sort of defense mechanism; get past it, and you'll have a loyal, if not overly sociable, friend. Kazuya sees the similarities between his new upperclassman Hisao's condition and his own (in that they're both mobile and with all their senses, but run the risk of their bodies shutting down if they try to exert themselves), and thus regards him with a little more respect than he would others.

Should the player wind up on Act 1's bad end this time, Kazuya joins the two on the roof, and drinks about half the bottle in total, though still only getting slightly more drunk than the other two (thanks to his large stature). Kazuya raves for a short while about how his condition practically turned him into a comedy sketch, and admits that he hates himself for how poorly he's handling everything before passing out. Neither Hisao nor Kenji are as drunk as they would otherwise have gotten, and so Hisao gets Kenji to help bring Kazuya back to his room, thus preventing Hisao's death. The story still ends, however, as nothing ends up changing in Hisao's life, anyway; he graduates unfulfilled, with only passing friendships with the girls before they inevitably fall out of touch with one another.

Additionally, as Hisao interacts with him throughout the first act, Kazuya implies that he has a crush on a female upperclassman that Hisao has already met, with her identity turning out to be the girl of whichever route the player ends up following, for differing reasons (some more rational than others) and with differing reactions to the revelation that Hisao has something going with them.

Emi - he feels inspired by her determination and upbeat nature in the face of adversity, and wants to become more like her. He acts much more coldly to Hisao when the latter starts going out with her, but, once he tries taking up a little light running himself (on his own time, and not with the pair), begins to cheer up a little.
Hanako - he sees an allure in her hidden scars, and finds himself wanting to know more about this enigmatic girl. Seeing that Hisao is the only person that she seems to allow into her life in Lilly's absence doesn't surprise Kazuya, but hurts him nevertheless, and he dejectedly laments his own apprehension to action for the rest of the story.
Lilly - he admires her calm nature, seeing in her something of what he used to be like before becoming narcoleptic. Upon learning that Hisao is going out with her, he's initially hurt, but gradually comes to realise that he was more into the idea of Lilly than Lilly herself, and so wishes them well.
Rin - he finds himself drawn to her quirky nature and unusual trains of thought, his eye caught by her sheer uniqueness. Seeing that he can never get close to her between the time she spends painting and the time she spends with Hisao, Kazuya finds his intrigue waning as time goes on, and eventually gives up on her, especially after it appears she's prematurely dropping out to pursue a career in art.
Shizune - he admires her work ethic, and finds her dominance in particular to be a rather attractive feature. When she and Hisao couple up, Kazuya falls into a slightly deeper depression, but tries to keep up appearances (though his friendship with Hisao suffers for it).

In each case, he drops in and out of the view of the player like Kenji, his behaviour depending on the route taken.
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Re: Design your character!

Post by Oddball » Mon May 07, 2012 9:43 pm

Hey, everyone. I'm new here, but can't seem to locate any thread for welcoming new users like there would be on other forums, so I guess this will be my first post.
We kinda don't have one.

You're expected to jump right into things head first around here.
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Re: Design your character!

Post by Dr. Robotnik » Sat May 19, 2012 11:10 pm

Name: Blonic Bledgehog
Sex: Male
Age: 15
Height: 100 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Disability: Inexplicably inflates at random intervals

Blonic is his own original character, whose best friend is Blails, who is his own original character as well. Many people confuse them with Sonic and Tails, but they need to get their facts straight. Blonic's condition was a constant source of embarrassment for him, which is why he enrolled in Yamaku. Blails is his wingman and is always there for his buddy, which is partly the reason why he enrolled in Yamaku with him (the other part is because he doesn't have any other friends).

For those who don't get the reference.
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Re: Design your character!

Post by Megumeru » Mon May 21, 2012 12:44 am

I am terrible at drawing (and I don't have a scanner)

but, here's my insert you'll often meet in my written works.

Name: Ryouichi Miyazaki
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Birthday: February 4
Zodiac: Aquarius
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 78 kgi
Hair: dark Brown, short and ruffled
Eyes: Black
Disability: Total blindness on left eye; disease related
Appearances: We, The Council (first appearance); Sensou no Tegami; The Haunting: A Love Story

Born in a normal family, Miyazaki is your average carefree class comedian, video game-enthusiast, and borderline procrastinator. Due to a disease, Miyazaki lost his left eye at a young age of ten and wears an eye-patch to cover them so as not to scare other students (often joked about how it could 'see right into your soul'). Paired with his rather cautious attitude, a rather (unintentional) cold facial expression, and seemingly intimidating tone when he speaks, his idea of not scaring his would-be friends with the eye patch backfired. More often than not, it earned him the title of 'delinquent' much to his dismay.

He enjoys reading, writing, and--much to others' surprise considering his outward appearance--social work. This often puts him in favorable odds with the Student Council--even join them to help the undermanned committee. Miyazaki also has a penchant for vintage items as well as anything considered to be supernatural.

A very-very tolerant person. He sees everyone with an almost equal sense of camaraderie and often try to read into it before giving his judgment. Often sympathetic to others' plight and is a willing individual to assist and defend anyone he considers to be a friend--even Kenji. Dislikes procrastinators, yet is a renown one himself ironically. Loves ramen with a motto: "mendou dakara 'men' dou da!" (it's bothersome, so noodles are better!). Has a tendency to tease Hisao about his origin and purpose in the Student Council (though he doesn't mind). Has a slight-crush on Shizune, but nonetheless approved her relation with Hisao and instead developed a protective brother-like tendency around her.
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Re: Design your character!

Post by TheSongofRaven » Tue May 22, 2012 1:16 pm

Name : Shotarou Shinji
Age : 18
Birthday : 6th July
Eyes : Green
Hair : Black
Height : 183
Weight : 71 Kg
Condition : Half body almost burn, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

He is, actually was not belonged to his family, because he is a non-legitimate son because he is result of his mother affair with her old friend of school times. His youth time spent with nothing. He was abandoned and thrown to a orphanage. Rumor is he got almost his body burned because his father action (not the affair guy) and blame him for his divorce with his wife. His father was taken by police and sentenced for child violence. Later from orphanage, he was taken by his uncle, a priest who work at a church in Kyoto. His uncle hope that he can gain new life on Traditional school on Kyoto. But experience of Past make him trauma about relationship, and he always alone until he graduate from his middle school. His friends try want to know and understand him, but he was feared about make a relationship (although he is a popular student for his kindness and smart about all lessons). But the only person who close to him is only his uncle, who always teach him about Christian Protestant ways and how God work upon his people with strange ways. Later his uncle got recommendation by a Psychiatrist who always check on him to enrolled his high school days at Yamaku. Suddenly, Shinji, who always so silence and never too active, agree about that. He think its a right time to know again about whats mean of life again.......

Personality : Although he was trauma about his past experience, he is known as a good fellow, open hearty, sporty and sometimes have good sense of joke. During his days of treatment after almost got burned, he got some of his body part was able to operated but not at all. He like to listen The Beatles, OASIS and some British song because he think British music are nice and hope one day he can get to the England to know whats the nature of england. His favorite hobby is reading a book and listen a music. Although beside all, he is devoted christian Protestant prayer and sometimes he can seen read a bible and wearing a rosary on his neck. His favourite passage on bible is Revelation 21 : 6 "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life". Its hinted that he always want to share his life but too fear because trauma. He always use hoddy jacket
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Re: Design your character!

Post by Xiious » Thu May 24, 2012 2:57 am

Oddball wrote:
Hey, everyone. I'm new here, but can't seem to locate any thread for welcoming new users like there would be on other forums, so I guess this will be my first post.
We kinda don't have one.

You're expected to jump right into things head first around here.
so true

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Re: Design your character!

Post by bronko » Tue May 29, 2012 4:42 pm

my attempt

Name: Yasuo Koizumi
Sex: Male
Birthday: 2nd Oct.
Age: 18
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Hair: blond
Eyes: light brown
Condition: medium-scale albinism
Likes: arts, music (mostly liquid drum 'n' bass), enjoying nature for hours, his little thought plays
Dislikes: literature, school, socialize around crowds of people

Born in Sendai, Yasuo (meaning peaceful one, peaceful man) spent 15 years of his life living in the city before moving to Yamaku. He was diagnosed with medium scales of albinism. Although it does leave him an inhibited rate of Melanin production, his hair is just between blond and white. Besides that, his skin is still visibly brigthened compaired to most of the people surrounding him. Concluding from that, Yasuo always is forced to wear long-armed as well as long-legged clothing, preventing him from getting a sunburn due to his less sun resistent skin. His eyes are light brown. On sunny days, he often needs to wear sunglasses. His irides do miss some pigments too, leaving his eyes light-sensitive.

However, this did never stopped the pupils in his Elementary School and Lower Secondary School from teasing him. In a homogeneous society like the japanese one, Yasuo, who is able to list at least a dozen cruel nicknames he heard during his life, had a very hard time finding friends. He managed to meet a couple of boys, but unfortunately they were ashamed of being seen with him in public, especially on school grounds. Because of that, he mostly ended up being alone. Yasuo got afraid of being rejected. While he became a quite boy from the outside, he became extremely thoughtful. He was able to understand everyones feelings, thoughts and desires without difficulty. His ability to look beyond characters developed from there on.

Trying to compensate his missing appreciation, Yasuo tried to regain that from his parents. Both were caring but demanding and mostly never supported him in whatever he seeked to do. They both thought it's the only way to tough him for life, especially with his condition. They even demanded more than parents normally would do, expecting top grades and well-prepaired plans for his future from him. Yasuo never felt understood by his parents. Being confronted by social problems every day, his priorities were to maintain his mental healthness and get through the day, rather than thinking about his future.

All this caused nothing but disapproval by Yasuo, who had enough at the end of the Lower Secondary School. Because of the teasing he had to go through, he started disliking the society. And with that, everything else that comes with it, such as the nowhere written but always present pressure of gaining the most pretentious education possible. He started hating school and prefered leaning against his favorite tree in his homes garden and drawing instead of studying for school, much to his parents discontent. Yasuo discovered his enthusiasm for art and even visited an art gallery once while skiping classes. His mind at play, he started twisting the world around him to his delight. This all caused his mind to expand its feeling capicity.

Shortly after, his parents knew that they won't be able to get him into a decent High School on that way. Looking for an alternative, they found out about Yamaku and tried to convince him to leave home and to continue his education at this very new place. Yasuo was seemingly interested in Yamaku, a school in the green with the peace and agreement he wished for. He left home with 15 to go for a place far away from the crowd city of intolerant people.

Fortunately Yamaku accepts everyone who is mental healthy. Like many students, his cause to visit this place is not physical, but rather social. Yasuo wants nothing more than someone, who understands and supports him. He also wants to be needed due his lack of society interactions in the past, compensating the missing affection torwards him. His parents suceed in toughing Yasuo. Not the way they tried to in the first place, but that doesn't matter to his newfound self-esteem at Yamaku. In recent years, he became very strong at his feelings and his opinions, while remaining the neutral, peaceful boy on his outside.
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Re: Design your character!

Post by galoomojo » Tue May 29, 2012 6:53 pm

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