Blindtan vs Hisaoman, game updated 05/15

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Re: Blindtan vs Hisaoman, game updated 05/15

Post by traitor » Mon May 16, 2011 8:06 am

I use flash to do small projects, if you're interested in making some too feel free to grab the source file: ... d500d5cfb8

As for fanfic, interaction would probably be best, not sure how you're gonna execute it through words, though.

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Re: Blindtan vs Hisaoman, game updated 05/15

Post by Rocket Royal » Fri May 20, 2011 1:53 am

I should stop writting these and think of mysteries for Sherlock to solve! Oh well, lets get on with it.

Part 3 : Echoes of Silence
You stagger to your feet. Sparks fly from exposed wires all over your body. Conduction fluid slowly oozes from the wound on your arm. Diagnostics indicate your body armor is 58% damaged. Motor functions reduced by 38%. Power output barely operational. This is not good.
“WAHAHAHA! Did you really think you could do it, human puppet? Did you really think you could silence us? That you could SILENCE ME?”
You feel the impact before you have any time to react. The blast sends you flying backwards, embedding your outline into the steel wall. Your vision starts to become fuzzy, you cannot tell how far back you were thrown, nor can you see where Drilltan is. This is not good at all.

Doctor Light finishes his check up of your systems. All systems are running at optimum operation levels.
“Everything seems to be in order, Hisaoman. I’ll get the teleporter ready, you go hook yourself up.”
You hop off the work desk and dust yourself off. You excuse yourself from the lab room as the doctor starts to calibrate the teleport matrix or something, and head down the hallway to the teleportation room. You flip the circuit switch in the room and the teleportation machine powers back to life.
“Wake up teleporter bot! I’m going to need you to resume functions for a bit.”
“Oh, Hisaoman,” the teleporter machine bloops at you, “what a surprise for you to be here! I was just getting some beauty sleep, but that’s okay. Did you want to talk?”

“I’ve got another assignment. Initialize the teleportation sequence please.”
“What? You just came, and you’re already ready for another go? Can’t you just give me some time to rest?”
You ignore the machine’s protestations as you open the hatch and enter the teleportation chamber.
“Ah, you’re so mean, going all the way inside without warming me up first! It’s uncomfortable when you just open my hatch so suddenly…”
“Teleporter bot, set the coordinates for the Berlin Broadcasting Relay station.”
“Coordinates set. ETA two minutes until transport. By the way, I have a favor to ask of you. Do you think, if it’s not too much trouble of course…”

You raise an eyebrow as her buzzing begins to trail off. The silence begins to stretch on as both of you remain silent. What could it possibly want from you, you wonder.
“Would you please… call me Lana?”
“Is that all? Sure thing, Teleporter Bot Lana.”
“Ah, that’s not what I meant, Hisao-“

There is a large flash of light. You materialize in the middle of an alleyway in Berlin a moment later. You look around; the street you arrived at is empty. No cars, no robots, no people. You see the radio tower complex straight ahead, to the north. You suppose you should check the place out-
You feel a rumbling beneath you. You look around for the source of the disturbance. Just then as a hole opens from under you. You jump forward, pushing off the pieces of debris quickly crumbling underneath you. You just barely manage to touch the edge with your fingertips, but it wasn’t enough to get a grip. You plummet into the abyss below.
You drag your arm against the tunnel wall, the friction slightly slowing your descent. You feel a gradual slope as you descend, which means it is not a sheer drop. Reaching the end of the tunnel should bring you to whomever it was that dug it in the first place. After a few seconds of falling, your android eyes adjust to the darkness.

Holy crap, there are spikes at the bottom! At this speed hitting the spikes would be certain death! You charge your megabuster up and take a shot at a single spike. It causes no damage. There’s no way to create a landing spot!
Calm down, calm down! You need to think!

You shoot several small blasts at the area below, briefly illuminating the pit. You spot a small opening where the tunnel turned upward abruptly. You ready your megabuster with Amputan’s battle data, and set it to maximum output. You’ll only get one shot at this, and you’ll need to time this right…
You leap off the wall and push yourself forward. You fly forward, but not nearly far enough. Just when you are about to become a metallic shish kabob, you aim at the wall and let loose a blast. The energy slams against the air and quickly dissipates, creating a vortex of air around you as the recoil propels you past the spikes. In fact, you fly nearly a hundred feet in a straight line. You stop only as slam into the tunnel wall as it took a sharp turn to the right.
You have no time to rest, however. You hear a faint buzzing from a distance. You look ahead and spot a door in the distance. The passage way is littered with holes above, below, and all around you. You take care not to fall down any more pits as you leap a small mound of dirt. You aren’t sure if you could escape another trap like that again, you think to yourself.

The faint noise starts to get louder as you run towards it. As you wonder what it could be, the buzz turns to a sharp ringing. Lights begin to flash red in the tunnel, illuminating the way. That’s when you notice the holes to your sides weren’t empty, and that it wasn’t lights you were seeing. Hundreds of small mechanical mole creatures suddenly awoke at once. Their bodies were round, with sharp claws at the ends of thick arms and legs. Their small blunt snouts rose up in the air, the glowing of their red eyes all shift to focus on you.
The one nearest you leaps out, sinking its claw slightly into your leg. You shoot it directly in the head and it explodes. You take off at top speed now, blasting your way through the swarm of rodents crawling out of their burrows to murder you. A single blast is all it takes to take one out, you notice. This isn’t too bad, you think to yourself, as if to jinx yourself. Dirt starts to fall from the ceiling, shaken from the force of the explosions. You take a shot at the crowd of moles that assembled in front of the door, blocking your path. You blow up the one in the center, causing a chain reaction and detonating all the ones surrounding it. You jump through the illuminated opening where the door just was as the tunnel collapses.

You appear in a storage room, most likely the basement of the radio tower complex. You load the energy cells you managed to salvage from some of the moles, and are glad to see your conversion ability makes them compatible both with your power reserves and Amputan’s weapon systems. You are practically fully recharged, and hardly dented at all! Even the stab to your foot hardly penetrated the armor. You walk through the doorway and up the stairs. You pass through the stairway exit and enter a very large room.
Scratch that, as you look closer you realize multiple walls have been torn down. The entire complex has been leveled on the inside. The place was operational fairly recently; you wonder what happened to cause so much destruction. Did this have some connection to the signal that was being broadcast?

You charge up your megabuster and throw your back against a partially standing wall. What was that? You can’t tell where it came from.
“Now now puppet, there’s no use in hiding! WAHAHAHAHAHA!”
The sheet rock behind you explodes, flinging you through the air. You let your blast out, just missing your target. A female android rests on a pillar twenty feet in the air, sitting on a chair in an office corner just barely intact.
“So tell me, what brings the puppet of the humans here? Would it be that you wanted to have some tea with me?”

You get up and dust yourself off. The woman simply sits there and stares at you, waiting for a response.

“I am here on an investigation of this facility regarding a strange broadcast being transmitted. Identify yourself Android, and tell me what happened here.”
“WAHAHAHAHA! I already know what you’re here for. You want to stop us from infecting more robots with the Smegma virus!”
“What? You’re spreading the virus through soundwaves?”
“Wahahaha, do you not know anything? Perhaps I should have kept my mouth closed!”
Suddenly she throws the tea cup at you. You shoot the cup, and a hot liquid splashes over your face. You panic for a moment before you realize it really is just tea. What was the point of doing that?

The female android jumps down from her perch. The cement shatters around her as she lands. You move in quickly. Before she has any time to recover you swoop in. You charge up a full blast as you press your megabuster against the back of her curly pink head.
“All it will take is a single point blank shot and you’re dead. Now I suggest you start talking, and let me know how to disable the Smegma signal.”
“Oh, trust me HI-CHAN, I just LOVE TO TALK. It’s getting me to shut up that’s the hard part!”
She tries to get away from you, and you let loose your load on the back of her head. It’s better not to risk any more unnecessary conflict.
HER DRILL HAIRS BEGIN TO SPIN AT AN INCREDIBLE RATE! The energy blast was deflected, heading right back for you as it knocks you off your feet!

“Wahahahaha! It’s time to play with the little puppet!” She taunts you with a defiant smile on her face, arms crossed triumphantly across her chest as her hair drills spin.

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Re: Blindtan vs Hisaoman, game updated 05/15

Post by neumanproductions » Fri May 20, 2011 1:51 pm

:lol: You have taken Misha's sense of talkativeness to a whole new level.
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Re: Blindtan vs Hisaoman, game updated 05/15

Post by Rocket Royal » Tue May 24, 2011 10:35 am

I haven't attempted to draw anything in over a year. I plan to post the finale of the Misha battle today (or tomorrow morning if it takes me all night), but here's a teaser sketch.

Thanks for the inspiratin traitor!
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Re: Blindtan vs Hisaoman, game updated 05/15

Post by Tiara » Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:26 pm

Beat Lilly on my second try. I had her down to 2 bars on my first try. I don't think it's too hard! Jeez, kids today...

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Re: Blindtan vs Hisaoman, game updated 05/15

Post by theosmeo » Mon Sep 15, 2014 2:16 am

This is amazing. I was wondering if I could use a screenshot for the back drop to a video I'm going to upload to youtube. I wrote a stage theme for Hanako and stumbled across this while looking for a sprite of her

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Re: Blindtan vs Hisaoman, game updated 05/15

Post by SpunkySix » Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:08 pm

This really needs to be a full game because holy gob damn.
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Re: Blindtan vs Hisaoman, game updated 05/15

Post by KeiichiO » Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:22 pm

No Cripple Buster or Cripple Slide? I am dissapoint.

Not really. This is awesome, and I'm baffled at the fact that I've never seen this before, considering my love for both Megaman and Katawa Shoujo. Good jorb~!
SpunkySix wrote:This really needs to be a full game because holy gob damn.
I'd pay for that shit. Not that I would, since that would be illegal.

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Re: Blindtan vs Hisaoman, game updated 05/15

Post by erundil » Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:47 pm

DeafMute-tan really looks like DeafMutant... >_<

Funny game though! Gj!

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